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May 12, 2007


I belong to a local business club, and we meet regularly for lunch. We hand out small prizes every week, and we've always used a big wheel of fortune to pick winners...but it sucks, and the same numbers come up a lot. So there's like a dozen members that win way too much. So for a while I started using a random number generator on my phone, but nobody can see it, so it wasn't popular. Yeah go figure...the people that were being screwed by a crappy wheel liked the wheel. Anyway, I'd like to build/buy a random number generator with a large display (large enough so that a room of 50-100 people can easily see it) that can define a lower (always 1) and upper boundary (a selectable 3-digit number). I'm handy, but probably not handy enough to build something like this. What are my best options? Google gives me nothing. This will probably have to be custom-built.


My Rhythmic Crotch
Jan 13, 2011

I can think of several ways you could do this

* Use a laptop and a projector or TV plus whatever software to display a number that you've drawn out of a hat
* Go to a hackerspace and see if some of the members feel like holding your hand to make an arduino + LED thing
* Hire someone on one of those freelancer sites like fiverr to make an arduino + LED thing for you

Feb 16, 2005

The world is a mess... and I just need to rule it

If all you need is for them to be able to see your number generator then go buy the cheapest:largest TV and a chromecast and cast your phone while you use the app. Or a laptop and HDMI cable. Depending on what kind of venue your having these lunches at, they might have a display to use.

Aug 9, 2009

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Zoom in. You're welcome btw.

Seriously though how big a display are you talking about? I'll agree that a laptop/tablet/tv is going to be the easiest solution generally. But if you want DIY, an option is using one of those jumbotron LED panels, they're usually around 16x32cm, can display any text or number or graphic and are bright as gently caress. I've been using an ESP to drive one so it could be configurable over Wifi. But that's certainly a lot more involved than an old tablet or something like that.

Blue Footed Booby
Oct 4, 2006

got those happy feet

Slippery Tilde

What is you use multiple wheels (or reels) with one for each digit? That way it has the pageantry of a physical prop, but more opportunities for random variation in your spin force?


Sep 9, 2007

Digital is nice and my dad could probably make one, but a bingo wheel (raffle drum) is easy to use and can be ordered online (and you can remove number balls that were already selected.)

Numbers can be displayed with flip cards.

Analog, portable, affordable, available immediately!

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