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May 19, 2013

NikkolasKing posted:

Also I just wanna say, when commenting on Mk's infamous legacy of gore and violence, I've seen some folks in here saying "I haven't played MK in years, maybe I'll check out one of the new games now." The fatalities in the reboot franchise are hosed up and not enjoyable at all to me. Mortal Kombat was always cartoony - violent and offensive in the comedic style of something from the 90s. New Mortal Kombat is literally giving the fatality researchers nightmares.

Slightly off topic, but I totally agree with this. I'm in my 40s, so "my" Mortal Kombat was 1-3. My friend's 11 year old son somehow got hold of one of the newer ones as we assumed it would be the same cartoony violence we grew up with.

Jesus loving Christ...

I know that part of the problem is just me growing up and becoming the modern day version of the pearl clutchers back in the 90s who demanded the blood be turned off, but there's a vindictiveness and torture-porn feeling about the game now. I grew up watching the original nasty-as-gently caress Robocop movies so graphic violence has always been hilarious, but there's something in the tone that just sits 'wrong' with me.

Then again, if I was a kid I'd think it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen and we'd be talking in the playground about all the amazing finishing moves and competing to be the first to see the next horrific scene and calling bullshit on eachother

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May 19, 2013

NikkolasKing posted:

I'll always remember the most insightful thing Yahtzee ever said was his discussion of Manhunt. He said this is not a game any child should be playing and yet it's clearly made for children. He said something like "talking about all the awesome ways you can kill people is a good way to make friends in school, it's a good way to LOSE them at work." I've always remembered this observation because it's a fascinating little paradox. So many 'adult" things are actually for children or teenagers who long to be adults.

This is absolutely true. I have no interest in the SAW or Final Destination sequels as they literally became "hosed up death showcase part X", but as a kid I loved the Nightmare on Elm Street films and would be listening to the cool kids who saw them first describe the latest Freddy kills in great (and usually embellished) detail. I cringe when I think back to trying to fit in by telling my younger cousin all about the films I'd seen when in reality I was a 9 year old describing 10 year old's description of a film he probably saw on a terrible bootleg vhs. Saw and Final Destination would be the holy grail to me as a kid and NOBODY would believe me.

I mentioned the original Robocop in my previous post and it still holds up as a nasty, nasty film that I loved as a kid, but it also scared the poo poo out of me. It wasn't the gore or effects that made it disturbing. It was the cruelty, sadism and uncaring casual nature of the violence that scared me as a kid. There is a whole generation of people like me who are genuinely uneasy when we see Kurtwood Smith and no amount of sitcoms will change that

The modern Mortal Kombat games would have been crack cocaine to young, undeveloped me and I worry how my world view would have been affected with the casual fun of violence reaching such realistic, graphic levels.

It says something interesting about our culture that the violence has gotten much, much more graphic but the shameless sexual exploitation has been dialled back and we don't get women characters running around in rear end-floss swimwear. Hey kids, horrific violence is cool, just don't look at the scantily clad girls in case they make you think naughty thoughts

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May 19, 2013

Rainbow Knight posted:

i can't remember which MK it was, but i remember one of them having very painful and unnerving screams coming from victims of fatalities, which seems way worse in comparison than x-ray kills and drawn out dismemberment.

Exactly. When I see someone rip off someones head and stuff it into their chest cavity to take a selfie I'll laugh my rear end off. When I can see that someone has painstakingly gone to the trouble of making that victim react 'realistically' it suddenly turns into weird fetish porn and sets off my serial killer red flags. Dump someone into the lava and have them pop up as a skeleton? Fun. Have them thrash about as their skin melts and they agonisingly try to escape in vain? Snuff territory.

It's not what I'm seeing that bothers me. It's the fact that someone went to the trouble of creating this to the level where a youtube video called "all fatalities on Sonya" sets off warning bells as to who specifically wants to watch women suffer in so much detail.

davidspackage posted:

Studying like photos and videos of real gore to make the in-game stuff is stupid anyway, I don't know what it actually looks like when a torso gets compacted and I don't want to know. Just study like 70s Italian horror movies and try to make the fatalities look like foam and syrup, it's fine!

This too. Real gore has a weird uncanny valley where it doesn't actually look real because we're conditioned to expect Hollywood gore. Like how a real fight doesn't seem to have any impact because it's so sloppy and un-entertaining compared to a movie fight or a sport fight between two highly trained athletes.

Real horror isn't about gore. It's the small detail that elevate it to disturbing. Take the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre - the most disturbing scene for me is the lump hammer kill. It's quick, ugly and then focuses on the victim's foot spasming as he's dragged away to be butchered like an animal.

In a similar vein, some of the kills in the finales of the original Romero Dead films are extremely graphic, but they're also fun and over the top. Whereas there was a scene in the Walking Dead series where the kid from Everybody Hates Chris was trapped in a revolving door by someone saving their own skin and was torn apart in full view while helpless and screaming. It was probably a similar level of gore, but just had a nasty realism to it because the context was different and not fun.

EDIT - to keep the conversation on topic, from what I've seen of the new movie it looks like they've stuck with the "fun" side of the gore and violence instead of trying to be all edgelord about it

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