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Oct 21, 2010


ShallNoiseUpon posted:

The thread is going to whip rear end

Hello, hello my darlings! It's so lovely to see you all again! Welcome back for to what is swiftly becoming a tradition here on the ol' Games forum as we take a loving look back over the year before it runs out of continues in the Video Games Top 10 Poll of 2019. Last year a veritable swathe of goons came together to share their feelings on various games using the format of arbitrarily ranked lists. It all went well, everyone had a good time, the thread got goldmined (not that I like to brag or anything) so heck, let's do it all over again! But before we do, we can't go any further before reflecting on the last twelve months.

  • The year kicked off with a bang as Epic Games launched their very own web store to end the latter's monopoly on hentai games. The Epic Game Store may not have launched with much in the way of quality of life features or customer support or actual games but that's ok, they'll patch in all in in post.
  • The award for first controversy of the year went to Pokémon developers Creatures Inc. who decided to spend their critical first hatsumode of the year at Yasukuni Shrine, a monument to Japanese imperialism although in fairness, Pokémon Go shouldn't have left a Zapdos there.
  • Never one to shy away from controversy Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford was sued by a former legal employee under accusations of defrauding Gearbox for millions of dollars. Revealed in the lawsuit are details of Pitchford holding recordings of underage camgirls which have been justified under the desire to work out the “magic trick” that is female ejaculation. Ok look, I know this looks back but it's early in the year and there's a long time to bounce back. I'm sure we won't be hearing from Randy again.
  • A gross error occured at Activision when someone puts down the gun threatening the masters of the Marathon trilogy and Bungie managed to escape their partnership. Long-time fans of the FPS genre were saddened to learn they will retain full rights and commitment to the Destiny franchise.
  • After being hailed by critics for its level of character choice (including a top 10 spot in our 2018 poll!) Assassin's Creed Odyssey remembered that it was an Ubisoft game and threw that all away with a series of DLC that forces homosexual and asexual versions of Cassandra to get married and have a baby. Luckily this draws few complaints from women as they are all too busy being stuck in the kitchen.
  • Aware that they had a reputation to maintain after putting out Something Awful's #1 game of 2018 Capcom were right back in the thick of it with the release of the remake of Resident Evil 2, wetting a whole new generation of pants around the world.
  • After a spat on Twitter with everyone's favourite transphobe Graham Linehan left-wing Youtube hbomberguy took to Twitch to stream a 100% run of Donkey Kong 64 to raise money for the pro-trans charity Mermaids. He garnered mainstream attention and guests including ContraPoints and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez while raising $350,000. Beaver status: bothered.
  • It was another successful financial year for Activision-Blizzard as they posted profits of $800 million. Executives celebrated by laying off 775 staff members which coincidentally is the same as the number of people still playing Heroes of the Storm.

  • Respawn Entertainment shocked the world when they announced the same-day release of free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends. They then shocked the world a second time when the game turned out to not suck.
  • The popular Team Fortress 2 Youtuber Sketchek posted his first new video in over three years which would have been a cause for celebration if his previous video hadn't announced that he was about to die from a rare nerve system disease.
  • Respawn weren't the only ones shocking us with same-day drops this month as Nintendo released Tetris 99, a TETRIS BATTLE loving ROYALE.
  • It was a sad day for Twitch after part streamer part gimmick DJ Deadmau5 quit the platform in a heated gamer moment after being suspended for calling another player a 'cocksucker'. Pour one out for a real homie.
  • There was controversy around the rerelease of Atlus's cult-classic puzzler Catherine after a tacked on update with a new happy ending which features the trans character never transitioning which is a terrible way to treat the demographic that makes up a good 40% of your weeaboo audience.
  • A small group of persecuted gamers bravely spoke out after new promotional material for Mortal Kombat 11 displayed female characters in non-sexualised attire, a heavy attack on 'boner culture'.
  • After 15 years in the role Reggie Fils-Aime stepped down as President and COO of Nintendo of America. Taking over the position is Doug Bowser who will now finally make enough of a salary to support eight kids as a single father.
  • BioWare dropped the biggest release of the month as Anthem made its way to shelves. Despite reports of developers putting in major crunch time the game still had clunky menu systems, uninspired mission structures and a non-existent story. The player base departed in droves and even with high initial sales the game was quickly considered a huge failure.
  • THQNordic managed to do an AMA on a site even worse than Reddit as they spent an afternoon yukking it up about paedophilia on actual Nazi-site 8chan. Ever ones to act maturely in a crisis, Valve responded to the controversy in a compassionate manner as they put THQNordic's Wreckfest on discount. Mark got a shoutout though so it was all worth it.

  • The fashion industry came under threat as Cranium Apparel released the first Esports dress for female gamers. Unfortunately the dress quickly came under criticism for its hyper-sexualised image and the company was forced to admit that we were still waiting for the first Esports dress designed by female gamers.
  • Capcom graced us with another hit of their apparent endless supply of hits as Devil May Cry 5 reached shelves. The character action game displayed finely tuned combat that let you shoot shadow birds and demon robots or whatever. This was combined with a balls to the wall plot of such insanity that they even managed to redeem Ninja Theory's emo teen version of Dante.
  • Pierre Taki, Japanese actor and star of Yakuza spin-off Judgement is busted by police for possession of cocaine. Due to the serious nature of this crime Sega, the game's publisher, is forced to pull all marketing and take the game off sale in an unprecedented move as a new release is delayed for an entire revamp of the character's appearance. Shareholders are disappointed by the loss to profits but understand that this is the kind of freak occurrence that will definitely never happen again.
  • In a vicious and horrifying terrorist attack a 4chan user streamed a mass shooting at a Christchurch synagogue on Facebook. As the video began he urged viewers to 'subscribe to Pewdiepie', referencing a meme developed by the alt-right fanbase of Youtube's most popular Let's Player.
  • Baba is Out. Game is Good. Meme is Born.
  • Shane Dawson did not have sex with his cat and he would like it very much if everyone could please stop talking about it, thank you very much.
  • Another big tech company entered the video game industry as Google announced plans for the release of Stadia, a new streaming service that would let you play with your favourite content creators. Just as long as you're in the 11.9% of the population that has access to fast enough broadband.
  • Gamers around the world clenched their buttocks and asked their mums for hugs as FromSoftware released its latest challenge of gitting gud, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The game is hailed as a masterpiece with beautiful landscapes and a powerful ending that none of us need to discuss because we've all obviously completed the game so there's no need in anyone talking about it. Good? Good.
  • Another company wallowing in the excesses of capitalism this year was EA who announced lay-offs of 350 staff for the financial year despite posting a net income of over $1 billion. Turns out you don't need much of a workforce when all you do is pump out yearly gacha sports licenses.

  • The moderators of Reddit closed down r/games for April Fool's Day to raise speak out about toxicity in the games community including racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. The good people of Reddit take this as well as would be expected.
  • The discourse was blessed with royalty when the UK's Prince Harry spoke out calling for every teenager's favourite character dressup and dance emote game Fortnite to be banned as it was of no benefit to anyone and of course, as a member of the Royal Family he would know.
  • Tweets from SquareEnix staff sadly revealed that Final Fantasy VIII could not be released on Switch as the original code for the PC version had been lost and even more sadly revealed that the original code to Final Fantasy XIII was still very much on file.
  • The wellness app Ovia was found to be working with employees of Activision-Blizzard to work out when their staff boning down and making babies which is presumably how they spent the money saved from laying off 775 employees.
  • Following revelations that Billy Mitchell, the current Donkey Kong high score holder, had used an emulator to record his world record the sanctioning high-score authority body Twin Galaxies scrubs his result from the record books while the rest of the world looks on in shock at learning an arcade score body of authority exists.
  • Another company jumped on the mini retro console bandwagon as Capcom pushed out an arcade board containing a number of classic games which would have been a great idea if not for the stolen emulator software at the core of the project.
  • Seven years after the closure of game servers a secret private version of City of Heroes is revealed to exist for an exclusive cadre of players. Showing a duly justified response one uninvited gamer compared being denied access to the recent Notre Dame fire. Server operators later received death threats from gamers who would probably been more at home in City of Villains.
  • Microsoft announced the XBox One SAD, their own take on a streaming-only console, because there is no company that can shoot themselves in the face without Microsoft jumping in front of them to take the bullet.
  • Fight game fans received a big boost with the launch of Mortal Kombat 11 which is quickly embraced by the fanbase apart from some gamers who were upset by one non-canon endgame which eliminates racism from society. Unfortunately the game's left-wing cred was destroyed after reports from Kotaku that staff suffered extreme crunch, systemic sexism and diagnsed PTSD.
  • Sony released open-world zombie fest Days Gone thereby answering the question of if a game released in a forest with nobody around still gets 7/10.
  • Fears were raised for Twitch streamer Etika after he streamed himself being detained by the police which was all too reasonable in a year when 150 black people were shot to death by police in America.
  • Sega aimed to emulate the success of the Detective Pikachu trailer as they dropped the first teaser for the Sonic movie which would have worked out great if they hadn't forgotten to make sure Sonic wasn't depicted as a Cthulhian nightmare with HUMAN loving TEETH.

  • With the success of a still unbanned Fortnite buoying their finances Epic Games purchased games developer Psyonix. Their biggest game, Rocket League, was immediately removed from sale on Steam drawing much outrage from gamers who don't know how to cope with both a Netflix and a Hulu account.
  • Everyone's favourite Esports furry SonicFox was banned on Twitter after a public altercation with Joanna Cherry, British MP of Edinburgh South West for the Scottish National Party, over rampant examples of transphobia which led to a picture of Lily from the popular anime Zombieland Saga holding a gun being discussed in the House of Commons because it's 2019 is what even is life any more.
  • In an interview with Game Informer Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford promised that upcoming release Borderlands 3 will not ship with microtransactions. It would however ship with low-cost cosmetic DLC but that is obviously not even close to the same thing.
  • After being rocked by a number of sexual harassment cases at Riot Games staff discovered clauses in their contracts that any lawsuits brought against their employer will be dealt with through forced arbitration leading to mass walkouts because as the creators of League of Legends they know an organised collective will always beat one lone crybaby impotently calling out slurs.
  • In fears that Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford would go a week without being subject of a new scandal the former voice actor for Claptrap, David Eddings, spoke out about being physically assaulted by Pitchford during GDC 2017 and then being stalked by Pitchford on social media.
  • The Republican Senator for Missouri, Josh Hawley, introduced a bill in the Senate to ban all lootboxes and microtransactions in the game industry. The bill promised to be a radical set of regulations that would restrict the exploitative practices of video game publishes so this is of course the last you will ever hear of it.
  • As part of promotion for the latest expansion in their popular MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda released a pen-and-paper RPG adventure module. Unfortunately the module had to be pulled soon after once it was discovered to be a plagiarised version of a Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Now clearly comfortable with plagiarism Bethesda also copied their response to the scandal from other video game companies by announcing they were investigating the matter and then never explaining a thing.
  • It continued to be a banner year for Youtube's gaming community as ProJared announced an amicable divorce with his wife only for her to immediately accuse him of cheating and soliciting nudes from underage girls under the pretence of body positivity.
  • Barely recovered from their previous scandal Bethesda released Rage 2 which quickly drew criticism for using imagery suggestive of cleft lip syndrome to depict its mutants. 1 in 1000 babies in the United States is born with a cleft lip.
  • In a quiet month for new releases it was left to A Plague Tale: Innocence to carry most of the attention as its moving story and unique setting of medieval France during the Black Plague set it out from the crowd. Avoiding the hordes of diseased ridden creatures was difficult but eventually you could get past the other gamers in the store and buy a cope of the game.
  • In the brand new battle for digital store front supremacy Epic Games Store ran their first sale event which went really well right up until developers began pulling their games from the store after discounts undercut the price of their game on other store fronts. At least there were bargains to be found for the consumers who were able to load up on games on the cheap right up until their accounts were suspended for buying multiple games at discount.
  • The developer of the popular tactical RPG franchise Disgaea, Nippon Ichi, announced that it was in severe financial trouble and was unable to pay staff wages in a big blow for fans of anime titties everywhere.
  • In attempt to distract the world from the previous three scandals he had been involved in this year Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford tweeted a video of animal abuse. The shocking video contained images of a kitten being pinched by a crab and forced to play Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • A former Rockstar developer accused an executive, Jeronimo Barrera, of sexual assault because apparently he believes real life is a loving Grand Theft Auto game.
  • The Pokémon Company unveiled their latest project, Pokémon Sleep, which will level Pokémon based on the user's sleep cycle and will finally give gamers all the justification they need to never get out of bed.
  • One of the most popular Fortnite Esports players, H1ghsky1, revealed that he was aged just 11 years old and was therefore below the legal age to compete, which would never have happened if we'd just listened to Prince Harry.

  • Seven years after a very successful Kickstarter campaign the developers of Barkley Shut Up and Jam 2 announced that development had been halted and with all funding already spent backers of the game would not receive refunds. In the end the only things that got chaos dunked were our hearts.
  • The best and the brightest gathered in Los Angeles for E3 for every video gamer's Summer Christmas. Google made their debut appearance to present Stadia's framerate issues and input lag, EA's biggest news was the return of FIFA Street, Microsoft showed off the underground bunker Bill Gates will live in once climate change hits, Bethesda were the latest publishers to sacrifice a beloved franchise on the altar of free-to-play gaming, Devolver Digital were Devolver Digital, Tom Clancy's Ubisoft presented a non-political collective antifascist game non-politcally set in a post-Brexit London, SquareEnix apparently only does re-releases now, Konami tried to cash in on the classic console graft and Sony couldn't even be arsed to show up. All of which left Nintendo to take the win from this year's conference by announcing a bunch of games you actually want to play.
  • But E3 has never just been about the big contenders. It's always been a chance for the little guy to get some attention as Intellivision president Tommy Tallerico proved when he announced the company's innovative new advertising strategy of marketing their new console to people who don't play video games.
  • Away from the corporate shilling E3 was still an enjoyable experience for gamers apart from Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect who had his E3 credentials revoked after streaming himself going to the toilets for a wee on five separate occasions. It turns out that's the kind of stream nobody wants to see!
  • Just when it looked like they could go a year without getting caught up in controversy a new E3 demo of CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 showed an in-game advert featuring the sexualisation of a pre-op trans woman as well as a prevalence of stereotypical black criminals. The footage opened up a wider debate around the nature and boundaries of trans identity although most agreed that a nuanced discourse could not be expected from a company that had been making jokes about assumed genders just a year prior.
  • There was also further potential for E3 controversy when the pro wrestler Kenny Omega seemed to endorse noted bad gamers Dr. Disrespect and Boogie although the incident ended up passing quietly by virtue of no one in the gaming community knowing who he was.
  • New DLC drops for Borderlands to bridge the gap between the game and the upcoming sequel. Included in the DLC is a scene in which Claptrap begs for his old job back, referencing the public dispute between David Eddings and Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford who is heavily developing a lawsuit fetish.
  • In a meeting of the UK's Commons Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport representatives from Epic declare that they are unable to track how much time users spend playing Fortnite. Meanwhile the VP of Legal and Government Affairs at EA renames lootboxes as “surprise mechanics” and compares them to Kinder Eggs although at least with Kinder Eggs you get to eat some dodgy chocolate before the inevitable disappointment.
  • New footage of Final Fantasy VII Remake showed that Tifa's breasts had been reduced for the upscaled game drawing ire from teenage boys both young and old.
  • With fans continuing to have concern over his wellbeing Youtuber Etika posted a video detailing his struggles with suicidal ideation before disappearing. Police found Etika's belongings on Manhattan Bridge four days later leading to fears he has jumped. His body was discovered the next day. If you are feeling at risk please contact someone from the international list of suicide helplines.
  • The PC manufacturers Razer stepped in to stand up for prejudice against gamers after Brazilian streamer Gabriella Cattuzzo spoke out against being sexualised by men. The company bravely withdrew their sponsorship from Gabriella and were very fortunate to escape the situation without receiving any death threats, unlike Gabriella.
  • Another game developer's exploitative business practices were exposed as Kotaku released an investigation on rampant crunch culture Treyarch, highlighting a stratified work environment between salaried employees with benefits and contracted staff being underpaid on wages for skilled labour.
  • Gamers around the world were encouraged to unleash their creativity with the release of Super Mario Maker 2 which thanks to responsive controls and an expansive toolset makes making Mario Maker Marios easier than ever before!

  • The developers of upcoming medieval multiplayer game Mordhau announced plans to include women and POCs as playable characters in a strong show of representation as well as toggles to turn these options invisible to ensure the sensibilities of fragile white males were not shaken.
  • Enterprising business woman and occasional video gamer Belle Delphine began selling her own bath water to fans thereby proving that we are living in a late capitalist dystopia.
  • There were new opportunities to be found at Activision-Blizzard as they advertised recruitment for a new Hearthstone community manager which must have gone down well with the entire Hearthstone community team that had been included in the corporate lay-offs at the start of the year.
  • Following a rise in negative sentiment against Steam key-reseller G2A the company were caught attempting to skirt marketing laws by procuring undisclosed solicited articles from media outlets. Once caught with their hands in the cookie jar G2A proceeded to blame the unsuccessful crime on a rogue employee who had taken the action completely on his own, who had now left the company and who had been working in the Canada office anyway so you totally never met him.
  • With models of the Switch still flying off the shelves Nintendo announced the Switch Lite, a smaller and slimmer paired down model suitable for those on go and gamers with small hands, finally allowing Donald Trump to get into gaming.
  • And speaking of Trump there was big news in the political sphere as Ace Watkins began his run for candidacy as America's first ever Gamer President. #VoteAce2020
  • The latest addition to the Overwatch roster caused a stir online as Sigma was a tank hero covered head to ankle in heavy armour but with bare feet exposed to the world. An online comment from the concept artist indicated the look was intended to evoke a classic mental asylum uniform in a sensationalistic attitude to mental health as outdated as the idea of Blizzard being a good game company.
  • Tea became everyone's new favourite past-time with the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the latest game in the dating sim franchise. With numerous story paths and a solid tactical combat mini-game the game did well but was somewhat marred by the erasure of gay couples as same-sex relationships were qualified as platonic while leaving the option of heterosexual marriage open. Listen boys, you can do this as much as you like but the gal pals are still not going to date you.
  • Lorne Lanning, creator the pro-worker anti-capitalist Oddworld franchise, claimed that unions would drive small companies out of business and equated them to the death penalty, conveniently ignoring that couldn't afford to be dead to its own staff probably deserved to be dead.
  • Retro fans and gaming historians were excited by the release of the classic Doom games on Switch until in typical Bethesda fashion the publisher managed to turn a slam dunk into a faceplant when they pushed out the games with always online DRM. Nobody at the company could quite explain why this was necessary for a game that was over 25 loving years old.
  • The developers of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar committed some grand theft of their own as a TaxWatch report revealed that the company had paid exactly Ł0 in UK corporation tax over the last decade despite claiming Ł42 million from the government in subsidies. The $5 billion revenue from GTA5 was, presumably, all being spent on the executives' Wipe Your Bum With A Twenty motivation program.
  • The most famous gamer in the world, Ninja, signed a deal to write a book describing how to become an unstoppable gamer. The book, which launched later in the year, contained such vital tips as 'buy a good keyboard' and 'refuse to participate in Twitch streams with women'.
  • Twitch was hit by a burst of activism as female gamers organised SlutStream to highlight sexual harassment and abuse on the streaming platform. Women involved were sadly the subject of torrents of violent and explicit insults from entitled men which made it exactly the same as every other day.
  • A marketing push for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare focused on the use of white phosphorous in multiplayer as a major selling point because nothing says thoughtful treatise on the horrors of war than calling your opponent a gamer word while you watch their skin burn all the way to the bone.
  • The long awaited remaster of Crash Team Racing received an overwhelming number of positive reviews with particular praise spared for its lack of microtransactions. Which made it all the more galling a month later after the review cycle had moved on when Activision patched a whole bunch of them back into the game.

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Oct 21, 2010


  • In another victory for mediocre white men everywhere Ninja signed a sponsorship deal with Microsoft worth $932 million to jump ship to their new streaming platform, Mixer. For more information on what Mixer is and how it works just Bing it.
  • After their game struck a deal to go exclusive on the Epic Games Store developers of Ooblets told unhappy Kickstarter backers that they were “entitled baby gamers” who should care about climate change instead although if they were really concerned about the planet's environment they shouldn't have been the source of so much hot air.
  • In the wake of this year's E3 the Entertainment Software Association published online the personal data of over 2000 journalists and content creators. In the ensuing criticism people learn that they had been notified of the issue back in February showing that the only thing less responsive than the ESA is MS Kinect controls.
  • Following a day in which mass shootings occur in both El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH the minority leader of the House Kevin McCarthy, along with such important names as Donald Trump and Boogie, blames the incidents on violent video games for dehumanising individuals instead of the lack of some actual loving gun laws.
  • With the continued push by Microsoft to make Mixer a legitimate thing the service revealed clothing guidelines stating that any women wearing croptops or showing visible shoulders would be classified as an 18+ only stream which might sound like Victorian puritanism but was really just Ninja making sure his wife was comfortable with him working on the platform.
  • Hopes were raised and at EVO where a Tekken advert teased the inclusion of Solid Snake. Gamers were excited by the news until event organisers were forced to admit the teaser had been created as a joke without any authorisation from Konami or David Hayter. Organisers were later seen emulating Solid Snake a second time as they hid in cardboard boxes from Konami's lawyers.
  • Reports on Twitter that multiple attendees at the EVO after-party had been date-raped passed with little fanfare because that was in fact completely normal for an event after-party.
  • With indie developers still receiving heat from gamers for taking exclusive deals with the Epic Games Store the store front released a statement denouncing the harassment of their developers and ask for “healthy, truthful discussion” in a fundamental misunderstanding of their key demographic.
  • Further investigations discovered that as well as mishandling visitor data from 2019 the Entertainment Software Association had also published personal data from 2004, 2006 and 2018. This breach of data protection laws was very serious but also incredibly boring and thus quickly ignored.
  • Nintendo revealed new British-inspired Galarian versions of classic Pokémon for the upcoming Pokémon Sword/Shield. Included among the new looks was a version of Weezing that transformed it into an old-timey 19th century capitalist that abuses Pichus and Togepis for child labour.
  • After posting leaks for Borderlands 3 on his Youtube channel SupMatto found himself being subject to a 10-month investigation from PIs hired by Take-Two and Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, who only approves of leaks when they're magic tricks.
  • America continued to reassess its relationship with video games in the wake of the El Paso and Dayton. ESPN and ABC postponed an Apex Legends Esports tournament while Walmart thoughtfully removed all advertising for violent video games from its stores. Of course the violent video games themselves remained very much on sale. As did the guns.
  • In a first for video games Planet Digital, developers of the upcoming Cooking Mama: Coming Home announced that the game would feature integrated blockchain rewards so listen to Mama and don't sell now because steakcoin is only going up up UP!
  • The 16 year old winner of the Fortnite World Cup, Kyle Giersdorf, had a Twitch stream interrupted when the police were fradulently called to his house, a new form on online harassment called swatting. Luckily Kyle was white so the call-out passed without incident.
  • With their biggest streamer no longer active on the platform Twitch used Ninja's profile to stream two hours of pornography. The adult-rated content did accidentally get sent out to underage viewers but on the other hand it did have more female representation.
  • A developer for 90's FPS throwback Ion Fury posted misogyny and transphobia in coded alt-right comments on the company's Discord channel leading to a string of negative criticisms on Steam from women, queer gamers and allies. In a controlled and measured response the company purged all but the most glowing of reviews in a clear sign that the company the only things they loved more than 90s gameplay was 90s hate-speech.
  • There were an ignominious couple of days at BioWare as the company lost the lead developer for Dragon Age 4 and the lead developer for Anthem in the space of 48 hours as the company's name value continued to plummet faster than Anthem's player base.
  • Content creators on Youtube uploaded Minecraft videos with pornographic thumbnails although they easily get lost in the endless sea of swearing Peppa Pig and Elsa/Spider-Man clickbait.
  • After days of negative PR the Ion Fury developers were forced to issue an apology for previous comments, vow to cut homophobic content from the game and donate $10,000 to the Trevor Project, an LGBTQ+ youth charity. Their Steam page is bombarded by a further round of negative views from chuds and shitheads angered by the apology. These reviews mysteriously go undeleted.
  • Years of secrecy come to an end as the first gameplay footage for Hideo Kojima's new project, Death Stranding, revealed that the game has deep urination mechanics. Godammit Kojima, you beautiful bastard, you've done it again!
  • In response to the second round of negative reviews the Ion Fury developers, backed with the support of publisher 3DRealms, apologised for their previous apology and reiterated their commitment to keep the game's homophobic content citing a refusal to submit to censorship. The response drew praise from many gamers who were glad someone was finally standing up for straight white men.
  • Gamers around the world said quit their jobs and said goodbye to their families as World of Warcraft Classic launched. The faithful recreation of the vanilla version of the world's most popular MMORPG was an immediate hit with two hour long queues on certain servers. Players were delighted to revisit the halcyon days of their youth but were disappointed to learn the game actually make you any younger.
  • There was embarrassment in the JRPG community as the subreddit for Fire Emblem was forced to issue a statement cracking down on fan-made child pornography, swiftly followed by a second statement cracking down on fan-made child pornography because they just couldn't stop themselves the first time.
  • Five years removed from the Gamergate abuse Zoe Quinn put herself back in the public firing line as she joined Nathalie Whitehead in publicly naming men that had sexually assaulted them beginning a tide of #MeToo allegations an undercurrent of sexism rife in the video game industry that was already obvious to anyone with a pulse and most people without one.
  • Initial excitement over the announcement of Yakuza 7 turned to sheer confusion as the game was revealed to be a turn-based RPG although fans were probably less confused than those wondering why the next Dragon Quest was suddenly a third-person brawler.
  • Having been named and shamed by Zoe Quinn's #MeToo allegation Alec Holowka was found having taken his own life. The Holowka family took time out of their mourning to request that Quinn be left alone so naturally she ends up having to delete her Twitter to get away from all the angry men calling her a murderer.

  • A year of hard work and endless scandal for Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford came to its fruition with the release of Borderlands 3. However reviewers were purposefully sent early builds of the game instead of the final product and sites like Kotaku and GiantBomb were skipped entirely due to previous negative coverage of Pitchford and Take-Two. Even so the game received many negative reviews which Pitchford then dutifully signal boosted with retweets on the Twitter because not understanding how PR works is the least of this man's troubles.
  • In one of the weirdest pieces of advertising all year KFC launched corporate synergy dating-sim I Love You Colonel Sanders, it was finger-lickin' good!
  • The long protracted death of physical media continued as Gamestop announced that they were closing 200 stores with more likely to follow over the next couple of years drawing celebrations from every gamer who's nan had been pushed into buying the new Madden game for them at Christmas.
  • With his reputation in tatters Billy Mitchell files a defamation lawsuit against Twin Galaxies demanding that his Donkey Kong high score be restored although the suit soon ran into some issues when it turned out everyone thought he was an rear end in a top hat anyway.
  • An advert for NBA 2k20 directly compared lootboxes to casino fruit games although the only real direct comparison was the bit where you ended up three grand in the hole in debt to the house.
  • Yet another game publisher's work practices were exposed as Kotaku published an investigation into Nicalis founder Tyler Rodriguez and the toxic culture in the company that encouraged bullying, racism and antisemitism .
  • In a rare example of positive self-reflection PewDiePie pledged a donation $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League only to pull it at the last minute after a torrent of antisemitic complaints from his alt-right fanbase and thereby completing defeating the purpose of what was already a naked PR move.
  • Crowd-funding platform Kickstarter fired three staff members taking key roles in the workforce's attempts to unionise. Kickstart claimed the firings were based on performance related issues although this is somewhat belied by a five page letter to creators that claims the union dynamic will not solve any problems at Kickstarter.
  • JUST loving UNIONISE!
  • There were celebrations around the world as twenty years on from the first time he picked up a Pokéball, Ash Ketchum, won the Alola Pokémon League and completed his quest of becoming a Grand Master. With his name written in the record books Ash retired from the Pokémon scene, presumably to find out which genetic disease has prevented him from growing any older than a ten year old boy.
  • In a ruling with potentially far-reaching consequences judges in France declared that Steam users should be able to resell their digitally owned games. This was great news for gamers but terrible news for publishers who could no longer rely on the platform to prevent lost profit from the second hand market and so obviously has yet to be implemented.
  • The meme makers had a field day as Untitled Goose Game became the biggest hit of the year The charming title detailed the adventures of a goose as it ransacked its village causing trouble for its local residents. With a simplistic art style and ingenious stealth quests it wound up becoming OH WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH YOU GODDAM STUPID GOOSE.

njsykora posted:

I got the goose game and honked at a small child until they were so scared they shut themselves in a phone box.

  • Already the subject of scrutiny following recent allegations Nicalis doubled down on their behaviour by pulling Ittle Dew 2 off of Steam and ghosting the developer as a hardball tactic for a dispute over property rights. It may not have been the most mature response to the conflict but as far as Nicalis were concerned it'll do.
  • With subscription game streaming platforms becoming popular on the market Google launches Google Play Pass to bring the model to Android phones. However the setup threatens to put small game developers out of business due to decreased payouts based on time spent by users in game so the creator of Super Hexagon was especially hosed.
  • Following a year in which Fallout 76 had been ridiculed and igored by the gaming community it managed to push itself back into the public eye when it turned out collectible helmets included in the promo launch editions would need to be recalled due to lethal levels of mould as it became the only game to gently caress up a launch a year after the game was out.
  • After two years of building a reputation for legitimate video game journalism Kotaku threw it all away by publishing an article containing child pornography. The article was quickly pulled and an apology was issued during which the site argued for a rigorous moral debate around the use of underage characters in pornography.
  • gently caress no. That's it. That's the debate.
  • Sensing the chance to jump in on the hot new trend Focus Home Interactive pulled all of Frogwares's games from store fronts including the Sherlock Holmes series and the Sinking City as they refused to transfer over IP rights in a display of greed so naked even Sherlock couldn't solve it.
  • The tough year continued for Randy Pitchford and Gearbox as the famous voice actor Troy Baker gave an interview stating that he wasn't used for vocal talent in Borderlands 3 as the publisher didn't want to use union voice actors because this company is the actual worst.
  • The composer for Duke Nukem 3D, Robert Prince, discovered that his music had been used without permission and was forced to issue a lawsuit against – oh come on – Gearbox and Randy Pitchford. What are we even loving doing here?

  • The developer of indie RPG Heartbeat listed the game for a Steam sale at a 41% discount following a series of transphobic tweets from both himself and his partner. 41% of transgender youths have attempted suicide.
  • We waved goodbye to another game developer as AlphaDream, creators of the Mario and Luigi RPG series, declared bankruptcy bringing their superstar saga to a close.
  • There were further developments in the burgeoning world of fast food brand/gaming crossovers as Wendy's produced Feast of Legends, a free tabletop RPG that failed to credit any of its designers and with a story ending with a paramilitary force executing McDonalds customers.
  • The Monument Valley developer USTwo fired a founding member of Game Workers Unite UK after being questioned by management about union activities. USTwo denied that the firing was related to the union but conveniently chose not to comment any further.
  • In perhaps the first good bit of news for Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford all year the lawsuit brought against him for fraud was quietly dropped following an out-of-court settlement thankfully saving us all from having to hear Pitchford try to understand female ejaculation while on the stand.
  • During a Hearthstone competition, professoinal Esports gamer blitzchung spoke out in support of the Hong Kong protests that had been rising against the Chinese government for most of the year. In response Blizzard removed from the competition, suspended his account for a year and withheld payment of recent prize money that he had earned. They also fired the two producers responsible for streaming the event. Settle in, folks. We're gonna be here a while.
  • With many Blizzard users upset by the company's open support of China they took to the Blizzard forums to register their concerns at which point Blizzard doubled down and probated or suspended their accounts.
  • The fallout wasn't just contained to the Blizzard forums as Reddit was also swamped with posters sharing their opinions. In the end moderators were forced to close down r/Blizzard as they were not able to handle the task of moderating the discourse. Meanwhile on r/Hearthstone users were sharing guides on how to unsubscribe from your account, not realising that you could just speak out in support of Hong Kong and Blizzard would do the rest for you.
  • Students from American University competing in a collegiate Hearthstone competition held up a Free Hong Kong sign mid-match and were immediately disqualified from the tournament with producers banning all post-match interviews.
  • All the popular Hearthstone streamers on Twitch refused to comment on the Hong Kong situation marking the first time a Twitch streamer has ever been known to shut up.
  • Figures published by PCGamer showed that the Chinese game company Tencent had investments in a number of major Western companies including Ubisoft, Paradox, Epic, Riot and, to a total lack of surprise from anyone, Activision-Blizzard.
  • Not even voice actors were saved from the furore as Elise Zhang, the voice of Mei in Overwatch, was called out after tweeting in denial of the ongoing Uighur genocide by the Chinese. Fans retaliated by co-opting Mei in memes and fan-art as a supporter of the protests. There are currently over a million Uighurs being held in concentration camps in China.
  • After days of uproar Blizzard finally got their poo poo together and made an apology. To the people of China. They released a statement on the Chinese social media platform Weibo in which they promised to “safeguard the country's dignity” even though they themselves had clearly left dignity three exits back.
  • Sony laid off dozens of staff from its European division citing redundancy of their roles which would have sounded a lot more convincing if they hadn't also revealed spec plans for their brand new console on the same day.
  • With their player base still near the point of revolt there were further difficulties for Blizzard as staff members began organising daily walkouts in support of blitzchung as Blizzard's actions continued to draw criticism from literally everybody
  • With continued scepticism over the ambition of their technology and a number of previous failed tech demos Google explained that Stadia would combat input lag by creating new technology that would create “negative latency” which would have been all right if negative latency was a thing that existed.
  • After years of using the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield as recruitment drives the US Army set up their own Esports team to really milk the large crossover between gamers and fascists.
  • An anonymous Blizzard employee gave an interview with Vice about the ongoing censorship conflict in which they revealed that company executives had not come up with any long-term strategy or plan of action which is not surprising for anyone who's been keeping up with retail World of Warcraft.
  • Over a week after the initial incident Blizzard returned blitzchung's prize money and reduced his suspension to six months. In their public statement they insisted that his infraction was veering away from discussion of the game in his post-match interview rather than for criticising China. The timestamp of the statement and lingual analysis indicated that the statement had been written in China.
  • Social media for Fortnite announced the end of the game as their Twitter was deleted and their Twitch channel went dark. The trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 eventully dropped after gamers spent days watching a blank screen which was at least more rewarding than watching someone stream Fortnite.
  • Fallout at Blizzard continued as the launch of Overwatch on Switch was disrupted when a fan meet and greet was cancelled amid fears that it would be used as an opportunity for critics to denounce the company's censorship, all of which did nothing to reduce the number of critics looking to denounce the company's censorship.
  • The American University collegiate team that had been disqualified for supporting blitzchung was also suspended for 6 months although as the team consisted of white men Blizzard did at least have the good grace to think about it for a week first.
  • Discussion of censorship continued to run rife on the offical Twitch stream for Hearthstone until Blizzard started banning anyone who mentioned Hong Kong in the stream's chat, thereby solving the problem of censorship with even more censorship.
  • Politicians began to get involved with the Blizzard situation as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and a number of other House representatives signed a letter condemning Blizzard for their treatment of blitzchung as the fact politicans now knew who an Esports pro was showed just how badly Blizzard had hosed up.
  • The annual release of WWE 2k20 is marred by a change of developer leading to a broken mess of a game that went viral with glitches including but not limited to detachable hair, ringside managers cloning themselves mid-match, 2v2 tag matches turning into 3v1 handicap matches, messed up face scans, the Shield floating during their ring entrance, invisible wrestlers, wrestlers having seizures, wrestlers getting locked in crouch walks and Becky Lynch losing her face.
  • There was good news for fans of Japanese weirdness as Suda51 and Swery announced they were working on a game together. During the announcement they got Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama on text message to agree to join the horror collaboration. Minds around the world already began to collapse in mere contemplation of the bizarreness awaiting.
  • With Fallout 76 becoming a commercial failure Bethesda set up a premium subscription account to wring the last bit of blood from that stone. In keeping with the game's traditions Fallout 1st subscribers were rewarded with private worlds that other players could enter and a storebox that permanently ate their items.
  • Executives at NBC and CBS greenlit new sitcom pilots based around the world of Esports not seeming to understand that the world of Esports is Serious Business.
  • Another indie title made a big splash this year as the fantastic anarcho-communist RPG simulator Disco Elysium came out and every other game just quit in protest.
  • As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, this year's entry in everyone's second favourite white supremacist franchise, hit the shelves players discovered that the storyline reframed a conflict with the Syrians in which Americans had committed to war atrocities to blame Russians and Kurds instead although no one could work out whether this was worse than the level which let you shoot a baby.
  • In a show of collective action the entire writing staff for Kotaku resigned in solidarity with a Deadspin editor that had been fired by their parent company for encouraging political content thereby bringing an end to the recent years of good journalism produced by the site as well as the occasional post full of child pornography.
  • There were further problems for Blizzard as the car manufacturer Mitsubishi cancelled its sponsorship of the company based on their mishandling of the Hong Kong censorship.
  • Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time.

  • After a disastrous October Blizzard could finally put the Hong Kong troubles behind them and step away from the public eye by running their very public convention, Blizzcon. The event was interrupted by daily protests outside the conference hall while the keynote speaker took time to apologise for the “Hearthstone situation” with so much ambiguity that he might as well have been talking about the latest nerf to Shaman decks.
  • There were more troubles for Blizzard as they came under fire for taking 15 years to add extra ethnicities to World of Warcraft. They claimed this was because the most popular MMORPG in the world lacked the resources to do which was quickly called out as bullshit but it still must have been nice for the people at Blizzard to get a break from the censorship protests.
  • Meanwhile there were also issues with representation at – oh for gently caress sake – Blizzard as the director for Overwatch indicated that the first black female hero for the game had to be held back for Overwatch 2 due to story reasons, completely ignoring the fact that they could have just created another black female hero in the meantime.
  • With his fanbase failing to follow him over to Mixer Ninja claimed that successful streamers should receive special dispensation from rules on streaming platforms as having their accounts suspended threatened their livelihood indicating that his streams are more likely to include heated gamer moments than women.
  • After years of patiently praying and trying to decipher Hideo Kojima's tweets gamers finally got their hands on Death Stranding and learned the game was a FedEx delivery man simulator with deep stumbling and carrying mechanics and a major product placement deal with Monster and yet still somehow one of the best games anyone had ever played.
  • Leaks coming out of 2K indicated that Bioshock 4 would be a live-service game because after looking at the catastrophes that were Anthem and Fallout 76 that was clearly the kind of action they wanted to be part of.
  • Bethesda continued to piss away every last inch of good will they had left as Fallout 1st subscribers to Fallout 76 started to find their accounts banned for reporting bugs. While being prevented from playing the game might have improved their lives the lack of a refund from Bethesda for the rest of their sub time certainly didn't.
  • Taking time away from the all important task of telling Blizzard what was and wasn't acceptable speech China imposed a 90 minute video game daily curfew on their citizens raising interesting questions about why they would put so much investment in a form of media they rated so lowly.
  • Controversy marred the release of Pokémon Sword/Shield as Dexit overtook the internet. With fans already mad that for the first time there would be no National Pokédex they only got more angry when it became clear Game Freak had not updated the Pokémon models and animations as previously announced meaning there was no excuse for the game not to include every Pokémon. After all, Gotta Catch Some of 'Em All didn't have the same ring to it.
  • A full twelve years after Half-Life 2 Episode Two fans of the franchise were excited when Valve announced a new game in the franchise and then immediately disappointed as the game was announced to be in VR.
  • Following months of negative publicity Stadia launched and immediately crashed with a weak games library, low sales figures and a final product with latency issues as bad as everyone expected from the company that gave us Google Glass, Google+, Google Video and Google Knol.
  • Another franchise returned from the dead with the release of Shenmue III. The stilted acting and antiquated gameplay was a love letter for fans who had helped fund the project and completely incomprehensible to everyone else.
  • Yet another indie publisher was exposed as fraudulent when the developer for Devil Engine announced that Dangen were refusing to pay him for his game marking the first time in history a game developer had encouraged fans to pirate the game for free.
  • 2K announced plans to close down the servers for Battleborn, shocking a whole lot of gamers who had assumed the game was already dead.
  • An involved party posted full chatlogs, emails and tweets on Medium detailing the extent of the Dangen CEO's abuse of developers and contractors in an extraordinary clapback who's receipts came with receipts.
  • As a result of collective action Riot Games agreed to a $10 million payout to be shared between every woman to have ever worked for the company in an unprecedented settlement that still didn't make up for the fact that many named abusers were still with the company.

  • With Campo Santo now working on Half-Life: Alyx confirmation came through from Valve that their previous project, In The Valley of the Gods, had been indefinitely suspended and some staff members let go because producing a creative and thoughtful piece with artistic merit wasn't as important as making GBS threads out whichever gimmick Valve cared about this month.
  • As ever game releases were slim on the ground in December leaving the arrival of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC to get the most attention. Gamers were hyped up to journey with the Chief once more until they played the collection and remembered it was the same tired gameplay they'd grown bored of a decade ago.
  • After being bought out by Bethesda the creators of Rune 2, Human Head Studios found themselves sued by their previous publisher for abandoning the game's content plan although they could hardly be blamed for so quickly adapting to Bethesda's culture.
  • Fans were relieved when Ice T tweeted confirmation that he stood with gamers although whether he would rise up with gamers remained unclear.
  • Talks began between the creators of the Walking Dead and Dr. Disrespect to make a TV show based around his streaming persona. Presumably the scenes of him filming minors while they peed would not be included.

We made it, friends! We survived 2019! All that's left to do now is to rank your favourite video games of the year in an ever so convenient list format. Here's how this works, you make a list of your top 5-10 games ranked from 1 to 10. Your #1 game gets 10 points, your #10 game gets 1 point and at the end of it all I count them all up and tell you what won. That's the gist of it but there's a few other things to remember.


1. Any game that you have played in 2019 is eligible. It could be a game from this year, it could be a game from the past, it could be a game from the future if you're some kind of time travelling god. It could be a gacha game, it could be a romhack, it could be a randomizer, it could be a mod, as long as you played it this year it's all good.
2. The joy of this thread is in getting to shout about your favourites and hear Iabout the hidden gems that you missed and we can only do that if you talk about why you've chosen the games you have. You can write a sentence, you can write an essay, whatever you like as long as you write something. Any lists posted without reasons for their picks will not be counted in the final vote.
3. If you want to list more than ten games go for it but I'll only count your top ten. If you want to list less than ten games then go for that too but I won't count it if you've done less than five. If you don't want to rank your picks then that's fine as well but again, I won't count it.
4. Don't be a dick about other people's choices. This is a positive thread to celebrate the best of video games, not a place for people to get lost in an argument over which AAA release poo poo the bed worst. If you want to be critical then take it elsewhere. Please note that this rule will be waived if anyone picks in event of hentai games or Destiny.
5. If you want to talk about spoilers in your post then by all means go for it but put a spoiler warning at the start of your list.
6. If you want to go back and edit your list after the fact then go for it, just shoot me a PM or post in the thread to let me know you have or I might not count it.
7. Deadline for submissions is 1st January 00:00AM PST. I'll then do a live countdown of the final results in the New Year!

Mar 1, 2012

loving hell this has been a long year.

but also, UNIONIZE

Nov 5, 2008

Brave. Loyal. Great hugs.

i'm gonna be a good girl like always and get my homework done early (don't be fooled, i never actually did that):

9. Mordhau - rounding out the bottom of the list, since i don't actually have enough games that i liked to make a top 10, mordhau was a pretty fun game to stab dudes in. it was also very silly; the build i always scored the most points with was the one where i just bring 2 medkits and a mallet to battle and never actually kill anyone. you can also play the lute. -5 points for racism that i didn't hear about until after i quit playing.

8. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - i played through this at the start of the year and the sheer amount of content in this game is staggering. it's the only game you need if you want to experience old style Monster Hunter: every monster, every map, every weapon, they're all here, from every generation, plus some new ones. the switch is the perfect platform for it too.

7. ARK: Survival Evolved - the new Valguero map this year was a vast improvement over the previous expansion maps like Extinction and Aberration, and my friends and i put a ton of time in on it over the summer. game is still beautiful and fun to explore and survive and strap lasers onto dinosaurs in. one day i will build that underwater base i've always dreamed of.

6. Monster Hunter: World - i didn't put in as much time in this as i did last year when it first came out on PC, but the regular update schedule kept me playing pretty consistently through the first half of the year. it fell off once it became Iceborne Waiting Room and I had to cut myself off from all related content to avoid spoilers, but this is one of my favorite games of all time and oh my fuckin god i can't wait for Iceborne.

5. Path of Exile - i don't know if i will ever stop playing this game, and i definitely will keep pouring money into it, because i have no impulse control. i cannot resist making my character as shiny as possible. the Legion and Blight leagues were especially fun this year, and i'm definitely hopping back in for the Metamorph league this weekend. easily the best ARPG on the market. diablo 4 won't even be able to keep up, especially with PoE2 on the way.

4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - this was a beautiful, brutal game that sadly broke me so hard over its knee that I never actually finished the whole thing (i got pretty far though). i still loved it, the combat is fantastic and finally beating a ridiculously hard boss (twice, gently caress you corrupted monk) was a huge rush of relief and adrenaline. -5 points for having monkey bosses though. i hate monkeys.

3. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - i didn't pay any attention to destiny 2 for the majority of the year, and didn't even realize there was an expansion due out until after it was out. the timing on it was perfect since i needed something to play after my FFXIV raid group fell apart. i logged in just to see what new content there was and lo and behold, there's a bunch of new stuff and importantly, a limited-time title that i could actually, feasibly obtain. this gave me a goal, and goals are something i generally lack in my life, so it was nice to have something to work towards for a while. and now there's another new season starting tomorrow to maybe keep me busy again until Iceborne comes out! hooray! on top of that, since the title required me to do a whole bunch of PvP it actually made me get kinda sorta almost okay at pvp, even to the point where i was enjoying myself. and that never happens, especially in FPS games, my aim is poo poo, so that was really nice. shootmans is fun, gameplay loop is good, story and lore is good, it's good!

2. Risk of Rain 2 - this is the best multiplayer/coop game i've played in a very very long time. i never played ROR 1, but this one clicked with me very quickly especially as the Huntress. it's the first game in years that I actually feel like i'm good at it. when all of my friends are dead and it's just me vs. 100 enemies and 5 bosses and i pull out a victory it feels real fuckin good. no story (which is usually a big minus from me) but the gameplay is fantastic and i'm always down to play if my friends ask. the music is also great.

1. Final Fantasy XIV - Shadowbringers - holy fuckin' poo poo what a good expansion this was. even without the new quality of life changes, class balance changes, new classes, and new races, just the new world to explore and the STORY alone made this the best mmo expansion i have ever played. there is a reason that the lady who wrote the main scenario quests got a standing ovation at their pax panel. plus we got tons of fantastic new music (spoiler warning on some of those), new mounts, new raids, new activities, and it's just going to keep getting better. lali-ho, motherfuckers.

MMF Freeway
Sep 15, 2010


Lol drat that op

Still thinking on my picks but I'm excited for this thread

May 26, 2004

Scroll, then. There are other posts than these.

Gonna write/vote something later, just wanted to say thank you for this amazing thread, that op is killer.

Jan 16, 2010

whoa nice

College Slice

I'm not gonna do a full list but Outer Wilds (not to be confused with The Outer Worlds) is Game of the Year, no contest.

Jul 12, 2017

Where is JUDGMENT?!?!?

(great OP. I’ll be along with my list after I finish a couple games)

May 23, 2004

Fueled by Satan

Jesus christ Anthem came out in February and jesus christ Apex Legends came out this year?!

Jul 4, 2007

You need haters. Fellas if you got 20 haters, you need 40 of them motherfuckers. If there's any haters in here that don't have nobody to hate on, feel free to hate on me

Not a huge gamer but here is what I've played this year

1. Disco Elysium - I don't even really like single player games but this really hit the spot. I hope these people continue to make more games in the same style.
2. Mordhau - The combat system is so good you'll forget the maps are mostly bad and the community is very bad

good luck to everyone

exquisite tea
Apr 21, 2007

Carly shook her glass, willing the ice to melt. "You still haven't told me what the mission is."

She leaned forward. "We are going to assassinate the bad men of Hollywood."


AMID EVIL is a clever little game that briefly allows us to consider an alternate reality where the original Quake never strayed too far from its original design doc. You'll be making some satisfying use of high fantasy sniper rifles and shotgun maces in seven well-conceived FPS worlds that rarely overstay their welcome and utilize their limitations to produce some truly evocative environments. A shining example of how "retro" does not have to be synonomous with "primitive" and can advance a genre out of its own time.

#7 - Tom Clancy's The Division 2

I played the original Division in early 2016 when it came free with my video card, but it failed to make a strong impression and I gave it up after a few weeks. The Division 2 by comparison manages to hit all those enjoyable looter shooter buttons, which is somewhat impressive when considering the Tom Clancy milsim aspect does nothing for me otherwise. The decaying, post-apocalyptic Washington DC of The Division 2 is an incredibly realized and painstakingly detailed world to explore, the mission design is top-notch, and the dreaded "gameplay loop" always offers the opportunity for player advancement and improvement. I've come back a couple times as Massive has added more content to the game and always manage to kill a few enjoyable hours.

#6 - Life is Strange 2

The first episode of this five-part series came out in September of 2018, and it feels like it's been a very long journey with the Diaz brothers since then. Life is Strange 2 is an odd game to recommend compared to its two predecessors, Life is Strange and Before the Storm. In those stories the melodrama was laid on thick, with reckless intensity and passion. One moment you'd be facing off against a drug dealer at gunpoint, only to be talking your friend down from jumping off a building in the next. Life is Strange 2 rarely provides that much emotional whiplash -- it builds its narrative slowly and deliberately. It's honestly even a little boring at times. But the result is a central relationship between Sean and Daniel that feels hard-fought, organic, and sometimes beyond your ability to control. Dontnod took a huge risk in crafting a narrative that wasn't slavishly devoted to the original in either its characters or subject matter, and I think it paid off in the end. In a cultural climate where the word "political" has become synonomous with vague and meaningless platitudes, it's refreshing to see a game like Life is Strange 2 unabashedly take on issues of racism, police brutality, and mass deportation in an unequivocally damning light.

#5 - Devil May Cry V

From start to finish, DMCV is an unceasing joyride of adrenaline and style. While high-end gameplay rewards precision and finesse, you thankfully don't need to spend any time in training mode to pick up the basics. Each character brings their own unique personality and flavor to the levels, and I think the inclusion of V as an entirely new kind of playstyle to character action games was a bold move that ultimately succeeded. While I haven't played through the story since March, it's still fun to load up a few Bloody Palace floors and wipe the floor with some demons every now and then. Bang Bang, pull my Devil Trigger!

#4 - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

I missed out on the Castlevania series when I was younger, but after playing through Bloodstained, it's easy to see how SOTN and the later Igavanias came to define an entire generation of gaming for some people. The combination of the varied environments, oddball enemies, and flashy spells made all my 18 hours with Bloodstained an unforgettable experience that I'm looking forward to revisiting soon.

#3 - Mortal Kombat 11

It surprises me to have a fighting game so high on my list this year, but I've truly enjoyed the unmentionable, disgusting amount of hours I have sunk into Mortal Kombat 11. Whether it's the robust single-player towers, the throwback character designs, the more neutral-based gameplay, the rotating online Kombat Leagues, Sindel's x-ray rear end smash, or whatever the case may be, I've stuck with MK11 longer than any other fighter since my reign of terror as Ivy in Soul Calibur 2. Usually I reach a point in every fighting game where to advance any further would require me to learn some technique or reads I'm just not willing or able to do, but in MK11 I always see a clear path to improvement. I'm still terrible and lose to dumb poo poo I shouldn't be losing to all the time, but very rarely everything comes together and I experience a brief moment of strategic brilliance. I'm sorry some people at NRS apparently had to get PTSD in order to add in more sick-nasty brutalities, but I am happy to say their sacrifice for my own personal enjoyment was worth it in the end.

#2 - A Plague Tale: Innocence

I'm always supportive of when a journeyman developer can come out with a breakthrough project that delivers an uncompromised single-player experience. Having finished A Plague Tale, I hope that Asobo can join the likes Hellblade in critical accolades and commercial success for their fantastic AA effort. While it obviously lacks the polished production values you might find in the Naughty Dog projects it's trying to emulate, A Plague Tale makes up for with memorable characters, an involving story, relentless attention to historical detail, and a lot of heart (and rats). The stealth gameplay is mostly competent with the occasional frustrating instafail sequence, the controls aren't always entirely fluid, but really, what you're mostly playing for is an engaging narrative anchored by some beautiful visuals and great, emotive performances from the two leads. You can tell that this was a project for the studio unmotivated by how many units it would sell, but on crafting a unique single-player story that would resonate with people. I hope A Plague Tale leads to some further recognition for Asobo Studio because they have really crafted a breakthrough project here.

#1 - Control

I ended up playing a lot of new games in 2019, more than I usually do at least, and while I mostly enjoyed them all there weren't any that stood out to the point where I immediately had to know everything about them. That changed when I started playing Control in August. Everything about the shifting brutalist architecture, the operatic and expressive Lynchian characters, the flashy telekinetic combat, and darkly comedic script instantly drew me in. I acknowledge that its particular tone is not going to land with everyone, but it seemed scientifically engineered to engage me. Usually I can remember a few moments from a game that dragged on, were too difficult, too alienating, or too dull, but in Control I was fully involved every minute, so much so that I immediately replayed the entire story upon finishing it the first time. The iconic sound design, haunting environments, and memorable dialogue still remain in my thoughts months later, and out of anything in 2020 I'm most eager to see Remedy continue Control's story in their two planned DLC projects. So while many otherwise worthy games came out this year, we all know Control gets to sit in the BIG chair. Everybody wants the big chair, Meg!

Welp that's it! Thanks for reading.

Apr 15, 2008

Yosuke will now die for you.

I'm worried that not enough people played DMC5 for it to rate in this thread, the let's play I watched (Woolie and Pat) was amazing.

e: Oh, and Unionize the games industry.

Mar 27, 2017

Best advice I was ever given?

"Ticker, you'll be a lot happier once you stop caring about the opinions of a culture that is beneath you."

I learned my worth, learned the places and people that matter.

Opened my eyes.

I remembered now why I bothered to write up a list last year, because I wanted to post the best gifs

Lawman 0
Aug 17, 2010

Grimey Drawer

Amid evil was fantastic

Mar 11, 2001
In the future, please don't post shit with the sole purpose of antagonizing the person running this site. Thank you.

man nurse
Feb 17, 2014

Oh yeah, that guy is totally straight. I saw a whole thing about him on the VH1.

Just here to say that if your list doesn’t include Judgment and/or RE 2, you hosed up.

Accordion Man
Nov 7, 2012


Got to really get through some games before the month ends, though I know I'm not going to get through of all them in time; namely Switch games like Three Houses and Weegee's Manor Tres.

man nurse posted:

Just here to say that if your list doesn't include Judgment and/or RE 2, you hosed up.
This, but also Bloodstained and Disco Elysium.

Real hurthling!
Sep 11, 2001

This year was the first year where I felt like multiple games were wowing me with narrative and performance every time i turned around. I'll skip through a story in a heartbeat if its not grabbing me and usually theres a few games that get my attention but this year was on another level in the story telling department while also coming at me with amazing gameplay in tons of genres.

2019 best games
10 Tetris 99 - I'm good at tetris you guys. i like to crush people by the dozen in this bullshit ruthless game
9 Samurai Shodown - Samsho is the ultimate mind game fighter. the biggest combo is like 3 buttons and everything is dirty and big damage.
8 DMCV - They redeemed the series. they elevated the combat to new heights with 3 characters. good stuff.
7 Outer wilds - A novel and focused experience that reminds how perverse the big empty design of most games has become.
6 Judgement - an S-tier game in the Yakuza family of games. Characters, performances, graphics, combat all as good as they've ever been.
5 Resident Evil 2 Remake - A classic reborn. flawless execution. The perfect survival horror game is now the perfect survival horror action shooter.
4 Ai: The Somnium files - Amazing characters and voice acting. Tons of alternate realities to explore that dramatically alter the cast's fates.
3 Death Stranding - A perfect union of gameplay and theme. Compelling in its simplicity with sensational performances from the cast.
2 Disco Elysium - A new level of interactive story telling. No other rpg i've played has come close in world-building or responsiveness to my decisions.
1 Ace Combat 7 - Pulling off a flawless run in this game takes practice, planning, and execution and it feels awesome as heck. Every mission is epic and pushes you beyond what you though you were capable of.

Honorable mentions:
1. Control - great lore and soundtrack. action didn't impress me and there was a lot of it to get through with little else gameplaywise
2. Sekiro - solid action. really miss the options and online features in other fromsoft games.
3. Dragon Quest Builders 2 - really really good, superb fun game. pacing holds it back though. campaign is like 60 hours of tutorial that doesn't foster creativity as much as I would have liked.

Aug 15, 2005

Toilet Rascal

6: Astro Bot Rescue Mission

VR gets written off as a gimmick a lot, but that’s just because there are so few games that augment its unique properties with the level of creativity and joy that Nintendo puts into Mario games. Here, not only are your head and controller stuck in the middle of the level, they have a real physical presence that’s worked into puzzles and platform challenges through enough small ideas to power a dozen games. Give your controller the ability to shoot ninja stars, then send one through a grating by turning it on its side in your hand. Shoot a grappling hook into a wall, have the robot jump on the rope, then twang it like a rubber band to launch him to a high platform. Defeat an enemy by playing header tennis with the balls it’s shooting. Run for your life as a giant shark eats the level out from under you (a seriously frightening experience in a way TV horror isn't). Lean towards a flower and blow to send its petals swirling away and unlock a secret. Not everyone is in a position to go check this out, but if you can, don’t miss it.

5: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

I never actually beat the end boss of this but I have to respect what it accomplished along the way. It’s the final evolution of the all aggression, no quarter philosophy behind some of the most influential games of the past ten years, with every way to reduce the pressure on yourself removed and everything else tightened until it screams. I appreciate what it was trying to do but at the end I reached my limit for fights that are barely distinguishable from rapid-fire QTE sequences. Lots of people seem to be into that, but maybe I’m just too old now or something. This makes it sound like it doesn't even belong in my top games list but I don't regret playing it for a second- it's obviously a work of tremendous craft, it looks gorgeous, and it clearly knows exactly what it wants at every moment. I won't even call it unfair, just admit that I wasn't up to the challenge.

4: Death Stranding

I can’t remember the last time I played something so original and so totally, proudly unlike other games. During the hype period I would always say that the final product could not possibly be as good as the collection of avant-garde sci-fi horror shorts released to promote it, but somehow it was. It wasn’t without flaw and I’m not going to call it the greatest game of the decade like some people will (the story is nonsense in a lot of ways even if the big reveals all ultimately hang together, the environment gets just a little too hostile by the end, the tension between making progress and making structures was never fully resolved for me) but it’s absolutely a successful experiment and I enjoyed almost every minute of it.

3: No Man’s Sky: Beyond

I really regret having played this game to death back in the primitive days before it received VR support (or most of its features, or most of its QOL improvements, or any respect from the gaming world, or), because adding virtual reality makes it almost literally a whole new game. The scale and depth that VR brings to the environment combined with the lurid album-art color palettes and the acceptably varied terrain and animals make it finally a truly infinite universe to explore. There’s very little like the experience of standing on a balcony on the side of a spaceship the size of a building, looking out across the way at a much bigger spaceship looming nearby. And it’s actually a game by now, with missions and rewards and NPCs worth interacting with and cooperative multiplayer challenges and a fairly deep construction system and something that I guess counts as a storyline. Gotta give props to one of gaming’s best cinderella stories.

2: Control

This game should go in the dictionary next to whatever word means the difference a good setting can make. It manages to wrap a fairly basic if well-executed third person shooting and adventure game in so many layers of intriguing concepts that digging through it is enough motivation to keep going and move past the rough edges. It’s a universe so deep and so tantalizingly strange that one game seems like a barely adequate introduction. The detailed destruction and polished abilities certainly help too, the progression systems and somewhat bizarre inclusion of infinitely grindable challenges not so much. I’m not going to revisit it until the DLC comes out, but when it does, I will do so immediately and with great enthusiasm.

1: Outer Wilds

This was such a perfect intersection of top-notch game design and my general interests. Freedom of exploration with just the right mix of guiding hints and obstacles on the path. Progress through knowledge instead of collection or numbers. A universe full of things happening, some important and some not. Basic mechanics that were clear, fair, universal, and just the right amount of complicated that I could put my hard-earned skills to good use without ever getting overly stuck through failure of execution. A mystery that wasn’t instantly predictable but made me always want to know more about it. The right balance of whimsy and melancholy to add emotional color to everything I discovered and everyone I met. Unique and original ideas filling every corner of the world. It was almost disappointing when I realized that there was nothing left to see and when the ending was so beautiful that I felt it would be an injustice to return to the game (and when it turned out all the remaining trophies kinda sucked to try for anyway).

Honorable mention: Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

I didn’t want to list this because it’s not exactly a “good” game in the way the others are but I can’t deny I’ve spent more time in D2 this year than in anything else (possibly than in everything else combined, which is scary). It’s still a huge grindfest, it still has almost no respect for the player’s time, and since going free-to-play its demands for in-game purchases have only gotten more obstreperous, but damned if it isn’t still the smoothest, best-feeling console FPS I’ve ever played, damned if the community surrounding it isn’t a blast to team up or shitpost with, and damned if its many ongoing storylines aren’t just crazy enough to keep me wanting to know where it’s all headed (despite being fairly sure that the answer is “nowhere while the game remains profitable”). So I have to be honest with myself and I can’t not put it in here.

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Oct 20, 2010

honk honk

College Slice

Before I do my top ten, here's my top three disappointments of the year:
3. Super Mario Maker 2 -- The game is fine, I'm just trash at Mario and that soils my appreciation
2. Outer Wilds -- The exploration ruled, but the realistic physics space exploration was more annoying than fun, as was the time loop
1. Untitled Goose Game -- A+++ concept, C+ gameplay

And a handful of runners up, games that I liked a lot but didn't make the top ten, in no particular order:
Atelier Iris 3
Atelier Lulua
The World Next Door
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

And now for my proper top ten

#10 - Witch's House MV

Witch's House is originally a free indie RPGmaker horror game, and the second-best example of that niche genre I'm aware of (after Ib). The creator ended up releasing a (not free) touched up version late 2018, which I played this year, which improved the graphics and added a new hard mode which mixed up which things kill you and what the puzzle solutions are. The game is rarely scary (at least to me, though I have a high tolerance for that sort of thing) but is absolutely chilling. You have to navigate through the titular witch's house, which is out to kill you in as many horrible ways as it can, culminating in a shocking ending (make sure you get the true ending). The original version of the game (with worse graphics and no hard mode) is still available for free here.

#9 - Fire Emblem Three Houses

Train schoolchildren to murder, available now on Nintendo Switch! 1.5 good games stretched over 4 routes, but 1.5 is still more than most games get. Do yourself a favor and never ever read the FE3H thread on these forums though

#8 - Atelier Ryza

It's no secret that I'm close to the biggest Atelier fan on these forums. Hell, I bet I surprised at least one person with Atelier Lulua falling off my top ten into my runners up. Ryza didn't fall off though. It features the same kind of down-to-earth coming-of-age storytelling I love, though with more saving the world than usual, attached to a much more engaging battle system than usual and an interesting crafting system. The only thing holding it down at the bottom of my top ten is kinda wonky pacing.

#7 - Ocarina of Time Randomizer

This was on my list last year and it's here again this year. A fresh way to enjoy an old classic, especially if you are the right age to have obsessively played OoT as a child, like I am. Over the past few months I've been participating in goon weekly seeds and feel like I'm halfway decent at it (I'm not). Come join us! Even if your first seed takes 8 hours or more, it's more fun doing the same seeds as other people so you can talk about it.

#6 - Atelier Firis

The second Atelier on my list. I am the only person in the world who likes this one; it's generally regarded as a failed experiment by most Atelier fans. It's an attempt to make an open world Atelier, with the rest of the formula--low stakes coming of age story, and a focus on gathering and crafting, left intact. Most people think the open world fell flat, but I disagree. The gather->synthesize->gather->synthesize gameplay loop is at its strongest in Firis, where your only limit on what you can gather is your strength, not story progression. Firis is in the bottom half of my top ten because it has fewer great characters than usual for an Atelier, though it still had plenty to fill out a party with.

#5 - Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

I feel like about three years ago, ffxiv really figured out how to perfect its gameplay formula. Shadowbringers continues that, but doesn't really bring anything new to the table on that front. What it does bring is an absolutely electrifying storyline, the climax of which is perhaps my favorite story moment in any video game, of any genre. Natsuko Ishikawa, the main writer for Shadowbringers, is the only video game writer I know to have gotten a standing ovation for their work (I was at this panel and if anything the video undersells the energy of the room). This is an absolutely incredible game that I would recommend without reserve to any fan of JRPGs, whether or not their an MMO fan...if it weren't for the fact that you have to play close to 200 hours of ffxiv to even reach the beginning of it. Oh well.

#4 - Ar Tonelico 2

After running out of modern Ateliers to play, I've been going back to the old PS2 ones. Ar Tonelico isn't an Atelier, but it is made by the same company, and it's one of the best stories they've ever written. The setting is so wild I don't think I can do it justice in the handful of sentences I'm writing for this top ten, but the real strength is in interaction between the two leads. Dealing with themes of grief, despair, and being trapped by your responsibilities, it lands on the uplifting, uniting theme that if two people really make an honest effort to understand each other, even the most different people can come together in friendship.

#3 - Atelier Rorona

Another game that was also on my list last year. This is a game I enjoyed enough to give the #5 spot last year, then replay it this year and give it a #3. The competition wasn't any weaker this year--it's just the kind of game that's even more fun when you know what you're doing than it is when you're learning it. This game is full of friends and pies. 10/10

#2 - Hollow Knight

Prior to playing Hollow Knight, I had played so many turn-based games in a row I was wondering if I even liked action games anymore, or if my tastes had changed and my years of Dark Souls fandom were behind me. I ended up trying Hollow Knight on a whim and nope I still like them. This game loving rules. It probably has the best-designed map of any metroidvania, appealing spritework, great music, and absolutely rad boss fights.

In last year's top ten thread I posted this:

Cheetah7071 posted:

Next up on my list is Atelier Meruru, the game made in between Totori and Ayesha. Based on the two games on either side of it I'm assuming that it will be my 2019 goty.

and, well...

#1 - Atelier Meruru

This game is almost the perfect Atelier. An engaging cast, a time limit that makes you think but is ultimately not that bad, a crafting system that's fun to master (and with postgame superbosses to reward you mastering it), along with the return of nearly every popular character from the previous two games to let you see how they've grown. This game is the pinnacle of bright, happy JRPGs.

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Oct 21, 2010


I just want to inform everyone that the use of images, gifs and other such creativity in your lists is heavily endorsed by the OP

Oct 20, 2010

honk honk

College Slice

Rarity posted:

I just want to inform everyone that the use of images, gifs and other such creativity in your lists is heavily endorsed by the OP

what about gifs of wildly mismatched size, quality, and style

Oct 21, 2010


cheetah7071 posted:

what about gifs of wildly mismatched size, quality, and style

You do you, friend

Ms Adequate
Oct 29, 2011

Horned hellgod from another dimension and also trans

This thread does whip rear end! I'll post in it as soon as I can be arsed making a list

Mar 29, 2010

Man, you really like to talk poo poo about Ninja huh? He’s doing fine over on Mixer. And fortnite has cooled down, though I wouldn’t call it dead

Mode 7
Jul 28, 2007

im gonna be sick

I’ll write up a list next week when I’ve got more time but I just wanted to post and say that OP is loving incredible and thank you for posting it.

Goa Tse-tung
Feb 11, 2008


Yams Fan

1. Disco Elysium
Changed the way I think about lots of stuff, stimulating to this day. "OK Game X but with DE mechanics"

2. Warframe
Especially with the current melee meta I can lose myself in the movement of these almost perfect bodies. When content is drying up I can still spin my Valkyr around and pet my space kitten.

3. Control
Fascinated me with its world, I want more.

4. Battletech
This much more for the mod Rogue Tech, it's batshit but the good kind.

5. Civilization 6
Fan from the first game, still entertaining with mods.

The Moon Monster
Dec 30, 2005

I played a decent number of games this year but not a whole lot that I feel deserve to make it onto a GotY list.

4. City of Heroes: I can't believe the conspiracy theorists saying there was a secret server where a chosen cabal were able to play this long dead game were actually right! What a world. Still one of the best character creators in gaming.

3. Ashen: A non-From Souls game that I really enjoyed. The gameplay isn't as strong as From's stuff, but I really liked the world/storytelling, and the more open world-style levels made exploration feel fresh and different for a game of this type. The Matriarch's Seat is one of the coolest dungeons I've explored in years, in my personal opinion.

2. Sekiro: It's good to see that From can create a game that's a significant departure from Dark Souls but still has the engaging gameplay, exploration, and difficulty curve that makes Dark Souls great. The combat system feels even better to "git gud" at than Dark Souls or Bloodborne, probably due to the speed and acrobatics you can pull off. The more traditional narrative also really worked for me. My one problem with it is that the secret tools and sword arts didn't feel very well balanced, with ichimonji and firecrackers being the ideal loadout for most nontrivial fights.

1. Outer Wilds: out of everything I played this year this is the clear standout. Very unique and focused gameplay experience. The plot was engaging and the characters were very likable despite mostly being presented in an audio/text log format. My one complaint is that it's execution heavy, so my non-gamer dad who loves Myst and space exploration probably wouldn't be able to play it.


Fire Emblem Three Houses: If you don't care about the Persona-lite stuff or the support cutscenes this game is worse than Conquest. I'm not saying the people who love that stuff and therefore loved this game are wrong, but that's not me. Also Byleth is The Man/Woman Without Qualities and the amount of dialog devoted to praising them is funny in a bad way.

Pokemon: The dexit thing is a bit of a bummer but it doesn't actually bother me that much. What does suck is the removal of the GTS, replaced by nothing. This significantly reduced the value of the game for me, and if I had known it was the case I probably wouldn't have bought it, but none of the reviews I read mentioned it. As for the game, it's a solid pokemon game but with the main thing I liked to do in Pokemon games made difficult enough that I don't want to bother.

Not seeing some fat/pasty male pro gamer with hairy legs wear the esports dress to the DotA international or something, that would have been funny.

Jul 12, 2007

Fuck you say?

First of all: Amazing OP. I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone all the poo poo that's happened this year (and to be honest most of the poo poo outside of gaming has been real, real poo poo so there's that too) so a refresher was most welcome.

While I loved 2018's thread, I didn't love 2018's games all that much. The ones in my list back then managed to break past the mundane and give me something to really enjoy, and that was good enough. This year, however? Goddamn.


This is the first time - in a long time - that I am happy to see several games delayed to next year because I just haven't played through the ones I've already gotten yet.

2019 was a landmark year for games all around, I think. There were so many surprises and quality experiences to enjoy that it was positively overwhelming, and thank god because they all provided a much-needed distraction from a lot of bullshit. Enough preamble, we'll get on with the lists. Yeah, lists. First'll be my GOTY list, second my NOTY (Noooo of the year list), and lastly my NOPE list (Not Owned but Will Play Eventually). I'll even put them in correct order this year so you guys don't have to watch me blow my load at the beginning

2019's Game Of The Year List By Me Songbearer Hello There:

10] Return of the Obra Dinn (10 hours played):

This is a game I heard good things about last year, oohed and aah'd at some screenshots and footage and then unceremoniously forgot about until the beginning of September this year.

I am so, so sorry, Obra Dinn. You had so much to offer me and I forsook you, but boy howdy am I glad I took the time to revisit it this year. I don't achievement hunt but I got 15/16 achievements just playing the game normally. I had to find out the mysteries of the ship and see the grisly fates that befell its poor crew and holy moly, without wanting to spoil anything: This game goes places. You won't expect what you're going to see next.

A running theme for a lot of games this year is "This is one small place, but beautifully realised and detailed" and the Obra Dinn is among one of my favourite settings in videogames. I'm not a big fan of boats and sailing and all that, but the solitude of this old vessel, the sounds of an approaching storm and the creaking of wood as waves gently rock you as you go about your business? God, I could live here. One look at the screenshots for this game should sell you on its visual design instantly. Pixel art isn't anything new, but a 3d environment rendered in 2 bit colour with a ton of different styles to choose from? It's such a strange choice, completely detached from any themes of the game in the slightest but by god does it work.

To explain some of the events that happen on board this ship would be to spoil the surprises that await you, but being a witness out of time to these gory moments frozen in time is a horrible, unique pleasure. There's no pressure to rush around, so taking your time to figure out the sequence of events and catalogue each and every person can all be done with as much detail as you like. The thing is, it's like Pokémon: You don't technically need to solve everything, but you'll want to. It's so rewarding to see the list get crossed off one by one, though I will admit that there is some blind guessing involved here and there.

This is a "lights out, headphones on, light a candle" game. I've never been so soothed while being so horrified.

9] Blood: Fresh Supply (38 hours played):
Maranax pallex! This almost feels like cheating since Blood is one of my favourite FPS games of all time, but this rebuild made by the game-conserving crazies at NightDive studios is the simplest way to get your fix of Caleb's delicious husky voice as you rain down destruction and death against the forces of your ex-boss. Though it came out a little raw initially, it was quickly fixed and I sank the most hours into this game that I ever have in my life.

A little secret for you: I've never actually played Blood the entire way through until this year. I've seen it, of course, but I've never had the honour myself. That nearly 40 hours of playtime consisted of me playing Blood, the Plasma Pak, all the expansions and the two best-loved custom map packs for the game, Bloody Pulp Fiction and Death Wish and even after all that I'm left wanting more. This version of the game gives you every option you could want, including effortless widescreen support and most importantly of all, a true 3D viewport. That might not sound like anything, but a "fake 3d" game like Blood is plain strange with mouselook by default, so being able to see the game in its normal euclidean glory is just wonderful.

As retro shooters start to become the new Pixel Art Platformer of indie genres for the upcoming years (Something I'm happy about, by the way!), it's great to play through an actual veteran of the shooter wars in the best possible light and boy oh boy does the game hold up spectacularly. An easy recommendation to anyone who might have missed this gem, and even easier for fans of it who want the definitive edition.

8] Noita (79 hours played):

Winner of the "Dead Cells Award For Being In Early Access But Still Kicking Extreme Amounts Of rear end", which is a category that consists of Dead Cells and this. It's a game I had heard of and seen gifs of every once in a while but completely forgot about shortly after, each and every time. It comes out, a friend suggests it, I go "Oh, that game, right." buy it and play it and oh my god this is so fun I died for the 187th time this time I'm sure I'll get it right if I can just STOP KILLING MYSELF. The thing is that this is the actual genuine joy of Noita. "Every pixel simulated" is the way they sum the game up and a lot of those pixels will find hilarious, frustrating, beautiful ways to end your fragile, miserable life in a way that will have you staring slack-jawed at the game over screen and reaching for the built in recording feature so you can show all your friends.

As an Early Access title it has a ways to go in terms of balance and gameplay, feeling a little too harsh on the player in a game about experimenting with incredibly dangerous magical effects. The level of polish, care and detail already shown in the game, each pixel of environmental material and fluid interacting with each other in their own wonderful way and the sheer variety of the spells you can play with that combine in intriguing and violent results gives you one hell of a crazy playground to completely ruin. The things that happen on a session-by-session basis get stuck in your memory and replayed endlessly in your head: A worm burrowing stupidly through a tunnel, pissing off a skeletal guardian who'll make your life hell. A low-level mook stumbling on a wand that casts a nuke spell, casting it blindly at you point-blank and watching the entire screen - yourself included - evaporate into nothingess. Chainsawing a corpse until gallons and gallons of blood flow through the level like it's the elevator in The Shining and then drinking it all up with your disturbing witch stomach that can consume lava with no ill effects.

There's so much to this game that's not readily apparent to the player, from hidden alchemy mechanics to a map that's absurdly expansive which you might entirely ignore during your first runthrough. It feels like the developers can just expand upon this game forever when it comes to content, but quality of life improvements need to come first. It should be noted that even now there are mods available that allow you to play this game like a sandbox if you want, so even if the devs stopped right here you'll be able to play it just how you like. Fortunately, it escapes the trap of being another half-finished contentless EA title and becomes an easy recommend to anyone who loves slinging spells.

7] Outer Wilds (25 Hours):

Winner of the "Oh Dear God What An Unfortunate Name To Have Specifically For This Year" award because yikes, you couldn't cut that one finer against The Outer Worlds. This game was a giant surprise that I wouldn't have heard of if it wasn't pinned to the forums. Put another pin in this one for "One beautifully well realised place" games, but that place is a miniature solar system so, well, gently caress you it counts anyway.

I'll admit that initially I kind of bounced off this game. It all seemed kind of overwhelming and I was put off with the lack of voiceacting, initially giving me a kind of amateurish feeling to the production. Just like your ramshackle spaceship, though, once you get off the ground and start exploring it's all systems go from there. A combination of enthralling mystery, upbeat writing and a pleasant atmosphere all serves beautifully to soften the blow of the sheer cosmological horror that awaits you in this game. There's a mechanical twist to the game that allows you to experiment with the world to your heart's content without causing lasting damage to your progress, since learning about your mysterious subject of research, the Nomai, and what their purpose was in your solar system will lead you to the conclusion of this game. There's no items to collect (with one exception), upgrades to get or dialogue branches you must succeed: Figuring out the why, when, who and how will give you everything you need.

The solar system is fascinating, offering you sights I can guarantee you've never seen and will probably never see in any other game. There's too much to describe in a quick summary and to go into detail would be to rob you of the wonder of discovering it all for yourself. Emotions come thick and fast through the course of playing, and I'm sure a few more of the astronomically inclined players will probably be moved to tears by the sheer beauty of some of the events they'll witness in the course of the game. Puzzles are intuitive despite operating on some advanced scientific mechanics in places, but the less you know about the game, the better.

6] Devil May Cry 5 (38 hours played):

The adventures of Wacky Woohoo Pizza Man return and it is practically perfect. Between this, MHW from last year (loving give me Iceborne PC already god daaaaamn) and Resident Evil 2 Remake at the start of this year, Capcom seem to be pulling hit out of hit from their back pocket and it's definitely not to be considered DEAD WEIGHT. Listen to that loving theme song! Oh my god! Graphically this game pulls out every stop, with special mention going to the character modelling and textures which is detailed beyond belief. Once again the series goes back to what we all love: Batshit craziness with unapologetic goofiness sprinkled throughout, hold the seriousness toppings except for when it'll be dramatic. The realistic graphical style rubbed some people the wrong way, with Dante and Nero looking far, far less anime, but to me it's this realism that makes their antics really stand out and pop.

The third character, V, is a really solid proof of concept that doesn't quite manage to land everything it tires to do, but is still a lot of fun to play nevertheless. Dante and Nero, however? Yessir, these boys get to have as much fun as you do when it comes to slaying demons. Nero's pain becomes our pleasure as he gets a ton of demon-busting robot arms that all function differently and have primary and secondary abilities. You can surf on a flying robot arm and do skateboard stunts. You can rev your motor-sword into overdrive and bounce around the arena as a blazing inferno of death. Dante gets a brand new form that turns him into an even more badass true demon of death and all your family favourite weapons return in his endlessly combinable ways, so you can fumble through the game using just the one pair of weapons and then watch Youtube videos of Japanese gamers doing it way better than you ever will so you can cry yourself to sleep at night for a different reason other than being lonely.

This is character action at its finest and a must-play for anyone who loves style and especially enjoys spectacle fighters. They're not releasing a Virgil expansion so it sucks, throw it in the bin no don't I loving love you don't HURT MY BABY

Okay, we're past the halfway mark. This is where things escalate violently. The top 5 represent games which were, and are, beyond the realms of my expectations for gaming fun. These games are a loving blast. Do not miss them if you like their genre and try them even if you don't.

5] Borderlands 3 (~120 hours played):

For anyone who wanted Borderlands 3 to really shake things up with the series: I have some bad news for you. Borderlands 3 is More Of The Same™. That's not a very strong criticism this time round, though, since Borderlands 3 is the best More Of The Same™ that the series has ever seen. Story's still poo poo, but that's to be expected from this series. Controversy surrounding its development is definitely a giant bummer, but that's to be expected from Randy Prickford. What Borderlands 3 improves on is where it really counts: Core gameplay, gunplay and loot.

Borderlands 1's weapons had no personality outside of stat changes and its gunplay was weak as hell, but it was new at the time and filled a niche with style so it got a pass.
Borderlands 2 introduced manufacturers that made weapons look and handle differently, but gun feedback was still mostly terrible and you'd see a lot of repeats in weapon designs.
Borderlands 3's weapons look and handle so amazingly different from one another from weapon to weapon, manufacturer to manufacturer, and enemies die quickly and pratfall spectacularly when shot, especially with shotguns.

This is simply without a doubt the best looter shooter I've ever played and an incredibly satisfying shooter in general. It's the first Borderlands I've played completely solo from start to finish and genuinely enjoyed rather than "Mildly amused and hoping to someday pick up something interesting" enjoyed. I haven't grinded for loot nor sought out specific weapons, but now have a bank that is rammed full of legendaries that I just love. I got two legendary shotguns at level 2 from monsters in the wild. This game knows how to reward you: Frequently, consistently, and with items you can be genuinely excited to use.

It's not just the legendary items that are good, though. Every weapon in the game is fascinating, operates wildly differently to the next one and the parts they can consist of are modelled just so nicely. I've spent a lot of time just staring at guns that looked cool in the examination menu. Your character can now have two abilities at once and can switch between modifiers for them on the fly. You're not confined to specific weapon types anymore so you can finally look forward to looting everything and they finally have a true co-op mode that scales you to your friends levels so you can play with anyone you like without feeling guilty.

The humour is still weak, some of the characters are still dumb as hell (Though there are some nice surprises and some pleasant representation in the game) and the plot will have you grating your teeth until your mouth is filled with calcium dust, but in terms of actual gameplay I don't think you'll find a better looter shooter on the market. Haters: Do the usual thing and buy this when it's Ł5 and on STEAM. You'll have an amazing time with it.

4] Hypnospace Outlaw (22 hours played):

I knew nothing about this game until it was released and seeing a few minutes of footage was enough to immediately sell me on it. This is another "Small space beautifully realised" games that is so, so deceptive in its scope.

Get this: It's Geocities, the game. It's the cringy prose you wrote when you were a teenager, the MSpaint webcomics you used to read, the sweet old ladies figuring out how to make a Homespace page for the first time. It's the platonic memories we hold for 90's internet, now lost to the sands of time, condensed into a fascinating puzzle game. It starts off as Papers, Please for a made-up internet and gradually unfolds into something much deeper and you'll be laughing heartily at your monitor every step of the way.

Everything the developers, artists, writers and musicians set out to do, they nailed it to the loving wall and underlined it in gold. There's petty squabbles, arguments between internet cliques, cyberbullying, hilarious copyright infringement, warez and corporate pages trying to shill you on software you probably don't ever need. Cynical musicians, idealistic children, narcissistic performers and every other flavour of internet weirdo you expect are present and correct and written in a way that's just so evocative of the mood of the era. I would turn my second monitor off to play this game just to immerse myself in this custom OS and you'll find yourself prettying up your desktop with jpgs and backgrounds you download online, running dodgy programs and even stealing music, if you're so inclined.

You'll never directly interact with anyone, but you'll learn all about these characters and become invested as you go. For all the laughs and giggles, there's some genuinely touching moments and seeing the game through to its end is a bittersweet experience.

This game has a 7 minute long rock song about shaving by Hot Dad of FYAD fame. Hot Dad has many, many songs in this game. There's a jingle about a bizarre dessert and I promise it'll get stuck in your head. You can shake your mouse cursor around to make hypnopages open up faster just like I know you did in the 90's. They've just opened up modding so you can make your own Hypnospaces and visit others. Play. This. Game.

3] Resident Evil 2: Remake (36 hours played):

I'm not the world's biggest fan of Resident Evil, but as a kid I really, really liked number 2. It scared the crap out of me but the police station was a constant treat to explore and the atmosphere straddled a good line between horror and action movie with its lovable but doofy lead characters. I was cautiously optimistic for RE2REmake and so I got it for the day of its release.

What a way to start the year off. Even if everything else had been crap, RE2RE would've been enough. Capcom must have slaughtered a goat to have this much Gaming Magic present in their work because man this game was made with love. Attention to detail? Down to the smallest object. Faithfulness to the original? In terms of atmosphere and landmarks, top grades. Actual gameplay? Tight as all hell. This game is clearly what Capcom envisioned the game would be given unlimited time, budget and rocket-powered computers back in the day and you can feel the sense of relief that they could finally make it a reality.

This is the very, very first action game my now wife played in her life and she loved every minute of it, especially with the generous autoaim system and casual difficulty mode. Watching her play as Claire and getting her groove on as she blew zombies away, only to be scared out of her wits by a Licker, was worth the price of admission even if I didn't get to play it. But I did, and play I did over and over again until I knew the layout of every area like my own house. Played Leon A/Claire B, Claire A/Leon B, Claire Hardcore, tried to speedrun Leon Hardcore and did all the challenge modes. I can't express just how good everything feels in this game and if anything it's proof that actual survival horror is still alive and well, not needing to be compromised or reduced to a cheap jumpscare simulator - and it can still have a sense of humour about the whole thing.

2] Apex Legends (...439 hours, oh lord):

Okay, what the goddamn hell. Let's go down the list.

- It's a Battle Royale game in the year of our lord, 2019.
- It's set in the Titanfall universe, but features no titans.
- There's no wallrunning, double jumping, or pilots.
- It's come out of nowhere. It literally just appeared one day.
- It's an EA product.

Everything is working against this game to make it crap, awful, the worst thing ever and it's not, it's brilliant, it's wonderful, I love it. If I sit down to play a few rounds, whoops, that's my evening gone. I am on antianxiety/depression medication and I still get pissed off with the game because I'm so invested and want to be good at it. I want to be great at it. It's set in the Titanfall universe with no Titans and all the guns act differently but I loving love Titanfall and seeing all my guns here are like having my friends sitting around saying "come play with us " and everything's okay. There's so many smart systems in this game. I can play with voicechat and text turned off so I don't have to read or hear the poo poo internet CHUDs come out with and the reason I'm able to do that is with the ping system which lets you highlight locations, items and signal your intentions no matter what language you speak. The UI is quick and easy to learn, everything is bright and chunky, movement - though limited compared to its parent games - is still smooth and faster than any other BR on the market. Slide, hop, climb, kick, grapple, teleport, jump-pad, re-launch yourself and enjoy some insanely responsive and satisfying shooting with a TTK that gives you a fair chance to respond even when taken by surprise.

Once you go down and get put down for good, there's still a chance to get back in the game as teammates can respawn you. That was unheard of at the time and even Fortnite had to steal it (and the ping system). Yeah, sure, getting randos to care enough to help you and to not just quit when they die is like pulling teeth, but when you have friends it means one hell of a lot to have that second chance to help again. After a rocky start where they clearly did not expect the game to blow up the way they did, initially offering the most pathetic battlepass I've ever seen (and still bought, because I'm a True Hero) the EA Money Machine roared into full force and now Apex is sticking around, being updated often, enjoying its second map, second competitive season and third actually quality Battlepass and very recently upping the level cap to 500 so you can keep earning free loot crates as you play. It's still early days for this fledgling game, but as the Battle Royale craze dies out I am so excited to see where this game goes as the last hoorah and the very best game I've ever played in this genre.

This has probably replaced Overwatch for my team shooter of choice. The pacing of this game is so tight and you're so incentivised to get out there and fight as quickly as possible that there's no place for camping tactics or sniping, not for very long at least. As someone who relishes mid-range and close combat, that's a real joy for me.

1] Disco Elysium (35 hours played):

Surprise out of nowhere? Check.

One beautifully realised area? Check.

The most naturally, wonderfully human writing ever? A sidekick who is legitimately cool and interesting and who you'll genuinely want to impress? A crew of characters who are all unique and have interesting things to say, breaking free of traditional molds you might expect them to be cast from? Gorgeous artwork encompassing everything from the menus to the world itself? An endlessly fascinating mechanic where your skills all have personalities and talk to you and can influence how you approach a situation? A game that finally, FINALLY has SOMETHING to say about politics and the nature of certain viewpoints? A scope that delves deep into the darkest parts of the human psyche and condition, unafraid of getting its hands dirty in all the griminess that entails? The ability to make you laugh one moment and reel in abject disgust the next? Exactly one combat sequence that won't be anything how you imagine it to be? Writing the stays consistently brilliant from beginning to end, never faltering, never drying out, never being anything less than stunningly evocative?

Check loving check forever, GOTY and the best narrative-based RPG this decade. Comes out of nowhere likes a speeding bullet and shatters all expectations of what good writing is in a game without having to include XXXkm of explorable terrain and realistic breast physics. It has realistic sadness physics instead and you'll feel sad and you'll feel happy and you'll be intrigued and you'll do things you never expected you'd be able to and you'll hate yourself and love Kim Kitsuragi and even if it's not okay and you're not okay and everyone is hosed, you'll want to know everything anyway. Play it.


Honourable mentions:

Games that came a hair's length but still own hard.

Subnautica: Helped me overcome my fear of virtual fish. Not even kidding.

CONTROL: Unexpected surprise from Remedy, doing their usual Remedy thing. Decent combat, enthralling story and surrounding lore that doesn't quite go far enough, some true spectacles. Difficulty spikes hard towards the end.

AMID EVIL: I liked DUSK more but hell, what a game. Beautiful levels, wonderful music. gently caress your jumping puzzles.

DUSK: I'm sorry I didn't give you a chance until the start of the year. I know you came out earlier but your promo screenshots seemed dull at the time. I was wrong. You go places and do things I never expected and you're the best retro shooter ever.

My Friend Pedro: Sick tricks out the wazoo and a fun time while it lasts, but not quite polished or deep enough for a GOTY consideration. Still put a fair bit of time into it.

Blade and Sorcery: The best VR swordfighting game just keeps getting better. Modding community that has put more murder devices in my hands than that one time I was at a Big Knives For Murderers Convention.

Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: The best VR gun-shooty game just keeps getting better. Anton has put more murder devices in my hands than that one time I shot up the Big Knives For Murderers Convention while being sponsored by the Big Guns For Murderers With An Ironic Streak Convention.

Maximum Action: Uncle New Blood is going to help you grow up big and strong. You have a lovely solid foundation and I can't wait to see you grow

Kenshi: What a weird and wonderful time. Harder than diamond nails being hammered into titanium with a foam mallet.

Trailmakers: I got this during the STEAM Black Friday sale and this is easily one of the friendliest, most intuitive vehicle building games I've ever played. Therapeutic as all hell and it's so easy to lose time in.

Elite: Dangerous (VR): Spent hours and hours listening to podcasts, space truckin' and space bussin'. Go far, far away in the safety of your own bedroom.

Cultist Simulator: I played this when I was suffering from a fever and headcold and that's easily the best way to play this. Great writing, sometimes tedious gameplay.

Mordhau: Medieval murder has never been so farcical.

Streets of Rogue: You're so close to being on my GOTY list. Reactive, silly, fun, crazy. Keep going and growing, I loved you intensely for a very short while.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: I love you. I hate you. I loving hate you. I hate you I hate you. This game's great. I hate this brilliant game. I cheated the last boss and don't feel sorry and I'm not even referencing the meme, I cheated. I did my time. gently caress you. Good game. Play this game.


Songbearer's NOTY (Noooo of the year list)

Here are some dishonourable mentions. I'll waste about as much of my energy writing about them as the devs did not being shitheads.

Nobody expected you to be any good. Playing the beta, I thought you might have stood a chance. I didn't pay anything to play you when you released and I still feel robbed. I knew Bioware was loving dead but I didn't want to believe it until now.

Ion Maiden:
I had such a fun time playing you and then your developers had to show their true colours and you turned to filth in front of me. Blessed that STEAM allowed my refund to go through following the controversy. You deserved better.

Fallout 76:
I've never played you, I've never had any intention of playing you, but boy howdy do I feel sorry for anyone who wasted their time trying to. How this wildfire keeps finding fuel to spread is beyond me. Put it out, you're only embarrassing yourself.

Just Cause 4:
This is a 2018 game I haven't even played this year but I'm including it here because gently caress you how do you keep loving this up, Avalanche B Team.

Rage 2:
Another game I haven't even played this year, only I was looking forward to it and apparently there's nothing to write home about. Far Cry 5 already burned me on the "It's okay I guess" train. Avalanche A Team I guess just fluked it on Mad Max and Just Cause 2. How sad.


NOPE list (Not Owned but Will Play Eventually)

(I'm lying I do own some of these games, tee hee)

Pathologic 2: As one of the 10 people who "enjoyed" Pathologic 1's initial release with the garbage translation, I'm excited to play this. Only it's gonna be a while, because...

The Outer Worlds: I've had this game bought since release, but Disco Elysium legitimately made it hard for me to get back into what feels like standard Obsidian fare. I can tell I'd really like it if I could just get into it. I'm trying to force myself to play through it before I can get any other major releases. It's hard.

Katana Zero: Picked this up on the STEAM sale. It looks right up my alley and I've heard nothing but good things about it, but I currently have too many "little" games to play through.

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust: I've played around 6 hours of this and I really enjoyed its weirdness, but then I got distracted by other things and never went back to it. I will.

Untitled Goose Game: I really really badly want to play this but can't justify the price currently.

Red Dead Redemption 2: This is what The Outer Worlds is keeping me from. God, soon. Soon.

Goddamn that's a lot of writing. I'm gonna be reading everyone's submissions, but thanks for a great OP, thanks to all you lovely people and here's to a year of quality toys for children on our flashy colour screens

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Oct 21, 2010


LionArcher posted:

Man, you really like to talk poo poo about Ninja huh?

He probs shouldn't be misogynistic hth

Jul 12, 2017

LionArcher posted:

Man, you really like to talk poo poo about Ninja huh? He’s doing fine over on Mixer. And fortnite has cooled down, though I wouldn’t call it dead

If Ninja’s so great then how come he didn’t make it further on The Masked Singer?

Dec 27, 2008

Do you feel it, Zach?
My coffee warned me about it.

Fantastic OP, thanks for refreshing my memory about all that stuff.

10. Death Stranding - I like the crazy story and the gameplay clicks with me somehow; it will never be my favorite game but it scratches some itches that not many games manage to

9. Untitled Goose Game - a silly game with a lot of character; it managed to turn simple slice-of-life moments to something memorable

8. Judgment - Yakuza with a more serious tone, grounded story and detective elements; I enjoyed it even if nothing about it was exactly innovative

7. Metro: Exodus - engrossing story-based action FPSes aren't an often sight these days; this is one of the best ones ever made, its S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-like atmosphere and satisfying weapons-modification system help a lot too

6. Control - Alan Wake-like story but with epic polished combat; I enjoyed the hell out of reading all the lore of this gameworld; also it's a game where force powers are more brutal than in any Star Wars game ever, even Fallen Order

5. Jedi: Fallen Order - Dark Souls mixed with some Tomb Raider set in Star Wars was not a game I expected EA to publish but they pulled it off somehow; it's one of the best Star Wars games ever made and I like the story more than the recent movies

4. Hades - it's still Early Access but I love it and it's the best Supergiant game I played; great visual style and excellent take on the roguelike genre with the death-rebirth cycle being explained by the Greek mythology

3. Outer Wilds - Groundhog Day set in The Little Prince galaxy; superb at environmental storytelling and letting the player figure things out on their own

2. Pathologic 2 - fascinating world and good writing, interesting use of framing the narration as a theatre piece; it's one of those games that I feel pushes the boundary of the medium on how it can tell stories meant for adults

1. Disco Elysium - a new milestone in game writing, roleplaying and visuals; there are not that many titles in the gaming history that accomplished true innovation while having an outstanding presentation like this

Sep 10, 2010

Grimey Drawer

Palpek posted:

3. Outer Wilds - Groundhog Day set in The Little Prince galaxy; superb at environmental storytelling and letting the player figure things out on their own

I love The Little Prince as a touchstone for Outer Wilds. It's something I had thought a lot about in Outer Wilds aesthetic and presentation, but never could put my finger on. It's one of my favorite children's books, even as a grown-rear end man.

Saint Freak
Apr 15, 2007

I died on fleek, and so am cursed to roam the Earth forever, eternally on fleek...


How do I vote down games to make sure the right ones win??

Oct 21, 2010


The right game has already lost because it came out in 2017 and was called Pyre

Aug 15, 2005

Toilet Rascal

I still listen to the Pyre soundtrack sometimes (and Transistor, and Bastion)

elf help book
Aug 5, 2004

It's not a dream, or a lie.
I know my sister is alive out there.

Rarity posted:

  • Tweets from SquareEnix staff sadly revealed that Final Fantasy VIII could not be released on Switch as the original code for the PC version had been lost and even more sadly revealed that the original code to Final Fantasy XIII was still very much on file.

what the gently caress

Oct 21, 2010


elf help book posted:

what the gently caress

I know, I wish I could scour FFXIII from memory too

Awesome Animals
Nov 4, 2011

is shitposting praxis?

This thread is already Gold in my heart, and I look forward to all the gifs, sincere write-ups, more dunking on Ninja, and staying consistent on this year's theme, UNIONISE.

I, however, will not do a list, because I have a bad memory and can barely recall what I've played in the last two months, let alone the last 12.


Mercury Crusader
Apr 20, 2005

You know they say that all demons are created equal, but you look at me and you look at Pyro Jack and you can see that statement is not true, hee-ho!

Unions rule
Ninja droolz

I didn't play too many of this year's releases because partway through the year I got really obsessed with building up my physical Sega Genesis/Mega Drive collection and downsized other parts of my bad old game hoarding habit. So my game of the year is either the Terry Bogard DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Burning Force for the Sega Genesis.

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