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Oct 10, 2012

The Inquisition.
What a show.
The Inquisition.
Here. We. Go.

College Slice

For the sake of showing off the game's art, I feel like you should show new inhabitants that you battle, and the cut-in art for character abilities that haven't come up yet when they trigger. On the other hand, this is as free as the main game, so you could make the argument that the readers ought to try their own runs to see everything.


Feb 11, 2014

That's a fair point, I'll definitely show off new inhabitants and cut-in art. The main thing was the daily gameplay loop of assigning a task to everyone and then seeing and recording the result of those tasks wasn't that interesting to LP.

Edit - update on previous page.

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Dec 22, 2010

Hmmm... If Mishima kills the girl with the boat when we first meet her, does that last scene with Jin play out differently, or do we just skip it entirely?

Feb 11, 2014

I checked that, and oddly enough, the scene plays out exactly the same.

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Dec 22, 2010

HydroSphere posted:

I checked that, and oddly enough, the scene plays out exactly the same.


Sep 4, 2011



I would guess that Miley is lying, unless that's the game's way of just explicitly ignoring when people have died in-game.

Feb 11, 2014

  • Day 26...

"Waugh, you again! Again and again...”

“Miss Touko! You're all right?”

"...There's a whole bunch of berries on this side of the island. So what do you want?”

"You required parts to fix your boat, yes?”


"I-If you're giving it, I'm taking it, but...!”

"Please make use of it for repairs.”

"...Here. Take this.”

Music stops.

  • Touko needs 500 material to repair the boat.

“"Oh! Is that true?!”

"Just looking it over... I shouldn't need any more materials...”

"What I need... is an expert who can fix it...”

"Say again...?”

"I know the sea and boats because of my parents... But I can't possibly do any repairs...”

"...I'm sorry. You gave me all this... But I'm too stupid to make use of it...”

"Then... please, come with me. Per our kidnapper's promise, she should come get us as long as we survive.”

"You're trusting in a kidnapper...?”

"But... I guess we're in the same predicament. I can't hope for a miracle from a boat I can't fix...”

"Miss Touko...”

Music stops.

"Understood. I'll wait for you...”

  • Day 27. No scripted events, but Gonbee finds another box.

“Good, good... Guess I'll take it. Mwahaha...”

"Oh, Keiji. In your hand there...”

I began drinking with Keiji.

"Hrm...! This is an outrageously strong drink!”

"You aren't a wild drunk, are you, Mishima?”

I'm reputable as a mere grinning drunk.”

"Good for you.”

"What kind of drunk are you, Keiji?”

"Can you not get drunk?”

"Hmm... Maybe.”

"...The darkness, you mean?”


"Wahaha... You're really something, Mishima.”

"Oh my. So that was in your past?”

"Back when I was a complete newbie... My first boss got pretty fond of me.”

"Police need to do their drinking in secret to avoid any scandals, but...”

"My boss was a beer-lover and got me pretty drunk, going all "it's a day off, it's fine"..."

"How dangerous.”

"When I stumbled into the station the next day with a hangover, the boss was pretty cold to me.”

"Why is that?”

"I suppose you're a seducing drunk, then.”

"Guess that'd explain why I'm trying to coax things out of you right now, Mishima.”

"Indeed. I'm happy to hear more about you too, Keiji.”

I'm afraid the investigation is far from over.”

"...Boy, this is tough." You're doing a lot more than just grinning, Mishima.”

  • Day 28.

  • Temping as it may be to leave Safalin to her own devices, if we don't rescue her, we'll miss the chance to buy a unique item.

  • Gonbee gets rid of it with one strike.

“Whew... That was a close one.”

“Aaaah, thank you so muuuch!!”

“H-However should I thank you?! I'll do absolutely anything I can...”

“Open the shop as usual, then...?”

“Eh...? Aah... understood...”

  • The fuel is one of the requirements for a specific ending and can only be bought today (Day 28). Only one fuel is needed, although the game will let you buy more than one if you have enough money.

  • I buy the fuel and more food.

"Oh my, you look uneasy.”

"It's not useful to worry, but... I catch myself thinking about it.”

"Do you like school, Miss Sara?”

"Yes... I have friends there, too, though not a lot.”

"A wonderful thing. What clubs are you in?”

"I did kendo up through middle school, but...”

"I was in for a surprise when I got to high school. They didn't have a kendo club...!”

"My word! You didn't know that beforehand, I take it.”

"I did read up on the school, of course. But I was kind of... focused on the uniforms...”

"The uniforms?”

"It's just... you know...”

"My, Miss Sara. I had the impression you would choose a school that suited your future plans...”

O-Of course I wasn't NOT considering those...”

"But... I mean... it's the uniform I'd be wearing for three years and all...”

So you wouldn't want it to not be cute.”

"Sniff... that's so unlike me, isn't it...?”

"I can appreciate that way of thinking, myself.”


"Choose what you like. It seems simple... but can be shockingly difficult.”

"Life is nothing but choice after choice. Miss Sara, I'm certain you're a person who can make choices she won't regret.”

  • Day 29.

"Ahh, Jin.”

"You're getting close to escaping, right? Hope you make it back okay.”

"Jin, did you find the person you were looking for?”

"...Nah. Never ended up finding her.”

"I see...”

"...Jin. Might you ask miss Miley if you can return with us?”


"You... still mean to search, I take it.”

“Yeah. Because... I still remember her. Her face... and her name...”

Music stops.

"Huh?! Miss Touko...?!”

"You know her?!”

“Indeed...! Please, come with me!”


“Hyeeeeek! Jin!!”

"What are you doing out here...?!”

"I'm sorry!! I'm sorry!!”

"I'm glad... you're okay...”


"Jin kept on looking for you.”

"Y... You aren't mad...?”

"I-I mean... I was the one who wanted that egg, and acted on my own... who ignored what you said...”

"Dummy... That's not...”

"...I'm sorry...”

"Alright, let bygones be bygones. More importantly, what are you doing over here?”

"It's because I found a boat... And I figured, "if Jin were here, he'd fix it.”

"Is that how it went? Good job staying alive... You're stronger than I thought.”

"Yeah, Jin's got no sense of direction.”

"I'm happy as well! What do you plan to do now?”

"I'll try and fix this boat... I'd like to go with you, but I can't trust Miley.”

"Oh, but wait! We don't have fuel, Jin!”

Urk... Well, that's not good. Gonna have to do something about that...”

Music stops.

"Please, use this.”

"What?! It's fuel...!! You're sure?!”

"Hahaha... Generous, am I not?!”

"I'm in your debt as always... I really don't have words... Ahh... I couldn't owe it to you any more. Truly, thank you...”

"Touko, you say thanks too.”


"Just kidding... Thanks.”

"Let us both survive and escape...!”

  • There's another inhabitant battle on Day 30.

  • Day 31

"Miss Miley...!! Today is the day you promised!”

"Ahaha. Nobody likes a clingy man, you know?”

"We survived, just like you told us to...! Now let us go!!”

"Heehee, but it seems you could go a little longer. Shall I extend it by 10 days or so?”

"What meaning does this island thing have anyhow? Even this friendly policeman's got no clue...”

"You'd just forget it anyhow.”

"Say what?!”

"Oh, fine. If you want to return, then I'll take you back to where you were, as promised.”

“You'll really take us home...!!”

Music stops.

  • Do we escape, or do we stay on the island? If we choose to stay, we'll be offered the option to leave again on Day 34, and if we still choose to stay, we'll be forced to leave on Day 40. The day that we choose (or are forced) to leave will determine which of three possible endings we'll get.

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Ignatius M. Meen
May 26, 2011

Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

Stay, so we can go on the boat with Jin and Touko.

Jul 23, 2005


Sep 1, 2007
AHEM! There's sand on my boots!

Stay, we're in it for the long haul.

Nov 8, 2012

Muscovy Ducks are a large tropical breed, famous for their lean and extremely flavorful meat.



Stay, obviously. We've worked to get the boat working, so lets pin our hopes on that.

Sep 4, 2011

Stay because there's a pretty big difference between "Take you home" and "take you back to where you were, as promised.”

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Oct 4, 2006
Lord of Sarcasm

Stay, they're going to be deleted if they leave! I assume this island is just a simulation.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

I don't think there's much of a point in voting here but nonetheless I may as well make sure Stay wins. Leaving with Miley is blatantly a trap.

Feb 24, 2015

"Welcome to pound town, Slifer slacker!"

I appreciate Mashima actually being a good teacher to Joe and Sara. That’s kind of a rad interaction idea, I wonder if he also has a similar style of interaction with Gin.

Feb 11, 2014

"No, I simply can't trust you! I'll stay on this island...!!”


"Are you sure?! If we let this chance go... We really might be stuck on this island...!”

"That's no reason to believe what someone this evil is telling us, meow!”

"Eheehee... How interesting...”

"See if I care... There's not a single thing to be gained from staying on this island...”

"Even so, Kanna and everyone... will escape their own way...!!”

"Ahaha. Then go ahead and struggle for me.”

“...Until we meet again.”

  • ”Island Life stops playing after refusing to leave with Miley.

  • After Day 31, there's a battle everyday. If anyone except Mishima is killed prior to Day 31, you have to fight their hallucination instead of an inhabitant. Safalin doesn't appear after Day 28, but characters can still find money when foraging.

  • Q-taro and Keiji get rid of the inhabitant.

  • Fondness events can still trigger though.

"Oh? Is something troubling you, Joe?”

"Whoa! Professor Mishima! Well, it's nothing major, but...”

"Isn't the sunlight real strong here? It's so hot...”

"It's rather tropical, isn't it?”

"...That's certainly a drastic decision.”

"You think so?”

"At a glance, Joe, I felt you paid much care to your hair and fashion, you see.”

"Ahh... Well, at first, I got this hairstyle 'cause my classmates thought it was funny.”

"They were all "this'll make you more attractive, and "make use of how that hair curls”... Just playing games on a guy's head, man.”

"They got so into it, even people from the class next to ours brought in magazines.”

"In the end, an older girl I'd never met who wanted to be a beautician showed up...”

"But it was a hit with my best bud and Ryoko, so hey, it's all good!”

"Hmm. So as a result, you became popular in class?”

"Ah, but you don't know that. Perhaps one of them was being serious...”

"Nope, not a chance! I mean, I'm the class clown!”

"Perhaps so...”

"At any rate, it would surely surprise them all if you came back with a crew-cut.”


"A... Ah! I'd totally just get teased again!!”

"Since you'd be coming back from a long break having a crew-cut...”

"Okay, forget the crew-cut!”

"Oh, Jin! What is it?”

"What's with you, more like? Was that Miley just deceiving you after all?”

"Hmph... We simply refused before she could trick us. A decisive judgement... Mwahaha...”

But hey, perfect timing! We have good news!”

"Yep! We can say adios to this island!”

"Heehee... There's still room for more. What will you do?”

"You mean... We can get on it too?!”

Music stops.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

I see no reason not to trust our friends and not leaving now will probably just mean death, so let's escape.

Ignatius M. Meen
May 26, 2011

Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

Definitely escape with Jin and Touko.

Oct 6, 2013

Trees and plants tend to grow on this Pokemon's back because it moves so little. It loves eating food while playing with tiny Pokemon.

I'd like to see more fondness events, but we were kinda building up to this. Escape.

Sep 1, 2007
AHEM! There's sand on my boots!

I can see nothing going wrong from escaping now.

Nov 12, 2010

Objection! I object! That was... objectionable!

Taco Defender

Stay here forever. :unsmigghh:

Sep 4, 2011

Escape, though I will admit that anyone who says "Surely we're more trustworthy than X person" is immediately flagged as more suspicious.

Feb 11, 2014

“Well then... It appears I'm now indebted to you!”

“Alright! Let's go!”

“Does it seem we can make it home...?!”

“Leave it to me! Our heading's perfect!”

“It'll take some time, but we're moving along. While we wait, we can talk about what we plan to do when we get home.”

“Hmm, when we get home... What were you thinking?”

Normality Regained.

  • Temporary music link – I'll replace it with the Clyp link tomorrow.

“Ah... And I need to get my uniform cleaned. Sheesh, it's gotten so dirty...”

“Might get discharged for too much time off, though. Could find myself drowning in drink again...”

“...Or at least, Kanna probably will... Eheheh...”

“...Besides, it's my eye-catching appearance that got the coach's attention... He'll say somethin'.”

“Hah... Who knows, maybe I'll make a super niche song with lyrics about survival life!”

“And also... there's a painting I want to give you, professor...!”

“And I'll get my clothes and Mew-chan all clean. Once they're all fluffy again, I'll cuddle with them in bed, meow!”

“Hmph... Wretched days as a model prisoner! Mishima, would you join me? In prison...”

  • The comments here change depending on the number of fondness events seen with that person. For example, if we hadn't seen Sou's first fondness event, instead of his remark about Mishima seeing through his lies, Sou mentions that fish has a bad effect on his stomach and he can't handle spices.

“By the way... What will you do, professor?”

“Let's see... I hadn't thought about it.”

“That's true! Ahaha!”

(Free at last... Able to return to life as usual...)

(That relief... is making me feel sleepy...)

“...You can take a nap. I'll wake you when we arrive.”

“R-Right... Thank you very much.”

Music stops.

Dec 22, 2010

Yeah, I don't think anyone was expecting this to actually, like. Work. At all.

Are you going to be showing off the other two endings?

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013


Yeah, I don't think anyone was expecting this to actually, like. Work. At all.

Are you going to be showing off the other two endings?

I'm still fully convinced we're seeing the AI simulations that led to the %s in the main game so none of the endings are likely to be happy ones, this just seemed like the closest to that.

Though I can't understand that last part at all, I wonder what happened there.

Apr 28, 2013

just a big doofus fightin pokemons

The sniffling one sounds like Safalin. Would that make the person (or AI as it were*) she's talking to Mishima? Or perhaps Sara or Nao at some point during the token trading section?

*I do not for a second believe they don't have backups of the AIs.

Feb 11, 2014

  • If we'd chosen to escape on Day 31.

“Understood... I will trust you to take us from this island, Miss Miley.”

“Eheehee. That's good.”


“U... Urgh...”

(My body is heavy... Was I asleep? Where is this place...?)

I was familiar with these sights. People busily walking along, cars coming and going. The incessant noise was somehow comforting.

“Haha! Hahaha...!! ...Right! Where is everyone else? Miss Nao! Miss Nao! Where are you?! Miss Sara! Joe! Gin! I don't see them... Where did they all go? Did they... make it back home?”

“What exactly is this...?”

(Windows? Quite a few of them...)

As I approached, I noticed something.

“W-Who is that?! Who's watching me?!”

“...It's not all that unusual.”

Music stops.

“What do you think we should do about this...?”


“Y-Yes... Understood...”

  • This ending all but confirming everything was an AI simulation does raise some questions about Jin and Touko. Who put them in the simulation? For what purpose?

  • Declining to escape with Jin and Touko.

“No... We will remain here.”

“What...?! Why?! What else could this island have?!”

“My resolve is firm... I'm sorry that I must turn down your invitation.”

“No way... I thought we could escape together... We're not going to come back here, you know...?”

“...Alright. We'll be... praying for your safety...”

  • These are the inhabitants that come to attack from Day 35 onwards.

  • Day 40.

“There's... nothing left to do...”

My legs give out, and I fall to my knees. Before my eyes is only despair.


“What's this?”

I pick it up... It seems to be a diary.

“This event, and this date... It's the same as what we experienced...”

“Don't tell me... Was the author of this diary our ally?”

As I turn the pages, I become convinced. So many of these entries about life together on the island match my own memories.

“The diary... is covered in blood...”

“What is... the meaning of this...?”

I started to dig around where the diary had been.

“Is this it...?”

I... picked it up.


Music stops.

“Eheehee... Didn't I tell you?”

  • Hallucination sprites.

  • (Left Joe out as his hallucination sprite is unchanged.) If Nao is killed before Day 31, there's a 10% chance of her hallucination showing up on a random event day to haunt Mishima.

  • Unique ability cut-in art.

    * 50% chance of attacking twice in battle – Gonbee.
    * 50% chance of protecting the base from one hit after attacking – Q-taro.

    * 50% chance of also finding food while crafting – Kai.
    * 50% chance of crafting twice – Nao.

    * 50% chance of foraging twice – Sara.

    * Survive starvation once after 15 days – Sou.

    * 70% chance of a one point increase to crafting, foraging and training if injured – Mishima.

    * 50% chance of healing one character at yellow or red damage by one stage – Kanna.
    * 50% chance of crafting, foraging and training increasing by one when resting – Gin.
    * 50% chance of raising everyone's fondness points by one when resting – Joe.

    * No risk of injury when training. Training can still fail though – Reko.
    * 50% chance of training twice – Keiji.

  • After finishing the game on hard mode, you get a comment from the person Mishima was closest to. Each character has three different comments depending on how many fondness points they had with Mishima. (All video links are in Polsy to avoid related video spoilers.)

Negative Fondness.
0 - 65 Fondness.
66+ Fondness.

  • Fondness Events. (Unfortunately, a couple of these videos have audio issues, but I couldn't find any alternatives on Youtube.)

Sep 4, 2011

So on the one hand, we have "Sara?" being revealed as the mastermind. On the other hand, that's a completely different reaction between the two endings. I'm going to guess that the person crying over the group escaping on the boat is someone else other than "Sara?" and not her having a complete 180 reaction over the two endings.

Oct 4, 2006
Lord of Sarcasm

Now I'm really looking forward to part 3.

Probably a Sarah bot. What result is she looking for though.

Apr 20, 2015

HydroSphere posted:

"I suppose you're a seducing drunk, then.”

"Guess that'd explain why I'm trying to coax things out of you right now, Mishima.”

I have enjoyed our time with Kazumi Mishima.

Mar 30, 2010


Isn't there also a variation of the "trust Miley on Day 31" ending if Mishima's the only one left alive at that point? Or were you going to show that off next?

Feb 11, 2014

There's three variants on the trust Miley ending, the one we saw where everyone survives, one where there's at least one casualty and one where Mishima is the only survivor. To be honest, I wasn't planning on showing them off, but I'll see if I can find a (non-commentary) video and add it in.

There isn't that much difference between the variations. If at least one person didn't make it, but there's more than one survivor Mishima wakes up in the city and starts thinking about going home, having a shower, getting some tea and rest. Mishima doesn't realise that he's being watched in this ending, and "Sara" vows to keep repeating the simulation until she's satisfied, but as with the boat ending, it's not revealed that "Sara" is the one running the simulation. If Mishima is the only survivor, after he wakes up in the city, he suddenly remembers that there were others on the island with him and falls into despair not understanding why he's forgotten those he was on the island with, or why he suddenly remembered them. No appearance or lines from "Sara" in this ending.

Feb 11, 2014

"...I'd like to know soon. About that Death Game you were involved in. It's not anything too difficult, is it? I'm begging you...”

"Got it. Some other time. ...Contact me whenever you wanna talk.”

  • We can't refuse to go through the summary, doing so just takes us back to the title screen.


  • Whoever is in this “therapy session”, it sounds like it isn't Sara.

Music stops.

  • Unlike in 2-2 you still get asked about the chapter 2 victims even if you're playing from a completed 2-2 save file. If you are using a save file though, the game won't accept you selecting a survivor as a victim.

No music.

girl dick energy
Sep 30, 2009

You think you have the wherewithal to figure out my puzzle vagina?

God, I forgot how good a track The Last Dance is. It's a very short loop, which means it can get old fast, but for that short loop, it's very powerful. A chiptune version of it would make excellent boss music in an NES game.

Nov 12, 2010

Objection! I object! That was... objectionable!

Taco Defender

HydroSphere posted:

  • Fondness Events. (Unfortunately, a couple of these videos have audio issues, but I couldn't find any alternatives on Youtube.)

Kinda late but I recommend everyone watch these if they haven't. There's some interesting stuff in them, even though I don't expect any of it to be necessary in the main game(and if it is it'll be spelled out again anyway). And some :gonk: stuff(what the gently caress, Nao?).

Feb 11, 2014

Because she loved her a lot... But Kanna was always just a bother to her... Even that time when it mattered most, she couldn't do anything. So she thought she was hated...

That surely, her big sister was watching over her... That she had to stay strong on her own... But, well...

Music stops.

There's people who worked to encourage her. So... she doesn't want anyone else to die. Because... they're all such kind people...

"Please proceed to the next floor quickly... Or else your collars will...”

"Yeah, yeah... I know.”


"Miss Sara, could it be that you're...”


"...Of my hallucinations, you mean?”

"I tortured myself with hallucinations of my own making. But I've woken up now.”



"It's not like it's on my power alone...”

"...You mean Sou.”


"Can't say I had a handle on 'im up to the very end. 'Cause I kept getting used and falling for lies...”

"But... it's the truth that he tried to protect Kanna.”

"Guess so...”

"Ya gotta live on for his sake, Kanna.”

"And... for big sis Nao's sake, too...”


"That's why we've gotta pull out all the stops now.”

"Then should we not head to the next floor now...? I wouldn't care for my collar activating...”

"We'll restart our escape plan once we're on the next floor, meow!”

"This time... This time, let's escape for sure!”

(With each sacrifice... we change... That's right... So no one's death will be in vain!)

"Let's get a move on, everyone!”

"Right. After you, partner.”

  • Investigate the green door.

Music stops.

“Hwoah! The hey is this place?!”

“Y-Yer becomin' such a worn-down adult, Gin!”

“It's like we're walking through the sky...”

We opened the door and entered.

(It's pitch black... A long passage?)

"Everybody okay? Nobody fallen behind?”

I'm fine, meow! Hold on tight to the clothes of the person in front of you, woof!”

"Hm...? Hey, you lot! I've found a washtub of some sort...”

"Aaah...! That's Kanna's bucket! Please give it back...!”

"Ah...! I can see a faint light!”

  • Investigate the stone.

There's a long narrow stone, brightly illuminated.

(It's hard to judge how far away it is... But it seems pretty big.)

“Okay... Let's pull it out by force.”

But the stone doesn't budge.

“Ain't that a stone monument...? You'll get cursed or summat, Sara.”

“Still... What is this doing here?”

“Hmph... Perhaps provocation from the kidnappers? Implying we'll be buried here and such...”

“Another light came on, meow!”

Investigate the smaller box.

A large box of some sort.

“This box is even bigger than Q-taro...”

“It's... a bento box.”

“W-What's the meaning of this?”

“I don't know... But it could be packed to the brim with rice...”

“That'd be pretty incomprehensible an' scary in its own right...”

(I wonder... Should I open this thing...?)

Investigate the box again.

I slowly slid open the lid.

“A person!! There's a person in here!!”

(But who...?)

“What in the world... Wha's goin on...?”

Investigate the new box.

I slowly slid open the lid.

“That's right, meow... An axe... came at his head...”

“And yet... Not a single visible wound, huh?”

Investigate bottom left coffin.

Some sort of coffin. Inside is a girl with pink hair.

“S... She looks about Kanna's age...”

Investigate middle left coffin.

Some sort of coffin. Inside is a boy wearing a school uniform.

“Meow... Respond if you're alive, woof...”


Investigate top left coffin.

Some sort of coffin. Inside is a man with blue hair.

“...He's not breathing.”

Investigate top right coffin.

Some sort of coffin. Inside is a woman wearing a large hat.

“It's like a graveyard... How uncanny...”

Investigate middle right coffin.

Some sort of coffin. Inside is a girl wearing a hood.

“I think I've seen this hood...”

Investigate Sou's coffin again.

(Is there anything of interest...?)

I slowly slid open the lid.

(Are there any places that look suspect...?!)


“Big Sis Sara!! What happened, woof?!”

“Get away...! That person... moved!!”

The coffins start shaking, then disappear into the darkness.

Music stops.


“Y... Ya mean you weren't a corpse?!”

“As you can see, I'm super-duper. So, did you enjoy it?”

“Who the hell's gonna enjoy that?! Jes' who or what are you?!”

“Floor Master, you say...?”

“Yep! I waited for 5 hours in that coffin! I t's so cruel of you guys to keep me in suspense!”

“Now now, gather closer to me!”

“As I thought you're...!!”

“There's no time. I need to introduce you…”

Music stops.

“Nwah?! Whoa nelly...!!”


“Ahem! That should be "master", you know? You guys are the supports, after all.”

“H-Hold on! Supports? Aren't these...?!”

(She knows my name...!)

“Naturally, they're dolls... So they got the necessary info input in advance.”

“This time, we'll be having you make pairs with the Dummies to take on a game!”

“Pairs, you say...?”

Music stops.

“Now, Red Thread of Fate... Activate!”

“The people connected by the Red Thread of Fate are pairs for this game!”

“A... Aah...”

“S-Sure... 'Zat the right mood to be in...?”

“Middle-schooler or so? Must be rough.”

“...Hmph. Murderer...? It hurts to hear it said to my face... Quit it.”

“I'm the one who's worried, woof!!”

“I'd like to request a trade!”

How nice! Everyone looks like they'll get along!”

Well, lastly... I'll introduce myself too.”

Music stops.


“Of course... Sou Hiyori is a name of the past to me now...”

“Seeing as Shin used it with such care. I'm not going to just claim that name now!”


(So he took the alias of "Sou Hiyori" from this guy...)

“H... How can you say that?!”

“Ahaha, don't get so mad. You all can't understand my affection.”

(This person... He's a little like Sou... But something is distinctly different...!!)

“Anyway, it'll be inconvenient without a nickname.”

“Hey, Miss Sara. You act as a representative and give me a new name!”

  • Midori is the default, but Sou has a few reactions if we try to name him after another character.

Alice Yabusame.

“Alice Yabusame...? I do really hate him, personally, but I'm on the job here. Just pick another name.”


“Burgerberg is Q-taro's surname. Naturally, I have to decline.”


“Ahaha, like I'm your brother-in-law? No thanks. Pick another name.”



“Ahaha, Gashu? I could never grow such a stupendous crabstache. Pick another name.”

  • Gashu Satou has the has the same response.


“I'm not Gin, meow! Woof woof! ...Just kidding. Pick another name.”

Gin Ibushi.

“Gin Ibushi...? I'm a grown-up, so I can't go imitating a cat. You should pick another name.”


“Hiyori won't do either. Doesn't it make me seem like I'm still clingy about my old name?”


“Ibushi is Gin's surname. Think it over again, woof.”


“...Joe was such a cheerful and kind boy... It's really a shame.”

Joe Tazuna.

  • The responses to Joe are the same regardless of whether Kanna or Shin survived.


“Yes, I am Kai! ...Nope, I'm not. It'd be inexcusable for me to use that name.”

Kai Satou.

“Kai Satou...? I don't think I can cook very well. Pick another name.”


“Poor Kanna'd weep! I think a more worthless name would be better for someone like me.”

Kanna Kizuchi.

“Kanna Kizuchi...? Sorry, I don't have a bucket. Pick another name.”


  • Not only will Sou allow Kazumi, Kazumi Mishima or Mishima, he'll also accept any of the Dummies names.


“Ahaha, you're making Mr. Policeman blush! ...Just kidding. Pick another name.”

Keiji Shinogi.

“Keiji Shinogi...? I'm not fond of sounding like a ladykiller. Pick another name.”



“Laizer... Wasn't there a doll named Rio Laizer? That's rude to Safalin, so quit it.”


“Ahaha, Miley, huh? I think she's pretty, but her personality's scary. Pick another name.”


Nao Egokoro.

“Nao Egokoro...? I like sculpting more than drawing. Pick another name.”


“Ahaha, Q-taro is a name for gorillas only. I'd prefer a more spindly name.”

Q-taro Burgerberg.

“Q-taro Burgerberg... It's just too long. Pick another name.”


“Ranger... Wasn't there a doll named Rio Ranger? We're not the same model number, so quit it.”


“Reko...? Only sisterly bongo players get that name. Pick another name.”

Reko Yabusame.

“Reko Yabusame...? Nah, I'm not a band girl. Pick another name.”

Rio Laizer / Ranger.

“There's already a doll named Rio Laizer… I'd be fine with Rio, though. Rethink it.”


“Safalin... She looks kind of scary, huh? Ahaha. Pick another name.”


“You want to give me the same name as you...? How disgusting, Miss Sara.”

Sara Chidouin.

“If you'll remember, Sara Chidouin is you!”



“Shinogi is Keiji's surname. Naturally, I have to decline.”


“I gave Sou to Shin. He's already Sou by now, you see.”

Sou Hiyori.


“Tazuna is Joe's surname. Naturally, I have to decline.”


“Yabusame's the surname of the one who killed me! Naturally, I have to decline.”



  • What should we call our new Floor Master?

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Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

Richard. He seems like he's going to be a dick.

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just a big doofus fightin pokemons

I know a Komaeda when I see one.

They really went all out with the alternate names, drat. Which only makes it weirder that he accepts Mishima. Unless ... Another point for Mishima doll theory? (An incredibly subtle one if so.)

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mycelia posted:

I know a Komaeda when I see one.

Friggin' Hopeman


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mycelia posted:

I know a Komaeda when I see one.

:lol: I'll vote for this

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