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Jun 8, 2001

The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics. Oh, and that stupid children's book 'The Little Prince,' ugh.

Yams Fan

Darth Walrus posted:

He's calling him gay.

But why quean instead of queen?


joat mon
Oct 15, 2009

I am the master of my lamp;
I am the captain of my tub.

Darth Walrus posted:

He's calling him gay.

Remulak posted:

But why quean instead of queen?

They're homophones.

e: and probably an anachronism on Frazer's part

joat mon fucked around with this message at 18:10 on Apr 19, 2021

Jul 24, 2007

You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance.

I thought this was an interesting passage in that the idea of efficiency and modernization is presented as a negative -- it's easy to think "great, one guy can do the work of ten" but then of course that means nine people are out of a job entirely. I remember reading about, oh, I think it was rubber farming along the Ivory Coast, and the colonizers came up to the natives and said "hey, come work for us and we can set up a modern rubber harvesting operation and make a lot of money," and the general consensus was "no thank you, we don't need the money, we've already got everything we need" -- because really, if you've got a little bit of land to grow crops and a house to keep the rain off your head, you can live a perfectly happy life! You don't NEED capitalism pressing everyone into working efficiently. (Of course, this ends with the colonizers setting up a ruling government and raising an army and forcing the locals to do their bidding under threat of violence, but what doesn't?)

It reminds me a bit of modern automation -- we were all doing just fine beforehand, now in the name of progress we can automate half of three people's jobs, fire two of them, and tell the third guy he needs to do the remaining 1.5 people's worth of work. Great, I guess, if you're the guy who just cut his labor costs in half, but it's of dubious benefit to the overall community.

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