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Bust Rodd
Oct 21, 2008


Hello Best Friends Subforum!

I work for one of the biggest pet sitting services in South Carolina and my boss has decided that they want to add a Training department so we can offer high quality dog training.

Now because weíre in the state of South Carolina, there seem to be no laws regarding accreditation or certification, itís the Wild West basically and you can pretty much do what you want.

We have a certified dog trainer who already works for us full time and has already passed on being head of the department so the offer came to me. My boss has said heíll pay for me to take any online certification course I can find and then the certified trainer who works for us will work with me until Iím fully comfortable with everything enough to do it on my own.

Iím posting here to ask if anyone has any idea or information about what the best online dog training certification classes are.

Iím 100% aware that the notion that you can learn to train dogs over the Internet seems wrong, personally I donít buy it, and will put way more stock in the hands-on training Iím going to get from my coworker, but we want to put our best foot forward to get the shiniest and best piece of paper that says I train the bestest boys and goodest girls.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Fluffy Bunnies
Jan 9, 2009

We'll roll on with our heads held high.
Our conscience in the gutter,
Our dreams up in the sky.

there is literally no regulation body over dog training and anyone claiming they're a certified dog trainer probably either got it online for $25 or worked at petsmart. There are regulatory bodies over specific types of training, but just general "dog training", nah.

Print one yourself, knock some bullshit on it, good to go.

But if you insist on real training and you're anywhere near Aiken, there's a bunch of amazing dog trainers between there and Augusta.

May 9, 2004


Toilet Rascal

This is an old post and you've probably figure it out but the one most people I've seen use is CCPDT, with the titles like CPDT-KA, etc.

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