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Oct 4, 2015

“Soon, my conquest on the Kingdoms of Light will begin.” Schatten smirked, sitting on his throne.
“My demonic hordes and evil spirits will overrun the land and drown it in sorrow and pain. Nothing will stop me!”

The infernal hordes whooped and howled, laughing in agreement with their lord. Dark Wizard Schwartz, however, frowned.

“My Dark Lord, I fear there may be a problem… I have heard word that the prophecy might have more weight than expected.”

Schatten frowned, and stood. The hordes stood silent as he turned to his advisor.

“Then kill the Radiant Boy!” The command was issued with a cold malice that was full of raw, pure hatred.

Schwartz smiled and nodded.

“It will be done. I will do it with my own hand.”


Spirits of the War of Darkness is a spiritgame, a new kind of game I have devised based on other godgames (including the legendary Fragile Gods of Somewhere), with a slightly smaller, more focused bent.

You will be playing ‘Spirits’, living concepts connected to objects and people. Spirits can be attached to objects, which typically make them magic or more powerful-a sword with a Spirit in it is far more powerful than an ordinary sword. They can be attached to mystical places, making the rules strange-a lake that heals the wounds of those that swim in it, a forest full of mist that makes those that go through it lost, a castle whose walls are hard to penetrate. They can be bound to magicians, who use them to cast powerful magics.

You, as said, are one of them. Important rules:

Spirits can move from object to object, place to place, magician to magician, fairly freely.
Spirits have a Concept: What they represent. That Concept affects what they can do. A Rage or Wrath spirit will find that trying to make the owner of the necklace they’re bound to stronger on the battlefield is easier than healing their wounds.
When bound to a magician, they can speak to the magician, offering advice, and granting the magician spells related to their Concept. Most Magicians have 3 or 4 Spirits that they can rely on.
Spirits usually come in 3 varieties: Created by the Goddess Deesse to help others, occurring naturally with no attachment to either side, or created by Foul God Fonce to harm and cause pain, and assist his son, Schatten, conquer. ‘Neutral’ spirits can stay neutral, or they can find interest in one side or the other and join up.

The prophesied War of Darkness is brewing. The Dark Lord Schatten has incarnated in a demonic body, and his armies are gathering. Hope is not lost, however: There is a prophecy.


When crimson moon rises in the sky
And the sun turns black and burns the eyes
Savior of light, chosen boy
Will grab a blade and return joy
Join with many, destroy the dark
And on the world leave his mark
A beauteous occasion his birth will be
And yet his destiny he never see
Ripped from bosom of mother dear
And in the wilderness raised in fear
Join’d by witch, thief and priest
Mercenary, swordsman, archer and beast
Spirits will help and hinder
Raise the flames of hope like tinder
And then will Schatten’s reign be end
To all luck and hope to Radiant we send

Indeed, right now, the war has barely begun. The Radiant Boy, Croix, has only been born in his small village of Nanon, a farming town on the edge of the Kingdom of Vivre.

However, Schatten’s right hand man, the dark wizard Schwartz, is on his way to Nanon to raze it and kill the boy in his cradle. Now, obviously, this won’t turn out the way it wants to-it never does in stories like these-but they’re headed there.

Most of the rest of his future merry band are all very young, as well. The foreign future swordsman, Juubei, is but a toddler, age 3. Future mercenary Tristan is a boy of 11, raised in the capital city of Leis, as is the orphaned future thief Marie, 5 months. Aimee, future archer, is 6, is in the forests of the west with the Fleche tribe. Lyon, priest-to-be, is a newborn boy in the holy capital of Divin. Future magic user Ciere enjoys a loving family in the city of Livre at the age of 4. And the beast? Well, the half-monster boy, Mauves, wanders the land, branded a freak, at the age of 9.

Now, I’ve left the setting a bit vague in parts. This is where you come in. You’re spirits-you’re going to be defined by what made you, what you’re attached to, and what you’re like. You’re going to inform the world around you.


Spirit sign-up sheet

Concept: (Spirit of Ice, Happiness, etc.)
Side: Good (Croix, Deesse), Neutral, Evil (Schatten, Fonce)
Background: What was your purpose, if you were created? How did you come into existence, if you were natural?
Anchor: What place/person/thing are you attached to?
Personality: What are you like?


How to affect the world

You may give the person wielding you vague advice, though it is more symbolic and weird-you don’t talk directly to them, but you can give them ‘pointers’ that they’ll think were their own idea.

Anytime you are used, you can choose to boost or hinder an action. Roll a d8, and consult this:

1: Total failure. Your action gets twisted into a way that goes against what you wanted to do.
2-4: Failure. Your action doesn’t go as planned, isn’t as effective as you’d hope to be.
5-7: Success, your action goes as you planned it to.
8: Complete success. Your action goes over the top, and gives you a small bonus on top of succeeding.

You can manifest in a form anywhere you’d like within your domain, appear as what you like, and control small parts of your domain without need for a roll. If you want to control the whole area at once, changing some aspect of it (filling a forest with mist, freezing a lake solid, projecting an aura of fear and hate), roll d8 and consult above chart.

You may communicate with the person who you are bound to. It is two-way, and can be visual and auditory. The mage using you gains four spells based on your domain: Two ‘Minor’, useful less for combat and more for exploration, support, information gathering, etc, and two “Major”, which are combative in nature. These are more ‘Signature’ spells-if you can explain it as within your purview, you can do it. You do not need to roll for anything.


Apr 27, 2013

Confusion As a Natural State of Being

Name: Gâteau
Concept: Feasting
Side: Good
Background: When the world was young, Deesse made me and gave me to the leader of the humans, Courageux, to celebrate the birth of his twin children. Since then, I have been passed down, from generation to generation, my ever-yielding crumb a source of joy in both lean and fat times. Now, I rest in a far off village.
Anchor: I am a delicious cake, spongy and moist.
Personality: Food is good! People who are hungry are less themselves, and more subject to dark influences, and it is my duty relieve people of their hunger.

Apr 2, 2018

Current status: Angry about subs

Name: Jean
Concept: Decisiveness
Side: Neutral
Background: Long ago, a kingdom was threatened with being overrun by a nomadic people, and the king was deeply conflicted as to whether to engage the nomads through words or swords. He called together all his chief counselors and they deeply debated the wisdom of both courses, fearing that if the wrong decision was made then the kingdom would be lost. The debate went on for days and days before the king finally came to a decision... but alas it was too late, for while he had been slow and ponderous in thought, the nomads had been stoutly resolute in their conquest and now neither words nor swords could save the kingdom. From the ashes of that conflict was born Jean - a reflection of what destroyed the kingdom and what could have saved it.
Anchor: The traveling magician Devereaux.
Personality: Come on, come on, come on! Don't just sit there, get out and do something! Jean is always encouraging its current host, subtly or not, to make the most of themselves. Despite its origins this isn't always about impulsiveness, after all there are many daring schemes that can take years to execute. It just always wants to be sure that there is a plan and that a person isn't aimless or being held back from their goals by insecurities. Jean is at its most extreme when dealing with people - utterly excited or utterly exasperated. It tends towards a more neutral/muted expression of its characteristics when place-bound. A place is about as decisively itself as it's ever be, for better or worse.

Iron Chef Ramen
Sep 14, 2007

Only the very best.

Name: Haunn
Concept: Ambition
Side: Evil
Background: Haunn is a creation of Foul God Fonce, an experiment to pervert humanity's greatest strength, Hope. It drives men to greater glories, greater victories, until one day, they find themselves wholly consumed in their own grasps for power to remember the greater good they once fought for.
Anchor: The Sepulcher of the Ivory Champion. A monument for a hero of a forgotten age, it is often a waypoint for adventuring parties seeking blessings for the great deeds they intend to embark upon. Where once this was a place to receive the bounty of the Goddess, Haunn has consumed the holy spirits that dwelt here, and converted it to the ends of the Foul God. Blessings are still given, but each one comes with a compelling thought: You are better than they are.
Personality: "You deserve your family's lands more than your brother. What has he done but wallow in debauchery as firstborn?" "You should be your lord's champion. That braggart's skills are failing after his long years of service. Why should he continue to order you around?" "The village chief is old and tired. Surely your clan would be stronger with you at the top!" Haunn is a subtle voice, preying on humanity's desire to better their own skills and station in life, while numbing their empathy. Many heroes who could've stood in Schatten's way have fallen into darkness due to Haunn's machinations.

Iron Chef Ramen
Sep 14, 2007

Only the very best.

i claim victory for foul god fonce

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