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Feb 23, 2013

If it wasn't for disappointment,
I wouldn't have any appointment.

Grimey Drawer

Rules of CineD

1) All general SomethingAwful forum rules apply here too.


2a) I can't even believe I have to say this:

Do not tell us what movies you masturbate to.

It's disgusting and weird and frankly speaks to a deep sadness at the core of your being.

I really can't believe this has to be a codified rule, how horrible is that? Just stop and think about it for one second, I actually had to sit here and type this thing out here saying that nobody in the entire course of human civilization wants to know what movies you jerk off to. Don't tell us, don't tell us, don't tell us. I will probate the gently caress out of you disgusting orangutan-rear end motherfuckers, Jesus Christ, just don't do it.

2b) Don't act like an actress's breasts are a separate person. Don't obsess over whether a woman's body is "right" to play a superhero. Don't say that women could stand to lose a few pounds. Make ironic sexist remarks at your own risk. It's all basic simple stuff. (Don't tell us what you masturbate to.) If you want to say how good-looking an actress or actor is, go ahead, but don't be a creep about it, and at least try to have something else more substantial to contribute to the discussion.

2c) Don't be racist.

2d) Don't be hostile towards anyone in the LGBQT+ community.

2e) The "Pedophile" Rule

1. Do not call people pedophiles unless you have substantiated proof.

2. Watching or posting about anime is not substantiated proof.

Breaking this rule in the future will result in a ban.

3) Make sure your post contributes to the discussion. Low content posts, empty flaming, personal attacks will earn you a vacation.

4) No Piracy. DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE ACT OF PIRATING OR WHERE A MOVIE CAN BE PIRATED. First offenders will get sixers. The more you discuss pirating, the longer the probations become.

5) Spoiler Policy: For most threads, please use spoiler tags for any major plot events no matter how old the film is, unless it's common knowledge (Luke Skywalker is Darth Vader's Dad?! Mufasa sees Simba die?!) or if you're in a discussion thread for people who have read that specific director, studio, or film. If you *are* in a discussion thread for a specific filmmaker or film, use spoiler tags for anything that's been out less than about six months to a year. If a thread title warns you of spoilers, heed that advice!


Disagreeing opinions is not probation-worthy.

7) As a general catch-all and warning beyond the above, try to post like someone who's actually interested in discussing films, because that's why we're here.

A note on parody and sarcasm: unfortunately we live in a world where yesterday's Onion headlines are today's NYT front page. This means that as a mod I frequently have to take statements at face value. If there's any question if you're mocking a racist or cheerleading for one, then you're very likely to eat a probation under rule #2.

If you see a post that breaks the above rules, hit the report button and I'll look at it. I legitimately believe CineD to be one of the best subforums on this website. Please keep it that way by not being lovely. Think about what you're posting.

Please remember that you can use the report button for anything - not just bad mean posts! If you want a thread title changed, some other kind of edit, if you feel a poster deserves a gold medal, please feel free to alert me via that button. As well, I can be PMed anytime.


CineD has it's own discord.

You can e-mail me, your friendly neighborhood CineD mod, at .

Franchescanado fucked around with this message at 16:38 on Sep 10, 2019


Feb 23, 2013

If it wasn't for disappointment,
I wouldn't have any appointment.

Grimey Drawer


They are officially banned. Admins are aware and support my decision. If you see a listed user or any of their alt accounts post in any thread in CineD, please report them so they can be banned.

Sleeveless aka Guy Mann

If I ask you to not be such an insufferable poster over and over, or you start eating probations every other day, you will be banned. Posting is not a right.

Franchescanado fucked around with this message at 22:54 on Jan 9, 2020

Feb 23, 2013

If it wasn't for disappointment,
I wouldn't have any appointment.

Grimey Drawer

A Sincere Note About Suicide

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Free Online Chat
National Institute for Mental Health

CineD GenChat Discord
CineD Horror Thread Discord

Film is a powerful medium. Watching a movie bonds you with your fellow audience. It creates a bridge between disparate people who otherwise might have nothing in common. If you know anything about me, I truly believe CineD is the best movie forum on the internet. Our community is intelligent, we have a wide range of interests and knowledge, and we're all interesting people. We also devolve into a lot of petty, pedantic hateful slap fights. Part of my job as moderator is to try and keep this community together. I ask each of you to consider that you're talking with actual people with actual lives. Some of us have a lot going on in our life, and we hop in CineD to trade a few jokes or share thoughts on a movie we saw before returning to the offline world. For others, this online community IS the majority of their life. So please, keep in mind we're all just movie lovers trying to keep moving forward in a cruel world. Take time to show others you care about them, that you wish them well, and hope for the best. And even if it's someone you absolutely can't stand, I'm not asking you to befriend them, but to hold back unnecessary harsh words, and show them some courtesy.

It's funny how, even not knowing the person's true name or what they look like, talking with someone daily creates a very real bond. For some people, that bond means everything. Some of us need to be reminded that we are loved and cared for by others.

I have had online friends that, sadly, did not feel that they were loved, and chose to end their life. I have spent time talking with family members who log into their online accounts to find answers. I have shared my condolences, and felt impotent because I can't provide them the answers they want. I still miss my friends. I have had a significant other--someone who I would have spent the rest of my life with--take their own life, because of their loneliness and isolation. I still feel guilty that they didn't feel they could call me, when they could.

If you feel like you're alone, if you're feeling depressed, if you're feeling low, you have us. Hop into GenChat, or one of CineD's discords, and talk with someone. PM someone. Message me, even. You aren't alone.

If you feel like life isn't worth living, as difficult as it feels, it's worth living.

If you feel like it can't get better, it can get better.

You are loved. You are one of us.

For others, please take the time to reach out to someone. Maybe the seem unwell. Maybe they seem unusually low, despondent, or depressed. Maybe you haven't heard from them in a while. Take the time and make sure they're okay. If someone seems like they need help, please notify moderators and admin as soon as possible, so we may be able to provide help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it helps you.

Feb 23, 2013

If it wasn't for disappointment,
I wouldn't have any appointment.

Grimey Drawer

Question: "I don't like that this poster dislikes this thing that I really like!!! Can you please make them go away?!?!"


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