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Jun 6, 2002

Marshall/Kirtaner 8/24 nevar forget! (omg pedo)

Watched it twice on a plane. Disliked it, read some of the thread here, then watched it on the return flight and liked it better.

A couple thoughts or Q’s

- Is the whole algorithm drop meant to put the fully assembled algorithm in a known position, so the future could one day get it, and reverse time flow?
-Does Neil know he dies? How? And If Neil knows enough to go back and take a bullet to open the gate, then why does he also “change gears and fruitlessly try and warn P about the trap?
- it’s implied that Sator is visiting the turnstile in Freeport 3-4 times a year; but is he actually inverting, or just collecting future poo poo?
[spoiler] - and there doesn’t seem to be a way to “speed up time”, so if you invert, how do you revert, and get back to before invert? Or can you? Because if Sator was inverting, how does he ever get back to current time?
- to further pull on that, if P and Neil have known each other for years, did than imply that P reverted and just... hid for years until the right time, where he could start tenet? And does that mean he kills himself just before his past self joins post opera?
-when they agree to hide the pieces, are they going inverted, then burying them to put them further in the last, or leaving them in forward time, to be possibly found in the future?
- at the final battle, how do you ensure that future bullets that were shot aren’t killing your inverted team as they pass; or vice versa? Or is that just solved by having both parties in the same time flow, so don’t shoot your backward moving buddies?
-Also, will red team and blue team ever be in the same time zone again, if blue reverts?
- ALSO; why not have blue team revert, and charge back in with red?

Overall, I kind of agree with an earlier comment. If you pay just enough thought, but not too much, this is enjoyable. Not as good as inception, but just intriguing enough to make you think

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Jun 6, 2002

Marshall/Kirtaner 8/24 nevar forget! (omg pedo)

Awesome, thanks.

One question left unanswered though - Does Sator invert/uninvert ever, beyond the last scenes? And if he does, how does he catch up with Kat?

If not, why is he going to the Turnstiles? To get gold drops?

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