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Oct 6, 2017

What is this game?

It's a Pokemon spinoff game with completely different gameplay. It was released to promote Nintendo DS' unique (at the time) touch screen feature. This game doesn't involve capturing pokemon to use them in battles (although there's still plenty of captures and battles).

Other notable features in this game include Pokemon on the overworld, fluid animations, non grid-based movement, a Pokemon transferable to another game, hard gameplay, the inability to keep a stable team, and a lack of random encounters.

Will you catch them all?

I will catch all Pokemon available in this game. Since this game came out before Diamond and Pearl, this game only has up to Gen 3 Pokemon.

What's the spoiler rule for this game?

Just use spoiler tags for things I haven't got to, including stuff from other games in the Pokemon Ranger series. As for other stuff in the franchise, don't bother using spoiler tags.

What is Pokemon?

Google it. And get out of that rock while you're at it.

Who's that guy with underlined text?

That's DoubleNegative, the co-commentator for this LP. They made several SSLP, one of which is the ongoing LP of Pokemon Insurgence. That fangame is by far the best out of the ones currently being LPed, so check it out!

Mission 0: Don't Fear Failure!
Update 1. Welcome to Fiore!
Update 2. Exploring Ringtown
Update 3. Public Service Sucks

Mission 1: Escort the Professor!
Update 4. Adopting a Pokemon
Update 5. Burning Stuff in a Forest
Update 6. Rock Falls, Everyone Lives
Mission 1 Map

Mission 2: Fall City Case Log
Update 7. Menial Jobs Galore
Update 8. Herding Skitty
Mission 2 Map

Mission 3: Grimer Outbreak
Update 9. Corphish are Crap, Hey Hey!
Update 10. Mocking Muk with Psychic Powers (alternate title: Muking About)
Mission 3 Map

Mission 4: Where's Politoed?!
Update 11. Pokeran, Pokeran So Far Away
Update 12. Tropical Vacation
Update 13. A Game of Tag
Update 14. Don't Let Gligar Bring You Down
Mission 4 Map

Mission 5: Clear the Rockfalls!
Update 15. A Bunch of NPC Chatter
Update 16. Good Thing Random Encounters Don't Exist
Update 17. ViOLin Concerto in A miNOr
Mission 5 Map

Mission 6: The Wayward Wanderer
Update 18. Getting Lost is Fun!*
Update 19. Stealth and Escort and Chases, Oh My!
Update 20. Murkrow's Revenge
Mission 6 Map

Unofficial Mission: Three Challenges? And...
Update 21. Give Gifts, Give Junk
Update 22. The Jungle Relic Challenges
Update 23. The Challenge of Not Destroying Your Screen
Update 24. The Challenge of Not Getting Fired
Unofficial Mission 1 Map

Unofficial Mission: Save the Jungle Relic!
Update 25. Extreme Makeover
Update 26. The Rhythm of Rage Pounds the Ground!
Unofficial Mission 2 Map

Mission 7: Investigate the Factory!
Update 27. This ain't Metal Gear Solid
Update 28. Stopping Pikachu Abuse, One Generator at a Time
Update 29. Pushing the Big Red Button™
Mission 7 Map

Unofficial Mission: Find the Aquamole's Parts!
Update 30. An Actual Escort Mission
Update 31. Catching some Fish
Unofficial Mission 3 Map

Mission 8: Aquamole to the North
Update 32. 6000 Milliseconds Under the Sea
Update 33. A Looping Pokemon
Mission 8 Map

Mission 9: Hideout Infiltration
Update 34. Seedot, Ten-hut!
Update 35. Flying types are immune to Ice
Update 36. Trials and Tribulations with Timing and Teleports
Update 37. Pokemon a go-go!
Mission 9 Part 1 Map
Mission 9 Part 2 Map

Mission 10: The Fiore Temple
Update 38. Scaling the Temple
Update 39. Eeveelution Hunt
Update 40. Showdown on the Summit
Mission 10 Map

Special Mission: Search the Safra Sea!
Update 41. Getting a Nifty Useless Feature
Update 42. Attack of the Sea Creatures

Special Mission: Summerland Rescue Duo!
Update 43. Vacation Ruined...

Special Mission: The Temple's Sinister Shadows?
Update 44. Goat's-milk cheese is my favorite!

Update 45. Marine Challenge
Update 46. 3F: Forest, Factory and loving tunnel

Extra Mission: Gain Deoxys's Trust?!
Update 47. Mighty Morphin' Dangerous Deoxys

Extra Mission: Rescue Celebi!
Update 48. Picnic with Murph

Update 49. The Return of The Ambushes
Update 50. Capture Arena
Update 51. Cheating Arena

Extra Mission: Find Mew, the Mirage!
Update 52. Another Game of Tag

Update 53. Grassland Challenge

Extra Mission: Recover the Precious Egg!
Update 54. Secondhand Disappointment
Update 55. Shrooms Makes You Dumb

Update 56. No Flute Needed

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Oct 6, 2017


Oct 6, 2017

New Music: Introduction

First thing to note here is that I can't seem to find any official names for the soundtrack, so the names are made up by me.

I would like to meet you. I want to see for myself if you really are worthy of becoming a Ranger. I will be waiting for you in Fall City next Sunday. You'll find enclosed a ticket for the ferry to Fall City and an official Pokemon Ranger uniform. Wear it, and wait for me in the harbor. With that uniform on, I won't have any trouble spotting you. I look forward to seeing you.

Best regards,
Ringtown Ranger Leader.

Tl;dr: We pestered a ranger leader so much he decided to meet us in person.

The default names are Lunick for the boy and Solana for the girl. Whoever isn't chosen will end up as an NPC.

I'll leave it up to the thread to decide which one we're going to pick, but for this update, we're going to go as a girl.

*Boat horn sounds*

Like you might have guessed, the one speaking has a green aura around them.

It's Fall City! Fall City!
Whoa, hold up! There's no need to get so excited. Fall City isn't going to run away on us or anything like that.

New Music: Fall City Harbor

We can now move around, talk to people, examine things, the usual RPG fare.

Ahoy, Pokemon Ranger! Did you enjoy the cruise? ...Just between you and me, I'm a sailor, but that didn't stop me from getting a little seasick. You see, I might look like a proper sailor, but I'm still an apprentice. Oh? You're just starting out, too? Well, how about that! Even though we're headed in different directions, let's both do our best to find success!

Ship It's the cruise ship S.S. Fiore II, quite popular among tourists.

We can talk to the Pokemon here, too, but obviously they don't have much to say. You can hear their cry when talking to the, though.

The blue, blue sea! The whitecapped waves... And my blue and white... Shirt! On a day this spectacular, I'd like nothing more than a leisurely cruise on my Lapras.

As we go up, we get interrupted by a man.

This isn't your first time here, is that not so? And why would I think so? Because you know how to move using a stylus and the Touch Screen. You should know that you can also walk about using the + Control Pad. As for me, I always use my stylus for getting around. You know, I'm from the "Touch Generation." But that's just me. People can do whatever they want.

We can also talk to people either by getting close to them and pressing A or just tapping on them from any distance. It's those little things that seems trivial but makes the game much nicer to play.

By the way, most of the action are going to be on the bottom screen. The top screen is literally just black right now.

Like in Gen 1 games and remakes, Snorlax is acting as our roadblock. It doesn't seem to block anything right now, but it will.

Spoiler: there's absolutely no way to move Snorlax in this game. But at least that means we won't have a 10 hour trip to move one Pokemon.

Not shown: the box shaking.

There's something hiding behind this crate! If it's an Ekans, I'm going to faint! Long, squirmy things scare me silly! Hurry, touch it and see!

So we touch do just that.

Crate It's a crate that's typically seen in harbors. It has a foreign and exotic air about it that is thrilling.

Hi, there! Are you waiting to meet someone? If you've got time on your hands, try chatting with people. Don't by shy--just go up to the people you want to meet, then touch them with your stylus. It's not just people. If something catches your attention, don't be afraid to touch it with your stylus. Oh! Don't forget to check out the Tourist Center!

Yachts Yachts are moored in the harbor. It looks like a postcard picture.

There's nothing else to do outside beside watching a few Wingulls and Krabbys, so let's go inside.

Inside we have 5 people to chat, with one of them hidden behind the text box.

Traveling with my wife... I wonder how many years it's been?
Excuse me, but are you one of those Pokemon Ranger people? Can you do that thing you do for me? You know, that loopy thing you do. ...Oh. You can't yet? ...Oh. Well, that's too bad.
Big girl with the burning eyes! We were on the ferry together!
Are you traveling alone? You don't look like a tourist. I mean, your outfit is so outlandish. What is that outfit about?
Welcome to Fall City! Fall City is known as the largest city in the Fiore region. The city's best-known landmark is the Joy Clock Tower, which is located at the north end. Would you like to ask me any questions? ...That's how I have to be for work. And now, I'll chat normally. So, I want to know, what is with the way you're dressed? You're not really a Ranger, are you? It's obvious you've never worn that outfit before!

Everyone keep picking on the outfit

I don't think there's any viewable map in this game.

Shelf There's a magazine here. It's an issue of the Pokemon Ranger news.

Spenser only appears after we examined the box and talked to everyone. Seems like he's taking his time.

You're the letter writer, right? The uniform I sent you... It's a little on the big side? Well, I guess it's not that big a concern? Oh, anyway, I'm Spenser. Ringtown's Ranger Leader. It's good to see you finally. I enjoyed exchanging letters with you. It brought back memories of the burning ambition I had when I was working on becoming a Ranger. Thanks for that!
Let me show you to my Ranger Base. Like the name suggests, a Ranger Base is a base of operations for Rangers. The Fiore region--that'd be here--has four cities: Fall City, Ringtown, Summerland, and Wintown. In each of the four cities is a Ranger Base. And, as you already know, I'm the Ranger Leader of Ringtown. Ringtown is a fair distance away to the west, and...

*Pokemon cry*

Did you hear that cry? It came from over there!

*They both went up*

New Music: Tension

*Plusle hide behind Spenser*

This doesn't look good. That Houndoom appears to be highly agitated. That Plusle must have angered it. I bet it pulled some harmless prank that didn't go over well.
*To ???* I know that this is a sudden thing... But I need your help to calm down these Pokemon! I'm going to entrust you with this Capture Styler. The Capture Styler is a device Rangers can use to communicate their feelings to Pokemon to befriend them. Only certified Rangers are permitted to possess a Styler, but this is an emergency. Capture the Plusle for me! I'll capture the Houndoom! Here, take this!




I'll capture the Houndoom first!

It's tutorial time! The screen flashes white to signify the encounter.

New Music: First Capture

Before every capture attempt, there's a "Capture On!" pose. This is the only time we're going to see Spenser's.

I'm going to summarize the tutorial since Spenser had already said twice the amount of than everyone else combined.

Basically, we have to draw loops around the Pokemon. The keyword here is 'loop' as it doesn't have to be a specific shape. It doesn't even have to be connected to the starting point of the line.

Every time we draw a loop around a Pokemon, the blue number above them decrease. This blue number shows the number of loops we need to make around that Pokemon.

Of course, it's not as simple as just drawing loops. The first obstacle is that the capture will fail if we take off the stylus during that point.

The second obstacle is that the line will be destroyed by contact either with the Pokemon or their attacks. And then we have to start over.

If the line is hit by any attack, it will decrease the energy. The energy is shown in the bar above. If it reaches 0, it's Game Over.

After the blue number reach 0, it'll turn into an orange number. When this happens, we HAVE TO release the stylus. The keyword here is 'have to'. If the line is destroyed, the capture will fail and we have to start over.

You haven't played this game until you fail to catch a Pokemon because you didn't release on time.

All right, your turn! First, you need to get close to that Plusle.

Since this is still the tutorial, the capture is very easy. Plusle doesn't even have any attack here.

Music: Fall City Harbor

Good job! That's excellent for your first-ever capture! Well, that was a bit of excitement I didn't count on. Still, I think it's lucky for me since I got to see your potential as a Ranger firsthand.
*Looking at Houndoom* The Houndoom's settled down enough, I guess. Okay, big guy, off you go. Back to where you came from.

What I did was "release" that Pokemon. "Release" literally means to turn loose captured Pokemon back into their natural habitats. After all, Rangers can't take captured Pokemon with them unless they have a compelling reason.
*Looking at Plusle* Well, it looks like this Plusle has taken a liking to you. That said, you can't really bring it with us... You see, Rangers aren't allowed to take Pokemon out of their natural habitats. You'd better release that Plusle.

Whoops! I almost forgot. I've got to confer this certificate on you. It's official proof that you're a Ranger. Normally, you would have to take a proper certification test. It's only when you pass the test that you should receive this certificate... But forget the test! When you were faced with this real-life situation, you resolved it admirably.

It's funny to think that Spenser was planning on meeting ??? here and then sending them off to Ranger School to take the test.

There's no reason at all why you shouldn't be certified as a Ranger. Read this certificate thoroughly and sign here, please.

New Music: Ranger Net

In addition to the gender, I'll let the thread decide the name of our character.

Congratulations, ???! You are now a genuine, full-fledged Pokemon Ranger! ...Having said that, you're also a complete rookie Ranger who doesn't know left from right yet. You need to gain experience above all. There's no time to waste! First, we need to wing across the deep blue sky to Ringtown! Step this way...

*??? merges with Spenser*

Sorry I kept you waiting, Fearow! Do your thing!

New Music: Intro Fanfare

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Jul 22, 2017

I was just remembering Pokemon Ranger being A Thing a while ago. I will forever remember this game for one particular encounter being complete and utter bullshit, and setting up the stage for the IMO far better sequels. Which I am now tempted to play.

drat you, OP.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

I tried playing one of the Ranger games some time ago, but that was at a time where I had trouble playing videogames in general so I stopped fairly early. Will be neat seeing how the story goes.

Anyway, let's go with a female ranger called uh... Circe is one letter away from circle I guess.

Black Robe
Sep 12, 2017

Generic Magic User

I am ashamed that I have never played this game. I know a fair bit about it, you know how you absorb stuff like that, but no personal experience, so I'm here for this. So far it looks wonderfully dorky.

Of course everyone's dumping on your outfit, you're basically wearing crocs with socks and assless chaps.

It's goon tradition that we play as the girl, obviously. And given the catch mechanics I feel the name should be... Loopy.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

MayOrMayNotBeACat posted:

I was just remembering Pokemon Ranger being A Thing a while ago. I will forever remember this game for one particular encounter being complete and utter bullshit, and setting up the stage for the IMO far better sequels. Which I am now tempted to play.

drat you, OP.

I second this. I love the Ranger series, but the first game was definitely rough. The second and third both greatly improved upon it though, and the first's fun on its own anyways beyond that one encounter (I hope we're thinking of the same one here). Still, I enjoyed Ranger more than MD until Sky came out, though that's probably more me having weird taste than anything.


Black Robe posted:

It's goon tradition that we play as the girl, obviously. And given the catch mechanics I feel the name should be... Loopy.

I agree.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

How about Loopin (III)

Jan 9, 2019

I have mixed feelings on this game. I liked the idea of it a bunch, but my actual memories of playing the game are....alright I guess. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't super appealing either.

Zanzibar Ham posted:

Anyway, let's go with a female ranger called uh... Circe

This. I like this.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Ooh, interesting, what kinda setup have you got for this? I can tell it's an emulator due to everyone's buzzcut. I definitely adore these games, even if they have their problems here and there.

And of course, the female character named Loopy.

Oct 6, 2017

Blaze Dragon posted:

Still, I enjoyed Ranger more than MD until Sky came out, though that's probably more me having weird taste than anything.

I also enjoyed Ranger more than MD of Sky (which is the only one I played).

Crosspeice posted:

Ooh, interesting, what kinda setup have you got for this? I can tell it's an emulator due to everyone's buzzcut. I definitely adore these games, even if they have their problems here and there.

None. I'm just using an emulator and a mouse. It wasn't necessary with the Plusle, but for the harder Pokemon, I can turn down the emulator's speed to make this game actually doable. I managed to test this out with Slaking, Mew, and Deoxys (postgame spoiler), so I should be fine.

The votes for now are:
Loopy: 3
Circe: 2
Loopin: 1

The Door Frame
Dec 5, 2011

I don't know man everytime I go to the gym here there are like two huge dudes with raging high and tights snorting Nitro-tech off of each other's rock hard abs.

Definitely female, I want to call her Michelle, since her outfit reminds me of the female lead in TRAG: Mission of Mercy, but Circe sounds better

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

1234567890num posted:

I also enjoyed Ranger more than MD of Sky (which is the only one I played).

None. I'm just using an emulator and a mouse. It wasn't necessary with the Plusle, but for the harder Pokemon, I can turn down the emulator's speed to make this game actually doable. I managed to test this out with Slaking, Mew, and Deoxys (postgame spoiler), so I should be fine.

The votes for now are:
Loopy: 3
Circe: 2
Loopin: 1

Oh that Loopin thing wasn't a real vote, mine's still Circe (which I believe you've already counted)

Jul 17, 2013

There were a lot of things about this game I liked, but there were also plenty of captures that just felt impossible to do with an actual stylus, which was a bit of a shame. Not even postgame stuff, just some of the 'boss' type encounters.

I like Circe as a name for our lady ranger.

Mar 18, 2018

This looks interesting. I never played these and the extent of knowledge I have about them is "they exist", so I'm definitely curious to see where this goes.

Put me down as a vote for Loopy.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

1234567890num posted:

None. I'm just using an emulator and a mouse. It wasn't necessary with the Plusle, but for the harder Pokemon, I can turn down the emulator's speed to make this game actually doable.

...why didn't I think of that???

I've done this game before with a mouse and it was pretty rough, so kudos for making it work, these games definitely deserve to be shown off.

Nov 8, 2009

Zanzibar Ham posted:

Anyway, let's go with a female ranger called uh... Circe is one letter away from circle I guess.

Voting for this.

Mar 31, 2016

I've actually tested playing this game on emulator with a wacom tablet, and I was able to beat it without using slowdown. Slowdown seems like an absolutely brilliant solution, though. Too bad about the rendering issues in desmume. Anyways, I vote for Loopy.

Feb 26, 2013

I didn't fight through two wars to rule
I fought for the future of the world

And the right to have hot tea whenever I wanted

Circe, is my vote. Oh this game. My hand remembers it, did not like all those fast loops needed to do.

Oct 6, 2014

Yeah Circe is the right choice for me.

Nov 4, 2014

I won this avatar on a technicality this thick.

I kinda like Loopy.

Nissin Cup Nudist
Sep 3, 2011

Sleep with one eye open

We're off to Gritty Gritty land

Is the girl model no wearing any pants?

Space Kablooey
May 6, 2009

Zanzibar Ham posted:

Anyway, let's go with a female ranger called uh... Circe is one letter away from circle I guess.


I remember playing this a long time ago, having fun with it, but mostly forgetting it completely.

Oct 6, 2017

Voting ends in 5 6 hours. Current results:
Circe: 8
Loopy: 6

I always thought that the girl model has very short shorts.

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Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

Another vote for Circe.

This game is almost unplayable after you play the second or third games, so I never went back to it after I beat it.
Good luck.

Nov 18, 2008

Count me in for the lucky lass Loopy!

Oct 6, 2017

Final results:
Circe: 9
Loopy: 7

Looks like we're going to be playing as a girl named Circe. Spoiler: no transfiguration will be involved in this game.

I just looked at her Simpson wiki page and

1234567890num fucked around with this message at 08:55 on Mar 28, 2019

Oct 6, 2017

The thread has spoken, and we're playing as Circle Circe. Now where were we?

Music: Introduction

Oh, right. We're flying to Wintown and Plusle managed to tag along.

New Music: Ringtown

*Everyone except Fearow landed*

This Plusle followed us here?

*Plusle runs off*

Maybe it's intimidated being in an unfamiliar environment. I think it will come back here on its own later. We should return it to its natural habitat then.
Welcome back, Leader!
*At Circe* Oh, hiya! Are you the hot rookie prospect? The name's Lunick. Glad to meet you! What's your name?
This is Circe, who's become a Ringtown Ranger today.
Circe, Circe... OK, I've memorized it! Welcome to our team! We'll be working together from now on. Let's do our best! Oh, and this is my partner Pokemon. Minun! Come on, introduce yourself!

If we chose to play as a boy, we would meet Solana here with her Plusle. And the first Pokemon we catch would've been Minun.

Now that the introductions are over, let's head inside. *heads in*
This building is Ringtown's Ranger Base. Come on, let's go in!

*Everyone else heads in*

New Music: Ranger Base

Oh, yeah, yeah! Yup, I heard you were coming. You're the letter writer, aren't you? Yup, I got to reat them, too. You sure know how to express yourself! Oh, yeah, yeah! My name's Murph. But you can just call me Murph, OK? I've been a Ranger for, oh, three years now. But my Ranger Rank hasn't gone up all that much... Oh, yeah, yeah. That Ranger Rank thing, it's really tough... Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! This is my partner, Slowpoke! It's the faster of us two! Glad to meet you!

'Yeah' doesn't even sound like a word anymore.

All right, will everyone gather, please?

*Everyone gathers*

This is Ringtown's Ranger Base. Circe, you're a member of this base starting today. That said, for me to recognize you as a fully qualified Ranger, you still have quite a ways to go. There's a mountain of things you have to learn from here on out. Are you sure you're up to it? ...OK. The look in your eyes tells the tale. Your skill level aside, you're a real Ranger in spirit. As compatriots in Ringtown, let's all work together to the best of our abilities!

*Someone comes in*

Listen, Leader! My precious Pokemon ran off in the Lyra Forest! Hurry! Capture my Pokemon and take it into protective custody!
This sounds like the perfect mission for Circe. Enter the Lyra Forest and capture Larry's precious escaped Pokemon. That's your first mission! Don't fear failure. Do your best!

Music: Mission Received!

This is a nice introduction. Just a sneak peek into what the Rangers do everyday, with our colleagues there in case we messed up.

Music: Ranger Base
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa?! Don't be afraid of failure? Leader, you've got to be joking! Failure's no good! You've got to be afraid of failing! Are you sure it's going to be OK asking this rookie girl to handle this mission?

Screw you. Not only are you rude, you're also giving out bad life advice

Hahaha! There's nothing to be worried about!
*To Circe* The Lyra Forest is right outside Ringtown. I'll go ahead and meet you there. *leaves*
Well, isn't this just dandy. I asked the Leader because he's the most trustworthy Ranger here. But look at this rookie. A less trustworthy face I've yet to see! *leaves*

Screw you. Because you're a jerk, I'll be one too and not help find your Pokemon this update.

Circe, don't let it bug you! Larry can say some rotten things, but he doesn't really mean what he says. Anyway, that's not important. I'll give you a few simple tips about the Capture Styler. Besides capturing, your Styler has many convenient functions.
Oh? Circe, your Styler... It's not turned on. See, you take this part like this...

First, this is how you open the menu. Just touch the 4/4 at the upper left of the Touch Screen. That displays a ring of icons around you. Give it a try.

We'll talk about all of these later. If you're observant, you might notice a contradiction to what I've said last update.

OK, good. Your Capture Styler really is an amazing piece of technology. It can show you your present location and give you information on Pokemon, for instance. See? That kind of data is shown on the upper screen. Oh. It also allows you to quicksave your game if you want to take a rest! You should check it out for yourself.
Hello, rookie Ranger. I'm very pleased to meet you. I'll be right here to recharge your Styler whenever you need. Oh, yes, if you want to save a record of your Ranger activities on you Styler...

First: Unlike the mainline games, we can only save on Save Machines. There's a quicksave, but it's a one-time deal.

Second: The top screen now shows the map and the list of friend Pokemon we have. The map shows Pokemon on the field, the area transitions, and the Save Machines. Not shown: the layout of the area.
It's a useless map.

Third: This is the only line an operator is going to get in the game, not counting the prompt to recharge our Styler.

Anyway, let's take a look at our menu. The top screen is self explanatory. Line length is the length of the line we can make with the styler. If we make the line we draw exceeds the maximum, it will disappear from the other end. It's not really that important.

As for the bottom screen, we have plenty of icons. Quicksave makes a one-time save. Options lets us change the text speed and window border (there's 10 to choose from). Release does exactly what it said. Browser is basically our Pokedex, with nothing in it right now.

Remember last update when I said I didn't think there's an ingame map? I was completely wrong on that. I forgot about it since I never used it. The fast travel in this game doesn't involve the map.

There's only Ringtown and Fall City right now, but more will be added as we explore Fiore.

I also completely forgot this exists. It's from the Mission icon.

The Glossary is basically the Datalog. It offers information that adds to the worldbuilding.

It is also completely optional and you can still understand everything, gameplay and story, even without touching it. Unlike certain other game...

Correction: Fall City is at the East of the region, as shown by the map earlier.

Spoiler: The "three compatriots" part will be retconned later in the series.

The word 'literally' here is literally redundant.

Ranking up also carries other benefits, but more on that when we actually get promoted.

It looks a lot like a phone. I wish my phone can tame animals...

There's some more entries about capturing, damage and game over, but I'm going to skip them because we already covered them in the last update.

I'm pretty sure this is brought up in the game itself later. And yes, we have to make a loop before we can flee. It's annoying when dealing with multiple Pokemon at once and dangerous if our energy is very low.

This is a nice feature that I never used.

The radar is useless and sometimes can be misleading.

This is a useless feature that I never used. I honestly can't think of a reason why you'd do this.

Since the top screen is now functioning, we can see the Pokemon's Pokedex browser entry when we tap them.

Hmmhmm, hmhmhmmm... Whoops! This is no time to be humming! Rookie training is what I have to do! So, uh... What can I teach you now? Oh, right! If there's something you don't understand, look it up in the Ranger Glossary! Just open your Styler menu and touch "Glossary" to get at it. The Glossary explains important topics in detail so it's easy to understand. Why, even I make use of it all the time! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! I need to tell you about a second floor in the building you can reach by elevator. There! I told you.

We already know about the Glossary and the elevator can easily be seen, but thanks. Also, an information being in detail does not necessarily mean easy to understand and vice versa.

Map This seems to be a map of the Fiore region. It's exciting to look at!

This is your first time in Ringtown, right? It's a small town compared to Fall City, but it's a good place to live, with lots of trees and nature. You should take a tour of the town before you go off to the Lyra Forest.

Will do. It's a good excuse to avoid dealing with Larry.

What do you do if your Styler is about to run out of energy during a capture? The answer isn't "stick it out." "Run away" is the correct answer. Assessing the situation and fleeing if necessary is a perfectly acceptable strategy. If you need to run away, just draw a single loop around a target Pokemon, then touch the Flee icon that appears.
Here's a piece of advice from an older Ranger. If your Styler runs out of energy, it can't make captures anymore. That means you won't be able to do your job as a Ranger. To avoid the heartbreak of that sad situation, remember to save your record often during missions. If you see a Save Machine during a mission, I hope you'll remember what I said.

Both are very good advice and we should follow them.

Potted plant This lush and healthy plant has been tended carefully.

This here Dragonite likes nothing more than working for us Rangers. Take a ride, and you'll find yourself at another Ranger Base in no time flat! Rookie, I hate to say it, but it's a bit too early for you to be taking a ride on this guy here. When our Ranger Leader recognizes your worth--that's when you can take a ride anytime. Hurry up and become a good Ranger. You know, the kind that's earned the right to ride!

This Dragonite is our method of fast travel. It's not going to be available anytime soon, though.

Our Leader's Fearow has an aggressive nature. It's tops in Fiore when it comes to speed.

Let's go outside and take a look at Ringtown.

Music: Ringtown

The layout of Ringtown is as simple as it gets. It's similar to the starting town in the mainline games. It's also the name of a town in Pennsylvania.

We'll check the houses first, starting from the lower right and moving counterclockwise.

Some get startled and run away. Others turn aggressive and will attack. You should observe how different Pokemon react.

Bookcase There are serious books on Pokemon here...but some fun Pokemon books, too.
TV This TV is perfect for this room. I wonder what's playing?
Calendar It's a Pokemon calendar. What's this month's Pokemon?

We don't get to find out

Not a day goes by without him raising a big commotion about how his beloved Pokemon ran away. His lunch is ready, too...

You have my sympathies.

Computer It's a cutting-edge personal computer. What kind of software is loaded?
Fridge This refrigerator is matched to the room's decor. What's chilling inside?

This game has the same flavor text for similar objects, for example the bookcase and TV in this house have the same flavor text as the one we see earlier.

I know what a Pokemon Ranger does.
Pokemon Trainers? Dear, Trainers are people who capture Pokemon using something called Poke Balls.Just like Rangers, Trainiers are very protective of Pokemon. It's too bad, but there are no Trainers in the Fiore region. There are many, many Trainers in far-off places like Kanto and Hoenn. Mommy wanted to become a Trainer a long time ago, so I'm a bit of an expert!

This is Ringtown, but this whole region, including cities, mountains, the sea, and everything, is called Fiore? ...Did you know this, then? There're lots of Pokemon living in the Fiore region. You really knew that?
Ringtown's nestled in nature. It has a lot to offer. I love this town where people and Pokemon live happily side by side.

Living with my little friend, it feels like I get to share its vitality.

Some objects have a special description in the top screen. Field Move is a central mechanic of this series, and we'll learn about them later.

Yo, yo, yo! Hop on our Doduo and join our Capture Challenge, yo! ...Yeah, I know I said it, but we're actually not quite set up, yo. Sorry! Come again, will you?

The are to the right is exclusive to the Grassland Challenge, so we can't go there right now.

Aww, forget it. It's pointless to hear your name. You're just a Ranger passing through or something, right? (Sigh...) I wish I could just bolt from this sleepy, boring town already!

Just do the Grassland Challenge if you're that bored. They probably have an imitation styler or something so civilians can play, right?

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Nov 4, 2010

1234567890num posted:

Calendar It's a Pokemon calendar. What's this month's Pokemon?

We don't get to find out

It's clearly Pikachu w/o different colored cheeks.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer


Dunno about you folks, but hanging off a giant bird this way midflight certainly wouldn't go well with my Fearow heights (hoho)

Feb 13, 2011

Zanzibar Ham posted:

Dunno about you folks, but hanging off a giant bird this way midflight certainly wouldn't go well with my Fearow heights (hoho Ho-Oh)


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Sep 12, 2017

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Geemer posted:

It's clearly Pikachu w/o different colored cheeks.

It's a Jigglypuff seen from above.

Oct 6, 2017

Music: Ringtown

*Lunick approaches*

I think it'll be fun, so I'll tag along! *goes ahead*

We dawdled enough. Let's get this errand over with.

New Music: Mission Start!

Each area has their own brief description. We're not going to see the giant tree this update.

New Music: Lyra Forest
OK, ready to begin your rookie mission? Your mission is to capture Larry's Pokemon, which has fled to somewhere inside the Lyra Forest. You are also required to return the captured Pokemon to Larry, who will be waiting here. This really shouldn't be an especially challenging mission.
*To Larry* Larry, by the way, what was the Pokemon that fled?
It was my, uh... You know, um... It's on the tip of my tongue... You know, it's a... I'm just too upset right now! I can't remember what you call it! It's powerful and yet classy. It might appear to have a slinky look to it, but it's also clunky... What I'm trying to say's a Pokemon! That's what it is!

Oh boy.

That's not much of a hint to go on... Well, Circe? Did you get what kind of Pokemon Larry means? I'll go with you, so if there's anything you don't understand, you can always ask me.
I wouldn't put too much stock in Larry's description if I were you.

Right. So our rookie mission is to grab random Pokemon we see and hope it's the right one. Before we do that, let's chat with everyone here.

Oh, that's right! Do you see the Browser icon in the Styler's menu? It's a very convenient feature, so you should learn about it. The Browser automatically registers data on Pokemon whenever they are captured. The registered Pokemon are classified using numbers that are assigned specifically for Rangers. You see, those classification numbers are arranged conveniently for Rangers to serve the Fiore region.
Please! I'm begging you! Find my precious Pokemon!
First, if you want to capture a wild Pokemon, you need to get up close to it. Instead of touching it with your stylus, walk right into it. That's how you start the capture process.

And we're off!

Just above where we start, we find our first Pokemon here.

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

...It's not particularly interesting. These earlygame Pokemon are pushovers.

Required Loops: 3
Possible EXP: 10/13/16

We filled our first Browser entry!

Wild Pokemon we capture will become our friend Pokemon, which we can see on the Top Screen. They will follow us around on the Bottom Screen. It's very .

I could tell that the Pokemon came to accept your friendly feelings.

There's also a Zigzagoon here. The only special thing about it is that it moves in a zigzag pattern.

Required Loops: 2
Possible EXP: 9

Music: Lyra Forest

This game takes cues from Gen 2 in that there's Pokemon in trees. Most of them can be found more easily elsewhere, though.

Oh, hello, Ranger! I've never seen you before. The Styler on your belt looks shiny and new, too!
Capture on! That is so cool!

I know

We can't move to the next area. At least this means we only have to search this small area.

...Which we just did. It only has Chikoritas and a Zigzagoon.

That's a wild Pokemon. Mine is a lot more smooth and yet craggy, too. I don't care how you do it...get my precious darling back to me. It won't be a second too soon!

What about Zigzagoon?

That's not it! Mine is a lot more lumpy and far more flamboyant! You have to hurry and capture my darling! It's almost time for lunch!

This Taillow wasn't here before.

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

"Someone's" Taillow, huh? Looks like we've hit the jackpot!

Taillow, like all the Pokmeon in this mission, doesn't attack. It does move much quicker than the others, though.

Music: Capture Complete

The blue number above the Pokemon shows the number of loops required to capture it. The orange number after it shows the amount of EXP we'll get once we capture it. It'll raise as we create extra loops.

Don't get too greedy, though. If the line is destroyed, we'll have to start all over again. (This is mentioned in the glossary entry that I skipped.)

Required Loops: 4
Possible EXP: 14/15/16/18

Music: Lyra Forest

This Taillow is Larry's missing Pokemon! I'm sorry, I actually knew, but I kept quiet about it. I wanted to see how you would deal with the situation. I wanted to see if you had the drive and tenacity to solve a problem even though you had very little information. You've passed with flying colors! All right. Let's take that Pokemon back to Larry.
*When talked to* Your capture of the Taillow was excellent. Let's get that Pokemon back to Larry now.

So basically Spenser wants to see if we're patient enough to work in a public service industry. That's fair, I guess.

Oh-oh-oh! My darling Taillow!

Taillow: Pii hyoooh!

I'm not going to make any sprite for any Pokemon

...Well, I'll be darned! Good going, Ranger! It just goes to show your Leader knows talent when he sees it! I'm real sorry for giving you grief earlier. Thank you so much!

*Larry and Taillow leave*

Well, at least Larry appreciates our efforts

You did it! Congratulations! Actually, do you want to know about my rookie mission? I had to go look for Larry's missing Taillow too!
Congratulations! You've cleared your rookie mission! You have now joined the ranks of Pokemon Rangers in name and in deed!

We did it! Mission Cl...

New Music: Trouble


*Everyone goes to the burning trees*

Target Clearing is the process of solving a problem using the abilities of captured Pokemon. I'll explain, using these burning trees.

Spenser's explanation is too long, so I'll show the relevant bits.

The information there will display the Field Move required to do something to it.

Some Pokemon don't have any Field Move, like Chikorita and Zigzagoon earlier.

When the Pokemon has the required Field Move, we can drag it to the object to initiate a Target Clear.

After using a Pokemon's Field Move, it'll automatically be released. So sometimes we need multiple Pokemon with the same Field Move.

See? That's how you clear a target! Circe, now you try it. Extinguish the other burning tree.

Before that, let's see what everyone has to say.

If you don't put that fire out soon, the tree's going to burn down. Or do you need me to explain how to clear a target again?
Hurry! Put out this fire! Mudkip should be near the river!
Please, Ranger! Please hurry and put that fire out! I was pretending to be a Ranger and trying to catch a Pokemon... I startled it, and it breathed fire, and the trees caught fire, and... I'm sorry!

In order: NO, thanks, how did you manage to get Chikorita/Zigzagoon/Mudkip breathe fire?

I didn't mention it before, but there's bushes here. You can see the Pokemon's shadows, but you can't see what they are until you encounter them.

In this case, it's a Mudkip. When we engage in an encounter, all the Pokemon near it (in this case another Mudkip) will also be involved. Ideally you'd want to avoid this.

I'm VERY sure all Pokemon here are coded not to attack right now. I swear they actually have attacks.

Anyway, I'm going to use this opportunity to talk about fleeing. We can only flee when we made a loop. More specifically, it's when there's a ball around a Pokemon. When the ball breaks, the flee button will disappear.

The flee button will be there as long as there's a ball around a Pokemon. This means we can circle any Pokemon to flee instead of all of them. It's still kinda annoying not being able to flee directly, though.

With multiple Pokemon, we can flee even with a successful capture. However, that Pokemon won't be registered as captured. So in this case if we flee now we won't get the Mudkip.

This won't work when there's only one Pokemon left. In that case we're forced to catch a Pokemon. It doesn't matter except in speedruns, really.

Required Loops: 4
Possible EXP: 12/14/16/19

The trick with multiple Pokemon is to focus on one at a time.

We use the Mudkip on the other burning tree.

New Music: Mission Clear!

We did it!

Thank you, Pokemon Ranger! I'm going to learn more about the feelings of Pokemon so I can be a Ranger one day, too!

If we didn't talk to him earlier, he will tell his story now.

Well said, little guy. That took guts to say. Don't ever forget what you said!
*To Circe* All right! Let's head back to our Ranger Base.

New Music: Saving

That's quite an eventful first mission, huh?

After every mission, we're given a chance to save. Saving in this game kinda sucks because for whatever reason it takes 8 seconds. That also applies when playing in an actual DS.

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Sep 12, 2017

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Screw you, Larry. You don't even know what species your pokemon is and apparently it runs the hell away from you, like, a lot. I vote we confiscate it, you're clearly a really bad owner.

Mar 18, 2018

This is the dumbest tutorial mission but somehow I love it anyway. Is Larry a terrible pokemon owner, or just pretending to be to give the rangers something to do? Does it matter?

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

Hmm, I'm gonna give it a few more updates, but I think the Ranger game I tried wasn't this one. I'll need to see the first real mission to be sure though.

Oct 9, 2012


1234567890num posted:

There's also a Zigzagoon here. The only special thing about it is that it moves in a zigzag pattern. It also f

If you don't put that fire out soon, the tree's going to burn down. Or do you need me to

Are these two cut off for a reason or by accident?

Oct 6, 2017

Roro posted:

Are these two cut off for a reason or by accident?

It was by accident. It should be fixed now.

Explopyro posted:

This is the dumbest tutorial mission but somehow I love it anyway.

I used to hate this part when I played this game before. Reborn and other edgy fangames shows how it could have gotten much, much worse.

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Oct 6, 2017

Music: Ranger Base

I have bad news and great news. The bad news is that every time we start or end a mission, we're going to be stripped of every friend Pokemon we have

The great news is that for the rest of this LP I'm going to be joined by Double Negative!

Hey everyone, I'm DoubleNegative. I've agreed to join this venture as a co-commentator. I've got no idea where any of this is going because I've never played a Ranger game before, but this should be a lot of fun!

To be honest, I didn't think you would do as well as you did. Keep it up! Lunick, Circe, I want you to patrol Ringtown until a new mission comes up. If anything happens, you let me know immediately. Clear?

The Pokemon Rangers, putting Officer Jenny out of a job since 2006!

A Ranger's job isn't only about doing missions. Patrolling the city is just one of the important things we do. Let's hit the streets and hear what our citizens have to say!

Before that, we'll do our usual round of chatting.

Is that uniform a little too big for you? Oh, maybe not.
Don't treat patrolling like it's a stroll in the park! I used to get scolded like that a lot. See you guys later!

Alright. Let's go outside.

*Pokemon cry*

That was a Pokemon cry!

Music: Trouble

This These again?
I love how very Grant Kirkhope-esque this Trouble music is.

Calm down! Please calm down! My precious Taillow!
That Taillow's after that little Plusle! ...And that's Larry's Taillow! We've got to save that Plusle!

Are Larry and his Taillow going to be a problem for us through the whole game or is this just a one-off occurrence?
This is the last time they appear in the story, actually. Spoiler, I guess.

*The two approaches the Pokemon*

We've got to capture the Taillow and get it to calm down!

Music: First Capture

Circe, look! Look at the Plusle!

The Plusle is in the middle of leaving here. Seems like Lunick's dialogue can stop time.
That Plusle is pretty powerful.
Oh, you haven't seen anything yet

Circe, there's your chance! Capture the Taillow and calm it down!

So we do just that. Taillow can't move at all, so this is much easier than earlier.

Music: Mission Clear!

Well, if it isn't Circe! You captured my darling Taillow again! I owe you a big thanks!

I like that this game acknowledges Circe's accomplishments, even when she's just starting out. Unlike some other games...

Larry, can you explain something? Why was your Taillow chasing the little Plusle?
Well, this is what happened. When my darling Taillow came back to me, I was beside myself, I was so happy. So, I was happily petting my precious one over and over. I think that little Plusle became jealous of how my darling was getting all my attention. So it started bugging my precious Taillow. My Taillow tried to ignore it for a while, but that Plusle was so persistent, my darling finally became furious.
I see. Plusle... You'd better apologize to this Taillow properly.

Plusle: Pla plaaah!

That Plusle... Maybe it's lonesome! That's just the feeling I get, anyway. Darling Taillow, let's forgive that little Plusle and go home, OK?

Taillow: Piih hyooh!

*Larry and Taillow leave*

Music: Ringtown
Plusle: Plaah plah!

Like Larry said, maybe this Plusle is feeling lonesome. Look how much it's taken to you already, Circe. It really wants to be babied.

Circe and Plusle connected emotionally!

Required Loops: 3
Possible EXP: 3

We now have Plusle's entry. Spoiler: The Plusle and Minun here are the only two in Fiore, so we're never going to catch them again.

Circe, did you maybe know this little guy form before? So, what's its story? ...Is that right. ...You saw it in Fall City's harbor? It was in a fight with a Houndoom right in the town?! And then it clung to your leg so you had to bring it to Ringtown, Circe? Wow. I'd say a lot happened in a short time.
Hey, I know! Circe, you don't have a partner Pokemon yet, do you? I think this Plusle would make a perfect partner for you, Circe! I guarantee it!

New Music: Rank Up!

Hell yeah!

Music: Ringtown
That's settled, then! Lucky you, Plusle! From now on, you and Circe are officially partners! Let's get back to patrolling. Plusle, you're with us now!

Most of the NPCs here have new dialogue, so let's do the rounds.

Oh? Aren't you a lovely couple! Are you an item already? Or is one of you about to ask the other out? Or perhaps you're just a pair of Rangers out on patrol? Ahahahaha! I knew right from the start! I couldn't help teasing you!
Did you know? In the Fiore region, Pokemon come in different groups. ...Did you know this, then? There are seventeen different groups of Pokemon. Did you really know that?

Reminder that this game came out before Fairy type exists.

The only Pokemon that you can freely take to other towns--that would be your partner. Yes, it's possible to be accompanied by the wild Pokemon you've captured. However, you are forbidden to take wild Pokemon out of their natural habitats. After all, that is how you help maintain the delicate balance of nature. That said, it's an entirely different story when it comes to an expert Ranger. Such a Ranger will have gained experience of every sort that will prevent problems with Pokemon in unfamiliar places.

Geez. The phrasing in that last sentence is pretty awkward.

Go to the east, and you're at Kisara Plain. ...What am I, a signpost?

I don't know. You're the one who suddenly starts giving directions

It must be fun to go on walks with it in places like the Lyra Forest.

It's OK that he adores his Pokemon, but he goes completely overboard. He fusses over his Taillow so much, it has to run away to get some time for itself.
Circe... Right? I sure appreciate your help!

Poor Taillow...

Pikachu! Because it's so adorable!
The climate is always like springtime in Ringtown. It's very pleasant to live in, but it also makes me drowsy for a nap... Yaaawwwnnn...

That's everything new here. We can't go to Lyra Forest or Kisara Plains, so we go back to Ranger Base.

Music: Ranger Base

Welcome back, the both of you.
*Looks at Plusle* Oh? Which Plusle is that? Could it be the same Plusle that tagged along with us from Fall City?
That's right, it is! We happened to run into it while we were out on patrol.

It's not like there's any other Plusle in Fiore.

We know that this Plusle can be a little prankster--it's gotten into trouble because of it. But it doesn't seem to have forgotten how Circe came to its rescue. Leader, there's something I need to tell you...
Lunick, there's no need to explain. I can see it with my own eyes. Circe chose that Plusle as her partner Pokemon, right? I can see that they make a decent combination already!
*To Circe* I should explain what a partner Pokemon is. Every Ranger is permitted to keep a single Pokemon as their partner. The partner has to be a special one that has connected emotionally with their Ranger as if they were close friends.

Sure, Nintendo/Game Freak. Whatever you say. With Minun, Plusle, Ukulele Pichu, and all those unevolved Gen 4 Pokemon, do you still think cute appeal is not the marketing goal here?

I hope your Plusle grows into such a supportive partner Pokemon.
I'll teach you about Plusle's special ability. You see, my Minun is the same type as yours, so I'm familiar with it.

It's time for another tutorial! This game follows the proud Pokemon tradition of having long, unskippable tutorials. I'll summarize it.

The energy will increase as we make loops around a Pokemon (so empty loops won't count). When the bar is filled, we can ask Plusle to help.

Touching the button that didn't exist before will let us use Poke Assist.

Here we can choose which Pokemon we want to use. If we have usable friend Pokemon, we can ask them to help.

Poke Assist have types, as do the target Pokemon. Both can be seen in their respective browser entry. If the assist is super effective, it will have larger effect. The reverse is also true. This means that Plusle will be useless against dragon/electric/grass/ground Pokemon.

The game helpfully tells us if it's super effective or ineffective, but it only does that AFTER we select the assist. Hope you have a type chart handy!

It's really reassuring to have a partner Pokemon along to help with captures. It's a real confidence booster!

I have to agree on that. Poke Assist can be a lifesaver.
Seconded, and I have no idea what's going on. But if paralyze is as effective as it was with Taillow...

*To Spenser* Leader, if there aren't any new missions, we could go out on patrol again?
Let's see... No, there's nothing that really demands immediate action... OK, Lunick, you do that. You can go patrol the Lyra Forest on your own.

You know, I'm burning with ambition again. I'm going to work that much harder, knowing that I have a new go-getter of a rival at our Ranger Base! *leaves*

Oh, but that's beside the point. Spenser, long time, no see! I trust that you've been well? Oh? Now who might this be? That unfamiliar younster is the rookie Ranger you've been telling me about?
It's good to see you again, Prof. Hastings. As you've guessed, she's our new rookie hope, Circe.
Ah, hello, Circe! I'm Hastings. Glad to meet you! There's no need to be formal with me. You may just call me Professor if you'd like.

Isn't that more formal than just 'Hastings'?

Incidentally, Professor. I wanted to speak to you about the new styler you left with us recently. I think you called it the Super Styler? Well, it sure lives up to its name. It really is quite outstanding. But, it also worries me, too. If one were to ever fall into the hands of criminals...
You worry needlessly. The Super Styler's existence is known only to Ranger Leaders of the four Ranger Bases.

Not anymore. There's 3 extra people who know it now.

Oops, I was rather loud, wasn't I? But, no matter, that Super Styler is merely a prototype. Incidentally, Spenser. This is stricly between us, but I had a flash of inspiration. I have an idea that will power up the Super Styler. I couldn't wait to share this idea with you, so I took the long journey all the way from Fall City on foot. So, the brilliant idea I have...
Uh, yes, Professor. Just, uh, please hold on a second.
*To Circe* Listen, Circe, can you do me a favor? Go upstairs and check on my Fearow. That'd be right now.

You're kicking me out but not Murph or the Operator?

...Okay, maybe the Operator is a nonentity, but there's still Murph!

To be fair, at least he's making kind of an attempt to preserve secrecy. He's just doing a really poor job of it.

Fearow's upstairs. That'd be a trip up on the elevator.
...OK, so my brilliant idea... (Whisper, whisper...)
...I see, that does sound quite brilliant... (Whisper, whisper...)

Looks like we're not important enough to listen to this conversation

It's resting up. It must be tired from carrying both you and the Leader at the same time. There's nothing to be worried about. It's quite tough, so it'll be back to its regular self in no time. But as tough as it is, it's not so tough that it can carry two grown men at the same time. I'm thinking maybe I'll have to escort the good professor back home.

Looks like we just found out what our first mission is going to be.

...Hmhm... ...I see... OK, thanks. Oh, yes, Circe, I have a new mission for you. Prof. Hastings will be walking back to Fall City. Circe, your job is to escort the good professor and see to it that he returns to Fall City safely. That, Circe, is your first official mission. You'll need to go through the Lyra Forest and head for the Krokka Tunnel. Once you get through the tunnel, Fall City is just steps away.

An escort mission is still better mission than getting a lost Pokemon, I guess.

Ah, it's good to have you along, Circe! My well-being is in your hands!

Before that, we'll go another round at talking to NPCs.

You get to escort the professor? That's really heavy. Too heavy, even. Do you want to hear about the mission I had yesterday? My mission yesterday was "Find the missing toenail clippers!" You know how toenail clippers always seem to be missing the few times you actually need them? Do you know what I mean?

Are we absolutely sure Ringtown needs a Rangers office? "Find the lost toenail clippers" is like four steps below "help Fluffy the Skitty down out of a tree."
They're there mostly because of Lyra Forest. People (like Hastings here) tends to get lost in it. Even if it doesn't actually have a confusing layout.

Let us make haste and be on our way! I must get back right away to attend to my ongoing research and development!

Music: Ringtown

Oh? This isn't your grandchild? Perhaps the child is actually a Ranger escorting the professor? Ahahahaha! I knew from the start! I was just teasing! Oh, but the professor seems impatient to go. You had better be on your way.

I like this old man. His whole thing is just to clown on Circe and Lunick. I can respect that!


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Sep 12, 2017

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Hooray. A Plusle. We are unstoppable now with such a powerful pokemon at our side.

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