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Black Robe
Sep 12, 2017

Generic Magic User

Which option lets us tell Spenser not to be a dick to Murph? I don't think making fun of a guy who can't understand it is very Ranger-worthy.


Feb 21, 2014

I've been thinking about why Murph is such a great character. Here's what I have so far.

* He's clearly not supposed to be ranger material in the first place, and everyone around him knows it.
* Except, a significant percentage of the supporting cast doesn't qualify as "competent" either. That portion knows just enough to get into trouble, then dump their job on the player.
* Therefore: Because he's not trusted with real duties, Murph never dumps his own work on you. That last mission was the closest he gets, and it's in a separate mode from the main story.
* On a related note, he has a generally pleasant personality, with no unwarranted arrogance (or even that much laziness).

Oct 6, 2017

Music: Fall City

Welcome back to more exploring! Our first area is technically Fall City, but there's no Pokemon we haven't seen before.

Fall City

Available Pokemon:
  • Snubbull
  • Makuhita
  • Pichu
  • Meowth
  • Ludicolo
  • Wingull
  • Krabby
No Longer Available:
  • Staryu
Newly Available:
  • Skitty
  • Jigglypuff
  • Taillow
  • Blaziken
  • Blastoise

This part is technically between Krokka Tunnel and Fall City, so I'm counting it as the latter. This Blaziken is by far the most convenient Pokemon with Lv3 Burn.

Convenient doesn't mean easy though; it's as hard to capture as ever. There's plenty of assists nearby to help with that, though.

Speaking of Krokka Tunnel, let's visit the place that share its music: Fall City Waterworks.

Music: Krokka Tunnel

That means it's the return of these ambush Corphish!

I'm not using the tally anymore because turns out it's actually very tame compared to the ambush Ariados.

However, don't forget that the sewers also the slippery sludge floor and the Koffing which can poison us.

As a reminder, getting poisoned will slow down our movement to a crawl, which makes it literally impossible to avoid these Corphish

Anyway, our new area for today will be this part here.

It's where we found Meditite and Squirtle. We couldn't burn this scrap metal before.

Well, we can now. It has a Raticate (useless except for getting Crawdaunt), Magneton (would be useful if there isn't one in Oddish's alcove), and...

Feraligatr shoots and charges at our Styler. Like Donphan, its charge is stupidly long it's practically impossible to dodge.

Required Loops: 14
Possible EXP: 92/109/126/143/160/177

Unlike Donphan, Feraligatr isn't immune to Electric. That can be combined with Meditite's Fighting to make things a lot easier.

Fun fact: Rattata is now in the sewer, and it'll flee to the grate if it spots us.

More fun fact: getting back to the entrance is faster to go back through the hole in the sludge room than to go forward around the whole sewer.

Extra fun fact: apparently Muk and Grimer do live in the sewer. That combined with Weezing's existence and us walking through the water pipes makes me think that this place isn't very clean.

Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a facility for DRINKING water

Fall City Waterworks

Available Pokemon:
  • Magnemite
  • Totodile
  • Drowzee
  • Corphish
  • Koffing
  • Raticate
  • Croconaw
  • Tangela
  • Meditite
  • Oddish
  • Magneton
  • Crawdaunt
Newly Available:
  • Feraligatr
  • Rattata
  • Grimer
  • Muk

Music: Panula Cave

...Let's get away from the grossness of the sewer to go to a pristine ice cave. We can drop down from Absol's area into near the beginning ledge maze.

Exploud and a few Whismur are now inhabiting the area where Steelix slept and had to be rudely awakened.

Surprise surprise, it has the same attack as Whismur and Loudred

Required Loops: 14
Possible EXP: 86/95/104/116

While we're going to get a lot less new Pokemon than our last Pokemon, we are going to go visit a whopping one (1!) more new area

Choosing the wrong hole here will drop us to Loudred's slide while choosing the correct one will drop us into a new ledge. Try to guess which hole it is.

If your answer is any of the three visible ones, then you'll have to go back up here and try again because you guessed incorrectly. It's a short trek up, at least.

If you guessed the hole under the left boulder, congratulations! You just wasted a fully functional Lv2 Crush on a hole that doesn't exist! Golem is available right outside, so this is actually a non-issue.

Hope you bring a Pokemon with Cross before coming here. Otherwise, you'll have to go get either the Bulbasaur in Lyra Forest or Tangela in Sekra Range.

In any case, it's definitely not nearly as bad as with Registeel, though. Just 1 Lv3 Burn, 1 (or 2) Lv2 Crush, and 1 Cross. Way less than the 7 needed for Registeel.

After all that, what is the Pokemon waiting for us?

Video: Regice

It's kinda obvious if you think about it.

Anyway, Regice. It's easier solely due to me actually bringing useful assists this time.

Like Registeel, it only does one thing but that one thing makes it extremely hard to capture.

It creates ice that moves in an upwards zig-zag pattern, covering half the screen.

When Regice moves its hands, any loops we make won't count and releasing our Styler will force us to start over. This applies to Registeel too, by the way.

With half the screen off-limits at any given time, making loops around Regice is not easy. Which means that Fire assist is pretty much useless. Not helping is that Torkoal's assist only lasts for 10 seconds.

It won't make any pillars if it's stunned, though, so using Plusle will give us some breathing room. Using Fighting right after that will very quickly capture it.

Required Loops: 13
Possible EXP: 420/438/456/474/492/510

Not needing as many loops as Registeel also makes it a lot easier.

Panula Cave

Available Pokemon:
  • Golbat
  • Whismur
  • Snorunt
  • Jynx
  • Pikachu
  • Solrock
  • Medicham
  • Wobbuffet
  • Poliwhirl
  • Poliwrath
  • Dusclops
  • Glalie
  • Sneasel
  • Loudred
  • Piloswine
  • Golem
Newly Available:
  • Crobat
  • Absol
  • Exploud
  • Swinub
  • Regice

I could end things here, but let's continue on. We only catch three new Pokemon so far, and that just seems too little.

So let's go to the jungle and get two more new Pokemon!

It can attack with Hyper Beam as many times as it wants consecutively.

...Or at least that's how it's supposed to be. In reality, Hyper Beam's cooldown means it's a sitting dino between attacks.

Haven't seen this in a long time . This adds a few cyan bars to our HP.

Required Loops: 25
Possible EXP: 120/132/144/156/168/180

Was Meganium always this tanky?

Our final Pokemon for today requires Lv2 Gust. Gust seems to be solely used to get postgame Pokemon (except Lotad).

Poison cloud seems to be the only attack for Poison Pokemon...

Required Loops: 8
Possible EXP: 34/43/52/64

That's a disappointing EXP yield

Olive Jungle

Available Pokemon:
  • Treecko
  • Wurmple
  • Slakoth
  • Silcoon
  • Electrike
  • Phanphy
  • Spinarak
  • Lotad
  • Heracross
  • Ludicolo
  • Mankey
  • Primeape
  • Grovyle
  • Lombre
  • Gligar
  • Manetric
  • Beautifly
  • Venonat
  • Ariados
  • Bayleef
Newly Available:
  • Meganium
  • Vigoroth
  • Slaking
  • Gloom

Well that's a disappointing thing to end things on, but maybe our next activity will be better. Hopefully.
  • A final round of exploration I'm going to leave this for last. No Regirock anytime soon
  • Breaking more records in Capture Challenges
  • Going into Ranger Net
  • I'm surprised Manaphy lasted this far

1234567890num fucked around with this message at 17:10 on Dec 23, 2019

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

We're not going to finally get the manaphy that was the only reason we got this game. I think we want to do some capture challenges.

Lotus Aura
Aug 16, 2009


Should cast a wide Ranger Net, for a new legendary challenge or two.

Jun 27, 2019

Manaphy had better be the last thing we do, so let's go do some more awesome and fun capture challenges.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

I agree in ignoring Manaphy as long as physically possible and you had your fun with this update so time to do the next Capture Challenge.

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

Those Challenges have been running wild for too long, let's Capture 'em before they make even more of a ruckus.

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...

I'm thinking Meganium is using Solarbeam, but it doesn't really matter, they both don't work if you consider their secondary effects!

Capture challenge on

Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

No Regirock yet? Then capture challenges
Fill up that RangerDex.

Nov 4, 2010

So... Do you pronounce it Regi-ce or Reg-ice?

Aug 9, 2013

Zzzz... sploosh... zzzz... KABOOM... zzz... sploosh...


Jan 12, 2019

Knowledge is pain plus observation.

Capture Challenges.

Oct 6, 2017

BlazeEmblem posted:

No Regirock yet? Then capture challenges
Fill up that RangerDex.

Joke's on you since we're filling up exactly 0 new entries in the next Capture Challenge!

Geemer posted:

So... Do you pronounce it Regi-ce or Reg-ice?

I always pronounce it Regi-ice (just like the one in that video).

Also, here's another vote: would you guys like to see the Capture Challenge video of:
  • The first attempt
  • The successful attempt (the one that beats the high score)
  • Both
  • ALL attempts (unedited, so it includes savestate ragequits).

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013


Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

first and last. if you want to convey your frustration without going mad just dump the "Time's up!" Messages for the other runs in a giant block.

Nov 4, 2014

I won this avatar on a technicality this thick.

Both first and last.

Nov 4, 2010


Jun 27, 2019

Both first and last.

Toyotasomi no Miko
Oct 23, 2016

First and successful, but if anything incredibly interesting happens on any others, post those specific ones too.

Oct 6, 2017

Looks like first and successful attempts it is. There's more than one "successful" attempt...

By the way, I forgot to mention this earlier, but Blastoise now appears where Staryu were.

Oct 6, 2017

Music: Fall City

My one-and-only love! Joel, Joel, Joel! ...Uh... ...What are you staring at?!

Like before, we're going to talk to NPC before attempting the capture challenge because I want to delay this as much as possible.

If I could, do you think the Ringtown Rangers will be recruiting? And why do I think Ringtown would be good? I just sort of think it'd be nice.

You're the spitting image of the girl who was my first love. Aye, there's no doubt about it. There's no mistake in what I say.

...Yes, you definitely did say that before.

They were apparently brought here from some other region, so they couldn't return to their natural habitats. We talked it over with Joel and decided that we'll let them live in the sludge-storage area of the waterworks.

So that's why they're there

The Capture Arena is shaping up to be the most prominent of our civic treasures. They finally opened up after a long preparation period. Why don't you go check it out?
I had a dream of being surrounded by Pokemon plushes. It was fluffier than fluffy. It felt very nice!

Well, hello, Circe! Are you on patrol? Keep up the good work! There's nothing unusual to report on my side!
I was thinking about Gordor, my old schoolmate. Those were good times. We were not only rivals in our studies, but also in love. I wonder what became of that lass we both proposed to on bended knees? ...!? Sorry, sorry, it's only the nostalgic waxings of an ancient man. Pay it no heed!
Circe, the professor told me about your heroics! How you recovered our Super Styler from the Go-Rock Squad with Spenser. The professor is elated over this. He's told and retold the tale of your exploits over and over.

Notice how Lunick's name isn't mentioned here

Prof. Hastings says that research is the love of his life. That's why he says he's never felt lonesome as a lifelong bachelor. He says there's no distraction, so it serves him better to be alone. Who knows what he really thinks?

That clearly contradicts Hastings waxings, so

*Does a Bulbasaur cry* See? ...I shouldn't have embarrassed myself that way.

Don't be ashamed; that was a perfect imitation

There isn't much I can do for you except offer those sorts of words. But I hope you understand that the citizens do appreciate the work that you Rangers do for us.
Are you on patrol again today? Thanks to you Rangers, we've been able to live in peace and harmony. ...Except when I argue with my wife.

It's not a big-screen TV, or a sumptuous sofa, or anything like that. Lately, I've been thinking it would be really nice if there were a cute Pokemon living with me. Anyways, do you have time to have a cup of my apricot tea?

The game is never letting us have some tea

I was just hoping for someone to talk to, too. I heard something on the radio some time ago I thought was interesting. They said living with Pokemon makes you more calm, and it's good for your health. Because of my dear Squirtle, I guess I'm going to get to live a lot longer. Oh, you have to go already? I'm saddened to see you go, but I suppose you are on patrol.

You know, instead of expecting someone else to help them all the time. I think people are getting better about it little by little, though.
You climbed up to the third floor taking the stairs, right? But you don't seem winded at all or anything. Oh, right! I guess you got into shape through all your Rangers activities. You know, I should get into shape, too. I'll give it a shot!

This will make Fall City more festive and energetic. It'd be nice if it meant so much more business for my shop that I'd have to hire extra help!
Welcome! Today's like every other day. I'm going to do my best to sell, sell, sell!

What am I doing? I'm just conversing with the sea like I always do. And what do I talk about? Well, mate, it's got to be huge!

OK, Skitty! And here's Skitty and Skitty, too! Where is Skitty? Skitty and Skitty! No fighting! And last but not least, Skitty! OK everyone! Good answers!
This is something I've imagined... If even one of the Skitty were to disappear, my wife would raise a huge uproar. But if I disappeared... She wouldn't even notice! Maybe I need a's best friend.

That's depressing

And can you believe it? They chose my idea! The name of this fountain is... Circe Fountain!

Circe will be expecting royalties for the usage of her name

But, yeah, I thought up a new souvenir item: Capture Arena dumplings. Sounds tasty, don't you think? You see, the Capture Arena's finally in business. So I thought this would make a good commemorative item.

When you're walking in its dark corridors, you'll find yourself losing friend Pokemon without notice. Somewhere so downright frightening... I surely would like to go.

They were a four-piece band. They sounded like the band that used to practice in the factory. Actually, they sounded exactly like the factory band. ...Huh? Where did that quartet go? As soon as they finished playing, they packed up and headed off toward the harbor. They must be long gone by now to some town far away. I think they'd have fun as a travelling band.

When I was younger, I had dreams of being surrounded by lovely flowers every day. Isn't it the same for you? You seem to be so happy to be a Ranger and surrounded by Pokemon.

Music: Fall City Harbor

I want to see other places in the world. I want to see more than just Fiore.

The Capture Challenge there is organized and operated by the MC brothers, who are volunteers.

You'll be happy to know that the ferry service to Summerland has been resumed. ...This is just between you and me, but they found a big hole in the ferry's hull at the bottom. They found graffiti near the hole that said, "Go-Rock Squad strikes again!" Isn't that frightening? I wonder who would do such a thing!


We're heading off to Summerland for our vacation. My dear Charmander seems to be very happy. I'm about to burst from excitement!
You know, a lot of things happened while I was here, but I've developed a love for the Fiore region. People and Pokemon live together here in harmony. The atmosphere is lively and positive. You Rangers are serious about protecting natural environments and keeping the peace, too. I made the perfect choice when I picked Fiore as my vacation destination.

Huh?! Does it actually speak? No, no, it's not like that. It's just something I pick up from its behavior.

I was feeling queasily seasick, and you were in full tourist mode, all wide eyed and swivel headed. But how about us now? I don't get seasick anymore. And you're proudly and properly a Ranger in every respect!

This has to be one of the most NPC dialog.

Music: Fall City

The Capture Arena is located west of the fountain/marketplace area. There's two trees outside it but neither has any Pokemon.

They say there is a Pokemon that you can only meet by getting a high score at the arena. That Pokemon would be the Fearow of the Kisara Plain! That Ranger named Spenser? That's how he got a Fearow as his partner. The same thing goes for the Grassland Challenge and Marine Challenge. If you can get high scores at those events, you'll get the chance to see some special Pokemon. Like, the same kind of Pokemon as the partners of Joel and Cameron. So, what I'm trying to say is... Go for it!

This is the reason why we're doing Grassland Challenge last.

Excuse me, Ranger. Can you point out where the Capture Arena happens to be? ...Oh? This building here? This is the Capture Arena? I didn't realize that! By the way, what exactly is the Capture Arena?

Music: Ranger Net

I remember now! The first thing you should do is try capturing a Pichu, Pikachu, or Raichu. When the blue number above one of these target Pokemon disappears, keep drawing extra loops. The more extra loops you draw before finishing the capture, the more energy your Styler regains. Remember, this only works for a PIchu, Pikachu, or Raichu.
You're trying really hard, aren't you? I can offer you a tip for extending your remaining time. When you're making captures, draw more loops than you need around your target Pokemon. Yes, ti makes things that much harder, but trust me, it's worthwhile. The more extra loops you complete, the more your remaining time is extended. I wouldn't kid you about this! It's a little secret just between you and me!

Let me tell you how... Just cpature two or more Pokemon at the same time. When you do that, you get to double your score for every extra one you capture. Watch your score skyrocket! (Sigh...) Wouldn't it be nice...?

This isn't exactly accurate...

Welcome to the Capture Arena! Won't you challenge the extremes of capturing?

Yeah, sure

You're cleared to enter! Please go to the arena!

New Music: Capture Arena Intro

Welcome, yo, we've been waiting, Ranger. We're getting it started, yo, challenger! You all look at the field, yo! Standing there upright is our challenger delight! Ranger Circe, yo, yo, yo! ...So, tell me, Ranger! Before you roll on your challenge, you need information on the rules right here at the Capture Arena?

Nah. I'll do it.

You ready to go with it and hit the ground running? Oh, before you roll, this is what you got to know! The current record holder! Spenser! With a synapse-sizzling 50,000 points! How many Pokemon do you have to capture to notch a number that radical? All right, yo! Set your sights on the new record! Cap! Ture! Go!

Video: Capture Arena (First Attempt)
Music: Capture Arena

So, Capture Arena. Unlike other challenges, there's no exploration in this one.

Pokemon will fall from the sky periodically, and our job is to get as many points as possible within 2 minutes. Like the others, different Pokemon are worth different points.

No EXP are given here, but each extra loops adds 1 second to the timer with the maximum of 10. Note that this doesn't apply in the other challenges.

If the Pokemon is a member of Raichu family, it'll restore our HP with that amount in addition to the time extension. Needless to say, you want them to appear.

Pokemon will fall either when we capture the last one or after a certain time. This means that it's possible to have more than once.

Capturing extra Pokemon in a loop will add an extra multiplier. For example, capturing 3 Pokemon at once will multiply each of their scores by 3. There is a limit as to how many Pokmeon can be onscreen at once and waiting for them to appear can take time, so it's not always the best thing to do.

...Huh. Torchic does have an attack after all. Weird that we never see it outside the arena

After catching a certain amount of Pokemon, the screen will shake and all Pokemon onscreen will flee.

That means it's time for the boss. Boss Pokemon will always appear alone. They gives more points than normal. Also, they will always add 10 seconds in addition to the extra loops.

After beating the boss, we'll advance to the next rank, which means tougher Pokemon and more awarded points.

The first rank has Pokemon from Mission 0 but this second rank has Pokemon from Mission 1. Which means it's harder but not actually hard. Some of them do waste our time, though.

The boss, though, well... I've already talked about why Machop is hard to capture back in Mission 2, so... Good luck

By the way, any new Pokemon we capture here won't be added into our Browser.

The next rank has Pokemon from Fall City and Waterworks. Not that it matters much since we don't have much time left after Machoke.

Music: Capture Arena Intro

How'd it go, challenger? Not bad, or at least not BAD bad? So, here we go, Ranger! Let's see how you scored! The total number of Pokemon captured is... 27 Pokemon! And the total score is... 29100 points! Oh, too bad! No new record today!

...Yeah, we got barely above half the high score

Yo, what do you say, Ranger?

If I must...

That's the spirit, Ranger! You're so brilliant it's burning up my eyes! All right, yo, here we go again! Cap! Ture! Go!

Yeah, I'll just show a montage of the attempts instead of going through each of them.

I'm going to do them next update, though, since this one is getting pretty long.

Oct 6, 2017

Alright, let's see how many attempts it takes to get through this arena.

Music: Capture Arena

My first tactic is to capture two Pokemon at a time. It goes marginally better than before, but waiting for more Pokemon to fall wastes too much time.

This attempt has Zigzagoon running into the line too many times. There's no way to meet the high score in this situation, so I ragequit.

We can quit anytime by pressing the Start button. MC Arena has some special dialogue if we do this.

OK, that's it! Our challenger chose to retire! What's wrong? Feeling under the weather? Whoa, no need to answer! There's one look on your face, and it's anger! Cheer up, Ranger! Let's see how you scored!

Anger is the right emotion to express this

I didn't mention this before, but early Pokemon also has special reactions on a failed capture. For example, Mudkip and Taillow will become terrified. Some Pokemon also become terrified if they spot our Styler, but it's pretty minor.

I mention this now because Mudkip and Taillow's terrified "counterattack" wastes so much time. In this attempt I wasted 20 second because of it. That's why I didn't bother completing this attempt.

Again, Machoke wastes too much of our time here

You guys remember how this game operate in 2D, with how every attack that comes from above will hit our line if it's north from the Pokemon? Like with Raikou's Thunder or Registtel's balls?

Well, that also happens here. I used the word "fall" literally, so it will break our line if it's somewhere on the upper part of the screen. It's what cost me this run.

Video: Capture Arena (Successful Attempt)

Anyway, time for the successful attempt. By this time I changed strategy. For the first rank, we should aim to extend our time as much as possible, not caring about the points.

This means capturing Pokemon as soon as they appear and try to get maximum time bonus (it's probably too risky for Zigzagoon or Taillow). This way, we have more than 1.5 minutes going into rank 2.

Do the same thing with the second rank. Try to make at least one loop between Combusken's kicks.

Try getting as many loops as possible, but don't get cocky . Just let it go if another Pokemon falls while you're still trying to get the first one. Dealing with two Pokemon at once is too risky with this method.

Since no Pokemon will fall during the boss, we can keep our Styler on the top part safely against Machoke. Make sure to loop it quickly and leave enough space above it in case it jumps. Don't try to loop it when it's near the top of the screen.

Ideally, we should have more than 1 minute left going into the third rank.

Third rank is where the score starts being high enough to make us care about it. Try catching two Pokemon at once during this period. Three if you're feeling risky.

Try getting some extra time while you're at it, but don't bother if there's a Skitty or Meowth in the mix.

The boss is just Muk, which is like a huge non-issue after Machoke. We can get full extra time bonus with it.

More importantly, we're on the home stretch!

You won't notice it when playing normally, but some Pokemon with similar attacks have different ranges. For example, Treecko's range is much longer than Paras'.

Anyway, this group is filled Olive Jungle Pokemon.

These later ranks can get very hectic.

Music: Capture Arena Intro

How'd it go, challenger? Not bad, or at least not BAD bad? So, here we go, Ranger! Let's see how you scored! The total number of Pokemon captured is... 46 Pokemon! And the total score is... 66000 points!

Spenser's record's been surpassed, now it's something of the past! Yo, what do you say, Ranger?

I don't have to, but...

That's the spirit, Ranger! You're so brilliant it's burning up my eyes! All right, yo, here we go again! Cap! Ture! Go!

Video: Capture Arena (Cheating Attempt)
Music: Capture Arena

Capture Arena Rank 1 (Pokemon limit: 2):
  • Chikorita (300)
  • Mudkip (300)
  • Torchic (300)
  • Pichu (500)
  • Zigzagoon (600)
  • Taillow (800)
  • Boss: Rhydon (2000) (After 10 Pokemon)

I normally run this game at 0.75x speed so I can play it with a mouse, but for this round I'm running it at 0.25x speed.

For extra challenge, I'm adding a new rule where I'm not allowed to capture more than 1 simultaneously.

Capture Arena Rank 2 (Pokemon limit: 2):
  • Pichu (500)
  • Bulbasaur (600)
  • Paras (700)
  • Bellsprout (800)
  • Combusken (800)
  • Poliwag (1000)
  • Boss: Machoke (3000) (After 10 Pokemon)

I'm doing this to show off the later ranks of this arena, since there's 0 chance of us getting it.

Capture Arena Rank 3 (Pokemon limit: 3):
  • Pichu (500)
  • Skitty (1000)
  • Meowth (1100)
  • Corphish (1200)
  • Snubbull (1300)
  • Grimer (1500)
  • Boss: Muk (4000) (After 11 Pokemon)

Since the game thinks I'm moving very quickly, we can extend our time until I have a whopping 5 minutes available.

Capture Arena Rank 4 (Pokemon limit: 3):
  • Pichu (500)
  • Treecko (1200)
  • Phanphy (1500)
  • Mankey (1600)
  • Spinarak (1800)
  • Ludicolo (2000)
  • Boss: Politoed (5000) (After 12 Pokemon)

Ludicolo is kind of significantly harder than the rest of the other Pokemon here. Good thing it's also the rarest one.

Capture Arena Rank 5 (Pokemon limit: 3):
  • Pichu (500)
  • Beedrill (1000)
  • Machop (1500)
  • Magmar (2000)
  • Bagon (2500)
  • Poliwhirl (3000)
  • Boss: Dragonite (6000) (After 13 Pokemon)

This arena is a chance to rematch some bosses. Assuming you can get to them, at least.

Capture Arena Rank 6 (Pokemon limit: 3):
  • Pichu (500)
  • Bulbasaur (600)
  • Combusken (800)
  • Poliwag (1000)
  • Larvitar (1500)
  • Bagon (2000)
  • Donphan (2500)
  • Quilava (3000)
  • Crawdaunt (3500)
  • Boss: Flygon (7000) (After 14 Pokemon)

Eventually, the Pokemon get so hard our only way to get to the next rank is to hope the game keeps giving us the easiest Pokemons.

Capture Arena Rank 7 (Pokemon limit: 4):
  • Bulbasaur (600)
  • Pikachu (1000)
  • Poliwag (1000)
  • Machop (1500)
  • Bagon (2500)
  • Shelgon (2600)
  • Graveler (3000)
  • Poliwhirl (3000)
  • Wartortle (3000)
  • Houndoom (3400)
  • Magcargo (4800)
  • Boss: Salamence (8000) (After 15 Pokemon)

Good loving luck getting Salamence within like 2 minutes while playing normally.

Capture Arena Rank 8 (Pokemon limit: 4):
  • Venonat (500)
  • Croconaw (600)
  • Meditite (700)
  • Skitty (1000)
  • Pikachu (1000)
  • Snubbull (1300)
  • Ariados (1500)
  • Gastly (2500)
  • Ninjask (4200)
  • Crobat (5800)
  • Hypno (6000)
  • Boss: Steelix (9000) (After 15 Pokemon)

Honestly I'm not even sure how they expected you to get to this point.

Capture Arena Rank 9 (Pokemon limit: 4):
  • Lotad (700)
  • Slakoth (800)
  • Ekans (900)
  • Pikachu (1000)
  • Treecko (1200)
  • Phanphy (1500)
  • Poliwrath (2800)
  • Glalie (3800)
  • Golem (4400)
  • Poliswine (4800)
  • Shiftry (5800)
  • Boss: Charizard (10000) (After 15 Pokemon)

I'm just banking on Shiftry's appearances at this point.

Rank 10 is the maximum rank, and it'll last until we run out of time or energy.

Capture Arena Rank 10 (Pokemon limit: 5):
  • Torchic (300)
  • Bellsprout (800)
  • Pikachu (1000)
  • Snubbull (1300)
  • Spinarak (1800)
  • Bagon (2000)
  • Beedrill (3000)
  • Machamp (4000)
  • Raichu (4000)
  • Scizor (5000)
  • Scyther (5000)
  • Blaziken (6000)
  • Heracross (6000)
  • Venusaur (7000)

Yeah... This is too much even for my cheating to handle.

We don't get a Game Over, but the game has a special dialogue for ending the challenge this way.

Whoops! Looks like an accident! It's a Styler-breaking incident! That's all the capturing you can do! Too bad, but this challenge is over! Cheer up, Ranger! Let's see how you scored!

How we scored here isn't important, really. The more important thing is what we're going to do next instead.
  • Riding on a Doduo in the final capture challenge.
  • Playing tag in Ranger Net (it's not as fun as it sounds)
  • I'm surprised Manaphy lasted this far

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Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Jesus, I would've never known the Capture Arena goes that far. I don't think it's humanly possible, beyond maybe really good speedrunners.

Also we already said we are not going to get Manaphy and you've done enough capturing so tag sounds fun.

Nov 4, 2010

Blaze Dragon posted:

Also we already said we are not going to get Manaphy

No u. I still vote Manaphy.

Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

You just did a capture challenge, so I'll go for tag in ranger net.

Jun 27, 2019

Playing tag sounds like fun.

Also speaking of that Torchic, there's actually a fair few mons with differing variants, the Magikarp in the capture challenge, the bridge in the mountain range, and in the Gyarados boss fight are all actually different. If I remember right, if this Torchic variant actually showed up outside of the Capture Arena it'd have a separate exp yield too.

The Capture Arena is just absolutely ridiculous though, especially since you don't even get to use Plusle in a pinch either. I don't think I ever got past Dragonite. Maybe I hit Flygon once but I doubt it.

Mar 16, 2009


Ride brdbrd

Nov 4, 2014

I won this avatar on a technicality this thick.

Does rank 10 have a boss?

Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

Let's have a guten tag after that miserable challenge.

Space Kablooey
May 6, 2009


Oct 6, 2017

You guys seem to like playing tag, so I guess we'll do that next. I'm not kidding when I said it's not as fun as it sounds, though.

Mraagvpeine posted:

Does rank 10 have a boss?

No. You'll just go through the Pokemon until you run out of time/HP.

Oct 6, 2017

Video: Mew
Music: Ranger Net

"A Ranger"? Why do I get the feeling that it's one of those incompetent Summerland ones?

By the way, the video covers the entire mission. So you can see that the game of tag is really not as fun as it sounds.

Music: Ranger Base

...of course.

Hld on to your hats! That mirage Pokemon mew was spotted in the jungle! What's even better, it was one of our Rangers that spotted Mew.
Aww, Leader, can you drop the subject already, please? I've been telling you over and over, I must have been mistaken. Just think about it--a guy like me isn't going to find something as rare as Mew!
*To Politoed* Hey, Politoed? What we saw wasn't Mew, right? It was just a Skitty or something.

Politoed: To-tohd!

Hey, Percy... Why don't you have more faith in yourself? Just yesterday you were going on and on, all excited, saying you saw Mew, you saw Mew.
That's true, but... When I went around telling the people in town afterward, there were some people who didn't believe me... I think they're talking behind my back, saying I'm a liar and stuff like that... That's why I'm taking back what I said about Mew. I don't see any Mew. I never saw anything like it at all!

I can't believe I'm saying it, but poor Percy...

Hmm... Now what to do... OK, fine. Circe, I want you to go to the jungle and locate and capture Mew. This is a mission that came down from Prof. Hastings himself. He absolutely needs Mew's data, he says, for his Styler research. In other words, this mission's objective is: find and capture Mew. Actually, there's one more objective. Find Mew and prove that our Percy isn't a liar!

Music: Mission Received!

Music: Ranger Base
That mission's going to fail... I... I really didn't see any Mew! *leaves*
*When talked to* Percy's lost confidence in himself.
*When talked to* This is for Percy, too. I really want you to succeed. Of course, the professor will be looking forward to you capturing Mew as well.

Music: Mission Start!

Music: Olive Jungle

I came along just to be sure, but there's no way that Mew can actually be here. Circe, you should go get a different mission. I really think so.

That was... Mew...? No, that can't be! I was just seeing things! Circe, you didn't see it either! You never saw Mew! Don't tell anyone you saw Mew! They'll call you a liar, too! ...I'm tired. I'm going home now. Come, Politoed!

Of course Percy isn't coming with us even though we're doing this as a favor for him

Whenever we enter an area with Mew in it, we'll hear its cry. There will also be an NPC telling us that Mew is there.

Why these NPC didn't support Percy's claim is beyond me

All we have to do to end this mission is find Mew and capture it.

However, Mew can fly out of bounds, so usually another Pokemon will get caught up in the capture.

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

Mew has no attack, but it jumps and teleports. It will also flee quickly. That means we have to capture it quickly which is why we start off with our broken assist.

...which doesn't work and Mew flees anyway

Mew will flee into another area of the forest. The NPCs have another line for when Mew isn't around.

...and that's all it is in this mission. It's not that interesting, so let's talk about something else instead.

So, where's Mew?
My gosh! Mew! Finally!

You know how the Go-Rock Quads always plays their jingle every time we meet them?

Pokemon a go-go!
Even if you're in a hurry, stop in your tracks!
Open your ears to our melodic attacks!
The rhythm of rage pounds the ground!
Let the melody of ambition rise to the skies!
If you don't know us, we'll cure your ignorance! Billy! Garret! Clyde! Tiffany! The Go-Rock Squad's hot-prospect band of key-shaker-and-taker celebrities! A name once heard and never forgotten! The Go-Rock Quads!

Well, let's take a look at the Japanese version.


いそいでいたって たちどもれ!

みみをそろえて これをきけ!

いかソのりズム つちふかく!

やほうのメロディ テンタカク!

しらなきゃ はなして きかせてやろう!
ヤライ! ユウキ! ヨウジ! ミライ!
ゴーゴーだんの いちのしバンドは いいとこどりの セレブリティ!
だれが よんだか そのなもえ
われら ゴーゴー4きょうだい!

Does Mew really exist?
Mew really does exist!

This would probably be more meaningful if I can read Japanese and I can't be bothered to Google Translate the entire thing (), but there's some interesting things from it.

The first is that the Japanese names for the four of them are all completely different. Yuuki, Mirai, Youji and Yarai for Garret, Tiffany, Clyde and Billy respectively.

The second is that there's no Kanji in there. In fact, this game contains 0 Kanji, which is nice for the children (and those who can't be bothered to learn Kanji).

You might remember that DN said something about how Garret's and Tiffany's lines rhyme but Clyde's and Billy's don't.

Well, the third interesting thing is those latter lines are the ones that rhyme, ending with "ku". The former two lines end in "re" and "ke", respectively.

Welp, Flying and Fighting assists don't work. Bug is super effective but doesn't work either. I doubt Water, Grass or Ground id going to help.

I really thought Fighting would work, but apparently the game decides that Fighting shouldn't be immune to a bad matchup just for this particular Pokemon

The question is: How the gently caress can we catch Mew before it flees?

Apparently, for some reason, Shedinja appear in this corner which you pretty much have no reason to ever visit during this mission.

It doesn't appear here outside this mission and there's nothing to tell you that it's there, so... gently caress you, game

Getting hit by a Gligar is a faster way to go down the vines than climbing it down normally, so it's useful here.

The time for Gligar's assholeness to be on full display will come soon, when I LP the next game

Where could it be? Where's Mew?
Mew is so cute!

Mew will rotate between these four areas, so at least there's no randomness there.

It's also the reason why you most likely won't check the ruins and find out about Shedinja, though.

...Well this is way easier.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 18
Possible EXP: 150

Mew! Th-this... It's truly Mew! Circe, this is truly a huge breakthrough achievement! Percy and I couldn't stand the suspense, so we had to come out, but we could only hem and haw at the entrance. Asking you to take the mission was the correct decision. By the way... Circe, may I see your Styler? *Takes the Styelr* Hmhm... Fantastic! Mew's capture data is fully recorded! Circe, thank you. Here's your Styler.
*To Mew* Mew, I'm terribly sorry for having frightened you. I'll be sure to use your capture data to enhance the quality of Ranger activities in the future.
*To Circe* Circe, please release Mew. The events of today I will announce as news throughout the town. ...This is for Percy's sake, too.

Prof. Hastings... Circe... Thank you...
Now, now. My end of the bargain is easily kept. Anyway, did you get a close look at Mew when it was released? When it took off, it appeared as if it winked at Percy. Or was that a mirage?
*To Circe* Well, Circe, another fine effort from you. Good job! Now, let us return to the Ranger Base.

Music: Ranger Base

I can tell right away from Percy's huge grin that Mew's capture went off without a hitch. Prof. Hastings can barely contain his happiness, too, it looks like. Circe, you've done well. Mission cleared!

Music: Mission Clear!

Music: Ranger Base
Cameron, you've much more intuitive than your appearance suggests. Circe, you lucked out! You've dodged the chore of making a mission report.
Circe, thank you, really! I'm going to try to be more confident in myself and believe in me! Just like you, Circe!
*To Cameron* Leader... Sorry for being such a sniveling whiner! I was actually very happy to hear you say good things about me. Isn't this what you said about me? "Prove that Percy isn't a liar!"
Hey, now. You're doing an imitation of me? It looks like Percy's back to his regular sunny self. Ahaha! Excellent, excellent!

And that's it for Ranger Net. We only two more choices left, so it's time for our final vote!
  • Riding on a Doduo in the final capture challenge.
  • I'm surprised Manaphy lasted this far

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Zanzibar Ham
Mar 17, 2009

You giving me the cold shoulder? How cruel.

Grimey Drawer

When I saw the first image with an NPC shouting 'Mew!' I thought that it was Mew in disguise and you'd need to find the "fake" NPC in every area to catch Mew.

Anyway, I think to truly gain Manaphy's respect we'll need to ace that Doduo challenge as well.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

You spooked Mew, you monster. Of course it runs away from you, you just went in and forced it into your power by spooking the poor thing!

You can't be trusted with mythical Pokemon. That much is more than clear. A Doduo should be a better fit for you.

Nov 4, 2010

I'll boycott this vote. It's clearly rigged.

Oct 6, 2014

Last Capture Challenge. Get it over with.

Mar 16, 2009


Ride the Bird2

Nov 4, 2014

I won this avatar on a technicality this thick.

Ride the Doduo and hopefully get to the next page soon.


Space Kablooey
May 6, 2009


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