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Feb 13, 2013

There's a few threads about complaining about games or talking about genres but I haven't found one where you can talk about just random games you like and why you like them, so I made this one.

The idea is that you tell people about games you like but which few people talk about or play much, it doesn't have to be an obscure game but these probably work best for this. Say why you like the game, add screenshots or whatever you want, just basically make a case for why a game owns and why more people should play it. I will update this OP with links to different games if, against all odds, this thread ends up not dropping off the page and gets longer.

The biggest one for me is Reunion for DOS and Amiga.

Reunion is a weird hybrid 4x game made by a Hungarian studio called Merit Software. The story is that Earth got into a massive civil war for some mysterious reason some time in the future, and colonists escaped to another world called New Earth to settle there. You have to guide the new colony and expand into space to get back to Earth and "reunite" with it, but there's a bunch of crazy aliens and other bullshit in your way, besides the fact that you will have to somehow solve whatever caused the civil war.

I said that it's a weird game because while it looks like a 4x sandboxy type of game, it follows a linear storyline and plays like a linear game. There are events that occur at specific dates that you should try to be prepared for, like alien invasions that you need adequate defenses for or aliens that request your help for certain things. You have some freedom in how you exactly choose to prepare for these events, but there is a road of least resistance that you should try to aim for. Maybe this doesn't sound very cool, but it is, the game plays almost like a roguelike where a mistake will result in failure, fortunately you can save the game at any time and correct for mistakes. The fun is really in just learning how the game works and trying different strategies to find out which one works the best. It's like playing Masters of Orion, but with more of a sense of purpose and urgency to it. It's hard as balls and all about efficiency and balancing different aspects of your space colonies.

The other thing it has going for it is the pixel art, these are some great DOS graphics:

So to summarize, the good parts of this game is that it's really challenging and there's no other game exactly like this that I've ever seen, there are multiple genres combined in one game: space 4x, city building, adventure elements and linear gameplay, and it looks and sounds cool. It's an experiment that's really satisfying to play and beat.
The bad part is that unfortunately it's kinda buggy sometimes, you'll have to use dosbox to play it and it occasionally crashes at the intro, or if you don't save for a long time. Save often and use a guide if you really aren't making progress. It's abandonware but easy to find.

Tell us about dumb weird cool games nobody plays and why they should be played.

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Feb 13, 2013

Jesustheastronaut! posted:

Wow op, that sounds like the book Foundation but in DOS game form. I wanna try it

One thing I forgot to say about it is that it also has really good exploration, every planet and moon is different (they mostly have unique graphics too) and you have to weigh factors in choosing where you settle and stuff.

A Hat in Time looks good too.

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