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Feb 19, 2012

I'm in. 2020 is the word count without flash, correct?

Also, do I need to toxx? I haven't done this in a while, but have failed to submit previously.

EDIT: :toxx: for submission

BirdOfPlay fucked around with this message at 05:32 on Feb 23, 2019


Feb 19, 2012


Ok, edited in my toxx.

Feb 19, 2012

86 Cassie, 68 Cassandra
It's, like 1,200 words
Since she had transferred from Pitt's Johnstown campus, Cassie had avoided the sandwich. Dreaded it, even. And Cassie had been able to dodge outings there, she had nearly made it her required two years. Feigned stomach aches. Packed lunches. Forgotten plans across town. While her friends conducted their ritualistic feast on Thirsty Thursdays, she "never was much of a drinker." Casual weekends to stop in for a quick lunch were never a thing for Cassie; it was always one student club or another. And, yet, Cassie still found herself in the shop on campus, a shrine built to the city's past beside what was undoubtedly the confluence of the city's future.

It probably had to do with Samantha asking to meet up one on one to go over some things for their class. She still wasn't sure about Samantha, but that wasn't enough to stop her from trying. She saw Samantha at a table up against the opposite wall from the counter.

Samantha was smiling as Cassie maneuvered around the other tables. "Hey, Cassie. Real glad you could make the time to study with me." The hug was too tight for a little too long. Cassie had made the right call in breaking her boycott for this chance.

"Well, tae kwon do is out of town for a meet today, so I really didn't have anything else to do." She took her seat against the wall and had to face the simple but imposing menu of meat "& cheese" options.

"I still can't believe you do that, judo, and fencing! How do you have the time?"

"They meet on different days during the week and at different times during the weekend. Having the schedule isn't as intimidating as it sounds." But the menu was intimidating, it held indecipherable add-ons such as a fifty cent egg and "onions by request!"

"Hey there. Do yinz know what you're havin'?" The server swooped in once the both of them had seated.

"Yes, we do. I'll have a tall Yeungling and a knockwurst with onions." Samantha had cut Cassie off.

"And for you, hun?"

Cassie had to think fast and delay as best she could. "I'll have a tall Iron City."

"Do you mean IC Light?" Cassie didn't, but she was beginning to get a handle on the menu.

"No, regular Iron City. I'll take a bottle if it's not on tap. And I'll have a capicola and cheese sandwich. Can I get that with onions and an egg."

"Yeppers, good choice, hun. That's my favorite, too." And, with that, she left to call out the order.

"Wow, you matched Tina's order. I thought you hadn't been here before?"

Cassie wanted to take the compliment in stride, but she didn't make that order. She felt like something else had wanted her to make that order. "I really haven't! You just never see capicola offered anywhere. Besides, eggs and onions? How could I say no?"

"Still, we've got a few minutes before the food gets here, and I wanted you to look at how I've started my write-up."

Cassie welcomed the chance to think about something else and to lean over with Samantha. In fact, this is why she was here; the sandwich was secondary to spending time with Samantha.

But the sandwich wouldn't always be secondary. As she read over Samantha's rewrite, the food had arrived. "Ok, I'll be back to check on yinz in a bit."

"Oh, put that down. We can look at it after we eat." Samantha had already opened her sandwich and began pouring Red Devil hot sauce on her sandwich. "Oh, and you have to put this on it. Just be careful not to have any of the fries fall out!"

Cassie had forgotten that everything was on the sandwich. There were no sides; the sides were inside. She felt disgusted with herself but still began to prepare her sandwich as Samantha did.

Cassie tentatively took a sip of her beer and steadied her nervous. This is what Samantha likes, so I'll have to bear with it. At least long enough to find out if she's gay. Even as she thought that, she calmly picked up one half in both her hands. I don't think I'm ready for this. But the sandwich continued to rise. She took a single large bite and, after chewing for a few seconds, quickly took a second, equally sized bite.

"Just dig in!" Samantha begin to eat her own with gusto.

Wait, I'm not ready! Why am I eating this bland sandwich? She couldn't figure out why she continued to eat. Her hands moved on their own unless she tried to take a drink of beer, but the drink was never long enough. Once the drink was done, she resumed eating.

Because it is good and you are happy to be eating it. A thought bubbled up from nowhere.

But I'm not happy! There is barely any substance to this sandwich. It's just padded with fries and coleslaw. She had now finished the first half and could not even make her arms reach out for her beer. Why can't I control my own arms?

Why do you want to stop eating your delicious cap 'n egg sandwich? It had already happened once, but she was certain that was just a fluke. A trick of the mind. And yet, it happened again.

"And how are yinz likin' everything?"

I hate it, but I can't stop. Please, tell me what's going on? Wait, why can't I even talk? Cassie tried to speak, but only thought. Instead, "Everything's great. I can't believe I've put off eating here for so long."

"I'm glad you like it on your first time, hun. It usually takes a time or two for someone to get used to it. But I'll bet you won't be able to stop coming!"

"She's already doing better than I am." Samantha laughed as the server left. "To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to finish mine."

"Well, why don't we wrap it up and take it back to my place?" Cassie felt her left eye wink as she began afresh on her second half.

Wait, what are you doing? Cassie couldn't believe that a sandwich had more confidence than her.

Samantha fluttered her eyelashes. "Oh. It might be better to continue studying at your apartment. It would clearly be cleaning"

Just let me borrow your disgusting meat bag from time to time. I'm giving you everything you've wanted, and all I ask is that you enjoy a sandwich every now and again. I hardly see myself as being unreasonable here, and I promise to give it back in due time.

Cassie finished her last bite. "In that case, I'll go take care of the bill." In a smooth motion, Cassie's legs swung out from the table and started to stand, and Cassie wasn't in control any more. As her legs started to walk to the cashier, her head turned and leaned into Samantha's ear. "Also, I prefer Cassandra."

Cassie screamed and screamed. Pleaded. Begged for everyone, anyone to help, but she spoke not a word more. Cassandra would do the talking from her on out, and she just happened to love Pittsburgh's favorite sandwich.

Feb 19, 2012

In it to flash it.

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