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Sep 11, 2005

animatorZed posted:

Wait, did I say unrelated? What happens if you use this pseudo pierce lightning combo in conjunction with the trigger trick?

Oh. Well, circle complete.

Is the matter eater working as a pseudo piercing shot? if so I never knew that worked the same way!

Edit: The more I think about it the more I think that what's happening is the target dummy is somehow registering as "ground" for the matter eater causing it to multi trigger, I don't think you'll ever get multiple triggers on a normal enemy from that without piercing shot.

2nd Edit: Just copied the wand exactly with spell labs and tested it on ole squiddy and I was right, needs piercing shot to multi trigger.

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Jan 2, 2008
falling down

AceClown posted:

2nd Edit: Just copied the wand exactly with spell labs and tested it on ole squiddy and I was right, needs piercing shot to multi trigger.

No, the multi hit is due to the lighting bolt. I described it in an earlier post but
increase lifetime, homing, heavy shot lightning bolt is the basic combo. The whole point is that this basically causes pierce without the use of piercing shot and without the potential of killing yourself.

if adding more heavy shots you need to balance it with either some speed ups or use a ping pong path to keep it in the right projectile speed range to prevent it from exploding. I forget exactly what it's called but the inverse gravity modifier also works I think.

drilling shot and matter eater are just for convenience to travel through terrain. and don't affect this property.

e: after testing it again, it seems the behavior of this interaction changed slightly at some point and all you need to trigger the effect now is increase lifetime homing lightning, and adding more heavy shots even with Mu don't cause the projectile to immediately expire anymore due to moving to slowly. Not sure when that changed but I've been using this combo since pre 1.0 so it's possible that something to due with speed thresholds has changed since then.

e2: actually it seems heavy shots are still required to slow it down in most cases although the latter point of multiple heavy shots no longer killing the projectile stands. What was happening is that if the lightning bolt hits or is spawned against a wall (eg from spark bolt timer/trigger) this also sometimes reduces the speed into the right range.

e3: recorded a quick video to explain better:

animatorZed fucked around with this message at 17:00 on Sep 25, 2022

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