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Feb 11, 2014

"We managed to defeat it in a daze, but just what was that thing?!”

"An Obstructor ...”

"A doll meant to impede our objective... And who'll come after our lives... apparently.”

"That ain't funny! After all this, suddenly we gotta use violence?!”

"That's why we're cooperating, right?”

"Our only advantage is numbers.”


"Let's work together, Sara.”

"...Can I really trust you?”

"We don't want to meet a fate like that either...”



"Hmph... Perhaps it's fine to trust them.”


"I learned how elaborate these AIs are from the incident with the fake Reko...”

"...Whether that's a good thing or not aside...”


"You're pretty kind, huh...?”


"Well... guess it's fine. The more people, the more fight we can bring.”

"That's right. Just gotta think simple.”

(No use suspecting them for now, I guess...)

"So, uh... Let's keep it up, Sara.”

"Right... Same to you.”

Investigate stone monument.

“Not sure whether we're inside or outside anymore...”

Investigate gate.

The large gate is shut fast.

(Is it locked, maybe...?)

Investigate yellow wires.

The yellow posts are electrified.

(Can't even try to hop over...)

Investigate the sign.


Investigate piece of paper.

There's a piece of paper stuck into the gate.

(It's got some drawings on it...)

"How generous. Never gotten anything like this before...”

"Hmph... He must be quite confident that we won't be able to kill him...”

"Where are we now, I wonder...?”

"Hmm... Looking at the map...”

"Man, though... Some dicey-lookin' rooms here.”

"But if we use this, we won't get lost! Think positive, Q-taro!”

"Hm... Yeah, guess so!”

Move to the room on the left.

"...Think it's a bathroom?”

"Kinda shady, meow. Don't wanna go in, woof.”

"Ehh? Holding it in is bad for your health!”

"Ah! But we don't have to go anymore, so lucky us!”

"D-Don't say stuff that's hard to respond to... Yer makin' it awkward...”

Investigate door.

The door is firmly shut.

“I-It won't open?!”

“Huh?! That's not good!”

“Hah! Sucks for the humans.”

Investigate the sign.

There's a symbol that looks like people.

(Is it a bathroom...?)

Move to the room on the right.

"W-What's the matter?!”

"It looks like... the gym I used to go to.”

"Is it just coincidence, meow...?”


"But if they're gonna make us fight another monster, then bring it on...! i'm never gonna lose a one-on-one here!”

"So it excites your boxer spirit...?”

"...Whaddya mean?”

"Umm, nothing! Hey, let's search!”

Investigate ropes.

Colourful ropes surround the ring.

“My gym wasn't this gaudy...”

Investigate holes in the wall.

A hole about the size of a window.

(It's dark inside... I can't see anything.)

Investigate ring.

The floor of the ring is sturdy.

(Nothing suspicious here...)

Investigate corner posts

There are posts in the four corners.

(It looks like they're lit from within...)

Investigate door.

There's a passage on the other side.

Music stops.

“H-Hey! The entrance disappeared too!!”

“You mean we're locked innn?!”

“Something's starting.... Careful, everybody.”

“Fine by me... I'll blow 'em away!”

“I-I hear something from the walls!!”

“Guys! Get up on the mat!!”

“What in the...?! What's this?!”

“It's magma, woof!! We're gonna be melted, meow!!”

(What do we even do about this...?!)

“...Seems like your forte, Sara.”


“Just take a look around the room...”

“Use your sharp eyes to identify anything suspicious

“Anything suspicious...?!”

“Understood! I'll try...!”

  • This one is a game over if you fail.

“Oww?! You screwin' with me?!”

“Sure 'nuff... Punchin' it out had no meaning!!”

“We didn't even fight each other! You just hurled me!!”

(Seems unlikely that martial arts have anything to do with it...)

  • To solve this, we first need to investigate our surroundings.

(Are the different coloured ropes a hint to the puzzle...? I'll grab them and investigate!)

“These ropes... Some of them are soft, and some are hard!”

“There's two types of ropes, meow?! Why, woof?!”

“Not sure about that part...”

“Hmm, could there be something inside them?”

“Then should we open up the ropes to look inside?”

“Well... But I doubt the hard ropes could be cut, even with something sharp...”

“Perhaps we should try cutting the soft ropes, at least!”

(It's possible, with the proper tool...)

“It's okay, Sara. I know you can solve this room.”

“Point out anything you think is suspicious... Only you can get everybody moving.”

  • Investigate back-left post.

There's a black corner post in the back-left.

(What? The back-left post has some sort of power cord on it...!)

“H-Hey, you find something?!”

“Perfect! Ranmaru! Check that power cord there!”

“W-Whoa?! The post lit up?!”

“I see... It's being lit from within!”

“The other posts are glowing the same way... Now this is kinda suspicious!”

“That's true...”

“Alright... I'll check this post some more, Sara. You think of a plan in the meantime!”

  • Optional - Investigate one of the holes in the wall.

Liquid continues to pour in.

(If this were magma, this room would surely be a lot hotter right now...! I'll investigate what it really is!)

“This isn't magma at all...!”

“Whaaat?! Is that the truth?!”

“I'm not sure what it actually is... But it seems it's no problem if you touch it!”

“So even if the level rises, it should be fine!”

“Hold on a sec... Humans might be fine, but what about us?!”

“True... Are we properly waterproofed?”

“Ahh... Could be bad if there's an electric shock.”

“That ain't funny!! We'll be screwed too!!”

  • If you fail this puzzle, Sara, at least, is drowned.

“Tch...! You're all so unreliable! Well, I've got an idea!!”

  • Investigate shadow.

There's a strange shadow on the ground.

(The fact there's a shadow here... means something is blocking the lights! I'll take a look at the ceiling!)

“There's a knife stuck to the ceiling...!”

“There really is! It'll be dangerous if it falls! Is it a trap?!”

“Naw, don'tcha think we need it for this puzzle?!”

“That's possible...!”

“But even Q-taro isn't tall enough to reach that!”

“Anybody got any ideas?!”

“The level's risen... Hahaha... This is bad...”

  • Optional - send Alice/Reko out to inspect the walls.

“That'll slow the speed of the liquid!”

“It's your turn, Sara Chidouin! Solve the puzzle within 10 seconds!!”

  • Slowing the speed of the liquid will give you up to as many as three extra turns, depending on how early it's done.

  • Have Keiji retrieve the knife. Anzu will also volunteer to try get the knife by throwing a shoe at it, but she'll always miss.

“Hup... Got you now, knife.”

“Y-You seriously got it that way?!”

“Now that's impressive! Flyin' that far with piss-poor elastic ropes...”

“Oh yeah? As far as my expectations, these seem pretty bouncy.”

“Now the question is how to use that knife...”

“Gotta have an epiphany... Sara found this precious item for us, after all.”

  • Have Mai use the knife on the soft ropes.

(She looks lackadaisical, but she works fast... Huh? The four posts got coloured in...?)

“I don't get ittt! What's that mean?”

“...It means we're probably getting closer to the solution of this puzzle...”

(Exactly... These posts, and this puzzle...The colours must be hiding the answer...!)

“Meowww...!! It's up to my feet, woof!”

  • Finally, have Ranmaru press the switch on the corner post...

“It looks like by pressing this switch, you can change the colour of the post...”

  • And have Ranmaru change the post to yellow, following the pattern of the hard ropes and corner posts being the same colour.

“Thanks, Ranmaru. That'll do.”

“Roger that.”

Music stops.

"Did we... solve it...?”

"Bravo, Sara.”

"'Severybody okay?!”

"You don't mean...”

"Don't startle me! If you go too far away, your collar will explode, y'know?”

"Hahaha... No need to be that cautious.”

"Ohh...? And where'd you hear that?”

"Huh? Didn't Komaeda tell you...?”


"Hey, you got a sec?”

"Oh? Come to think of it...”

"Why would that be...? Komaeda talked to us together...”

"Maybe there's the info you heard... but also memories you were programmed with.”

"S-Special knowledge...?”

"You serious?! Well don't hide it, dammit! Tell us!!”

"I mean, how do we know what's special info?”

"...Right. It's best to pretend we don't know for now.”

"I'm not sure about that.”


"Even if you didn't have that kind of info... Surely, your lives have value... We're all victims, aren't we? Human or doll, it doesn't matter...”


"Heh... Your master's pretty cool, eh?”


"U-Um... Shouldn't we get to the next room?”


Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

So I guess the gimmick of this chapter isn't fighting after all, but rather, different situations that can be solved through the individual skills of the full team. Neat!

Oct 4, 2006
Lord of Sarcasm

That little animation of Q-Taro slamming Kuramada made me laugh.

girl dick energy
Sep 30, 2009

You think you have the wherewithal to figure out my puzzle vagina?

Hypocrisy posted:

That little animation of Q-Taro slamming Kuramada made me laugh.

Feb 11, 2014

  • Off to the room in the lower right corner.

Music stops.

"Bah, it's one thing after another... Some real poor taste here.”

  • Kurumada isn't wrong.

Investigate picture of Kugie's execution.

A painting of an execution.

(This is the same device that was used for my and Kanna's First Trial...!)


“Y... Yes...”

Investigate picture of Nao.

A painting of Nao.

(This is an edited photo... What would you make this for...?!)

“What an outrageous thing to do...!”


Investigate any pictures without people sans the collar.

A painting of some scenery.

Investigate picture of collar.

A painting with an unpainted section.

“I can see border lines... It's like a colouring book picture.”

Investigate picture of the black haired person.

A painting of someone on painful state, fallen onto the ground.

Investigate picture of Megumi.

A painting of a woman collapsed in a pool of blood.

(This seems somehow familiar...)

  • Looks like Keiji's kneeling over her.

Investigate picture of (Kai's) hand.

A painting of blood pouring from a hand.


Investigate picture of Joe.

A painting of Joe.

“...Sara, don't look...”

“I'm... all right.”

“Even so... I don't want you to look...”

Investigate picture of Shin.

A painting of Sou with a wide smile.


“I wonder... why this painting is here...”


“...Kanna wishes she could've seen him like this...”


Investigate picture of Sou / Komaeda.

A painting of Komaeda.


"How are you feeling? Anybody die?”

"Another AI, I bet?”

"Nooope! Just a video call! I observe all the floors!”

"Hmph, how cheap... Why don't you come see us fair and square, coward?”

"Just as dumb as your sister, Alice... I wanna win too, you know?”

"You...!! Don't you dare say that again!”

"A-Anyway, do you want something with us...?”

"Ah, right, right! I thought I'd give you some advice.”

"K... Know what?!”

"Oh, just everything.”


"Hmph...! Then spit it all out already! I want a good explanation!!”

"Ahaha, it'd be a waste for me to say it.”

"Meooow?! Which one is it, woof?!”

"It's all right... I've prepared hints.”


"Ah, yes. And this Murderer Game of course has a time limit, as well.”


"H-How many hours do we have...? If it runs out, will our lives...”

"I've got high hopes for you. Good luck!”

"N-Now see here!!”

Music stops.

The painting went motionless.

"Tch!! Such absurdity...!”

"Still... that confirms it.”


"Who knows... Was there anything dubious about it?”

"Dunno... Everybody was real friendly. I mean it...”

(You wouldn't want to think about it... That the good people around you might have been involved in this Death Game...)

"Let's search...! There are hints somewhere on this floor!”

"That's right... It's time for action, not worrying.”

"Kanna wants to know, too... Komaeda seemed to know Sou, after all...”


  • Move to the bottom centre room.

"How far do these go, meow...?”

"Huh? They don't seem to be working...”

Investigate doors.

The doors are firmly shut.

(They can't be opened by force...)

Investigate lift buttons.

The buttons do nothing.

(Is it not powered...?)

Investigate wall.

“4” is written on the wall.

(So this is the fourth floor?)

  • Move to bottom left room.

"Is this a locker room, meow?”

"Shady place, I tell ya what...”

"...Careful searching here, Sara.”

"Huh...? R-Right!”

Investigate lockers.

The locker is open.

(Nothing's inside...)

Investigate ceiling.

There's a red stain on the ceiling.

Music stops.

(Is that a bloodstain...?!)

“No doubt about it...”

"You noticed it?"

"Yep... There's still a faint smell.”

"Seems like it was cleaned up once... and some time's passed since then.”

"Sniff... What happened in this room, meow...?”

"I'm betting some trap or another already activated in here...”

"Was this room used for a First Trial?”

"...Could be.”

"Despite that, the Dummies aren't really showing any reaction to it.”

"I was thinking it was one of them, but...”

(Yeah... Surely they'd be startled to see the room they died in.)

"Meowww... I don't wanna be here, woof...”

Investigate shelves.

Protrusions like shelves.

(I wonder if there was something on these?)

Investigate floor.

There's a black stain on the floor.

(Did something drip down here?)

Try to move...

“Sara, you done searching here?”

“Yes. I don't see anything else of note...”

"In 'zat case... It means we've searched all the rooms on the floor map.”

"Tch... Where did that Komaeda hide?”

"There were a few places we couldn't go, too... What should we do?”

"Hey, just an idea, but...”

"We've seen all the traps in the rooms. More efficient than searching as a big group, right?”

“Alright. Let's search separately.”

"Right, now you're talking.”

"Kanna... has to go with this person...?”

"Too bad. I'm no good at babysitting neither.”

"What...?! You would have me look after her?!”


"...Oh yeah, Sara. You got a minute?”


Keiji got close to my ear.

Music stops.

"...I understand.”

"Wahaha... I see...”

"What're you talking about? Let's get going, Sara.”


Talk to Q-taro.

"Being with Mai is gettin' me down sometimes...”

Do your best. Your life depends on it.”

"Right! 'Course! I'm gonna focus!”


“Be sure to check even the unopening lockers!”

“Keep an eye out for traps, will you?”

“Of course! I don't want to be destroyed!”

“How's your guys' endurance, anyhow? Are you sturdier than us?”

“No idea... Don't really wanna test, either.”

“Ehh? I wouldn't want to be all stiff!”

“I mean, look, my skin's all soft! Please, Sara, go ahead and touch my cheek!”

  • Soft and rosy.

“No, I'm fine.”

“It's not like that...”

“Will you touch it instead, Mr. Q-taro?”

“I'm good!”

“Wow! Isn't that just the best! Being a doll's not so bad, actually!”

(How positive...)

  • Back off to the Gallery.

Talk to Kurumada.

"Makes me sleepy, lookin' after a kid in an art gallery.”

"Hmph... You can't even enjoy art?”

  • I really wouldn't call this art. :stare:

"We're not havin' fun here. Go search.”

"Ngh...!! Your crassness is so artful!!”

Talk to Alice.

Talk to Kanna.

“Komaeda told us to get our memories back, didn't he...?”

“Were our memories erased, I wonder...?”

(Normally, that'd be inconceivable... But... Safalin did have that machine. So I guess it's not impossible...)

Talk to Hayasaka.

"I found a broken shovel.”

"I think this might be usable as a weapon if it's reinforced... I'll hold onto it.

"Nah... No need. Right, Sara?”

"Hmm... I think you should leave it here.”

"W-Why? If you're just going to leave it, you wouldn't mind me taking it, right?”

"W-What's that? You still won't trust me...?”

"Give it up, Hayasaka.”

"Mr. Policeman's got his eye on us.”



"I know... Haha... What low status we have.”

"O-Oh, really... How encouraging... Hahaha...”

Talk to Gin.

"Hey, suit-and-specs! Stay next to me, meow.”

Yeah, I know. It's my role to protect you, right...?”

"What're you talking about, meow?! You look weak, so I'm protecting you, woof!!”

"Urk... thank you...”

Talk to Hinako.

"Even when there's a room that won't open... Why are we searching a place like this?”

“Well... Keiji's my boss, so I guess I'll obey him.”

Talk to Keiji

"Seems there's a lot of junk lying around here.”

  • Back to the locked door.

Investigate the sign.

There's a symbol that looks like people.

“Is this really a bathroom...?”

“That's what it looks like at a glance...”

“But the door won't open. If it were a bathroom, it'd be blocked off...”

“You have a point...”

(Hm? Hold on, this symbol...)

(Maybe it's a clue for how to open the door?)


“Whoa! What?! Why?!”

“Sure enough... The symbol was a hint. This might be a room meant for two people to enter together...”

“S-Seriously? You're sharp, Sara...”

“A-And whose fault is that...”


“Let's go...”


Music stops.

(It's an awfully fluffy room...)

Dec 22, 2010

... I legitimately have no idea where this story is going to go next. This is fascinating. :suspense:

Apr 30, 2009

That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about stars to dispute it.

College Slice

Kinda looks like Nao's head by the bed

My favorite part of the mystery so far is how there are two main 'threads' that don't necessarily seem compatible. On the one hand, you have lots of connections and "can't be coincidences" that seem to hint at a personal / revenge motivation. Sou is at the heart of this particular thread, as is Sara. On the other hand, other things hint at this essentially being a science experiment. You have the Asunaro stuff, everything about the AI and dolls and Kai's dad, and so on

I'm really looking forward to the new info that connects these two things together. It's similar to how the Nonary games are set up, so I hope that the twists here end up as satisfying

May 22, 2006

beam me up, tomato

Carry the dolls and save battery or something!!! I'm amazed how Keiji continues to be alive in spite of how useful he is. Maybe the loss of Joe is currency in the faithful ally bank

Apr 30, 2009

That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about stars to dispute it.

College Slice

tomanton posted:

Carry the dolls and save battery or something!!! I'm amazed how Keiji continues to be alive in spite of how useful he is. Maybe the loss of Joe is currency in the faithful ally bank

I think there's going to be one more big plot twist about something really bad he did, and then he'll sacrifice himself to save Sara

He is definitely the most distrustful of the dolls here, so maybe if they turn on the group he'll have to save them

I guess what I'm saying is I don't think our friendly policeman is going to last much longer

Oct 14, 2012

Quite a mystery... Did Anzu disappear in this latest segment? Alice seemed partnerless for some reason.

Aug 21, 2007

Neat. Sweet. Petite.

I suspect that's to accommodate if you successfully beaten the first monster in time or not, as she does die if you don't.

Also anyone find Mai's eyes unsettling? Everyone else has either flat-colored or normal 'dark pupil' eyes but hers are colored almost to look like they're glowing and she's the only one with eyes drawn and colored like that.

Sep 4, 2011

Robindaybird posted:

Also anyone find Mai's eyes unsettling? Everyone else has either flat-colored or normal 'dark pupil' eyes but hers are colored almost to look like they're glowing and she's the only one with eyes drawn and colored like that.

Her eyes (and general demeanor for that matter) remind me more of the Room Master dolls we've been seeing than actual people.

Feb 11, 2014

“H-Huh? She isn't attacking...”

"Is she not an enemy...?”

"At any rate... Let's search this room before she gets back.”

Investigate sofa.

A comfortable sofa.

“The whole room has this nice smell...”

Investigate book.

A bright red book. On the back, it says “Please return on time.”

(Is this a borrowed book...?)

Investigate bed.

A fluffy bed.

“Sure feels like a girl's room...”

(...I mean, this is a lot difference from my room...)

Investigate flowers.

Red flowers.

“Isn't watering flowers a pain?”

“If you have love, even watering can be fun.”

Investigate windows.

Light shines through the window.

“Doubt it's actual sunlight, though...”

Investigate drawers.

A compact dresser.

“A paintbrush and paints...?”


“Eheehee. If you want that, you can have it. Anyway, here's your tea.”

“S-Sure... Thank you....”

"H-Hey... Are you not an Obstructor...?”

"Discussion Room...?”

"Sara, you've always been with your allies. You never had time to think to yourself, right?”


"...The truth...”

"Huh, this tea's good. Doesn't seem poisoned!”

(So Ranmaru's drinking it too...)

(She's really laying on the pressure...)

I took a sip of the tea. I was able to relax just a little.

Maybe she was right. I'd hardly had the time to think calmly to myself. Because I knew if I showed such an opening, despair would fill my heart.

(But... it's different right now.)

There's... no one here.

(Sure enough... I want to escape with everyone... I was tormented by hallucinations of Joe... But that wasn't really it.)


"Such a scary thing...”

"Wait a sec... So only one person can survive this game after all?!”


"...!! Inconceivable...! We won't sacrifice anyone else!!”

"But... y'know...”

"...Can you kill Komaeda?"


"I can't sympathize with a lowlife like that, but...”

  • Killing Komaeda directly is very different from voting in the Main Games or pressing a switch, but at the same time, Sara knows all too well what failure will mean not just for herself but for the other survivors.

"...I can kill him...”

"I'm going to end this Death Game...!!”

  • Once I've finished 3-1A, I'll show off the parts of Shin's route that differ significantly from Kanna's route.


"Pant...!! Gasp...!!”

"What about you, Ranmaru?”


"You can get another look at yourself, too.”


"...Come back sometime, both of you.”

"Because this is a place to find yourself...”

(I'm exhausted...)

Try to leave and...

“Sara... Uh...”

"Can we talk for a sec?”

"Let's head back first... I'm a little tired.”

“No, it's important... It has to be now...”

"Are you professing your love unto me...?”

"Pppph...!! What's with that flowery language?!”

"I'm joking. So what's the important thing?”



"Is it... one of the survivors?”

"The Dummies are dolls, so... If you think about it, it's as you say...”

"No way...!”


(I can't conceive of it...)

Music stops.

"Sorry for troubling you...”

"But now was the only time I could say it.”


"I dunno you at all, Sara, but...”


"Sara, just one more thing...”




Go back to the gallery, investigate the painting of the collar.

“Okay, let's try painting it.”


"Not bad! There must've been a device that reacted to the paint!”

(My efforts painting, wasted...)

Investigate switch.

There's a device like a circuit breaker.

"Think this is the power for the elevator?”

"Okay, let's switch it on.”

(Let's check the elevator...)

Investigate lift door.

The elevator is silent.

“It actually worked...! What do we do?!”

“We'll just have to call everyone and try it out!”

“R-Right... Let's go get them.”

Talk to Kurumada.

“Huh, the elevator's been fixed?”

“I'm tired of watching the brat, so I wanna get lookin' for Komaeda.”

Talk to Alice.

“What...! The elevator?!”

“Hmph... Our battle may start surprisingly soon...”

Talk to Kanna.

“Eh?! You got the elevator working?!”

“Yeah. Once you're done looking here, let's assemble.”


Off to the Locker Room.

“Keiji! So you were here.”

"Yep. Since Gin was getting eager...”

"Ahem! I'm the leader, so I've gotta search hard and keep my subordinate in check, meow!”

"Gin? Your... subordinate?”

"Hahaha... That's me. We've quickly fallen into an inverted relationship...”

"So... Have you learned anything?”

"Not a thing...”

"Well, come to the elevator. We got it working.”

"That's our Sara... I'll be there.”

"Suit-and-specs! You come along too, meow!”

"R-Right, wait for me...”

Music stops.

“Hm...? Stepped on something...”


"Suit-and-specs?! What's going on, meow?!”

"W... We have to save him!!”


“What the...!! This trap...?!”

“Calm down! Stay calm...!”

“Dammit! Where was that switch...?! I'm looking around there, but there's nothing!”

“And who knows what'll happen if I step too much further into the room... Crap!!”

“Someone... help...!!”

“If it's like before... There should be tools to solve the puzzle...”

“But this time, I don't see those anywhere.”

“I know the lockers won't open either... So what exactly...?”

Gin stepped back into the room.

Music stops.

“Not good! This room's dangerous!!”

(No way!! That's practically... Like they're being hanged...!!)

  • Hinako's the only option left, and well...

“I'm telling you! You can't do anything about this...!”

“We've never given up before! If we think about it, surely...!”

“Just saying that doesn't make it true...!”

Music stops.

“Are you okay?! And Gin, too...!”

Dec 22, 2010

Well, yeah, of course there is. Q-Taro admitted it like 5 minutes ago, remember? :cheeky:

Ghost Car
Sep 14, 2009

It's funny that everyone just seems to immediately forget that Hayasaka is a robot and presumably doesn't need to breathe.

Sep 4, 2011

They may be built so that they need the airways open to keep a thermal sensor cool otherwise he shuts down. Or they may shut down if certain sensors are pressed for too long, and the same sensors trigger the sensation of choking.

I'm just saying, there's plenty of reasons why "this person doesn't need to breath" isn't a good argument when you're dealing with robots made to mimic humans.

Feb 11, 2014


“Sooorry! That locker room trap was for an execution, see... I didn't intend to use it, but it looks like it malfunctioned. I hurried to stop it... Are those two okay?”


“Gah... What an awful man...!

“How's Gin...?”


“Hey, what do we do with him? Leave him somewhere?”

“No!! If an Obstructor finds him, he'll...!!”

“Hayasaka, you carry him.”


“Gin's your boss, right?”


Music stops.

“All right... I'll carry Gin and come with you.”

“...It's safer to be in a group, too.”


"Gin...?! Hey, what happened?!”

"Don't tell me, Hayasaka...!!”

"R-Relax, okay? Gin's just passed out...”

"Nothing to worry about. Focus on the elevators for now...”

"It seems they work, but... Is it really okay to get on them?”

"Indeed! Left and right elevators... It may be possible one is a trap...!”

"Hah! Ride whichever one you like. Try your luck!”

"...I'll take the right one.”

"K-Kanna will go with you...!”

"...Seems kinda unlucky to not choose the one Sara chose.”

"Just get on whichever! Let's move.”

Music stops.

And slowly, we began to move. Unsure of what awaited us, we moved forward.

"...Hey. Long time no see.”

"Good... So you arrived safely too.”

"What a relief!”

"Guys, Komaeda might be on this floor. Be cautious...”


Investigate papers on the ground.

There's paper on the ground.

"Wonder what this is...?”

(What a weird letter... By map, does he mean...?)

(This is where we are now...)

Music stops.

“Mm...? There was the same room below as well...”

“...Careful, everybody.”

“Seems a bit cleaner 'n the one downstairs.”

Investigate upper shelf.

A small speaker is installed here.

“It can be removed...”

“Huh...? Might've got a voice recorded on it, then.”

“There's a switch on the back... Should I press it?”


Music stops.


“...That's the whole thing.”

(As I suspected, this room was used for a First Trial...)

“...Excuse me, Dummies! Does this recording sound familiar...?!”


“Yeah, the start of our trial was cut from the video.”

“Is that so...”

“Somethin' up, Alice?”

“...No, it's nothing. Likely just my imagination...”

(If this is also a hint related to our memories...)

Investigate lower shelf.

Something's lying here.

“A transceiver...”

“If we had the other one, we could probably use it to keep in contact.”

“This is Mai! Do you copy?! ...Maybe a little bit like that!”

Music stops.

“Heeheehe... See you laaater.”

“Looks like the other transceiver is with Komaeda, then.”

“Attending school feels like it was such a long time ago now...”

Investigate school bag.

“There's a bag on the desk.

"This is... my school bag...”

"For real...? Should we look inside?”

Music stops.


"Ranmaru... Could you let me have that?”

"...It's okay, Keiji.”


"This is... a memento my best friend wore.”


"How mean-spirited to make a copy of it...”

"You know about him...?”

"I just... heard a little bit.”

"I see...”

(Joe... I'll make up for your regrets...)

Investigate green book.

There's a green book.

(Sure sticks out...)

Investigate blackboard.

There's a piece of paper stuck to the blackboard.

"What's this...?”

Music stops.

"W-What's the matter?!”

"This looks familiar...!!”

"What in the...?! Where've I seen somethin' like this?!”



"A... Ahh...”

"That's... right... Kanna also... signed her name...”

(What the?! Everybody but me is...!)

(In that case, why am I not...?!)

"I feel just a step away from remembering something...”

girl dick energy
Sep 30, 2009

You think you have the wherewithal to figure out my puzzle vagina?


Apr 30, 2009

That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about stars to dispute it.

College Slice

There's only room for like... 4 or 5 words. What could they be?!

Seriously though, is this consenting to having dolls created of the signee? And Sara isn't a doll? hmm

Sep 4, 2011

Just watch them turn out to be organ doner consent forms. Gotta work off that bad karma from running murder games like this somehow.

May 22, 2006

beam me up, tomato

Consenting to take part in the death game probably, again going back to like Kaiji where Kazuya has him sign consent to waive an autopsy and have a quick cremation so whatever happens in gambling happens or something. Also, I know it was a game ago but what the hell was up with them running into Sara's dad and why has no-one brought it up? Was that a flash-forward or a fever dream or

Aug 22, 2008

That locker room recorder implies that one person from a First Trial pair might have died without the other ever actually seeing them... which means they'd never have been seen by a survivor, so they'd be eligible to be a partner here. I wonder whether we're going to get a revenge betrayal at some point.

Apr 28, 2013

just a big doofus fightin pokemons

Zandar posted:

That locker room recorder implies that one person from a First Trial pair might have died without the other ever actually seeing them... which means they'd never have been seen by a survivor, so they'd be eligible to be a partner here. I wonder whether we're going to get a revenge betrayal at some point.

From his reaction, I'm guessing it's Alice. (And I think it was Hinako whose video implied her being hanged...?)

IIRC the First Trials we're still missing are Alice, Reko and Kai.

Apr 8, 2009


mycelia posted:

From his reaction, I'm guessing it's Alice. (And I think it was Hinako whose video implied her being hanged...?)

IIRC the First Trials we're still missing are Alice, Reko and Kai.

If they just have it so that it's always alice or reko, whichever survived, so they can do a quick revenge murder and get the timelines to converge, that would be kinda disappointing.

Feb 11, 2014

"What? Guessin' Hayasaka's the one finding it familiar this time?”

Investigate yellow book.

A yellow book. On the back, it says, “Please return on time.”

Investigate shelves.

The shelves are full of documents and medical supplies.

Investigate whiteboard.

A whiteboard.

(No clues here...)

Investigate a dark monitor.

The computer screen is blank.

(It's not powered on...)

Investigate lit-up monitor.

Only this computer is turned on.

"T-This desktop...! Maybe there's... some sort of information...”

I looked at the screen and saw an image being displayed.

Music stops.


"What is this? Height, weight... Everything from blood composition to allergies!”

"It's almost like a physical exam...!”


"Hayasaka, please tell me. What is this?”

Urgh... Well, it's, um...”

Music stops.

“The company I work for deals in medical machinery and information, and...”

“Because of that job... I got to know a man from Asunaro.”


"Another face...?”

"And so you just gave them my information...?!”

"Not... just yours.”

Music stops.

"Bastard!! Don't tell me that covers us too?!”

"I didn't know...! I had no idea what they'd do to me if I resisted!”

"Shaddup...! What'd you use this data for?! Depending on your answer, I may just have to kick your rear end right here!!”




"Why am I being carried around, woof?! Meooow! Let me down, suit-and-specs!!”

"A-Ahh... Sorry...!”


"Good for you, suit-and-specs! You stopped the ceiling trap, meow?”

"Eh...? Ahh... ermm...”

"We were able to stop it thanks to you, Gin.”

"I knew it, meow! You should be grateful, woof!”

"T-Thanks, Gin...”

"Tch! Took the wind outta my sails...”

"I've been saved... Haha...”

"I'm the leader, meow! It's only natural, woof!”

"Yer a big man, Gin! C'mere and show me that wound.”

"All thanks to Gin. He seems fond of you.”

"Is he really? Even though he calls me "suit-and-specs"...?”


"When we first got here... There was someone else in a suit and glasses. That was Professor Mishima.”


"O-Oh dear...”

"Think of it from Gin's perspective. It was the first time he'd seen a person he had conversations with die before his eyes.”

"Couldn't he have been saved? Maybe he had regrets like that...”

"Is Gin associating me with him...?”

"Maybe so.”

"What an idiot... He nearly died over that for the sake of someone he barely even knows...?!”

"When I'm not even human anymore...!!”

Music stops.

“Wahaha... Doesn't seem that part matters to Gin.”


"Let's go... You don't wanna get separated.”


"Pretty complex for a library. It's like a maze...”

"If you don't want to get lost, just use the map... Simply don't go in any improper directions.”

Investigate any of the coloured books.

There's an unnatural gap in the yellow/green/red/blue books.

  • This is just a flying visit, we'll be back next update.

"Feh... It's a police box?”

"Kind of makes my heart pound to visit here...”

Investigate the police box.

The inside of the police box is pitch black.

“Not even a single desk... It's completely empty.”

Investigate police car.

A parked police car.

“Doubt there's any fuel... The doors open, though.”

“Hm? There's a license on the seat...”


Music stops.




"If we need memories... Guess I gotta tell you now.”

"You remember the story I told you about why I wanted to be a policeman...?”

"...Exactly. The more right you are, the less reason to stop you from throwing hands, right?”

"But cops use force to stop criminals, right...?!”

"Well now, kiddo... Could it be you wanna be a policeman?”

"...So what if I do?”




"Kiddo... No, Keiji. I've got something nice for ya.”

"It's Mr. Policeman's good luck charm.”

"That thing you're always carrying? Ain't it important...?”

"Yep, it'd be trouble if I lost it...”


"Well, duty calls! Come visit sometime, Keiji. And don't leave your coffee next time!”

"H-Hey! I can't make any promises!”

girl dick energy
Sep 30, 2009

You think you have the wherewithal to figure out my puzzle vagina?

We are officially past the point where I stopped playing, I can speculate again! Whooo!

And, on that note: Wow, I've never seen a character made entirely out of death flags before.

Sep 4, 2011

What, no "I'm only 3 days from retirement" and "We also just got a new puppy" to complete the "This person is going to die" checklist?

Oct 4, 2006
Lord of Sarcasm

Just two weeks from retirement...

Guess that's one Hayasaka's video explained.

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

Heck yeah, actually learning a bit about Keiji!

girl dick energy
Sep 30, 2009

You think you have the wherewithal to figure out my puzzle vagina?

The most important revelation here is that Keiji bleaches his hair.

Feb 11, 2014


"Haha... Never thought the day would come I'd tell that to somebody...”

"You must have some good memories associated with this place...”

"...Yeah. It's... an important place.”

“Huh...? Looking at the map, we've been everywhere on this floor...”

"Hey! Where are you?! Komaeda...!!”

(Is there somewhere we haven't been yet? Like... a secret room, say... Come to think of it, I feel like this Floor 5 map is strange compared to Floor 4... It's this spot here...!)

“Maybe... it's just not drawn on here.”

“Hmph... A good theory. That seems like just the thing these puzzle-loving people would do...”

“The library...!”

Music stops.

“Komaeda ain't here...?”

Investigate the monitors.

"Whoa, this must be security camera footage! How creepyyy!”

"This looks like a room for the Floor Master...”

Investigate the microphone.

Various equipment, including a microphone.

“It's like a PA broadcast room...”

“PA broadcast room...? What a nostalgic term. You're a school student, after all...”

Investigate the console.

A mess of switches and knobs.

“No good... Seems like nothing will happen unless they're used properly.”

“H-Hey, Sara! What if you activated a trap doing that?!”

“I suppose that was a close one...”

  • Ranmaru won't let Sara touch the console again after this.

Investigate lit-up monitor.

Messages are displayed on the monitor.

(What is this...?)

Investigate collar.

There's a collar on the desk.

“Wh... What is this is a trap?! Won't it explode?!”

“Stop freakin' out. We're taking it.”

“If we can analyse it, we might even find out how to remove these things...”

“This ain't no time for horseplay!!”

“Err... Well, it's dangerous, so let your friendly policeman take it, alright?”

Investigate red screen.

The monitor turned red.


“S... Sou...?!”

"Don't startle me! Are you... an AI?!”

(Shin Tsukimi... Sou's real name.)

"Umm... Do you need something? It's embarrassing with you all staring at me...”

"Aaah... Sou...”

"Do you know who Kanna is...? Sou...!”

"S-Sorry, I don't really understand... Who are you...?”


“Err... How much do you know about the Death Game?”

"Doesn't seem to know a thing...”

"No... He's similar, but this isn't Sou...”

"This is... probably a re-initialized AI, right?”

"What do you mean...?”

"In other words, the Sou we're looking at is Sou from before the Death Game, who knew nothing...”

"Or else... Shin Tsukimi, before he even took on an alias...”

"What are you guys talking about...?”

"Hmph, it's no use. We'll get nowhere like this...”

(Even so, I want as much as we can get...!)

"I want you to tell us about Shin Tsukimi... About yourself.”

"M-Me...? I'm not really... I-I'm just a completely ordinary person. I'm a job-hopper working part-time at a convenience store... Ehehe... You'd find people like me anywhere, right?”

  • The roster lists Shin's occupation as self-employed, but as per Your Time to Shine, Shin's working at the convenience store because of a friendly manager. In the 2-2 main game, when everyone's discussing the rota, Kanna can (you have to extract a statement from her twice) mention this discrepancy. With Shin claiming in 1-1, in Your Time to Shine and as AI that he's a job-hopper working in a shop, it's starting to look like the roster is wrong.

(Is that true...?)

“Komaeda... That is, the real Sou Hiyori. Please, tell us about him.”

Music stops.

"This "Sou" you've been talking about... Sure enough, you meant Hiyori, huh...”

"We're actually acquainted. So we wanted to know a bit more about him...”


"I think it was in high school... I met him at school, and we started talking...”

"...Would you call that... friendship...?”


"You had a long acquaintance, huh?”

"Yeah... But he... One day... he died...”


"Heh... Would it be a problem if you lost it?”

"I mean, that's the collar I was wearing.”

"It'd be so lonely if I was the only one safe!”

There's no reason to give it back... The fact he could remove it might mean we could do the same if we inspect this!”

"Sigh... Oh well, I guess I'll use a spare.”

"You put it on yourself? Are you out of your mind, man...?”

"And talk about cocky... Aren't you scared to enter the enemy's camp?”

"...Oh, I'm scared. That's why I've got a gun. It has four bullets...”

"Say again...?!”

  • No mention of a Main Game.

Music stops.

"Now... Shall we?!”



"Is there no other way...?”



(It seems that unsettled him...)


"Ahaha!! Hahahahahaha!!”


"Right, then...”

Komaeda took something from his pocket, and pressed a button.

"A thing like this again...?!”

"After exactly 1 hour, the person who's "it" loses... Nice and simple, isn't it?”

"If you don't want to lose... just tag someone.”


"...Still questions?”

"Err...! Um...!”

"Ahaha... Why don't you try it out?”


"Let's go after him, Sara!!”

(We have to give chase!!)

Nov 11, 2012

Splendid, just splendid. That guy is a little nuts tho.

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

Just imagine how confusing that conversation is if you named the bad guy Shin.

Nov 12, 2016

Artoria Pendonut

Yeah this fucker is a very good Hopeman.

Oct 6, 2013

Trees and plants tend to grow on this Pokemon's back because it moves so little. It loves eating food while playing with tiny Pokemon.

Music's real gud too

Feb 11, 2014

“Everyone, stop! Let's listen for his footsteps to find out where he's going!”

“Hey, I wonder what that is?”

“Saw Komaeda somewhere?!”

“No, look, over there...”

“Argh, geez! And this noisy room too?! What in the world!!”

“It's okay... It's just a book. Let's calmly deal with is and chase Komaeda.”

(For now, we need to focus on the Obstructor in front of us...!)

“H-Hey...! They're multiplying!”

“I see... Now this is a pickle.”


“Found it, meow! Big sis Sara! This was it, woof!”

(Won't it be chaos if we use this here...?!)

“They keep on multiplying...!!”

Music stops.

“W-We can't even fight like this...!!”

“There's nowhere to run...!!”

“We're gonna...!!”

  • Take two.

“H-Hey!! Are you all right...?!”

“W... Why is it always me?!”

“You're amazing, meow!! Now sort out the other books too, woof!”

“Wha...?! Give me a break! I doubt I can do any more than that...!”

(Still, I feel like it bought us a little time...!)

“Guh...! How are we gonna handle this fighting 'em head-on?!”

“What annoying books, meow! Come down and fight muscle gorilla fair and square, meow!!”

“That's be its own can of worms...!!”

“Whaaat?! Didn't beat it...?!”

  • Using Hayasaka gives you a couple of extra turns, using Q-taro actually reduces your number of turns.

“Well, shoot...”

“That's some strange movement... Doesn't this seem bad?”

Music stops.

“Suit-and... specs...? Wake up, meow... Hey...”



Gin was faintly trembling.


“That's not true!! Gin, you...!!”

If I touch Gin, it'll count as tagging him.

Whether human or doll, like Hayasaka before me, we're being killed.

(And in this game of tag, too... We have to catch Komaeda...)

  • Take three.

  • Have Alice/Reko search for the source of the noise.

“Yet, it can't be used....! Is this a prank?!”

  • Have Ranmaru or Hinako smash the phone.

“How's that? It's in pieces now...”

  • Have Kanna/Sou find the second source of noise.

“Huh?! How do we stop the noise...?!”

  • Have Ranmaru or Hinako smash the alarm clock.

“I feel a little refreshed now...”

  • Finally have Keiji tell everyone to shut up.

Music stops.

“Be quiet in the library... I suppose.”

Oct 14, 2012

These encounters are pretty fun.

I like how Anzu continues to be useless. Since Hayasaka is the victim this time, perhaps his actions will prove useless in future encounters.

Dec 7, 2003

Did you know, I was THE MOON once!

Yes! You see, one night it turned out the moon had been STOLEN!

The animal people asked ME to take its place as I am so WISE and BRILLIANT!!

I'm wondering if the final Obstructor challenge will require keeping the targets of all of the previous challenges alive in order to get the ideal 'No One's Turn To Die' solution. Like, failing to save Hayasaka here doesn't immediately result in something bad but during the final challenge Gin ends up dying because his 'partner' isn't there to perform a necessary action.

Oct 4, 2006
Lord of Sarcasm

Obviously it's rude to be so noisy in the library.

Good spread of obstacles so far.


Apr 30, 2009

That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about stars to dispute it.

College Slice

There's a thin line between creepy and goofy, and we juuuuust almost crossed it (especially the solution to throw a book at the books), but the actual solution was clever

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