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massive spider
Dec 6, 2006


Yeah half way through the movie I suddenly had an image of, what if this movie was Men in Black or Edge of Tommorow or something? It could have worked. I imagined one of those ď3.45 pm, July 10th MumbaiĒ style information texts you get in action movie scene transitions to establish time and place and it would have been very corny and un-Nolan but would that have ruined the whole thing?

A stream of thoughts

The sound was bad like everyone was saying but the sheer audacity of having the characters exposit dialogue over a roaring catamaran engine as opposed to literally anywhere else made me want to punch the screen.

The line where pattison explains that the bomb will annihilate everything and mom woman goes ďincluding my son!Ē was hilarious in how corny it was. Yes mom woman, the annihilation of everything includes your only motivator thanks.

Itís set up at the start with the munitions that you as a forward mover can pull backwards bullets back onto your gun by willing it so you think this is some neo learning to bend time shot thatís going to be a centrepiece of the action but it doesent really. I think almost every action scene afterwards is pure forward movers vs backward movers.

Nolan needs another way to convey information beyond fast walk and talks.

I didnít get what was happening during the bungee scene, I thought it was an inverted rope but then pattinsons character only gets the time moving thing explained afterwards (of course he already knows, but then surely the protagonist knows he knows since they just did it?)

Nolan has a way of eliding time and travel in most of his movies thatís super disorienting and in inception I assumed the point was to make it dreamlike but here it just works to the movies detriment.

Sir Michael Caine playing a character called sir Michael was odd.

Why didnít they bring air masks into the vault they know is going to be lacking air? Itís not like they donít have any

Why did the protagonist try to shoot himself in the head at the point heíd surely figured he was fighting himself by now? Everything else can be explained as it being a frantic struggle but capping yourself in the head?

Also if itís been set up that touching yourself kills you the logical way to frame that scene would be lots of shots of the protagonist almost touching his bare skin to make that threat apparent. It really didnít need to be mentioned if theyíre not going to do anything with it.

When the Algorithm was introduced I had flashbacks to watching Hideo Kojima cutscenes.

The actual first time in the movie we see poo poo moving backwards is impressive In how dispassionately and unimpressively itís framed.

I read reviews before going in saying this movie was hard to follow and I scoffed because, reviewers dumb. But itís not just that the conceit is inherently confusing there is something about it I found remarkably aggrivating.

This movie could have either done the ďexplain everything twice for the slow members of the audienceĒ kind of exposition or the ďdonít explain much, just give the bare bones, keep it mysterious and leave it for the audience to put the clues together laterĒ method. Instead it went for a rapid fire info dump that leaves you feeling like you should get it but you donít. It felt like talking to a person who uses a lot of esoteric words in conversation and you feel like if you ask them to slow down theyíll sigh and give you a pitying look. Because they arenít lying or hiding from you, the information is there just presented in an challenging way.

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massive spider
Dec 6, 2006

Regarding the box test. I think its shown that time reversal creates unpleasant paradoxes, since the hypothemia thing means that anything that gets set on fire becomes frozen which superficially obsersves the laws of physics and heat transfer but makes no goddamn sense as to how it got frozen in the first place.

Really you can explain a lot of errors by saying that its 'swimming against the tide' so of course there are going to be glitches and that includes the possibility of annihilation if things get too unstable.

I think to function any time travel story basically has to throw its hands up at some point and go with the Dr Who 'wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff' answer.

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massive spider
Dec 6, 2006

The way for an inverted person to drive a non inverted car would be: you get in a car at the curb and put the car in reverse gear and depress the brake, the car moves forward gaining momentum until you depress the accelerator(from your POV). From the perspective of the people moving in regular time a backward man drives a car up in reverse gear, brakes at the curb and gets out walking backward.

But the way the movies does it seems more like once you're in a car while inverted the car is also inverted so you just drive while pressing the accelerator in forward gear I guess. It does backwards car crashes just like a backwards bullet repairs bulletholes instead of makes them (except when it doesn't and kills people).

I suppose you could justify it by saying that since the inversion method has something to do with 'radiation' then an inverted person is radiating some kind of field that makes things they touch also invert. But again we're getting into wibbley wobbly timey wimey style handwaving justifications here.

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massive spider
Dec 6, 2006

Tenet (Christopher Nolan, 2020)

massive spider
Dec 6, 2006

the inverted air thing was neat cause it sets up the visual of him stepping out into the inverted world like its the surface of mars or something.

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