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Feb 18, 2001

If two grown men can't make a pervert happy for a few minutes in order to watch a film about zombies, then maybe we should all just move to Iran!

In any group of people, there will be shady folks, so yes, technically somewhere out there is a vet recommending unnecessary stuff. However, it's far from the norm, and both of your examples (with the possible exception of the dual antibiotics, but I may be missing part of the whole story of course) are both very reasonable, as is your human medicine story. Bloodwork and other diagnostics exist to catch what can't possibly be caught by a simple exam. It's literally the whole point.

More directly, your veterinarian is obligated to act as your pet's advocate, since the animal cannot advocate for itself. This involves suggesting the best medicine at any moment, and then allowing the owner to make decisions based on their own finances. If a vet has ever made you feel lovely about limited expenses, then that's not cool, but saying "It looks like a bump. That's genuinely all I can tell you without diagnostics because nobody on this planet can diagnose a bump with 100% certainty without aspirating it" isn't them trying to pad a bill, its them informing you of the situation, giving you the best medical course of action, and then allowing you to decide how to proceed.

The best general advice I can give you is this - Vets spend as much time and money on school as human doctors. Techs spend as much on school as a lot of nurses (to be fair, 4 year degrees are becoming more the norm in human nursing, so the gap is widening). Feel free to google average doctor/nurse pay vs average vet/tech pay. There's not a person on this planet who decided to get into veterinary medicine to get rich. We do the same work as those on the human side for much less money. We are there to help animals. We would do it for free if we could afford to, I swear to you.


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