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Virginia Slams
Nov 17, 2012

Looking for a good horror movie or show.

To give you a better idea for what I'm looking for:

Things I enjoy in horror -
-body horror like the thing/the void
-hopeless/depressing stories like apocalypse/dead world scenarios
-cosmic horror like color out of space
-more grounded zombie movies(as overdone as they are) like dawn of the dead 2004, 28 days/weeks later, black summer etc
-slow burn like hidden, 10 cloverfield lane etc

Thing's I am not looking for -
-generic movies like the conjuring or sinister style spooky haunted house/man in the walls type stuff
-comedy/campy stuff(I enjoy the evil dead/ash vs evil dead series but thats about it)
-found footage(though REC 1+2 were good)


Virginia Slams
Nov 17, 2012

Origami Dali posted:

If you haven't seen them already, Videodrome and From Beyond are ticking a couple of boxes.

I've seen From Beyond but I'll definitely check out Videodrome.

Wizchine posted:

The Fly, too, if you haven't already seen it.

Surprisingly I haven't I'll probably check it out today.

morestuff posted:

The 70s Invasion of the Body Snatchers checks every item you listed

I've seen like every remake and reimagining of it but never the original I'll throw that on my list.

fenix down posted:

Seems like you may have already seen most of the stuff that fits your description, but my recs would be
Hobo with a Shotgun
any Cronenberg you haven't seen (including Antiviral and Possessor)
any Stuart Gordon you haven't seen
all the Hellraisers

Just watched Lifeforce thought it was great. I've seen Hobo with a Shotgun, most Stuart Gordon movies and the first 2 Hellraisers and enjoyed them all. I haven't seen many Cronenberg movies so I'll have to look into that.

NObodyNOWHERE posted:

Some of these are slightly off from what you describe, but there's some crossover so I'm going to throw them out anyway.

- Hereditary
- Suspiria (2018 remake)
- Mother!
- Beyond the Black Rainbow
- The Descent

I normally don't like horror much, but I was on a kick not long ago and really liked some of the above.

Only one of those I've seen was Hereditary and really liked it I'll add your other suggestions to my list to watch.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

Virginia Slams
Nov 17, 2012

fat bossy gerbil posted:

I need movies about alien abduction, the creepier and low key it is the better.

The Vast of Night(2019) might be something you're interested in. Very enjoyable and well made.

Virginia Slams
Nov 17, 2012

Carl Killer Miller posted:

Any recommendations for documentaries about weird people?

Stuff like Finders Keepers, I Think We're Alone Now, Chicken People, (sorta) The King of Kong, Polka King, The Man Who Would be King, that kind of stuff. I feel like I've rooted through most of that genre, but I also don't know anything about movies.

Pretty much any of Louis Theroux's documentaries on American culture I highly suggest, but specifically these: "Porn", "Wrestling", "UFOs", "Louis and the Nazis", "Louis Theroux: Under the Knife"

Virginia Slams
Nov 17, 2012

Looking for movies/mini series/tv that is dark high fantasy/adventure along the lines of Solomon Kane, Black Death, LOTR(but darker, less lightheartedness). Period pieces, completely fictional settings, alternate timelines are fine with me. I'm cool with animated as well so like things like Berserk meet pretty much exactly what I'm looking for with dark fantasy with elements of supernatural.

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