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Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

Went to my favorite merchant of death to pick up a transfer:

I, of course, had to paw through the used gear boxes on the floor while waiting for my check to clear. Bucheimer to an indeterminate double-action revolver (kit gun, it goes to a S&W kit gun)? Mine. Uncle Mike's Sidekick double magazine pouch with flaps? Love these all-but-universal things as range pouches for fitting everything, about any belt, vertical or horizontal options, and being rather rugged deapite the provenance (gonna get a couple 17 round 59 series Mec-Gars for the Camp 9 and dedicate the pouch to them). Pair of two-pack Mace pepper gun training cartridges in stock so long the price wore off the shop's stickers? Mine! Pair of live Mace gun cartridges manufactures in 2011 and expired in 2015 with same worn sticker? Even angrier training cartridges for cheap! D cell Mag-Lite ring? Mine. Pair of baton rings which will likely also fit C cell Mag-Lites? Mine. Old but full box of PMC 148 grain 38 Special wadcutters? Gotta have 'em. Left-handed DeSantis Mini Scabbard for a Glock 42? Now belong to my right-handed self. Adorable old-style box of Remington CBee22? Too cute not to buy. Couple hundred bullets to try in my son's .243 for well under internet price? Yup. Leather double 'cuff case from the same local P.D. stock room as my other goodies? gently caress, forgot to bring it to the counter and my kydex molding bracelets must remain stored without style.

Anyway, I picked up a current revision Ruger LCP to match the DeWalt corded reciprocating saw I so love.

Going to run it through a couple tests at the range before work. Start with Hackathorn's Wizard Drill to get a feel for the Clipdraw I already installed, this month's TFR postal match in place of Werner/Hayes 5^5 Drill, and possibly Ohio's police handgun qualification. That'll be a number of draws, weak-hand-only, strong-hand-only, varied target sizes, time pressure, varied ranges out to 17 yards, two timed reloads, varied strings of fire to test recoil control and sight tracking, and be a robust howdy-do.

Wife even offered to pick me up after work so I could do some low-light shooting. Her own idea as I've been meaning to do more, have a new gun to vet, and I guess the kids asked if they could stay up to say "hi" before bed. But that'll be a different thread as I'll be bringing the PepperBall LifeLite along to also get some work in as a flashlight.

Today and tonight, I plan to run Remington Golden Saber, Speer Gold Dot, Fiocchi's 90 grain XTP loading, Fiocchi ball, Winchester White Box, PMC ball, and Tula. Be a decent mix to test general feed reliability. But mostly Tula because I am still a brass hound and losing some to the snow is going to hit me right in the feelings.

A clipdraw in the same photo as a thoroughly outdated revolver chambered in the hopeless 22 Long Rifle. If I don't post a range report, know that I lost a gunbattle in the streets and died slumped in a gutter with a broken heart and self-inflicted gunshot wound to the scrotum.


Jan 12, 2005

border patrol qt

Plaster Town Cop


Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

Haven't you made me do enough? Can I at least save some to hand chamber in the Bobcat and run as a DAO break action single-shot?

Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

First five shots through the second generation LCP and it is broken. Condition discovered in a Wizard Drill:

For those unfamiliar, it isn't a drill but rather a skills check meant to be run dead cold and not repeated for some time. Any failed string assessed and the skills needed to correct run in the interim. Five shots in four strings at several ranges. All from the draw and a 2.5 second par time all the way around. 2.7 seconds is allowable if you want to throw yourself a bone. Forget how many shots points you are allowed to drop. It's either one or two and the par time is law with any overage a failure. Pocketed guns may start with hand on the grip. As I am new to Clipdraw, I so started to avoid capping myself in the rear end. Strongside behind the hip as it is more stable, offers a better draw, and an ND is less likely to kill me.

Target - IDPA

Three Yards - One shot to head, strong-hand-only

Five Yards - One shot to head, freestyle

Seven Yards - One shot to head, freestyle

Ten Yards - Two shots to body, freestyle

I easily cleared it by Hackathorn's standard and could get to clear it okay from a full draw with some practice. So I'll be practicing the draw. Didn't have time to do the postal but will use that to get a few draws and reloads in with sight tracking, recoil control, and two different lengths of burst. Convenient timing!

Dropped one point by my standard, though. I used a 6" -0 zone rather than the usual 8" and need to work on recoil control and sight tracking with the peashooter. Some fingernail polish is in order. Not to say that I'm disappointed to pull a credit card with a trigger out of the box, load it with full power ammo, clip it to my waistband, and make a solid face shot one-handed in under two seconds having not fired an LCP in years or revised model ever.

Anyway, one Golden Saber failed to feed and was remediated with a tap for immediate action though I did proceed to rack out of habit. Gun's broken. No need to see if breaking in, the magazine, a thumb bearing on the slide, or ammo was the cause.

Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

Ahahahahaha, little fucker is actually a lemon. Mags won't seat deep enough to latch unless seated with violence. The floorplates are snug against the edge of the magwell. May be the cause of my two identical feedway stoppages*. I have two options:

1) Contact Ruger to unfuck my poo poo.

2) My large flate file, use it because warranties are for dandies.

Guess which one imma choose.

*Speer Gold Dot on the second failure to feed. Also slipped on into battery with a tap but defaulted to racking the slide anyway as before.

Parts Kit
Jun 9, 2006

i have a hole in my head

What are you going to remove material from? The magwell?

Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

Affirmative, shortening its height so the mag. floorplates can have clearance to allow enough seating depth to click the catch:

The frame being colorized but externally makes it clear where my file bit down to white, glass-reinforced nylon. A lot of glass. Way more than you'd find in even the best of power tool bodies.

The fix worked as I confirmed through an embarrasing run on Ohio's police handgun qual. Used Golden Saber and Gold Dot with no stoppages. Did go overtime on one shot during the reload stage so 24/25 total score. And more shots outside the 6" circular center-of-mass than I usually like to see but it is a new pocket mule.

The Clipdraw loving sucks, by the way. Reholstering in a God damned nightmare and makes me wish Ruger hadn't shortened the trigger pull. You couldn't pay me to put one on the LCP II. Were I to actually carry this thing and keep the Clipdraw, I'd plan on reholstering by dropping it in a pocket until poo poo calmed down enough to very carefull clip it back on the waistband. Don't see danger in carry with it but so much chance to catch the trigger when donning the gun. No more comfortable than a thin kydex holster, either. I'd say the clip really does just exist to meet Rule #1 in beltless bottoms like athletic shorts and pyjamma pants.

Son started the the Pro-Marksman stage of the N.R.A. Defensive Pistol I Qualification at a reduced five yards and was on track for a clean run. Until he had a failure to feed thanks to the noodles he calls arms and lack of sufficient violence in a tap/rack. Didn't want to reset for a second attempt because this thing is brutal. I don't blame him.

I'm getting a very quick reminder why I had dumped my first LCP. Design teeters on the edge of function, recoil is intense, they are fussy about cleaning, and most importantly, I can't pull o e out and hand it to a family member or friend with any confidence they can adequately run it to even the most mininal standard. Remain convinced that this frame size is most appropriately chambered in 32 ACP, 25 ACP, or 22 Long Rifle. When you follow up by shooting a compact 40 S&W with 180 grain Gold Dots and it feels like lobbing marshmallows at a rainbow, something is wrong.

Oh, I used to keep a finger hook magazine in the fun when I carried and regularly shot my old LCP. It made my pocket draw more consistent from either side that the flush plates. My reload had a flat plate as it behaved in the pocket better and I could still hang on well enough through the whole six shots. This LCP? Finger hooks going on all the mags.

And the pocket holster that came with the gun is adequate at best. Can't wait for my pair of Mika rigs to come in. Also want to save for a Kel-Tec P32 to run against this in some drills and qual. courses to really compare.

Mar 26, 2010

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Weird I thought they were all black polymer that is painted since black polymer tends to be stronger than white.

Captain Log
Oct 2, 2006

Captain Log posted:

"I AINT DYING! Choo choo motherfucker!"

Fun Shoe

Super interesting take on the Clip Draw. Iíve never used one but suspected it wasnít a great idea. Glad to have the info you provided.

Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

Shot The Hayes-Werner 6^6 with the LCP. Carried on the Clipdraw behind my hip under a zipped jacket and started the drill with my hands in a fence. Loaded with Speer Gold Dot in a magazine with pinkie hook. Then shot it with my Beretta 21A carried holstered in a pocket starting with my hand on the gun:

Surprise! My DA/SA .22 was faster despite taking the time to worry about POI for the first shot. Also required far less concentration during the rest of the string.

Moved on to Wilson's 5x5 classifier thingy. Using a mix of Tula (gave me a coupke failures to feed and cost me time), Gold Dot, and Fiocchi loaded XTP:

With 2.0 seconds of penalties (four dropped points: one from the first stage and three from the reload stage but I am again using a 6" -0 zone versus the usual 8") and my couple tap-racks, clocked in at novice. Not willing to pin Tula's failures on my filed gun just yet. It is as out of the box and I didn't even blow out the glass filled nylon filings after shortening the magwell. May run Tula fine after a clean, fresh lube, and some more breaking in to loosen the action. Moving on to Magtech FMJ for my next range trip.

Butch Cassidy fucked around with this message at Mar 19, 2019 around 15:15

Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

It's somewhat common knowledge that the LCP is but Ruger's blatant if better made knock-off of Kel-Tec's P3AT. The P3AT was a modified P32 for folks worshipping at the altar of bullet size over controlability. The P32 was rooted in the direct blowback Grendel P-12 chambered in 380 ACP. The P-12 was a bone tossed to the milquetoast by Kellgren so they could have a detachable box magazine fed auto carrying 9+1 rounds as an alternative to the P-10. The P-10 was a highly original 11-round direct blowback .380 utilizing the first commercially successful polymer frame in the United States with an integral double-stack, double-feed magazine sold with a stripper clip guide to cram 10 rounds into the magazine via M-16 stripper clips. Only makes sense to compare the LCP to the P-10:

The P10 is a hair shorter in height than the LCP when the latter is equipped with a pinkie extension. Ruger's little wristfucker is shorter in length, however. A true DAO trigger graces the P-10 with a heavier weight and longer travel than any LCP which utilize a partially-pre-cocked DA trigger. Sights on the Grendel are shallower than a second generation LCP but the rear has a 90° rear face and serrated ramp front that are surprisingly good. While deeper, sights on the LCP 2nd gen. are a sloped rear and concave ramp front. The P-10 has a clearer sight picture with better contrast and less glare making it easier to acquire and maintain a sight picture.

The P-10 also shoots better for me despite being a direct blowback. While the LCP weighs in at just shy of 12 ounces, the P-10 has 18 ounces to resist recoil. Recoil impulse is spread over more of the hand with the Grendel's wider grip. The width of of the grip gives more purchase on the gun and it isn't as squirrelly as the thinner LCP. While the Ruger carries a current industry standard 6+1 rounds, the Grendel packs 57% more ammunition in its 11 round capacity. Browning's much overrated button magazine release can pop the magazine loose in a pocket, redering an LCP a single-shot pistol. The P-10 has no such problem.

Shame the P-10 is fragile, was never as generally reliable, and the beautifully practical concept died with Grendel at the start of the Crime Bill.

Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

Shot the MFDI Qualification before dinner. Passed and scored Advanced if I give myself the line ticklers. I don't generally do that, though:

Four stages, all from five yards, six second par time for each.

1) From low ready, fire five shots.

2) Draw and fire four shots. I started from a hand rubbing position that I'd relearned while linking a Tactical Professor post to a curious friend. Hands are reasonably up and ready to work but in a natural (particularly in a Northeast winter) and benign fashion versus a better but clearly anticipative fence. It's also cold out so it was nice to be able to keep my bare hands warm.

3) From low ready, fire one shot, speed reload, fire two shots.

4) From low ready, fire one shot, emergency reload, fire one shot. I clicked the hammer on an empty chamber to signal the reload. Caught myself gaming it and mashed the dummy trigger pull as fast as possible since I was worried about the par time.

Going to properly clean and lube the gun then see if bobbles continue with decent ammo. Will also stop whatever I'm doing after a strung involving a stoppage to track occurence by magazine. Will also do some slow fire to be sure my thumbs aren't dragging on the slide and confirm that it prints low. If it does, decide if I'm filing the front sight or just putting the peach blob over the scary thing and rolling through the trigger.

The Clipdraw shook a bit loose so the screw has a date with some thread locker after the gun's bath.

E: As a point of comparison for myself to reference, one shot cold in August after a short hike with my .40 heavy LEM USPc.

Butch Cassidy fucked around with this message at Mar 25, 2019 around 17:45

Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

The honorable Mr. Mika hooked me up:

One round cut pocket holster, one square cut, a 3"×5" notebook cover with business card slots to stop killing the notebook I keep in my bike bag and have a slot for my kydex cards once I finalize the design, a handful of pocket bracelet pouches (couple to keep my molding 'cuffs orderly in the cabinet and one to gift a cop friend at her next Christmas party), a tactical pocket mirror because anyone who doesn't go all at the thought of one is dead inside.

Holsters are sooooooo much better than the Ruger branded piece of poo poo. The Clipdraw doesn't bother and slips right on in. Time will tell if that holds true when broken in.


Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

Cleaning and proper lube has made the LCP a different gun. It actually functions, now. Recoil is a much smoother impulse and the slide is easier to work. Couple 5^5 drills shot before lunch. Started with both hands in my pockets and the LCP in a square cut Mika:

Also worked some draws to first hits, weak-hand-only singles grom low ready using my non-dominant eye, and the last half dozen shots trying unsuccessfully to run bullets (as single shots with each from a fresh presentation) through a single hole in the target at six yards.

Still wish it was chambered in 32 ACP.

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