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The Golden Gael
Nov 12, 2011

Hello goons, I hope this is an okay place to post this schlock!

I've been busy with a friend for the last few months putting together a pilot for a cartoon we'll be submitting to several film festivals here in Canada called Space Charter. The premise is simply that of a science fiction adventure show with a gang of schmucks that work a mundane job for what amounts to an intergalactic bus company.

The idea is to present this as a sort of "lost media" episode of an obscure sci-fi cartoon. Thus this would be a middle of the pack episode where the crew is assigned to take an ambassador to a space conference where an assassin is lurking in the midst. Sharp eyed Trekkies might know what TOS episode the plot was loosely based off of!

We have a trailer, but you'd be better off watching the full show:

Of course what would a show like this be without a cast to match? We took a long time to develop a core group plus some colorful tertiary characters.

CAPTAIN VICTOR SHATZ: The beefcake captain who's always looking for a way to get rich. He's a smooth talker that enjoys the finer things in the galaxy.
CONSTABLE XARK: The captain's no-nonsense enforcer who functions as his wingman, although his stern expression is difficult to read. Has a thing on his head.
OFFICER SINGH: The sworthy partner of Xark who helps out with the Space Charter's security. Sounds kind of Australian.
MISS NEBULA: Left in charge of the ship a lot, Nebula takes solace knowing that one of these days the away team will all die and she will get to be captain.
ROONEY THE BARTENDER: An old friend of Victor Shatts who always seems to bump into him around the cosmos, ready to deliver empty wisdom.

This was all done by two people, my co-director and myself, over a span of four months. We got his father and a friend to do a voice to break up monotony but other than that it's just us at the helm for everything. I'll end this post with some artwork:

Hope you enjoy our Star Trek knockoff!


Sham bam bamina!
Nov 6, 2012

ƨtupid cat

Gravy Boat 2k

Cute and convincingly '70s. Feels like an old Adult Swim show. I wouldn't mind seeing a second installment.

Edit: A little sad that I'm apparently the first person in almost a month to say anything.

Sham bam bamina! fucked around with this message at Apr 3, 2019 around 00:38

The Golden Gael
Nov 12, 2011

Thanks, kind goon! I'll admit I forgot about this thread after the first few days without posts, but I'm glad you like it. We've been really trying to expand our audience with this one and it's already gotten us a bunch of new subscribers. Episode 2 is being written!

As an aside, we won free beer for a year with our episode at a local film festival. A decent prize.

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