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Mar 25, 2011

The year is 4634. Twenty years after a revolution that dethroned the ancient and corrupt monarchy that ruled its lands, the Cathay Republic, one of the largest and most populous countries in the world, has been engulfed by civil unrest and chaos as several squabbling warlords control much of its vast territory and the weak central government barely manages to hold control outside of the capital province. Meanwhile, dark clouds envelop the world as a looming conflict starts to brew over the control of Vril, a miraculous material that has been increasingly central to the industrial development of countries all around the world.

Setting Info

The Cathay Republic: Formed after a revolution that expelled its 400 year old ruling dynasty, this republic founded on the principles of liberty, equality, fraternity and modernization still reels from the consequences of the civil war, imperialist aggression from Zipang and other great powers, being unable to exert power outside of a few regions.

The Military Cliques: During the chaos that followed its revolution, several Generals became warlords of their own regional fiefs, ruling them with an iron fist and paying lip service to the republic's authority while they clash with each other for territory and resources.

Zipang Empire: An expansionist island empire under the control of a militarist government, they wish to unify the eastern lands into the Prosperous Coalition in order to combat imperialist aggression from the great powers but is accused by several countries of trying to create a sphere of influence to feed its burgeoning industrial base with resources, specially the great deposits of Vril located on Cathay's mountains. They currently hold the Joseon Peninsula near Cathay and use it as their colony and military base on the mainland.

The Shenhu Republic: Formerly a province conquered by the old Cathay Empire, this far off arid region declared themselves an independent nation during the revolution, and has since then tried to conserve their freedom by any means necessary...

The Cathay Empire/The Remnant: Located on a province that the Zipang Empire conquered before the Revolution, it became a haven for the deposed Jinlong dynasty and the remaining monarchists for years to come. It doesn’t recognize the republic and the republic does not recognize it, and their close association with Zipang is seen as a dangerous sign….

The Great Powers and the Mandate territories: After being humiliated by several imperialistic wars by the Western Great Powers, several coastal cities were leased as treaty ports with parts of the city considered to be foreign territory with their own laws, police force and military. While the Great Powers are currently too busy with war brewing on their own territory, any conflict may spill to these "neutral" lands without notice...

Chargen Info

The system will be using is Strike, players will start on standard level 1 rules. Game is set on super low fantasy WW2 (i.e. Vril technology, very inspired on the Valkyria Chronicles series, guns and tanks are widespread) so feel free to reskin your character. There is a good guide for chargen here if you are new to this game:

Kits are allowed.

Origins are human only.

Players will be part of a Republic squad so keep that in mind when writing your backgrounds.

The game will be played as asynchronous PBD (Play by Discord). The channel is here:

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Nov 6, 2005

I wuv your brains.

I need to generate a character and character concept, but count me in!

Jan 20, 2011

I am now all animes

The Discord invite's expired.

Mar 25, 2011

Waffleman_ posted:

The Discord invite's expired.

Got a new one, sorry.

Oct 20, 2012


Lau Kai

Lau Kai’s first memories of his parents was seeing their gravestones on an annual visit to the cemetery with his grandfather. A year after he was born, the revolution had begun and his parents decided to take up arms to ensure a better future for their child. Everything he knew of them was second hand, stories of their childhood from grandparents and extended family or even more rare, tales of their valor from the occasional passing veteran.

He was entranced, internalizing this mythologized image of his parents as an ideal to strive for. His dream was to become the first line of defense against those who would encroach on his people’s freedoms. From a young age he was balancing tilling the fields of the family farm with combat lessons from a former soldier in town, much to his grandparents’ dismay. The bruises didn’t matter, the lectures from teachers or jeering from bullies didn’t matter, fear of death didn’t matter. Becoming strong and being able to protect others was the only thing that mattered.

When mutterings of brewing conflict reached his little village, his decision was made long ago. He signed up with a recruiter, said goodbye to his grandparents, and visited his parents’ graves before heading off to the front.

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Green Bean
May 3, 2009

Jiang Weiji, Rogue/Striker Scout.

Before the revolution, Weiji was a gamekeeper for the wealthy and powerful Zhōu family. Straitlaced, taciturn, and honourable to a fault, she made up for her inelegance with competence and skill at keeping the Zhōu family ranges well stocked and managed for their occasional hunts. Despite her common background, she was often visited by Zhōu Ping, the thirdborn son of the noble family's patriarch, and his younger sister Jie, who both had an interest in her work. Hunting was still considered a skill a proper noble should have, so their fascination was tolerated if not exactly encouraged, and Weiji was very careful to never be seen overstepping her bounds.

The one day, Ping and Jie vanished. The household was mobilised to find for them, including Weiji. The search party continue to days, until Weiji returned from the woods with rags, pieces of the siblings' clothing covered in dried blood that she claimed had been found in a wolf's den. While the bodies ultimately could not be found, the search was called off and the household settled into mourning. That is, until an overly curious stableboy found the rest of the Ping and Jie's clothing stashed away in Weiji's cabin. She was immediately arrested for the murder of the noble children, and while there was a public trial, the infamous "Butcher of Zhōu" never spoke a word in her own defence.

She was sent to prison with the expectation that she'd be hanged within a few weeks, but at that point the Revolution was in full swing. When the nascent Republic seized the prison, they released the political prisoners without reservation, but Weiji was not one of them. Despite her victims being of noble blood, they were too young and Weiji's motives were too unclear to treat her as anything but a common criminal. Still, as part of the Republic's efforts at judicial reform, all of those awaiting execution had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment.

And so Weiji continued to survive as a model prisoner, serving her sentence quietly and without complaint. Two decades passed this way, until rumblings of war began to echo through the nation. The Republic's army needed manpower, especially those with specialised skills. And apparently there were enough people with those specialised skills in prison that the government began to look at limited conscription. 20 years of good behaviour meant that Weiji's name ended up on their list, and she was pulled into a new unit, one where her hunting prowess and survival skills could be put to good use.

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage


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Captain Walker
Apr 7, 2009

Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there

I don't have a full enough concept to provide a backstory or even a picture, but a Psion Leader will be coming later today.

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Captain Walker
Apr 7, 2009

Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there

image source
Staff Sergeant Liu Hui, Scion of the Noble House Distinguished Republican Clan of Liu

Class/Role: Magician/Leader
Background: Frontline Strategist
Origin: Former Noble
Kit: Tinker

This post has been updated; see my post further down for mechanics

It is said that the founder of what is today the Liu clan was none other than Liu Bao himself. Legendary for his role as a strategist in the wars that first united the Cathay Empire, his seventy-odd works of writing encompass hundreds of topics, from the science of war to the proper foundations of a just society to the qualities required in a effective ruler, as well as establishing philosophical and humanist principles still relevant today. Any connection to the the modern Liu family can't be conclusively proven due to multiple century-long gaps in historical records, but the House of Liu has always maintained its lineage comes from the greatest thinker in Cathayan history, and its leaders have provided counsel to the Emperors of three dynasties for hundreds of years.

When Liu Hua became the head of the house forty years ago, the Jinlong dynasty was on the decline. The armies of the other great houses suppressed peasant uprisings so frequently that their power and influence was arguably greater than the imperial family's. In contrast, the forces of Liu were relatively weak from previous feuds with those other houses. Hua's decision to support the rebels, first by persuading vassals that the commoners' grievances were legitimate, and ultimately by openly providing funds and soldiers, was controversial to say the least. It is seen today as either a courageous stand against tyranny, showing the foresight of his distant ancestor, or a desperate man's last-ditch gambit to save his own holdings, depending on whether you're asking a Liu or not. Regardless of his motives, the Liu house was undeniably a major influence in the outcome of the war, and when lesser houses who stood to lose what little they had began to rally behind the rebellion as well, the Jinlong's fate was sealed.

Hua did not live to see the formation of the Republic he paved the way for. In the war's last days, the imperial family and their remaining vassals wished not for triumph over impossible odds, but for Hua's head, and the assassin that claimed it during the final assault on the palace took the identity of his employer to the grave. But to many in the house of Liu, their victory paled in the face of the humiliation they suffered when Hua's firstborn Xang was told in no uncertain terms that the Republic felt its debt was owed to Hua, not his family, and the new head of the house should expect no further reward beyond keeping his land and eligibility to vote (in the next election; Xang was underage at the time).

Twenty years later, Xang's "leadership" seems to consist mostly of stomping around the house complaining about the incompetence of the Republican government. The de facto head of the clan is Hua's second wife Zheng, and while the widow maintains a low profile, her daughters have eclipsed Xang in prominence. Liu Wei, Minister of Science, is the youngest major public official in the Republic. Liu Hui, two years Wei's junior, began as a research assistant to her older sister, but soon became recognized in her own right for her twice-monthly articles in the Cathay Free Post are popular not only for their ability to explain complicated civic principles concisely and humorously, but also because Hui is not afraid to chastise those in power when they stray from the ideals on which the Republic was built.

The "Silver Sisters of Liu", so named for their partial albinism caused by prolonged exposure to high concentrations of Vril, are among the most famous and influental figures in Cathay that don't hold elected office. Despite their achievements, many still distrust the House of Liu, fearing that their sudden betrayal of those in power could happen again any day. Even the Silver Sisters are no exception, with whispers that they obtained their posts through nepotism, not competence. Wei's work keeps her a reasonable distance from any kind of position of real power, and she drowns out the gossip by focusing on her research. Hui, as a military officer, takes much more flak, in multiple senses of the phrase. Her civilian achievements in science, rhetoric, and political theory were sufficient to secure her an commission in the Cathay Defense Forces. Rather than formally accepting, Hui enlisted directly in an effort to prove that she didn't require or deserve special treatment, and her prowess earned her the rank of Master Sergeant after less than a year out of boot camp.

Two years have passed since Hui became an officer, and it has done little to improve her standing. Her accomplishments as a civilian are meaningless here, and she has the persistent feeling that her assignments are hand-crafted to allow her superiors to take credit for any major successes. Her commands and decisions are frequently questioned, scrutinized, and criticized by those who outrank her, and occasionally by those who don't. In an effort to turn her career around, Hui suggested the creation of a new kind of sub-unit, a fireteam of between four and six highly-trained operatives with complementary capabilities, specializing in special operations and sensitive missions unsuited for a larger force. In support of her idea, she offered the following: "If successful, this type of unit could be expanded and adapted for covert operations against the many forces that oppose the Republic; if unsuccessful, Cathay will be relieved of the burden of one Liu."

Of course, command of the unit Hui concieved was granted to another; some REMF from another, even more disgraced noble house, but that hardly matters. The sneers of her superior officers, the rumors and lies spread to the masses, the agressive indifference of the Republican government -- none of it matters anymore. The only people Hui needs to prove herself to are her comrades-in-arms: the Republic of Cathay's 4th Special Ops Squad.

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Jun 20, 2008

Yi Feng & Longxia
Archer Controller (Tank), WIP

Jan 14, 2010

Slippery Tilde

Kind of preoccupied at the moment, but this game sounds really cool. I'm interested.

Mar 25, 2011

Deadline for apps is Wednesday

Nov 6, 2005

I wuv your brains.

Zheng Wu

Warlord Striker, my backstory writeup is a WIP but the gist is that Wu was originally a lawyer in a part of Cathay occupied by Zipang. He has since taken a new life and identity as Zheng Wu, a spy working for the interests of the Cathay Republic, out of a desire to liberate his home.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Dai Mei Zhen, Bureau of Intelligence Lieutenant
The Buddies Blaster

(Note: Does not actually have Elven/pointed ears.)

Fiend! Banshee! Walking Curse! The illustrious Mei Zhen Dai has been the bane of spies, smugglers and vagrants for decades! Seldom seen coming until she is upon her target with condemnations and brandished rifle, she is a former die-hard rebel youth turned Republican loyalist and a stalwart prosecutor, an intelligence officer still taking to the field after the battles that birthed Cathay. There's said to be no district too rural, no city too shadowed and no official too obstinate to deter this mole hunter. Intimidation has a hard sell against her hardened marksmanship and loyal companion Jún-Jun, the latest in a long tradition of investigative partners.

Born a single child to a withering branch of the old Dai clan under the Jinlong Dynasty, Mei Zhen was doted upon and viewed as a blessing for surviving an early childhood illness. Her attitude was further warped by the odd happenings and secrecy surrounding the small Dai House, a clandestine family of bureaucrats and merchants slowly fading from the noble lines. But the Dai are above all crafty. Observant. Patient. When revolution swept the land the Dai were there at every step providing intelligence, material, housing, passage, angry young soldiers. They betrayed all that was ancient in Jinlong to be one of the roots of the new Republic, their influence growing enormously as they always stood poised to sweep through the burning remains of the old Houses of Jinlong. Now Dai stands strong and Mei is one of many deep-seated career officers in the new republic, all burning with the zealous pride that can only come from a convert.

Mei herself is a cynical, shrewd person with a good head for observation. She made waves in her early years by busting the source of exam-time stimulants from out of country, awarded honors by the school for her noble character. Her upbringing in military academy was brief with high marks and a tendency to volunteer in the kennels until interruption by civil war. A fearless soldier with a background in subterfuge, Mei assisted in damning her family's rivals and forged her fledgling military experience when fighting took to the streets, showing an ability to win out-gunned and out-matched so long as she could robotically load and brandish her rifle. The grateful leaders of the new republic made Dai a cornerstone of their new upper class and Mei enjoyed tutelage under her former rebel leaders in higher education. A lifetime of prestigious honors was guaranteed to a promising intelligence officer graduating with valor already demonstrated on the field!

And it came! But not all wishes are well granted. In her early 40s, Mei Zhen is a bitter and paranoid woman who uses alcohol, persecution and work to smother her life's regrets. She has seen her peers advance their careers through deeper webs of nepotism and opportunity, seen her friends start families. She hides the physical weakness she has carried since birth, masking it with the aid of Vril-infused supplements. Her meticulous dedication to propaganda ideals has kept her in good shape all things considered, her discipline a constant in good times and bad. She dedicates herself utterly to defending her republic from criminals and outsiders, seeking joy in every wrong righted by her own brand of calculating justice.

(I'm open for adjusting things to avoid being too hardline against the rest of the party.)



Friendly: Making her bones in the decade following the formation of the republic, Mei's proficiency at sniffing out Jinlong loyalists and outside agitators benefited those who served alongside her. One would be her longtime friend Xifeng, tasked with interrogating and processing Mei's captures. When the business of war is good, the executioner profits.

Neutral: Mei's steady but controlled rise in the Republic is a necessary product of the bureaucracy. At the head of this would be her superior officer, who holds her future in their hands.

Hostile: Growing up as a young teenager, Mei suffered the jeers of more successful families over the weakness of her own. Now that the position has been flipped certain grudges may surface. And because of the way Mei and the Dai affected that change, any of them could burn with fury.


Become High Ranking Officer
Glory to House
Glory to the Republic
Get Married

Dai Mei Zhen
Background: Intelligence Officer
Origin: Turncoat Scion
Level 1 Bureau of Intelligence Lieutenant (The Buddies/Blaster)

HP: 8/8, Speed 6
Buddy: 5/5, Speed 10

Move(At-Will): Hide
At-Will(Attack): Team Attack(Enervating, Scary), Recall Buddy, We Are One, Command Buddy
Role(At-Will): Terrain(3x3 Obscure)
Encounter(Attack): Boosted Buddy(Enervating, Scary)
Encounter(Trigger): Consistent Attack
Passive: Multi-target, Stealthy

Kit: Gunslinger
Dueling, Always Carry A Spare

Military Training
Animal Handling

Code Breaker
Can shakedown anyone of lower authority


Level 2

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Mar 25, 2011

Megane told me he's withdrawing so Apps are Closed. The lineup of the Republic of Cathay's 4th Special Ops Squad will be:

Jiang Weiji - Sniper and Survivalist
Dai Mei Zhen - Intelligence Officer
Zheng Wu - Intelligence Operative
Lau Kai - Private
Liu Hui - First Lieutenant

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Captain Walker
Apr 7, 2009

Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there

Figured I'd gather all our bios/sheets into one post. In descending order of rank:

Lieutenant Dai Mei Zhen and K-9 Partner Jún-Jun, Buddies/Blaster: Daughter of the Dai house, a disgraced noble family instrumental to both the rise of the Jinlong dynasty and the revolution that eventually toppled it. Her loyalty to the Republic is unquestioned, and her zealous devotion to eradicating its enemies borderline psychopathic, but years of her career remaining essentially stagnant have have made her into a bitter, paranoid, alcoholic with a frail constitution, and any ability she had to speak without being condescending or outright rude seems to have atrophied.

Staff Sergeant Liu Hui, Magician/Leader: Scion of an illustrious noble house that provided unexpected support to the Republicans, but lost most of their stature after the Jinlong fell. Prodigious inventor and well-studied tactician, but lacks front-line experience.
Alternate sheet with detailed information on equipment, power reskinning, etc.

Specialist Zheng Wu, Warlord/Striker: Former lawyer from a Cathay province now occupied by Zipang. Little else is known of his background prior to joining the CDF as an intelligence operative; in other words, a spy.

Private Lau Kai, Martial Artist/Defender: Country-born villager. Wants the strength to protect others more than anything.

Private Jiang Weiji, Rogue/Striker: Sniper and survivalist. Former gamekeeper convicted of murdering two noble children.

Let me know if you want me to adjust the blurb for your character.

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