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Aug 9, 2019

Alright y’all, its that time of the year where the globe is on the verge of a recession and artnet is putting out articles on how to keep your gallery afloat. Yet something bigger looms on the horizon, its shadow simply two x’s covering everything you loved. You tried to run, but KAWS is here. I’m sure we all went “lol what the gently caress” when The Kaws Album (2005) went for 14mil.14x its projected selling price. Then some of us had to think, “lol how did it get that much?” while the rest of us desperately tried to buy Companion dolls off of instagram trappers. KAWS sold for 14 million because he has deep ties to the Asian fashion market and this can only be exacerbated by the significant drop in sales of chinese art and antiquities. Anyway we’re here now. A video game dude died and he collected what appear to be 25 pretty sweet pieces by the man himself. While the smart thing is probably to cash in and sell your vinyl toy of a fuckin muppet with X eyes before things go terribly wrong, I still wonder. With the asian markets obviously in a buying phase and KAWS being the fashionable item, why would one big sale hamper his sales for the future? If his work sold for even slightly less than aneurysm inducing numbers would the hype be dead? Would all of those precious precious t-shirt be for nothing? Is it possible that in this hell planet we might’ve actually spat out an artist in less than a decade?

Nah. This collection appears to have some real gems and I doubt some grand drop in quality will occur. Auction houses are starting to get their heads around pricing his work it seems, but the showings later in the year will be the true litmus test for pricing his art. Still, there’s another far more direct aspect to this situation. KAWS is accessible, you can buy a piece starting at $300 and make some moves. Instagram has made this seem like a lifestyle, and in a way these “day traders” of lower priced art have created the perfect avenue to enter the market without really risking too much. KAWS is getting money from every front and encouraging sales of both lower priced art and clothing. Clothing made in collaboration with asian fashion companies. Dare I say it? Could clothing companies possibly be artificially inflating prices? Does a bear poo poo in the woods?This cache of 25 pieces is gonna go for a pretty penny and shirts will sell like hotcakes. Still, I don’t think KAWS is going to burst his bubble just yet and specifically with the rise of Banksy at auctions and Murakami’s seemingly eternal commercial success, KAWS has a couple more years before my eyes really start to bleed.

As far as I can even one strong boom will be enough to encourage smaller market sales and you might want to be growing your stockpile.

Or I could be entirely wrong.

WhAt Do YoU tHiNk????????????????????

“The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.”

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