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grate deceiver
Jul 10, 2009

Just a funny av. Not a redtext or an own ok.

drat, the 90's were full of weird genremixed sci-fi games. An era before the 4x formula became solidified with everyone trying to emulate MoO2, so we had a lot more weird experimentation.

My favorite game from that era is Alien Legacy. It's much more an adventure game than Reunion, most of the game is gathering resources and clues on planets, kinda sorta like Star Control. The main plot of the game is that you're settling a colony from your giant seedship in an alien solar system, so you have to build bases to house and provide life support to your colonists and also produce resources. Then you also build probes to scan the different planets and find clues on what happened to the previous expedition. When you send a probe to a place, it turns out into a kind of expanded resource gathering minigame from Star Control - you fly around arcade-style over the surface and hoover up resources. There's technology tree to improve your stuff and also advance the plot, there's aliems and multiple endings depending on what you do in the endgame.

It's a cool little game, because there no rts element and barely any combat, it's a very chill experience, kind of like an incremental game in some ways.

Also honorable mention to Ironseed. Best I can describe it is Star Control, but weirder. There's a randomly generated galaxy and you pretty much do the SC thing of going around, doing diplomacy with the different races and solving quests. But everything is way more obtuse, you also have ship crew, that are I guess artificial brains loaded with the personalities of real people, and you have to maintain their sanity or else they break down and become unresponsive. There's an elaborate and awkward crafting system, where you make thing to assemble another thing, etc to make upgrades to your ship. There's of course planet scanning and resource gathering. There's combat as well I guess, but honestly I never got far enough to figure how it works. And all of that behind one of the worst UIs in existence.


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