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Feb 15, 2019

Megaman's Jockstrap posted:

I can't deny that as somebody who watched this film 3 times and then watched a bunch of Youtube explainers, it's just a fact that there are logical inconsistencies in the movie.

Like, for instance, an inverted person stabbed with a normal lockpick gets a normal wound (i.e. their wound occurs before the actual stabbing from their POV). However later in the movie an inverted guy is literally shot through the brain with a regular bullet and he doesn't appear to be suffering any effects of having a fuckin' hole in his head right before it happens!

So you either explain these as "inconsistencies" or you give them the explanation, as SMG does, that stuff just randomly behaves inverted or not throughout the movie.

I really like Tenet but it's just a fact that it doesn't (and perhaps couldn't) follow its own rules consistently. I really like the movie but this is extremely fair criticism of it. It's a clockwork timepiece that occasionally shudders and gives you the wrong time, but at least to me nobody has every attempted to make such a wack rear end premise work. I appreciate the design even if the gears seize up sometimes.

Yeah it really only makes sense if the characters ability to reverse entropy is at least some what magical. Like when the technician is explaining the inverted bullets it seems magical in that, as long as you give the bullet a plausible past, like moving your hand as an if you were dropping it, it will magically float into your hand but you could have just as easily have done the reverse pushing gesture the technician does instead. Both are plausible enough the inverted bullet will basically ďsnapĒ to that reality.

It gets weird with the stab wound because we see a character just spontaneously start bleeding before having their wound healed by being stabbed. With the bullet itís less weird because itís not a character and we donít see it from itís point of view.

It gets even weirder and pure magic when the two states interact. Actually I guess itís less weird because itís the only way it makes sense. Why would anyone install a glass window with what looks like bullet holes? Why arenít people weirded out about bodies spontaneously in-decomposing, lying on the ground for weeks at a time, before a bullet flies out of their head? The characters are making a whole mess of assumptions and the universe seems to be doing itís best to just clean up their mistakes afterwards.

Also everyone puts in a lot of work when they could just spend that effort into preventing climate change.

Edit: Itís easier to imagine messy time travel movies and backwards bullets than it is to imagine the end of capitalism.


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