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Jan 28, 2009

Price Check posted:

Pretty sure Jody Fleish used to do some kind of ridiculous armwringer-springboard-floating-twisting DDT spot.

Wasn't it a springboard 450 into a DDT or something?


Jan 9, 2008

Gavok posted:

Strangely, there was never a woman with the ant gimmick considering Chikara's love for intergender wrestling.

Now that Chikara's all done with and I'm incredibly bored, here's the summary of the Colony and its spinoffs and bizarre roster changes:

Starts off with Fire Ant and Soldier Ant as a tag team in 2006. Fire speaks in pumped up grunts and Soldier only yells the occasional military catch phrase. At the end of 2006, they're joined by Worker Ant, who becomes the mouthpiece. He becomes a parody of indie wrestlers in general with his fanny pack, limp handshake to the fans, Ribera Steakhouse jacket, rolling suitcase, etc. For a little while, he alters his gimmick to Stan ANTson. Due to mounting injuries, Worker Ant is written out with a career-ending injury angle in early 2009.

The Colony's new third man is Green Ant, named because of his rookie status. There's a storyline in 2009 where Pinkie Sanchez finds himself unable to find acceptance with anyone as a tag partner. Suddenly, a mysterious guy named Carpenter Ant starts showing up to aid the Colony. The Colony ends up accepting him for the most part, but he proves himself a bit too dickish in the ring for their tastes and they start to keep their distance. Carpenter Ant unmasks as Pinkie during the initial BDK reveal at the end of 2009 and then starts dressing up as Pink Ant as a way to mock the Colony.

The Fire/Soldier/Green roster makes it to the finals in the 2010 King of Trios, only to lose to the BDK A-Team. They instead win the 2011 tournament. Then everything gets weird.

In 2012, an invading faction shows up called Gekido that's made up of 17 (evil Quack), Shard (evil Jigsaw) and the Swarm, which is assailANT, deviANT and combatANT. The Swarm is explained to be "Jose and the two Franks," a trio of Wrestle Factory washouts who put up a website about how Chikara was bullshit for making its students pay their dues. In the middle of the year, the main Chikara guys get a decisive win against Gekido in a ten-man tag.

At the time, the company is run by Wink Vavaseur, a parody of Dixie Carter. He comes up with his own Money Ball system that involves mixing and matching stables for reasons that only make sense to him. This includes having Soldier Ant and assailANT switch teams going into KOT 2012. Both teams lose in the first round. They write out combatANT by having Quack (who is morally fed up with Gekido) snap his neck.

The two ant stables are still forced to keep their traded rosters. deviANT and Soldier Ant continue to team up, but it's not working. Instead, Wink decides to franchise the Colony concept and puts Soldier Ant in charge of three new wrestlers called the Colony XTREME Force with gimmicks based on special edition action figure novelties. There's Missile Assault Ant, Orbit Adventure Ant and Arctic Rescue Ant. The insinuation is that these guys are hired mercenaries playing along with ridiculously stupid gimmicks. Eventually, Soldier Ant quits the company out of frustration and goes AWOL. deviANT becomes the leader of the XTREME Force.

Meanwhile, Fire and Green are stuck with assailANT, who is earnestly trying to get fans to cheer him and the other ants to let him help with their team-up moves. Near the end of 2012, it seems like they're warming up to him.

Then Chikara does its big Ashes storyline through 2013-2014. deviANT, combatANT (complete with neck brace), and the XTREME Force are part of the anti-Chikara contingent called the Flood. Fire and Green are off trying to find Soldier, but with no luck. They also come across a wheelchair-bound Worker Ant who suggests Green take over his moniker (he's no longer a rookie by this point, after all). It's also apparent that Fire and Green actually don't trust assailANT whatsoever. In the end, assailANT proves himself as a good dude and is bestowed the Worker Ant persona.

As Chikara returns, they do the big Chikara vs. Flood storyline with a mind-controlled Soldier Ant on the Flood's side. He has kind of a "Winter Soldier Ant" gimmick where he barely sells anything and the Colony can't seem to get through to him. combatANT vanishes from the angle without explanation. deviANT loses a tag match and is MURDERED by Flood leader Deucalion for his failure. Orbit Adventure Ant and Arctic Rescue Ant sort of stop showing up for a while, which is fine, as Missile Assault Ant is the breakout player of the trio.

In 2015, Missile Assault Ant drops the ant gimmick when Kevin Condron confronts him and talks about how he knows that Missile Assault Ant blew up a bus full of children in Zimbabwe. He becomes Missile Assault Man and his gimmick is that he's really good at wrestling, but he also has crippling PTSD. That... that's it. During the King of Trios Tag Gauntlet, Orbit Adventure and Arctic Rescue return. Condron wants Missile Assault Man to kill Orbit Adventure, but he refuses. Condron does the deed instead.

2015 is the Challenge of the Immortals tournament and while the Flood is no more, Soldier Ant has defaulted to being part of the BDK, under the influence of Jakob Hammermeier. Notably, Fire and Worker II are part of Amasis' team the Battle Hive. At King of Trios, they enter together with Amasis being "EgyptiANT." The season ends with Fire vs. Soldier, where Jakob accidentally punches Soldier so hard that Soldier remembers who he is and reunites with the Colony.

In 2016, the big angle is the HeXed Men stable. Worker Ant II becomes friends with Arctic Rescue Ant and has him rebrand as Bullet Ant. Worker Ant II puts together a team called Just a Lot of Ants (JLA) made up of current and former ants (including Pink Ant, EgyptiANT, Missile Assault Ant) to stop the HeXed Men, but it doesn't work out. Also, over the course of the end of 2016 and early 2017, Frightmare delivers various career-ending injuries to Soldier Ant, Silver Ant, Worker Ant II and Bullet Ant. All that's left of the Colony is a really pissed off Fire Ant.

Fire Ant and Ophidian try to put together an anti-invader group called the Furies to protect Chikara. It absolutely fails. At King of Trios 2017, a frustrated Fire Ant gets his team disqualified because he won't stop beating the utter poo poo out of Frightmare, which puts Frightmare on the shelf for the rest of the year. Soon after, Fire starts violently lashing out at others, including his own allies.

In 2018, two new rookies show up named Green Ant II and Thief Ant. They do okay enough, but Fire Ant angrily beats them down. Either he's insulted by their choice in gimmicks or he feels like he's saving them from a horrible fate. Worker Ant II makes his return to mentor the duo and tries to get Fire Ant to listen to reason. Even Soldier Ant (blind due to having both antennae torn off) appears before the rookies to advise that they keep at it and save Fire from himself. Fire is reluctantly put with Green and Thief at King of Trios. Throughout the tournament, he gradually gains respect for them and as they win, he accepts them as the Colony.

Fire Ant's last appearance in Chikara is King of Trios 2019 where they lose the semis. Thief and Green have done random matches here and there with no real story. No idea if they're going to be keeping those gimmicks on the indies going forward. Worker II did announce that Chikara's real deal downfall is a good enough time as any to announce his retirement.

Thanks for posting this

Dec 5, 2003

I hate the 90s

I always thought it was weird how neck break and murder happy Chikara was.

Price Check
Oct 9, 2012

Gaz-L posted:

Wasn't it a springboard 450 into a DDT or something?

Found it! Turns out it was the 720 DDT. Not exactly what I remembered but seems to fit the OP's specifications nonetheless.

Mar 20, 2007

Donncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Donncha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

bartok posted:

Jeff Jarrett going over Monty Brown is the one that upset me at the time. I was all in on The Alpha Male being The Guy in TNA and eventually WWE. The guy could cut amazing promos and the Pounce is an amazing finisher.

I never watched any TNA, so my recollection is not just hazy, but also second-hand at best, but wasn't Brown being primed to be their THE GUY only for it to be stalled by losing to Jarrett?


Wise Fwom Yo Gwave
Jan 9, 2006

Popping up from out of nowhere...

Price Check posted:

Found it! Turns out it was the 720 DDT. Not exactly what I remembered but seems to fit the OP's specifications nonetheless.

A phenomenal move for sure, and I suppose it fits. I guess I was kinda hoping for a marathon spot like the football field rolling suplex, or even like an N64 WWF No Mercy scene transition.

Bonus points if there is no possible way for the deliverer to have kayfabe leverage over his opponent.

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