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Nov 27, 2007

I Just had two salad dressings that were excellent one was a avocado vinaigrette with maybe lime juice and the other was a Blue cheese with a small bit of honey and balsamic. I think they had cracked pepper in both but want to make these at home since they tasted so GREAT!

I could join Avocado with a light oil then blend in the egg for a mayo type base and go to form a tasty dressing for lettuce. I keep hearing about combining blue cheese honey and balsamic for a tasty salad dressing. Do you think these would be a bad combo or something I could improve upon?


Mar 5, 2004

Drinking shows a real commitment to becoming a cooler person!

Blue cheese, honey, and balsamic work really good together, but I wouldn't use it to just dress lettuce. Throw some toasted walnuts and maybe some chopped figs in there and you got a dang treat.

Cilantro stems in a blender with some lime juice, cider vinegar, a couple cloves of garlic, and a handful of cashews makes for an insanely good kinda creamy dressing. Just salt it to taste and hot drat you got some treat right there.

Nov 27, 2007

Tonight I made a blue cheese and balsamic dressing for tomatoes and cucumbers. I used my stick blender garlic mayo that was probably too heavy of a taste for the costco balsamic since I had to add quite a bit of vinegar. I wasn't able to add the honey for fear of it being too sweet. To try to save it I added a little cayenne pepper powder knowing my taste I should have gone with small amount of habenero powder instead. Your recommendation for the walnut is a really good idea that would taste good. I haven't cooked with fig but will try to find some this weekend.

I cook a lot of Sonoran food and have only used the leaves of the cilantro plant. I will buy a bunch of cilantro this weekend and blend the stems up with your recipe I can see how the cashews would make a super creamy subtle nutty flavor.

Thanks for your input now I am excited to experiment perfecting what I ate this last week.

Now I will share a dressing for Basque salad.

Boil 2 eggs hard and dice very small. Place eggs in a container and cover with just enough red wine vinegar to top the eggs. We are quick pickling the eggs. Place a half spoon of minced garlic and slightly mix to keep the yolks somewhat intact. Let this set overnight. Add mayo to make a slightly thinner dressing than a ranch dressing add some salt and a little bit more pepper to taste. Use iceberg lettuce with green onion as the base put simple lettuce mix in a bowl and toss dressing to your liking. Don't premix this because the vinegar will wilt the lettuce. Some people prefer the cheap powdered pizza chain Parmesan to shake on top I don't. I do have a salt shaker of granulated garlic on my table next to the salt and pepper I suggest you use this on this salad so good.

Control Volume
Dec 31, 2008

My boyfriend makes a really good caesar but I have no idea what he does. The recipe is find you a man who can cook and suck his dick

Lawman 0
Aug 17, 2010

Grimey Drawer

Oh man I could go for this thread

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