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Apr 14, 2006


This is an MS-13 exploitation film.

e: forgot to rate 2/5

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Nov 20, 2006

came the flu sicker,
spent trumpbux on nothing//
now brace the strain, fuckers:
more vaping pains, coffin//

Grimey Drawer

from the poster you already know this is a zombie flick. from the trailer you know it's taken. from watching it you know you were ripped off.

did not like it. poor sly looked like he was being held together by glue and money. let the man retire in peace, ffs. saw the first one to prepare for this, also the 4th one, which was great (but that's another review thread!), and this movie just fell flat.

rating: duece

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Oct 25, 2004

Life at last
Salutations from the other side

Plaster Town Cop

I am sure I have seen "Rambo" at some point in the past, and I know the concept is that Stallone is a bad rear end killer, so that's about all I had to this one coming in.

I was surprised to see the writing/contribution credit for Stallone given at the end of this movie, given the story. To me it all sort of makes sense at the end, that this felt like a project film for someone to get a message across.

The story felt a bit like they had some sort of idea to make a movie about bad guys, and Rambo is just there for the first half of it as a participant. I honestly kept waiting for a Rambo Jr or some sort of sidekick to appear, since, as was said, Sly looks pretty weathered here. There's some odd framing, quite a bit of grittiness to the subject matter and the action at points. I would give it 2/5 except that it does wrap up trying to get a message across about life. I'm not sure if that is supposed to by from Sly's perspective or John Rambo's to be honest, but, with that considered the way the movie played out makes more sense. It feels more like they used Rambo to get that point across more than they made a Rambo movie. I bumped it to 3/5 for not being quite as shallow as you'd think.

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