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Feb 14, 2013


OOC Thread

The klaxons sound once, and a cogitator-generated voice booms from all the ship's speakers.

"5 Minutes until Warp Translation. Please Secure All Items and Initiate Appropriate Prayers."

The day of Yorke's expedition has arrived. Not all of the supplies and assistance he requested have arrived, but he flatly refuses to delay launch. He claims that the Great Augur indicates that this is going to be the safest moment to launch and that even a moment's delay could spell disaster. Those who are aware of the Farseer currently camped out somewhere in the depths of the Augur complex wonder if she isn't the real source of this information.

Yorke's massive flagship is the Conquest by Right, which he claims is an Oracle-class despite no such designation existing anywhere in Imperial records. Regardless of how or where he obtained it, it is clearly a marvel of Dark Age technology. The size of a battleship, nearly the entire top half of the ship is dedicated to a massive array of sensors, dishes, antennae, and devices that defy even the Adeptus Mechanicus's comprehension. Little escapes this ship's sight. In return, it carries armaments more suited for a light cruiser: a single short row of macro-cannons on each side, a pair of nose lances, and one hangar bay. To protect this priceless artifact, Yorke has hired 11 mercenary ships: 5 Imperial vessels of light cruiser size or smaller. 3 ramshackle Freeboota vessels, a pair of the kind of small Eldar craft favored by Corsairs, and one strange-looking ship that appears to be an Imperial frigate which was extensively damaged and repaired with xenotech. It contains a motley crew of xeno pirates from several minor races, the majority of them Kroot. Apart from these, there are a small assortment of support vessels: agri-ships, mobile repair vessels, and several other ship types necessary for a fleet to operate without supply lines in hostile territory.

"1 Minute Until Warp Translation. Gellar Field Online. Initiating Gellar Field Linkage with Fleet. Navigator has the Helm. Please Brace for Translation."

Yorke, tall, muscular, and balding, has always had a dangerous shine to his eyes. It has only intensified in these stressful times, which doesn't help the rumors of madness. He takes a seat in his command throne and speaks, his voice amplified by augmetics to boom through the bridge's speakers.

"The time has come for us to make our marks on the galaxy, in a way that will NEVER be taken away from us! My lieutenants, I cannot do this alone. I will depend on your advice, your resources, and your competence in this new and unexplored country. Choose well and act wisely, and we will all be richer than kings. If not, this expedition sinks with you aboard. It is up to you."

The ship punctuates his words with an angry tremble. Protective shutters slam shut over every window. The lights flicker and dim as the Gellar Field draws extra power to resist the initial shock of translation. The time is nigh.

"Translating. Please Ignore Any Voices or Unclean Phenomena Until the All-Clear is Sounded."

At first, leaping into the Dragon's Teeth isn't as bad as it sounds. A weightless dropping sensation in your guts, a sudden flash sweat, and a sensation of whispering just out of the range of comprehension. The ship rumbles and creaks much more than during a typical Warp Jump, but otherwise the first 2 weeks of the trip are fairly typical. A small infestation of whispering shadows in Cargo Hold J is the most interesting thing that happens, and the ship's priests burn it out without difficulty.

It's the final week before reemergence into realspace where things get unpleasant. The creaking and rumbling escalates into a near-constant shaking with an occasional sharp jerk that sends crewmen stumbling. Headaches and bad dreams become universal ailments. Poltergeist activity escalates: bolts unscrew themselves, objects move when you turn your back on them, and a galley chef is wounded when (or so he claims) a knife removes itself from a rack and flies ten feet into his shoulder. There is a report of missing crewmen in the underdecks. The bridge crew becomes increasingly nervous as the load on the Gellar field climbs towards 95% maximum capacity, and the last two days are spent in full emergency power rationing. Stalking dark passageways lit only by red emergency lights does little to improve anyone's morale. Finally, the ship emerges into realspace with a massive jolt. Sparks fly from machinery and all across the ship there is a terrible sensation of something reaching out for you, but a moment later it all fades. The shutters lift. The Navigator descends from his observation throne and stumbles as his attendants help him to his quarters; he is even more ashen than usual, trembling with palsy, and he mutters something about "A terrible thing turning some small fraction of its attention to us" as he is led past. Yorke is in a high mood, however. He claps his hands and addresses you with more spirit than you've ever heard. He's almost giddy.

"Gentlemen, we have done it! Unexplored territory stretches before us! We have done what no other sentients in history have ever accomplished: survived a jump through the Dragon's Teeth! We will now commence scanning this system for potentially useful places. My crew will report them to you for task delegation within 24 hours."

Looks like you have some time to burn before your first decisions need to be made. It's been a tense few weeks until now. If you haven't already gotten to know your fellow lieutenants, this is as good a time as any. And of course, you could always go through your inventory and make sure you're properly equipped for whatever dangers are coming.

Introduce yourselves, comment on each other or the trip as you like, and I'll have the first mission selection up tomorrow.

Oh, and as promised: everyone makes 3 standard acquisition checks vs Item Value + Rarity DN. For example, a Diagnostor would be an Influence roll vs DN 9 (5 Base +4 Penalty). These represent items you were able to obtain before the jump or things you brought with you. You are free to spend any Wealth or Assets on these rolls. You may also spend Wrath to reroll them BEFORE spending Wealth, but you won't have that Wrath on the first mission.

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

(Pict taken within the first month of Rogue Trader Yorke's expedition)
Strongshreddah, Bad Moons Flash Git, Warboss of the Armageddon Orks
Original Sheet
Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 9/9 | Wrath: 1/2 | Glory: 0/8

"Alright, let me get dat suit of Mega Armour, plus imma need me a Snazzgun. Oh, ya says this snazzguns a Rad Boltah? Like the humie 'Eavy boltah but with three spinny barrels and shooting radioactive plasma shots? Zog yeah that'll do me right. How much I owe ya? The price the mekboy gives is astronomical by any orks standard, but Strongshreddah just tosses him a duffelbag full of teef. The Mekboy weighs it before shaking his head. "Bit short on da scale mistah Nob." "How many boyz worth a teef to make the difference." "One I'd reckon", replies the Mekboy, which is enough for Strongshreddah to summon one of his boyz, whose teef he punches out so he can complete his purchase. After that's sorted he gives his old suit of 'Eavy armour and his kustom slugga to the injured boy and wanders around the ship, kitted out with his new flash and looking to krump someone for a big choppa, maybe even a chain choppa. "Thanks for the teef. Take me kit to hold ya over till that grows back. Look at ya, before ya started following the Strongshreddah, you was just one of the boyz of the clan. Now you'se a proppa 'ardboy. Or at least ya got the kit of one. Let's see how you hold up next scrap."

"So listen to me boyz and listen good. We'ze going somewhere no humiez ever been in a long time. But orks is everywhere and there's prob gonna be some orkz to take charge of and add to da mob, Strongshreddah's mob. In proppa bad moons fashion, we're gonna go get equipped as best we can before the action. And that means we need to go krump summa deez other gitz who fancy themselves Flash Gitz but ain't 'ard enough to hang with da boyz. Let's go get us some armour. Lets go krump some gits and take some teef before da drop."

Acquisition Rolls: Mega Armour, Snazzgun, Big Choppa (DN11/14/8)
Adjusted Influence: Rolls
Wrath Reroll Mega Armour
Wrath Reroll Snazzgun
Wrath Rerolls
One Wrath spent to successfully acquire Mega Armour. One Wrath, 3 Assets,3 Wealth, spent on Snazzgun.

Strongshreddah Mob of himself and 3 ork boyz are gonna go gently caress some other Bad Moons or Deathskulls up. Kill some time before the next update.

Name: Strongshreddah
Species: Ork (10) [+1 T]
Archetype: Nob (60)
Tier: 3
Rank: 1
Background: Accomplishment (Toughest Around)
Keywords: Ork, Bad Moons

Defense: 3
Resilience: 14 (7 + 7[Mega Armour])
Soak:  6
Shock: 7
Wounds: 9
Speed: 6 

Conviction: 4
Corruption: 0
Passive Awareness: 4
Resolve: 3

Influence: 8 (5 + 2[Background/Nob])
Wealth: 2 (3 + 2[Bad Moons] - 3[Expenditures])

Assets (3): 0 (3 - 3[Expenditures])

Attributes: (166)

Strength: 6[10] (51) [Mega Armour]
Agility: 4 (18)
Toughness: 5[6] (33) [Ork]
Intellect: 4 (18)
Fellowship: 3 (10)
Willpower: 4 (18)
Initiative: 4 (18)

Skills:  (56)
Athletics 4 (10)
Awareness 4 (10)
Ballistic Skill 4 (10)
Persuasion 3 (6)
Stealth 4 (10)
Weapon Skill 4 (10)

Bigger is Better: Orks calculate Influence using their Strength in place of Fellowship.
Boyz: A Nob commands a mob of Troops numbering up to Rank x 3 Boyz who loyally follow his direction. These Ork Boyz use the profile found on page 432.
Outsider: +2DN to all Interaction tests with those with the Keyword <Imperium>.
Orky: +1 to all Intimidation Tests.

Languages: (3)
Low Gothic, High Gothic (1), Ork, Eldar (1), Necron (1)

Wargear: Mega Armour, Snazzgun (Rad 1d3), Kustom Slugga, and Kustom Choppa

Wargear in storage:
'Eavy Armour

Trinket: A death mask in the image of a Canoness of the Adepta Sororita.

Starting Objective: Reminisce on the traditions of your Ork Clan, and compare them to the current situation

Spare BP: 2

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Apr 23, 2010


Explorator Alon, Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest, late of Triplex Phall
Wounds: 9/9 -- Shock: 0/7 -- Wrath: 2/2 -- Glory: 0/8


Alon stood before the junior security Enginseer and their Skitarii force with her hands raised in a gesture of supplication. One of them held a battered dataslate that was easily a millennium old. In rapid Binary cant the two priests conducted a sort of negotiation, the one desperate but cunning, the other bristling with indignation and ambition.

"Now, you could have your squad take me in to custody for a lengthy trial to the political benefit of your superiors - we both know that you would be lucky to receive so much as a 0.001% increase to your Noosphere access ration in 'gratitude' for your service. And of course it would be my prerogative to resist, causing who knows how much damage you would need to account for? Hardly worth your time. OR, you could have arrived slightly too late to apprehend me (no doubt due to delays in the transit network which I think you will find have already been logged) BUT in time to prevent the destruction of this valuable data into the source of my research, which had to be secured as evidence. Extremely valuable data. In the right mechadendrites? Worth promotion, choice assignment, maybe an upgrade or two..."

A pregnant pause ensued.


Safely aboard Conquest By Right Alon considered the true value of the trade. Her freedom for data on Xenos particle weaponry that the hidebound Magi running this subsector would certainly catalogue as heretical material and ignore for centuries? Not bad at all. Getting out with the Arc Rifle she'd modified to the standard her research suggested was possible, despite the cries of dismay from her orthodox colleagues? Better still. Getting the poor lad to 'loan' her a valuable Auspex on the way out 'as a favor'? Priceless. Subsonic rumblings filled her cabin as her augmented respiratory system approximated laughter. This voyage was off to an auspicious start as far as she was concerned. To kill time before the Warp translation (she had agreed to assist monitoring the ancient and temperamental plasma drive for the jump) she induced hypno-learning for the Xenos languages statistically most likely to be required during the voyage. Ork was simple enough - although the percussive aspects would likely necessitate additional maintenance on her servo-arm and power armor. Aeldari communication would have to be simple, and favor use of the written runes were possible without modification to her voice-box to facilitate the subtle frequency changes.


"Explorator Alon's Log, date pending. This august vessel is blessed with an abundance of vanishingly rare and possibly unique sub-systems that draw power under circumstances that perhaps might be considered sub-optimal to it's overall function. The 'Oracle' class (still no data found) would not have found favor with the Imperial Navy at any time in the last ten millenia, so it may be an even older design. The eccentricities are compounded by the random power draw induced by the xenos crawling all over the vessel. I note with some consternation the ease with which the ship accommodates their various demands, with trouble often caused by adepts attempting to reverse or control changes. More to follow."

Exhausted beyond even the ability of direct neural stimulation to compensate after babying the plasma drive through de-transition, Alon slumped into her sleeping quarters on autopilot. Meeting her fellows would have to wait for at least 8 hours, she considered. This weakness of the flesh would be among the first things she would have cut out on her triumphant return.


Name: (AlN)x(Al2O3)1-x,0.30 < x < 0.37. (But please, call me Alon in Gothic)
Species: Human
Archetype: Tech Priest
Tier: 3
Rank: 1
Keywords: Human, Imperium, Adeptus Mechanicus, Cult Mechanicus, <Triplex Phall>

Background Accomplishment: Survived a Necron attack. +1 Influence
Memorable Injury:

Defense: 3
Resilience: 6+4=10
Soak: 5
Shock: 7
Wounds: 9
Speed: 6

Conviction: 4
Corruption: 0
Passive Awareness: 5
Resolve: 3

Influence: 8
Wealth: 2


Strength: 4+1
Agility: 4
Toughness: 4+1
Intellect: 5
Fellowship: 2
Willpower: 4
Initiative: 4


Athletics: 3+5
Awareness: 3+5+2
Ballistic Skill: 4+4
Cunning: 0+2
Deception: 0+2
Insight: 0+2
Investigation: 4+5
Intimidation: 0+4
Leadership: 0+2
Medicae: 4+5
Persuasion: 0+2
Pilot: 3+4
Scholar: 5+5
Stealth: 0+4
Survival: 4+4
Tech: 5+5
Weapon Skill: 4+4


Rite of Repair: Tech-Priests automatically reduce the time by half for any Tech test. They receive +Rank on Tech tests to fix or repair a damaged machine.

Language: Binary, Low Gothic, Eldar, Ork.

Omnissian Axe
mechadendrite servo-arm
augmetic viscera (+1 T)
augmetic respiration (+1 T vs airborne toxins, double breathing time)
light power armour
Arc Rifle (Master Crafted)

starting objective: Calculate the odds of any given task and provide an estimate of either survival or success (or both)

trinket: A shard of stained glass from a fallen cathedral manufactorium.

Build Points
Tier 3: 300/300
Human 0
Tech Priest 60
Atribute array (T3) 133
Skill array (T3) 101
Assets 3
Survival 2>4 7
Languages 2

initial acquisitions

Acquisition (Arc Rifle): 9#1d6x4! 0 0 0 1 2 2 2 2 0 = 9, success!

Acquisition (Master Crafted): 9#1d6x4! 0 1 1 1 2 0 1 0 1 + 3 Assets +1 Wealth = 11, success!

Acquisition (Auspex): 10#1d6x4! 1 0 2 2 0 1 0 1 1 0 = 8, success

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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Simeon Bellafonte

Simeon always loved warp travel, it was one of the few times where you were guaranteed to encounter some sort or warp manifestations. While he would never admit it to anyone as it would be considered a bad omen and a thought of heresy, Simeon had kind of hoped for a minor demonic incursion. He was disappointed, though relieved for the journey's sake, when all the manifestations they received were of the more mental variety. Babbling voices and whispers can't be smote with a power sword.

As they translated out of the warp, Simeon when through his equipment and cursed. Somehow he managed to forget his father's consecrated bolt pistol, and well any sort of ranged weapon at all. That was fine; Simeon was used to advancing under warp fire with the cover of his Storm Shield to take the brunt of the attack, but it was always nice to have something to take some shots at the enemy with while you close distance.

Once Simeon made it to the command bridge he was disappointed in the number of Xenos on the crew. He was dealing with a Rogue Trader, so he wasn't surprised, but he'd have hoped there would have been fewer. Though far be it for Simeon to complain, the Bellafonte's have worked with Eldar on quite a few occasions in a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" sort of scenario, though Simeon in his brief time as a full crusader has not had the pleasure of killing a daemon with an Eldar wytch as company.

Instead Simeon goes to the Comms station and half monitors whatever communications they might be picking up, hoping to hear a radio broadcast about venerating the Chaos Gods so they could turn their attention that way.

Holy poo poo orks and ad mech are apparently broken in relation to influence, as I was stuck over here rolling a god damned 3! If anyone would see fit to bestow upon me a pistol (bolt, handcannon) so I can take some pot shots at assholes as I close into melee range, that would be appreciated. Well, unless I can use my storm shield and a long gun at the same time, than even a rifle will work.

Name: Simeon Bellafonte
Species: Human
Archetype: Crusader
Tier: 3
Rank: 1
Keywords: Imperium, Adeptus Ministorum
Background: Origin-Shrine world (+3 shock)

Defense:4(6-front, 7-front and melee)
Resilience:5(9)(*2)   Soak: 4     
Speed:6(5)   	Shock: 10     Wounds:7

Conviction: 4  	    Corruption: 0
P. Awareness: 4	       Resolve: 3(4)

Influence: 3        	Wealth:3	 



Ballistic skill-5+4=9
weapon skill-5+5=10

Armor of faith: Resolve increased by 1/2 rank, +rank to melee attacks against heretic or chaos keywords

Power sword
12+2ED AP:-3 Parry

storm shield
carapace armor

Trinket: A polymorphine ampoule jury-rigged to hold a preserved blood sample

Proclaim your enemy to be a heretic and unworthy of the Emperor's light.

Build Points
Human: 0
Crusader: 40
Tier 3 attribute array- 133
Tier 3 skill array-101
Initiative from 4 to 5- 15
BS from 4-5-10
bolt pistol DN of 6: 3#1d6 2 6 3
acquire hand cannon DN of 4: 3#1d6 2 2 2
acquire autopistol DN 3: 3#1d6 5 5 2

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Sofia Von Castellan
Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 10/10 | Wrath: 0/2

It is hardly Sofia's first time through the warp, much less first dozen times. It is, by far, the roughest passage, however. After an all-hands check on her frigate, My Last Throne, she spends some time with the explorator discussing the finer points of the marriage of her trusty power armor with the Aeldari rune armor she'd been bequeathed with shortly before the passage. Suffice to say, her ties with the Aeldari went much further than some might find wise. Or tasteful, for that matter. Her man, no stranger to machine gods nor xenotech, was something of a technological genius. She isn't quite sure how he's managed to fit it all together, but fit it did. She made note of the excellence for an upcoming contract review. That's the sort of work that deserves a bonus.

Likewise, he'd manage to link a monoscope to the optics on her arc rifle. Less impressive than the armor, to be sure, but the extra range it would provide her is certainly nothing to scoff at. She'd have to lead the security team the next time one of those idiot freebootas got it in their head that her ship might make a fine bit of plunder. It'd be an excellent test to see how many heads she could pop from the other end of the kill zone. The upgraded capacitor is sadly on the other side of the rift, but Sofia will make do. She always does.

Handing the helm off to the void-master, she makes her way to one of the shuttles and gears up. There are enough variables in play on the Conquest By Right that she'd never feel comfortable without a touch of protection at hand. And, suffice to say, she has more than a touch. The trip is uneventful enough and she soon finds herself in the loading bay. Her destination, of course, is the bridge. It's about drat time that Tobias spills what intel that his lopsided mess has gathered.

Rune Armor posted:

TzeentchBOTToday at 7:34 AM
@Tricky: 9d6>=4 Rune Armor (12) = (2 6 3 5 5 2 1 4 5, 6 successes) = 6
TzeentchBOTToday at 7:41 AM
@Tricky: 4d6>=4 wrath = (1 5 4 1, 2 successes) = 2

Making up the difference with 1 wealth, 3 assets.

Arc Rifle Monoscope posted:

TzeentchBOTToday at 8:28 AM
@Tricky: 9d6>=4 Monoscope (7) = (4 3 4 6 5 5 1 4 5, 8 successes) = 8

No additional resources required.

Arc Rifle Master-Crafted posted:

TzeentchBOTToday at 8:31 AM
@Tricky: 9d6>=4 Master Crafted (11) = (2 2 1 1 2 1 1 6 5, 3 successes) = 3
TzeentchBOTToday at 8:32 AM
@Tricky: 7d6>=4 wrath (3 icons) = (1 5 1 4 2 1 4, 3 successes) = 3

No love.

In the spirit of wheeling and dealing, hit me up if you want to owe debts for some sweet gear and two wealth makes the difference.

Name: Sofia Von Castellan
Species: Human
Archetype: Rogue Trader
Tier: 3
Rank: 1
Keywords: Imperium, Rogue Trader, Von Castellan, Aeldari

Background: Hive Fleet Leviathan Survivor (+1 Influence)

Derived Traits:

Defense: 		3
Resilience: 		11 (11*)
Soak:  			6
Shock: 			7
Wounds: 		10
Speed: 			6

Conviction: 		4
Corruption: 		0
Passive Awareness: 	4
Resolve: 		4

Influence: 		8 (9)
Wealth: 		2


Strength: 		4 (5)
Agility: 		4
Toughness: 		5 (6)
Intellect: 		4
Fellowship: 		5
Willpower: 		4
Initiative: 		4


Ballistic Skill		5
Persuasion		4
Pilot			4
Leadership		3
Weapon Skill		3
Awareness		3
Insight			3
Cunning			2
Tech			1


Warrant of Trade: Rogue Traders are masters
at manipulating situations to their advantage. They
receive +Rank to all Persuasion tests and Influence
tests to acquire goods or services.


Low Gothic, Aeldari


Light Power Armor (4; Powered [1])
Arc Rifle (14+1ED; AP -1; Range 48m; Salvo 2; Arc
[2], Rapid Fire [1] / Spread; Chain Bayonet, Red Dot Sight)
Chain Bayonet (11+1ED; AP 0; Brutal)
>Augmetic Viscera (+1 Wound, +1 Toughness)
>Rune Armor (4*; Force Shield)

Runic Powered Armor (4*; Powered [1], Force Shield)

Imperial Frigate (My Last Throne)
Cruising Speed 6km; Defence 6; Wounds 9;
Resilience 8 (9)
Systems: Auger Array, Hangar Bay, Supply Vault,
Void Shield (1)
Weapons: Prow Lance Battery (5+1ED; AP -1;
Range 8km, Salvo 2; Penetrating [2])
Dorsal Light Macrocannon (7+2ED, AP 0; Range
4km, Salvo 3; Brutal)
Keyword: Imperium, Imperial Navy

Starting Objective:

Solve a problem using wealth, influence,
psychic abilities, or guile instead of 
threats or force.


A braided lock of synthetic hair.

XP:		        300/300
Human			0
Rogue Trader		40
Stay The Course		30
T2 Skills		70
T2 Attributes		94
All 3s to 4s		32
Toughness 4->5		15
Fellowship 4->5		15
Assets (3)		3
Tech 1			1

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Mar 4, 2016

There he is!

Ylbrin Asurkas
Faithful Warp Spider

"How you Mon'Keigh cower and shudder at your forays into the Immaterium, shielded by your gellar fields and hidden among dozens of meters of steel. Have you no faith in the Emperor to protect you?"

Ylbrin is perched atop a dais in the command room in his modified Warp Spider armor, the heavy teleporter pack offset by his light armor, both of which seem to blend into the shadows more than his aspect was known to do. His deathspinner is held at rest as his side, ready to combat any errant visitors to the ship as it travels through the warp, a curious experience. He had faced the Immaterial uncounted times as a Spider, risking much more than the Mon'Keigh could ever imagine without a shred of the protection to which they clinged on this voyage.

The golden aquilla hanging around his neck attracted more attention than anything else of course, a glimmering token of his faith that marked his commitment to the Path of the Outcast. He idly thinks back to his last night with his family. They did not understand, truly, that this was not like the Call to War. His mate, though, had asked him directly.

"Do you truly believe what you say? Knowing the risks it brings upon yourself, and your family?"

Absently, Ylbrin brings a hand up to clasp the aquilla, stroking it absently as he remembers.

"With all my heart and soul. I do not know the destination of this trail that I follow, but I have... faith. For the first time, in a very long time, I have something to believe in. Hope that through my actions there might be a future for us... all of us, away from this growing madness," he looked down, a grim gallow's smile on his face, "Though is it not the mark of the insane to believe oneself the sole bastion of sanity?"

Fingers under his chin lifted his gaze, and he looked up at her smirking face. His own smile softened into something more real as she spoke, "You caught me in your web once, Warp Spider. Follow your path and weave a home safe for us there. We will find our way to you then."

He instinctively braces himself, feeling the emergence into realspace before it happened from many long decades of experience. He hops from his perch and moves to where the meeting was to begin. He had little interest in raw sensor reports, but he did hope to meet two new friends there.

When Sofia finds her way to the bridge, Yldrin will give a bow of his head. When he speaks it is impossible for those less traveled among the Eldar to tell if it is mocking or not, but the Rogue Trader would understand it to be sincere... mostly "It pleases me that we are rejoined, Human that wishes to be Eldar. Your aid was most instrumental in making sure my... acquisition made its way to me, along with some help from your Martian acquaintance. I appreciate your help and also your discretion on this matter. As I promised, I will return your generosity with... interest, with my original warning. The Way here may have been unpatrolled for millennia, with no Warp Spiders or our merry cousins to maintain it."

He walks beside the Rouge Trader to the meeting, waiting to see who would actually show up. It was a truly motley band that had been assembled, all things considered.

"How long do you think it will take for the Orks to run amok and need to be put down?"

Reminisce upon the traditions of an Eldar
Craftworld, and compare it to the current

Name: Ylbrin Asurkas
Species: Eldar
Archetype: Ranger (Warp Spider)
Ascension Package: Stay the Course
Tier: 3
Rank: 1
Keywords: Adeptus Ministorum, Aeldari, Asuryani, Psyker, Zhar-Tann
Background: Accomplishment: Explored the Webways (+2 Wealth)
Languages: Eldar, High Gothic, Low Gothic, Necron, <unspecified>

Defense: 3	Resilience: 6(9)  Soak: 5
Speed:   8	Shock:    7/7	Wounds: 8/8

Conviction:   4     Corruption: 0
P. Awareness: 5	       Resolve: 3

Influence:    4 	Wealth:	0
Assets:       0


Strength	3
Agility		5
Toughness	5
Intellect	5
Willpower	4
Fellowship	3
Initiative	4

             Rank + Attribute
Athletics       3 + 3         =  6
Awareness       4 + 5         =  9
Ballistic Skill 4 + 5         =  9
Cunning         0 + 3         =  3
Deception       0 + 3         =  3
Insight         0 + 3         =  3
Intimidation    0 + 4 + 1     =  5
Investigation   0 + 5         =  5
Leadership      0 + 3         =  3
Medicae         0 + 5         =  5
Persuasion      3 + 3         =  6
Pilot           4 + 5         =  9
Psychic Mastery 4 + 4         =  8
Scholar         3 + 5         =  8
Stealth         3 + 5         =  8
Survival        3 + 3         =  6
Tech            3 + 5         =  8
Weapon Skill    0 + 4         =  4



From the Shadows: Rangers are adept at 
exploiting any concealment. Any penalties 
to detect (using Awareness) or attack
a ranger due to lighting or cover are 
increased by 1/2 rank. 

Intense Emotion: +1DN to all Resolve tests.
Failing a Willpower-based test in a scene
involving intense emotion grants the GM +1 Ruin.

Outsider: +2DN to all Interaction tests with those
with the Keyword <Imperium>.

Psychosensitive: All Eldar may purchase 1 Minor
Psychic Power if they also purchase the Psychic
Mastery skill. This purchase also gives them the
Psyker keyword. In addition, the Tier Restriction
for Maximum Psychic Powers for Eldar Characters
is increased by 1 to accommodate this purchase.

Storm Bolter (Death Spinner) w/ Silencer 
Teleporter Pack (Jump Pack) 
Webway Keystone
Bonesinger Shard
Chameleoline cloak
Eldar Mesh Armour
Ranger Long Rifle
Shuriken Pistol 
Spirit Stone

"These strands are His wrath made manifest through me, 
heathen. Feel blessed that they fall upon you this day."

An illuminated book of hours. Many of
the prayers within are edited in red ink.

A wafer-thin sheet of wraithbone covered
in interconnected Eldar glyphs.

XP: 300 / 300
Toughness 5 - 33pts
Intellect 5 - 33pts
Agility 4 - 18pts
Strength 4 - 18pts
Willpower 4 - 18pts
Fellowship 3 - 10pts
Initiative 3 - 10pts
Tier 3 Ascension (Stay the Course) - 30pts
Eldar BP - 10pts
Ranger Archetype - 30pts
Rank 4 Skills x4 - 40pts
Rank 3 Skill x6 - 36pts
High Gothic - 1pt
Necron - 1pt
Language - 1pt
x3 Assets - 3pts
Chameleon Power - 8pts

@professorcurly:  4d6>=4 Jetpack (Value  (7) + Rare (3) = 10) = (4 4 6 5, 4 successes) = 5 + 5 Wealth = 10

@professorcurly:  5d6>=4 Webway Keystone (Value (7) + Unique (6) = 13) = (6 5 5 6 3, 4 successes) = 6 Successes 
@professorcurly:  1d6>=4  Wrath Re-roll = (5, 1 success) = Total 7 Successes + 3 Assets + 2 Wealth (Sofia) + 1 Wealth (Alon) = 13

@professorcurly:  5d6>=4 Silencer (3 + 2 = 5) = (5 6 2 5 6, 4 successes) = 6 Successes 

Feb 14, 2013


Mission 1

True to his word, approximately 24 hours later each you receives a message that the Great Augur has detected several items of interest in this solar system.

Yorke smiles at the Warp Spider as he enters the conference room, but it doesn't touch his eyes. "The Freebootaz? They will do as they're told, for the moment. I bribed them quite immensely, I've brought more bribes for when their gratitude fades, and I suspect that they will restrict themselves to petty infighting, at least for 2 to 3 months. Once their usefulness is eclipsed by their troublesome nature, I have plans on how to eliminate them. Perhaps in the process we'll fold some of them under Strongshreddah's leadership. No Ork can be trusted, but that Nob sees the bigger picture and is more capable of putting off short-term gratification than most of his kin. That's why I've given him and his Armageddon orks a berth on my ship. That's also why the Ork section of my ship is a portion carefully designed to be quickly vented of atmosphere and sealed off. Like I said, no Ork can be trusted."

Yorke takes his place at the head of the bizarre table where he makes all of his most important decisions, his dice close at hand. Accompanying him are Magos Lexmechanica Asrae, head of the Great Augur complex, and his Seneschal Yuri Hale. Once all of you have assembled, he motions to the Magos. She nods and activates the hololith projector that hangs from the ceiling, filling the upper portion of the room with an image.

Preliminary Designation: Pathos
Environment: Breathable atmosphere. 1.09 Terran Gravity. Average Temperature: below freezing but survivable with proper gear.
Preliminary Subtype: Dead World
EXPLORATION WARNING: Cold. Radiation. Weather. Possible Xeno Natives.

The Magos begins her pitch. "This type of world is quite common, although I have not yet witnessed one damaged to this degree. Based on scans of atmospheric radiation, we believe a xeno-race native to this world obliterated itself roughly 3 centuries prior via unwise use of a primitive form of weapon known as atomics. For those unfamiliar with such devices, they represent extremely early pre-Dark Age attempts to design superweaponry. They pale in comparison to cyclonic torpedoes and other glorious tools of the Omnissiah, but are still capable of rendering worlds unlivable when used in large numbers, as seen here. At this point the nuclear radiation has faded to the point that only major city centers appear to be significant health threats to humans, but you will be issued protective gear should you choose to see to this personally. Likewise, you will require protective gear for the planet's temperatures, which are similar to those described near Terra's poles during the Dark Age. Atmospheric blockage is another common effect of atomic abuse."

"Waste of their time," mutters the Seneschal. The Magos ignores him and continues. "Ordinarily we would ignore a world like this, but our scans indicate a great deal of metallic debris in and around orbit that implies they had made surprising advances in space travel for a species still dependent on such primitive tools. We are also detecting heat signatures and more recent explosion signatures, which implies that someone or something is still fighting down there. We believe this civilization was probably in the earliest stages of FTL travel and will have mapped out the neighboring star systems, which will give us an idea of a good direction to head next. There may also be unique artifacts and archaeotech on the surface, albeit of xeno manufacture. And of course, if there are surviving sentients on the surface as we suspect, you may be able to gain some advantage from dealing with them. If you accept this mission, we will insert you in a suitable location near a population center where you may scavenge or mark any items you feel might be useful to us. Vox communication on the surface may be spotty due to radioactive interference and poor weather, but you will be provided with a high-powered beacon to allow us to recover you once you send the signal. If you choose to handle the other world of interest, we will send Imperial strike teams from the other vessels with Mechanicus support and Freebootaz as shock troops. However, I feel this mission would benefit from a personal touch and a small team. Seneschal, now you may speak."

Yuri ignores her and changes the hololith image with a wave of his hand.

Preliminary Designation: Ethos
Environment: Breathable atmosphere. .90 Terran Gravity. Average Temperature: tropical.
Preliminary Subtype: Medieval World
EXPLORATION WARNING: Potential Microorganism Threat. Potential Wildlife Threat. Confirmed Uncontacted Human Natives.

"Never mind the Magos and her damned ice ball. It's a wild squig hunt and we shouldn't have even marked it as a world of interest. Ethos is, as you can plainly see, a thriving jungle world with shallow seas and a few desert regions near the equator. Uncomfortably warm for humans in armor, but survivable. More importantly, we have confirmed human inhabitants. We can see several major cities that appear to be made of stone, with one in particular dwarfing the others, and there's quite a bit of evidence of smaller villages and a maintained road system linking them. We know the inhabitants are human because we're picking up surprisingly comprehensible Low Gothic-esque transmissions; we suspect they're Dark Age colonists whose technology has regressed but who've managed to keep certain technologies they no longer comprehend alive by rote memorization. Not that that reminds me of anyone."

This is the first and only thing he's said to get a rise out of the Magos, whose mechadendrites hiss together in displeasure. The Seneschal smiles. "We should have a full translation team ready by the time we make orbit, so we'll be able to translate for the natives on the fly with only a few seconds delay. Human natives mean a source of trade, a source of skilled and unskilled workers for any future colony, and in this case, possibly human archaeotech that they no longer use or understand. There are risks: we'll give you all the counter-agent injections we can, and we have some tailored to Eldar biology as per Lord Captain Yorke's orders, but on a planet with a biosphere like this infections are always a risk. The atmosphere is swimming in carbon compounds, which could be as harmless as ordinary non-toxic pollen or as nasty as a virulent bacterium you've never encountered. I doubt the Orks have much to worry about, though. Other than that, there's always the risk of hostile megafauna, and obviously natives don't always react to the good news about the Emperor as well as we'd like, but I'm sure you can take them. This should be a simple mission: trade, mark items of interest, and leave. We could obviously leave this to an Imperial contingent while you waste your time freezing to death on Pathos, but I can't imagine how a heavily armed and experienced group like you could actually fail at this."

The Magos speaks up. "You underestimate the threat such worlds can pose, Yuri. We do not have enough information to make such hasty judge--" Lord Captain Yorke cuts her complaint and Yuri's retort off with a motion of his hand. By his frustrated expression, they must bicker like this constantly.

"Quiet. You've both made your case. The Lieutenants will decide, and if they cannot, chance will. Voice your thoughts. Make your vote."

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Sofia Von Castellan
Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 10/10 | Wrath: 0/2

Falling in beside the Eldar, Sofia is all good cheer and seems to take the statement in good stride, responding in the Aeldari tongue, "Our business was a pleasure, Spider of the Warp. May we find many such ventures in the future." The promise of webway access, let alone the right to pick through relics that may have been left behind... truly a deal that would provide wealth beyond measure. Burning her credit in the more civilized parts of space was a small price to pay to ensure future profits.

Once they arrive and the briefing begins, Sofia has her own band aboard My Last Throne make a fair few projections of their own. Needless to say, trust was never in great supply between void traders. As her explorator yammers on about the finer points of pre-civilized weapons of mass destruction, Sofia minimizes the audio volume and says, "I'd think it wise to handle first contact with a fair amount of tact. Establishing supply lines, let alone territory we can call our own, should be our priority. Send the troops to fight whatever horrors lurk on Pathos, but leave Ethos to those who can approach situations by more avenues than the barrel of a gun."

Given my objective, skill-set, and the fact I haven't really seen much in WanG past pitched combat or stealth... I'm down for a social encounter with supplementary shooting.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 9/9 | Wrath: 1/2 | Glory: 0/8

Strongshreddah speaks High Gothic exclusively at the meeting, except when he has to speak Low Gothic for anyone else. "This is why I'm blessed by Gork and Mork to be an Ork. Everyone is so dumb, except for me. Listen ok so, the Magos fella right? She's talking about having the Freebootaz as shock troops for what appears to be one of those survey mission, or what I'd call a "loot everything on this dead rock and turn it into ships and vehicles for the WAAAGH" mission. It's not going to work out so smooth. All the things you wanna analyze are gonna end up in some Big Meks shop and turned into armor plating or ammunition. You don't want the Freebootaz any closer than a day's burn to the world, they'll make a mess even as they're following orders. Keep that mission strictly to you Imperial and mechanicus types. Let's take them and my boyz to that world you called Ethos. The natives there are weak, you can drop Freebootaz for a quick scrap to bring the world into compliance as you humans so eloquently put it, and you can deal with their high society types while we pass some time krumping one of their nations. The Orks will be content with a little snack while we wait for your Great Augur to find us a world worthy of a planetary assault. That covers the big picture.

Meanwhile we drop in, with the command team and such, and we figure out what's happening on Pathos. You do your business and on the way out, we call in the boyz to clean up all life on the world after the fact. After you've had a chance to get yourself the best tech Magos."

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Apr 23, 2010


Explorator Alon, Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest, late of Triplex Phall
Wounds: 8/8 -- Shock: 0/7 -- Wrath: 2/2 -- Glory: 0/8

The explorator keeps her hands carefully folded inside her robes at the meeting, superstitiously certain the Eldar can sense the itching of her palms to disassemble their wraithbone artifacts for her own prurient interest. She provides her own advice, careful to seem unbiased and logical in her decision making.

"While I hesitate to gainsay my esteemed colleague Magos Asrae, I expect the planet Ethos to be the more deserving of close attention. This expedition has no fixed date of return and can expect no reinforcements. All consideration must be given to establishing the logistical base to withstand at minimum five decades of attrition. Sources of fresh manpower and consumables should be at a greater priority than the collection of artifacts. Allowing the secure Ethos would cause potentially irreparable damage to the biosphere and numbers of colonists we will be able to impress into service. The xenos remnants on Pathos should suffice to whet their appetite for destruction."

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 9/9 | Wrath: 1/2 | Glory: 0/8

still speaking fluent High Gothic like the ork Lil Jon

"Irreparable damage to the biosphere? Nah Explorator Alon, Orks just gives worlds character. If you can't keep the ferals in check, ya don't deserve the world anyway. Also whatever's down there on Pathos isn't gonna be enough for the boyz. Scattered xenos remnants fighting it out? Thats like a coupla flashgitz or freeboota mobs going on safari, like you Rogue Trader humans sometimes do I hear. But to sate this fleets lust for war, you're gonna need to sanction a planetary assault. We don't need the whole world of Ethos, just drop us somewhere on whoever pisses ya off. We enjoy a few months of busting up the other side of the planet, you make some trade deals, then we leave. Either that or you go look at that Great Augur again and find us a world to krump."

"Mister Yorke, you wanna stay happy. Then give us what we want: the best fights in the galaxy. Find some world for the Orks to get stuck in, be born, live, die, and multiply. That'll solve your needs for an army and handle any betrayal from anyone but one of the freeboota kaptins."

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Mar 4, 2016

There he is!

Ylbrin Asurkas
Faithful Warp Spider

"If you are thinking into the future in terms of decades, then you should exterminate all the orks in this fleet now and be done with it. Any world upon which they set foot will be subjected to their infection, an infection that is nigh impossible to remove. Inevitably the world's resources will be subsumed into the greenskin war machine and turned against you."

The Warp Spider looks over at Strongshredda, also speaking in High Gothic, "No offense to present company meant, of course."

"That said, these future greenskin infections are decidedly not my concern. My feeling is that the world Pathos holds greater potential than is immediately obvious. Frankly I am more interested in meeting whatever local denizens of this sector still live, and perhaps bring them into the light of the Emperor, than I am interested in meeting a planet full of yet more unusually primitive Mon'Keigh."

The Warp Spider is quiet a moment, before saying to no one in particular, "No offense to present company meant, of course."

Feb 14, 2013


Viva Miriya posted:

"Mister Yorke, you wanna stay happy. Then give us what we want: the best fights in the galaxy. Find some world for the Orkz to get stuck in, be born, live, die, and multiply. That'll solve your needs for an army and handle any betrayal from anyone but one of the freeboota kaptins."

Bizarrely (from the point of any non-Ork in the room), Yorke actually appears to give this idea some consideration. Is he even more mad than they say, or is he merely placating his pet Nob? Only time will tell.

"...While I agree that feral orks provide good training for Imperial Guard regiments, I cannot agree with you regarding the necessity of a full Ork army. Let's not pretend we owe each other any loyalty beyond profit, Strongshreddah. You are free to do with your world what you will once the time comes to hand them out as your just rewards, but I would like to minimize the damage done to human-held worlds. It's merely in our best interest. We both can profit from this venture, but I don't want us working at cross-purposes."

There is conviction in his voice, but it isn't an imperious command like he usually gives when his mind is made up. A strong argument one way or the other could sway his decision on whether or not to allow Orks other than Strongshreddah and his mob onto Ethos...

A DN 4 Persuasion check may be freely made by any player WRT whether or not to let Orks onto Ethos (and by conjunction, onto any future worlds currently held by living humans). If more than one player makes this check, highest icons wins... but to prevent whoever has the highest Persuasion score from simply dominating the discussion, Yorke will take all arguments made into future consideration, regardless of icons. We'll say he's presently at "3: tolerate all Orks in the fleet until they try to screw him over, but don't let them set foot on worlds inhabited by humans or worlds that are particularly desirable to him" on a 5-step scale.

e: basically, if the Pro-Orks make arguments I think are good (and this includes the possibility of Strongshreddah being the only Pro-Ork) it'll be a lot easier to shift him back to liking the orks later, whether it involves checks or not

e2: this is an optional roll so I'll say wrath and complications won't apply, you're free to throw the bones if you care

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 9/9 | Wrath: 0/2 | Glory: 0/8

still speaking fluent High Gothic like the ork Lil Jon

"I mean he's not wrong about that, the smarmy prick knife earred twit he is. But I can always become Boss and do it like Tuska Daemon-Killa. I'll do ya one better right now. You back me for Boss of these Freeboota gitz and I'll agree to WAAAGH toward a certain direction we both agree upon see. Like I said, Orkz is all about fighting and winning. This a win, we don't need ta krump what's happening here. We can fulfill our contract. Of course there'll be some blowback and background Orkz you'll always need to keep in check, but, like I said, Orkz builds character in worlds."

1 wrath spent on a persuasion check rolled on discord. 5 hits. 3 bp spent to go from Persuasion 2 to 3.

Edit: Major errors found on sheet and fixed. Total persuasion dicepool is now 7, not 5. Rolling and rerolling the 2 missing dice gets me an exalt and lets me hit a DN of 7 with 7 total hits. Still lose out vs 8 but it was worth. Lmao I dumpstatted Initiative on a melee character and no one realized it until now.

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Mar 4, 2016

There he is!

Ylbrin Asurkas
Faithful Warp Spider

"I am not against you bringing the orks in this expedition into your fold. However at this moment I would certainly question the wisdom of sending them to Ethos. If you are to become their "boss" you must demonstrate your superiority, is it not so? Scrounging for 'bitz' on a dead world while some other captain wins glory and fame seems like it runs counter to your own purposes. Moreover your kind do not typically possess your discerning nature, and I highly doubt that any attempt to limit their campaign of violence once begun would be at all successful. It is not enough that you are the strongest, you must be seen to be the strongest by both your lessers and your peers. Therefor wherever you go, they must also go, so that you can show them who is 'boss.' At least then there might be some semblance of order to their behavior."

"However in this particular case I do not believe the Freebootaz should be involved at all. We have no idea the state of this sector of space. If these worlds do have some sort of interstellar communications then we should identify it before we unleash the Orkz upon them, lest the inhabitants here unite against such an obvious threat. A united resistance would slow down this venture unacceptably, compared to the paltry early gains we might make."

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 9/9 | Wrath: 1/2 | Glory: 0/8

Speaking crude, but fluent Eldar

"If I krump enough heads the boyz'll listen. I'm gonna krump all the 'eadz of the Armageddon Nobz and keep da rest of my boyz well equipped with beer, clothes, gold, guns, armour, and bionics. Thats the Bad Moons way. I am always open to suggestions but our way works. But ya. Let the Freebootaz watch us from orbit. We'll show em how Strongshreddah's mob wages war."

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Sofia Von Castellan
Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 10/10 | Wrath: 0/2

It takes a fair few moments for Sofia to place the competing loyalties, identify targets worthy of calculated support, and draft an argument that's sure to sway Yorke to her own point of view, but she considers it time well spent. Ignoring Strongshreddah's attempts to sully the beautiful language of the Aeldari, she says, "While I think it fair to say that valuable points have been raised by your other lieutenants, I must admit the prospect of unleashing the orks on the very worlds we seek to secure for riches, logistics, and territory beyond imagining seems... counterproductive. The orks serve a valuable purpose aboard this fleet, I'm sure, but first contact neither plays to their strengths nor offers benefits over the use of our other, more conventional, resources." She meets Yorke's gaze. "From one Rogue Trader to another, I urge you to consider the sheer economic bounty at stake."

8 hits on the Persuasion test.

Apr 23, 2010


Explorator Alon, Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest, late of Triplex Phall
Wounds: 8/8 -- Shock: 0/7 -- Wrath: 2/2 -- Glory: 1/8

Alon begins listing an impressive but utterly dull series of statistical refutations to Strongshreddah's arguments, not becoming aware no one is paying her the least attention until the conversation is finished. Yorke's recording devices probably heard everything, of course.

@thatbastardken: 2d6>4 = (2 6, 1 success) = 2

less than the DN but we still get a point of glory

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Simeon Bellafonte

Simeon's head goes back and forth as the dialog goes from one to the other. Who ever decided to give an Ork a damned say so in anything likely is insane, and that would include the Rogue Trader. "Look, are we even discussing this? Orks have strategic advantages sure, like being the disposable cannon fodder they are on the front lines against other enemies. But we're talking about a primitive civilization who, by all early indications, should not be any sort of challenge where we need to bring damned Orks into it. Plus if this is going to be a long term mission, we need to secure, and convert, all the humans we can get, yeah? That all goes down the hole if we let Orks in there to slaughter them all and spread their spores everywhere."

Simeon couldn't believe they were even having this discussion. Only use he'd ever seen of Orks is when some Eldar had tricked a warband of the greenskins into fighting and weakening a numerically superior Chaos force. Blunt instruments not meant for first contact, or, well, anything dealing with a hopeful civilization.

Apr 22, 2010

Royalty is a continuous cutting motion

Ultra Carp

Galtein, Warlock

For Galtein, the warp jump was a rare incident of waiting. Not for the Eldar the interminable length of diving through the empyrean, no matter how thick the skin of electromagnetic truth your ship wore. For them, the webway was usually enough to go anywhere that mattered.

For some of it, he walked. (You'd think someone could get tired of walking, especially at his age, but you'd be wrong.) Other times, under the hydro-decks where the pumps dripped over the precariously rigged sump network, he spent the time in a slow and rhythmic union of the heart and breath, halving the drizzle as it fell past him; a metronome for his technique, a whetstone to keep the joined mind/will/blade sharp.

These things are important, for a swordsman who wishes to remain in possession of his limbs.

But for most of the time, he watched, and asked his strange questions. Why this particular tune, to the children of the deck ratings chanting time in their skipping rope games. (It mimics the cadence of gun battery loading.) Do you use cumin, to the hall vendor cleaning his pans under his awning between the meal rushes. (He is told that cumin is common in many dishes.) Tell me about your dyes, the the weaver women on deck 23. (They come from a variety of crushed beetles, fed the castoffs of the hydroponics bays.) The orphaned child, the burns on the nervous cook's knuckles, and the missing knitting needles tell him all he needs to know. (This is applied apophenomology, and should not be attempted by the untrained.) Why did you kill them, to the cultist. (Headless, the body is predictably reticent. The altar will be cleansed in fire.)

When he walks near the outer hull, he can feel the hunger, as always.


Galtein regards the comfortable bickering of Yorke's aides with the same easy stance as he does the wheeling and dealing of the ork attempting to get an early start on his own Waaagh. When a lull finally occurs, he speaks to the captain. "Are we truly here to bicker like merchants setting the price of silk? I am a warrior, not a diplomat. Let us lead the Orks down to this icy grave and sate their hunger for death and scrap. Perhaps then they will be more controllable."

Keywords: Aeldari, Asuryani, Psyker, Ulthwe

 Strength    3
 Agility     3(4)
 Toughness   4
 Intellect   3
 Willpower   5
 Fellowship  3
 Initiative  5

 Athletics        1 + Strength    = 4
 Awareness        4 + Intellect   = 7
 Ballistic Skill  1 + Agility     = 5
 Cunning          1 + Fellowship  = 4
 Deception        1 + Fellowship  = 4
 Insight          1 + Fellowship  = 4
 Intimidation     1 + Willpower   = 6
 Investigation    1 + Intellect   = 4
 Leadership       1 + Willpower   = 6
 Medicae          1 + Intellect   = 4
 Persuasion       1 + Fellowship  = 4
 Pilot            1 + Agility     = 5
 Psychic Mastery  5 + Willpower   = 10
 Scholar          1 + Intellect   = 4
 Stealth          1 + Agility     = 5
 Survival         1 + Willpower   = 6
 Tech             1 + Intellect   = 4
 Weapon Skill     4 + Initiative  = 9
Powers:             DN      Activation|Duration  |Range|Multi-Target|Effect            |Potency

 Smite              Defence Action    |Instant   |35m  | Yes        |1d3 Mortal Wounds |[3] +1 Mortal Wound
 Psyniscience       2       Full      |Sustained |100m | No         |Detect warp stuff |[1] +50m Range 
 Gout of Flame      5       Action    |Instant   |30m  | No         |14+2ED, Med Blast |[2] +1 ED 
                                      |          |     |            |                  |[2] Large Blast
 Prophetic Visions  10      20 min    |Sustained |Self | No         |Visions, +1 Wrath |[1] -5 min Activation
                                      |          |     |            |                  |[*2] +1 Wrath

 Rune Armor (*4,Force Shield)
 Witchblade 	 Dam 8(14) +3ED; AP -0; Force, Parry, Warp Weapon
 Shuriken Pistol Dam 10 +1ED; AP-0; 24m; Salvo 2; Pistol, Penetrating (3)

 Outsider: +2DN to all Interaction tests with those 
 with the Keyword <Imperium>.
 Intense Emotion: +1DN to all Resolve tests. 
 Failing a Willpower-based test in a scene 
 involving intense emotion grants the GM +1 Ruin.

 Psychosensitive: All Eldar may purchase 1 Minor 
 Psychic Power if they also purchase the Psychic 
 Mastery skill. This purchase also gives them the 
 Psyker keyword. In addition, the Tier Restriction 
 for Maximum Psychic Powers for Eldar Characters 
 is increased by 1 to accommodate this purchase. 

 Legacy of Sorrow (20)- Ignore Intense Emotion, and generate +1 Glory when passing a
 Defiance check.

Derived Traits
 Defense             4
 Resilience          9(*4)
 Soak                4
 Speed               8
 Shock               8
 Wounds              7
 Conviction          5
 Corruption          0
 Passive Awareness   4
 Resolve             4
 Influence           5
 Wealth              3
Background: +1 Influence
Trinket: An antique chrono that always runs fifteen minutes fast.
Objective: Recite vague portents and predictions, possibly related to the situation at hand, probably not.
1 BP Remaining

Feb 14, 2013


As the discussion peters out, Yorke looks between each of you and smiles. "It seems we are at an impasse; my dice must decide. This is good. It tells me I have chosen well, and that my Lieutenants aren't interested in merely telling me what I want to hear. Competition is synonymous with life. Regardless of how the bones fall, Orks other than our Armaggedon mob will not be allowed onto Ethos. You are the only Ork I trust, Strongshredda. Odds send you to Pathos, and evens to Ethos."

The Rogue Trader picks up one of his xeno-knuckle dice and tosses it across his odd table, already cleared of maps and objects in anticipation of use. It bounces a few times and comes to a stop. When the number comes up, the Magos locks her hands into the cog-symbol of the Omnissiah and smiles with the half of her face that remains human. The Seneschal shakes his head in annoyance.

"Pathos, then. Good. My personal assessment was that a small team would outperform a blundering strike force of Orks and Imperial mercenaries. We will split the fleet roughly in half between the two worlds and meet back here. The Conquest by Right will be accompanied by the Freebootaz and two of our Imperial vessels for protection purposes. The rest of the fleet will go to Ethos. We should make orbit in a few days. Meeting adjourned."

Yorke turns and exits the room, followed by Magos Asrae, who clearly seems vindicated even though her proposal was chosen by random chance. The Seneschal remains to brief you, but clearly isn't happy about this.

"Right, well... We're a few days out from both worlds. The Lord Captain has, in his infinite wisdom, assigned myself and the Magos to run mission support for you. I'd hoped to spend a few days enjoying the surface of a proper world once we established relations with the natives, but spending time locked in a small room with that hateful woman trying to get signals through an irradiated atmosphere will no doubt be a wonderful consolation prize. You may report to the medbay at any time before we arrive at Pathos to receive anti-radiation supplements, and I'll alert the quartermaster to dig up a rad-spex and protective gear for the cold."

He turns on his heel and walks out, muttering something under his breath.

With a 3-3 tie, Mission 1 is decided by the power of Yorke's fate-defying (?) dice. The party will be going to the irradiated icy wasteland of Pathos to scavenge its dead cities for xenotech and starmaps, and perhaps to make contact with any survivors that might be still be fighting down there after all this time.

As this is the holiday season and I'll be dealing with family from Christmas eve until about the ~27th, we're gonna go ahead and take a small break. We will return a few days after Christmas for landfall on Pathos and the beginning of the game proper. Have fun, enjoy whatever you're doing this Christmas season if you can, and stay safe.

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Feb 14, 2013


Several Days Later
Glory: 0 | Ruin: 6

About 8 hours out from Pathos, the Conquest by Right's tech-priests finally coax the Great Augur into bringing the metallic debris orbiting the planet into visual focus. Most of the metal appears to be the destroyed remains of xeno spacecraft. Blocky and metallic, they lack the religious ornamentation of Imperial vessels, but are clearly put together with more care than Ork ships. The rest of the debris appears to be satellites, several of which are some kind of armed orbital platform. The Ork vessels begin to pull ahead of the fleet, clearly excited by the news of a potential fight waiting in orbit.

Sensors pick up a sudden flare of signals as the hibernating satellites awaken and immediately lock onto the Ork vessels. The tech-priests babble excitedly about intense magnetic fields and the implications of such primitive xenos possessing what certainly appears to be gauss technology. The magnetic energy reaches a peak as the Orks are still nearly 20 minutes out... and nothing happens. One of the satellites releases a bright flash of energy and breaks apart on its own, destroyed by some kind of plasma reactor breach. The rest impotently track the approaching Orks, having expended all of their ammunition chasing away other scavengers over the past few centuries. Annoyed or amused (there is little difference for Orks), the Freebootaz spend the next hour coming up with increasingly violent and elaborate ways to destroy them. The Conquest by Right slows to a stop within shuttle range of the planet just as the largest Freeboota vessel rams a defense satellite at full speed, tearing it into metal shards and sending the bulk of the satellite tumbling away towards the atmosphere. Despite the tech-priests' dismay, Yorke refuses to reign the Orks in. He clearly wants to delay any Orkish mutiny for as long as possible.

The call goes out, and you all assemble in the hangar bay where a Valkyrie waits for you. Each of you are issued small, simple auspexes which only detect radiation levels, cold-weather gear, and compact vox headsets that should (theoretically) be strong enough to penetrate the planet's radiation and communicate with the ship. You've all already received treatments that should ameliorate the long-term effects of mild radiation exposure, but you're still cautioned against wandering in hot zones for more than a few hours. Yuri the Seneschal sees you off with his usual level of enthusiasm.

"You're going to be dropping a few klicks outside what appears to be a mid-sized urban area. Most of the larger cities are basically just smoking craters. This one appears to have escaped the bulk of the war, but it's of interest because we're seeing a great deal of the ongoing combat activity centered in and around it. We suspect there's some kind of military base or valuable resource to be found. That being said, there's still a great deal of radioactive particulate in the upper atmosphere, and we can't get a clear look at exactly what's down there. It's also going to play hell with communications if the weather worsens, so be careful. And remember the priorities: starmaps, interesting technology, and contact with any survivors. Those of you who aren't Orks only have a few days before you'll be at serious risk of getting ill, so don't waste time. Speaking of Orks, the Freebootaz are already headed down. Thankfully, they're targeting the largest city areas and the biggest fights, so they shouldn't be in your way. Right, well, good luck. I'll be on the comms if you need me."

The ride down to the surface is turbulent and unpleasant. Strongshredda and his boyz particularly struggle not to be tossed around the cabin, since none of them can fit into Imperial harnesses and the loops on the ceiling can't do much to protect an Ork from his own momentum. The shaking doesn't stop until you finally break through the cloud cover. The city is... about how you'd imagine after a nuclear war, nuclear winter, and centuries of neglect.

The pilot's voice crackles to life on the intervox. "Sirs, this is Adria speaking. I'll be on task for you this mission. That largest building on the horizon looks to be the center of a lot of the combat signatures we've been seeing down here. I can try to get you closer to it if you're interes--poo poo, evasive maneuvers." The ship whips to the left hard enough to send one of the Ork boyz flying headfirst into the wall. Luckily, the head is the hardest part of an Ork, and the only thing wounded is his pride. Nothing happens for several seconds as Adria pulls away from the urban area towards a section of flattened land. "Sorry about that, sirs. Something was trying to paint me. I couldn't get eyes on it. Didn't take any fire, but I'm under strict orders not to risk the shuttle. The best I can do for you is one or two runs with the rocket pods before I'll have burned through my ammunition. After that, I'll have to pull off back to the Conquest."

The shuttle drops you off a few kilometers outside the denser urban area you saw, about 20 klicks south from the largest building. Other than that, there appears to be a gigantic satellite dish about 10 kilometers to the east; even from here you can see heavy fencing, barricades, and outbuildings starting from about the 6 km mark, with the dish on top of the largest complex. The cold is biting even through your gear, and the rad-spexes chatter softly. Not a danger zone, but a reminder that you're on the clock now. And of course, you've just confirmed that someone or something in the city has advanced enough technology to threaten a Valkyrie. There's a distant rumble of lightning to the west, and the rolling clouds in that direction flash from within. A storm will be rolling in at some point in the next few hours; you might want to find shelter before it hits.

Mission 1 has officially begun. Glory and Ruin are now in play. Wrath does not reset yet. The players have 1 shared free use of the Bombardment talent, counted as if it was Rank 2; this will take the form of a rocket run from your Valkyrie. This will be canceled once the storm rolls in and your pilot is forced to pull off.

You can press into the denser part of the city and head for the center of the local fighting, but that's the direction your Valkyrie got painted from. You can also push towards the giant satellite dish complex, which is closer, but also appears designed to repel attack. Of course, you can't see any movement there... yet. Obviously you are also free to propose other options.

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Mar 4, 2016

There he is!

Ylbrin Asurkas
Faithful Warp Spider

"Based on this recent experience, I believe we should make our way to the nearby facility. I wish to prevent harm to the populace as best as possible, but perhaps this will work to our advantage. If the locals bleed the orks for us, then all the better."

Apr 23, 2010


Explorator Alon, Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest.
Wounds: 8/8 -- Shock: 0/7 -- Wrath: 2/2 -- Glory: 1/8

Alon gestures to the satellite dish with her servo arm to indicate her preference.

"That facility should house a powerful vox or auger facility, possibly both. I would speculate that it is intended to be an uplink to the orbital defences, and may contain schematics or other useful data on the weapons generating those magnetic fields. If the facility remains operational or can be bought online and it's machine spirit made quiescent we may be able to use it to contact Conquest by Right. Of course, the local xenos technology may not interface easily with Imperial standards, but there are always ways."

With her hands she readies her own auspex, more powerful and versatile than the limited models they have been issued. She pays particular attention to the EM readings.

Awareness: 10#1d6x4! 0 2 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 = 6

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Sofia Von Castellan
Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 10/10 | Wrath: 0/2

Sofia considers the distant storm, then nods as the tech-priest finishes, "Seems quite reasonable, Explorator. I'd think that between the lot of us, we'll be able to punch through whatever exterior defenses they have in place with no little aplomb... and that'll allow us to weather the storm while simultaneously investigating. Bets on how heavy the irradiated particulates are in those clouds, anyone? I'd rather not find out first-hand."

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 9/9 | Wrath: 0/2 | Glory: 1/8

Speaking Low Gothic

"Pilot Adria! Why you gonna make us walk all this way! Get me and the boyz airborne again. We'll jump for it, ya aint even gotta land. Look wheres da map thingy!!!! MAP GROT!" Strongshreddah yells out but the grot is dead. Broken neck it looks like. "Oi pilot. You broke me map grot! Look insert us a lil closer and fly close to the ground see. They can't get the lock on if you aint up high. Put us in as close as you can to the radar complex and hang by for fire support. We'll be alright. Beats humping 6 keelometers for no reason. I wanna kill some gitz NOW! Infact, put the Rogue Trader on the line, I'll convince him. Gotta have close air support for the boys and dropping far away is mucking about."

Strongshreddah seems pretty pleased with himself until his one 'Ard Boy whispers in his ear about the place being all flat and krumped up. "Oh. Nevermind pilot ya carry on ya hear. Might as well walk it in and be all sneaky like." Strongshreddah disembarks the Valkyrie alongside 3 of his mob's slugga boyz and begins the slow but steady march onto the Augur complex.

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Mar 4, 2016

There he is!

Ylbrin Asurkas
Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 8/8 | Wrath: 1/2 | Glory: 1/8

"You may wait if you wish, but I shall make my way to the facility - I will leave a thread for you all to follow as you will, and warn you of any dangers that I find."

With that, Ylbrin glows blue and there is a whispering sound as he activates his teleporter and appears on a nearby ruin, before disappearing again. He reaches out a hand to a shadow and wraps it around himself as he goes, using his psychic powers to cloak himself as he moves to scout the route to the array. He moves fast, but carefully, using his teleporter to cross open streets and to move from one roof to another, leaving a few small markers for the others to follow along the path that he scouts.

Psychic Mastery
@professorcurly: 8d6>=4 Psychic Mastery to activate Chameleon = (4 3 4 6 3 3 1 4, 4 successes) = 3 Successes + 1 Exalted Icon
DN 4 -> Success!

@professorcurly: 11d6>=4 Stealth for scouting = (6 3 5 4 1 4 5 4 2 2 4, 7 successes) = 6 Successes + 1 Exalted Icon
Banking an exalted for 1 Point of Glory

Apr 22, 2010

Royalty is a continuous cutting motion

Ultra Carp

Galtein, Warlock
Wounds: 7/7 -- Shock: 0/8 -- Wrath: 2/2

Alighting from the transport, Galtein draws his blade (quiet for the moment) and lays it across his shoulder. "The dish it is, then, and it seems we are walking." As the massive Ork begins clearing his own personal trench through the snow, the warlock falls in behind him. It's like being behind very foul-tempered cover.

let me know if I should be making awareness/psyniscience rolls or anything

Feb 14, 2013


First Contact
Glory: 1/8 | Ruin: 6

As Yibrin draws closer, the terrain around the vast dish on the horizon becomes clearer: it's some kind of military base, all harsh lines, monomolecular razorwire, and metal. The dish lies a few more kilometers into the base, surrounded on all sides by defenses and what appear to be barracks and other military structures. Nor is it undefended. Over 40 humanoid machines are manning the only apparent point of entry; most are the size of human soldiers, but a particularly large one sits in the middle of the road proceeding into the depths of the base. It carries a massive cannon and bristles with smaller weapons and missile launchers. For all the machines' intimidation factor, Yibrin immediately recognizes that they are not on alert. Most of them have a thin layer of snow and ash built up on their shoulders, their weapons are not raised, and none of them are patrolling or looking around. Nothing appears to be occupying the high guard towers on top of the structure that straddles the road. With the rubble of collapsed alien buildings ending only a few meters from the entrance to the base, Yibrin realizes that even Strongshreddah and his boys could be brought very close indeed with no risk of being noticed.

So that's precisely what he does, and it works out perfectly. The group is able to make it within just a few meters of the entrance before one of the larger shield-bearing mechs at the head of the smaller mobs suddenly turns and begin tracking you. The other mechs begin to move and raise their weapons, but they're slow about it. The first mech to spot you bellows "VOSK ALTRIZ. YUL LOS IO NALAZI, OCK ANHUL ZAI. UI. ZOZ. ZOF. ULNI." in a deep voice, but none of them move to attack you. You all have the uncanny feeling you've just heard the local language's form of a demand for identification, and possibly a countdown to zero. You absolutely have the drop on these machines, even though they've seen you.

Time for our first combat. Click here to join the Roll20 if you missed the link in Discord, and I'll give you control of your character. You're free to fill in your sheet and do rolls in the Roll20, but if you don't want to deal with it, just roll in the Discord or Orokos, whatever floats your boat. Roll20 will probably be used for most combat maps.

For reference:

Black+yellow lines are high razorwire fences around the base. Not passable unless you want to get torn to bits, but they offer no cover or concealment. The grey blocks in the entryway are concrete vehicle collision barriers that offer DN 2. The brown lines are waist-high sandbag fortifications that give DN 1. The structure at the back is a large vehicle checkpoint with a grated semi-open bridge above the road between the two halves, with two external staircases leading up to it.. Red lines on walls indicate shuttered doors into the structure. The blue line is a firing slot on the bridge. The black boxes are high guard towers mounted on top of the checkpoint, but there doesn't appear to be anything up there right now.

You all have the benefit of a Surprise Round, so you get a +2d bonus to your attacks and +1ED extra damage, and all of you get a round before I do. I'm operating under the assumption that Yibrin was able to easily guide you through blindspots to get as close as you have, and this is basically the first moment you rush out of cover and open fire. These robots may have been here on this dead planet for centuries, cut them a little slack on being inattentive during the first combat. You are free to place yourselves anywhere you like on the right side of the fencing, I've thrown you all down at random in vaguely appropriate places for your specialties, I think.

You are facing 4 20-strength mobs of Standard Mechs (not literally 80 of them, these things are pretty tough and keep fighting even when damaged, so visually assume that's more like 10 mechs per mob who count as 2 troops apiece), 4 Command Mechs, and a Heavy Mech. More mechs can and will emerge in response to the racket you're about to make. Here's the pertinent stats to roll against: their names link to pictures. Their abilities and traits will be revealed as appropriate throughout the battle.

Standard Mechs: Defense 4 (3 +1 Cover), Resilience 10 (4 Armor)

Command Mechs: Defense 5 (3 +1 Shield +1 Cover), Resilience 11 (4 Armor +1 Shield)

Heavy Mech: Defense 3, Resilience 11 (5 Armor), Size +1 (+1d to hit)

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 9/9 | Wrath: 0/2 | Glory: 1/8 | Reloads (Snazzgun): 4/5

"Get behind that dere barricade lads and get stuck in. Let's see how these necron looking gitz do." Strongshreddah barks to his retinue as he leads them into the compound, taking cover behind one of the vehicle barriers. He lines up his snazzgun onto the nearest one of the big mechs and opens fire. The tribarreled looted heavy bolter spits lots red hot death into the night, which greatly pleases him. His boys join him behind cover and fire potshots, waiting to be told when to charge. That decision might have to wait a second though, even for Strongshreddah's taste. The bad moons orkz amuse themselves shooting their shootas wildly at the regular sized mechs, giving that 'Ard armour a go.

Strongshreddah and the boyz move to cover. Strongshreddah fires with snazzun, one ork in the mob uses a kustom slugga, rest of the mob fires with sluggas. 2 Rolls to represent t
Snazzgun Shot DN 5 SALVO 3+SR+Ambush=+6; Rad Bonus: 1#14d6x4! 10 1d3 3
4 regular and 3 exalts. Shift 2 exalts to damage dice since we rolled a 3 on Rad. Apply 6 icons to the target, beating target DN by 1.

Snazzgun Damage 12+4ED AP -2: 4d6x4! 5

Max damage applied due to rad boosting ED number by 3 dice. Snazzgun does 21 damage at AP -2. 1/3 Reloads expended

Boyz Kustom Slugga Shot +2 Kustom/Ambush=+4, Rest +3: 1#8d6x4! 7 1#7d6x4! 5
'Ard Boy shifts two to damage. Mob shifts 1 to hit one more member of their mob.
Combined Slugga Damage 10+2ED AP 0, Kustom Shoota +3ED: 3#1d6x4! 0 0 1 2#1d6x4! 2 1
Extra ED for kustom slugga: 1#1d6x4! 0
Kustom Slugga does 1 stun since it tops out at 11 damage. Mob hits two standard mechs in their mob for 13 damage. Dunno how excess wounds works out.

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Apr 23, 2010


Explorator Alon, Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest.
Wounds: 8/8 -- Shock: 0/7 -- Wrath: 2/2 -- Glory: 1/8

Alon stalks forward to the low barricade, eyeing the hostile mechanioids balefully and muttering to herself as she performs the rites of preparation on her Arc Rifle.

"Hmm. Primitive combat servitors, perhaps. Potentially minor abominable intelligence platforms, which would match the autonomous behavior of the orbital weapons systems. Regardless, the Ominissiah's will be done unto them."

Tuning the weapon to better suppress a group of targets, she lets a devastating blast of charged particles scour the battlefield.

Surprise attack on robo mob: 12#1d6x4! 1 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 1...

Extra Damage on robo Mob: 4#1d6x4! 1 2 0 1

gross 18 damage ap 1

net 9 damage with Spread due to the arc

killing 4-5 targets, depending on critical hit

Mar 4, 2016

There he is!

Ylbrin Asurkas
Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 8/8 | Wrath: 1/2 | Glory: 3/8
Defense: 3 + 3 (Cham + Cloak + Ranger) = 6 | Resilience: 6 + 3 (Armor)

"Strange machines. They remind me of the Ancient Enemy, but... I will attempt to disrupt their large vehicle."

In a flash of light Ylbrin shoots across the battlefield, appearing suddenly fifteen feet in front of one of the robotic commanders. He unleashes a cloud of monofilament wire onto the automaton, finding the joints and rusted seems that made up the creation. Slabs of metallic armor fell, exposing the sparking wires beneath, but before anyone could respond another flash of light and Ylbrin was further still, looking down the large vehicular machine and its imposing weaponry.

Pilot Test to teleport forward:
9d6>=4 Pilot test number 1 DN3 = (1 3 4 4 4 4 2 3 3, 4 successes) = 4 regular successes

Salvo firing at the commander as I go by:
15d6>=4 Ballistic Skill Multi-Action(9BS + 1 SR + 2 RF + 2 Sur + 4 Salvo) vs DN5+2 = 7 = (1 1 2 6 5 5 5 1 3 6 2 4 2 1 6, 9 successes) = 4 regular, 3 exalted + Crit
Gain +1 Glory, shift 1 icon to ED, Critical hit:

2d6 Critical Hit = (6+2)
62: Unspeakable Carnage: A truly grievous
strike, the attack is a terrifying display
of martial prowess. A geyser of gore
erupts from the foes wound and ragged
remnants of their body strewn across the
battlefi eld. Effect: Target suffers 1d3+3
mortal wounds.

@professorcurly: 1d3+3 = (2)+3 = 5

Damage: 3d6 (1 + 1 Shift + 1 Surprise), Brutal 1
3d6>=3 Extra Damage 1 + 1 surprise + 1 shift = (3 3 2, 2 successes) = 2 + 10 = 12 damage, AP(0) to one of the commanders.

So 1 damage + 5 mortal wounds to the commander indicated.

@professorcurly: 9d6>=4 Second Pilot Roll vs DN5 = (6 2 2 3 5 1 1 1 4, 3 successes) = 3
Failure, scattered forward slightly.

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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Simeon Bellafonte

"Alright, lets get a closer look at these things!" Simeon jumps the barrier and holds his shield in front of him as he draws his power sword in his other hand. The layout wasn't ideal. He couldn't advance on one group without exposing his flank to another one, but hopefully the others would tie them up.

Advancing at a run to move 10 meters towards the upper group, keeping my shield facing them so I get +2 defense against ranged/melee attacks from them.

Apr 22, 2010

Royalty is a continuous cutting motion

Ultra Carp

Galtein ineffectively smites at one of the commanders, which is definitely part of his master plan.

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Sofia Von Castellan
Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 10/10 | Wrath: 0/2

Slamming into cover right next to the tech-priest, Sofia's follow-up volley arcs across the mob with incredible effect. Robots servitors or no begin to spark and overheat as forking blasts fry sensitive electronics and begin cascading overloads in their weaponry. The resulting fireworks are quite fantastic. She grins at Alon, saying, "Well now, they don't seem too bad. Think you'll be able to get anything from the scrap?"


TzeentchBOTToday at 6:47 PM
@Tricky: 13d6>=4 Arc Rifle on the mob Alon hit + 1 SR + 2 Surprise = (3 6 1 1 2 1 5 4 5 4 2 5 2, 7 successes) = 7


TzeentchBOTToday at 6:49 PM
@Tricky: 2d6>=4 ED = (5 4, 2 successes) = 2

1 hit, 1 additional hit, and 7 from Spread bumps that mob up to 20 casualties. Bzzt.

Feb 14, 2013


Round 0

One of the squads of Standard Mechs is torn apart in seconds by two blasts of chain lightning from Alon and Sofia, their delicate internal systems fried. In nearly the same moment, the Command Mech of that squad is nearly slain outright as the looping coils of Yibrin's deathspinner rip into it, but it manages to remain standing. Strongshreddah blasts another Command Mech apart, something in his irradiated ammo causing an explosive reaction inside the Mech's weapon, instantly reducing it to a spray of components and metal shards no bigger than a human hand. Strongshreddah's boyz contribute less impressively, but they still tear apart a few of the Mechs behind cover.

1 point of Ruin spent to allow the Command Mech Curly shot to soak, otherwise it'd be outright dead too.

Battlefield at the end of the Surprise Round.

Round 1
Glory 3/8 | Ruin 4/6

While the machines seem to have been taken off guard by the initial attack, they react with the fearless efficiency the Adeptus Mechanicus has always obsessed over. This enemy clearly cannot be frightened or knocked off-balance like biological soldiers.

The Command Mech nearly killed by Yibrin completely ignores the Warp Spider, having no regard for its own life. It raises its gun arm toward Strongshreddah's mob, but rather than fire, it paints them with a bright red targeting laser. The Command Mech's head then splits apart from within, rearranging into what Alon immediately recognizes as a writhing grid of complex sensors and short-range transmission equipment. It's acting as a Command and Control Matrix! The Heavy Mech, previously sluggish, immediately locks onto Strongshreddah's mob and fires an absolutely blistering barrage of micro-missiles and hypersonic ball bearings, the vast majority of which slam into the pavement, or go high and smash apart rubble in the distance. Perhaps letting a badly damaged mech provide targeting data wasn't such a great idea. Still, there's enough flying metal to make even Orks consider keeping their heads down, and everyone nearby is caught in the blast.

The Command Mech, in spite of its damaged state and the increased load on its targeting systems, turns in place and fires several times at Yibrin. One supersonic round punches clean through the Warp Spider. Not lethal, but a serious injury. Meanwhile, the Heavy Mech spots the shadow of Strongshreddah looming in the dust cloud kicked up by its massive weapons barrage and locks on. The main cannon charges with a piercing capacitor whine and emits a strong enough magnetic field to trace lines in the metallic ash that surrounds it. When it fires, the entire mech rocks in place, barely able to cope with the massive recoil. The anti-vehicle round slams into Strongshreddah's chest with immense force, threatening to hurl even the massive Nob off his feet.

A Mystery Roll on my part gains 8 icons and rolls a 6 on the Wrath Dice, earning me a point of Ruin. Stay tuned for incoming unpleasantness.

The Command Mech spends a point of Ruin to activate its Target Designator ability, spending a free action to let one mech in LOS take a free combat action. The Heavy Mech spends a Reload to use Suppressing Fire with its Barrage weapon at Strongshredda, his Boyz, Galtein, and Alon. The Barrage weapon is Blast (Large) and has a homebrewed Trait called Suppressive that lets it use Suppressing Fire against every target in the Blast range without a DN penalty, at the cost of never being able to shift dice for damage, critically hit, or generate Ruin. The Command Mech also activates the C&C Matrix ability to give the Heavy Mech +1d on this action at the cost of taking +2 DN on its own action.

It rolls a whole 2 icons on 9d. Strongshreddah (and your Boyz), Galtein, and Alon, you're all within a tight enough area that I'd say this hits you. Make a Resolve test at DN 2 or be Pinned. The rules are a little contradictory on this; my judgement is that players roll Resolve against a DN equal to Suppressing Fire's DN. When players perform Suppressing Fire they roll against the NPC's flat resolve, no opposed test. If anyone can find an official judgement on this, we'll go with that instead.

The Command Mech uses its move+action to aim and fire at Yibrin, DN 6, and rolls 9 Icons on 10d. It hits for a total of 13 damage AP -1, so 5 Wounds before soak.

I spend a point of Ruin to Seize the Initiative, allowing the Heavy Mech to take its turn. It aims+fires its Railcannon at Strongshreddah and hits, 9 icons vs DN 5, shifts 2 for ED. It deals 13 damage AP -4 because of the Penetrating (4) trait on the Railcannon, so that's 3 Wounds before Soak on Strongshreddah. The "Overwhelming Force" ability means that Strongshreddah needs to also make me a DN 3 Toughness test or be knocked backwards 1d6 meters and fall prone.

Standard Mechs: Defense 4 (3 +1 Cover), Resilience 10 (4 Armor). None have acted yet.

Command Mechs: Defense 5 (3 +1 Shield +1 Cover), Resilience 11 (4 Armor +1 Shield). Damaged Commander (#3) has acted, the rest have not.

Heavy Mech: Defense 3, Resilience 11 (5 Armor), Size +1 (+1d to hit). Has acted this round.

Player goes next

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Sofia Von Castellan
Shock: 7/7 | Wounds: 10/10 | Wrath: 0/2

Keeping her head firmly down as the mechs begin to volley fire back at the team, Sofia sweeps her arc rifle across the next group of mechs. A fair few drop under the blasts of electric havok, but there are still enough standing to put up a fight. Hopefully her allies will be able to rectify that situation. She calls out, "C'mon, then! Show them the Emperor's wrath!"


TzeentchBOTToday at 3:04 PM
@Tricky: 12d6>=4 Arc Rifle on the other bottom mob + 1 SR + 1 Aim = (3 2 4 3 5 4 6 4 4 2 2 4, 8 successes) = 8


TzeentchBOTToday at 3:04 PM
@Tricky: 1d6>=4 ED = (2, 0 successes) = 0

1 + 2 + 5 = 8 casualties.

Mar 4, 2016

There he is!

Ylbrin Asurkas
Shock: 3/7 | Wounds: 6/8 | Wrath: 0/2 | Glory: 3/8
Defense: 3 + 3 (Cham + Cloak + Ranger) = 6 | Resilience: 6 + 3 (Armor)

Spending a point of glory to go again

Ylbrin cries out as the round pierces him, but he doesn't lose his stride, attempting to shift his body to get out of the way as best he could. He uses his teleporter again, this time landing on the tank-like automaton and grasping on with his Warp-Spider claws. He doesn't have any Haywire grenades to disable the machine, but he does have many decades of experience tampering with and disrupting the systems of primitive races.

Spending 1 Glory - total now 2

Soak roll: @professorcurly: 5d6>=4 Soak Ylbrin = (3 3 5 5 5, 3 successes) = 3
So I take 1 + 3 shock damage, and 2 wounds.

@professorcurly: 9d6>=4 Pilot test to get on the enemy tank mech. = (2 3 4 2 1 1 3 1 6, 2 successes) = 1 regular success, 1 exalted icon on the wrath die.
We get the spent glory back - Total Now 3

@professorcurly: 8d6>=4 Tech Use Interaction Attack vs Big Mek = (6 3 5 1 1 6 1 5, 4 successes) = 2 regular, 2 exalted
@professorcurly: 4d6>=4 Wrath Re-roll = (4 1 1 1, 1 success) = + 1 regular, for a total of 3 regular, 2 exalted.
I'll shift one of the 6's over:

The Tank Mek is Hindered (2) for its next turn

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Shock: 3/7 | Wounds: 8/9 | Wrath: 0/2 | Glory: 0/8 | Reloads (Snazzgun): 3/5 | Condition: Lightly Wounded ('Ere We Go/Waagh! Active)

Though the rail rounds from the Heavy and the northernmost commandmech certainly hit, Strongshreddah appears to have barely noticed the effects of the enemies fire. His boyz also find the chaos of a really firefight to be quite entertaining and don't seem at all perturbed by all the explosions and shooting around them. "Oof. Dat right dere's some proppa dakka. But dis 'ere's da REAL Flash Git dakka ya twit. Boyz charge em! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Strongshreddah screams as he lays waste to each of the remaining Commander mechs in turn. His boyz charge in under the cover of their boss's dakkka, aiming to chop up the northern most commander mech and finish their boss's job.

Strongshreddah soaks and takes 4 Shock to nullify all incoming wounds from the first attack. Second attack is reduced by resilience to only 1 net wound taken. He makes his toughness check to avoid being knocked over, as well as his pinning test. His mob also avoid being pinned.
Round 1 Actions: Declare a Multi Attack on two additional targets. Spend reload to reduce the DN penalty by Salvo rating to only +1. Strongshreddah shoots all 3 remaining Commander mechs. Mobs charge/sprints 18m to the northern most command mech and charges into melee.

Snazzgun Multiattack +1 DN 3 Targets=DN 7: 8#1d6x4! 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 0
4 hits rolled, including 1 exalt. Use the teams remaining 3 glory to get up to 7 hits to land the DN 7 multi attacks
Snazzgun Damage 12+2ED AP -2; Rad 1d3: 2#1d6x4! 2 0 1d3 3
15 damage applies at AP -2 to all 3 commander mechs thanks to Rad 3 quality and a natural 6.

Mob Charge: 8#1d6x4! 0 0 0 1 2 2 0 1
6 hits, including 2 exalts. Rolling normal damage.

Mob Choppa Damage 9+2ED AP 0: 3#1d6x4! 2 0
Mob does 11 Damage

actual results pending the enemy turn

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Feb 14, 2013


Round 1
Glory 0/8 | Ruin 3/6

Sofia turns another chunk of a Mech squad into sparking, smoking hulks. Meanwhile, the Warp Spider leaps atop the Heavy Mech and begins digging into its internals. It emits a loud klaxon wail and sparks, staggering under the sudden tampering with its interface.

The northmost Command Mech turns and locks onto Strongshreddah, then fires its large arm-mounted railgun. Another series of high-velocity metal punches into the Nob, finding gaps in his armor and ripping apart his flesh, but still failing to kill him. Strongshredda's sweeping response tears massive pieces out of two of the commanders and turns the third into a spray of scrap metal just like its predecessor.

Before Strongshredda's orks can charge, the Standard Mech squad they initially fired on finally recover from the initial surprise of the attack (clearly they think slower than the more advanced models). They raise their railblasters and target what appears to them to be the most pressing threat: the orks currently shooting at them from behind cover. The resulting massive barrage of concentrated railgun fire tears Strongshreddah's boyz apart before they can even hop the barrier and charge.

Command Mech 1 (northmost) hits Strongshredda with a Critical Hit for 1 Wound and Vulnerable 2 (-2 Defense for the rest of the round), generating a point of Ruin in the process.

Strongshredda shoots back and kills Command Mech 3, it has too few wounds to make soaking worthwhile.

Command Mech 1 and 4 will both attempt to Soak Strongshredda's attack, so -2 Ruin. Both pass with 3 icons and are now at 3 Wounds, 2 Shock.

Standard Mech mob 2 obliterates the Ork Boyz with concentrated fire, 13 icons vs DN 5.

Standard Mechs: Defense 4 (3 +1 Cover), Resilience 10 (4 Armor). #2 has acted, rest have not. Numbers count from the top for reference.

Command Mechs: Defense 5 (3 +1 Shield +1 Cover), Resilience 11 (4 Armor +1 Shield). Damaged Commander (#3) and #1 have acted, 4 has not.

Heavy Mech: Defense 3, Resilience 11 (5 Armor), Size +1 (+1d to hit). Has acted this round.

Player goes next

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