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Fair Bear Maiden
Jun 17, 2013

The choice to talk about "liberal anti-vaxxers" was weird, when in the US that subjects seems to be dominated by right-wingers.

Anyway, this season was good, much better than season 2 given it had an actual focus, but man, it also felt like they had to do some hasty rewrites and had some budgetary problems along the way.

A lot of scenes I would have liked to see on screen were just given as post-facto summaries in a way that felt extremely disappointing, almost as if the scripts were written with those scenes in mind but then they realized "gently caress, we can't show that, it's too expensive" and *very* clumsily wrote around it. But even then, it's really weird that we see, for example, Jennifer blowing up a data farm from the Markovians but never see Black Lightning do the same with the ASA headquarters in Freeland.

The choreography was also extremely sloppy at points. In several scenes it was very clear that punches or knives were not connecting at all and almost no attempt was made to hide it. It wasn't a consistent problem, but it was a recurring one and felt really disappointing, especially given the show's had good fights in the past.

On top of that, the fallout of a lot of situations just seemingly didn't play out or was quickly brushed aside, and there were probably a few too many characters to juggle, though overall they did an admirable job with keeping the story focused in its sprawl, unlike season 2.

Also, uh, I have to admit, I'm very surprised there was no moment where TC discovered Gambi's past and had some angst about it especially since Gambi didn't do a particularly good job hiding his past this season, but I guess that's something they might be plotting for season 4.

Finally, as someone who didn't watch the crossover stuff (because I don't care about any of the other DC shows): lol, that was real clumsy stuff. "SUPERMAN IS REAL!" Also Gotham is real now, I guess.

P.S. : I usually don't do script-doctoring style criticism, as it's not like I could do better in a real life scenario, but I really feel like Grave Digger should have been introduced WAAAAAY EARLIER than he was.


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