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Feb 11, 2014

While returning from high school with Joe, I encountered my stalker. When I ran home... my mom had collapsed. After that... I don't remember.

After making it through Russian Roulette, I feel the others trusting me more. I'm glad, but... it's hard being treated like a leader.

After finding out about my stalker, he's been kind to me, in his own way. He's the only one I know in this place.

Joe trusted me in both the First Trial and Russian Roulette. Maybe the reason I'm calm is because I have this guy around.

His laid-back behavior feels somehow shady. If feels like he's trying to guide others to put their trust in me.

But... Before Russian Roulette, he confessed to shooting a person. Apparently, he hasn't been able to fire a gun ever since.

Full of regret, she asked me about the First Trial. Professor Mishima happened to be there and lied out of concern for Kanna. I followed along.

I hid the truth... because it was cruel. But Miley called Kanna a sister-killer...! Maybe Kanna resents me for hiding the truth... Even though she sees her sister in me...

Despite his giant, gaudy appearance, he's very wary. Apparently he was raised in an odd orphanage, so his dialect is all over the place.

We had a confrontation over Russian Roulette, but he submitted and seemed to trust me after. Seems like a truthful and logical good sport.

He's slender and might be pretty weak, considering he couldn't even open a sliding door. On the other hand, he made a sudden change when I picked up the gun... It was a little scary.

For Russian Roulette, Sou was left outside the room. I'm curious about the "secret room" he mentioned finding while we were dealing with that.

A band member with a flashy look, worried for her dear bongos. Apparently this is "plain" makeup. Has a lot of harsh words for men.

Meanwhile, she's super nice to me, Nao, and Kanna. She even shows Sou some concern, so maybe she's kind to the weak, and harsh on the strong...

She escaped the First Trial by working with Mishima. They have a trusting relationship, and I saw Nao getting angry with those who badmouthed him.

But... Professor Mishima... was killed by Miley. ...I'm worried for Nao.

His behavior is out-there, and he says things that could be joking or serious. In Russian Roulette, he didn't vote for me, yet approved of me.

But... He's the stalker. He could have something to do with this kidnapping incident. So I thought, but he gave Miley a good whack. He's an enigma...

He seems to have gotten attached to me, called me "big sis Sara." His positivity in this uneasy situation is very unlike a grade-schooler.

But I don't know how Gin's mental state might change from seeing a tragedy happen before him. ...Even I've never seen such a horrible thing before.

Cleared the First Trial with Nao, and showed concern for all. Probably loved to smoke, despite his denial. He told a white lie for Kanna's sake.

That Professor Mishima... died. Miley's vote, claimed to be a practice... killed him. Being burned by his collar had to be painful. I... I'll make Miley pay.


Mar 10, 2018

They say money can't buy happiness, but it sure does help.

Huh, I never actually watched this particular recap and played straight on through. Kind of interesting to get those bonus insights into Sara's thoughts.

Apr 20, 2008

Dragonatrix posted:

I dunno what Sou's deal is, but the other person who voted for Mishima was Nao. Y'know, his student that he came here with in the first place. She like definitely didn't distrust him; if anything, she idolised him.

Why she'd vote for him, however, when everyone else seemed to realize that self-voting was the obvious thing to do here is very debatable, though.

We don't know that everyone else self-voted, only that a bunch of people got 1 vote. It's possible that Nao voted for someone else and THAT person voted for Mishima.

Jun 29, 2013

Fair enough. Everyone secretly having partners is a bit convoluted, it just seems odd that only some contestants would be in pairs to me. Really ruins the symmetry.

Lotus Aura
Aug 16, 2009


whitehelm posted:

We don't know that everyone else self-voted, only that a bunch of people got 1 vote. It's possible that Nao voted for someone else and THAT person voted for Mishima.

I said "seemed to" for a reason, yes.

Nov 4, 2014

I won this avatar on a technicality this thick.

I find Gin suspicious because we can't see the collar with that scarf and toy in the way.

Jun 29, 2013

Mraagvpeine posted:

I find Gin suspicious because we can't see the collar with that scarf and toy in the way.

Good point. We have the same issue with Sou, though he's suspicious for a variety of reasons.

Feb 11, 2014

"I… I…"

"I feel like I’ll never paaaaaaaaaaaaass!!"

"Exams are a ways away yet. And I’m sure you’ll be fine, Miss Nao."

"I can’t…!! If I fail, I… What’ll I even do?!"

"Hrmm… Please calm down. I’m busy driving…!"

"It seems you feel quite cornered…"

Music stops.


"…Err… Miss Nao."

"Huh…?! You did, professor…?"

"Yes, indeed."

"I had grades as good as anyone’s… And a more or less serious lifestyle…"

"I put in a perfectly good effort. …At least I believed so."

"However, where some will pass, others will fail. There’s nothing that can be done about it. And, being more conceited than the average person… I lashed out at everything."

"However, people can always improve themselves."

"Hmm! As I’d expect from one so devoted to art! In truth, not everyone can focus wholeheartedly on hobbies. So it’s wonderful to have them, Misss Nao."

"The things you can proudly say you like… These things will save you someday!"


"Well, in my case… it was time."

"It required an above-average amount of time… But I regained the courage to face forward. And such is why now… I enjoy my time with you and the rest of the class."

"Though I failed, I gained happiness. The dream I had pictured did not come to pass, but the reality I found was much like a dream."


Music stops.

Despair falls over us…

We keep our distance. Nao alone sits near Professor Mishima.

(How should I sort out these feelings? I can’t… think of what to say to Nao…)

Talk to Nao.

Nao is sitting by the professor, dumbfounded.

Investigate Mishima.

Professor Mishima… in a pool of blood… I’m afraid to come any closer.

Suddenly, as I looked toward the exit…


"Miss Sara… Look at this…"

Sou slowly closed the door to the room.

(There’s a message here…!)

"Read it, Miss Sara…"


"The Second Trial… It’s named just like that first one we did…"

"We never noticed… this note…!"

"Dammit! It’s all ‘cause I said to keep the door open in case there was danger…!!"

"…We were clearly led into doing so. This room had an ominous air even before entering."

(It was an avoidable trap! If we’d just checked the door…! Professor Mishima…)

(I’m… worried about Nao…)

Talk to Nao.

"Professor… Professor…"

"This is… just a lie, right? Professor…"

Nao… weakly shook Professor Mishima’s body.

And his scorched, fragile neck… fell.

"N… Nao! D… Don’t touch that!"

"Don’t look, Gin! Stay away!"

"Dammit…!! Dammit!! What the hell!!"

Music stops.

"Who… who voted… for Mishima…?"

"H… Huh?! I mean… it’s because of the votes he…!"

"It’s always possible everybody voted for someone ‘sides themselves, you know!!"


"…Settle down, now."


"You’d know that, right, Sara?"

  • Joe's reaction is understandable, but Keiji is right, there's no evidence that whomever did vote for Mishima did with bad intentions. Right now, nothing good could come of finding out who voted for who.

"...Keiji is right. We shouldn't talk about the votes, Joe."



"I got it…"

Joe staggered out of the room.

Talk to Gin.


"Gin, I know how you feel, but you shouldn’t be here…"

"…J-Just a little longer, meow…"


Talk to Keiji.



"They all need time to think right now."

"So do you, Sara… And me too, ‘course."

"…I’m sure everybody’ll come back."

  • There's nothing Sara can do here.

Talk to Kai.

Kai is staring directly at the kitchen.

"It is locked… Perhaps there’s nothing to be done."

"Ah, now that isn’t very nice. I just want to cook for everyone, that’s all."

"Granted… I doubt there are any ingredients in the kitchen."

"How stingy."

Music stops.


(Is this person… really my stalker…?)

(…I thought, if he was the stalker… he’d be with the kidnappers. But… When he hit Miley, I sensed undeniable hostility.)

"Miss Sara…?"

"Err, Kai… Are you…"

(The lights…!)

"Miss Sara, are you all right?"

"I’m fine."

"It may be a trap. Let us look for the switch."

Investigate under the table.

(It’s… a card?)

(What… is this…?)

I hid the card before I could even think.

"I-I’m okay. Looks like the lights came on."

"Let us look at the other rooms to see if anything occurred in that moment."

(Is it invisible in the light…? I’d better check the back, too…)

Sep 18, 2012

av paid for by the firensd of lowtax spine foundation

, you flithy pig

We are the Keymaster! The Destructor is coming. Gozer the Traveler, the Destroyer.

Jul 11, 2016

This game is so compelling! The music is great too.

Mar 18, 2009

Honestly, I think Nao voted for Mishima. Since the voting was phrased as a practice round with no mention of the consequences from the doll-person, she may have just voted for the person she trusted the most. So I think that's making her freak-out here worse than it would be otherwise.

Mar 30, 2019

I wonder if Miley added that note while everyone was distressed and distracted by Mishima's death - it's possible it was there earlier and nobody noticed it, but it's also possible she decided to rub salt in their wounds by making it look like they missed a key piece of evidence. Much as the game seems to be really emphasizing the loss by showing even more evidence of how good a person he was.

I agree that it's interesting that Sou and Gin both have their collars covered up. I still think Sou is too obviously suspicious to actually be the perpetrator, but until they remove their scarves, we don't know for sure that they're in the same boat as we are. I'm also really liking Kai, stalker history be damned.

Wonder what that card means. Keymaster sounds like it's giving us a position of power by holding it. Then again, if it's related to escaping, it's possible that it's just the story's excuse for why the protag charcter does all the significant actions...

Jun 29, 2013

The text on the keymaster card is a little hard to read, but not too bad:

"The one who claims this:
This now belongs to you. Keep it on you always.
This is a key to the exit.
Let no one else know the existence of this card.
Otherwise, you will die."

So...guess it's a good thing Sara instinctively hid it from Kai then. Hopefully she has a chance to read the text before she runs into Joe or someone she trusts.

yamiaainferno fucked around with this message at 14:21 on Jan 11, 2020

Aug 7, 2009

"The game is forfeit" doesn't necessarily mean that everyone would have been fine. It actually sounds way more to me like everyone would have forfeited the game and thus been killed.

Feb 11, 2014

(Keymaster…? The other text seemed to disappear, so… What does “Keymaster” mean?)

(If I don’t follow those rules… I’ll die? …I feel like I’m being led by them again…)

No music.

Where there had been nothing before, now there were stairs.

(Is this another trap…?)

Investigate the stairs.

A large staircase leading up.

Talk to Sou.

"Look, Miss Sara! There are these stairs here now."

"Wonder where they lead…"

"I don’t know… But…"

"Miley left a few spots of blood. I’m sure she went up here."

"That’s too rash! If you screw up… She’ll kill you with your collar."

"Hopefully nobody gets mad and goes after her… Couldn’t stand having collective responsibility for someone getting killed…"

(I can't imagine anyone would go up these stairs on their own, but…)

"You aren’t thinking of going up, are you, Miss Sara?"

"I’m telling you for your own good… You should refrain for now."

"More importantly, there’s something I wanna show you."


Sou leaves.

"Ah, Sou…!"

(I wonder what he wants to show me…)

Talk to Q-taro.

"Now when’d this get here…!"

"Dunno ‘bout that… But whatever the case, bet we gotta go…"

"Dammit, it’s just gonna be a trap anyhow…! Whaddya think, Sara?"

"…Everyone’s on edge right now… If we go, we should get everyone together first."

"……… "

"…But you heard about the Main Game… right? We’re gonna… make one of us die…?"

"You… might have a point, but…"


"Awright. I’m gonna wait."

"Gonna try an’ believe in you. We’ll go up here when everyone’s assembled. Anybody tries to go up on their own, I’ll catch ‘em but good."

"Please don’t be rough, okay?"

Talk to Q-Taro again.

"We'll go up these stairs... when everyone's assembled. Can't imagine we'll be able to act all friendly like before though..."

Music stops.

"…Miss Sara. This way, this way. I’m over here…"

"What…? Sou, is that you?"

I held the lighter in the direction of his voice.

(To think this was here…)

"What did you want to show me in this place?"

"Check what’s on the desk."

Investigate bookshelves.

"It’s hard to see in the dark, but there are bookshelves."

"They’ve got proper covers… But they’re all blank notebooks on the inside. Keiji was saying there might be a meaning to the ordering of the books, though."

(Keiji came here, too…?)

Investigate desk.

There’s something placed on the desk.

(…! It’s a laptop computer!)

"Very intriguing, right?"

"I did try starting it up. There’s no power cord, but it seems to be running on battery power."

"So once the battery’s dead, it’s over. Want to investigate what’s on it, but…"

"Umm… About that…"

"So you can’t see what’s stored on it?"

"I tried some random passwords, but all I accomplished was draining battery… "

"…You got any ideas?"

"Aha! That’s a possibility."

"And if it opens with someone’s name… There’s a good chance they’re the laptop’s owner!"

"…But if it’s a name we don’t know, there’d be no way for us to learn it."

"It’d be best if we could just conveniently find a piece of paper with the password…"

"Now that would definitely be a trap."

"…Yeah. Hmm… If we just had a hint..."

"Ahh… …A hint, huh?"

"Maybe this is a hint from the kidnappers."

"What do you mean?"

"There’s probably information on here that’s valuable to us, but worthless to them."

"And we can’t see it once the battery goes dead, so it’s like a time-limited treasure chest."

(…I can't see them being that kind.)

"Okay, I’m going to stay here and work on figuring out the password! Miss Sara, tell me if you find any clues."

(…I shouldn’t get too hopeful. But I do need to have hope, and keep my head up…)

(Until the battery runs out… Maybe Sou will be able to keep his head up, too.)

  • That's it for here.

Talk to Reko and Kanna.

"Here… Wipe off with this."

"…Thank you very much…"

"Tch, drat puppet… As if you’ve even got a change of clothes."

"You two…"

Music stops.


Kanna looked at me with very surprised eyes.

(…I… lied to Kanna. Because of that lie… I deeply wounded Kanna’s heart.

(“Sister-killer”… It’s all because Miley said that awful thing…!)

"Hey, Sara, you think you could look for somethin’ Kanna could wear?"

"No problem."

(It feels a little jarring for you to be saying that right now…)

Talk to Joe.

Joe sits alone, hanging his head.

  • Let's respect his wishes. Joe wasn't as close to Mishima as Nao, or maybe even Gin, but after Miley's “joke”, Joe probably understands more than anyone how Mishima felt in his last moments.

(I can’t talk to him right now…)

"…Oh, Sara."

"…Ulp. You noticed me, Joe…"


"Wonder why… I’ve never had a drink in my life."



"…Hey, Sara."

Music stops.

"Eh…? Joe… Have you been doubting it the whole time?"

Oct 4, 2015

We Have Unlocked Woke Junpei Mode
Fuck Up Cops 2020
Beloved Forums Poster
Evolved Heightened Level Junpei
Junpei Is Not Ironic And That Is Why He Is Good

Keiji does seem to have some degree of insight and reasoning that I would expect of a detective, but I can see why Joe would have reservations.

So I say I think he is.

Mar 16, 2009


Yeah, I get a cop vibe from him and nothing yet that says he isn't actually a cop

May 22, 2006

beam me up, tomato

This is a bit metagamey but the right answer is probably way more nuanced than the binary we're given. Maybe he was a cop before but not anymore? So technically lying

May 5, 2011


Also, being right is not always the most useful path!

But yeah, I'd put a little money on him being an ex-cop. Especially with the whole having shot someone. I don't thiiiink there's a "You all deserve this" vibe so far. But it's so often a end twist it's hard to tell.


Jan 19, 2017

I'm leaning towards cop

Jun 29, 2013

A new talk sprite for Joe, that's fun. Anyway, I don't see much of a point in trying for in-fighting, right now. Let's assume Keiji is telling the truth and is a cop until we have an actual reason to suspect otherwise.

Feb 29, 2004

Much, much more.

At this point has anybody mentioned Joe's little mouse friend in his pocket? I thought it was a pin at first, but it's changing positions and expressions, especially with that new talky sprite.

As for the vote, Keiji is very bad at it but I think he's a cop.

Apr 6, 2012

No Boots on the Ground,
Puny Mortals!

ACAB, but he's been pretty reasonable so far. Thus, he's lying

Neddy Seagoon
Oct 12, 2012

Hi, Everybody!

I say lying. It does seem like there's more to him than is being told if they're gonna toss something like this out, even if it's a bit meta-gamey to guess. Maybe a former criminal or Yakuza instead?

Mar 30, 2019

Let's not distrust each other any more than absolutely necessary. He's a cop, since we have no reason to think otherwise.

placid saviour
Apr 6, 2009

All Cops Are Bastards except for Keiji.

Ignatius M. Meen
May 26, 2011

Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

Keiji seems like a good dude and has shown to be a good voice of reason so far. Cop, former cop, he hasn't really given us a lot of reason to distrust him.

Level Seven
Feb 14, 2013

Wubba dubba dubba
that blew.


Cop, surely he wouldn't lie to strangers.

Aug 21, 2007

Neat. Sweet. Petite.

No reason to distrust what he says, and I don't think at this point there's any benefit for him to claim he's a cop when he's not, as doing so means everyone will have certain expectations of him as well as trust.

let's believe for now.

Feb 11, 2014


"drat, I’m a loser, aren’t I… Just a little difference in opinion’s got me uneasy."



(Now that’s strange… Wasn’t Joe the first one to suggest there was?)

"But the more I try to believe, the more suspicious I get…"


"Listen, Sara."



"…Nah, sorry. Yeah, pretend I never asked."

(Because he wants to believe… he suspects…)

(One thing’s for sure… It’s better if we know more about each other.)



"I… It’s nothing."

(What am I thinking…?)

"Leave it to me, Joe."

"Y-You serious?"

Investigate the chair.

Music stops.

(?!... What…?!)

Kanna is sitting in the chair.

"This is…"

"…A doll…"

(I can’t see the parts hidden under clothes, but everything seems… disturbingly detailed.)

(Even the clothes… look exactly the same…)

Stripped off the doll’s clothes.

(Alright… )

(…Even if it’s a doll, it feels awkward to just leave it here…)

I placed the Kanna doll in a discreet spot.

(Sorry, Miss doll.)

Talk to Kanna and Reko.


"Sara, you found anything Kanna could wear?"

"…I found this in the Blue Room."

"Wha…! Ain’t this the same exact uniform?!"

"…Thank you very much…"



Music stops.

Kanna moved away from me with a start.

"H… Hey, Kanna…? Easy now. What’s up?"


"I’m… sorry… Please don’t be nice to me anymore…"

"Sara! Hey! What’s the deal?"

  • If Reko doesn't understand the situation, she could unintentionally make it even worse.

(… I’m scared…)

(I’m sure Reko will tell me I should have told the truth then… But I…)

"Sara, look me in the eye. …Don’t sit there an’ brood over crap."


"Talk to me. Or are you just not listenin’ to what I say?"

"…I understand…"

Screen fades to black while Sara explains.

"Mishima said that…?!"

"Cut it out! Don’t say that poo poo! Did you mean to hurt her?! ‘Course not, right?!"


  • Reko responds the same way regardless of who you choose to blame.

"Sure, Mishima was the first to lie…! And I dunno if that was right or not…!"

"But guess what?! There was hope in Kanna’s eyes!"


"Dammit…! Why… "


"Guess it ain’t fair to decide he’s no good just ‘cause he’s a man…"

"I get the sitch now. I’ll back Kanna up, Sara."

"It’s what we do now that’s important, right?"

"Yes…! "

Talk to Reko again.

"Kanna's one thing... But I'm worried for Nao too."


Music stops.

(…?! Was there just a figure there…?)

Investigate the red door.

The seemingly-locked red door is now open.

Music stops.

"I-Is somebody there?!"

(I’m uneasy about acting alone… I might want to head back for now…)

I turned around, and found the door had shut.


(It won’t open! I’ve been locked in…!)

Investigate candle.

A candle.

Investigate the top of the bookcase.

There's a box on top of the bookcase that looks like it'd need both hands to carry.

(Ngh… Just barely too high to reach. Is there anything I can use to get a boost?)

Investigate grandfather clock.

A clock with no hands.

Investigate picture.

The corners of the frame are held on by screws and nails.

Investigate bottle.

(It's a bottle... There's water inside.)

Investigate the bookcase.

There are books on the bookcase.

(The covers look proper, but they’re all blank on the inside… It’s not exactly polite… But I’ll step on the books to get to the box on top.

(This’ll do.)

Re-check the box.

(Let’s look inside…)

(These are large and long…)

Investigate the clock on the bookcase.

There’s a digital clock in the back of the bookcase.

(It’s stopped at 28:75…)

Investigate pile of books.

A pile of books. Stable enough to stand on.

Investigate the bear.

A large teddy bear.


Investigate the table.

Notes of some kind are scattered about.

(Professor Mishima’s name is on this… Along with some people I don’t know.)

(Hm…? Alice… Yabusame?)

(…I’ll hold onto this…)

Investigate the box under the shelf.

A box that has a lid affixed with screws.

Use lighter on the candle.

(Should I light this candle?)

Use the needles on the grandfather clock.

(The two needles seem to be this clock's hands.)

As the pendulum started to move, something stuck inside fell out.

Use torn paper on the bear.

A red liquid leaks from the teddy bear's eyes.

(…It’s creepy… but I feel kind of bad. I’ll wipe it with the other paper I picked up that doesn’t seem very useful.)

(…Hmm… Something came out of its mouth.)

Use tools on the box under the shelf.

(I’ll use the flathead screwdriver…)

Opened the box.

(There’s another tool…)

Investigate the red stain on the floor.

Red liquid drips onto the floor.

Use tools on the red stain.

(If I jam a tool between the tiles, I bet I can open it up.)

Use bottle on the floor.

A red liquid spreads beneath the floor.

(If I pour in water to increase the water volume…)

Investigate the floor.

Something floats in the red liquid.

(…Would prefer to avoid touching the liquid.)

Use tools on the picture.

(Okay, I have all four tools I need. I’ll remove these…!)

Investigate the locker.

A single tall locker.

(I’m getting a bad feeling…)

(…Calm down, Sara.)

Music stops.


(W… What should I do…)

Talk to the man.

"A-Are you all right…?"


(He’s not conscious… )

(What do I do… Should I run before he wakes up…?!)

"…I can’t…!!"

(I don’t know if he’s a good person… But he said “help”…!)

(Then… I’ll take him with me!)

At great length, I got the man on my shoulder.

HydroSphere fucked around with this message at 22:06 on Jan 18, 2020

Jun 29, 2013

drat, this guy's got some real Dangan Ronpa eyes. Very intense. And at least some of our mystery names seem to be connected to Mishima, somehow.

Just for my own sake (I'm so bad at keeping names straight), the people unaccounted for are:
Alice (Yabusame)
Megumi (Sasahara)
Ranmaru (Kageyama)

With the ones above the line being old enough to drink. I'm gonna guess our mystery man is Shunsuke, since he seems to be an adult and the other names are all women's.

Mar 10, 2018

They say money can't buy happiness, but it sure does help.

yamiaainferno posted:

Just for my own sake (I'm so bad at keeping names straight), the people unaccounted for are:

Well, keep in mind, we do have one absent person accounted for, even if we don't know her name right now. Kanna's sister.

Jun 29, 2013

Jadecore posted:

Well, keep in mind, we do have one absent person accounted for, even if we don't know her name right now. Kanna's sister.

True! I forgot. Assuming Kanna's sister is the same age as Sara (since such a fuss has been made about Sara reminding Kanna of her sister), Kana is likely either Anzu or Hinako.

Neddy Seagoon
Oct 12, 2012

Hi, Everybody!

Jadecore posted:

Well, keep in mind, we do have one absent person accounted for, even if we don't know her name right now. Kanna's sister.

We have about eight missing people. It's been implied there should be 20 people in this group.

Mar 30, 2019

Well, I guess he's probably the mystery 12th person Sue Miley mentioned, given the collar. If it weren't for the fact that we only found him because we tailed him (presumably) into the room, I'd wonder if the kidnappers were keeping him trapped here for some reason. Maybe this was his trial, to be stuck in the locker until someone found him? Just seems weird that he was allowed to miss the vote that killed Mishima without any consequences.

Regarding the weird list of names - looking at our cast list on the first post, isn't Reko's surname also Yabusame? Did she get kidnapped with a sister who also died in their first trial? That might explain why she's been so protective of Kanna. I don't know why she'd hide it, though. Or maybe it's a common Japanese name and doesn't mean anything.

Feb 11, 2014

"Ah… Sara."

"He suddenly fainted as soon as he saw me! Joe, give me a hand!"

"Got it! Let’s carry him to the others!"

"That was the plan!"

Talk to Q-taro.

"Hey! What the hell’s with that guy?!"

"He lost consciousness…!"

"I dunno nothin’! Have somebody who’d know check ‘im!"

Investigate the laptop.

"Ahh, sorry, sorry. I'm here."

"I... I can't lend a hand there. Sorry..."

Music stops.


"Lend me a hand, please! You see...!"

I told them what happened in the Red Room.


"Relax. He's just fainted."

"Who in the world is this guy..."

"...He's got a collar."

"Ahh, you don't miss a beat, Sara."

"...We'll tie him with whatever we got available."

(It'll be hard to figure out his situation until he wakes up...)

"As long as he doesn't move, should be fine. Once he's up, let's leisurely question him."


As I felt a bit of relief, my attention unavoidably turned towards the situation in the room.

"Uhh... Keiji. Are Nao and Gin still..."

"...Yeah. Still the same as ever."

"...Well, yeah."

"It's hard, but somebody's gotta do it.... And I just so happen to be a pro."

"...Though this is my first time investigating a body I once talked to."


"...Dummy. Nao's got it a million times worse."

"Losing somebody she respects... Man..."



"...Maybe there was."



"Don't be ridiculous!!"

"W-What're you doing, meow?! You shouldn't do that, woof!!"

"Please get out of my way!!"

Nao brushed the others aside and took off running.

"Gin, don't!!! Wait!!"

"Now this is no good... Sara, Joe, let's give chase."

"Please! Nao's lost her cool! So treat her carefully!!"

Music stops.

(No way... Did she go up the stairs?!)

Music stops.

"Did he go to the second floor?!"

"Alright, Joe. Can I trust you to the first floor?"

"Huh?! Won't it be dangerous with just you two?!"

  • It makes sense to search both floors; there's nothing to indicate that Nao has gone up the stairs. That said, Nao doesn't like Keiji, so it's probably for the best that someone searches with him.

"...Could be a dangerous date, for sure."

"Well... If you're late coming back, I'll go help!"

  • Despite his misgivings, Joe's the one to veto the “All search the second floor” option.

(Let's hurry!)

(Where could she have gone...?!)

Investigate the doors.

A red “Sp” door.

A “Ro” door.

A “Mir” door.

A yellow “Sp” door.

Investigate the bars.

Large iron bars block the passage.

Investigate the statue.

A statue of what looks like a penguin.


Investigate the painting.

An elegant painting of Mt. Fuji.

Investigate the doorway.

There's a small sauna in the darkness. It's not warm.

Investigate the bottles.

Despite there being no shower, there's shampoo and the like here.

Investigate the water.

Music stops.

"B... Big sis Sara..."

"Help, meow! I was looking for big sis Nao..."

"An iron cage! How can we...?!"

"Ahh... I wouldn't go touching that."


"It's sinking lower and lower, meow..."

"No, woof! I'm scaaared...!!"

"Help me, big sis Sara!!"

  • Sara and Keiji have no means to destroy an iron cage and abandoning Gin is unthinkable. Lifting the cage is the only option.

"Keiji! Please, hold the other side!!"


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Mar 18, 2009

This is definitely very effective escalation.

May 22, 2006

beam me up, tomato

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Jun 29, 2013

Does that ellipsis mean that Keiji didn't help us? Maybe he knew it was no use, but...that's cold, man.


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it's not what you've got, it's what you make of it

the writing in this game is mostly good poo poo but Gin still doing the animal noise speech gimmick when fearing for his life took me out of it a little

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