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Feb 11, 2014

“It's not... a video...? You're talking? To me...?”

“Yes, I am looking into your eyes and talking with you, Miss Nao.”

“T... T... This is... unthinkable...”

“Nice to meet us...?”

Talk to Kanna.

Kanna won't even look at me.

Talk to Nao.

Nao's gaze is fixed on a single point.

Talk to Mishima.

“I am Kazumi Mishima... I teach Japanese and art to high school students.”

“...The real...?”

“...Well now... Ahh... I see now. I'm...”

“...An artificial intelligence...?!”

“Everyone, I suppose you met with the real Kazumi Mishima?”

“On the back of this monitor... There's a photo of Mishima's face.”

“The old guy's... gone, woof...”

“...What did you say?”

“Ahh... The way you talk... everything... It's the professor... Like the professor is actually here...”


Music stops.

(Then... Joe? Is there... one of Joe...?)

“Big sis Sara! What's the matter, meow?!”

Before I knew it... I was intently checking the backs of the monitors.

What...? There's even a monitor with my photo... Yet Joe's is nowhere to be found.

“Sister... Why aren't you here...? I... miss you too...”

(And Kanna...)


“W... What the?!”

We turned to the voice behind us.

“W-Who're you, meow?!”

“Err... What about Miley...?”

“Ehh? You prefer the ladies, do ya? Sheesh.”

“Yeesh, it's creepy when they all talk at once!”

“Just joshin'! You're real cute, so move it already!”


“What a calamity!!”


“T-The rules of Floor 3...?”

“Yep. You bastards are probably hyper on-edge after suspecting up a storm in the Main Game, right?”

“And so! We thought of some wonderful festivities to let you reconcile before the next Main Game!”

“Wait!! We're doin' one again?! A Main Game...?!”


“Whazza maatter? My face scare you? C'mon, Sara Chidouin!”

Music stops.

“Shut up...”



“Isn't that... Joe's hairclip...?!”

  • Rio's line here changes depending on Sara's response; if you pick Mishima, Rio says: “The regrets of Kazumi Mishima... That hypocrite mistaken as the ideal of a teacher,” to which Nao protests. If you select Kai, Rio says; “The regrets of Kai Satou... That foolish man whose rebellion destroyed him,” to which Q-taro protests.

“Then... that skirt, too... It must be sister's...!!”


You bastards got any right to condemn me?”


“This topic's donezo! Now everybody come see what's past these monitors!”

(Gah...! Why couldn't we say anything back?!)

Talk to Mishima

“Has my original... err...”

“...Do excuse me. It seems that's neither here nor there presently.”


Investigate the photos.

A photo of me.

(Creepy... What's all this about?)

A photo of Keiji.

(Those are some serious bags under his eyes... He's completely worn out.)

A photo of Kanna.


A photo of Q-taro.

(As a pro baseball player... He's got a good photo.)

A photo of Sou.

(Huh...? Come to think of it, where is Sou...?)

A photo of Reko.

(Her photo looks just as cool.)

A photo of Nao.

(She has a good countenance... I wonder when this photo was taken.)

A photo of Gin.

A photo of Alice.

(Such a gaudy hairstyle...)

Investigate the stars.

Some sort of star-shaped badge.

(What's this...?)

Investigate the yellow, green and blue shapes.

Some sort of mechanical thing.

(What's this...?)

Investigate the paper.

A ticket of some kind.

(What's this...?)

Talk to the man behind the counter.

Music stops.

“Whoa?! Who's this guy?!”

As if not minding us at all, he doesn't even move.

“Safalin, hand those things out.”

Everyone was handed a wallet of some kind.

“Those are Me-Tokens. Everyone has been given 100.”

“Huh... So let me guess, you can trade these tokens for the prizes on display here?”

“Correct! Just what I expected from you!”


“What's that mean, woof....?”

You can only use tokens you get from others!”

“Those tokens signify trust.”

“All y'all bastards are gonna be selling, buying, stealing, and surrendering those suckers!”

“How idiotic... There's surely more to this.”

“I've got a good idea. If one of us gathers tokens and buys a prize, we can all share the info.”

“Ehh? Y'all are some friendly bastards.”

Music stops.

“Well, too bad for you, but that's not all!”

“M... myow...?”

“N... No...!!”

“P... Please stop... Don't impersonate him...!!”

“Most attractions require a group of two. ...However, one cannot do the same attraction twice.”

Tokens and Clear Chips... I'm starting to see what you're getting at.”

Music stops.

(Huh?! I don't see anything like that one the counter...!)

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Apr 6, 2012

No Boots on the Ground,
Puny Mortals!

And suddenly we're playing the Genius?

Oct 4, 2015

We Have Unlocked Woke Junpei Mode
Fuck Up Cops 2020
Beloved Forums Poster
Evolved Heightened Level Junpei
Junpei Is Not Ironic And That Is Why He Is Good

Okay, I have a theory: This whole game (not this specific trust sub-game, the whole thing, from top to bottom) is some sort of... crazy, illegal psychological experiment. See how trust breaks down. How people react to specific things. Game theory. The whole shebang.

Nov 12, 2016

Artoria Pendonut

...I am so confused.

Jan 19, 2017

Interesting. I wonder if the stars (that I’m assuming are clear chips too) are unlimited stock or not. With only 2 they’re not that impactful, but if there’s an unlimited amount, then the group could hypothetically get 30 clear tokens right off the bat.

El Generico
Feb 3, 2009

Nobody outrules the Marquise de Cat!

This game and this LP are loving great. I actually think this is better than Danganronpa.

Oct 4, 2015

We Have Unlocked Woke Junpei Mode
Fuck Up Cops 2020
Beloved Forums Poster
Evolved Heightened Level Junpei
Junpei Is Not Ironic And That Is Why He Is Good

Honestly, I think at this point we're more Zero Escape than Danganronpa.

Jade Rider
May 11, 2007

All the pages have been censored except for "heck," and she misread that one.

All the dolls have pun names, it seems. Probably not significant but interesting.

Apr 20, 2015

... 'tears are falling', maybe? That's a bit of a stretch, compared to the other two.

May 5, 2011


I was actually surprised they didn't make them buy keycards to a cafeteria or something, just to break the ice of trading

Oct 14, 2012

There are 9 attractions, and you can get 1 Clear Chip each. You can't do attractions twice but still need 10.

If there are only 2 Clear Chips for sale, this isn't going to end well.

Jul 12, 2013

If someone says it one more time I'm having Florina show up as a corpse. I'm not even kidding, I was pissed off with people doing that shit back in 2010, and I'm not dealing with it now in 2016.

This, again, makes me curious if everyone had survived their tests, we'd be at 18 now. That means there'd need to be 180 Star Chips Clear Chips. So, is there always that many chips OR Does the game change depending on survivors.

Sep 4, 2011

Technically, they don't say 10 clear stars each, just that you need 10 clear stars or you die. It could be a "everyone passes or everyone dies" situation meant to stir up distrust before the second Main Game.

Ignatius M. Meen
May 26, 2011

Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

Those info cards might have attraction related statistics on them so that the best teams can be formed for each attraction. May not be strictly necessary to get them, but based on what we saw available in the shop there's enough face coins to afford everything as long as at least 580 coins are exchanged. 520 coins if they don't have to buy any clear chips.

That being said, we didn't see anything about the ticket to the surface, and that's probably going to be something like 400/500 coins; meaning the group can't afford it and everything else in the shop possibly needed to survive to the next Main Game. Not that it would necessarily be hard to squash any single person who didn't care about screwing over the group for their own gain with vigilance and agreed upon rules by everyone else, but more than that and somebody's going to find a way to beat/trick/pickpocket enough coins together for the ticket. I'm half-expecting this 'ticket to the surface' to just be an ironic death sentence to kick everyone in the pants even more than just being screwed over, though.

Feb 11, 2014

(How much... will they belittle us?)

“...Attractions... Should we look for them?”

Talk to the Reception Doll.

“I am a receptionist doll here to support you in your time living on the third floor. I can trade and explain the prizes.”

“There are two types of prizes. Prizes with blue numbers and prizes with red numbers. Prizes with blue numbers are normal. You can trade for them using that number of tokens. Prizes with red numbers are exclusive. You can only trade for them using tokens of the person related to that prize. For instance, you may only trade for Mr. Keiji's personal information using Mr. Keiji's tokens.”

  • The stars are clear chips, the shapes are “victim videos” and the ticket reduces the difficulty of the attractions.

“There is nothing of the sort here.”

(Nothing here, huh...?)

Talk to Mishima.

“My, Miss Nao. You're looking rather down.”


“If you are fine with an AI, I can gladly talk with you.”

“...Professor... Can we talk a little...?”

Investigate cracked monitor.

Music stops.

The monitor screen is cracked...!

“H... Hey! Wasn't this totally fine before...?!”

“...Whose monitor is this?”

The photo on the back of the monitor has been ripped off.

(Someone... someone's photo must have been here!)

“Mishima, did you see the one who destroyed the monitor...?”

“I'm terribly sorry. I'm afraid I didn't...”

“Come to think of it... I haven't seen Sou...”

“Hmm... Look for attractions, or look for Sou... What do you think , Sara?”

“I feel like... we can't let him roam free.”

“...That's true. Sheesh, would love to throw some cuffs on him and lock him up.”

Music stops.

“E-Err... Could all of you focus on attractions... While I search for Sou...?”


Kanna looked directly into my eyes.

“...Please believe her...”

“No way, Kanna!! Don't you go near that guy on your own!!”

“It's... my responsibility...”

(Kanna... was working with Sou...)

(No, or maybe she was just being used...)

“...No. I'm going with you.”


“H... Hey! Putting it like that ain't...!”

“You won't... trust me...?”


“All this tension is just what the kidnappers want! Are you dumb or what?!”


“Just reconcile, if only in appearance!! The feelings... can be appended after the fact!!”



(What... What am I even doing...?)

No one's done anything wrong here.

“...I... I lost my calm...”

“We're all victims here, forced to vote... Losing people dear to us.”

“It's... not Kanna's fault.”

“I'm sorry, Kanna.”


“...Well said, Sara.”

“And what really pisses me off is Mr. Beanie. You just got used by him too, right Kanna? Don't feel so responsible, alright?”

Music stops.

“Kanna... tipped the scales...!”

“The scales...?”

“Kai said he had contact with the kidnappers...”

“But... He drew the Sage card, and became the victim...”

“I'm sure that means... he didn't know all the details of the Main Game.”

“But... Sou...”

“He did know things about the Main Game...!”


Music stops.

“You ought to toss that.”

“A... Ahh... This is... um...!!”


“Relax. That's a dummy rule.”


“Seems the kidnappers want to distribute one of those cards to each person.”

“...Anyway, that's a dangerous card. Trust me and hand it over, okay...?”

“He let me know about the Main Game that was going to happen...”

“And... about a strategy to survive...!”

“Thought that instead of Kai... Sou should be left alive...!!”

(Is that... what happened?)

(So Kanna... wasn't necessarily just being used by Sou...)

“A dummy rule... Can't prove it, though.”

“...No, hold on.”

“I saw a card under the desk.”

“In short... It really is a dummy rule!”

“Meow...? That's kind of strange, woof...”

“ 'Cause that loner got knocked out before the loner and bucket girl rested, meow!”

(…! Just maybe...!)

“First, Sou was attacked in the hidden room and fainted. Afterwards, he got the Sacrifice card and Commoner card, then rested.”

“And when Kanna took it...”

“As if to put her in his debt...!”

“That can't be...!!”

“Sure enough, the drat beanie guy was just completely using Kanna!!”

“That's not the only thing... The Sacrifice card ultimately ended up with Joe.”

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Sep 30, 2018

Legendary Luminary

. . . .Sou, you SON OF A-!

UGH! gently caress the Main Game, kill that rear end in a top hat now!

Oct 4, 2015

We Have Unlocked Woke Junpei Mode
Fuck Up Cops 2020
Beloved Forums Poster
Evolved Heightened Level Junpei
Junpei Is Not Ironic And That Is Why He Is Good

What did Sou have to gain from giving Joe the card? The kicks of seeing Sara lose him?

Neddy Seagoon
Oct 12, 2012

Hi, Everybody!

Junpei posted:

What did Sou have to gain from giving Joe the card? The kicks of seeing Sara lose him?

Sara became the emotional core of the group, and Sou seems to loves kicking over anthills. Killing her best friend in front of her would sure do the trick.

Let's go kill that motherfucker.

Sum Gai
Mar 23, 2013

Counterpoint: dude knows things, that are useful to survival. Let's let bygones be bygones, and learn what he knows.

Then kill him.

Ignatius M. Meen
May 26, 2011

Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

I'm not surprised Sou was aware of the Sacrifice card but intentionally hoarding cards to force it onto Joe bumps his involvement from criminal negligence to premeditated. While beating his rear end into the foundation would be satisfying, the group might also get the same results without having to waste time searching up and down for him by just asking this floor's GMs whether the rule for not revealing your card before the MG was a dummy rule or not because of this breach going unpunished. It'd risk getting Kanna killed too, but then we don't really know whether she's making this up to save herself either, or if somebody else is manipulating her. And, of course, if the dolls just laugh and say that the rule is real from now on but that only Miley could have killed him for breaking the rules on Floor 2, they'll have to search up and down anyway, but at least they'll have tried the easiest way to get the bastard killed first.

May 29, 2013

No, that's Magic!

I can see his motive though. First, swap cards with Kanna so that she owes a debt to Sou. However, he needs to get rid of the sacrifice card somehow, so he'll know who he gave it to. The fact that it went to Sara's best friend was... either an unexpected bonus or malicious intent, that is the case that needs to be settled.

Jul 12, 2013

If someone says it one more time I'm having Florina show up as a corpse. I'm not even kidding, I was pissed off with people doing that shit back in 2010, and I'm not dealing with it now in 2016.

Assuming a limited number of cards, I think it's less likely that Sou maliciously tried to set Jou up with the sacrifice, so much as he was just getting rid of it himself. Assume this scenario

1. Sou finds the Sacrifice Card, and also at least two commoner cards.
2. He sets Kanna up to find the Sacrifice card to trade her the Commoner card.
3. Sou then discards the sacrifice card.
4. Lacking any other card options, Jou has to take the Sacrifice.

Now, this is interesting because it does imply that the games set up in such a way to account for the surviving players. Otherwise, there's a chance of No Sacrifice, as there are 20 participants, to begin with. And since each round MUST have a sacrifice that would imply the removal of cards until it was guaranteed

Mar 11, 2009

This?! This is a glorious dance! That has been passed down! In my family for generations!

The last thing in the world I want is to defend Sou, but...honestly, maybe the guy just didn't want to die.

I mean, if the gun was pointed at you, would you perhaps consider throwing someone else (who you didn't know at all) under the bus to save your rear end?

It's lovely as hell, but in a moment of desperation, you might do the wrong thing.

Jan 15, 2016

You're doing such a great job on this game that I bought an ad. I'm pumped as hell and I want everyone to know it.

Ignatius M. Meen
May 26, 2011

Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

Jefepato posted:

The last thing in the world I want is to defend Sou, but...honestly, maybe the guy just didn't want to die.

I mean, if the gun was pointed at you, would you perhaps consider throwing someone else (who you didn't know at all) under the bus to save your rear end?

It's lovely as hell, but in a moment of desperation, you might do the wrong thing.

I probably would just not pick up the Sacrifice card if I already had one, rather than control it and keep two Commoner cards handy to make somebody in my debt and let somebody else pick up the death sentence. I might, might be tempted to exchange the Sacrifice card for a Commoner if I found the Sacrifice first, but I honestly think I'd talk myself out of that; sure, I'll live, maybe I won't even be found out, but what's the point if I can't live with my actions afterwards? I'd end up seeing that person's face in my nightmares for the rest of my life because of my active role in their death. Better to let the rest of the group go on, thanks.

Sep 4, 2011

Not to mention the whole "Tell anyone that this card exists and you die" bit. I'm guessing Sou already had a commoner card when he picked up the Sacrifice card, and the rules don't take into account someone having two role cards.

Nov 12, 2016

Artoria Pendonut

Also you know, there's not really any info on it saying what it actually does in relation to the main game.

Mar 18, 2009

While that is true, the name 'Sacrifice' is decently self-explanatory in terms of being negative.

May 5, 2011


Remember the rules are not enforced by a ubiquitous spirit either. Though as with most such stories the overseer tries to give this impression. We also don't know their overall goal, but we can assume the rule is there to stop everyone just entering the voting chamber and wearing their card like an ID badge. But things that are shenanigans might play into the masterminds plan. Especially if it's all for entertainment. (Diagetically. Obviously the story is for our entertainment.)

Feb 11, 2014

“C'mon! We'll all search together!”

"Um... Sorry, I... Please let me speak with the Professor a little more..."

“Huh...? R-Right...”

“Thank you very much...”

Investigate the hat on the ground.

Music stops.

A green beanie lays on the floor.

“Is this... Sou's hat...?”

“He's gotta be lurking around here!”

“H... Hey, look! Down the passage to the right, and the one in the back...”

“It looks like there's attractions, meow!”

(Don't tell me... Sou went ahead alone?)

“You shouldn't be able to enter without a group of two, but...”

“Ultimately... Maybe somebody's just gotta check.”

“I'll go...!”

“W... Will ya, Sara?!”

“...And who to take along, too.”

  • When you select an attraction, you have to pick a partner from a choice of three (Q-taro, Gin and Keiji in this case.) Each partner has an ability that you can use in the attraction, with the usefulness of their ability impacting the difficulty of the attraction. You can check a potential partners ability and the difficulty level before starting an attraction, which is always a good idea to do. For example, you might think Q-taro would be the best option for the Arm-Wrestling attraction, given that his strength is one of his defining characteristics, but Keiji is actually a better partner there. (Q-taro does offset his higher difficulty level by offering 10 tokens in exchange for partnering with him.) We'll take Keiji for this attraction.

“Wahaha... Sara's partner... Doesn't sound so bad.”

“Leave this attraction to us! Everyone else... search the rest!”

“Guys, if you find Sou... be plenty careful.”

  • If Sara loses all her energy, Keiji will take over. Keiji's ability to see two cards can only trigger while playing as him.

  • Like Keiji, Sara can also see the opponent's cards, though she can only see one per round.

  • This first opponent is fairly straightforward; it only attacks on the third card.

  • If you defeat an opponent half way through the round, the round continues on with the next opponent. The second opponent always charges on the first card, and attacks on the second. If it has no energy for the third round, it will charge. If it has energy for the third round, it can use beam, charge or block.

Music stops.

  • The third and final opponent will only attack on the first card if Sara/partner has no energy, and even then may opt to charge. For the second and third card, there's an equal chance of the opponent charging, blocking or attacking.

“Here's the Clear Chips. We'll take one each.”

  • There are some attractions that award an odd number of Clear Chips. When this happens, the partner will take the extra Clear Chip.

“Still... Sou wasn't there, was he?”

“Sure enough... Maybe you just can't do the attractions alone after all.”

“Ah! You guys are safe?! Sorry, but you gotta come with me!!”


Investigate the stick.

There's a rugged plank of wood on the bed.

“Hmm, well... Seems just the right size to carry and swing around.”

“You don't mean... Sou was...”

Investigate Sou.

Sou is collapsed on the floor.

“I... It's the same situation meow...! As before...!”

“Sure is...”

“Don't worry.... He's breathing.”

“On his head... those splinters?”

This scene... truly was the same as the one I just recalled. The same as when Sou was attacked in the hidden room...

Music stops.

“S... Sou!”


“U... Um...”

“Oww, man... I feel awful...”

“What in the world happened?”

“T... That's what I wanna know...”

“Where is this place... When did I get here...?”

“What're you plotting?! Tell me!”

“W... Waugh?! Hold on...!”

“Now, now. Violence isn't the answer, Reko.”


“M... Monitor? You mean the laptop?”

“Look, I wouldn't break it just because I didn't know the password...”

(What's he saying...?)

“The Main Game...! That's right! Before the Main Game, I need to...”

“I need to check the data on the laptop...! But the password... umm...”

“Y... You completely lost yer mind, man?!”

“...The Main Game's long since ended.”

“Over...? All of it...?!”


Sou... What... is Sou talking about...?

“H-Hey... Don't tell me, your memory's...”

“Or else... was it Kai...?”


Stop it already...

“You okay, Sara?”

“Y-Yes... I'm fine.”

“So's it really a lie...?”

“Obviously!! He's at a disadvantage, so he's pretending like he doesn't remember!!”

“That said... he's not going to answer us like that, either.”

“Um... Could you trust Kanna to handle it?”


“I'm sure he'll be less wary with me than the rest of you...!”

“...Sounds good.”

“...We've been underestimating Kanna, I'd say.”

“She might be a stronger girl than we thought.”

“Mr. Policeman...!”

“...But don't let him use you, Kanna.”


“I ain't gonna accept it... I just...”

“Let's believe, Reko.”



“...What do we do now, meow?”

“...It might be wise to discuss how we're going to use these tokens, too.”

“...Tokens... meow...”

  • This came up in discussion before; while Chapter One is linear, Chapter Two has branches.

Talk to Keiji.

“Ranger, was it...? That enemy of ours said that the more of these tokens you collect, the better.”

“Put another way, who knows what'll happen if you don't have very many.”

“...But why trade with me?”

“ 'Cause you're cute. I'd wish you'd just remember it already.”

Talk to Gin.

“I've been told not to do this kind of... trading money stuff, meow.”

“It's kinda like gambling... It's scary, woof.”

(Not a trade... but just giving them...?)

Talk to Alice.

“Do you have any inklings about Reko's treasure?”

“Treasure, you say?”

“Yes. Hmph... You see, I tried asking that mustachioed man at the Prize Exchange if there were items not present on the counter. It appears... there is a secret prize menu.”

“A secret menu?!”

“Mwahaha... If you wish to hear more, come to the negotiation table, Sara Chidouin.”

(Is that related to Reko's treasure...?)

  • For this part of the LP, I'll be taking votes after each attraction on who we should negotiate with. Some things to bear in mind when voting – Between the time limit and not everyone being willing to trade enough tokens, it's not possible to buy everyone's personal information. Some characters will ask to talk to Sara rather than trade, as Alice is doing here. Accepting these requests won't give Sara extra tokens, but will provide additional background information.

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May 1, 2017

More info is always good. Talk to Alice.

May 22, 2006

beam me up, tomato

Had we ever seen Kanna without massive garbage bags under her eyes?

Nov 12, 2016

Artoria Pendonut

So Sou either has split personalities or is utterly full of poo poo considering we've seen him get attacked now TWICE.

As for now, let's talk to Alice.

Mar 16, 2009


Maybe he was replaced by a doll when he got knocked out and re replaced after the vote?

Oct 4, 2015

We Have Unlocked Woke Junpei Mode
Fuck Up Cops 2020
Beloved Forums Poster
Evolved Heightened Level Junpei
Junpei Is Not Ironic And That Is Why He Is Good

Talk to Alice.

Ignatius M. Meen
May 26, 2011

Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

I guess talk to Alice if we can only make one deal here.

As for Sou, the dolls up to now as far as we know have been happy to largely sit back and let the participants gently caress each other up, so it's not real plausible that either they attacked him or replaced him on Floor 2 for the Main Game (and everyone else seems to have largely accounted for each other's whereabouts on Floor 3). Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...

Sep 30, 2018

Legendary Luminary

Talk to Alice. Seems good to learn all we can.

El Generico
Feb 3, 2009

Nobody outrules the Marquise de Cat!

I want someone else to get Sara's tokens. Trade with Keiji.

Jan 22, 2012

This could be the most one-sided fight since 1973 when Ali faced an eighty-foot tall mechanical Joe Frazier. My memory isn't what it used to be, but I think the entire Earth was destroyed.

Trade with Keiji

Sou is definitely loving with us.


Nov 6, 2012

Talk to Alice

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