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Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

Get on the Bird


Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Run around in a field for hours for our amusement!

Jan 12, 2019

Knowledge is pain plus observation.

Ride the bird.

Oct 6, 2017

Music: Ringtown

Like always, I'm going to postpone things by talking to people.

...Did you know this, then? The Go-Rock Squad broke up because of a young Ranger. You're not pretending to know, are you?

Circe knows about plenty of things

What is the most delicious thing in all of Ringtown? Why, that would be the air that you breathe. A town nestled in nature that has lots to offer... that would be Ringtown!

A Pokemon named Rapidash can appear in the Grassland Challenge. Apparently, a Rapidash will appear if you capture two black, bouncy Pokemon... ...Uh-oh! MC Fielder told me that I shouldn't tell that to anyone, yo!

Since we're back to the field capture challenges, we'll have plenty of new Pokemons and arbitrary requirements.

What did we do?

Thanks to your people, I can go back to snoozing in the afternoon sun like before. Thank you, thank you.

Oh. Our pleasure

You deserve a medal for your part! You've done a great thing. You know, Circe, right from the start I noticed that you had a certain sparkle about you. Yes, yes, I surely did.

Sure you did

My father came first in a marathon! I think it's from chasing around his Taillow all the time. I'm so happy for him!

I remember complaining that I wanted to bolt from this boring place. I don't think that anymore. Ringtown's the best place in all of Fiore. It's because of you Rangers that I think that way. Thank you!

I don't know what Circe did has anything to do with it. My guess is that it's actually Rangers like Murph who inspired this realization.

It's all due to you Rangers teaching those awful Go-Rock Squad people a lesson they won't forget! You are always so dependable!
Do you know what I want to be when I grow up? Can you guess? A Pikachu! I wish I could!

Are you, by any chance, related to that kid who wants to become a blitzball?

They call me MC Fielder, yo! You're Circe, yo? You're well known around these parts. People know your name, at the very least! Want to take part in our Capture Challenge riding a Doduo? There's only one thing to remember. Even if you have friend Pokemon with you, you can't tap their Poke Assists.

Sure, yo. Bring it on, yo.

Short, quick, and to the point! I like it! Is it OK with you if I explain the Capture Challenge's rules?

Yo, we already know!

Yo! Are you ready for this? Oh, wait! Hold up a second! I can't forget to impart this wisdom! The reigning record holder is... Joel with 5000 points! Yo, roll out and go for that record! GEt astride the Doduo, challenger! Cap! Ture! Go!

Video: Grassland Challenge
Music: Capture Challenge

Well, it's time for our final challenge. First thing you'll notice is that the high score is higher than Marine Challenge's.

The second thing is that most of the Pokemon will be visible, so finding the right Pokemon isn't an issue. Mostly.

Like I said before, there's plenty of new Pokemon to capture. You'll notice very quickly that the Pokemon here are MUCH harder than Marine Challenge's.

Spoink moves by jumping around a short height and has no attack, but it can randomly jump much higher (and thus breaking our line). It's very annoying.

Required Loops: 4

Just like way back at the beginning of the game, small Pokemon in bushes are shown only in shadows.

Mostly they're not worth bothering, so it's not a big issue.

Up on the North, we see this Fearow. It appears only after beating Capture Arena's high score.

It moves quickly and shoots gusts of tornado. It stops for a while before shooting, so we can get 2-3 loops on it.

You can see the trouble I'm having in the video. Thing is, Fearow is one of the
easier Pokemon here

Required Loops: 6

The reward is certainly worth it, though.

By the way, Gardevoir appears after catching 2 Kirlia while Donphan appear only if you're lucky.

Spearow has no such restrictions. Nor does it appear outside this challenge. It also doesn't have any attacks.

Required Loops: 4

Well, there's the Rapidash. As the NPC said, it appears after catching two Spoink. We already had its entry from a Go-Rock grunt battle, though.

Good thing, too. I would've been very pissed if that isn't the case.

Music: Ringtown

So, let's check it out! Circe's results, yo! The number of complete captures in total is... 10 Pokemon! And the total score is... 6001 points!

Successful on the first attempt

But this is a very announcement. Circe doesn't even do her pose like the other times.

You shattered Joel's record, yo! So, what do you say, Ranger? Do you want to take another try at the Capture Challenge?

Since we have yo. I mean have to.

That's the way I like it! You know how to roll with the groove! The rule is simple--just capture all you can in three minutes! That's all there is to it! Go get 'em, yo!

Music: Capture Challenge

The explorer is our resident hints guy. He's at the center of this plains.

The reason we didn't see him in the video is that this plains is HUGE with plenty of ledges; it's very easy to get lost.

I've stopped the clock, so listen to what I have to say and unwind a bit. Have I told you the story about the three young Rangers who once competed as rivals in these challenges? It's a tale that goes back some ten years. One was an oceanic Ranger who could calm even the waves of the sea. One was a speedy Ranger with an elegant mastery of a Dodrio. And one was a miraculous Ranger who beguiled with simultaneous captures! I happen to be one of those three Rangers, if I may say so. ...Actually, that part's a lie. The three Rangers are said to now be the Leaders of Ranger Bases in Summerland, Fall City, and Ringtown. ...If you need a break during a challenge, come see me anytime. I've got other tales to tell. OK, I'm going to let the clock run again!
Hi! Working hard on your challenge, I see! I've stopped the clock, so listen to what I have to say and unwind a bit. You know Murph, don't you? How about I tell you about his partner Pokemon, Slowpoke? You see, it was right ehre in the Kisara Plain that Murph captured his Slowpoke a couple years ago. Murph apparently came here day after day in hopes of capturing an Abra as his partner Pokemon. He was a rookie back then, so he didn't have any luck with captures. He sure shed tears over that. But one day, he fluked out and managed to capture not one, but two Abra at the same time. It was then that a Slowpoke--which is rarely seen in these parts--appeared. Murph claims that the Slowpoke appeared because it became impressed by how hard he was working. One has to wonder about that, but that's the story he stands by. Anyways, apparently Murph and the Slowpoke stared at each other vacantly for around ten minutes. Over taht time, they seemed to form an emotional bond, and that is how the Pokemon came to be Murph's partner. I think there's some sort of a connection between Abra and Slowpoke. What's more, I think there are other combinations of Pokemon that have similar kinds of connections. Oh, incidentally, where did Murph and his Slowpoke stare at each other for ten minutes? That would be right about where you're standing now. ...If you need a break during a challenge, come see me anytime. I've got other tales to tell. OK, I'm going to let the clock run again!

He omitted the part where MC Fielder and Spenser watched as those two stared at each other, not having the heart to inform that the time is up more than 5 minutes ago.

Hi! Working hard on your challenge, I see! I've stopped the clock, so listen to what I have to say and unwind a bit. That Doduo you're riding... That's a ctually a Pokemon taht rarely appears in this Region. How are you supposed to meet one in the wild, you ask? Well, let me tell you a story. A long time ago, a certain Ranger wandered all over for months in hopes of capturing a Doduo. However, no Doduo ever appeared before the Ranger. Eventually, the Ranger gave up. Then, on one mission, the Ranger happened to capture two Kirlia. After that, the Ranger began seeing some Gardevoir, which had never appeared before. When the Ranger captured two of these Gardevoir, it was then that the Ranger's coveted... If I were to tell you the whole story, I would be spoiling your fun. I think you've heard enough. Anyways, I really believe that teh Pokemon have their own networks that we don't have any knowledge of. Wow, I've been talking an awfully long time. ...If you need a break during a challenge, come see me anytime. I've got other tales to tell. OK, I'm going to let the clock run again!

That sure is a lot of . I feel sorry for anyone who accidentally talked to him.

Anyway, Doduo will appear after fulfilling the criteria just mentioned.

It runs and jumps. It's like Spoink but harder.

Required Loops: 3

3 loops means it's very quick to capture, though, so it's not all bad.

Tangela is also here. Not that you should care, but it's here.

Skarmory appears on the east after we defeat the legendary beasts. It's very hard to capture.

First of all, it'll counter with these gusts.

Skarmory mostly flies so high up it's impossible to get a loop on it. It will periodically swoop down for a bit before flying back up.

That swooping is our time to make a loop. We have time for one loop, two if you're daring enough. Don't take too long though; it'll flee relatively quickly.

gently caress Skarmory

Required Loops: 3

Good thing I can slow done the game that most things becomes trivial

Bulbasaur also appears, but it's stupidly rare. Good thing we caught it in that alcove in Lyra Forest; otherwise I'd be even more pissed off.

Third run! These Tauros can be found on the south. Try baiting them so that we'll be dealing with only one of them.

It charges in a curved line. And you generally don't want to deal with more than one harging Pokemon at once.

Required Loops: 8

Especially if they require more than 5 loops.

Dodrio appears on the west after beating the high score here.

It's Doduo on steroids. Without cheats, your best hope is to get lucky.

Required Loops: 4

gently caress Dodrio

After a minute, Abra will start spawning. It will only appear in bushes, but we can easily identify it as it'll teleport constantly.

Of course that means we have to chase it while it's teleporting, too, but that's why we're riding a Doduo instead of running on foot.

Required Loops: 4

It has no attacks, by the way. Just like in the field, it'll teleport constantly and frequently.

We don't have enough time to capture two Abra here, so on to the fourth run!

By the way, I heard that Kecleon appears after a minute, but I have never seen it.

...You know, because it's invisible

Catching two Torchic makes Combusken appear. Catching two Combusken makes Arcanine appear. Catching two Arcanine makes you waste your time.

Finding Abra is pretty hard since it's actually pretty rare. Catching two of them in less than two minute is just luck-based. Better than catching Dodrio, at least.

Anyway, after doing that, Slowpoke will appear in the middle of the plains.

It's a nice easy Pokemon to close out this update.

Required Loops: 4

So yeah, that's Grassland Challenge. Just getting the High Score is easier than Marine Challenge, but getting all required Pokemon requires huge amount of luck, both for getting them to spawn and actually capturing them.

Grassland Challenge:
  • Torchic (300)
  • Combusken (700) (2 Torchic)
  • Arcanine (2000) (2 Combusken)
  • Kecleon (1000) (After 1 minute)
  • Abra (1000) (After 1 minute)
  • Slowpoke (1600) (2 Abra)
  • Spearow (400)
  • Fearow (2601) (Spenser's score beaten)
  • Bulbasaur (200)
  • Tauros (500)
  • Kirlia (300)
  • Gardevoir (500) (2 Kirlia)
  • Doduo (1800) (2 Gardevoir)
  • Dodrio (2301) (Joel's score beaten)
  • Skarmory (2301) (Game completed)
  • Donphan (800)
  • Spoink (400)
  • Rapidash (1600) (2 Spoink)
  • Tangela (200)

Nov 12, 2016

Artoria Pendonut

Yeeesh, glad that mess is over. Capture challenges look aggressively not fun.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

tbh I'm getting the feeling you're burning out on the game. I don't remember what's left to do, but honestly I think you've shown the game off as well as could be reasonably expected, so it might be for the best to end things here.

Thank you for the great LP!

Space Kablooey
May 6, 2009

Zanzibar Ham posted:

tbh I'm getting the feeling you're burning out on the game. I don't remember what's left to do, but honestly I think you've shown the game off as well as could be reasonably expected, so it might be for the best to end things here.

Thank you for the great LP!

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

We're nearly done, definitely more to the postgame than I remember, but on official hardware, not only is all this way more enjoyable, but you blow through it pretty quickly.

And it really helps the next two games are just so so good

Oct 6, 2017

As can be seen in the videos, I can't loop quickly, so I always use an assist to help. Take away those and things get much harder (not in a fun way).

Or maybe it's just because I suck at these challenges because even on hardware it took me a while to finish each of them. But good thing the next games don't have these kinds of challenges.

There's only two more things left to do: getting 4 more new Pokemon (try to guess what) and Manaphy's mission.

Nov 4, 2010

Don't get Manaphy. The thread doesn't deserve it anymore with all these rigged elections.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

It's just we've been riding down the road to the fireworks factory for so long, I'm not sure I'm ready to actually see it.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

At least make sure to get those last 4 Pokemon first. We need to delay Manaphy as long as humanly possible.

Maybe start another LP in the middle too, just to be sure.

Jun 27, 2019

1234567890num posted:

Third run! These Tauros can be found on the south. Try baiting them so that we'll be dealing with only one of them.

It charges in a curved line. And you generally don't want to deal with more than one harging Pokemon at once.

I remember that this is actually distinctly not what you want, the Tauros stand still for something absurd like 2 or 3 seconds before charging when they see a line, so the easiest way to catch them and get an easy 3000 points is to just run into them immediately when they're clustered up and just immediately start circling them before they start moving around

Anyway great LP! Can't believe it's already over, with absolutely nothing left to do aside from catch 4 more mons

Oct 6, 2017

Imagine this scenario that some of you might've experienced: you buy a secondhand copy of this game, hoping to get a Manaphy to transfer at a cheaper price.

Music: Ranger Net

You go into this Ranger Net and find out that you need to complete the game to play any of the missions here.

Eventually, after dealing with Salamence, Steelix, the escort and stealth missions, and all that jazz.

It's a fun time,sure, but your main objective is still getting that Manaphy.

After starting the mission, you're greeted with this scene.

Music: Fall City
Hi, Professor! And hi, assistant lady! We came for a visit! Ah, very good to see you both! Make yourselves at home!
Ah, very good to see you both! Make yourselves at home!
By the way, Professor... What became of Manaphy after we put it in the care of that Trainer in Sinnoh? I wonder and worry about Manaphy a lot.
Well, the Egg was left in the care of a warmhearted individual who somehow reminded me of Circe. I imagine that Manaphy safely hatched. It should be growing steadily now.
I think so, too! (Sigh...) I wish I could meet Manaphy one day...
I often dream about Manaphy. Even though I only knew it as an Egg, I dream of swimming in the sea with the newly born Manaphy...
It must be because manaphy remembers how you cared for it as an Egg.

Music: Saving

And that's it! You don't do any actual mission, and you don't get any Manaphy to transfer! ...No, this did not happen to me. For one, I didn't buy this game with the intention of transferring the Manaphy. Manaphy sucks and Phione is even worse

Apparently, you can only get one Manaphy for each cartridge. However, you can only play the mission once, too. Once you complete the mission, that's it. Since I transferred the Manaphy to Crosspeice for their Pokemon Platinum LP, I couldn't play the mission again. No Manaphy for us!

Yeah, you can notice I skipped how to actually unlock it. Don't worry; I will cover the actual mission later.

1234567890num fucked around with this message at 19:56 on Dec 14, 2019

Nov 4, 2010

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

Whenever Manaphy's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking, "Where's Manaphy?"

e: that sounds like it'd be an awful experience

Zanzibar Ham fucked around with this message at 18:02 on Dec 14, 2019

Oct 20, 2012

My disdain for you all knows no bounds.

Homebrewing can reset the cartridge to a "truly fresh" state at least, allowing you to get the Manaphy from it again. But uh, yeah that's really not a great experience, and not a solution a lot of people have access to.

Oct 6, 2017

Music: Ranger Net

Alright, let's get Manaphy. For real this time. We need to press R+X+Left to unlock another option here.

No, I have no idea how you're supposed to know to press those buttons.

The code itself, however, is distributed through events. They're different for each versions of the game.

We're forced to restart the game at this point.

But when we check the mission list again, we'll find this newly-appeared mission.

So let's do this mission. The ACTUAL mission.

Music: Summerland

Hunh? What could that be? *approaches the egg* What's this thing that's washed up here? Doesn't look like anything I've seen before. It sure is pretty, though. That transparent blue... It's like looking at a miniature ocean. I feel calmer just looking at it... Hey, I know! This pretty thing would make a great gift for that hectic Prof. Hastings. Gazing at this every day might do something to help curb his natural impatience!

Music: Fall City

Hello, Cameron. Why the big smile? Are you having a good day?
Ah, if it isn't Cameron! I trust everyone is doing well at your Ranger Base? How are things in Summerland? Back to normal? Oh, yes, yes! Gordor, the Go-Rock Squad boss, has disappeared, so they've disbanded?
Slow down, Professor. Give me a chance to answer your questions. I'm here for a reason today. Professor, I've brought you the perfect gift to help your impatient nature.

Even the assistant is alarmed

gift, you say? ...Cameron's gifts are famous for being bizarre and unsuitable... Uh... Never mind that! I... I just said that I wish you wouldn't go out of your way...
What's wrong, Professor? It's not like you to turn down a gift! Here you are!

Now, what might this be? I've never seen anything like this... ...Oh, no, perhaps not... I may have seen this somewhere recently, but I'm not altogether certain...
I found it on the beach in Summerland. Don't you feel calmer and more relaxed just looking at it? I think it will be good to display it where you can look at it when you get irritated with work. OK, Professor. I'm heading back to Summerland. *leaves*
Cameron doesn't get it, does he? If anything this enigmatic is put before our eyes, we're more likely to get excited than becalmed. We're scientists, after all. Doesn't it excite you, Professor?
My head is already buzzing with excitement... ...Hmm... I'm getting an uncontrollable urge to determine exactly what this is. I have a feeling that I've seen this elsewhere before... *thinks* That's it! I've remembered! This is a Pokemon Egg! It's very similar to those in the reference papers on Pokemon I ordered from the Sinnoh region!
Th-this thing?! This thing is a Pokemon Egg? None have been confirmed in the Fiore region before!
That has to be it! There's no question about it! It must have been carried here on the sea's currents from some distant land. This is quite the rare discovery, especially for Cameron, given his love for finding useless junk.
By the way, I've heard there are Pokemon that, upon hatching, mistake the first thing they see as their mom. Can you imagine when this Pokemon hatches, Professor? It would be funny if the Pokemon mistook you for its mother!
No, no, there's nothing funny about that. Anyway, I'll be off to Ringtown. I want to show this to Spenser, Murph, and the others. One of them may surprise us and know what sort of Pokemon is in the egg. Why, it might even be Circe. That's just a hunch, of course. There's no point in putting off a good thing. I'll be off. Mind the lab while I'm gone!

Music: Lyra Forest

Of course not everything will go smoothly.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Are you calling Gordor commander again?
Gordor? He is in our past. What he does now--or where he may be--is of no concern to me. My only interest is to revive the Go-Rock Squad to its former glory. But, with the way we are now, people will rightly consider what I say to be no more than a pipe dream. However, Prof. Hastings... If I were to have that Pokemon Egg you hold, all that could change.
How do you know of this Egg? And why would the Egg lead to the resurrection of the Go-Rock Squad? I fail to see the connection.
How did I learn of the Egg? Think of it this way: everything you do and say is no secret to me. Perhaps you should be suspicious of your lovely assistant...who is always close by?
You're saying my assistant is a spy?! Though now that you say it, it is rather unnatural how she puts up with my impatience without a word of complaint...

Spoiler: the assistant isn't a spy. We did see her in the aftermath, after all.

Anyway, Prof. Hastings, I will ask you nicely. Please hand over your Egg without any fuss. If at all possible, I would like to avoid getting into rough stuff with a senior citizen.
Hahahaha! Take it from me-if you can! If you think of me as an old man, you're in for a rude awakening! I'm a different from the frail being that had the Super Styler taken away. Through a daily training program, I've regained the sharp physique of my youth! You half-baked lot I can twist, crumple, and toss aside easily!
(Sigh...) Very well. Show him the error of his ways.

Music: Trouble

Go Hastings!

Twist, crumple, and toss! Twist, crumple, and toss! ...Owowowow! Argh! Stop! Don't twist!

Your training method was apparently ineffective. Thank you for the Pokemon Egg. It will eventually lead me to the Sea Crown... Farewell, Prof. Hastings.

*The three of them leave*

...Those rotten thugs... Getting violent with an old man... But what did he man by the Sea Crown? No time to waste! Spenser and Circe must be informed!

Notice how Hastings never mention Lunick by name.

Music: Ranger Base

Everyone! Calm down and listen! The blue Cameron's Egg is a Pokemon...the Go-Rock Squad took the present...and my training was ineffective... ...Calm down, me! I was robbed of a precious Pokemon Egg by the Go-Rock Squad! The egg was colored a transparent blue... Like the color of the sea! I don't know why they took it, but the Go-Rock Squad is trying to regroup! They said something or another about a Sea Crown!
A transparent blue Egg? The Sea Crown? Circe, your expression tells me that you seem to know something about them.

Of course we do!

What?! A Manaphy Egg? The Manaphy? The one that is mentioned in that ancient legend about the Sea Crown?
I remember now, too! The legend told of the Sea Temple, which is said to drift eternally in the seas. And somewhere in the Sea Temple, the Sea Crown is said to be hidden away. Manaphy is supposed to be the only being capable of somehow getting to the Sea Temple which is said to be invisible. The Go-Rock Squad's true intention must be to use Manaphy to locate the Sea Temple and obtain the Sea Crown. For the legend says, "The bearer of the Sea Crown shall become the world's king." The Go-Rock Squad is desperate to regain its former glory. If we are to do anything, now is the only time!

This is alluding to Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. I haven't seen the movie, but apparently Solana (Circe's default name) only appears as cameo while Lunick never appears in the anime.

Circe, you're in charge of this mission. Your job is to safely recover the Manaphy Egg that was stolen by the Go-Rock Squad.

Music: Mission Received!

Music: Ranger Base
Lunick! You're my insurance policy. I want you to support Circe.

Circe, I've got your back! Let's hustle to the Lyra Forest.

at Lunick being an insurance.

*When talked to* They say the Manaphy Egg is very beautiful.
*When talked to* It's been a while since we went up against any Go-Rock Squad members.
*When talked to* I wonder what Manaphy is like as a Pokemon?
*When talked to* But it is strange... How did they know that the professor obtained the Egg?
*When talked to* I don't understand it. I thought the Go-Rock Squad collapsed after my rival, Gordor, disappeared... I thought their history had completely ended...

Haven't you heard about their appearance in Fiore Temple? (And that solo squad in Olive Volcano).

*When talked to* Listen, listen, Circe! I just got a mission from Prof. Hastings, too! Do you want to know what sort of mission I got? I'll tell you! It's a little long, but the mission's called, "Go to Prof. Hastings's lab and search for Pokemon reference documents!" I think it's going to be pretty dangerous, but I'm up for it. Let's look good on our missions! *leaves*

I don't know when Hastings give that mission to Murph or why he didn't just give the mission to a Fall City Ranger, but

Music: Mission Start!

After all, we have our own mission.

Music: Lyra Forest
The Go-Rock Squad should still be in the Lyra Forest!

We can't chase after them, though, considering these Graveler are in our way.

I wonder why Murph isn't also getting blocked. Maybe he went through before these Gravelers got here?

The Linoone family has been replaced with this Politoed.

Good thing too, because otherwise nothing here can break this Graveler's disguise. Either way, we won't have any access to Pokemon with Crush or Cut this mission.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

You're be able to see through my Graveler's camouflage! But let's see you capture them! That's another story!

We're fighting 3 Graveler here, by the way. Not just the one we rudely woken up.

Each Graveler takes 11 loops, so it might take a while. Get a Mudkip so you can capture at least one immediately. Otherwise, just focus on one at a time; Graveler's range is kinda small, so it should be doable if you take it slow.

Music: Lyra Forest
Yeah, yeah, like always, your teamwork is too good! But don't think that's the only way to look cool! There are other ways of looking cool in this world! ...I know I said it, but that was a lame comeback... *flees*

I'm assuming that the teamwork is between Circe and her Pokemon, because at Lunick helping during capture.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

I see, however, that there are two paths here. Which way is it?
Leave it up to me, sir! I've planted mushrooms on the correct path as signs. Um... Which was it now? *spots the mushroom* There! My mushroom! Commander, it's this way!

*Circe and Lunick approach*

You two... You're Pokemon Rangers?!
You're the muggers that took the professor's Egg! Give it up without a fight!
Allow me to explain something, you two. This Manaphy Egg is meaningful only if we possess it. Why, even Prof. Hastings himself was told this by none other than his assistant in his very own lab. This is what she said: "It would be funny if the Pokemon mistook you to be its mother." No truer words were spoken! That is why we decided to step in and take custody of the Manaphy Egg. Do you understand now? And now, we must bid you farewell.

*The commander and the male grunt leave*

Halt, Go-Rock Squad! ...Why does that guy seem to know exactly what's being said in the professor's lab?
Hey, you sleepy peacenik Ranger! You're not getting past me. Just to make up for it, I'll tell you about our deliciously evil plan! We're going to hatch Manaphy from the Egg and get it to guide us to the sea Temple. Manaphy is going to lead us to that Sea Crown thing. That way our new boss is going to become the king of the seas! He's goign to be way bigger than our old boss, Gordor. Like, no comparison. That's enough talking! I'm switching to attacking!

Nobody asked you to tell us your plan, but thanks for spilling it out anyway.

Also, apparently "peacenik" is a real word. It's a member of the pacifist movement, which...uh...kinda sorta applies to Rangers?

Oh how threatening, I'm shaking in fear here

Music: Lyra Forest
Your capturing skills are solid... But you can't go as far as forcibly taking the Pokemon Egg from us, can you? That's what hobbles you! *flees*

Umm... Which was it now?

It's not like you can go up that ledge.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Murph got to Fall City before these guys? Maybe he and his Slowpoke are secretly The Flash...

No one gets in the way of the Go-Rock Squad's resurrection!

This is marginally harder than 4 Rattata. Marginally.

Music: Lyra Forest
Darn it! You'd better remember this! *flees*

Ooh, a Flying assist. That's useful.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

The Go-Rock Squad will once again grace the history books!

Not with those Pokemon you won't.

Music: Lyra Forest
The Go-Rock Squad's future looks bleak... *flees*

It's pretty much the same as before, so I'll skip the rest of their misadventures.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

We're tenacious, but you're even more tenacious!

Scyther is a definite upgrade, but it's still no match for Circe

Music: Lyra Forest
Bleh to you! You're not getting back the Manaphy Egg! *flees*

Well that sure is convenient for us.

The ledges leads back to that second mushroom, so they're locked into a loop.

The second loop has the same grunts with the different Pokemon. One decides to get a hard-to-capture Pokemon. The other...not so much.

Listen, Circe. See that mushroom there? Doesn't it look strange compared to other mushrooms? Could it actually be a Pokemon in camouflage?

It definitely is, but let's go on and see if those guys will realize that they're walking in circles.

Well that is definitely an upgrade. But even that is no match for Circe

...Nope. Doesn't look like they'll come to that realization. There's no more grunts on our way, so we can theoretically just tail them around forever.

Hey, look over there, Circe! That mushroom is definitely a camouflaged Pokemon. We should have that Swellow we just captured help us.

If we hadn't captured that Swellow, Lunick will told us to capture the Swellow we encountered on the way.

We could use the Swellow on the second Parasect, but it'll have no effect. Parasect will just move between the upper and lower sides of the road leading to the left.

It would definitely be more interesting if using the Swellow here would move Parasect to the right and lead them to Krokka Tunnel, leading to a Game Over.

Anyway, we use the Swellow to move Parasect downwards.

One loop later...

Sir, I'm sorry, sir! We shouldn't be far now, I think.
Tch! The path splits into two again! Now which way?

Same old routine. But if you remember what at the end of the south side of this fork...

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

How utterly pathetic! Incapable of even the simple task of guiding me through a forest!
Um... But I... There were mushrooms... As trail markers...

*Circe and Lunick approach*

What the...? They've chased me down?! What were my stooges doing?! To be outwitted by mrere children... My underlings are failures! Every last one of them!

You got tricked too, you know

Looks like you've cornered yourself. There's no getting away this time! Why don't you realize that it's hopeless...and turn over the Egg quietly?
(Snicker...) Don't let my looks fool you, I'm going to be the new Go-Rock Squad boss. No... Not only that, I am the chosen one--I shall come ot reign as the absolute ruler of all Fiore. Don't you understand? Your mere act of speaking against me is an act of vile insolence. Before you utter another word from your impudent mouth, I will give you a lesson you won't forget!

This can be tough without any assist, but if you bothered recapturing Swellow it's a pushover. It's so easy I won't even bother posting a video of this.

Music: Lyra Forest
I... Impossible. It's inconceivable that I lost... Call me a sore loser, but you're never getting this Egg away from me! Call me a coward, but I will flee!

*Both of them flee*

No! He got away!


Well, time to chase them, I guess. It's not like he could get out of the forest by himself.

...Oh, looks like we don't have to.

It's been a while, Circe. The Manaphy Egg isn't just something that anyone can hold thoughtlessly. It isn't something that is simply beautiful. It contains a life. At the very least, the one who should be looking after this Egg isn't this fool!
Owowowowow... Please, stop twisting my arm like that, Gordor... You abandoned the Go-Rock Squad! What made you come back like you own the place...? Owowow! OK, OK! I got it! You can have your Egg! *gives the egg before fleeing*
*Picks up the egg* This is... The Manaphy Egg... Gordor... What did you do after disbanding the Go-Rock Squad?
I've done nothing in particular since then... I've thought a lot. I've thought about how you saved me at the very end... I felt small and ashamed of my own petty pride that was nothing next to the glare of your nobility... It was pathetic, but it was all I could do to flee in shame. But I've awakened from the nightmare. I've finally realized that what I should be doing is making amends for my crimes. I ask myself every day what I can do to make things better for people. I don't think that I can ever atone for all my misdeeds, but I must try. You are the ones who awakened me to become what I am today. And for that, I owe you a thanks. Thank you... And please, give my regards to Prof. Hastings. *leaves*

What, no laugh this time?

Wow... He was like a changed man. It was as if he hatched from an egg or something. This Egg... We'd better take it back safely.

Music: Ranger Base

And look at you! Cradling that Manaphy Egg as if it were a newborn child! Quick, quick! Let me have a closer look!
Professor, please try to stay calm while I say this. This Egg... We recovered it in the end with Gordor's help. He appears to have changed after Circe saved him that time. *returns the egg*
What did you say?! Did you say Gordor?! He recovered the Manaphy Egg...
Good work, both of you. If the remaining Go-Rock Squad holdouts were to get this, there's no telling what sort of trouble would brew up. If Gordor really had a change of heart for the better, then we can credit that to you, too. That's mission cleared, you two!

Music: Mission Clear!

You don't deserve to do the pose, Lunick!

Oh, that's right! Everyone, listen! Murph did a fantastic job on his mission. I think he should tell us in his own words.
Well, the mission I was assigned was to help the assistant lady search for reference material. So, I was helping, and then I saw this huge book, so I started flipping through it. And that's when I found it! The book was hollowed out, and there was a listening device in it! You bet I was surprised! I mean, it was this transistor radio bug! It was listening in! The assistant lady joked, "Did the professor set it to see if I was saying things behind his back?" But on close inspection, we found a Go-Rock Squad logo on it. They were eavesdropping on the professor!
Murph, wow, that is so cool! Imagine finding a bugging device! That's like something straight out of a spy movie!

Great job, Murph!

...Unlike a certain someone who just stand there while Circe do all the work

*To Hastings* By the way, Professor... Are you maybe not getting along too well with your assistant?
What a thing to say! I resent that insinuation! Me? Consider my assistant a spy? That only happened once... ...Uh, no, no, no! Never once have I thought of her as a spy! But, regardless, I will buy my assistant a gift and get back on her good side!
Do you maybe mean that Egg is going to be a gift to her?
Oh, no, no! This is no gift. This is an invaluable research specimen. This Egg still remains largely shrouded in mystery. How was the Go-Rock Squad planning to make this Egg hatch in the first place? There have been no reports of successful Pokemon Egg-hatching in the Fiore region as far as I know...
You're serious?
As serious as a broken Styler, yes. What's more, this happens to be an ultrarare Manaphy Egg. How are we to approach this delicate issue of hatching the Egg...?
Professor? Even you don't know.
I just thought of something good! Why don't we catch the Go-Rock Squad and get them to look after the Egg until it hatches? ...Oh, wait a minute... That would put us back to where we all started, would it? Actually, knowing them, they probably already ran off somewhere far away.
Hm? Murph, what did you just say? Somewhere far away? Brilliant! There is that option! For example, in the Sinnoh region, there should be many highly skilled Pokemon Trainers. Rather than keeping the Manaphy Egg here, we should have someone in the Sinnoh region hold it for us! For the time being, I will take the Egg back to the lab. Murph, thank you for a most useful idea! *leaves*
Hunh?... Did I say something good?

Good thing this game releases before the time of episodic games

With the mission complete, the "code" option has been changed.

New Music: Manaphy Egg

It lists the number of days the egg is under your care, so you can tell if you can't get a friend with a mainline Pokemon games to transfer it into or too poor to get the game yourself

By the way, the music here is only played during this time. So most people won't get to hear it.

It says Sinnoh here, but I'm pretty sure we can transfer it to Johto (HGSS).

While we're at it, what happens if we try to do the misison again before the egg is transferred?

Music: Fall City

Hi, Professor! And hi, assistant lady! We came for a visit!
Ah, very good to see you both! Make yourselves at home!
Professor, what became of the Egg? Were there any offers from people in the Sinnoh region willing to raise the Egg?
Hush now, don't be so impatient. There's nothing to be gained from rushing things.
I never expected to be told I'm impatient by you, Professor.
Wahahaha! I've always wanted to say that! There's nothing to be concerned about over the Egg. I'm sure that we will be hearing from some kindhearted person before too long. Besides, right now my assistant is playing the part of Manaphy's mother. Whenever there is time, she sings the Egg a lullaby that she made up herself.
Mana Mana Manaphy. Dream, dream, and gently sleep. Mana Mana Manaphy. The darling princess of the sea.

And that's that! All the Pokemon Ranger games can give out a Manaphy, but since the sequels require NWC () this game is the only one where that's still possible now.

I'm still confused as to why that mission can only be played once, though. Is it because this is the only time we see Gordor after the credits?

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

I entirely forgot about the fact that no eggs have apparently ever been seen in Fiore. That leaves with a lot of questions. Is every single Pokemon in Fiore imported from other regions? Are they born differently? This is so weird.

Feb 21, 2014

Blaze Dragon posted:

I entirely forgot about the fact that no eggs have apparently ever been seen in Fiore. That leaves with a lot of questions. Is every single Pokemon in Fiore imported from other regions? Are they born differently? This is so weird.

Remember how it took millennia of living together before a certain old couple first found a pokemon egg (Chancey doesn't count)? What about that secret bulbasaur evolution ceremony back in Season 1 of the anime?

Pokemon have always been hiding huge parts of their life cycles from humans. And since Fiore doesn't have trainers, there's no surprise no one's scrutinized the habitats hard enough to find an actual nest.

Nov 4, 2010

Eggs are just physical markers for Pokémon entering this world from their home plane. If they were literal eggs, how come Pokémon like Kangaskhan have a child in their pouch from the moment of "hatching"?

It also took millenia before anyone noticed Pokémon had genders, outside of the Nidoran families, even though the dimorphism is extremely obvious now..

What I'm saying is that it's a really weird move for them to keep up the whole "never seen an egg before gen 2" and "gee willikers, I'm a professional Pokémon breeder, but I never saw where they came from" things instead of just retconning it to be obvious.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Geemer posted:

What I'm saying is that it's a really weird move for them to keep up the whole "never seen an egg before gen 2" and "gee willikers, I'm a professional Pokémon breeder, but I never saw where they came from" things instead of just retconning it to be obvious.

That's pretty funny considering the immediate next generation would retcon that anyways, with HGSS' beginning going from Elm being shocked at the idea of a Pokemon Egg to him being unimpressed about being given yet another egg.

The Golux
Feb 18, 2017

Internet Cephalopod

Geemer posted:

Eggs are just physical markers for Pokémon entering this world from their home plane. If they were literal eggs, how come Pokémon like Kangaskhan have a child in their pouch from the moment of "hatching"?

...not actually a bad idea

Oct 6, 2017

Music: Olive Volcano

Time to start the final update.

Not with a bang, though, since there's nothing interesting in the ruins besides the respawning obstacles and this newly-available Camerupt (going the other way from Groudon's door). We've seen the other postgame stuff when we went here for Groudon.

Olive Jungle Ruined Ruins

Available Pokemon:
  • Numel
  • Electrike
  • Graveler
  • Sceptile
  • Tangela
  • Magmar
  • Macnetric
  • Beldum
  • Rhydon
  • Slugma
  • Houndoom
  • Charmander
  • Poliwrath
  • Magcargo
  • Arcanine
  • Charmeleon
No Longer Available:
  • Poliwhirl
Newly Available:
  • Camerupt

This area is recorded right after the end of our last exploration update (before the Capture Arena and Grassland Challenge).

Since this means that we're now at Ringtown right after the Grassland Challenge, we might as well go and grab THAT Pokemon.

Video: Registeel (Quick Version)

...Yeah, assists definitely made Registeel much easier

I'm recapturing Registeel because finishing this game with all 3 Regis at once feels nice, isn't it?

Music: Wintown

Since we haven't talked to the Wintown NPCs yet, let's do that now.

It wakes up sometimes and goes foraging for food, but that doesn't happen very often.

He says somewhere in the Sekra Range is entombed an eternal Pokemon. I bet hearing about that will drive you to... ...Sorry, I didn't mean to say that...

But it will be fine now that it's found me. Every so often, when I pick it up to hold it, it grins and says, "Shshshi." Isn't it just the sweetest thing?

Go play outside? I play inside because it's cold.

The truth be told, she is a kind and warmhearted girl. She also happens to be highly intelligent and skilled. By rights, she should be working within the Ranger Union. So why would she choose to remain in this frigid, isolated town? Well, did you know Elita helps care for the old folks in town? She does wonderful work with seniors like me. I would wager that Elita chooses to stay in town because she cares and worries about us old folks. My intuition tells me so, and it is rarely wrong. I'm the oldest woman in all of Fiore. I should know.

Elita! Lita! Lita! Ta! I tried to simulate echoes on my own. I know... I feel so empty...


I'm going to change. No, I've changed. You Rangers taught all of us an important lesson.

I hike around up there all the time, and I didn't notice anything amiss. I went up there to see what's become of the place after all the troubles. Wild Pokemon live there now.

Technically, wild Pokemon were there even while that place is still inhabited.

Music: Sekra Range

When he was a wee lad, he was buried by an avalanche in the Sekra Range. It seems a brave Ranger managed to dig him out from under the snow. Ever since then, he's vowed to repay any Rangers for the rest of his life. I wish he'd show me a little bit more care and kindness, though. Ahahah!

We didn't see any snow in Sekra Range

Speaking of Sekra Range, that's where we're going to explore next.

Fun fact: Altaria is the only Pokemon in this game with Lv3 Gust.

Another fun fact: Vileplume is the only Pokemon that needs it.

Vileplume attacks annoyingly often, but you should be able to handle it.

Required Loops: 9
Possible EXP: 46/58/70/86

By the way, remember that rockfall next to those Vileplume?

We went up here back before we face Gordor and the legendary beasts.

By the way, you can see how slow Meganium is.

Following the pattern, I think you can guess what this path leads to.

However, as you recall, we were blocked by an ice block. We can't get past that since there's no Lv3 Burn Pokemon in Sekra Range.

Well, we can actually get past it now. Suck it, Ice Block!

There's 4 Gastly in front of it, by the way. Sucks to be someone who got here with a Lv3 Burn Pokemon only to have it spirited away!

Video: Regirock

Here it is, our final Regi. Since Regigigas didn't exist yet.

Regirock is by far the easiest of the Regi. It's not hard to capture even without Fighting assist, so I won't be using it.

As usual, when it initiates an attack, it's invincible. And also as usual, it only does one thing.

It makes rocks fall (not rockfalls), which shatters upon landing. The shards are nowhere as spread out as those iron balls or those ice pillars.

Regirock also moves around a lot; more than Regice or Registeel, so Grass assist can be actually useful after so long

In the video, I used Tangela before using Vileplume. Can you guess why? No reason; it's purely an accident

Required Loops: 20
Possible EXP: 420/438/456/474/492/510

We're not done with Sekra Range, but let's go elsewhere.

Music: Fiore Temple

Since it's nearer, let's go to Fiore Temple first.

Fiore Temple

Available Pokemon:
  • Golem
  • Donphan
  • Aerodactyl
  • Ariados
  • Grovyle
  • Vaporeon (moved to the second area)
  • Raichu
  • Medicham
  • Swalot
  • Gengar
  • Umbreon
  • Espeon (moved to the second area)
  • Flareon (moved to the second area)
  • Jolteon
No Longer Available:
  • Ralts
  • Kirlia
  • Gardevoir

We're not here for the new Pokemon.

Oh, sorry, I wasn't sleeping. I'm the Drowzee Man. I think I know you. You're... Uh... You! Just for being you, I'll let you experience some "Nostalgic Captures." Oh, but before you go, I have to tell you, you can only take three friend Pokemon to the Nostalgic Capture place. Oh, and when you're finished, you have to release every friend Pokemon. Would you like to experience the Nostalgic Captures anyway?

Sure. Let's see what this "Nostalgic Captures" is all about.

Zzz zzz zzz... Excellent answer! Where I'm about to send you, there will be a man waiting for you with three Pokemon... Oh? Oh? Oh? Didn't I tell you earlier that you can only take three friend Pokemon to the place where you do the Nostalgic Captures? Yes, sir! I surely did! If you want to do the Nostalgic Captures, you have to reduce your party to three or fewer friend Pokemon, OK?

Welp. Let's try that again.

Zzz zzz zzz... Excellent answer! Where I'm about to send you, there will be a man waiting for you with three Pokemon. OK, here goes... Deja deja deja... Deja deja deja... Yu!

Music: Tension

We've finally cornered Gordor, the Go-Rock Squad's boss... This is it, Circe. This is our final showdown. Let's get it done!

It's time for the Regis vs the Legendary Beasts!

Oh wait, Registeel doesn't have any assist. Never mind then

Either way, this guy will let us redo the final sequence of the game, down to the credits. I don't know why you're restricted to 3 Friend Pokemon, though

Music: Go-Rock Squad's Base

Our final unexplored area is Go-Rock Squad's Base, which looks much worse after that whole explosion debacle.

The alarm tiles are now broken ( ), but the Save Machine is perfectly fine.

Metagross can be found at the very end of the first section. The stairs is blocked, so we can't go to the second part of the base.

Metagross is very slow. The main challenge here is catching the Beldum that usually get caught up in the capture.

Required Loops: 30
Possible EXP: 326/340/354/368/382/396

I'm pretty sure Metagross has the highest required loop, so that's something.

Go-Rock Squad's Base

Available Pokemon:
  • Beldum
  • Electabuzz
  • Metang
No Longer Available:
  • Magneton
  • Mankey
  • Ralts
  • Swampert
  • Wurmple
  • Blaziken
  • Graveler
  • Croconaw
  • Sneasel
  • Taillow
  • Machamp
Newly Available:
  • Tyranitar
  • Gastly
  • Metagross

Sheesh, that's a lot of Pokemon not here anymore. Makes sense considering the base exploded and all.

Music: Sekra Range

Well, only one Pokemon left to go. It's sad to see that the LP is almost over.

At least we can get the fish to accompany us in the end

The Snorlax in the cave has finally awakened! It's like a dream how the perpetually sleepy Snorlax emerged from the land of dreams!

If the Snorlax is still asleep, this is what the explorer says instead.

Sssh! Keep your voice down! I'm observing a Snorlax that's sleeping in that cave. Of ocurse, I don't think it would wake up even if we were to shout our heads off close by. I've been a Snorlax fan for nearly ten years, but I've yet to see one awake.

Snorlax will be the last Pokemon everyone will capture since it'll only wake up after all the other Pokemons have been captured. Not counting the Ranger Net Pokemon, of course.

Snorlax is less of a challenge and more of a celebratory lap.

Required Loops: 21
Possible EXP: 110/120/130/140/150/160

Sekra Range

Available Pokemon:
  • Quilava
  • Nuzleaf
  • Poliwhirl
  • Arbok
  • Pikachu
  • Piloswine
  • Shiftry
  • Sneasel
  • Swablu
  • Golem
  • Raichu
  • Tangela
  • Magikarp
  • Gligar
  • Kangaskhan
  • Gastly
  • Seedot
Newly Available:
  • Altaria
  • Larvitar
  • Vileplume
  • Regirock
  • Pupitar
  • Snorlax

Well, this is it. The end of everything to do in this game.

From: Spenser
To: Circe

The Ringtown Ranger Base just received an emergency report from the Ranger Union. It said a certain Ranger has finally completed a Browser that catalogs every Pokemon in the Fiore region. I was blown away! I mean, "a certain Ranger"? Circe! The union was reporting about you! This is big news! Please come to the Ringtown Ranger Base as soon as you can. I can't wait to get a look at your completed Browser.

You're the first Ranger to ever complete the Browser in this region. As a Leader, I feel deeply honored and proud knowing that there is a Ranger like you among us. This certificate is awarded only to Rangers who complete their Browser. You've earned this. Take it.

New Music: Browser Complete

Our reward is an emblem on the Ranger profile and a bunch of congratulations. It's definitely better than the reward for completing the National Dex in any mainline games.

By the way, notice how we're not even halfway to reaching Styler Lv 18. The EXP curve in this game is very steep.

Congratulations, Circe! Honestly, I'm glad that I had enough sense to certify you as a Ranger. Seriously, thank you!
Congratulations, Circe! You've gotten the better of me again! I can't have you showing me up this way. I'll have to work that much harder at being a Ranger!
Circe, let me put your marvelous achievement in perspective. Let me give you a simile!

I can't seem to think of an appropriate simile, but let that not bother you! Your achievement is colossal!
Your desire to learn more about Pokemon... And your compassion toward Pokemon... If either of those things were missing, I doubt that your fantastic achievement would have come true. Circe, congratulations!
It just goes to show how Spenser can spot good recruits. I'll have to send you a gift to celebrate your mighty feat, friend! Oh, no, no, don't worry about it! I want to send you a gift!
Congratulations! You've finally won recognition as a top-class Ranger in title and in deed. But, you know? Giggle... I've never seen Spenser so delighted that way.

I think I'm more giddy than you! Congratulations!

Percy doesn't get any line because he sucks. At least Chris has the excuse of being Silent.

This is so awesome! I don't think I could be any happier were it to happen to me. But, do you know something? I don't think anyone's as happy for you as Plusle. After all, it was with you before you even became a Ranger, Circe. Isn't that right, Plusle?

Thanks for reading.

See you guys in the next LP.

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Nov 4, 2014

I won this avatar on a technicality this thick.

Thanks for a great LP.

Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

Thanks for the LP!

Nov 4, 2010

Thanks for the LP, it was a good read!

Lotus Aura
Aug 16, 2009


The little scene you get here for having a complete Pokédex Browser was really cute.

Thanks for the LP; it was a fun read. I kinda bounced off the game at some point years ago (I think around the Machoke early on even) and just never picked up the series again. I don't really wish I didn't, but this was still a good way to see it in full.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

Glad to see this game complete! It's definitely an awkward one to LP, but you did a fantastic job showing it all off and then some. This also means there's 2 games to go and boy are they just amazing. I do really like 1, but the other games just blow it outta the water.

Black Robe
Sep 12, 2017

Generic Magic User

Thanks I came into this nearly blind, I enjoyed the LP but don't think I'd enjoy the actual game. Though the thread's collectively been assuring me that the sequels are better, so there's that to look forward to.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

This was a lot of fun to follow, thanks for wrangling all the pokemon (and villains)!

The only mainline pokemon game I've played to completion/got all the pokemon for was one of the GBC Silver/Gold ones IIRC? I first got all the mons I could legitly, then hacked to find all the rest in the wild/unlock their events etc.. I remember that all I got out of that was the professor saying 'oh, you found all of them! thank you so much!' or something to that effect.

This is much better fanfare, needless to say.

Oct 6, 2017

Speaking of the sequels, it's going to take some time to prepare for them (especially considering the holidays). In the meantime...

Which one? And what will be the name? The default names are Kellyn for the boy and Kate for the girl.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

What's with the hair on that boy? Yikes. I'll vote for the girl. As for a name, I'm tapped out for ideas so I'll just vote for someone else's suggestion.

Black Robe
Sep 12, 2017

Generic Magic User

Boy and keep him as Kellyn. Remember guys, Kellyn goes on to move to Pokemon Uranium and marry/have kids with a woman who then fuses with a crazy Nuclear Pokemon thing.

Why would we not want to explore his origin and find out what the hell happened to him?

The Golux
Feb 18, 2017

Internet Cephalopod

Black Robe posted:

Boy and keep him as Kellyn. Remember guys, Kellyn goes on to move to Pokemon Uranium and marry/have kids with a woman who then fuses with a crazy Nuclear Pokemon thing.

Why would we not want to explore his origin and find out what the hell happened to him?

I was gonna suggest a girl named rhonda to keep up the trend but this is a good point also.

Aug 22, 2013

What is with the lack of hats on the main characters in this series? It's obscene.


Feb 21, 2014

Boy named Kellyn

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

This does not link to what you wanted to link, and even if it did it wouldn't be a Regirock video.

Thanks for LPing this game! Ranger is a series I hold dear to my heart. I remember back then we had Ranger and MD as the Big Spinoffs (which today is just Go, sadly) and I was the only person I knew that was more attracted to the former than the latter. Ranger 1 is a really awkward game, with interesting ideas but annoying execution, but nonetheless it's a fun game I genuinely like, and a great framework for the much better 2 and 3 to improve upon. It's also hell to play on a computer so you're amazing for doing that.

Can't wait for the next! In the meanwhile...

Black Robe posted:

Boy and keep him as Kellyn. Remember guys, Kellyn goes on to move to Pokemon Uranium and marry/have kids with a woman who then fuses with a crazy Nuclear Pokemon thing.

Why would we not want to explore his origin and find out what the hell happened to him?

We can't break canon, of course.

Nov 4, 2010

Black Robe posted:

Boy and keep him as Kellyn. Remember guys, Kellyn goes on to move to Pokemon Uranium and marry/have kids with a woman who then fuses with a crazy Nuclear Pokemon thing.

Why would we not want to explore his origin and find out what the hell happened to him?

Thanks for reminding me of this dumb plot hook from Uranium.


Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

Black Robe posted:

Boy and keep him as Kellyn. Remember guys, Kellyn goes on to move to Pokemon Uranium and marry/have kids with a woman who then fuses with a crazy Nuclear Pokemon thing.

Why would we not want to explore his origin and find out what the hell happened to him?

Oh good, I don't have to post this myself. Boy called Kellyn

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