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Sep 25, 2006

Welcome to TFR! On the whole this is a pretty relaxed community, but there are a few rules.

First off, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat. You can always PM me here on the forums or you can reach me via email at Cyrano4747 at Googleís mail service.

If you need a single guiding principle for TFR it is this: each and every firearm hobbyist is an ambassador for civilian gun ownership and its various aspects, and so it is critical that we conduct ourselves accordingly.

1) All of the blanket, general rules of the Something Awful forums apply. If youíre not sure what the general policy is about things like posting porn or that hilarious racist joke your uncle told you last weekend, look there for guidance. Those rules can be found here

2) Racism, sexism, LGBTQ hate, etc. are not welcome here. This is unfortunately an issue in the larger gun community (we have an excellent thread about some of these issues) and I donít want us to be part of it.

3) Donít make any threats of violence. This is a gun forum and as such we need to take such things absolutely seriously. Dumb comments in other SA forums about people wanting to do things to politicians have gotten Lowtax visits from the FBI and Secret Service in the past

4) See the Classifieds thread for rules about buying/selling things. The short version is no selling stuff directly on TFR, although you can link sales done off-site. If you want to organize a group buy for something besides firearms PM me and weíll discuss it.

5) Politics: Gun control and mass shootings are a major issue in the world today, and doubly so American domestic politics. If you want to discuss those we have a thread for it. Donít drag gun control into the other threads. We donít need the AR thread getting bogged down in debates over whether or not detachable 30 round magazines are good for society when someone just wants to know what brands work well. Keep general political chat out of TFR, with the exception of threads that are directly addressing that topic (e.g. the racism in gun culture thread). If you want to discuss the upcoming elections there are many other places on the internet you can do that. Sometimes the regional threads (the Colorado thread, the Canada thread, the California thread, etc) will dip into the gun control / gun politics ends of things by nature of their regional focus. When that happens focus on the policies not the partisan political stuff.

6) This is not the place to complain about other SA forums. If you think that you were mistreated in another SA community that is between you, the posters there, and that mod team. Different forums have different cultures and expectations. Yes, D&D isnít as gun-friendly as TFR but we donít want to define ourselves in opposition to other parts of the forums. If you have a gripe about how another forum (or this one for that matter) is being run and the mods there donít seem responsive, try contacting an admin or making a thread in QCS.

7) Donít be an rear end in a top hat. Consider this the ďmodís discretionĒ rule. Maybe you have really strong opinions about 9mm vs .45ACP, but you donít need to call the other person a dumb gently caress goat molester because they disagree. lovely posting and negativity has a way of spiraling and sucking bystanders into a morass of acrimony that can gently caress up the whole forum.

A note on parody and sarcasm: unfortunately we live in a world where yesterday's Onion headlines are today's NYT front page. This means that as a mod I frequently have to take statements at face value. If there's any question if you're mocking a racist or cheerleading for one, then you're very likely to eat a probation under rule #2.

A word on PMs. Something Awful is built on ancient code maintained by amateurs and psychopaths. One of the results is that our PM system is rudimentary at best. You can not, for example, easily forward a PM and there is no good way for mods or admins to see other users PMs. Because of this it is extremely difficult, from a moderating perspective, to adjudicate fights that happen in PMs. That said, if you are being harassed by someone who wonít leave you alone get in touch with me and Iíll talk to the admins. These situations have been dealt with before and there are policies in place.

Finally, a word on how to be a responsible gun owner:


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