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Feb 11, 2014

Your Turn To Die - Death Game By Majority - (Kimi ga Shine) is a freeware game by Nankidai made in RPG Maker MV. The first two chapters and the first half of the third and final chapter are complete. elease dates for additional characters in Your Time to Shine and the second half of the final chapter are currently unknown.

Your Turn to Die has been translated into English by VGPerson (with the permission of Nankidai) and be found here. Please note there have been reports of music issues when playing from a browser; I've used Chrome before with no issues.

Notes about the LP:

This will be a screenshot LP using the downloadable version of the game.

No spoilers, please. Speculation is always welcome and does not need to be tagged. Spoilers for any other game should be tagged and marked with the game/s your spoiler pertains to.


- Sara Chidouin - Student at Sonobeno High School and the playable character.
- Jou "Joe" Tazuna - Student at Sonobeno High School.
- Keiji Shinogi - Policeman.
- Kanna Kizuchi - Middle school student.
- Q-taro Burgerberg - Baseball player.
- Sou Hiyori - Job hopper.
- Reko Yabusame - Singer-songwriter.
- Nao Egokoro - Student at art college.
- Kai Satou - Homemaker.
- Gin Ibushi - 6th Grader.
- Kazumi Mishima - School teacher.

Chapter One, Part One:

- Sue Miley - First and second floor support.

Chapter One, Part Two:

- Gonbee Yamada / Alice Yabusame - Serving time for larceny murder.

Chapter Two, Part One:

- Sara's adoptive father.
- Rio Ranger - Third floor support.
- Tia Safalin - Vice Floor Master for the third floor.

Chapter Two, Part Two:

- Gashu Satou - Researcher into negative emotions and Floor Master for the third floor.
- Megumi Sasahara - Detective.
- Shin Tsukimi - Job hopper.

Your Time to Shine:

- Jin Mutou - Engineer.
- Touko Rikuno - College student.

Chapter Three, Part One.

- Ranmaru Kageyama - High school student.
- Hinako Mishuku - Middle school student.
- Naomichi Kurumada - Boxer.
- Mai Tsurugi - Baker.
- Anzu Kinashi - High school student.
- Shunsuke Hayasaka - Office worker.
- Sou Hiyori / Komaeda - Floor Master for the fourth and fifth floors.

- Mr. Policeman.
- Maple - Discussion partner and Obstructor.
- Michiru Namida - Researcher.
- Emiri Harai.

- Shinobu Gokujo - Participant in the Hades Incident.
- Meister - Game Master of the Russian Roulette games.

Chapter One, Part One.

Majority Votes.
The First Trial.
Exploration, part two.
Majority Vote - The Challenger.
Russian Roulette.
Assembling the doll.
The Second Trial.
Character Summaries.

Chapter One, Part Two.

The hidden room.
The red room.
Nao's flight.
The Birdcage.
Man in Stripes.
Black and White.
The Main Game Begins.
Gin's Value.
Mishima's Lie.
The one who cried wolf.
Majority Vote - The Five Candidates.
A Sage Debate.
Final Vote.
End of chapter summary.

Chapter Two, Part One.

Guardian from the shadows.
Crimson Dreams.
Warmth and lament.
The Trust Barter Game.
Journey of the Sacrifice.
Day One, Morning.
Day One, Afternoon.
Stay on Target.
Memento from a Sacrifice.
Day One, Night.
Day Two, Morning.
Room of Lies.
Room of Rubble.
A traitor's loyalty.
Warped Message.
Ghost in the Medical Office.
Day Two, Night.
Breaking Trust.
Day Three, Morning.
Trust Barter Game - Results.
The Final Attraction.
Web of Happiness.
A plea and a wound.
Exposed lies.
Extra - Bad Ends.
Extra - Personal Information.
Extra - Victim Videos.
Extra - Sibling Wrath.

Chapter Two, Part Two.

Eye Dream.
Trading Phase.
Newfound Insight.
Venting in the darkness.
Electronic Legacy.
Clutches of Madness.
Regrets of a Floor Master.
Memories - Alternate.
Stairs to Hope.
Video malfunction.
Puppet Show.
Corrupted Benefactor.
Majority Vote - The Four Candidates.
Trading Accomplices.
Lethal Protection.
Majority Vote - Logic or Emotion?
Salvation of a Sacrifice.
Flower of logic.
Emotional Hindsight.

Your Time to Shine - Kazumi Mishima.

Welcome to the Island.
Day 1 - 5.
Day 5 - 10.
Day 10 - 15.
Day 15 - 20.
Day 20 - 25.
Day 25 - 30.
Normality Regained.
Extra - Alternate endings / Artwork / Fondness Events.

Chapter Three, Part One.

Therapy Session.
Dummy Support.
Ring of Fire.
Mr. Blue and Ms. Red.
A promise from childhood.
The one who was abandoned.
Disturbance in the forest.
A stab in the dark
Unkept promise.
A Madman's Truth.
Extra - Alternate path.
Return to therapy.
Red thread.
Maple syrup...
Asunaro influence.
Sins of the past.
Depths of betrayal.
Sibling wish.
Asunaro vow.
Call of a shadow.
...And melon soda.
Fair Play.
The price of a wish.
Russian Roulette - Banquet Edition.

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Feb 11, 2014

  • Quick overview of the title screen.

    Chapters are split into two parts.

No music.

  • A quick recap can't hurt.

“How unusual!”

“It's when people are deciding something, and the choice that gets picked by the most people is what gets used... Yeah, that.”

“Sigh. Sounds like they're having some tedious argument.”

  • Hard to say... I think it partially depends on how the majority vote is carried out. I suppose I'll go with Blue.

“But good for you! Your opinion had more supporters!”

“In the end, the majority is absolute! That's how it goes when you live in society!”

“...Hmm? What's with that look? If you'd known the other person would die, you wouldn't have voted?”

“Sheesh... That won't get you anywhere, okay? It's what the game is all about. ...You don't look pleased, huh?”

“Okay then... Let's go.”

  • The scene changes to a pair of hands slowly moving towards a girl, who seems completely unaware of whoever it is coming up behind her.

Bell rings.

I had a weird dream... My jaw is sore... Because I was sleeping with my head on my desk...

This late already...? I have to go home...Better hurry...

  • Before we start investigating, let's take a quick look at the Data card.

  • We get a bit of basic information about Sara, our protagonist. There's also a Glossary...

  • Which is currently blank and save our game.

  • Back to investigating.

There's a rumour that if you look into it at midnight, your reflection will talk to you.

(...Could be a great thing for a loner.)

(Thanks for your tireless service.)

(Seeing the school like this... It feels totally different at night.)

The light goes off.

(The lights... I have to walk home when it's this dark...?)

(I don't... want to leave yet.)

  • Check the gate again and....

“You stuck around this late for clubs?! I was gonna wither up from waiting!”

“Well, it's fine! Listen! There's something I wanna tell you!”

“Something to tell me?”

“My thanks!”

“Thanks...? For what, I wonder...”


“She's such a good girl! I'm moved!”

“Cute, huh?”

“Adorable! She ate a doner kebab in one bite today! She's a real glutton!”

“A whole doner kebab...”

“Wait... You went on a date?!”

“Wahaha... Was on it 'til just a second ago!”

“You should have just gone home...”

“Alright! Bragging complete...! Let's go home, Sara!”

No music.

(How long even is this story...)

“You listening?! We made huge progress!”

  • Joe might be a bit annoying, but he seems pleasant enough, no reason to be rude to him.

“Doing that on the first date... They call people like that monsters!”

“We held hands! Outrageous progress, right?!”

“For how gaudy you look, you're awfully shy...”

“Huh?! Gaudy this ain't!”

“I'm hurt, man... That seriously gets to me...”

(And now he's started moping.)

  • We can investigate the area now.


(I've rarely ever walked home at this hour... It feels really dark...)

“What's up? Wanna hold hands?”

“I'm just kidding! Don't actually get mad at me.”

  • If you do select Yes here, Joe will refuse to hold Sara's hand.

“But real talk... Wouldn't it help things if you got a boyfriend?”



“Is that... why you always go home with me?”

“For what, man?! Well, if you just feel like bein' grateful, I won't stop ya!”


Alright... Let's mosey along now. Your parents'll be worried if you're late.”


  • Even though the move option is available, we can't currently leave the area.

    Click on the figure and...

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Feb 11, 2014

Jadecore posted:

Word of advice to OP though: looks like you didn't select a thread tag.

Thanks. :) Fedule has very kindly corrected the tag.

Feb 11, 2014


No music.

“Hahh... phew... We made it home...”


“I-It's okay. Should be fine now that we're here.”

I'm relieved... If I'd gone home by myself...”


(That guy was staring... And it seemed like...)

“Well, your parents are waiting, Sara!”


“It's all good!”

“See you tomorrow... At school!”

“...Hm? The house lights aren't on...?”

...So it's not a power outage?

But...the lights aren't on.

... The door's unlocked...!

“Mom! Dad! Are you not home?”

(Something's weird about the house...)

  • The door on the left is the bathroom. The first door on the right is the living room (the only room we can go into right now) and the second door is Sara parents room. Sara's room is upstairs, but it's been locked by an unknown person.

“This is bizarre...There can't be no one here!”

(I'll turn on the lights...!)”

(I have a bad feeling.)

(…Okay, turning them on!)


“Mom! Mom!!”

“Mom! Hang in there!”

...She's breathing. It looks like she's fainted.

“What do I do... What do I do...”

  • When in doubt, poke around and investigate.

“Why is this here...?”

  • Nothing else to do here, so we go back into the hallway and...

No music.

“Joe! Please help! My mom's collapsed!”

“Stay calm! Did you call the hospital, the cops?!”

“Not yet...! I need... I need to call...”

“I'll handle it! Listen, Sara! You need to be calm!”

Joe started to make a call.

(What am I doing...? I'm all out of sorts... But I need to do something... Something...)

  • The key we just picked up is for Sara's room.

(I'll open it...)

No music.

Am I looking at the ceiling...? Why am I sleeping here...?

(Err... I think I went home...)

(Right, and then mom...!)


I quickly tried to sit up, but I couldn't.

Is there something on my head...?

I fearfully touched my head. It was some kind of belt...or machine...

(Am I tied to it...? It's like I'm being restrained...)

“No way... Ack... What's the meaning of this?!”

My temperature rose... Suddenly fear awakened in me.

“No!! Where is this?! Somebody!!”

I had no freedom to move. Besides my head, my left arm, torso, and legs also seemed to be restrained. All I could move was my right arm.


I was about to scream, then went quiet.

He'd... harmed my mom... And he'd brought me here...

(I wonder, am I... going to be... killed...?)

“Sara! Are you there?!”

(That voice...)

“Joe! Is that you?! Are you next to me...?!”

“Yeah...! But I can't move! Can't you do something?!”

(Joe's in the same situation?!)

Phone rings.

“A phone...?”

I searched my pocket with my free hand, but found nothing.

“Joe! Is that yours ringing?!”


“You're right... Something in my pocket's...! Here...!”

“Hello?! Whoever you are! Help us!”


“The First Trial will now begin.”

“Sara and Joe. Find the key hidden in this room. Then remove your restraints.”

“If you cannot do so before the time limit expires, the device on the beds will activate...”

“By all means, please enjoy this thrill with all your body and soul.”

“The time limit is a healthy 5 minutes.”

“And note that there is only one key, so please discuss who will use it.”

What... the heck is this...

“Waaaagh?! Whadd're we gonna do?!”

(There's no time to fret about that...!)

“Joe! Check your clothes!”

“Yikes... When I took the phone from my pocket... I might've dropped somethin'...!”

“N-No way! Pick it up!”

“Got it...! It's the key!!”

“All right!”

  • We have to tell Joe to use the key to proceed.

“Hurry and use that key!”

“You sure...?! If I do, you'll...”


“Joe, I'm sure you can figure something out!”

“.... Got it... I'll use it...! Then I'll save you too!! Definitely!!”

  • The POV changes to Joe for this section.

My best friend Sara is tied down with green belts.

I...Is this the right time to be gazing at me?

Look at the numbers on the wall.

3141 is written on the wall.

(What are these numbers...?)

Check the dial on the wall.

There's a dial to enter a 4-digit number.

A chiming sound is heard.

(...Does it just make a sound...? What's the point in that?!)

  • It does just seem to make a sound, the door is already unlocked and it doesn't free Sara.

Checking the lock on Sara's bed.

A green lock.

(What should I do?!)

The key seems too big to fit.

(Stupid key... Is it just useless?!)

Checking the sandpaper by the door.

Sandpaper hangs from the ceiling.

(What use is this stupid thing...?!)

(Why doesn't this key fit, anyway?” Should I look at it again...?)

A red key. I unlocked my restraints with this.

(Hm...? Did a bit shave off the end of the key?)

A bit of green is showing through at the scraped end.

(If I had something to scrape with, maybe I could revert it to the green key!)

Check the sandpaper again.

(Aha! I can whittle the key with this!)

(I scraped off the red resin, and a thinner green key showed itself!)

Check the lock on Sara's bed again

No music.


“I'll remove these now!”

  • We return to Sara at this point.

“Pant...pant... Thank you... Joe...”

“...Can you stand?”

“There's a door here... Let's get outta here, pronto!”

“Ah, wait! Joe!”

  • Staying put won't solve anything.

“Left is a dead end... Seems we can only go right.”

“I mean it, Sara, don't let us get separated.”


We kept going straight ahead... But as far as we walked, we didn't see any light. It seemed to be a very... very long hallway. Or maybe we weren't advancing much at all...

“That phone you used earlier... Could you try using that to light the way?”

“Nice one, Sara! Man, you're smart!”

“Did you bring it?”

“Ah... I left it back there...”

“...Guess that's that, then.”

“Hm... What can give us some light...?”

We were searching ourselves, when suddenly...

“Wha... Whoa?!”


Wind blowing from underneath...?! My feet left the ground. Am I flying up...?

“No!! We're falling?!”

The floor gave way...!


How long...? How high...? How far are we falling...?

Feb 11, 2014

"Eh...? Where is this?"

"Beats me..."

I'm alive... I'm not even hurt...

They seem too distracted to take any notice of me.

(What in the world... is happening?)

Investigating the groups of people.

Some slightly calmer people are talking on the left.

"What’s goin’ on…? Feels like we’re wrapped up in somethin’ outrageous."

"Yes… It would appear so."

(Huh… Have I seen this person somewhere?)

The girl squatting seems terribly frightened.

(Did something happen…?!)

In the center, there’s a discussion happening centered around a single man.

"Now hold on a second! We should confirm what each of us knows."

"That’s all well and good… But I don’t even know where this is!"

They seem pretty confused.


(He’s also wearing… one of those collars…)

With a shiver, I touched my own neck. There was… something…

(Can’t… get it off…!)

Everyone here had a collar put on them…!

Looking right, I notice an especially restless woman.

"Graaaah!! We’ve been abducted! By some crazy assholes!!"

I could feel the tension in the air.

(There’s even a grade-school-age kid…?)

Check the group in the centre again.

Their discussion was still going on. Finally, my head was starting to clear.

(All of us are wearing collars…)

No music.

(...Why isn’t Joe coming over to me? Has he not noticed I’m awake?)

  • Sara's in a precarious situation, thumping Joe isn't going to help.


"Good... So you're okay."

No music.


What kind of joke was that…

"What are you saying?! I’m Sara! Did you forget your own friend’s face?!"

(Don’t tell me… He’s seriously saying he doesn’t know me or something…?)


"Could you be the Sara who’s a terrible swimmer?"


"J… Joe! This is not the time for jokes!!"

"My bad, my bad! Hahaha!"

"Hmm… Joe and Sara, eh…You two are friends?"

"Eh…? Y… yes, we are…"

"Thanks for that. Joe here wasn’t speaking up, see…"


"Alright, everybody, listen up. I bet we’re all thinking the same thing."

"What is this place? Why was I brought here? And about all you know is who you are."

"What are you getting at, I wonder…?"

"Introductions, you say…?"

"Not a whole lot else can we do. Am I right, Sara?"

  • "Blond man" does make a good point.

"True... I want to clear up out situation."

"…See, the calm ones know what to say."

"Okay, once you’re ready, it’s introduction time. Just tell me when, Sara."

Check the centre group for the third time.


"Ahem… So then, I think we should all get to know each other a li’l more."

"Myeow so? Mom tells me not to give personal info to strange guys I don’t know, woof!"

"Stupendous! A level-headed child who does as his parents teach him! Yet, this is indeed an emergency… Hrmm."

"Waugh… Super suspicious, woof."

"Nothing for it. Well, where should we start?"

"That’s the ticket."


"Mm, got it. The wary ones can be for later. Raise your hand if you don’t mind blabbin’."

"Ehh…? You’re a school teacher, woof? The world’s going to the dogs, meow."


"Oh! I think I’ve seen you in magazines! You’re THE Reko Yabusame?!"

"…Dude. Is this the time?"


"What’s with the stuff behind you…?"

"It’s a frying pan… and a ladle… and a spatula."

"I… I didn’t mean like that…"

"Hwoooah… That’s why you’re so big!"

"193 centimeters! And strong to boot, y’hear!"

"…Seems no one else wants to talk. Well then, Sara, how about you try asking things to people you wanna hear from?"


"I understand."

(I do want to question people, but…)

(I’ll start with who I’m most concerned about.)

  • If a character is greyed out, it means they're unwilling, or unable to give a statement.

(She's not in a condition to talk...)

"Are you okay...?"

"Aaaaa... oooh..."

"Don't be afraid. I won't do anything..."

I gently place my hand on her trembling back...


It seems she calmed down a little.

(I'll try talking to her again...)

  • "Frightened Girl" is still not up to talking, so we'll try get some more information from the ones who are ready to talk, starting with the "Blond Man".

"Huh?! Police?!"

"You got it. So don’t trouble your friendly policeman. …Well, not that I’m really that sort of cop."

"T… Then you should have mentioned that sooner!"

"Shouldn’t have been wary… Dammit…"

  • This is enough to make Joe change his mind about not introducing himself.

  • We need any potential leads we can get about the kidnappers.

"A group of petty thieves. I doubt they're related to this, honestly."

"Is your coworker not here?"

"Sure isn't."

(So it's not like everyone came in pairs...)

"I'm Q-taro Burgerburg! Baseball player!"

"Still, my nationality's Japanese! Dunno about the dialect, but it's a mix."

"Ain’t nothin’ can’t be fixed if you talk it out!"

"Incidentally, I believe baseball has positions…?"

"I’mma pitcher. Confident in my batting too, an’ I was lucky enough to go to Central League."

"I don’t really follow, but… Does that mean you’re good at both throwing the ball and hitting it with the bat?"

"W-well… yeah, tha’s right."

(I don’t know baseball either, but he seems pretty proud of his strength.)

"Then when I wake up, I got a collar on in this place. Like I’m a dog or somethin’! Such a bummer! Can’t believe I can’t get this thing off!"

(Even his strength can’t remove it…)

"...Reko Yabusame. I'm a singer-songwriter."

"Don’t call me "the gaudy guy"…"

"We’d finally made it to the starting line. The whole future stretched ahead of us…"

"Um… is that makeup… for performances?"

(That’s "plain"?)

"I finished a new track, so I had plans to meet with my bandmates… and then this poo poo happens!!"

(A session, I guess…?)

"...Naturally, all my stuff's gone."

  • If we'd asked about her instrument being taken, Reko only mentions her Bongos.


"Goddamn kidnappers! If you threw out my stuff, I’m gonna beat your rear end so hard…!"

"I-Is now the time to worry about belongings…?"

"Some of that stuff’s as important as my life!!"

"I-I’m sorry!!"

(All her stuff was taken, huh…)

"I am Kai Satou. A rather unremarkable homemaker."

"A chef, eh?"

"No, not a chef, but a homemaker. Akin to a house-husband."

"Same difference if you both make tasty food."

"I suppose so…"

(I feel like… I’ve met this person somewhere.)

"Oh, the frying pan and whatnot. They were in a room I was in earlier."

"So you got them after arriving here."

"Yes, that’s correct. I felt they could offer protection."

"Ah… It didn’t even occur to me. Would you… like to use one?"

"Huh…? For protection?"

"Then I’ll pass."

(I felt like I’d met him somewhere… But talking to him, it doesn’t feel that way at all. Is it just my imagination?)

"Perhaps… I should discard my cookware."

"Hmm… But it could be useful for something."

"At the least, I bet I could make Eggs Benedict."

(Yeah… I’d remember it if I met such a weirdo...)

  • If you talk to Kai again, he comments that he's concerned about having been kidnapped while his laundry was out drying.

"I am Kazumi Mishima. I teach at a certain high school… Mwahaha…"

"Huh, a school teacher? Can’t picture it."

"Indeed, I hear that often…"

"I’ve got no right to say it, but you’re suspicious from every angle."

"Whoa now. What’s this, little miss?"

"Pardon… You see, she is a former student of mine. Please forgive her..."

"He’s a really good teacher! Please don’t judge a book by its cover!"

"Well, don’t have much else to judge on. Dunno much about you either, little miss."

"I’ll introduce myself…! There’s nothing guilty about us!"

  • We can get a statement from the "Woman in Overalls" after questioning Mishima.

"…Well, excuse me."

"It’s time to cool down, yes…"

(Should I ask Professor Mishima something?)

"Hrrrrmmm… I don’t… recall earning anyone’s ire…"

"I see…"

"Of course, surely there have been times I’ve been disliked by students… but..."

"No, no student would cause such an incident. So I’d like to believe…"

"For after all, as you can see, I even have students who come to visit me after graduation… Mwahaha."

"I believe we made it through the First Trial thanks to our combined knowledge, as well."

"Me and Sara are high school classmates."

  • Joe doesn't give his name, he launches straight into his relation to Sara.

"Sara was being harassed by a stalker, so I went home with her that day. Then there was an incident, so I called the police, but… I heard Sara screaming, so I ran upstairs."

Music stops.


"That’s the first I’ve heard of that!"

"Heheh… Didn’t have a chance to mention it."

"So, I worked up all my courage to punch the guy."

"‘Course, I’m awful at fighting, so… Since I don’t remember winning, I’m guessing I lost."

"…Interesting. Go on."

"Sorry, but that’s all I got. Since I fainted…"

"Then again… This isn’t a stunt just one jerk stalker could pull by himself. It’s an organized crime. Right, mister cop?"

"…Could be."


"Wonder if there’s one among us…"


Hearing Joe say that… I understood.

Why he’d been so wary… and acting so strange.


(A collaborator with the culprit…? Maybe there could be something like that…)

"I-I’m a former student of Professor Mishima’s! Currently at an art college!"

"The professor’s a good person! Please believe me! Saraaaa!!"

"I-I’m not especially doubting it…"

"Yep, just Mr. Policeman here who suspected him."

"Then please, repent!"

"Sure. Professor Mishima’s not suspicious."

"S… So you understand...! In that case, my work here is done…"

(I should ask Nao something too…)

"My memory of being brought here…"

"Sorry… It’s the same story as the professor’s. I lost consciousness in the car at a security checkpoint…"

No music.

"Other than that… About all I remember is the First Trial."

"It was a game where we were tied to beds… and we had to escape with just one key…"

(That’s the same thing we did!)

"Honestly… it was thanks to him I was able to stay calm…"

(Trust… Was that a game that evaluated trust…?)

(Why… would the culprit make us do that? Were they watching? Watching a despicable game… that toys with people’s lives…!)

"Sara… Are you okay? You look angry…"

"Ah… I’m fine…"


"Please take good care of your friend...!"


"Ah… I should introduce myself too soon, huh."

"Fine, I can read the room, woof! It’s, you know, the mature response, meow!"

"Well then, should I introduce myself too?"

"So living hand-to-mouth, meow?"

"Why wouldn’t you introduce yourself at first?"

"Plus, saying I’m a job-hopper… is a little embarrassing. Ahaha…"

"Just make up some lie, meow! You’re honest to a fault, woof!"

"H… Hey now, I dunno about that… You can’t trust people like that, right?"

(He’s always smiling… He seems kind… or maybe more timid.)

"Sara, you seem steadfast and strong. I’m jealous."

"Actually, I wanted to ask something…"

"Gosh… feels like you’re asking in such a "first things first" way."

"I was on the way to my usual part-time job at a convenience store. It’s a bad part of town… and I was aware of how dangerous it could be at night… But the night shift wages are good… so."

"Suddenly, someone attacked me. I can’t remember what else happened then."

"Uh, sorry… I can’t remember anything much."

"…Well, neither can we."


"Don’t sweat it!"

"Once you get home, go find a job, meow!"

(Looks like he’s being crushed under not only the immediate fear, but an uncertain future…)

"I can read the room too, meow!"

"Great introduction, kiddo."

"Don’t call me a kid! I just introduced myself ‘cause you guys don’t seem like anything special, woof!"

"Do you remember anything about why you were brought to this place?"

"Woof… nope."

"Mom was late coming home, so I stayed up to wait… And I heard the intercom, so I thought she was back and opened the door, meow."

"I see…"


"Don’t give me those looks, woof! I’m a strong boy, meow!"

(He’s acting tough, but he must be scared…)

"Of course, meow! Don’t think I’m just a regular kid, woof! I’ll definitely make that kidnapper pay, meow!"

"Hm… You might just be right, Gin. We’ll have them make up for what they did."

I gave him a pat on the head.

Music stops.

"...Woof! You seem nice, big sis Sara! I’m okay trusting you, meow!"

"B…Big sis…?!"

"That’s not the problem!"

(If I had a little brother, I wonder if he’d talk to me like that…)

"Are you okay…? If you’ve calmed down, could you talk to me?"


(She’s able to talk now…?)

"Kanna, could you tell me more about yourself?"

"…Okay… Uh… I’m… in middle school… And… erm, um…"

"It’s okay, you don’t need to rush."

"…I was coming home… with my big sister… We were eating ice cream… We were just walking along and talking… about what to have for dinner…"

"I see… that must have been frightening."


(Her sister…What she just said makes it sound like the two of them were both kidnapped, but…there’s only Kanna here…)

Music stops.

"…Could you tell me about what happened after you arrived here?"


"After... I came here… My sister… My sister..."

"It looks like she’s passed out…"

"Dammit, this is some messed up poo poo! She DIED…?! What the hell’d this poor girl do, huh?! Does this culprit even got a heart?!"

"Seems like… this isn’t some joke or a prank."

"I… I don’t like this… This is too awful… just too…"

"Hey now, everybody, don’t lose your cool. You’ve got your friendly policeman here."

"Hey, Keiji! You’re the reliable one here! What should we do?!"

"…You’ve sure changed your tune."

"Well, first things first. Why don’t we confirm what each of us has found in this place?"

"That sounds like a good plan."

"Zat’s just what I was thinkin’ of saying! See, I picked up this thing."

"Bet you could fit a whole watermelon in there…"

"Was this… from the First Trial?"

"Say what?! Did some people have different First Trials?"

"We can discuss that later. First off, let’s open up this box."

"It ain’t gonna. It’s got these keyholes, see?"

"Sara, do you have any ideas?"

"Wha…! Me?"

"I just like catching you off-guard."

(That’s a lousy reason…)

Investigate box.

A large box, big enough to fit a watermelon.

(It’s pretty heavy… Maybe 20 to 30 pounds? And there are 3 keyholes…!)

Use the key from the first trial on the box.

The key fits perfectly in the hole.

(There are 3 keyholes. Which means…)

"Can we use our key, too?!"

"Let’s try it! Oh… and I wonder if Kanna…"

Took a red key from Kanna’s clothes.

(It’s not whittled down, but I’ll give it a shot!)

The other two keys also fit perfectly.

"Alright, this might be dangerous, so leave it to the policeman."

"And it’s open."

"What’s inside?"

"Ahh… you might not want to look."

Unfortunately, I saw before Keiji could speak. Inside was…



"F-For real…?!"


Music stops.

"Wait… isn’t it just a doll?"


"Oh, you’re right."

"Hm? A letter?"

"Find her body…?"

"Where could the body be?"

"Do we even need to find it, meow? This could be a trap, woof!"

"That’s true. I don’t think there’s any need to do what the letter says…"

"Think it’s about time we search outside of this room?"

"I… Isn’t that dangerous?"

"I wanna get back home… Can’t stand to jus’ sit still here."

"L-Let’s move in groups!"

"So that no one does anything suspicious… Right?"


"Sniff… I’m scared… If there’s some other horrible device like the First Trial…"

"Me and Nao can look after Kanna. If you guys’re in danger, haul rear end back here."

(Well then… Who should I go with?)

Feb 11, 2014

(Thinking like this is just going to make me suspect everything.)


"S-sorry! If you can’t trust me… that’s fine…"

"It’s not anything like that, just…"

"Oh, I’m glad to hear that. I trust you too, Miss Sara."

"…But throwing around a word like “trust” just makes you look suspicious, huh…"

"No, no… It’s not like I really distrust you, Sou."

  • Regardless of what we had chosen, Sara will end up paired with Sou; if we had chosen to go with someone trustworthy, Sara internally debates going with Q-Taro, Mishima or Gin. If we'd chosen to act alone, Sara thinks that she's no good at acting in a group. If we had chosen to go with Joe, Joe refuses in favour of searching with Keiji.

"Alright, let’s get searching around. Don’t have any big spills, guys… And be sure to share any info you find."

"Alright, Miss Sara, should we go?"

(The First Trial… a doll head… and a body… Let’s try to find some kind of clue…!)

Investigate the doorways.

There are many exits out of the room. Taking a look through them, most of them lead to dead end passages.

"You see those huge cushions in the dead ends?"

"I wonder… when I fell, did I land on one of those cushions?"

"Same for me. I bet all of us fell in a similar way."

"Joe came carrying you into the hall here. Didn’t imagine you two would be friends though."

Investigate Nao / Kanna / Reko.

Nao and Reko are looking after a fainted Kanna.

"Sara, come runnin’ if you’re in danger, alright? Feel free to leave the heavy lifting to the guys. Then again, the scrawny beanie kid doesn’t look so tough himself… You better run, too."

"W… What a cutting remark… Ahaha."

"Best of luck, everyone…!"

That's everything we can investigate in this room.

"Seems to sell drinks… but I’ve got no money."

Investigate the vending machine.

A vending machine with high prices.

"Water and soda… both cost about 1,000 yen. Talk about price-gouging."

"Seems to be a lot of alcohol present… But you’re underage, so keep away, Miss Sara."

"You’d better not drink at a time like this either, Sou."

"On the other hand, some might say there’s no better time to drink."

Investigate the blackboard.

There’s a bunch of names on the blackboard.

(Our names…! And some strangers’ names, too! Don’t tell me… the people we haven’t seen are…)

Investigate the bottles on the shelf.

A variety of alcoholic drinks.

(None of the drinks seem especially notable.)

Investigate the panel on the right hand side of the counter.

Rechecking the door.

"Let’s open it, I guess."

"...Huah ...Yah!"

"...Won’t open!"

  • Discounting Gin and Kanna (the sixth-grader and middle schooler), Sou is the lightest participant at 49kg / 108lbs. Nao (the shortest and second lightest participant) is two inches shorter than Sou (Nao is 5'4 / 162.5cm, Sou is 5'6 / 168cm), but weighs 2kg / 4.5lbs more. Joe, the second lightest male participant, is 3' taller, but weighs 12kg / 26.5lbs more than Sou.

Talk to Gin.

Gin is searching at a low-eye level.

"Bars are just full of alcohol, meow. I hate alcohol, woof! And I hate my drunkard dad more, meow!"

"Your dad has a bad drinking habit?"

"He’s an annoyance, woof!"

"When you drink, you gotta be sure not to get swallowed up yourself. I’m drinking age, too… I ought to be careful."

Talk to Mishima.

Professor Mishima’s inspecting every inch of the room.

"Oh… Miss Sara. Have you encountered any dangers? Please take utmost caution… Yes…"

  • That's it for the Bar.

"I wonder if our kidnapper is telling us to eat up here?"


Investigate the dart on the table.

There’s something on the table.

"It’s small, but it looks fancy. The tip is sharp, so be careful."

Investigate the lighter on the table.

There’s something on the table.

"That’s an expensive-looking Zippo lighter."

Investigate the window.

I can see the kitchen through the glass.

Investigate the door.

The door to the kitchen is shut fast.

Investigate chandelier.

An elegant chandelier.

Investigate the doorway.

There’s a pitch black area in the back of the cafeteria.

Music stops.

"What an imposing atmosphere…That red lamp is eerie. Don’t think I have the courage to enter that door…"

Investigate red light.

A red lamp eerily illuminates the door.

Investigate the door.

"Whoa! It's not locked..."

"Here goes…!"

Investigate shelves.

There’s nothing on the shelves.

Investigate the rabbits.

Something’s sitting next to the stuffed animals.

(These feel pretty light…)

"Hey… Let me look at those... Ahh. These are dummy bullets."


"They’re like toys. If you put these in a gun, they won’t fire."

"So they’re not real bullets."

"Yeah, they’re safe, at any rate."

"I know, let’s have Keiji look at these. He should have more expertise than us, so maybe he can tell us something."

(Hope we can find clues about the culprit…)

Investigate torso.

A clothed doll torso leans against the wall.

"I...It's not gonna move, is it?"

"Do you remember that note Keiji read?"

"Find the body...! Right, there was that note in there."

"I wonder if the doll head from the box can be combined with this torso…"

"Will that make something happen?"

"It might. Which is a little scary…"

"Y-Yeah, right! Let’s search around some more first! A… Ahaha…"

Investigate the vent.

There’s a heart-shaped vent on the wall.

That's it for these rooms.

"Seems to sell cigarettes. In the back is a smoking area, I guess…? Don’t buy any if you’re underage, of course. Can’t go turning you into a delinquent, Miss Sara."

(Even lots of delinquents don’t smoke, honestly…)

Investigate the vending machine.

The vending machine is stocked with cigarettes. There’s something in the dispensing slot…

"It’s got a high-class feel, huh?"

Investigate the rear of the room.

The back seems to be a smoking area.

"…Pretty lonesome, considering."

"Feels like there’d be some kind of puzzle or trick to this place."

"I’ll rely on your insight, Miss Sara…"

Investigate the red door.

The red door is shut fast.

"How curious…"

Investigate the blue door.

The blue door seems to open easily.

"Seems we can enter anytime."

Investigate dartboard.

"It’s a dartboard. How dreary… Playing here would just feel lonely."


I forcefully throw my dart toward the target. Suddenly, a strong wind blows from above, and the dart plummets into darkness.

"Such a shame! Zero points."

Investigate above the dartboard.

"What’s that thing above the dartboard? Seems like there’s wind blowing…"

Investigate the hole in the floor surrounding the dartboard.

There’s a very deep hole here.

"Yikes… That’s deep, all right. Seems like there’s wind blowing…"

There are human-shaped figures sitting in the chairs.

"Let’s get closer and check them out…"

Investigate one of the figures in the chairs.

Something strange is sitting in the chair.

"Looks like… it’s a doll."

"Let's take it off the chair and inspect it."

"Hm...? The doll's attached to the chair."

"It feels like there’s something to this."

"Well, that’s good, anyway. I don’t know what I’d do if it suddenly attacked!"

Investigate the figure in the upper row of chairs.


Taking a closer look, there’s something between the doll and the chair.

(Is this… a gun?)

Music stops.



"Ahh, sorry, Miss Sara."

"Hey, would you give me that?"

Feb 11, 2014

No music.


"...Ahaha, aren't you scared? Giving this to a total stranger..."


"Feeling relieved because there's no bullets?"

"I understand..."

"I'm happy you trust me, though. Ahaha."

Talk to Joe.

"Wonder what this big painting is for?"

"Finding it curious?"


"Maybe try taking it off the wall."

"I think I’ll check the easy things first, like these chairs."

"Hey, I grew a centimeter since last year. Don’t take me lightly!"

"D…Don’t put me down, man."

"I’ll be calling you “shorty” someday."


Talk to Joe again.

"Uhh… Sou, was it?"

"Ahaha, I’m glad you remembered my name."

"...Ahaha. I think I need to worry more about not dragging her down."

Talk to Kai.

"It would appear this is a doll."

"Its placement here seems significant."

"The head has a weighty feel. When I shake it, I hear this… sloshing sound."

"Is there liquid inside…?"

"The head seems pretty solidly-built, though."


"…Apologies. I was trying to tell a joke."

"At a time like this…?"

"Truly sorry…"

Talk to Q-taro.

"Sure is a suspicious place, I tell you what."

"What are you doing, Q-taro?"

"Just gettin’ a big ol’ view of the room."

Speak to Q-taro again.

"Well now… Doesn’t seem there’s security cameras."

  • Speaking to Keiji will move the story on, so before we do that...

Professor Mishima’s inspecting every inch of the room.

"Please tell me if you need anything, Miss Sara."

"Hmm! What is that?!"


That cigar! A minor can’t be carrying around such a thing!"

"I wasn’t going to smoke it! I thought it might be a clue…

"Is that so… Apologies for my suspicion. Hm… It seems I slip into teaching mode whenever I see a student."

(I’m telling you I won’t smoke it…)

Handed the Cigar over to Professor Mishima.

Talk to Mishima again.

"Hmm? What is that?"

"Eh…? This lighter?"

"Indeed. Did you find it somewhere?"

"Yes, in the cafeteria."

"Perhaps… you mean to light up a…"

"…Whaaa?! I’m not going to smoke!"

(He’s bizarrely wary of underage smoking…)

Handed the Lighter over to Professor Mishima.

Look at the revolver.

A weapon that fires bullets. Can be charged with up to 9 bullets in its circular chamber. What's the large hole in the centre for...?

Combined the Dart with the Revolver!

(Everything’s worth a try… Can I fire the dart with this now?)

Investigate dartboard.


For hitting the bullseye, you get a wonderful gift! Please look into the hole!

Exercising caution as I looked into the hole around the dartboard… I saw something within reach.

Music stops.

"Urgh… That’s the worst…!"

"...Hm? Oh… Looking closer… It’s a doll leg, huh."

"How mean to pull the same trick over and over. I’ll hold on to this."

  • Back to the blue room.

Speak to Keiji.


Received 3 bullets.

"These are…"

"No, they’re not mine. Found ‘em while checking the seats."

"I’ve… never seen these before. Are these real bullets?"

"Probably. Dangerous stuff. So would you take ‘em?"

"Why me…?"

"That said, I can’t give them to Joe either."

"So I’m counting on ya, Sara."

  • The next part automatically happens once you have both types of bullet and revolver.

"Hey, Sara. You found anything out?"

"No… There’s still plenty I don’t get."

Music stops.

"What’s especially strange to me is how there were a gun and bullets in this room. What meaning could there be to the kidnapper giving us a weapon…?"



"A weapon that puts one person at an advantage… Who’d wanna hand that over to someone else?"

(A fight over the weapon… Yeah, that is plausible.)

"But we’ve got good ol’ Sara with us, so we won’t fall for that trap."

"…Why do you trust me so much?"

"‘Cause you’re cute."

(I wonder why…?)

"Didn’t expect you to respond to a compliment with such a dubious look."

"Oh right, Keiji. I found these dummy bullets in the cafeteria."

"...What’s that?"

Handed the Dummy Bullets to Keiji.

"Do these seem like a clue?"

"…I’ll check em out."

Now… What to do while he’s investigating?

Talk to Joe.

"I tried taking this painting off the wall earlier… But it’s stuck on there tight, so no dice."

"Can’t investigate it any more, huh…"

Talk to Keiji.

"I’ll take a close look at these dummy bullets. Just gimme a little time."

  • Q-taro and Kai have nothing new to say.

Music stops.

(I guess I’ll search elsewhere…)

"Oh, Sara. Hold on a sec…"


Before leaving the room, I turned around, and…

Iron bars appeared over the door, separating me from Sou…!

Feb 11, 2014

"It won’t open…! I… I’ll look for something to pry with!"

"Sara! You hurt?!"

"No… I’m okay, but…"

"Dammit, it’s a trap! Who knows what’ll happen! Stay alert!"

Music stops.

"Wha?! Whose voice was that?!"

"Ha ha ha. Don’t sweat the details. I’m the master of the room. You can call me Meister."

"Now, to get right to it, lemme explain the rules of the next game."

"T… The rules…?"

"Well, of course! You wanna stake your life without even knowin’ the rules?! You’re a real character, man!"

"Stake… my life?"

"This one’s simple! Right now, there’s you five humans in this room, right? Glance around the room…! There’s four open seats."

"Targets…? Targets fer what?!"

"Well, I gave ya that cool weapon here in this room, didn’t I?"

"W… We’re gonna be targets for a revolver?!"

"Ha ha ha! Naturally! A regular deathtrap is just old-hat, get me?"

"But, see… First you’ll have to decide who’ll be the Challenger for me."

"You’re tellin’ is to decide who’s gonna shoot without knowin’ what the game is?! Who’s gonna want to be the targets?!"


"Will the Challenger be safe?"

"Yep! Only the targets get to relish the thrill! What a shame!"

"…I see."

Music stops.


"D…Don’t kid me! Ya can’t decide that all on yer own!"

"I suppose it may not be proper to make a young girl handle a gun…"

"I’m in favor of it myself. Sara’s got a clear head."

"Well, Sara? You confident?"

  • Joe is clearly prioritising Sara's survival above all else here. Sara may well be the best person to act as the challenger, but with multiple lives at stake, we can't just make a snap decision without further discussion.


(Joe… In that trial, he did what I counted on him to do… Now, he’s making a request of me…! I can’t possibly tell him I’m not confident!!)

"…Please, let me do it."


"No way. Can’t approve’a that. ‘Snot like I don’t trust ya… Don’t think badly of me."

"… "

"Holding it to a vote… Perhaps… that is the best way to settle this."

"Why don’t we discuss it… and then hold a majority vote?"

"Yeah… Might be the only way."


"…Gotcha. Let’s do it."

"Talk to me when you’re all set. I’ll be standing right here."

"I'm always on your side."

"Once we’ve settled our opinions, we’ll hold a vote at the end."


"You know what’s up! Show Q-taro what makes you worth trusting!"


Music stops.

"No objections there, right? So let’s talk it out."

"Straight to the point: I got experience handlin’ guns. So leave bein’ the Challenger to me."

"Is that true?"

"So you’re saying you’ve had training?"

"…Really now?"


"The mood has become tense…"

"…Hrm… I am undecided. It pains me to put the responsibility on Miss Sara."

"She’ll be fine! Sara’s got a mind of steel! Just call her Steelmind!"


(Don’t get caught up on that part…)

(Rebuttals… There isn’t a lot I can say myself, is there?)

"…I’ll think about it."

"Ask me if you’re not sure! We’ll stress about it together!"

(But won’t necessarily “settle” it…)

"Don’t look so nervous! Put on your usual bigshot attitude!"

"Who do you even think I am…?"

"The Godfather of Sonobeno High School!"

"It's hard to tell everyone to trust me. I'm just... a regular high school student."

"True… Thinking about it logically, you don’t have much ground to stand on, Sara."

"Duke it out…?"

"Yeah! Pit opposing statements against each other to advance the discussion!"

"So you’re saying to borrow the words of others… I’ll give it a try!"

  • We need to extract additional statements from everyone before we can start pitting statements against each other.

Extract statement from Keiji.

"I’ll keep it simple too. Q-taro, even if you do have experience, I can’t trust you."

"We don’t have enough time. Time to build trust, that is."

"…Precisely. And yet, it appears you are very trusting of Miss Sara…"

"Oh, you can tell?"

"If I may offer my interpretation… Perhaps it’s because Sara and Joe are acquainted? Because those two can vouch for each other, you concluded they could be trusted, yes?"

"Do I look that calculating? That comes as a real shock."

"I see…"

"…However, there’s a piece missing from your story."

"…Oh yeah?"


Extract statement from Kai.

"…Hrm… I am undecided. It pains me to put the responsibility on Miss Sara."

"Of course… There is someone who would be suited to such a task… But for some reason, he is not presenting himself as a candidate."


"Whatever the case, if he refuses it, I have no desire to ask him."

"…How troubling."

Extract statement from Q-taro.

"Straight to the point: I got experience handlin’ guns. So leave bein’ the Challenger to me."

"Not a lotta people in this country who handle guns. My experience is valuable, ain’t it?"

"We don’t know what the game entails… But if it requires skill with guns, then yes."

"I’m jus’ considerin’ the best way to beat this game."

"I… I do get what you’re saying, but…"

"You guys gotta think about it rationally."

"…It’s not like we’re not thinking either, okay?"

Conflict Keiji against Q-taro.

Music stops.

"Q-taro, even if you do have experience, I can’t trust you."


"Whyzat?! Ain’t experience important for this?!"

"…Say what?"

"Look at the room. Aren’t these dolls curious?"

"I’m betting… they’re dummy targets."



"What’s important is a cool head. The targets can’t move from the chairs anyhow."

"I’m always cool-headed… Believe it or not."


"It’s an awful thing, when the person you’re looking at could die by your hand."

"You ever experienced that?"


"… I get it."

"Maybe I might not be up for it… But still! I got more to say."

"Suppose I’ll listen…"

"You must’ve been in tons of gunfights in your line o’ work!"


"T-That is true…"

"Indeed, I was wondering about that myself. "

"Why the policeman, who would be most suitable, is not recommending himself."

"…Guess you would think so, huh…"

"If I’m gonna put my life on the line, I want the most dependable person I can get. If it ain’t me, then it’s Keiji… you’re the only one."

"Keiji… What’s the matter…?"


"We won’t know if you keep quiet!"

"If you refuse, I wish to know the reason. At this rate, it will prove an issue… "

Extract statement from Joe.

"Keiji… What’s the matter…?"

"Keiji sure is acting strange…"

"At this rate, the discussion can’t advance…"

"When that happens, try talking to people so you can extract new statements to work with! Your clingy questioning might just lead to an important statement!"

  • Not sure why the game / Joe is reminding us of this now, considering we had to extract statements to get to this point in the discussion.

"Am I that clingy…?"

"I… I’m joking! You know that, right…?"

(I was joking too… But it’s fun to see him flustered.)

"Ahh! Don’t grin at me!"

Extract statement from Kai.

"If you refuse, I wish to know the reason. At this rate, it will prove an issue…"

"Under normal circumstances, I would never press someone this deeply…"

"But our lives are on the line."

(So even Kai can’t remain aloof forever.)

Extract statement from Q-taro.

"Keiji! Doesn’t that mean we should have you be the Challenger?!"

"Ain’t it clear?! Handles guns and cool-headed! The most suitable!"

Extract statement from Keiji.


"Keiji… Why are you staying silent?"



Music stops.


"We’re all being serious! If you don’t talk, we won’t know!"



"Hah hah hah hah!"

"What are you, my mom? Hahaha!"

"Ahh, that was a good laugh… All right, I’ll explain."


"I know it’s pathetic. Should’ve been prepared for that when I became a detective."

"But… If something like that happened, wouldn’t it make the news…?"

"…That’s all. It’s the truth."

(I doubt he’ll tell me any more… But… It seems I’ve extracted a new statement out of Keiji.)

Extract statement from Joe.

"Keiji sure is acting strange…"

"At this rate, the discussion can’t advance…"

"When that happens, try talking to people so you can extract new statements to work with! Your clingy questioning might just lead to an important statement!"

"Which is exactly the thought process that let me to extract a new statement already."

"Wha?! You were just teasing me, Sara?!"

(Got ‘im.)

"Grrr… Don’t give me that cocky look!"

Extract statement from Keiji.

"…I shot a person. Since then… I haven’t been able to fire a gun."

"…Sheesh. Look what you’ve made me say. But… well, guess it’s a load off my shoulders."

  • Q-taro and Kai have nothing new to stay.

Conflict Keiji against Q-taro.

Music stops.

"…’Zat the truth?"


"…On the job, right? Did the one you shoot… die…?"


"…Traumatic, I bet…"

"…Real sorry I can’t live up to your expectations."

"…Wouldn’t wanna make you do it, then."

"S… So then you’ll count on Sara! Right, Q-taro?!"


"Huh?! Q-taro!!"

(I’ve managed to convince him this much with everyone else’s words…)


(But in the end… I have to persuade Q-taro myself!!)

"Use your words… and prove to me… that you’re worth trustin’!"


  • It was already discussed that experience with a gun is likely unnecessary.

I can't trust somebody who's got no experience with a gun!

"Keiji said earlier that skill with a gun is irrelevant here!"


"I don’t have experience, but I can think calmly! And I’m determined to save everyone!"


  • One of Sara's main arguments - that she has more motivation than Q-taro to win at the challenge - applies just as much to Joe as it does to her. We don't really have a good reason as to why Kai shouldn't be the challenger, but we do have a reason for why Keiji can't be the challenger.

We should leave it to Keiji!

"Keiji’s trauma means he isn’t even able to point a gun at a person!"

"But… even still…"

"Would you put your life in the hands of someone who doesn’t even trust himself?!"

"Dammit…! That’s true…"

  • The motivation angle's already been covered, all Sara can do is re-confirm that she does have the confidence.

You really got confidence?

"I do! I can say this much loud and clear! I’m confident I can save everyone!"

"…! No value in trustin’ yer life to somebody with no confidence. If even this doesn’t freak ya, that’s nothin’ to sneeze at!"

  • There's only really one statement here that's relevant to the current situation. The other two are “what-if's.”

Are you fine with puttin’ everything on Sara?!

"Joe and Keiji have acknowledged me from the start!"


"And even now, that hasn’t been shaken! Q-taro, please, believe in me too!"


  • This isn't about trust, and Sara can't say with absolute certainty that she'll win the challenge when she still doesn't know what the challenge entails.

She might even end up shootin’ her own friend!

"That’s exactly why I definitely won’t mess this up! Not only Joe, but Q-taro, Keiji, Kai… I won’t let any of your lives be taken! Q-taro, right now… You can’t possibly feel a stronger determination than me!"

"…! You got a point there. To me, you’re strangers I just met, all of ya.... Can I bet on… your desire to save your friend…?"

"Please, count on me!"

"…What a weird-rear end high school girl!"

Music stops.

(Me too… I’ve never strained my voice so much before.)

"Bein’ honest and arguin’ it out is kinda refreshing, though."


"Well, the discussion’s settled down. Shall we have our vote soon?"

"Right. Sorry, know you two are tired, but let’s get started."

  • This “War of Words” is more or less a practise; even if we'd responded incorrectly to all five of Q-taro's points, Sara, Joe and Keiji will still vote for Sara to be the challenger, giving her the majority vote. Q-taro will vote for Sara or himself depending on how many points you successfully refute. Kai always votes for Q-taro regardless.

"Well… Seems it’s decided."

"There’d be no objections, right?"

"Hahaha! Naturally!"

"Sara, hardly any kids these days can make themselves as clear as you can. I feel like I can bet on you!"

  • Even if Q-taro does vote for himself, he gracefully accepts that he lost the vote.


"What a cool thing to say."

"Man, just lookin’ at you guys just makes me feel like I’m bein’ selfish."

"Alright! Good luck with the rest, Sara! It’s all riding on you!"

"…Right! Leave it to me!"

"Well then, shall we take our seats?"


(Things are just about to get started!)

Talk to Joe.

"Man, my heart’s pounding! I believe in you, Sara!"

Talk to Keiji

"I’d rather not die, so good luck."

Talk to Q-taro.

"I’m countin’ on ya, Sara! I’m sure you can do it!"

Talk to Kai.

"No need for panic when it’s something important."

Talk to Meister.

"Yo. That took forever."

"You found the gun and bullets in this room earlier, right?"

You’ve got 3 live bullets and 6 dummies.

"You gotta fire all 9 bullets into everyone – human and doll - in any order you like. Also, the bullets are fired in clockwise order…"

"If you fire all the bullets and all the humans survive, you win! I call it Russian Roulette! …’Cause that’s just what it is."

"Alright! Then let’s begin! First, load up the gun how you like it!"

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Feb 11, 2014

Amidiri posted:

Yeah, I'm thinking Live - Dummy - Dummy - Live - Dummy - Dummy - Live - Dummy - Dummy. It takes two shots maximum to determine where you are in the pattern (If you blow up the doll you point at first, the next two rounds are safe; if you don't blow up the first two dolls you point at, the third round is a live round) and is simple to remember because it's identical no matter where in the barrel you start.


Music stops.

"Alright, lock in the barrel!"

"And let the barrel spin!"


"It’s stopped! Now fire in any order you want!"

"Hey, there’s only three real bullets. It’s simple!"

(This is one thing I can’t mess up…I’m going to do this, on my own…!)

Talk to Joe.

"I’m a little worn out… Hehehe."

Talk to Keiji.

"Your friendly policeman’s rooting for ya."

Shoot any doll except for the one that has already been shot.

Talk to Q-taro.

"Everybody gonna be okay?"

Talk to Kai.

"As expected of you, Miss Sara."

  • Even though we've already passed the challenge, the game doesn't move on until all bullets have been fired.

Music stops.

"Oh… Ohh… Ohhh!"

"No complaints here, you win! Seems a puzzle like this was a piece of cake for you!"

"Truly brilliant! You deserve a hand!"

Music stops.


"Hahaha! Be glad! And accept it! See ya!"



"I changed my mind on you! Honestly, I regret makin’ light of you!"

"Miss Sara, that arm…"

"It’s artificial. …What a cruel trick! It came falling down from above!"


"Seems relevant to that note with the doll’s head."

"So… it’d be a good idea to take this along?"

"Guess we gotta. I’ll carry it in this box."

Q-taro put the arm in the box.

(H-He stuffed it in so crudely…)

"Okay, we’ve got a clue of sorts. Let’s get out."

"Sou never came back, did he?"

"Huh… Wonder where he went."

"Did we lose ‘im…?"

"Oh well, I guess… Sara, you were with Sou, right?"

"It’s dangerous to be alone, so I’ll search together with you."

  • Under the circumstances, Keiji probably is the best person to search with.

"Ghoof…! My kindness, rejected…!"

"Ahh, you’re too good to settle for me, Sara. I’ll keep shabbily tagging with Q-taro and Kai."

"Well then, I’ll put up with Joe."

"I’m at least as good as a pebble on the ground!"

"Well, we’ll be heading out."

"Ah, hold on! You got a second…?"

Music stops.

(He left…)

"Miss Sara."


"Earlier… I neglected to thank you. Allow me to state my gratitude for taking on such an important role."

"Thank you very much for saving us amid such great pressure."

"How gallant…"

"Miss Sara, you are no average high schooler. Keiji noted that you are clear-headed…"

"Indeed, you have a mind of steel. However… Overdoing it brings harm to yourself."

"…You must not shoulder too much."


Music stops.

"Come to think of it, Kai, why did you…"



"Miss Sara…? Is something the matter…?"

Why now… Why did I only just notice…?

Why did I remember?

Feb 11, 2014

No music.

"A… Ah, I’m fine…"

I can hardly get any words out… I can’t let him suspect me. I can’t let him realize...


"…Miss Sara."

"Sara! Are you okay?!"


"It’s okay… I just felt a little drained…"

"Don’t push it! Lean on my shoulder and we’ll rest."

"Got it…!"

"…I’m okay now."

"For real?"

"Really… "

"In exchange… If I say any complaints… You better come help me right away."

Investigate above the dartboard.

"Don't you feel wind blowing from above the dartboard? Doesn't seem like an air conditioner or anything."

Investigate the hole.

"Don't slip and fall down it!"

Investigate blue door.

"That's the room where we did Russian Roulette."

Investigate red door.

"Won't open, huh..."

Music stops.


"H-Hey, is it okay for you to be up?"

"…I… I…"

"No… It’s not that…"

"I just… really wanted to ask you…"


"Please… give me an answer…"

"Back then… could Kanna have… actually saved her sister?"


"I was disoriented… so I didn’t hear what everyone else said. But you and Joe… and Mishima and Nao… You all had the same trial, right…?"


"…Could Kanna… have saved her?"


  • Honestly, we can't answer this. Though the Sara / Joe, Nao / Mishima pairs both got through their trial successfully, the box Q-taro had worked with Kanna's unwhittled key. Maybe Kanna's trial was designed so that only one person would survive.

I was about to tell her the truth, when...

"Oh my, Miss Kanna. Reko and Nao were looking for you, you know?"


"I heard you talking here, so I came over."


"Mr. Mishima…"


"Please tell me… I…"


"Because we only had one key, we… We had to remove the other restraints by force."


"…Luckily, Miss Nao had myself, and Miss Sara had Joe."

  • Lucky for Mishima that Nao and Sara weren't paired with Sou.

"I…It’s not a lie! This is the truth, Kanna!"

"I suppose it was a trial of… both assessing the situation, and of might. For you and your sister… It was a trial with hardly any chance of success…"

"I… I don’t believe it! I won’t! You’re all trying to deceive me…"

"It’s true, Kanna."

"S… Sara…"

"E… Even if it sounds like a lie… It won’t change the reality…"

"We’re all telling you… the truth…"


"Miss Kanna… You regret it, yes?"

"I… Kanna…"

"Her sister was frantically trying to help! But Kanna’s an idiot… She didn’t listen…!!"

"What was your sister like…?"


"…Sister… My sister was… kind… Even when we fought… she’d never be cruel…!"

"She was always thinking about Kanna…!"


Music stops.

"Was it not that your very existence gave your sister happiness?"


"Miss Kanna, I can sense that you were loved, as if it were in the very air."

"Surely… Surely, you were raised with the utmost care, were you not? I’m sure she was a wonderful sister."

"…Ah… Aah… sniff…"

"Miss Sara, if you were her sister, what would you say to her?"

"Kanna… When you smile, it makes me happy, and when you cry, it makes me sad."

"Let me… protect my dear sister. The fact you’re alive… makes me happy!"

"…Sis… ter… I miss you… sister…"

"Now, the time for blaming yourself has passed. Your sister is surely watching you from somewhere."


"Kanna won't give in…! Because… her sister is watching…!"

"Dammit, you nutty professor! What happened to “shout when you find her”?!"

"Oh dear, it appears I’m being yelled at."

"That’s not it, Reko. See, um… Let’s go and I’ll explain, okay?"

"…Hm? R-Really…? Sure, okay…"

"I will return to searching, myself."

  • Mishima lied, but he had nothing but good intentions.

"No, I am thankful to you…"

"It’s thanks to you two following along that I was able to make something of it."

"Nah, I couldn’t do a thing…"

"Miss Sara. Do you understand why Miss Kanna came to talk to you?"


"…I do…?"

"Miss Sara… Until we can leave here… Please take the role of Miss Kanna’s older sister for her."


"And Joe, her younger brother."

"C’mon, not the elder brother?!"

"Hahaha… Well then, another time…"

(Me, act as Kanna’s older sister? I wonder if… I can do a thing like that…)

Talk to Nao, Kanna and Reko.

The three are chatting calmly.

"Glad you regained consciousness, Kanna."

"Thank you very much… Sorry to worry you."

"Kids don’t gotta be all respectful! Let your feelings out as they are."

"Reko… It seems like you’re enjoying yourself too."

  • We only need to collect the dummy bullets and revolver with Sou. Everything else; collecting the dart, lighter and finding the leg can be held off until after the Russian Roulette.

"Alright, let’s open it up!"

  • Not sure why Sara just didn't ask Mishima to open the door after Sou tried.

"Whew… That was one stiff door!"

Investigate behind the door.

It’s dark behind the sliding door.

"Maybe there’s some clue in there!"

Joe stuck his hand into the darkness.

"Hm… What’s this?"

"I think I saw this online once… It’s a tool for cutting cigars to smoke them."

  • If Sara picks up the lighter when she's searching with Joe, Joe admires it before rapidly flipping it open and closed.

(Do I look like I would…?)

"…Oh! More importantly, there’s something bigger in the back! Alright, what’s this?"


"Looks like this one’s a doll limb too. Take it, Joe."

"Wh… Why are you so calm…"

Talk to Gin.

Gin is searching at a low eye-level.

"Bars are just full of alcohol, meow."

"I hate alcohol, woof! And I hate my drunkard dad more, meow!"


"What…? You’ve got a quiet look, woof."

"Hey, once we get out of here, let’s play together, Gin!"

  • :smith:

"Huh! Then I’ll beat you up in video games ‘til you’re crying, woof!"

Talk to Mishima.

Professor Mishima’s inspecting every inch of the room.

"Please tell me if you need anything, Miss Sara."

"Oh, oh? What is that?"

"Huh…? You mean the cigar cutter?"

"Precisely. It’s a tool used for smoking cigars… You won’t be smoking, will you, Miss Sara?"

"O-Of course not! Obviously…!"

"Ah, well… Then… err… Could I take it?"

"Uh… Professor Mishima, are you going to smoke a cigar?"

(As long as you’re an adult, I think it’s fine…)

Handed the Cigar Cutter over to Professor Mishima.

Professor Mishima is grinning.

"Oh… Miss Sara."

"Professor Mishima, did something good happen?

"W-W-W-What are you speaking of?! There’s nothing…! Indeed…!"

"Like, maybe… You’re happy about the cigar?"

"That cigar looks really expensive, huh?"


"Might not be something you can buy in Japan…"


"Should someone put it back where it was?"

"What in the world are you saying?! …Ah, err… well…"

"I know! Perhaps it would be good to inspect the cigar first! Yes!"

"Hmm… Let us try using the cutter on this cigar.

Professor Mishima cuts it with a practiced hand.

"Oh…? What is this?"

Amazingly, there was a bill inside the cigar.

"Aha…! It seems it wasn’t a real cigar!"

"What a relief. Smoking is bad for you, after all. Ahh, thank goodness, thank goodness…"


"Miss Sara, please take the unused lighter and this 1000-yen bill. When I really think about it, you will likely find more use for them."

(…So he did intend to use the lighter.)

Professor Mishima looks dejected.

A vending machine with high prices.

"Both water and soda cost 1000 yen!! Wow! What must that even taste like?!"


"…! Is that a doll arm?!"

"It’s way too realistic… Wish they’d cut it out…"

"Oh, lemme hold onto it, Sara. Be grateful!"

  • That's all the limbs.

Music stops.

"Open ‘er up…!"

Investigate the torso.

A clothed doll torso leans against the wall.

(Head, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. This should be everything.)

"…We’re doing it…! Okay, I’ll call the others!"

"Well now… We’re finally doing it."

"Hey, actually… Where have you even been?"

"Sou…! You’re okay!"

"That’s my line! …Good, so everyone’s safe."

"My heart is beating fast… What could possibly happen…?"

"I got the door open just in case."

"So our escape route’s secured!"

Keiji skillfully attached the parts to the doll torso placed there… The right arm… left arm… right leg… left leg… And… the head.


…Nothing’s happening?

"…Wait. You smell somethin’?"


"Hey… Is it just me, or is the room going white?!"

"P…Poison…?! Not good… we need to leave the room…!"

(I can’t see anything…!)

I can’t even see past my own hands. There’s nowhere to run.

Are we all going to suffocate?

I’m not… prepared.

"H… Huh?! Y… You’re… The doll?!"

"Heeheehee… Yes, I am the doll that you just rescued. Advanced, am I not?"

"Haaaaah?! The hell’s goin’ on here?!"

"Stay away from me, you creepy-rear end puppet!!"

"Ehehe. There’s nothing to fear, you see? I will offer you all support…"

"Ah… oogh… oooh…"

"Ahaha… Sigh… Is there no one who can speak calmly here?"

"I'll ask. Just what are you?"

"Tell the friendly policeman too. I’m not really following here…"

"Ehehe. Then we’ll begin with my introduction…"

"Ehee. My master has instructed me to guide you brave souls, who have overcome several trials, to the Main Game."

"Your master… In other words, you’re on the side of the kidnappers."

"S… So you’re our enemy?! Don’t try and say you’re not!!"

"Ahaha! How very serious! Ahaha!"

"Ehee… heehee… I know… I just have to tear you up first…"

"Tear us up…?!"

"Ahahaha. As a warning, yes…"

A beep sounds.


Music stops.

"Ehehe. Anyone will do, heehee. If it’ll make you quiet…"

"W… What did you do?!"

"Eheehee, what indeed?"

"Hey!! Answer me!!"

"Ahaha, oh, very well."

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Feb 11, 2014

"Ahaha! Get away, get away! It’s dangerooous!"

Beeps become louder, then fade away.

"Pant… pant… pant…"

"A… A lie…"

"…You piece of poo poo…!!"


"Eheh, it’s so funny, ahah, I can’t, heehee, even talk, mweeheeheehee…"

"She’s out of her mind, meow…"

(Out of her mind… Or not human to begin with?)

"Heeheehee. A chosen 20... no."

"Ahaha... Is it only 12 now? Ohoho."

"You will soon undergo a great trial in order to escape outside."

"And that one person..."

"Shall be decided by your own majority vote."


"I’m saying that you’ll pick it yourselves.

"Stop talkin’ nonsense…!! Like we’re gonna do somethin’ like that!!"

"Ahaha. Then by all means, starve to death here, all of you."

"Whoa, just laying it on the table."

(Pick… one of us…? What… What is she saying? I can’t comprehend…)

Not one of us could speak up anymore. We could kill one of these people, stuck in the same situation…? Who we had considered allies? Or else… we would be killed by them…?

"Ahaha, don’t go so pale, everyone! I’ve got something good to hand out!"

Something good…?

My head won’t work… I hardly understand what she’s saying…

"Ahaha. Here, Sara, Chidouin, have this tablet."

"Ehehe, does everyone have one now? Let us test the functionality with some actual use."

"When voting, if you know who voted for who, it turns into a quarrel, doesn’t it? Eheehee… Thus, by voting with these tablets, you won’t know who made what vote."

"Oh my… It appears to be a bit one-sided."

"Hm… So this is a tablet for voting…"

"Ahaha. Is there something you want to say?"

"Eheehee. Unfortunately, I do not."

"A pity…"

"Ehehe. More importantly, are you sure?"


Music stops.

Beeping starts again.

Beeping continues.

"…What are you doing…?"


"It won’t explode, will it…?"

"Ahaha, no, it won’t explode…"

"What did you say…?"

"P… Professor…?"

"Eheehee. Aheh, aheehahaha!"

The collar was visibly changing color.


(Professor Mishima…!!)

A smell lingered in the air. A smell I’d never experienced before…

"Take it off!! Take it off, old man!"


Professor Mishima pushed Nao away.

And with that, he fell backwards in front of Kanna.

"Help!! The professor!! The professor’s going to die!!"

"D…Don’t!! If you touch that collar…!!"

Music stops.


"Hee… heehee, heeahahaha…!! Bwahah…!"

"Ahhhh… sniff… ahhh…!!"

"Hahahahahaha!! How unladylike. You wet yourself?"

"You’ve learned what a majority vote means from this experience, haven’t you?"

Awful… This is too awful…

It wasn’t an instant pain. He was burned at length… And unable to even writhe… he died.

  • And even going through that, Mishima was still concerned with Nao's safety.

"Heehee… heeheehee… You annoy me, you powerless little girl… …No."

Music stops.


"I… I…"

"Hahaha, I saw all of it. How miserable you were in your First Trial, Kanna."

Don’t trample on her. On Professor Mishima’s concern for Kanna. On the words he left her.


"You little…!!"

  • Miley's amusement doesn't extend to her own pain.

"So even dolls bleed red."

"…Don’t think you can do this… and just get away scot-free…!!"

"Dammit!! drat it!! I’ll remember this!!"

"I’ll be waiting… on the grounds of the Main Game…!"

"Are you all right?

I don’t understand…

Professor Mishima’s death… Nor who Kai is.

But… Yes… even if what awaits is us killing each other by majority vote… However cruel a future it is… I can’t…

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Feb 11, 2014

While returning from high school with Joe, I encountered my stalker. When I ran home... my mom had collapsed. After that... I don't remember.

After making it through Russian Roulette, I feel the others trusting me more. I'm glad, but... it's hard being treated like a leader.

After finding out about my stalker, he's been kind to me, in his own way. He's the only one I know in this place.

Joe trusted me in both the First Trial and Russian Roulette. Maybe the reason I'm calm is because I have this guy around.

His laid-back behavior feels somehow shady. If feels like he's trying to guide others to put their trust in me.

But... Before Russian Roulette, he confessed to shooting a person. Apparently, he hasn't been able to fire a gun ever since.

Full of regret, she asked me about the First Trial. Professor Mishima happened to be there and lied out of concern for Kanna. I followed along.

I hid the truth... because it was cruel. But Miley called Kanna a sister-killer...! Maybe Kanna resents me for hiding the truth... Even though she sees her sister in me...

Despite his giant, gaudy appearance, he's very wary. Apparently he was raised in an odd orphanage, so his dialect is all over the place.

We had a confrontation over Russian Roulette, but he submitted and seemed to trust me after. Seems like a truthful and logical good sport.

He's slender and might be pretty weak, considering he couldn't even open a sliding door. On the other hand, he made a sudden change when I picked up the gun... It was a little scary.

For Russian Roulette, Sou was left outside the room. I'm curious about the "secret room" he mentioned finding while we were dealing with that.

A band member with a flashy look, worried for her dear bongos. Apparently this is "plain" makeup. Has a lot of harsh words for men.

Meanwhile, she's super nice to me, Nao, and Kanna. She even shows Sou some concern, so maybe she's kind to the weak, and harsh on the strong...

She escaped the First Trial by working with Mishima. They have a trusting relationship, and I saw Nao getting angry with those who badmouthed him.

But... Professor Mishima... was killed by Miley. ...I'm worried for Nao.

His behavior is out-there, and he says things that could be joking or serious. In Russian Roulette, he didn't vote for me, yet approved of me.

But... He's the stalker. He could have something to do with this kidnapping incident. So I thought, but he gave Miley a good whack. He's an enigma...

He seems to have gotten attached to me, called me "big sis Sara." His positivity in this uneasy situation is very unlike a grade-schooler.

But I don't know how Gin's mental state might change from seeing a tragedy happen before him. ...Even I've never seen such a horrible thing before.

Cleared the First Trial with Nao, and showed concern for all. Probably loved to smoke, despite his denial. He told a white lie for Kanna's sake.

That Professor Mishima... died. Miley's vote, claimed to be a practice... killed him. Being burned by his collar had to be painful. I... I'll make Miley pay.

Feb 11, 2014

"I… I…"

"I feel like I’ll never paaaaaaaaaaaaass!!"

"Exams are a ways away yet. And I’m sure you’ll be fine, Miss Nao."

"I can’t…!! If I fail, I… What’ll I even do?!"

"Hrmm… Please calm down. I’m busy driving…!"

"It seems you feel quite cornered…"

Music stops.


"…Err… Miss Nao."

"Huh…?! You did, professor…?"

"Yes, indeed."

"I had grades as good as anyone’s… And a more or less serious lifestyle…"

"I put in a perfectly good effort. …At least I believed so."

"However, where some will pass, others will fail. There’s nothing that can be done about it. And, being more conceited than the average person… I lashed out at everything."

"However, people can always improve themselves."

"Hmm! As I’d expect from one so devoted to art! In truth, not everyone can focus wholeheartedly on hobbies. So it’s wonderful to have them, Misss Nao."

"The things you can proudly say you like… These things will save you someday!"


"Well, in my case… it was time."

"It required an above-average amount of time… But I regained the courage to face forward. And such is why now… I enjoy my time with you and the rest of the class."

"Though I failed, I gained happiness. The dream I had pictured did not come to pass, but the reality I found was much like a dream."


Music stops.

Despair falls over us…

We keep our distance. Nao alone sits near Professor Mishima.

(How should I sort out these feelings? I can’t… think of what to say to Nao…)

Talk to Nao.

Nao is sitting by the professor, dumbfounded.

Investigate Mishima.

Professor Mishima… in a pool of blood… I’m afraid to come any closer.

Suddenly, as I looked toward the exit…


"Miss Sara… Look at this…"

Sou slowly closed the door to the room.

(There’s a message here…!)

"Read it, Miss Sara…"


"The Second Trial… It’s named just like that first one we did…"

"We never noticed… this note…!"

"Dammit! It’s all ‘cause I said to keep the door open in case there was danger…!!"

"…We were clearly led into doing so. This room had an ominous air even before entering."

(It was an avoidable trap! If we’d just checked the door…! Professor Mishima…)

(I’m… worried about Nao…)

Talk to Nao.

"Professor… Professor…"

"This is… just a lie, right? Professor…"

Nao… weakly shook Professor Mishima’s body.

And his scorched, fragile neck… fell.

"N… Nao! D… Don’t touch that!"

"Don’t look, Gin! Stay away!"

"Dammit…!! Dammit!! What the hell!!"

Music stops.

"Who… who voted… for Mishima…?"

"H… Huh?! I mean… it’s because of the votes he…!"

"It’s always possible everybody voted for someone ‘sides themselves, you know!!"


"…Settle down, now."


"You’d know that, right, Sara?"

  • Joe's reaction is understandable, but Keiji is right, there's no evidence that whomever did vote for Mishima did with bad intentions. Right now, nothing good could come of finding out who voted for who.

"...Keiji is right. We shouldn't talk about the votes, Joe."



"I got it…"

Joe staggered out of the room.

Talk to Gin.


"Gin, I know how you feel, but you shouldn’t be here…"

"…J-Just a little longer, meow…"


Talk to Keiji.



"They all need time to think right now."

"So do you, Sara… And me too, ‘course."

"…I’m sure everybody’ll come back."

  • There's nothing Sara can do here.

Talk to Kai.

Kai is staring directly at the kitchen.

"It is locked… Perhaps there’s nothing to be done."

"Ah, now that isn’t very nice. I just want to cook for everyone, that’s all."

"Granted… I doubt there are any ingredients in the kitchen."

"How stingy."

Music stops.


(Is this person… really my stalker…?)

(…I thought, if he was the stalker… he’d be with the kidnappers. But… When he hit Miley, I sensed undeniable hostility.)

"Miss Sara…?"

"Err, Kai… Are you…"

(The lights…!)

"Miss Sara, are you all right?"

"I’m fine."

"It may be a trap. Let us look for the switch."

Investigate under the table.

(It’s… a card?)

(What… is this…?)

I hid the card before I could even think.

"I-I’m okay. Looks like the lights came on."

"Let us look at the other rooms to see if anything occurred in that moment."

(Is it invisible in the light…? I’d better check the back, too…)

Feb 11, 2014

(Keymaster…? The other text seemed to disappear, so… What does “Keymaster” mean?)

(If I don’t follow those rules… I’ll die? …I feel like I’m being led by them again…)

No music.

Where there had been nothing before, now there were stairs.

(Is this another trap…?)

Investigate the stairs.

A large staircase leading up.

Talk to Sou.

"Look, Miss Sara! There are these stairs here now."

"Wonder where they lead…"

"I don’t know… But…"

"Miley left a few spots of blood. I’m sure she went up here."

"That’s too rash! If you screw up… She’ll kill you with your collar."

"Hopefully nobody gets mad and goes after her… Couldn’t stand having collective responsibility for someone getting killed…"

(I can't imagine anyone would go up these stairs on their own, but…)

"You aren’t thinking of going up, are you, Miss Sara?"

"I’m telling you for your own good… You should refrain for now."

"More importantly, there’s something I wanna show you."


Sou leaves.

"Ah, Sou…!"

(I wonder what he wants to show me…)

Talk to Q-taro.

"Now when’d this get here…!"

"Dunno ‘bout that… But whatever the case, bet we gotta go…"

"Dammit, it’s just gonna be a trap anyhow…! Whaddya think, Sara?"

"…Everyone’s on edge right now… If we go, we should get everyone together first."

"……… "

"…But you heard about the Main Game… right? We’re gonna… make one of us die…?"

"You… might have a point, but…"


"Awright. I’m gonna wait."

"Gonna try an’ believe in you. We’ll go up here when everyone’s assembled. Anybody tries to go up on their own, I’ll catch ‘em but good."

"Please don’t be rough, okay?"

Talk to Q-Taro again.

"We'll go up these stairs... when everyone's assembled. Can't imagine we'll be able to act all friendly like before though..."

Music stops.

"…Miss Sara. This way, this way. I’m over here…"

"What…? Sou, is that you?"

I held the lighter in the direction of his voice.

(To think this was here…)

"What did you want to show me in this place?"

"Check what’s on the desk."

Investigate bookshelves.

"It’s hard to see in the dark, but there are bookshelves."

"They’ve got proper covers… But they’re all blank notebooks on the inside. Keiji was saying there might be a meaning to the ordering of the books, though."

(Keiji came here, too…?)

Investigate desk.

There’s something placed on the desk.

(…! It’s a laptop computer!)

"Very intriguing, right?"

"I did try starting it up. There’s no power cord, but it seems to be running on battery power."

"So once the battery’s dead, it’s over. Want to investigate what’s on it, but…"

"Umm… About that…"

"So you can’t see what’s stored on it?"

"I tried some random passwords, but all I accomplished was draining battery… "

"…You got any ideas?"

"Aha! That’s a possibility."

"And if it opens with someone’s name… There’s a good chance they’re the laptop’s owner!"

"…But if it’s a name we don’t know, there’d be no way for us to learn it."

"It’d be best if we could just conveniently find a piece of paper with the password…"

"Now that would definitely be a trap."

"…Yeah. Hmm… If we just had a hint..."

"Ahh… …A hint, huh?"

"Maybe this is a hint from the kidnappers."

"What do you mean?"

"There’s probably information on here that’s valuable to us, but worthless to them."

"And we can’t see it once the battery goes dead, so it’s like a time-limited treasure chest."

(…I can't see them being that kind.)

"Okay, I’m going to stay here and work on figuring out the password! Miss Sara, tell me if you find any clues."

(…I shouldn’t get too hopeful. But I do need to have hope, and keep my head up…)

(Until the battery runs out… Maybe Sou will be able to keep his head up, too.)

  • That's it for here.

Talk to Reko and Kanna.

"Here… Wipe off with this."

"…Thank you very much…"

"Tch, drat puppet… As if you’ve even got a change of clothes."

"You two…"

Music stops.


Kanna looked at me with very surprised eyes.

(…I… lied to Kanna. Because of that lie… I deeply wounded Kanna’s heart.

(“Sister-killer”… It’s all because Miley said that awful thing…!)

"Hey, Sara, you think you could look for somethin’ Kanna could wear?"

"No problem."

(It feels a little jarring for you to be saying that right now…)

Talk to Joe.

Joe sits alone, hanging his head.

  • Let's respect his wishes. Joe wasn't as close to Mishima as Nao, or maybe even Gin, but after Miley's “joke”, Joe probably understands more than anyone how Mishima felt in his last moments.

(I can’t talk to him right now…)

"…Oh, Sara."

"…Ulp. You noticed me, Joe…"


"Wonder why… I’ve never had a drink in my life."



"…Hey, Sara."

Music stops.

"Eh…? Joe… Have you been doubting it the whole time?"

Feb 11, 2014


"drat, I’m a loser, aren’t I… Just a little difference in opinion’s got me uneasy."



(Now that’s strange… Wasn’t Joe the first one to suggest there was?)

"But the more I try to believe, the more suspicious I get…"


"Listen, Sara."



"…Nah, sorry. Yeah, pretend I never asked."

(Because he wants to believe… he suspects…)

(One thing’s for sure… It’s better if we know more about each other.)



"I… It’s nothing."

(What am I thinking…?)

"Leave it to me, Joe."

"Y-You serious?"

Investigate the chair.

Music stops.

(?!... What…?!)

Kanna is sitting in the chair.

"This is…"

"…A doll…"

(I can’t see the parts hidden under clothes, but everything seems… disturbingly detailed.)

(Even the clothes… look exactly the same…)

Stripped off the doll’s clothes.

(Alright… )

(…Even if it’s a doll, it feels awkward to just leave it here…)

I placed the Kanna doll in a discreet spot.

(Sorry, Miss doll.)

Talk to Kanna and Reko.


"Sara, you found anything Kanna could wear?"

"…I found this in the Blue Room."

"Wha…! Ain’t this the same exact uniform?!"

"…Thank you very much…"



Music stops.

Kanna moved away from me with a start.

"H… Hey, Kanna…? Easy now. What’s up?"


"I’m… sorry… Please don’t be nice to me anymore…"

"Sara! Hey! What’s the deal?"

  • If Reko doesn't understand the situation, she could unintentionally make it even worse.

(… I’m scared…)

(I’m sure Reko will tell me I should have told the truth then… But I…)

"Sara, look me in the eye. …Don’t sit there an’ brood over crap."


"Talk to me. Or are you just not listenin’ to what I say?"

"…I understand…"

Screen fades to black while Sara explains.

"Mishima said that…?!"

"Cut it out! Don’t say that poo poo! Did you mean to hurt her?! ‘Course not, right?!"


  • Reko responds the same way regardless of who you choose to blame.

"Sure, Mishima was the first to lie…! And I dunno if that was right or not…!"

"But guess what?! There was hope in Kanna’s eyes!"


"Dammit…! Why… "


"Guess it ain’t fair to decide he’s no good just ‘cause he’s a man…"

"I get the sitch now. I’ll back Kanna up, Sara."

"It’s what we do now that’s important, right?"

"Yes…! "

Talk to Reko again.

"Kanna's one thing... But I'm worried for Nao too."


Music stops.

(…?! Was there just a figure there…?)

Investigate the red door.

The seemingly-locked red door is now open.

Music stops.

"I-Is somebody there?!"

(I’m uneasy about acting alone… I might want to head back for now…)

I turned around, and found the door had shut.


(It won’t open! I’ve been locked in…!)

Investigate candle.

A candle.

Investigate the top of the bookcase.

There's a box on top of the bookcase that looks like it'd need both hands to carry.

(Ngh… Just barely too high to reach. Is there anything I can use to get a boost?)

Investigate grandfather clock.

A clock with no hands.

Investigate picture.

The corners of the frame are held on by screws and nails.

Investigate bottle.

(It's a bottle... There's water inside.)

Investigate the bookcase.

There are books on the bookcase.

(The covers look proper, but they’re all blank on the inside… It’s not exactly polite… But I’ll step on the books to get to the box on top.

(This’ll do.)

Re-check the box.

(Let’s look inside…)

(These are large and long…)

Investigate the clock on the bookcase.

There’s a digital clock in the back of the bookcase.

(It’s stopped at 28:75…)

Investigate pile of books.

A pile of books. Stable enough to stand on.

Investigate the bear.

A large teddy bear.


Investigate the table.

Notes of some kind are scattered about.

(Professor Mishima’s name is on this… Along with some people I don’t know.)

(Hm…? Alice… Yabusame?)

(…I’ll hold onto this…)

Investigate the box under the shelf.

A box that has a lid affixed with screws.

Use lighter on the candle.

(Should I light this candle?)

Use the needles on the grandfather clock.

(The two needles seem to be this clock's hands.)

As the pendulum started to move, something stuck inside fell out.

Use torn paper on the bear.

A red liquid leaks from the teddy bear's eyes.

(…It’s creepy… but I feel kind of bad. I’ll wipe it with the other paper I picked up that doesn’t seem very useful.)

(…Hmm… Something came out of its mouth.)

Use tools on the box under the shelf.

(I’ll use the flathead screwdriver…)

Opened the box.

(There’s another tool…)

Investigate the red stain on the floor.

Red liquid drips onto the floor.

Use tools on the red stain.

(If I jam a tool between the tiles, I bet I can open it up.)

Use bottle on the floor.

A red liquid spreads beneath the floor.

(If I pour in water to increase the water volume…)

Investigate the floor.

Something floats in the red liquid.

(…Would prefer to avoid touching the liquid.)

Use tools on the picture.

(Okay, I have all four tools I need. I’ll remove these…!)

Investigate the locker.

A single tall locker.

(I’m getting a bad feeling…)

(…Calm down, Sara.)

Music stops.


(W… What should I do…)

Talk to the man.

"A-Are you all right…?"


(He’s not conscious… )

(What do I do… Should I run before he wakes up…?!)

"…I can’t…!!"

(I don’t know if he’s a good person… But he said “help”…!)

(Then… I’ll take him with me!)

At great length, I got the man on my shoulder.

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Feb 11, 2014

"Ah… Sara."

"He suddenly fainted as soon as he saw me! Joe, give me a hand!"

"Got it! Let’s carry him to the others!"

"That was the plan!"

Talk to Q-taro.

"Hey! What the hell’s with that guy?!"

"He lost consciousness…!"

"I dunno nothin’! Have somebody who’d know check ‘im!"

Investigate the laptop.

"Ahh, sorry, sorry. I'm here."

"I... I can't lend a hand there. Sorry..."

Music stops.


"Lend me a hand, please! You see...!"

I told them what happened in the Red Room.


"Relax. He's just fainted."

"Who in the world is this guy..."

"...He's got a collar."

"Ahh, you don't miss a beat, Sara."

"...We'll tie him with whatever we got available."

(It'll be hard to figure out his situation until he wakes up...)

"As long as he doesn't move, should be fine. Once he's up, let's leisurely question him."


As I felt a bit of relief, my attention unavoidably turned towards the situation in the room.

"Uhh... Keiji. Are Nao and Gin still..."

"...Yeah. Still the same as ever."

"...Well, yeah."

"It's hard, but somebody's gotta do it.... And I just so happen to be a pro."

"...Though this is my first time investigating a body I once talked to."


"...Dummy. Nao's got it a million times worse."

"Losing somebody she respects... Man..."



"...Maybe there was."



"Don't be ridiculous!!"

"W-What're you doing, meow?! You shouldn't do that, woof!!"

"Please get out of my way!!"

Nao brushed the others aside and took off running.

"Gin, don't!!! Wait!!"

"Now this is no good... Sara, Joe, let's give chase."

"Please! Nao's lost her cool! So treat her carefully!!"

Music stops.

(No way... Did she go up the stairs?!)

Music stops.

"Did he go to the second floor?!"

"Alright, Joe. Can I trust you to the first floor?"

"Huh?! Won't it be dangerous with just you two?!"

  • It makes sense to search both floors; there's nothing to indicate that Nao has gone up the stairs. That said, Nao doesn't like Keiji, so it's probably for the best that someone searches with him.

"...Could be a dangerous date, for sure."

"Well... If you're late coming back, I'll go help!"

  • Despite his misgivings, Joe's the one to veto the “All search the second floor” option.

(Let's hurry!)

(Where could she have gone...?!)

Investigate the doors.

A red “Sp” door.

A “Ro” door.

A “Mir” door.

A yellow “Sp” door.

Investigate the bars.

Large iron bars block the passage.

Investigate the statue.

A statue of what looks like a penguin.


Investigate the painting.

An elegant painting of Mt. Fuji.

Investigate the doorway.

There's a small sauna in the darkness. It's not warm.

Investigate the bottles.

Despite there being no shower, there's shampoo and the like here.

Investigate the water.

Music stops.

"B... Big sis Sara..."

"Help, meow! I was looking for big sis Nao..."

"An iron cage! How can we...?!"

"Ahh... I wouldn't go touching that."


"It's sinking lower and lower, meow..."

"No, woof! I'm scaaared...!!"

"Help me, big sis Sara!!"

  • Sara and Keiji have no means to destroy an iron cage and abandoning Gin is unthinkable. Lifting the cage is the only option.

"Keiji! Please, hold the other side!!"


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Feb 11, 2014

"Ahhh... Gin...!!"

(It's not budging... What should I...)

"...There, maybe?"



"This way, Sara."

Investigate recess in the floor.

The cage is firmly embedded in the floor.

Investigate ladder.

A ladder leading down.

Music stops.

Talk to Gin.


"Gin! Are you okay?!"


Investigate machine.

This appears to be a computer screen.

"I'm lousy with machines..."

"Something's written here."

"Err... So we just have to hold down this button... But if masks appear, let go and shine holy light...?"

"Wonder what light it means."

"Ah! There's a flashlight below the machine!"

Press the green button.


"Looks like it's starting."

  • This is fairly simple, just click and hold on the green button until mask/s show up, then hover and click on the masks to destroy them. As Sara holds down the button the bar on the screen will fill up; the game ends once the bar is full. If you take too long to destroy a mask, it will “attack”. Sara can take three “hits” from the masks then it's game over.

Music stops.

"Hm... The flashlight's stopped working too. Oh well."

"Gin, can you open it up and come down?"



"...I bet that was scary. It's okay now."


"...Big sis Sara."

Gin dove into my chest.

"Gin... It's okay... It's okay..."

"...sniff... sniffle...."

"...Now, let's go."

(I hope Joe found her on the first floor...)

Music stops.

"Even policemen get bad luck sometimes, huh?"

"Sure isn't great, is it? Maybe I'll hafta retire."

(Urk... I guess he'll just dodge the question if I beat around the bush...)

"Ah, come to think of it Keiji... Earlier you said there was someone you looked up to."



"…Do you not want to talk about it?"

"Hahaha! You're really as sharp as a tack."

  • There's no reason right now to believe Keiji's past has anything to do with the game. It's probably not the wisest idea to potentially annoy Keiji for no reason beyond curiosity.

"If you don't want to say... I don't mind, but..."

"Well, then I won't ask."

"Hahaha! Yep, you sure are funny, Sara."

"Wahah... Got it. I'll do this. If we survive that Main Game thing, I'll tell you."



"So you're saying... we're really going to do the Main Game...?"


"Doubt it'd be easy to avoid. These people aren't gonna allow that."


"That's tacky of you."

"Isn't it?"

Music stops.

"...Maybe we'll all come to hate each other."

"But if you survive regardless, and you're still curious about me..."

"I'll definitely... look for a way to sidestep the Main Game."


"...Just be ready."


  • If you pick "I definitely won't lose", Sara announces that she'll defeat everyone and win. Keiji laughs and tells Sara that she sounds like a psycho.

  • Just showing the other two rooms off quickly while we're up here. We'll be coming back later.

No music.

"That's strange."

  • The lights are off everywhere on the first floor, except for the blue, red and the hidden rooms.

Investigate the person on the ground.

Sou was lying face-down in the darkness.



"...It's okay, he's breathing. Hey, get hold of yourself."

"...Sara, check the surroundings."

"R... Right!"

"Gin, could you look outside the room?"


Check Sou.

Sou's body is limp.

"There's signs of him being whacked in the head..."

Investigate the desk.

There's nothing on the desk.

While looking under the desk, I saw a green glow towards the back.


A familiar card...

Music stops.

I... grabbed the card.

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Feb 11, 2014

“S... Sou...! You've come to!”

Did he... see that...?

“You got whacked in the back of the head. Doesn't seem to have caused bleeding, though.”

“That's awful... Who would do that...?”

“...I didn't figure anything out. Not the password... or what data was on it...”

“Oh well...”

“It must have been inconvenient for somebody. So somebody used the confusion to steal it.”

Music stops.

“Somebody... on the first floor.”

“Good point. Don't want our feelings nor our actions to be all over the place.”

“We'll round everyone up. ...We should take the time to sort things out.”

(… I don't know what's going on.)

“Hey, Miss Sara...”

“Were you... looking at something earlier?”

“…I don't know. What are you talking about?”


“...Huh, I see.”

Talk to Kai.

“Oh, Miss Sara and company.”

“K... Kai!”

“Yes, I am Kai.”

“...Is something the matter?”

“We were just talking about all meeting up.”


“The lights are restored, so at last I can move. Shall we all go together?”

Music stops.

“Joe! Did you find Nao?!”

“S... She wasn't on the second floor?!”

“Ya mean she’s up and vanished?!

“…Oh no…"

Looking around the room, I found almost everyone but Nao had already assembled.

“Just what is going on…?”

“Err, well… Now everybody calm down…”

“…Erm. Who is the person tied up there…?”

Music stops.


“Hey, ya woke up.”

“This guy’s… a little riotous. That’s troublesome…”

“Heh… All chicken, are you…?”

“Um… Do you have a second?”

“W… What’s this all’a sudden?!”

“C…Calm down! Could you start at the beginning?”

“…And could you drop that weird tone of yours?”

Music stops.


“Hmph, look at me, getting so disconcerted.”

“Is this guy playin’ a joke on us…?”

“Listen, we don’t have time to spend on you.”

“But… I’ll allow a little time for inquiries. We’ll decide whether to untie you after that.”

“Say again…?!”

“Oooh, scary. You handle the questioning, Sara.”

“Whaaa?! I’m doing that, too?!”

“Mr. Policeman’s shakin’ over here.”


“Talk to me whenever you’re ready.”

Talk to Keiji.

Music stops.

“Okie-dokie. Then we’ll begin.”

  • This is basically a “conversation puzzle”, if we select an incorrect option, the “Man in Stripes” will refuse to answer whatever question Sara's putting to him. In addition to the three options, you can also punch the man by clicking on him.

“If you refuse to even talk… Then I have no obligation to untie you.”

“I get it… I’ll tell you a little…”

(Seems he’s willing to talk now…!)

“Please, tell me your name.”

“…It’s proper for you to give your name first.”

“I’m Sara Chidouin. Just Sara is fine.”

“…I am…”

“…’Swone old-fashioned name.”

“Tha’s Q-taro Burgerburg to you!!”

(Gonbee, huh…)

“Please tell me your occupation.”

“My occupation is… err… well. A salaryman.”

“…Dressed like that?”


“That looks like a prison uniform.”

“Fool… Japanese uniforms don’t use this pattern! And the pajamas are vertically striped.”

“…You sure are knowledgeable on the subject.”

“…!! Why, you…! A trap?!”

(Wow, even getting told by Kai…)

“True, I was imprisoned for a somewhat long time after borrowing from people a bit too much…”

“…Larceny, then.”

“That said, I was doing my time diligently, as a model prisoner!”

“And yet suddenly, I was brought to this place…!”

(So even this person is a victim…? I know his name and occupation now… I’ll try asking something else.)

“Is there something you want to say to us?”

“Untie these ropes quickly, pigface…!”

“So mean…”


“I went too far…!”

“Then would you talk to me?”

“I knew those were fake tears!! No I won’t!!”

(Seems I need a little something more.)

“Can't you be calm , Mr. Gonbee?”

“...I'm always calm.”

“I'm not your enemy. Can we stop arguing?”

“Hmph... True, all it does is make us hungrier.”

(I need to make another push...)

“You want your ropes untied, right? You know what I’m trying to say, don’t you?”

“Hmph… a threat? I thought you meant no hostility?”

“Flip your thinking. If our positions were swapped, Gonbee, do you think you’d untie me?”


“… Very well. I suppose I can tell you a little more.”

(Surprisingly, he seems to recognize he’s dubious. I’m glad he feels like talking…!)

“What do you know about the kidnappers?”

“Hmph… I have zero information.”

“Before I was brought here… I had rare plans for a visitation.”

(When you think about it… that’s astounding.)

(The organization behind this… can free a prisoner? …If Gonbee is telling the truth, at least.)

“Why were you hiding the whole time?”

(Some vocabulary on this guy…)

“I locked the red door and lay in wait for a long time! Just like a tiger… waiting for its prey…!!”

(So he got scared and holed up…)

“However… several times, I did hear nearby sounds that were too dreadful for this world.”

“What were they?”

Music stops.


“Just put your hand to your chest and think…”

(Does Gonbee have some misconception about me…?)

(What I’m most curious about so far is… those sounds. If I can confirm what they are, I might know the reason for his attitude…!)

“Is there something you want to say to us?”

“Sara Chidouin… How many have you laid hands on…?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“I know your crimes… It’s no use playing dumb.”

(Don’t be pompous about it… Seems I need a little something more.)

“You’ve talked some, but if you don’t tell me the important parts, I can’t untie you. Too bad.”

“Gah… Surely I’ve answered at least a few of your questions!”

“Then I’ll cut just a little bit off your ropes.”

“What’s the point if they’re not untied?!?!”


(He’s starting to show signs of talking…)

“Can’t you be calm, Mr. Gonbee?”


“I think you’ve made some mistake, Gonbee.”

“That’s right. It’s because you’re so perfect that it’s easy to assume you’re mistaken.”

“A blatant lie!! Don’t belittle me!!”

(Instigating him is no good… I think I’m just a step away, though.)

“This is going nowhere!! If you don’t answer me properly, I’ll do something terrible to you!!”

“Oogh…! Something terrible…?!”

“I’ll do… this!!”

Music stops.

“Do what…?!? Don’t tell me… You’ll sh… shoot!!”

“Hold on!! Haste makes waste, y’know?!”

“…Hmph. I’ll tell you. What you wish to know.”

(Alright! I think I can finally ask him!)

“Sounds… What exactly did you hear?”

Music stops.

“…The sounds of a gunfight.”

“Say what?!”

My ears caught it… 9 gunshots… As many as 9 people… died…!!”


“I waited for the shots to cease, and opened the door to see the situation…”

“And there she stood! The killer wielding a gun…!! And she stubbornly chased me…!!”

(The more I learn, the more unfortunate he seems… )

(But… I can’t imagine he’s a villain.)

“We’re in the same situation. Will you help us?”

“…Did you hear what I said? Who would assist the likes of…”

Music stops.

I told him our story so far, and about the Russian Roulette game.

“Say again…?! All of this was a misunderstanding… caused by my too-superior insight?!

“…Err? Ah, yes, that’s right.”

“…Understood. Untie me.”

“You gonna help us?”

“Hahaha. You’re all fools.”

“Who would assist someone they don’t even know after hearing about the Main Game?”


“It can’t be only me thinking that… Correct?”


“Joe?! What are you doing?!”

Joe removed Gonbee’s ropes.

“…What is this meant to be?”



“I just can’t imagine it! That there’s a bad guy among us…”

“Well yeah, I dunno anything, but…”

“It’s what my heart says, so what else can I do!”


“Hmph… you say such cheesy things.”

“Oh well. As thanks for untying me, I’ll let you go without retaliation.”

“So… no will to help out.

“Man... Being called cheesy sure is making me embarrassed...”




In contrast to Joe feeling awkward, the mood seemed to be lightening.

Music stops.

But I couldn't forget.

Feb 11, 2014

“Y... Yeah, that's it! Let's split up and search!!”

“S-Sorry... I'm still not feeling great. Is it okay if I rest...?”


“Guess we'll hold down the fort here, Gin...?”

“I... I don't wanna, meow...!”

Gin pushed Sou away and approached me.

“Big sis Sara... I want you to take me, woof...”

“Got it. We'll look for Nao together.”

“...Thanks... meow.”

“Alright then. Let's go, Sara.”

Talk to Sou.

Sou and Kanna are resting in the corner.

“...You okay, Kanna...?”


(I don't want to put an burden on Kanna... I'll keep checking on her from a distance.)

“Hmph... If you want to search, do as you please. I won't assist, but I won't impede either...”

“Come to think, where's this hole even go to?”

“...I would like to believe she's safe.”

Investigate the doll in the chair.

Music stops.

(Waugh! What's this?!)

(It's a spitting image...! Like I'm looking into a mirror!)

“Oof... You got some wild hobbies, enemy.”

It's eerie how detailed it is. Yet I can't look away from that intricateness.

(It's amazing...)


(When... was this made?)

(Who could... accomplish such a thing...?)


“...What's up?”

“Keiji. I want to know your perspective... What do you think about Kai?”



“Do you think he's a bad person...?”



“Everybody's got good parts and bad parts, right?”

“...Look you just do what you can, Sara. For now, we'll take this doll along.”

“Hey, now that's a shout! Keep searchin' like that!”

“Super sorry...”

  • Somehow, I feel like Reko and Joe might not be the best team.

“Seems like your kinda puzzle, Sara.”

“Might be... another scary trap, meow.”

“Better be careful.”

Investigate the left vase.

Investigate the left scale.

Scales tipped to the right.

The scales tipped to the left.

...There was the sound of movement in another room.

Investigate the left light bulb.

There's a light bulb that's not getting power installed in the ceiling.

(Can't reach it...)

“Sure... Please do.”

“Hey, I was half-joking... But alright.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Investigate left mirror.

A sparkling mirror that just reflects me.

(My uniform is dirty...)

Investigate bottle.

A spray bottle containing an unknown liquid.

Investigate left painting.

A painting of a hand holding a gun.

Investigate right window.

Investigate right mirror.

The blurry mirror only vaguely reflects me.

(To reflect the same image in both mirrors, I'd need either a twin, or a life-size doll that looks just like me...)

Investigate middle painting.

Investigate right painting.

A painting of a hand holding a gun.

Place left gun painting in place of the right gun painting.

(Okay, I'll put up this painting.)

Hung up the left gun painting.

Hang the painting from the Red Room in place of the left gun painting.

Hang the right gun painting next to the painting from the Red Room

(Okay, I'll put up this painting.)

Screen goes dark as a male voice laughs and a gunshot rings out.

“Our enemies offer some pretty good amenities.”

“That's true. If there's hot water, we could get enough moisture to live for days.”

“...Feels like you could stay positive while the whole world's ending, Sara.”

Investigate the bottom of the bath.

There's something in the bottom of the bath.

Use bottle of hot water on the ice sculpture.

An ice sculpture.

(I'll pour the hot water on it.)

Use bath stopper on the left scale.

(I could put this bath stopper on the scale.)

(It balanced perfectly..!)

Use spray bottle on left mirror.

(I'll try using the spray.)

(They won't come off...)

Place flower in right vase.

Use light bulb on the hole in the right ceiling.

“There's a hole in the ceiling to insert something.

“I wonder...”

“Piggyback, please.”

“Well, it's only logical.”

“There, there. You did good.”

“...Mr. Policeman's not a dog.”

Place the Sara doll in front of the right mirror.

(I guess I'll put the doll at a distance so it reflects the whole body.)

(Now everything in the room is symmetrical...)

Something outside the room moved, making a loud sound.

“Way to go, Sara. Let's take a look outside.”

Investigate black door.

“There's a locked black door on the left side.”

Investigate door at the end of the hall.

There's a large red door in the centre. The number 09 is displayed above the door.

(What could this number mean...?)

Investigate white door.

“There's a locked white door on the right side.”

Investigate the key on the ground.

There's something on the floor...

“Hm? ...Huh, a key.”

“It's got... a tag, meow.”

“The key to the kitchen, eh...”

“Come to think of it... The kitchen is the only place on the first floor we haven't been.”

“Since the key's here, Nao shouldn't have been able to get in without breaking the window...”

“But... We should check just in case.”

“Yep. Best to be simple and methodical in your investigations, Sara.”

Investigate the kitchen door.

The door to the kitchen is shut fast.

(I'll use this key...!)

Feb 11, 2014

Investigate the cupboards.

There's some storage space for cookware.

(...But I don't see anything resembling cookware.)

Please use as you wish.


Investigate the fridge.

The blue refrigerator is empty.

Investigate air conditioner.

The room is well air-conditioned.

Talk to Nao.

Music stops.




“Please stay away...”

“Hey there... Settle down, Nao.”

“You especially, please!!”


“...I'm scared, meow...”

“We're on your side. We won't do anything.”


“What in the world happened?”

“...As if you don't know what...!”

Music stops.

I locked the kitchen door from the inside.

“W... What are you doing?!”

“...Now no one else can enter. Will you talk to us?”


“You really... didn't come here intending to take the professor?”

“Right. Please believe us.”

“Since it's you, Sara... I'll believe you.”

“Well... Can we come a little closer?”

“...Roger that.”

“We were worried for you, so we came looking. I was afraid... what the kidnappers might do if you resisted them.”


“You're right... I'm sorry... that I've caused you trouble.”


“It must have been scary in the dark...”

“...M-My body... wouldn't stop shaking...”

(Nao's starting to calm down, but by bit...)


(At this point... I think we can talk properly.)

Music stops.

“Nao... Um... It's hard to say things like this, but...”

“...I understand....”

“I've caused all of you trouble...”

“...I shouldn't be... acting like this forever, should I...”

“What... should I do...?”

“...Nao, did you know that stairs going to the second floor appeared?”

“Huh...?! You don't mean... an exit...”

“No... The rooms there are just as full of tricks.”

“In the process of searching for you... Gin was locked in a cage.”



“He was... very frightened by it.”

Music stops.

“...That's... my fault... isn't it...”

“I know how you feel, Nao... but you can't be exposing the people who are alive to danger, too.”

“...”The people who are alive”....! That wording...!”

“Professor Mishima is dead, Nao.”



“...That's right... of course....”

“But the professor... didn't say a word...”


“...I was in the middle of painting it...”

“...A portrait of the professor, that I meant to give him as a gift...”

“But I can't give it to him anymore, can I...”

“And... what about it?”


“He must have taught you many things. About art... about studying.... about many more important things...”

“Who knows Professor Mishima best out of anyone?”


“...I want to paint it...!”


“...It's sad...”

“But this...”

“This box... I'll let go of it now.”

“The door's open.”

“...You should go see Reko.”


“Sorry about what I said... Mr. Policeman.”

Music stops.

“Well, we better give our all too.”


Investigate the box.

A box with a suspicious look.

“...Err, well, Sara. If you don't wanna peak inside, you can look away.”

“No... searching every nook and cranny is the only thing I can do.”

“...You're really somethin', kid.”

Music stops.

I touched the box, and the lid opened easily.


“What's... going on here?”

“...No buts about it, it's totally empty.”

(Was Nao... dearly protecting a box that had nothing in it?)

“This means the kidnappers took it, didn't they?"

“But the way Nao was acting... I'd have to think she never let go of it.”


“Gettin' hard to tell what's the truth.”


“...Nah, I just felt like saying that.”

“Miley, wasn't it? ...If Mishima could revive like her, just sticking his head on, I'm sure Nao'd be glad...”

“Hahaha! It's out of the question. Nope. No way she's a doll.”

“Well, no point in worrying about it. Let's keep trucking along and just pursue the truth.”

Investigate the box.

There's nothing in the box.

“...Irritated to have a mystery lingering? Haha.”


“Heard you found Nao! You did good! Thanks!”

“I-I'm sorry... for worrying you...”

“Don't sweat it! Especially 'cause you're safe!”

“But Nao, we're your buds, right? Don't take off anymore, okay?”

“B... Buds...”

“T-That's not it! I'm.... very happy.”


Investigate the red door.

There's a large red door in the centre. The number 02 is displayed above the door.

(What could this number mean...?)

Investigate black door.

The black door opened.

Investigate the blackboard.

“A large blackboard with nothing written.”

Investigate the light.

“The light is pointed at the blackboard.”

Investigate the shredder.

An electric paper shredder.

(It's a machine for shredding documents and such... There are lots of shredded pieced inside.)

“How about it, Sara? You see anything of interest?”


“Huh, just garbage... Probably just a waste of time to check it all, huh?”

(Hmm... Recreating the documents from all this paper would be very time-consuming.)



“...Haha. Gin seems all fired up. I'll watch him 'til he's done.”

Investigate white door.

The white door opened.

Investigate bin.

There's nothing in the trash can.

Investigate handcuff.

There's a handcuff at the end of the chain.

Music stops.

(I wonder what this is...?)

(Plus... the air in this room feels heavy.)

“Well, this place is no good.”

“How do you mean that?”


“I can... sense a bad feeling, somehow. So please, tell me.”



“I can faintly smell blood.”

“Ahh... And since there's dust, it was wiped a little while ago...”

Once I became cognisant of it, I understood.

The unremovable, raw stench of blood. The air that repulsed my instincts.

It's disgusting... I want to throw up.


(Don't imagine it...!)


“I'll check every inch of this room. You get out, Sara.”


“I'm sayin' trust in your friendly policeman.”

Music stops.

With a gentle push on the back, I proceeded to exit out of the room.

“Sou! And...”


“Aren't you tired? It's not good to work too hard. You should take some time to rest.”

“I can't rest... Not while everyone else is working hard.”

“I'd say rest is a valuable option in it's own right.”

Music stops.

“Miss Sara... I don't think you should go to the first floor on your own.”


“Err... hey.”

  • Sou's becoming increasingly suspicious; let's not give away how close Sara and Joe really are. (Sara calls Joe “a bit stupid in ways” if you pick the best friend option and that's really quite rude.)

“Joe's just my classmate. There's not much to it.”

“Ahaha. I bet Joe would have a great comeback to make if he heard that.”

“...That's just how in-sync you two are. Can't joke like that without trust.”


“...So what about Joe?”

“Miss Sara.”

Sou came very close to me, and spoke in a whisper.


I had... nearly forgotten. No... I'd been trying to forget it.

(But, of course... We thought that choice held no meaning.)

“...You see...”

Feb 11, 2014

“...Do you know what that means?”

“…Sorry. That must've bewildered you...”


(…Joe didn't vote for himself...?)

Talk to Joe.

Joe is sitting down wearily.

“Ahh... Sorry.”

“Don't do that and then take it back! At least laugh!”

“What are you looking at?”

Music stops.


“This was in my inside pocket.”


It was a photo of me, Joe and Ryoko. We were at a cafe, having a fun chat together

“Hey, you said it. Hahaha.”

“...Ryoko looks cute here, too.”

“...Sure does.”


“...Man, I miss her.”


Music stops.

Sou... He must just... be seeing shadows where there aren't any.


Suddenly, I thought back.

If he'd gone straight home, wouldn't he be living life as normal right now?

How late a realisation is that...? I was so focused on myself...

I didn't consider Joe's perspective for a second...

  • Sara does seem to kind of take Joe for granted sometimes.

“Heheh, I was so nervous I couldn't talk at all.”

“Somehow, we ended up talking about you, Sara.”


“Wahhh?! You promised you wouldn't tell anyone!”

“Hahaha! It sure got the conversation lively!”

“...So then I sorta asked her why she decided to go out with me.”

“'Cause I was thinking the same thing.”


“So, like... Stop lookin' like you're on the verge of tears.”

“I mean, Joe, you're...”



Music stops.

“You're right, Joe. I'd better have you protect me.”

“Erase that from your memory! I mean it!”

Talk to Joe.

“I'll rest a little, then get back to searching.”

Music stops.

“I'll go look! Gonbee, you...”

“Hmph... I will remain here...!”

(I'll leave him alone.)

Investigate the open door.

The red door is open, and shines a bright white light.

(The counter above the door is 0...!)

Music stops.

(It'd be dangerous to enter. I'll just... take a peek...)

I carefully stuck only my head into the room.

And then...


With that, I lost consciousness.

Investigate the table.

An extravagant feast.

Investigate the monitor.

Miley is pictured on the screen.

“This is a pre-recorded video. ...So I'm afraid I can't answer any questions.”

“Allow me to thank you, truly, for taking part in the Main Game.”

(Main Game...?!)

“You may fill yourself with food before the game, or form a strategy. Use it however you please.”

(W...What is she saying...)

“Those who successfully beat the Main Game can proceed to the next floor! Hooray!”

“Please be aware.... Eheehee.”

(The next... floor...)


(What are you calling “simple”...?!)

(Stop it...! Stop this...!)

Music stops.

“However, there are holes in this game.”

“And so, everyone, please take out your cards!”


Music stops.

(H... Hold on...)

(Does this mean.... Could it be...)

(No way...)

I felt like... I heard something at that moment.

Investigate the table.

(How could I have any appetite right now...?)

In the end, we're being held in the palms of the kidnappers' hands. Our heads can fly off at their single whim. There might not be any exit. We'll just be toyed with and killed until they're satisfied.

(In that case... then we're just going to...)


It's a strange thing.

Maybe there was no chance left to be afraid.

(Haha... I'm coming to hate my own positivity.)

  • The card with the highest chance of survival is the "worst of cards"?

Music stops.

I only drank a little water...

And the time... arrived.

“I wish you luck. Eheehee... Ahaha...”

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Feb 11, 2014

“...Here we are.”


“…! You guys.... That was fast...”




“...Hmph. All of you, so pale...”



A desperate game is beginning. And yet, we just have to play it.

“Eeehee... Ah, so you'll take part after all?”

“Miley...!! You...!!”

“Ahaha.... Please take a good look at those desks, everyone.”

Music stops.

“Well then, shall the discussion begin?”

“Hold up!! Kanna... Kanna ain't here!!”

“H... Hold on!! Kanna... will definitely come!!”

“Time is limited. That is what she chose, and that is the end of the matter.”

(Did I... make... the wrong choice...?)

“Well then, let us start the Main Game! Everyone, stand at whichever desk you like!”

We were urged to head for the desks.

“Now then, you seem to be prepared!”

“Let the Main Game begin!”

Music stops.



“Ahaha...! Let this wonderful, wonderful Main Game begin!”

An extremely heavy air dominates the space.

(It's different... This is nothing like the discussions we've had before...)

“Heeheehee... Well, I shall go over the basic rules one more time.”

“If the victim is the Sacrifice, the Sacrifice wins, and can escape with one person of their choosing.”

“Ah, yes... I have left rulebooks on the desks. Make use of them as items, everyone.”

“That is all... Heeheehee. Use your time however you please.”

Music stops.

Miley quietly sat down in a chair.

Talk to Q-taro.

Music stops.

“I've already settled on my pick...”


“Curse me if you wanna! I...”


“What about it?”

“Say what...?!”

“Mwahaha... Do what you like.”

“You're the fools... Just think for a second.”

“How do you mean that...?”

“This vote... shouldn't be focused on one point.”

“Indeed, this is the preliminary vote. If we were to unanimously vote for Mr. Gonbee...”

“Gonbee would be our only choice for the final vote...”

“We're all done feeeer?!”

“It's not as if we freely chose which role cards we got, right?”

(We were guided... into picking them up...!)

“And now... The chaos ensures! I'll watch closely as you all flail about...”


“If we want to survive, we need to assemble as close to 5 candidates as we can.”

“We gotta suspect FIVE people?!”

Music stops.

This is... the worst. An oppressive air covers the area.

“Sheesh... Already beaten at the first push?”

“...I'll make a topic for you.”


“Hold on!! Sara's like our leader!! What's your basis...?!”

“Haha... The why don't we discuss whether her actions are suspicious or not?”

  • Sara loses ten clout when she gives a wrong answer, or presents an incorrect item. Answering / presenting correctly awards twenty clout. Losing all clout is a game over.

“I found it suspicious from the word go... How a mere high school girl became a leader.”

“Sara's almost always acted with others. She couldn't do anything suspicious...right?”

“Doubting the others is one thing, but doubting Sara?! You're awful...!”

“Sara! Talk back to him! Gonbee's just got the wrong idea about you!”

“Hmph... You sure have a lot of friends...”

“Have at you, Sara Chidouin...!”

Extract statement from Joe.

“Sara! Talk back to him! Gonbee's just got the wrong idea about you!”

“Shove some evidence in his face, like last time!”

“Yep, I've got this.”

“So cooool!”

Extract statement from Nao.

“Doubting the others is one thing, but doubting Sara?! You're awful...!”

“I want him to repent for saying that! He must!”

“...Please calm down, Nao.”

“Ah, s... sorry...”

Extract statement from Keiji.

“Sara's almost always acted with others. She couldn't do anything suspicious...right?”

“Yeesh... That guy seems pretty stubborn, huh.”

“Ought to present some clear evidence to refute 'im.”

Extract statement from Gonbee.

“I found it suspicious from the word go... How a mere high school girl became a leader.”

“What do you mean by that...?!”

“You alone have a weapon... The only one!”

“A... weapon?”

Music stops.

(I drew out a new statement... If I can refute it, even Gonbee should quiet down!)

Use Long Narrow Box against Gonbee.

Music stops.


“This box was in the kitchen. It says “Please use as you wish”, yet there was nothing inside to use.”

“...What of it?”

“All that's left is an impression. An impression made by a kitchen knife.”

“What...?! A kitchen knife?!”

“Yep. By the time Sara checked it, it was gone. Somebody probably went and took it.”

“The kitchen was locked the whole time. And Miss Sara very rarely acted alone...”

“So surely she could not have taken it.”

  • Sara's trying to prove her innocence; the question of who took the knife isn't relevant to that, especially with the time limit.

(...There's no need... to prove everything!)

“That's not relevant right now!!”

“The point I'm making is that I don't have control of all the weapons!”

“So I didn't earn this trust by force!!”

(That's right...! I can't fall into my opponent's trap!)

“Sheesh! Look at you, feeling all pleased!”

Music stops.

“...Hmph. Very well. I'll speak no more...”

“You trusting fools can just suspect one another.”


(...Right... There's no time to celebrate. With Gonbee quiet, it just means we have to talk...!)


...What should I say?

Music stops.

“I've... resolved on an answer.”


“Lettin' this end in silence's the most inane plan we could take. That's why I'm gonna say it.”



“Are you shittin' me?! You think YOU ain't gonna get picked just 'cause you've got strength?!”

Music stops.

“Then go ahead and vote for me!!”


“Vote what your will tells ya!!”

“That's what I mean by resolve!!”


“...Nao! Kanna! Gin! Tell him! Use your words... to prove your worth!!”

“...Ah... I... I...!”

“I searched as best I could!! And I found things! Lots of things...!!”

“K... Kanna...”



“Gin! If ya don't talk... it's over...!”

“...Looks bad, Sara. Q-taro is serious.”

“What should I...?!”

Music stops.

“…Draw it out for 'em. That's something only you can do.”

(Only I can...?!)

Extract statement from Nao.

“I searched as best I could!! And I found things! Lots of things...!!”

“I know I dragged you down...! But... I did give it my all!!”

“I'm begging you...! Please don't cut me out...!!”

“Nao, please you need to be calm. Especially in times like this.”

“Ahh... ooh....”


(Maybe she's regained a little composure...?)

Extract statement from Gin.


“It's okay, big sis Sara is here. Do you want to say something?”

“ ...”

(No good... Gin's keeping his silence.)

Extract statement from Q-taro.

“Sara! I'm serious 'bout this!”

“If there's somebody wishin' they were dead... I won't stand for it!”

Extract statement from Kanna.

“K... Kanna...”

“…Miss Sara...”



“Come out and say it.”



Music stops.


“Kan... na...?”

“Even if she's chosen... it's fine.”


Conflict Kanna against Q-taro.

“Kanna... doesn't really mind if she's picked...”

“Wh.... aaaaaat...?!”

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Feb 11, 2014

“Kanna!! Don't be ridiculous!!”

“I'm just... tired...”

“Please, wait.”

“Miss Kanna, are you serious? Or is this an act?”

“Kanna... won't say anything else... Please do what you want...”



“The Sacrifice must be chosen to survive. Thus, they would put on a one-man show.”

“T-Then no pickin' her for now, right...?!”

(Not participating in the discussion so as to earn herself votes...?)

(I can't imagine Kanna playing those sorts of mind games...)

Music stops.

“Everyone, let's just put the subject of Kanna aside for now.”

“...Can't know her true intent, after all.”

“First, why don't we hear from Gin and Miss Nao too, and then make our decision?”



“Thank you, Miss Sara.”

“Oh, that's right. There's something I should take this opportunity to tell everyone.”


  • The nametag is incorrect, Sou is speaking here.


“Besides, if the Keymaster doesn't manage things, they'll just turn into a mess.

What... is Sou saying...? The Keymaster... is me.

“Really...?! That's the truth, ain't it...?!”

  • If Sara claims Keymaster now, it could derail the conversation into an argument and waste valuable time. Plus Sara doesn't really have enough information to tell understand what Sou's angle is here.

(I don't know...! Is it right for me to announce myself now?!)

(As Miley explained it, there's... one Keymaster.)

"...Hm, is that a fact? No, I'm afraid I can't believe that easily...”

"But for the current time, Sou, I will trust you are the Keymaster.”

"Thanks. I'll do my best.”

“For now, Gin, could we get some proper statements from you?”


“Y-Yeah, tha's right! Gin! Be a man! Tell him what you gotta say!”

“Gin's frightened! And it's you crude-rear end men to blame!”

“We've got no time. Gin, prove that you've been useful to everybody!”

Extract statement from Gin.


“Gin, it's okay. Can you remember what you've seen and noticed in this place?”


(It's no good... Gin's closed his heart...)

Extract statement from Q-taro.

“That's true for me... and it's true for you too, right?”

(Q-taro is serious...!)

Extract statement from Reko.

“Gin's frightened! And it's you crude-rear end men to blame!”

“You say something too, Sara!

“Reko... Can you recall anything in particular that Gin did?”

“Err, well... hmm...”


(What exactly was it...?)

Music stops.

Conflict Reko against Q-taro.

“Gin! Show it to 'em! The amazing thing you found searching the second floor room!”

“Amazin' thing...?!”


“…I...dunno... anything about that, meow.”

“Wh... what'd you say...?”


“Ya got a fine attitude... but see here.”


“No!! I... I tell you... I'm not lying...!!”

“...Woof... Big sis Reko...”

“You see, Gin?! Reko's being called a liar just for speaking up for you! Don't you feel bad?!”

“...I do... I do, meow... but... but...”

“What a cowardly kid! You call yourself a man?!”

(I need to swing the needle to either side... or this balance will never collapse!)

Affirm “Nobody's gonna lend a hand if yet silent!!”

“Q-taro is right! Gin, please say something! It doesn't matter what!”

“But... but I mean...”

Deny “...I didn't see anything, meow...”

“Oh, really?! So was everything Reko said a lie?”

“N-No, meow! B-But... but I didn't...”

Deny “...Big sis Reko's got it wrong, woof...”

“She didn't get anything wrong! Gin, why are you being stubborn about this...?!”

“I... I...!!”

Music stops.

“I just... didn't wanna believe that thing, woof!!”

“I didn't wanna show that thing... and make everyone worry, meow...”

“Gin, you shouldn't worry about it all alone.”

“Mya... Big sis Sara...”

“I believe you, Gin. Whatever strange thing you present, I'll handle it.”


“Okay , meow...!”

“Jus' so ya know, I take “gorilla” as a compliment!”

“...Woof! I believe you too, big sis Sara!”


“But then, woof! Taking a look in there... I noticed some hand-torn paper too, meow.”

“A... and there, woof... it said...”

Music stops.

“What're you on about?!”

“Q-taro! Please, don't shout!!”

Music stops.

(But what's the meaning of this? I need to get more details...!)

Extract statement from Gin.

“There was torn paper in the shredder... And it said... big sis Sara was a murderer... But I … believe in big sis Sara, woof...”

(Err... What should I ask first...?)

“This letter, or whatever it was... Was it handwritten?”

“Err... I think so, meow.”

“This letter, or whatever it was... Was it addressed to someone else?”

“Umm, so... Lemme think...”

“If you have the actual letter on you, could you show it to me?”

“So that's important, woof? Got it, meow! I'll state it loud and clear, woof!”

Use the “Torn Paper” on Gin.

Music stops.

“What is it, meow?”

“Take a look at this. It's a piece of paper I picked up.”

“Just like the one you have, right?”

“This is Gin's.”

(If you notice... The fact that Q-taro is listed as a high school teacher is weird, too...)

“Look at this. If you remove the left half... And connect it to the piece I have...!”

“They connected, woof!!”

(That's it. Multiple sheets were torn all at once.)

(And stacked them like this...)

(In other words...)

“There were at least two of these sheets stacked together.”

“Since they fit together so cleanly, of course misunderstandings would happen.”

“Yaaaaay! Thank goodness, meow!!”

Music stops.

“But y'know... What are these sheets in the first place?”

“...They are creepy, aren't they.”

“The professor's name is on here, and even some people I don't know...”

“And whatever could the percentages on the side be...?”


“Anyway! I've proved I was useful for exploring, meow!”

“Eh...? Then who IS a murderer, meow?”

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Feb 11, 2014

“Yabusame? That sounds kinda familiar, meow.”

(There's only one person here with the last name Yabusame...)

  • If you select someone other than Reko here, Sara provides a little bit of information on some of the names; if you select Joe, Sara mentally berates herself for forgetting her best friends name, Keiji left a strong first impression. Kanna's name uses a lot of kanji. Sara can't remember if Q-taro's name is Q-taro Burgerberg or Cubetaro Hamberger. Sou's name means sunny weather, which Sara thinks is kind of a reflection of his personality. Gonbee has an old-fashioned name. Gin has a "stoic name for a kid". Kai has a very common name, and Nao's name means "Heart of art", which Sara thinks is fitting.

“Reko, as I recall... You're Reko Yabusame, aren't you?”


“Y... Yeah... I'm Reko Yabusame...”


“Like Reko says.... I think there's a separate person called Alice.”

“...Why's that?”

“The blackboard in the bar...!”

“That blackboard had a list of people who could and couldn't drink!”

“And it said both “Reko” and “Alice”!


“Come to think of it, when I was searching... I found some chalk on the floor...”

“So... it's not impossible it was changed.”

“Y-You got it wrong! It's not me!!”

“Besides, handwritten pieces of paper?! Anybody could make those, right?!”

“If they had a pen, sure.”


“B... Big sis Reko can't be a murderer, woof!!”

“Alice is... your brother, not your sister? Even your excuses are becoming illogical.”

“It ain't an excuse...!!”

“Reko, tell the truth...!”

“Believe me!! I'm... I mean... I...!!”


  • It's hard to see Reko under pressure, but a murderer isn't something that can be ignored.



Music stops.

“Dammit...! I... I...”



“...Listen, we're in the middle of a serious discussion right now...”

“And I'm being serious too!!”

“Y-You for real?!”

“Couldn't hide it, huh...”

“Then... the “murderer”...”

“Is me!”

“Isn't this guy some serious bad news...?!”

“Yes, that's right! Indeed, I am... a damned criminal!!”

“And Reko cut me off as well, saying to never show her my mug again!”

“And yet... It's not even funny!! To think we'd reunite in this place...!!”

“Me and him are total strangers at this point.”

“So when he woke up, I told him to hide our relation.”

“Right after you went to look for Nao...!”

“...So that's it...”


“But Reko is different. She's a good and proper person.”

“...That's all I wanted to say... Dammit all.”

“So you deny any connection with the kidnappers?”


“Why I was brought here... I still don't know.”

“It's just the ramblings of a killer.... Hahahaha...”

Music stops.

“Despite us talking about Gin, we got some unexpected information there.”

“There are still many more points of interest... But there's no time.”

“Eh...?! M-Me...?!”

(No helping it... We should move to the next topic.)

“Well then, Miss Nao. Please... give us your justification.”


“...Illogical, eh?”

“Aren't you curious what she was up to in the kitchen, holding the box with Mishima?”

“Tell me what you were doing then, Miss Nao.”

“I took the box... and just sat and hid in the kitchen. I didn't even touch anything in the room..”

“I know I troubled you all a lot...”

“But I... didn't want to lose him...!”

“After everyone else, I inspected the kitchen, and found no signs of any trickery.”

“Perhaps she truly was just hiding?”

Extract statement from Sou.

“I wonder if she really was just hiding?”

(Sou seems to want to imply something...)

Extract statement from Kai.

“After everyone else, I inspected the kitchen, and found no signs of any trickery.”

“Miss Sara, you searched before me, so you should be aware of this as well.”

Extract statement from Nao.

“I took the box... and just sat and hid in the kitchen. I didn't even touch anything in the room..”

“Sitting in the dark... I asked him questions again and again...”

“Even though... I wouldn't get an answer...”

Use Long Narrow Box on Nao.

Music stops.

“Did you really not touch anything?”


“The kitchen had been locked until then.”

“And after you left, Nao, we obtained this long, narrow box. There was nothing inside.”

“I-I don't know anything about that!”

“Hold on... When and how did Nao find the key to the kitchen, anyway?”


Music stops.

“It was open...”


“The kitchen door was unlocked at the time!”

“Then somebody else went in first, meow! That's who took the knife, woof!”

(First... I carried Alice over to the Pink Room. At that time, someone dug through the kitchen... took the knife, and left... Finally, Nao went into the kitchen with the box and locked herself in.)

(Does the timing... work out?)

“Hmm... Maybe that's logical? It's super sketchy, though...”

“I-It's not sketchy in the least!! I-I'll tell you anything!!”

“Well then, Miss Nao... Tell us what you were doing in the kitchen.”

“...Welp... Guess you'll just have to break the ice, Sara.”

(Yeah... I need to ask her about... that...!)

Extract statement from Keiji.

“If she never let it go...”

...”Then I wonder why the box was empty?”

“We'll just hafta ask her.”

  • Nao gives the same statement as she did last time.

Conflict Keiji against Nao.

Music stops.

“So you're lying, huh, Nao.”


“What?! T-That can't be right...!!”

“It's true, Nao.”

“What's that?! I don't know anything! The professor was with me the whole time!!”

“Where did he go?!”

“Hrm... Is this an act...?”

“Nao ain't that kind of gal! There's gotta be a reason it vanished!!”

“If Nao is just acting, then...”

“Can't really put together why she'd need to lie to us here.”

Music stops.

(What's going on...?! I don't understand!)

“Nao respected Professor Mishima! Maybe her shock was so great that she unconsciously did something strange?!”

“It must've gotten swapped at some point with another box the kidnappers prepared!”

“Miss Nao being manipulated by the kidnappers... Is that a possibility...?”

(Is there no good lead...?!)

Extract statement from Reko.

“It must've gotten swapped at some point with another box the kidnappers prepared!”

“I mean, this place is full of crap like that...!”

“The kitchen is pitch black! It got swapped in the dark when she wouldn't notice!”

Extract statement from Nao.

“To me, Professor Mishima was...”

“A very, very important figure...”

“…Is that all?”

“Is that strange...? You'd understand, right, Sara?”

(Wasn't she curious about who voted for Professor Mishima...?)

Extract statement from Gin.

“The contents of box warped, meow! L-Like a dimensional teleporter thing, woof!”

“This place must be a hyper-advanced mansion, meow!”


“Big sis Nao isn't a bad person, meow!! Do something, woof...”

Extract statement from Sou.

“Miss Nao being manipulated by the kidnappers... Is that a possibility...?”

“Maybe she was on the kidnappers' side to start... Or maybe brainwashed or something...”

“...Doubting doesn't feel good, does it...”

Extract statement from Joe.

“Nao respected Professor Mishima! Maybe her shock was so great that she unconsciously did something strange?!”

“It's not like we always act in the most logical way, right?!”

“This was after that awful vote..! If I felt what Nao felt... I'd...!”

“Joe, if it had been you who lost someone precious in that vote, what would you do?”

“If it were me...”


“That's what I mean! You don't always follow logic!!”

(Yeah... maybe so. If someone else killed them... anger would be a natural response.)

Conflict Nao against Joe.

Music stops.

“Nao... I'm a little curious.”


“I mean, it wasn't an “accident”... That happened to someone you respected because he was voted for...”

“Ain't it... more natural to get angry?”

“I-I... I don't think so at all...”

“W-What are you...”

“Maybe Miss Nao and Professor Mishima didn't have any bond at all...”

“Then I could understand her mindset of not seeking out the culprit.”

“How awful...”

“You're awful!! Just awful!! I truly did...!!”

“...Sara, what do you think?”

(Those two... seemed to have a great relationship. I can't point to some logical proof. There was just something about it...)

(Nao being that distraught couldn't be an act.)


“Suppose Miss Nao didn't stick Professor Mishima in the box out of affection for him...”

“Rather, maybe her objective was to retrieve the collar on his neck..?”

“...In other words, information that Miley failed to retrieve?

“You tryin' to say Nao collected the collar in place of the kidnappers?!”

“Dunno... However...”

“H... Hey! Ya bein' serious?!”

“What, what...?! What are you talking abooout?!”

“Then tell us! Why didn't you care who the culprit was after the vote?!”

Music stops.


Feb 11, 2014


“I overheard... all of it.”

“It was just before the vote...”


“He said that...?”

“Thinking the vote was just a test... I'm sure Nao voted for Mishima like he asked...”

  • Mishima really was a good liar, even though he did always have the best intentions.

“To protect his student... just in case?”

“That's... why Nao didn't look for the culprit...”

“Don't bring up any “ill will” crap, 'cause it doesn't matter...!”


“I... Aaaah... If I... I... hadn't voted for him...!”

“All this time I'd been thinking, whoever voted for another person must've had bad intentions...!”

Music stops.


“Wait! Joe! You voted for yourself?!”

“Huh? Yeah...”

“W...What's this about, Sou?”

“Ahaha, don't worry about it, everybody.”

“Miss Sara asked me who I voted for, so I just told her whatever.”

“She's so diligent, she must've taken it seriously.”

Music stops.

(This...!! This guy...!!)

“That's still a big mystery... But seems like Nao did nothin' wrong, 'least.”

“Maybe Reko had the right idea, and it got swapped out at some point.”

“Just discussing it's pointless, woof! Let's talk about that gorilla next, meow!”


“...You okay ignorin' it, Sara?”


“S-Sorry. That was bad manners...”

“Hey, guys... You're never going to solve anything like this.”


“But, well... Bad people always feign innocence.”

“You tryin' to say Nao's a bad person?!”

“I just remembered something.”

Music stops.



“I... I...”

“...That's... wrong...”

“I'll hear out anything, Miss Nao.”

“Now's your only chance to tell the truth...”

“Tell me, do you have that courage?”


Music stops.

“F... For real?!”

“You're joking, right?! Why, Nao?!”

“B... By who?!”



Extract statement from Nao.

“After the body collection announcement, I ran with the box to the cafeteria, where...”

“Suddenly, Kai pulled me by the hand and pushed me into the kitchen.”

“O... Okay...”

“Kai protected me...”

“It's quite admirable of you to stand up to the kidnappers, Miss Nao.”

“Please!! Don't tell anyone about this!!”

“Well then, Miss Nao, would you indulge a request of mine?”

“W... What kind of request...?”

Music stops.

“That is enough.”

“Don't be a wet blanket. We were just getting to the good part.”

“I... It's not a lie!!”

“Kai... You deny threatening her?”

“Indeed. If she had been threatened, she would surely tell all at the start.”

“For Miss Nao has no reason to defend me.”

“It is quite difference from when Alice stood up for Miss Reko.”

“Awful... You're awful, Kai...!!”

“Miss Nao, you are attempting to drag in as many people as you can”

“You're wrong!!”

Affirm “I couldn't open the kitchen!”

“Like Nao says! She couldn't open the door to the kitchen!”

“And neither could I. In fact, the kitchen key was beyond the iron bars on the second floor, yes?”

“I did not go to the second floor. How do you explain the key's presence there?”

Affirm “The key was thrown from 1F to 2F!”

“That's it! There were iron bars just up the stairs from the first floor! They key was thrown through the gaps!”

“Is that so? I understand...”

“However, supposing I guided Miss Nao to the kitchen, do you believe I could threaten her?”

Deny “I would need a weakness to threaten with.”

“No! If you had the kitchen knife, you would be able to threaten her!”

“Then let us suppose I could indeed. Why would I have Miss Nao attack Sou?”

Deny “He must have had it out for Sou...”

“There wasn't anything deep enough for resentment. Which meant he had an objective not tied to Sou!”

“Hmm. If you insist that's the case, what objective could I have had?”

Affirm “To steal something, perhaps?”

“So you admit it, Kai!”

“Oh? What are you referring to?”

Music stops.


“I remember now.... Kai said he'd defend me on the condition that he received the laptop.”

“Y'oughta remember the important part first!!”

“She lost herself enough to knock a dude out! 'Course her memory's gonna be fuzzy!!”

“I-I'm sorry... But... now I remember it clearly...”

“I-I can't...! If he sees me, he'll call for Sara!”

“Then you may borrow my frying pan. Approach from behind... Understand?”


“If you refuse, I will hand this key to someone else.”


Music stops.


“But... That was all a lie, wasn't it...”

“Kai didn't keep his promise!! Kai... must be the one who took the professor away!!”



“The laptop is password-locked. Considering that, why do you think Kai would be so serious about taking it?”

“Ahaha, what a stupid explanation!”

“But... it's actually the correct one.”


Music stops.

“Wait, if you know that... You unlocked it?!”

“Of course!”

“Wha?! Didn't you say you couldn't see anything?!”

“Yeah, but that was a lie.”

(Another... another lie...?!)

“See, the password...”

Music stops.


“It's Chidouin?!”

(What a... bizarre... lie...)

“Sorry to say, but it's true. I tried typing in everyone's names...”

“And my last attempt... was trustworthy Miss Sara's last name, Chidouin... Imagine my shock.”

“I...! I've never seen that laptop in my life!!”

“Of course I know this isn't your laptop, Miss Sara.”


“It's Kai's... Isn't it?”


“So... you admit it.”

(What in the world is this...?)

“I wanted to read them all. If only Miss Nao hadn't whacked me... urgh...”

“Well now, what did they say...?”

Music stops.

“I remember them well.”

Extract statement from Sou.

“Among the emails on Kai's laptop was one saying “As planned, 17 people have been secured.””

“I was able to read four emails. All of them sent from Kai to some other person...”

“Though all the addresses were different. Nonsense addresses that seemed like codes...”

“I'm guessing that was a security measure to hide who they were being sent to.”

“I'll recount them starting from the oldest, okay?”

Music stops.

(What... in the world...)

“Death Game... You've gotta be shittin' me! Clearly he's talkin' about this!!”

“K... Kai! This's gotta be wrong, right?! You can't be with the kidnappers, yeah?!”

“Well now... Were the aproned scoundrel and Sara Chidouin acquainted?”

(I wouldn't say “acquainted”...!)

(Kai is... the man who stalked me...)

“Eh? M... Me?”

“I inferred that much myself.”

“And more terrifying yet...”

Music stops.

Feb 11, 2014

Extract statement from Joe.

“If we were with the kidnappers, obviously we wouldn't do that dangerous trial!!”

“We can't even trust the contents of those emails to start with!”

“What if Sou is just making it up as he goes?!”

(If Sou's opinion catches on like this, we'll be in danger...!)

  • Sou just repeats the emails if you extract a statement from him.

Conflict Joe against Sou.

“Huh... So you won't admit it.”

“Y... Yes, that's right! Something that terrifying... There's no point in doing it yourself, is there...?”

“Did you really do the trial...? You can't prove it, can you?”

“You cannot prove yourself, either. …Though if we had the laptop here, your lies would be exposed as well.”

“Even after your threat was exposed, you're still staying stubborn, eh?”


“Big sis Sara got me out of the cage, meow!! You look weak, but you're real cheeky, woof!”

“H-Hold on a second... That isn't what...”

“Just makin' sure here... But you didn't read the emails wrong, did you?”

Music stops.



“H-How strange...”

“What's the matter everybody...? Think calmly now...”

“L-Look, Kai and Nao's actions were proven!”

“Nao hit me... Made a big bump, even...”

“This is... just weird...”

  • I wonder if there's a Japanese equivalent of "The boy who cried wolf"?

“Open your eyes, everybody!!”

“I'm... I'm telling you what's right...!!”

  • Sou's used up all his goodwill.

“Sou, you're a liar.”


“Actions and behaviour are what build trust. No one will believe the words of a liar.”


”Shameful, the rest of you. The riffraff."

"Don't you value your lives? Don't you doubt when others are kind? Or do you not even have the brains to think for yourselves?”

“I've given up. On all you incompetents.”

“Worthless... Every one of you...”

“The loner snapped, meow... I'm scared, woof.”

“I can't count on any of you anymore. Miss Sara, let's talk it out ourselves.”


“And Miss Sara's in on it, too.”

“Hold on! You're wrong! Where's your proof that I'm definitely with them?!"

“I think it can be inferred from the emails...”

“So that's all it is! A conjecture!!”

“...Hmph... I see.”

“All the emails were sent to a single person.”

“Sou, earlier you said that they were all sent to different email addresses!”

“What about it?”

“That means saying they all went to one person is just your own assumption!”

“I'm pretty confident in it myself... Though I suppose there's no proof.”

“Well... I'm just claiming it, anyway.”

“Aren't those three getting more and more dubious?”

“I understand how Kai is suspicious! Even suspicion of me is inevitable... but...”

“Suspecting the three of us as a group isn't right! You're just presenting this in a manipulative way!”

“Geez... That's a sharp remark.”

“Well, I'll say it like this for you.”

“I hadn't even imagined Joe would be involved too.

“Wait, please! Joe's name isn't even mentioned in the email! Making a conclusion off of that is letting your assumptions go wild!”

“You like personal attacks, huh, Miss Sara?”

“Ah, well... I guess I'll acknowledge it. That said, I'm not going to let you escape.”

“After all this, do you still deny any relation to Kai?”

“Of course I will! Isn't this all conjecture anyway?!”

“What's that...?”

“You provide some proof too, Sou! Proof those emails were there!!”

“Funny you say that, after you guys stole it... So unfortunately... I don't have proof.”

“Then we're in the same situation! I'm denying those emails!”


Music stops.

*Cough*. I'm exhausted... I feel kind of sick...”

(I think I refuted nearly all his remarks...)

(And yet... why...?)





(We only... damaged our own trust.)

“G-Get a grip, everybody! Doubting Sara just isn't right!!”

“...Hey, what do you think would be worst for you?”

“It'd be if Miss Sara was your enemy... right?”


“Now see here...”

Music stops.


“W-Wait! At a time like this...?!”

“How we gonna make a vote without regrets?!”

Music stops.

(I have... nothing!)

(Now, I just have to believe in everyone...!)


“Be brave, everybody.”


“Ahaha... Come on, let's vote already.”

“And now...”

Feb 11, 2014

Really happy to hear people are enjoying the LP. :)

Feb 11, 2014

  • Kai may be a stalker, but Sou is the immediate threat.

Fear... is welling up inside me...

“Heehee... What do you think of the results?”

“Five will proceed to the final vote.”

"Kanna Kizuchi.”

“Kai Satou.”

“Jou Tazuna.”

“Sou Hiyori.”

“Sara Chidouin.”


One of us five will, with certainty...

“...I... I'm the Keymaster...”

“I'm the Keymaster...! Please believe me...”


Why did that come out now? I want to survive... I still... want to live...

“Y-You're kidding?! Me too?! Woohoo!!”

“Dumbasses!! It's the next part that's seriously bad!!”

“Our votes... will decide our fates.”

“D-Do we... have to choose...?”

“Big sis Sara...”

(...Why me...?)

(I've tried... so hard... And not just for myself...)

(It was... so everyone could escape... So why...)

Music stops.


“...Erm, I mean. Hey now, Sara. Your friendly policeman's with ya.”


“Listen, everybody. We need to narrow it down to just one person.”

“Y-Yes, indeed! We're far from safe at all, absolutely!!”

“Oh! Hey, is one of us a Sage?!”

“If we've got a Sage on our side, they'll know who's the Keymaster...!”

“Don't tell me... There isn't meow...?!”

“This's the worst...!! So it's one of the five?!”

“Nothing to be done... There's only one course of action.”

“Have the five prove it with words. ...Isn't that right, Sara?”

Music stops.


“I'll prove to you who the real Keymaster is!!”


Miley quietly sat in the chair again.

The final battle begins...!

Extract statement from Keiji.

Music stops.

“Okie-dokie. If anyone wants to confess the role on their card, let's go in order.”

“I have... nothing to say...”


“I have little to say myself. You are free to imagine what you wish.”

“Sheesh, okay. I'm the Keymaster. I'm the one who's been saying it from the start.”

“Honestly? This beanie sack of poo poo can't be trusted! Makes my blood run cold!”

“Hmph... I'll believe in Sou. And whoever tries to protect him is the Sage... That's where we ought to aim.”

“Why aim for the Sage, woof?”

“The Sage can divine, but if they're outed, it's over. Like “oh, if that's the Sage, I can vote for 'em!””

“So the Sage can't confess? Meaww...”

“Also... the Sacrifice gets to vote twice, right...? Is the Sacrifice someone who received two votes...?”

“This is hard, meow... Don't want a massacre, woof...”

“Joe, you're not talking... What's your role?”

“H-Huh...? Who cares...”

“Okay then... And Sara, you're the Keymaster?”


“Okay, that's all our statements. Let's give this some real focus, everybody.”

Extract statement from Reko.

“Honestly? This beanie sack of poo poo can't be trusted! Makes my blood run cold!”

“I gotta go with my heart more than my reason.”

“And that beanie guy is bad news! Can't ask him 'bout poo poo!”

Extract statement from Nao.

“Also... the Sacrifice gets to vote twice, right...? Is the Sacrifice someone who received two votes...?”

"I thought we could exclude anyone with 1 vote or less from being the Sacrifice, but..."

“Everyone had 2 or more votes... oogh...”

Extract statement from Kai.

“I have little to say myself. You are free to imagine what you wish.”

“I have zero trust after the incident with Sou, so anything I say...”

“Do you admit you're with the kidnappers?”

“If I denied it, would you believe me?”

“...I'll check anyway. Do you deny it?”

“Hrm... What meaning could this have...?”

Extract second statement from Kai.

“Am I on the side of the kidnappers...? The answer... is yet hidden in darkness."

“Confirming it is simply impossible, surely.”

Extract statement from Gin.

“This is hard, meow... Don't want a massacre, woof...”

“Massacre... has a bad sound to it, woof...”

“D-Didn't you say that word first, Gin?”

“N-No, woof! My parents would get mad if they heard me use a word like that, meow!”

“Then who told it to you...?”

“? I don't get it, but okay, woof.”

Extract statement from Alice.

“Hmph... I'll believe in Sou. And whoever tries to protect him is the Sage... That's where we ought to aim.”

“When I think of those allying with Sou...”

“Well, no more worry of being picked. What a show, mwahaha...”

(So despicable...)

Extract statement from Sou.

“Sheesh, okay. I'm the Keymaster. I'm the one who's been saying it from the start.”

“Ahaha. You've got scary eyes, Sara.”

(Now might not be the time to bother with him...)

Extract statement from Q-taro.

“The Sage's the easiest one for us to vote for. If they can divine, you can identify 'em right away!”

“So then it's a mystery why Kanna wouldn't call herself the Sage...!”

Extract statement from Kanna.

“I have... nothing to say...”

“...There's... nothing to speak about...”

“Please, Kanna! Anything! Give me information...”


“...I'm sorry...”

(Urgh....! We don't have time!)

  • Keiji just reminds Sara of the different roles.

Extract statement from Joe.

“My role...? Who cares...”

“Don't give me that look, Sara...”

“Why don't you want to say?”

“Me saying something now is just suspicious, right?”

“...That's why I ain't gonna say.”

“Joe, add what you just said.”

“H-Huh? I'm just saying the same thing...”

(No, you said something slightly different...)

Conflict Gin against Joe.

Music stops.

“Gin... could you tell me that again?”

“Err... Before the preliminary vote, big bro Joe said “if you pick Sara, it'll be a massacre,” woof.”

“Joe, what did you say about your role?”

“Huh? Well, I said I wouldn't say it.”


A role you won't say... It's like that, is it?”

(Should I... be saying this out loud?)

(Are the Keymaster or the Sacrifice being picked. And... there's only one role who can identify the Keymaster, one of those two.)

(Yes... A role that shouldn't be exposed...)

(Will I... expose it myself...?)

Feb 11, 2014

For those of you who have already completed the first two chapters; the third chapter is coming out on the 25th (Japanese only). The promotional video only mentions that this is the final chapter, not sure if it's the whole chapter or just the first part.

Feb 11, 2014

(No... I can't say it!!)

(Because if Joe is exposed as the Sage... He'll be voted for!!)

(I can't... I can't do that!!)

“...I get what you're trying to say.”


“Joe is the Sage.”

  • If Sara had outed Joe as the Sage, Alice angrily accuses Sara of selling Joe out to ensure her own survival, to which Joe protests that Sara is trying to save everyone.



“Joe saw Sara was the Keymaster. That's why he was convinced of a massacre.”

“'Course, it's just a strong possibility... But can you refute it?”



“Guess I can't keep a secret after all.”

“Joe!! Wait...!!”

(This is awful... W-Why...)

Music stops.

“But you aren't giving up yet, are you?”

“'Course not!!”

“Everyone!! You gotta promise me!!”

“W-What do you mean?!”

“I'm on board!! Now tell us their name!!”

“Their name... is...!”

Music stops.


“Alriiight!! Now we look for the Sacrifice between Sou, Kanna and Kai...”


Music stops.

“My reading was... that Sou was the Keymaster..”

“H... Hey...”

“My head's spinning, woooof!!”

Eheehee. 8 minutes to go, everyone. Ahaha.”

“Sou and Kanna are working together. ...I've got no doubt.”

“K-Keiji!! There ain't no way Kanna is up to no good!”

“Kanna's... being used by the beanie guy! He's gonna cast her aside! Don't you dare pick her!”

“I got it, woof!”

“Long-haired apron guy said his role last, so he's suspicious, meow! Definitely lying, woof!”

“I was about to believe Joe earlier... But is he really the Sage?!”

“We... We can't possibly find the answer in this little time!”

“Ghh...! It pains me, but as Sou or Sara could potentially be the Keymaster we shouldn't vote for them...!”

Extract statement from Reko.

“Kanna's... being used by the beanie guy! He's gonna cast her aside! Don't you dare pick her!”

“Wonder if the beanie's planning to sacrifice Kanna to save his own rear end...”

Extract statement from Nao.

“We... We can't possibly find the answer in this little time!”

“Aaah... We need to reason out the roles somehow...”

“If only we could just look at what's on the cards... Then we'd know the roles...”


Extract statement from Gin.

“Long-haired apron guy said his role last, so he's suspicious, meow! Definitely lying, woof!”

“He must have realised that if he was the only one without a role, he's be chosen by process of elimination, meow!”

Extract statement from Alice.

“Ghh...! It pains me, but as Sou or Sara could potentially be the Keymaster we shouldn't vote for them...!”

“But... Who would be a safe bet, then...?!”

Extract statement from Keiji.

“Sou and Kanna are working together. ...I've got no doubt.”

“I know that much... But I don't know their roles.”

“If there were some way to determine them...”

“...Oh, really?”

“...That's good. Guess I'll persist until you can figure it out, Sara...”

Conflict Nao against Keiji.

Music stops.

“What's on the cards...?”

“Just maybe...”

“Let's take a gamble on it...”

“Joe, I'll ask you.”

“R... Right! Ask me anything!”


“Huh? You can answer, can't you? As the Sage...”

“Well done, Keiji! You've revealed the truth with just one question!”

“Don't take me lightly, will ya?”


“The Keymaster, so it's a key...? Too bad. Actually...”


“Kanna... What did it look like to you?”


“...Correct. The design for the Keymaster is a lock... Slipped up right at the very end, Joe.”

“W-What're you talking about?!

“I saw it for sure!! A picture of a key!!”

“...There's no time.”

(The last...! Right there's no time to keep drawing out statements...!)

Feb 11, 2014

Music stops.

Right now, I'm seeing the worst outcome in my head. This is just an uncertain line of logic.

(Please... Let me be wrong...!!)

(I don't have anywhere left to go... but forward!!)




“...You won't say... will you, Kai? Because... you can't say...?”


“What're you...?!”

“It says this in Rulebook 2...”

“All it says is they know who it is...”


(Plus, they “can't lie about the results”...)

(So Kai, who didn't say a design, is the Sage...!)

(But... If that's it, then why...)

“Since Kai couldn't say a design, he's the Sage.”



“It was a close one.”

“Y-You!! You must've been lyin' to Kanna after all!!”

“More importantly, we should listen to Kai.”

“When we came to the subject of designs... I realised I was in danger.”

“I thought I might play dumb... But it was clear I would be the most-voted simply due to my lack of trust...”

“Yet... yet... I...”



“I am convinced... He purposefully took actions that could be read as those of the Sage.”

“Ahaha, why me?”

“He is a dangerous man!! He will certainly disturb our teamwork, and lead everyone into danger...!!”

Music stops.

  • Should Sara try to eliminate Sou, the most antagonistic and unlikable candidate, or Kai, who has had contact with the kidnappers and stalked Sara, or save the minority, knowing what that will mean for the majority?

Feb 11, 2014

  • Whether it was because Sara couldn't allow eight people to be killed to save two lives, or because anger overrode love, her decision has been made.

  • Or maybe it was just cold logic; the moment Kai was confirmed as the Sage, the Sacrifice's fate was sealed; why waste a vote?

“...I understand. So long as you may be the Sacrifice, choosing you is risky...”

“It's more than that.”

“Eheehee. Now everyone, enjoy yourselves as I check your answers!”

“First, the Sage!”


“Next, the Keymaster! Eheehee, the fierce battle between you two was a true sight to see!”

“No... Stop it...”

“Well... what to say...”

“D... Dumbass! What're you sorry about?!”

“You... 'cause of us, you... you...!! Don't you feel bitter?!”

“I dunno... I just dunno...”





(This isn't real... It's just...)

“Joe... Stop it...! I don't believe it... I...”


  • If we had voted for Joe, his last three lines here change. Joe realises that Sara voted for him, and instead of saying the others are his friends and asking everyone to work together, Joe admits that he "tried really hard" to escape with Sara. No one mentions Sara essentially trying to throw everyone to the wolves to save Joe and herself.

“Aaah... sniff...”

“Last... There's something I wanna say.”

Music stops.

“Wait...! Wait, Miley...”

“How cuuute, Sara! Ahaha.”

“Why not? I'll give you a chance.”


Music stops.

“Just keep pressing it! The device will be slowed the more you press, and maybe even stop!”

“G... Give me that!!”

  • Joe's life bar can be seen on the lower screen. Since he is already injured, the bar starts out at around 75% full, and constantly decreases.

  • Every time Sara presses the button, Joe recovers a small amount of life.

  • No matter how many times or how quickly the button is pressed though, the device continues on.

  • Until eventually...

“It's enough.”

“Waaaaaaaaa.... aaahhh...!!”

“Eheehee, how cute you are even when you cry.”

Feb 11, 2014

Posting to push to next page.

Feb 11, 2014

“Oh, very well. I have no time to spare for you.”

Music stops.

“The knife from the kitchen?! As if I'll allow you suicide...”


(Joe... I... this...)


“This is... resistance.”

“It is a step I was able to take... because you bought me time.”

Kai falls to the ground.

Music stops.

“...She's tossing and turning.”

“I... I'm right next to you, big sis Sara... Meow...”

“I'll go too...! I don't know what I can do... But I'll at least stay by her side...”

“Yeah... right.”

“This time, we'll give her strength....!!”

“Eh? Can you go home...?”

“A funny joke! We've only just begun!”

“Let us enjoy this, everyone... Eheehee... Ahaha...”

“Bein' bad... that makes ya a good-for-nothing. And you didn't seem to me like a good-for-nothing guy...”

“I dunno... I jus' dunno...”

“I... don't like this...”

“Please don't make Sara sad...”

“Didn't you feel anything from what Joe said...?”



Music stops.

“You said you were a policeman, yes?”

“...What about it?”

“A policeman knows about murder cases, yes?”

“Yeah... if I'm in charge of 'em.”

“...Do you know the crime I committed?”


“I imagine it's just a coincidence, but... I killed a person once.”

“What was the victim's name...?”

Feb 11, 2014

Am I inside my memories?

Let's remember things one step at a time.

But someone was lurking there, and knocked us unconscious.

Tied to beds and with collars put on us, we were forced to solve a puzzle for our lives.

That was... the First Trial.


Music stops.

In my crumbling heart... someone's voice echoes.

There... my senses gave out again.

Coming home from school, she encounters her stalker. When she hurries home, she finds her mother collapsed. She comes to in an unknown room. Enduring various death games with 11 participants, Sara wins their trust. But in the Main Game, she loses her best friend Joe. With the deaths of high school teacher Mishima and homemaker Kai, there remain 9 survivors…

He clumsily tried to assist Sara after learning of her stalker. Sara’s lone acquaintance in the Death Game. His fate was sealed by drawing the Sacrifice card. At the end of the Main Game, he left the remark “all of you must be good people,” then perished.

Acts casual, but feels somehow shady. He often seems to be guiding others into giving Sara their trust. Confessed that he once shot a person, and hasn’t been able to fire a gun since. He promised Sara he’d tell her his past if they survived the Main Game, but who knows…

Filled with self-loathing after losing her sister, Sara and Mishima told her a kind lie. But Miley’s “sister-killer” remark meant it only wounded her more. In the Main Game, Kanna notably made statements implying she was working with Sou. What might have transpired between the two of them… is unknown.

Despite his giant, gaudy appearance, he’s very wary. Apparently he was raised in an odd orphanage, so his dialect is all over the place. Found his resolve faster than anyone in the Main Game, showing a willingness to doubt others to survive. Unable to fully believe Kai’s parting confession of having contact with the kidnappers, he’s showing signs of looking into the truth.

Though unbelievably weak for an adult man and seeming as if he disliked conflict, everything about him gives off a “darkness.” He was very shocked to be attacked by Nao and have the laptop clue stolen from him. In the Main Game, Sou lost trust and transformed, seemingly filled with malice and madness. The sight struck fear and hatred into the survivors.

A flashy band player worried for her dear bongos. Kind to the weak, and often harsh on men. In the Main Game, revealed Alice was her brother. Ever since Alice committed murder, the two became effective strangers.

Has a deep relationship of trust with Mishima, and beat the First Trial by cooperating with him. After losing Mishima in the so-called practice vote, Nao ran amok, stuffing his head in a box and fleeing. Threatened by Kai, she attacked Sou to get Kai the laptop, but because Mishima’s head disappeared, she realized Kai betrayed her.

In spite of the aloof impression he gave, Sara remembered that Kai was the stalker who came after her that day. Threatened Nao and took the laptop from Sou, and it’s suspected he hid the Mishima head Nao was protecting somewhere. Confessed to having contact with the kidnappers in the Main Game, but shows clear hostility toward the kidnapper Miley. Sou revealed emails indicating ties to the Chidouins (Sara’s family) and an affection for Sara. But killed as a victim, can the truth about Kai be known…?

Adores “big sis Sara,” and acted tough through the harsh Death Games, but was wracked with fear upon being trapped in a cage. The paper Gin found in the shredder revealed the truth that Alice Yabusame was a murderer.

Deeply trusting of his former student Nao, together, they conquered the First Trial. But not taking any chances regarding his student, he gathered votes for himself in the practice round, and thus lost his life. This threw Nao’s heart into disarray, making her lose control, stuff Mishima’s head in a box, and flee.

While the other survivors endured traps, he locked himself alone in the Red Room, hiding there until Sara found him. In the Main Game, he confessed to being Alice Yabusame, a murderer, and Reko’s older brother. Furthermore, after the Main Game, Alice discussed something with Keiji. “The name of the person I killed was Sou Hiyori”...

Calling herself the Floor Master, she explains the Main Game and distributes necessary tools for the Death Game. With malicious words and actions, she puzzles the participants and takes their lives, and destroyed the hearts of Kanna and Sara. Kai and Q-taro’s resistance has made her bleed, and she’s often chagrined. ...Is she really a “doll”?

Feb 11, 2014

“Y... Yes?”

“Hm... How many indeed... Surely, it's been quite a long time.”

“What is this...?”

“Go on, go on, try it on.”

“Whoa! Suits you pretty well, eh?”

“What, er... What exactly led to...”

“C'mon now... It's a present.”

“E... Er... So you mean to state your feelings of gratitude...?”

“Nope. This isn't about gratitude as your employer.”

“In other words, it proves your initiation into the tradition of homemakers!”



“My wife thinks the same way. She suggested I give you that as a gift, in fact.”

“...S-Surely you jest... Someone such as me...”

“Whoa! What's the matter?”


“Gahaha! Your eyes are red! Don't tell me you were cryin'?!”

“W-Whatever are you saying...”

“...Makes me happy. Gahaha...”


“But I've got no worries.”

“I will remain a shadow, never known... and just continue to protect Miss Sara.”

“...Such is my affection.”


“...E-Err, master?”

(...When it comes to Miss Sara... he loses sight of all else, indeed.)

Feb 11, 2014

“...What, Joe? Face forward, we're in class.”

“I heard they opened up a super good kebab place! Let's go there on the way home, I'll treat ya!”

“Okay, fine! ...You're so loud. Now's not the time to talk.”

“Oh, and hey, in exchange...”

“Huh, for real?!”

“...No, that's not what I meant!”

“Seriously, quiet...!! What are you trying to say?”

“W... We're in class, remember? Of course I'm not going to lend it to you.”

“Just for a second!! I'm fast at copying!”

“That's not a skill deserving praise...”

“Urgh... You're right, but...!

Music stops.

  • That certainly escalated.


“Don't you feel any responsibility?”


“And I suffered a long time 'cause of you too, right?”

“You got anything to say to that?”

“Hahaha! No reason to clam up.”

“...No...! I...!!”

“I did... the most I could...!”

“I protected everyone...! I did...!!”

“But... but...!!”

“Just stop it already, Joe!!”

“You wanna look away?”

(A dream... That was just a dream...!)

(I need to calm down...! Need to...!)

(Where is this...?)

Investigate light(s).

A bright light illuminates the room.

(This looks just like a hotel room…)

Investigate window.

(What an awful face… I look lifeless.)

(Enough… This is no time to be looking in the mirror…)


Investigate the bedside light.

The light went out.

  • Sara doesn't comment on the blood – if you recheck the lamp, she makes the same remark as last time.

Investigate Mishima.

Professor Mishima…

Investigate Kai.


Investigate Joe.

Music stops.

“You… You aren’t Joe!!”

“This is… just a nightmare…!!”


A sharp pain spread through my body.

“Help me… someone…”


“St… op…!!”

Music stops.

“Ah… Kei… ji...”

“...Yep. Your friendly policeman in the flesh.”

The room… is still clean.

(Ow… Did I go running around and hurt myself…?)

“Show me your wounds. Heard some pretty loud noises… Something happen?”

“No need to hide it. You had a hallucination. Isn’t that right, Sara?”

“How… do you know that…?”

“Glad you didn’t get any major injuries. C’mon, sit down on the bed.”

“...Where is this place?”

“This is the third floor. There’s rooms prepared here, one for each person. In other words, “get some rest.”

“Don’t mention it. ...But I think you should sleep a little longer.”

“I don’t want to worry everyone…”

“Everybody else is resting too. No need for you alone to push it.”

“You’ve come this far without a break… You at least deserve to sleep.”

“I don’t… want to sleep.”


“No way. I can’t let you go into danger.”

“...Please move aside… I’d rather that than lying down alone.”

“Whew… Alright, fine. I’ll lend you a shoulder. Rest just a little more.”



“...Nodded off, eh…”

“Well, shucks....”

“You too, huh, Sara…? ...You can’t… acknowledge the hallucinations.”

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Feb 11, 2014

Part of 3-1 is available in Japanese now. The rest of 3-1 should be available tomorrow. Some people have already finished and data mining has started, so please be careful of spoilers.

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Feb 11, 2014

“...Yes. Thank you very much.”

“Want to go show your face to everyone? They're worried, so...”


  • We'll get a bad ending if the level gets too high.

Music stops.

As soon as I entered the large, bright space, I noticed the people there.

A singing voice echoed through the room.

  • It is pretty, though not what I would have expected Reko's singing to sound like.

“Hmph... You look awful.”


“Why're you listening in from the wall? Isn't she your sister?”

(Right... Reko and Alice were siblings, huh...)

“I don't care to introduce unnecessary distractions with my presence.”

“Pretty conscientious for your sister, eh?”

“...Always the provocative one, aren't you.”

“...You all....”

“What do you... think of Reko?”

“...I suppose I can interpret that in a good way.”

“Doesn't seem like she gets bashful, not even if she's dealing with brawny men.”

“Kind to the weak, harsh on the strong... That's the impression I get.”

“...She was different before.”


“She was harsh even on herself... But especially harsh on those who didn't act, without regard for whether they were weak.”

“She's undergone a startling change.”

“Due to your murder case, I take it...?”

Music stops.


“Mwahaha... Exactly right...”

“...Sorry to make you hear these trifles.”

“Sara, you came to!”


“Big sis Saraaaaaaaa!!”

It's warm...

Everyone must be exhausted, body and soul...


“E-Er, sorry...”

Alice leaves.

“Nothin' yet. After that awful Main Game, we've been off by ourselves resting.”

“We were given rooms for every person, so... We carried you here, and have been standing by...”

“But that bad doll girl's nowhere to be found, woof. Should we go look for her, meow?”

  • The logical answer would be to explore the new area or even to try keep an eye on Miley, but after everything Miley has done, especially to Sara's best friend, I think a lot of people would be after some kind of justice.

“We'll find her...”

“...Big sis Sara?”

“Ah... U-Um, it's nothing.”

“Alright, sitting around's not my style either. Let's take caution exploring the area.”

  • There's nothing to investigate in this room.

Investigate the debris.

Rubble is scattered all over.

Talk to Q-taro.


“Sara! Ya okay now?!”


“I'm... not strong at all.”

“... 'Course, yeah. Sorry.”

“You really suffered. Sayin' not to sweat it after that's just insensitive.”

“Yeah...! I wanna get revenge for yer best friend... And also...”


“I'm goin' back to searchin'. Wanna find clues, whether it's about an exit or about the kidnappers.”

“I'll... do my best too.”

Talk to Alice.

“Ahh... I'm gonna look over there. Come tell me when you wanna go elsewhere.”


“You, Sara Chidouin. There's a courtyard here... Don't you think it odd?”

“Hmph... Of course it wouldn't. It's only the appearance of a courtyard.”

“Can we talk for a sec, Alice?”

“I refuse. ...If you have business with me, come when I'm alone, Keiji Shinogi.”

“Right then.”

“He really is a little scary, isn't he?

“Almost like... some kinda security room, ain't it?”

Music stops.

(Hm? I think I hear a faint sound... Is one of the monitors... on?)

Talk to Kanna.


As soon as Kanna noticed me, she averted her eyes.

(I don't think... I can talk calmly to Kanna right now.)

(Even if she was just being used... Right now, I just can't do it.)

Investigate the machine in front of the monitors.

In front of the monitors is a machine that, despite it's complexity, offers only simple functions.

Investigate a monitor.

One of numerous monitors.

Investigate second from right monitor.

I hear a faint sound from this monitor.

(Is this... another trap?)

The man on the monitor... It's unmistakably...


Feb 11, 2014

“It's not... a video...? You're talking? To me...?”

“Yes, I am looking into your eyes and talking with you, Miss Nao.”

“T... T... This is... unthinkable...”

“Nice to meet us...?”

Talk to Kanna.

Kanna won't even look at me.

Talk to Nao.

Nao's gaze is fixed on a single point.

Talk to Mishima.

“I am Kazumi Mishima... I teach Japanese and art to high school students.”

“...The real...?”

“...Well now... Ahh... I see now. I'm...”

“...An artificial intelligence...?!”

“Everyone, I suppose you met with the real Kazumi Mishima?”

“On the back of this monitor... There's a photo of Mishima's face.”

“The old guy's... gone, woof...”

“...What did you say?”

“Ahh... The way you talk... everything... It's the professor... Like the professor is actually here...”


Music stops.

(Then... Joe? Is there... one of Joe...?)

“Big sis Sara! What's the matter, meow?!”

Before I knew it... I was intently checking the backs of the monitors.

What...? There's even a monitor with my photo... Yet Joe's is nowhere to be found.

“Sister... Why aren't you here...? I... miss you too...”

(And Kanna...)


“W... What the?!”

We turned to the voice behind us.

“W-Who're you, meow?!”

“Err... What about Miley...?”

“Ehh? You prefer the ladies, do ya? Sheesh.”

“Yeesh, it's creepy when they all talk at once!”

“Just joshin'! You're real cute, so move it already!”


“What a calamity!!”


“T-The rules of Floor 3...?”

“Yep. You bastards are probably hyper on-edge after suspecting up a storm in the Main Game, right?”

“And so! We thought of some wonderful festivities to let you reconcile before the next Main Game!”

“Wait!! We're doin' one again?! A Main Game...?!”


“Whazza maatter? My face scare you? C'mon, Sara Chidouin!”

Music stops.

“Shut up...”



“Isn't that... Joe's hairclip...?!”

  • Rio's line here changes depending on Sara's response; if you pick Mishima, Rio says: “The regrets of Kazumi Mishima... That hypocrite mistaken as the ideal of a teacher,” to which Nao protests. If you select Kai, Rio says; “The regrets of Kai Satou... That foolish man whose rebellion destroyed him,” to which Q-taro protests.

“Then... that skirt, too... It must be sister's...!!”


You bastards got any right to condemn me?”


“This topic's donezo! Now everybody come see what's past these monitors!”

(Gah...! Why couldn't we say anything back?!)

Talk to Mishima

“Has my original... err...”

“...Do excuse me. It seems that's neither here nor there presently.”


Investigate the photos.

A photo of me.

(Creepy... What's all this about?)

A photo of Keiji.

(Those are some serious bags under his eyes... He's completely worn out.)

A photo of Kanna.


A photo of Q-taro.

(As a pro baseball player... He's got a good photo.)

A photo of Sou.

(Huh...? Come to think of it, where is Sou...?)

A photo of Reko.

(Her photo looks just as cool.)

A photo of Nao.

(She has a good countenance... I wonder when this photo was taken.)

A photo of Gin.

A photo of Alice.

(Such a gaudy hairstyle...)

Investigate the stars.

Some sort of star-shaped badge.

(What's this...?)

Investigate the yellow, green and blue shapes.

Some sort of mechanical thing.

(What's this...?)

Investigate the paper.

A ticket of some kind.

(What's this...?)

Talk to the man behind the counter.

Music stops.

“Whoa?! Who's this guy?!”

As if not minding us at all, he doesn't even move.

“Safalin, hand those things out.”

Everyone was handed a wallet of some kind.

“Those are Me-Tokens. Everyone has been given 100.”

“Huh... So let me guess, you can trade these tokens for the prizes on display here?”

“Correct! Just what I expected from you!”


“What's that mean, woof....?”

You can only use tokens you get from others!”

“Those tokens signify trust.”

“All y'all bastards are gonna be selling, buying, stealing, and surrendering those suckers!”

“How idiotic... There's surely more to this.”

“I've got a good idea. If one of us gathers tokens and buys a prize, we can all share the info.”

“Ehh? Y'all are some friendly bastards.”

Music stops.

“Well, too bad for you, but that's not all!”

“M... myow...?”

“N... No...!!”

“P... Please stop... Don't impersonate him...!!”

“Most attractions require a group of two. ...However, one cannot do the same attraction twice.”

Tokens and Clear Chips... I'm starting to see what you're getting at.”

Music stops.

(Huh?! I don't see anything like that one the counter...!)

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