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Hieronymous Alloy
Jan 30, 2009

Why! Why!! Why must you refuse to accept that Dr. Hieronymous Alloy's Genetically Enhanced Cream Corn Is Superior to the Leading Brand on the Market!?!

Morbid Hound

Welcome to our glorious barn!

If you want to post about books or read posts about books you are in the right place!

We do have a few rules though, so please take some time to look this post over and understand them.

If you are looking for a book recommendation, try starting in the general recommendation thread, or look through the forum for a more specific recommendation thread if you want something in a particular genre, style, era, etc. You might also want to try the current Book of the Month.

The Fine Art of Suggestion

One big reason people come to this forum is because they want to read a book but don't know where to start, or where to go next. Sometimes they want to suggest books to other people. If that's why you're here, you're in the right place! Great! Welcome!

Specific guidelines for people looking for suggestions:
  • Try to be clear about what you're looking for.
  • If it's something specific, say so. If it's a vague direction, say so.
  • Sometimes it's helpful to mention an author or title that you already know you like (i.e., "I liked A Song of Ice and Fire, are there any other good books about tits and dragons?")

Specific guidelines for responding to suggestion requests:
  • Meet effort with effort. If they've followed the guidelines, so should you.
  • Explain why you think people might like the book -- don't just throw out a title and say "it's awesome", explain why ("I liked the parts with the tits, also the parts with the dragons")
  • Try to recommend something specific, whether it be an author or a book.
  • Reading is hard, so if your recommendation is lengthy, try to do a tl;dr sentence or two at the end.
  • If you're responding to someone's request, and recommend something they didn't ask for, make sure you say why the person asking for romance might enjoy what appears to be a murder-mystery on the surface.
  • A request for help is not by itself an invitation to just drop sick burns or prove you're the Supreme BookLord. If your response does not contain a suggestion of some kind, think REALLY HARD before posting it.

Can I Share My Self-Published Erotic Fiction?

We've been getting a few requests lately from people who want to publicize their own works or the works of their personal friends and associates.

That's ok, and even encouraged, IF you

1) Don't Get Spammy. Don't repost the link all over the place. Don't post for-profit links if you've just joined the forum this week. In fact, it's probably best if you've been an active poster for a few months, minimum.

2) Are Ready For Blowback. I have no control over these idiots. No matter how great your genius, everyone here may hate your stuff, may tell you so in great detail, and may not limit their response to this forum. Beyond that, please be aware that posting anything linked to your "real-world" identity on the internet is not without risk.

3) Check Creative Convention First. If you suspect your work might still need work, we have a place for that, and it isn't here. Book Barn is for finished books.

Those warnings aside, please do share your work with us! If it's good, we want to read it!

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Hieronymous Alloy
Jan 30, 2009

Why! Why!! Why must you refuse to accept that Dr. Hieronymous Alloy's Genetically Enhanced Cream Corn Is Superior to the Leading Brand on the Market!?!

Morbid Hound

General Rules for *All* Threads in This Subforum

1) All general SomethingAwful forum rules apply here too.

2) Make sure your post contributes to the discussion. Low content posts, empty flaming, personal attacks, or broad failure to use appropriate capitalization and punctuation will earn you a vacation. Specifically:
  • Do not defecate in the forum. While substantive criticism is encouraged, empty "[thing] bad" critiques are not considered "discussion" and will be construed as a request for a forums vacation.

  • You will not convince anyone you are the Grand High Book Panjandrum by browbeating them. Empty grandstanding does not contribute to discussion. If you want to impress people, try making substantive, interesting, and (ideally) helpful posts.

  • Is your post about a book, or is it about something that is not a book, such as one of the other posters on the forum? Think hard.

  • This is still SA, so being a jerk is not necessarily, by itself, a rule violation. But in this sub-forum, being a stupid or lazy jerk may be. Pay your money, take your chances.

  • Similarly, intelligent discussion of sensitive topics-- race, gender, sexuality, etc. -- is encouraged, when relevant to the discussion of a book. However, being stupid or lazy or bigoted in discussion of such topics will be discouraged. Strongly.

  • These admonishments hold especially strongly in the stickied threads at the top of the forum. They're the gateway threads for new folks and we want to keep the front door clean. Consider shitposting there an especially high-stakes gamble.

3) Don't talk about how to crack DRM on ebooks or start sharing out copyrighted material. The "No Warez on SA" thing holds, even for ebooks. We aren't some magical place where people just hand out all the free books you could possibly read.

4) Spoiler Policy: For most threads, please use spoiler tags for any major plot events no matter how old the book is, unless it's common knowledge (Romeo and Juliet kill themselves?!?) or if you're in a discussion thread for people who have read that specific author or book. If you *are* in a discussion thread for a specific author, book, or series, use spoiler tags for anything that's been out less than about six months to a year. Beyond the rule, as a matter of general politeness, if someone asks you to use spoiler tags, please do so.

5) As a general catchall and warning beyond the above, try to post like someone who's actually interested in discussing books, because that's why we're here.

If you see a post that breaks the above rules, hit the report button and I'll look at it.

Any questions, complaints, or concerns, either use board PM's (best way!) or via email to dr.hieronymous.alloy[at] Similarly, if you have any ideas or thoughts on how to make Book Barn even more awesome, please let me know!

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