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May 7, 2007
Getting nerdier day by day

About three months ago, my cat Piston had a blockage in his urethra. Fortunately we caught it in time, and $4000 later hes back to his normal self. Two days ago, my cat Toast began showing the exact same symptoms. We took him to the kitty ER, and he wasnt blocked, but had crystals in his urine. The doctor gave us muscle relaxers and painkillers for him, and both cats are now on the prescription diet. I just caught him in the litter box looking like he was trying and failing to urinate. He then came upstairs and ate food, so hes not in any distress. But holy hell is it stressing me out!

The doctor said blockages were often caused by stress. With Piston, that made sense, because hes always been high strung. But Toast is a very chill cat, and seems very happy most of the time. What is the latest research on why blockages occur? Am I just super unlucky to have two cats with this issue in so short a time?


Strong Convections
May 8, 2008

My cat has a history of very expensive urethral blockages as well (fully blocked on public holidays late at night multiple times). I got different advice from the regular vets vs the emergency vets, and different information depending on the vet as to the cause, and the solution.

Anyway, I eventually worked out what was causing him to block - heat stress. Which not a single vet had suggested.
So he's got his own air conditioner now, which works out cheaper (and less stressful for me) than vet trips.

I'd suggest looking at potential physical stress for them - they're cats, their 'stress' cause might be very simple rather than the stress from a complicated life that a human might have.

Jul 3, 2005
Can't post for 29 days!

My ex cat, a male sphynx had all sorts of crystal/blockage issues. After like $4k in bills and specialists, nobody could figure anything out other than UTI food that has cranberries in it causes him to puke on everything you don't want puke on.

So out of the blue we put him on raw diet and every single issue with him including personality cleared up within 1 week. Obviously something with dry food diets was causing this but we tried all sorts of different top quality foods, and avoided chicken. Someone later told me it could be something to do with ash. I can't really remember.

Jul 1, 2004
Can't post for 7 days!

A few years ago my cat had a blockage so bad that his bladder burst and he had to have surgery to repair it. Thankfully he's been healthy since then and he's on this below food:

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