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Jun 29, 2013

[Maigius walks slowly into the Thunderdome]

Maigius: Time to mess up a play! IN


Jun 29, 2013

A Week After The Ball
727 Words

[Interior, Queen’s private office, desk with papers, fancy chair behind desk, with two plainer chairs in front. Queen, in her fifties, is formally dressed with crown sits behind desk, bent over papers. A knock is heard at the door]

Queen [Not looking up]: Enter.

[Chamberlain enters, only in his early thirties. He remains standing, in front of the desk.]

Chamberlain [bowing]: Good Morning, Your Majesty.

Queen[Still not looking up]: What news do you have on the mystery guest? I gave you full authority to look into discretely. If the country found out that their heroine was a fraud we could end up with another revolt.

Chamberlain: Your Majesty, I have talked to the footmen at the gate. They say that the carriage was rounder than current fashion, even taking into the styles in Lietzburg and Marin del Mar.

Queen: And its livery?

Chamberlain: It was a pumpkin, flanked by mice. No known noble house uses that, a peasant house with delusions might. Of course, this could end up just a joke by a major house.

Queen [Intensely, finally looking at Chamberlain]: The realm’s and my son’s future are not a joke. The ball was held due to the most eligible match for my son being the daughter of a traitor. The Fitzroy family may never again set foot in the realm, much less the palace. Also, sit down, I hate conducting business looking up.

[Cowed, the Chamberlain sits down]

Chamberlain: Yes, Your Majesty. The most important thing is that the realm remains out of danger.

Queen: Do any of the dressmakers in Nestriz claim to have made her dress?

Chamberlain: Many have publicly claimed so, but none were able to produce the bill of sale.

Queen: As expected of the merchant class. Have you sent inquires to the other cities the realm?

Chamberlain: Yes, I also contacted the embassies, so they could make inquires there.

Queen: Very good. And the slipper? I trust you have been delicate about that? That is our best clue to who she is.

Chamberlain: Of course, your personal cobbler says that he has never seen shoes that small for a grown woman. I-

Queen: So we have a freak along with a mystery. Any maker’s marks?

Chamberlain: No, the shoe is completely clear. I have called on Van Verns, and he is trying to replicate even the roughest appropriation of the shoe.

Queen: And how much did charge to even take a look? Best glassblower in the country with the tightest purse.

Chamberlain: The commission for all the glass-ware for the royal wedding.

Queen: He has somehow gotten even greedier in his old age. In my youth it would have taken 1000 franc. That commission will be worth 10 times that. No getting around it though. If he truly made it though and is lying about, I will send him as gift to the Pope.

Chamberlain: Van Verns didn’t think it was even possible, he didn’t think glass molded like that could support the weight.

Queen: And my son’s plan, how does it go? Try the shoe on every lady of the land, I do not see that working, but as all other lines of inquisition seem to be exhausted…

Chamberlain: Exact copies of the shoe have been carved out of wood and are being sent out to the magistrates. There has been one match so far.

Queen: And who is she?

Chamberlain: A servant girl in the service of the Von Maartain family. They call her Cinderella.

Queen: Bury the fact she fit the shoe, and keep going in the investigation.

Chamberlain: She produced the other shoe.

Queen [Enraged and standing]: How!? Even Van Verns wasn’t sure about the shoe.

Chamberlain [Standing]: She claimed to be given the ensemble by her fairy godmother, Ma’am.

Queen: Break her shoe, and choose a daughter of the Von Maartain family for the new princess.

Chamberlain: She’s the legitimate daughter from the first marriage. She is technically nobility.

Queen: Fine. Next time start with that unless you want to be married off to Bertha von Hone.

Chamberlain: Not Bertha the Ugly.

Queen: Work on your manners, she is my cousin. [Pointing at the door] Out.

Chamberlain [Bowing]: Yes, Your Majesty. Good day.

[Queen sits down and returns to papers while Chamberlain leaves]
Queen[While writing]: Dearest Bertha, I have found the perfect husband for you...

Jun 29, 2013

Sign me up to work for Voidmart! (In).

Jun 29, 2013

Komar or the Modern Sisyphus
352 words, Cart Pushers

At one point in his life, Victor Komar had done things other than trudge around the parking lot of Voidmart and collect the carts. Those days were long over. He had once been a regional manager, but after be had been caught with underhanded dealing with some of the contractors. As he maneuvered the long snake of carts around the display of Christmas trees, he thought back to when he had leased the location to the lot operators.


“We’re planning on setting up the fence and checkout stand on November 15th, and the trees will come on the 17th. Unless we sell out before Christmas, we shut down at 7 PM Christmas Eve, and have the fence and stand down by the December 27” explained the guy who ran those type of lots.

“Corporate doesn’t want customers reminded of Christmas after the holiday, is there any chance it can be down before the 26th?” inquired Victor.

“They’re the asshats that put up the decorations before Halloween” muttered the lot guy. Aloud, he said, “My daughter is returning from college this and that’s going to be first time I get to see her in months”.

“I could be convinced to make an exception, for the right price,” hinted Victor.

Sighing, the lot guy handed over a cool grand.

“Very well, December 27th it is,” said Victor.


The son of the original lot guy gave Victor the stink-eye as he walked past. Repeated bribe requests had driven the old man to suicide.

Corporate had eventually found out about his bribe taking. They offered him a deal: Get all the carts in the corral at the front of the store or face prosecution. He took the deal,Voidmart’s lawyers are too good to fight against.

Victor finally got the cart snake into the corral at the front of the store. There were fewer carts there than there were before the last delivery.

“Hey, can I get one of those?” asked a shopper, taking a cart from the front of the snake.

“Sure,” said a resigned Victor.

And so he went out again, to get more carts.

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