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Oct 4, 2005

The Expanse Season 4 Is here & Streaming on Amazon Prime now!

Since all of season 4 is being dumped on us at once binge rules are in effect!

Please post episode numbers followed by text wrapped in spoiler tags when discussing specific events in the show. Non-specific declarations of disgust and/or wonder can remain un-tagged as long as you don't reveal spoilers!

/!\ This is a TV-only Discussion. Please refrain from posting book spoilers! /!\

The Expanse For filthy newbie Wellwallahs: (no spoilers)

(A Legitimate Salvage from OPs on season 1-3. Many thanks to AlternateAccount & KatWithHand)

Preemptive TL;DR that is still too long:
The Expanse is a hard science fiction Opera on Amazon prime. "Hard" because of the dogged determination of the show to depict everything in the most scientifically accurate way possible, and "Opera" because it's actually really entertaining and occasionally moving without getting too bogged down in all that science stuff. It's a drat good show.

In fact, it's probably the best Sci-fi show on television since Battlestar Galactica before it face-planted during the writer's strike way back when. If you like Sci-fi, you will probably enjoy this. It's gotten a steadily rising tomato-meter score throughout the seasons, and currently sits at 100% for season 3. It has also won a bunch of science fiction awards. This show is awesome and good, and you should watch it.

Season 1 Trailer:

The first handful of episodes are a bit of a slow burn as the series meticulously builds the setting and establishes characters, but it's not what I would consider "a slog" or even "a rocky start". At worst, you could fairly say that it might give the wrong impression about what the show eventually becomes. (It becomes . )

Nothing in the first few episodes is superfluous; There are no "filler" episodes. It's all there for a reason, and quite a lot of it will pay off later down the line.

It's often said by fans that if you are not on board by Season 1 episode 5, you probably won't ever be.
That said, this is a show that gradually improves as the seasons unfold. Sticking around is very rewarding, and most people who get get to that point end up loving the hell out of it.

Season 4 drops Friday Dec. 13th exclusively on Amazon Prime.

What is this?
A hard Sci-fi drama based on the Best-selling Expanse Series by James S.A. Corey (The non-de-plume of Daniel Abraham & Ty Franck) The series is 8 books in with various sub-novellas, so it is fully inoculated against Game of Thrones-itis.

Who made this?
Produced By Alcon Entertainment (Bladerunner 2049)
Distributed by Amazon Prime
Written by: Mark Fergus & Hawk Ostby (Children of men)
Daniel Abraham & Ty Franck (the writers of the Expanse Book Series)
Showrunner: Naren Shankar (writer for Star Trek:TNG & Farscape)
Musical Score by Clinton Shorter (District 9)

Steven Strait, Cas Anvar, Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Thomas Jane, Frankie Adams, Shawn Doyle, Cara Gee, Chad L. Coleman, Nick E. Tarabay, Terry Chen, Elizabeth Mitchell, David Strathairn, and Jared Harris.

The Expanse has easily one of the most diverse casts on television, but it's not really played up in any way. Since most of it happens in the asteroid belt, where a huge variety of ethnicities, cultures and languages swirl and mix together into a delicious human gumbo, diversity is inevitable. The cast reflects that.

The gritty working class science fiction of Alien and Outland, the Cyberpunk film Noir of Bladerunner, the political machinations of Game of Thrones and Battlestar. The Scientific accuracy of...nothing else really. It's in a class of it's own in that respect.

Does it look good?
Hell yeah. This show looks great. This is film-quality Sci-fi on tv. Everything from the costumes to the sets to the CGI space battles is top notch and focused down to minute details. It nearly bankrupted Syfy to the point where they nicknamed it "the Expense" and cancelled it. Luckily, it's been picked up by the richest Dr. Evil in the world and so it gets to continue looking like tens of millions of bucks in every episode. Which it does.

The Setting
Set some time 200-300 years in the future, humanity has colonized the solar system including Mars and the Asteroid belt, but divisions among humanity brought about by changes in physiology, environment, and colonial tensions have given rise to factions who now teeter on the brink of outright war. Into this volatile mix, a mysterious bio-weapon in introduced that could threaten everyone in the solar system with gooey blue death.

The Places/Factions

Earth - Earth is a comfy place to exist, comparatively. Currently inhabited by approximately 30 billion citizens, the vast majority of which depend on basic government assistance for all material needs and do not work. A job is a rare and precious commodity. Led by the UN.

Mars - Former Earth colony, now independent and with a population of approximately 9 billion. An escalation of aggression that took place before the series led to Martian independence and tensions are reduced, but ongoing. Mars is still mostly uninhabitable, but a decades long plan for terraforming the planet into an unspoiled, Earth-like habitat is underway. Mars has a very strong economic and scientific presence in the system.

The Belt/OPA - The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, with major settlements on Ceres and Eros. Somewhere between 50-100 million total belters, spread across many stations and asteroids. Ceres is the the largest population center in the system behind Mars with about 6 million inhabitants. The belt is mined heavily for raw materials to support ease-of-life on Earth and ongoing terraforming efforts on Mars. Living conditions are generally terrible and the belters typically feel that they are abused and taken advantage of by Earth and Mars alike. The OPA(Outer Planets Alliance) is a semi-terrorist organization that seeks Belter independence and self-governance. Due to gravitational differences, people raised in the Belt tend to be tall and very slender, and they are unable to function in stronger gravity wells, like Earth's. The low gravity requires a cocktail of drugs to ward off developmental issues when growing up.

Each have different cultures and in the case of the Belters, a unique dialect created by many languages mixing into a linguistic stew. Don't worry about not understanding the Belter Creole at first, no one does. Turning on captions/subtitles can help in the beginning.

The story
At first, centering around a rag-tag group of long haul Ice haulers for the Pur'n'Kleen water company, who are thrust into an escalating series situations where they are pretty much hosed at all times.

Other plot-lines include:
Deputy undersecretary of the UN Avasarala navigating the backstabbing political machinations on Earth in a series of stunning wardrobe choices.

Miller, a world-weary film noir detective doggedly trying to solve a mystery on Ceres, the largest city-station in the asteroid belt.

All of these plot-lines intersect and cross-pollinate. As the show goes on the cast, as well as the setting, expands into new dimensions of scale, introducing new characters and factions along the way.

The characters
Like Game of Thrones, the characters of the various factions are presented in moral shades of grey. No character or faction is fully evil or good, actions are well motivated and understandable. There are always consequences to every action, no matter how well-intentioned, and the show loves to confront/torture its characters with them just when you think they got away with it.

Characters in the expanse are complicated, though they might initially appear not to be. They have a tendency to develop and change as they travel along their story arcs, which are often very long.

If you don't like a character initially, stick around, because they are certain to grow and change. It's not uncommon for watchers of the show to initially hate a character only for that character to become a fan favorite later down the line.

That is, if they don't get murdered by space or other people first. That can, and does, happen too.

The Expanse is Sci-Fi on Nightmare mode, at least for the people who make it. Watching it is much easier for us couch potatoes. Some things might still require a bit of explanation, although you can enjoy the show without worrying about it too much.

There are no "inertial dampeners" on the Expanse, no Shields, no warp drives, and a minimum of hand-wavey nonsense.

How Do They Eat or Breathe? Any Other Science Facts?
- The invention of the Epstein Drive means that ships no longer take lengthy circuitous fuel-sipping routes from place to place. Now they accelerate constantly in a mostly linear fashion straight toward the objective, then flip around and burn to decelerate the rest of the way. Travel between places in the show takes a few months at worst instead of years.
- Weaponry tends to be still projectile based. Torpedoes, railguns, and plain old bullets.
- Stealth tech is a thing, or at least, passive, stationary stealth is. It's hard to hide when you've got a giant column of fire shooting out of the back of your ship.
- Gravity is simulated through acceleration/deceleration on ships and via spinning stations with people walking on the outer edge of rings with their heads toward the center. Gravity is still much lower outside of Earth, for example it's only about 0.3G on Ceres. Moving between gravitation levels can be hard on people accustomed to higher or lower gravity conditions.
- Good coffee is hard to find.
- The show is generally very highly praised for its adherence to science. Newton's laws are in full effect. (With one notable exception.)

That being said, the show never gets bogged down in long expository monologues about technical specifications of spaceships or they physics and biology of living in a place where the vaccuum of space is trying to kill you 100% of the time. It's really more of a show-don't-tell affair, and this is, at its core, a story about humanity. Stuff is explained when it makes sense for the characters to explain it, and the challenges of the environment are shown as the characters are challenged by them, for the most part.

The conventions built on real science in the Expanse bring forth a wealth of thrilling new situations for the characters to try to not get killed by. I guarantee you are going to see stuff here that you've never seen in any other sci-fi show or movie. It's not an exaggeration to say that The Expanse is pushing a new frontier for the genre.

There's a good reason Fans of this show were rabid enough to save it from certain cancellation death using a series of outlandish tactics.

It's because the Expanse is not only the finest Science fiction show currently being broadcast, but perhaps among the best shows, period. The emotional depth of the characters and situations is palpable and moving. The situations they find themselves in are novel, thrilling, and unpredictable. It's packed full of topical commentary on our current socio-political situation, but it's just removed enough in its far-flung future setting for us to engage the ideas without preconceived bias.

Best of all, the cast and crew of the Expanse clearly love making it, and they clearly love each other to bits as well. That's the secret ingredient here. It's not perfect, but To paraphrase Alex Kamal from the show: "The Expanse might not be real, but the love that went into it is."

Go watch it.

The thread will contain SPOILERS for Seasons 1-3 Below! Go catch up before reading past this point.

The Expanse for Sésata & Beratna Beltalowda (Beard Edition)

/!\ This is a TV-only Discussion. Please refrain from posting book spoilers! /!\

What happened in Season 1: In Season 1, the disappearance of rich-girl-turned-political-activist Julie Mao linked the lives of Ceres' detective Joe Miller (Thomas Jane), accidental ship captain James Holden (Steven Strait) and U.N. politician Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo). Amidst political tension between Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt, these three individuals unravel the single greatest conspiracy of all time.

What happened in Season 2: The Protomolecule has taken over Eros and threatens the safety of the entire solar system. From there, the larger conspiracy to control the protomolecule is further unraveled, as the crew of the Rocinante, UN Undersecretary Avasarala and Martian solider Bobbie Draper attempt to prevent system wide war AND stop a mysterious new creature.

What happened in Season 3: As the war between Earth and Mars ignites across the solar system, the terrifying next phase in the evolution of the protomolecule threatens the very existence of humanity. Caught in the middle, the Rocinante crew struggles to deal with tensions amongst themselves.

The Characters

James Holden
S1: Former almost-XO of the now-destroyed Canterbury. Earther. Now de-facto captain of the stolen Martian frigate Tachi, re-christened Rocinante. Has an overdeveloped sense of responsibility, which may have been permanently triggered by guilt due to being the roundabout cause of the Canterbury's destruction.
S2: Got very, very Ahab-ish in his quest to destroy the humanoid Protomolecule creature and eradicate all remaining samples from the solar system.
S3: Gained a proto-Miller hallucination who rides around in his brain. Had a crazy psychic vision on the ring station. Saw a...something in the space between ring-gate and our solar system.
Probably needs extensive therapy.

, alternatively
Josephus Miller
S1: Former Star Helix(private police) officer on Ceres. Belter. A bit of a washout-waste of a cop who's working with a newly discovered strength of conscience. Became slightly obsessed with discovering the fate of Julie Mao, to the point of inadvertent career suicide, burning his goodwill with the OPA and leaving Ceres to inadvertently link up with Holden's crew. Now that he's learned the fate of Julie, he's searching for those responsible for the Eros disaster and bring them to something approximating justice. The hat may very well be gone for good.
S2: Ended up riding Eros all the way into Venus after talking Julie Mao into directing it there instead of Earth with the power of LOVE. May or may not be the first and only person to have banged a human/asteroid hybrid. No sign of him since the Venusian impact.
S3: Returned as a Ring gate created hallucination appearing only to Holden, calling himself the Investigator, and wearing a hat that Holden has never seen. He ain't exactly dead, but he ain't exactly Miller either.

Naomi Nagata
S1: Former Canterbury engineer, particularly overqualified and brilliant at her job. Belter. Has a vaguely defined past of working with/for the OPA and doing things she regrets. Seems to be becoming the emotional anchor for the Rocinante, keeping everything grounded and mediating internal disputes.
S2: Lots of tension between her deeply ingrained Belter loyalties and loyalty to Holden. Secretly stashed a sample of Protomolecule that she was tasked with destroying, and later gave it to Fred Johnson. She confessed this to Holden, and that's likely to be a Big Time Problem.
S3: Persona Non-Grata on the Roci for the first half of the Season as she clashes with the rest of the crew after betraying them by giving Fred Johnson the Protomolecule sample. By the mid-season things are smoothed over with Holden and Alex at least, but she decides that it's time to rejoin her Belter comrades on the Behemoth for the voyage to the Ring Gate. Eventually decides that her nostalgia led her to the wrong place, and returns to her Roci family, where she is finally forgiven for her transgressions. Crushed Diogo's rear end to dust using an elevator.

Alex Kamal
S1: Former pilot of the Canterbury, now pilot of the Rocinante. Martian. Retired low-level pilot for the Martian Navy. Alex is more emotionally affected and sympathetic by the events on Eros, and seems to be a terrible drinking buddy.
S2: Still piloting, still pretty awesome.
S3:Still Piloting, Still cooking space Lasagna, now divorced. Still awesome.

Amos Burton
S1: Former mechanic on the Canterbury, now mechanic/meatbus on the Rocinante. Earther. Amos has a very... direct and simple view of the world free of pesky things like abstract morality or conscience. He looks to Naomi for guidance, she's basically his external compass for right/wrong and he defers to her almost completely.
S2: Still punching things, still pretty awesome.
S3: Gained a best friend in the whole world and upgraded to pastor for a moral compass. Still that guy, but even more so.

The above characters all fly together on the Rocinante and form the core of the show.

Other characters:

Chrisjen Avasarala
S1: Deputy Undersecretary of the UN, the UN runs Earth. A shrewd and adept politician with a demonstrated propensity for "winning" at high cost, Chrisjen realizes that Mars and Earth are being manipulated into war and is working her own resources to find out who is responsible and prevent it.
S2: After figuring out a lot of what was going on via good detective work, accepted an invitation from Jules-Pierre Mao to meet and get some answers, while protected by Bobbie Draper. Ended up nearly murdered for her trouble in a power play by Errinwright.
S3:After escaping Mao's Ship with Bobby, she teams up with the Roci crew to investigate Io. With some damning video salvaged from Mao's comms buffer sent to Anna, she brings Errinwright down remotely while also finally bringing Mao to heel at Io. She returns to Earth to become the secretary general of the UN after the resignation of Sorrento-Gillis.

Bobbie Draper
S1: Martian armored commando.
S2: Former Martian supremacist, after being attacked along with her squad by a Protomolecule monster and being the only survivor, became a valuable witness but was roundly dismissed by just about everyone, except perhaps Avasarala. Became totally disillusioned with her own government and has become basically attached to Avasarala.
S3: Escaped With Avasarala from Mao's ship and joined the Roci crew for the assault on IO. Defeated a hybrid monster after an extended battle. Rejoined the MMC only to have her entire squad get killed again. Back on the Roci at the end of the season after surviving a bullet to the gut. Probably not trusted by Mars with any more power armor squads.

Praxidike Meng
S2: Survivor of the attack on Ganymede Station. Gained a bitching headscar, but lost his daughter. His daughter was a patient of a doctor related to Protomolecule research also sought by the crew of the Rocinante, so they link up to find him.
S3:Rescued his daughter from the cluches of Mao's hosed up child hybrid experiment. Went back to Ganymede to help repair the damage there, leaving Amos all alone.

Cotyar Ghazi
Avasarala's sardonic Spy.
S3: Dead. Exploded the Protomolecule infested UNN Agatha King by overloading the reactor. Went out like a fuckin' G.
"Detonation should occur in ... how the gently caress should I know, I'm not an engineer - let's call it "soon"
Well, Charanpal, I guess that makes us even. I...uh, I always thought I'd have something clever to say in this moment. Something...pithy, maybe even a little ironic...but memorable. I can't think of a loving thing...Oh well."

Clarissa Mao aka Melba Koh
Juliette Mao's Sister who has serious Daddy issues and sibling rivalry leading to mass-murder on a misguided quest for revenge against Holden. Disguised herself as an electrician to get on the UN ring fleet.
S3: Framed the poo poo out of Holden and nearly got him killed by everyone. Killed the poo poo out of a bunch of people using illegal endocrine implant super strength and explosives. Nearly killed Naomi in a Mech suit, but was defeated by Anna with a shock baton out of frikkin' nowhere. Later had a change of heart and decided to save the entire solar system. Probably going to jail for killing all those people regardless.

Pastor Anna Volovodov
A gay Pastor and Ex-speechwriter for Sorrento-Gillis press-ganged into writing speeches for him in exchange for funding for her clinic for undocumenteds (those living off the grid and not on Basic)
S3: After being used and betrayed by Errinwright and Sorrento-Gillis to justify a Solar-system wide war, she strikes back at Errinwright by exposing his traitorous plot using the Comms buffer sent by Avasarala. Goes through the ring gate and realizes she has made a terrible mistake. Connects in a sweet way with Amos. Convinces the Fleet to shut down their Fusion engines in order stop the ring station from turning everyone into red mist. Likely handcuffed to the clinic by her wife back on earth, who seemed a bit upset by her reckless adventure seeking.

Fred Johnson
S1: Former UN military commander who was held responsible for the murder of belters rioting on Anderson station while they were trying to surrender. Left the Earth military to run Tycho Station in the belt and is now a higher level member of the OPA. Also working on building the Nauvoo for the Mormons(?!) Was instrumental in Julie Mao's fate, as he was her OPA contact who sent her after the ship containing the protomolecule.
S2: Managed to use the Earth's attempt to fire hundreds of nukes to destroy Eros as an opportunity to steal quite a few as a bargaining chip, defending them against a coup by the OPA led by Anderson Dawes.
S3: Sent Drummer to salvage and re-fit the Navoo as a warship for the belt. Saved Mars by blowing up the Hybrid pods with Nukes stolen from earth. Likely getting Sued out the rear end by angry Mormons.

Camina Drummer
The belt's greatest badass and Captain of the Behemoth. Loves Naomi and hates Holden's guts.
S3: Captures the Navoo and re-christens it the Behemoth as a warship of the belt. Gives a barnstormer of a speech during the belter transversal through the ring. During the slow-zone disaster, got her spine seriously crushed by a Mormon space tractor during a touching bonding moment with Ashford, who she had an antagonistic relationship with up to that point. Bounced back back quickly using a pair of robot legs because "screw you massive spinal injury, you're not the bossmang of me!"
Nearly blew herself up saving Naomi and Holden from a power suit wearing Diogo, only to be saved at the last moment by a well aimed elevator.

Klaes Ashford
Second in command on the Behemoth, A weathered OPA Pirate parachuted in by Dawes seemingly to undermine Drummer.
S3:Took command Of the Behemoth after Drummer's injury. Got off to a good start by saving hundreds of injured people with the Behemoths' spin gravity, but kind of messed it up later on by trying to laser the ring to death & nearly getting all of humanity blown up. Thwarted at the last moment by Clarissa Mao.

last seen apparently working poo poo out with Drummer with the aid of booze in Mormon sundae glasses. As is no doubt the custom for that sort of reconciliation.

I am going to avoid listing any of the new Season 4 characters until they show up. At least one of them kinda sorta might be a spoiler in a way? Maybe? But certainly several new characters from the books will be arriving this season.

By the end of Season 1
, Julie was dead and Eros's citizens had been rounded up into shelters, dosed with the protomolecule, and then bombarded by tremendous doses of radiation to feed it and accelerate its evolution. Monitoring equipment has been set up to document the effects, and while our heroes have identified particular individuals as responsible, the master architects behind the plan and the objective are still unknown.
Miller had met up/teamed up with the crew of the Rocinante to escape Eros. Miller and Holden have been hit with enough radiation to become night lights.
Amos killed an old friend of Miller's who tried to get them to leave on the Rocinante before Holden and Miller arrived.
Now the Rocinante is returning to Tycho station to report to Fred Johnson and enlist help in raiding the station to where the Eros perpetrators have fled.

By the end of Season 2, Eros had smashed into Venus and commenced construction of SOMETHING only barely glimpsed. A ship entering Venus's atmosphere for a closer look was summarily disassembled midair by an unseen force.
The Rocinante managed to finally kill the Protomolecule monster, but others may exist. They also tracked and nearly rescued Meng's daughter in the secret research facility on Ganymede, but some of the perpetrators escaped with her. She's shown to be alive.
On Earth, Errinwright is definitely moving to consolidate power, after murdering the Martian Defense Minister and trying to kill Avasarala. Not entirely sure what his endgame is.
Fred Johnson has the only (known) protomolecule sample AND a stable full of Earth's nuclear missiles.

By the end of Season 3,
Prax's Daughter was rescued from Mao's hybrid experiments on Io. Mao was captured and brought to heel by Avasarala. Errinwright's Schemes are revealed by Anna and he is arrested for treason. The mysterious Protomolecule Structure Launches Itself from Venus as a huge bio-mechanical jellyfish-thing and re-forms as a giant Ring just beyond Uranus. Everyone Goes through the ring with varying degrees of success and then get immediately clobbered by The Ring station's autonomous defense system. After deactivating the ring station's defense system and freeing the fleet, 1300 ring gates are opened up in the ring-space leading to a bounty of new and unexplored solar systems. Humanity is sure to take advantage of this golden opportunity and not gently caress it up in any way by being greedy short sighted assholes.

The cat recap for Season 1:

Season 4 Trailers & teasers:

Kevin Smith Recaps seasons 1-3:

Full Belter Highway Star!

Rocksicles posted:

You all deserve to hear this again. get on it.

/!\ This post is a work in progress. Stuff will added and removed as I work to clean it up. Feel free to point out were I have hosed everything up. /!\

Since all of season 4 is being dumped on us at once, binge rules are in effect!

Please post episode numbers followed by text wrapped in spoiler tags when discussing specific events in the show. Non-specific declarations of disgust and/or wonder can remain un-tagged as long as you don't reveal spoilers!

/!\ Please be cool about book stuff. /!\
Keep it in its own thread. If a singular, unconnected event has occurred in the show, let's be cool about discussing how it was different in the book. Don't discuss poo poo that could possibly spoiler future events. It's not that hard.

If you think it's even POSSIBLE it might ruin something coming up, shut the gently caress up with that poo poo. Thanks, beratna.

Svaha fucked around with this message at 22:18 on Dec 13, 2019


Oct 4, 2005

Ok so newbie question time even though I've been here for well over a decade. How exactly do I upload images when editing an existing post with Plat?

Oct 4, 2005

pik_d posted:

This isn't possible. You're just gonna have to get imgur to work.

Edit: Also imagine not mentioning that the hat is back in Miller's S3 description.
Oh well. Money well spent on Lowtax's spine. Hat issue fixed.

Oct 4, 2005

Hakkesshu posted:

Looking forward to it! Though I keep hearing that this is the worst part of the books, so I hope that they can do something new with it. Last season was killer and I was so bummed when it was cancelled, so... thanks Jeff.

The problems with the book mostly stemmed from it being as sort of "bottle episode" where there was little-to no mention of anything outside of what the main characters were doing. It was a jarring tonal shift from the previous three books for a lot of people.

That is clearly not happening with this season, as the trailers show the usual location and pov jumps between characters. There were also some problematic characters as well, which I'm confident the writer's room have fixed, as they are well aware of the issues.

The story is actually pretty great. I liked it anyway.

Svaha fucked around with this message at 14:20 on Dec 12, 2019

Oct 4, 2005

Toast Museum posted:

Tiniest of corrections: the ice-hauling company is Pur'n'Kleen

Edit: maybe expand "stealth tech is a thing" to specify that we're talking about radar-absorbing materials, not cloaking devices.

Fixed, although I didn't get into the weeds with the radar and heat absorption stuff. I'm trying to avoid too much science explanation, as a previous draft of the OP spiraled out of control because of it.

bou posted:

Thank you for that great OP, OP!
The inclusion of Cotyar warms by spacecold heart!

This might be my first Series i would actually stay up to binge immediately. Any word when exactly it will be available on Prime (in :Germany:)?
Thanks man.

The rumor is that it will be up worldwide at midnight GMT Dec.13th , although I've been told that previous amazon releases have showed up both earlier and later, so

Cojawfee posted:

My expanse LP is getting here tomorrow. I can't wait to finally hear the full versions of those belter songs.
Cool. Are those tracks only available on the LP?

Svaha fucked around with this message at 19:46 on Dec 12, 2019

Oct 4, 2005

I've got a play button for the first episode, but no episode listing. Clicking play spits out an error.

Maybe it's getting hammered

E; I'm EST

Svaha fucked around with this message at 00:13 on Dec 13, 2019

Oct 4, 2005

Thom12255 posted:

So rule for all episode discussion is putting a warning for the episode number and then spoiler tags of the content?

Yeah, sounds like a plan. I'll add it to the OP.

Oct 4, 2005

Working for me in the EST! Here weeee Goooooooooo!

Oct 4, 2005

Holy crap. it already looked good before, but this season is looking gorgeous
Nice gentle transitions between the 16:9 and the super wide aspect ratios too.

Oct 4, 2005

Combat Pretzel posted:

Only seen the first episode. Top notch swearing from Chrisjen.

Avasarala: "...and Holden, try not to put your dick in it, it's hosed enough already."

Oct 4, 2005

pik_d posted:


I am not sure how I feel about Arjun being recast. I'll miss Brian George.

Yeah. They lost a few people when the show got cancelled. No one major, as far as I can tell.

E2: Wow. [ We are getting Proto-miller's internal dialogue?!?

Oh god I can't stop clicking next episode. Send help.

Svaha fucked around with this message at 02:31 on Dec 13, 2019

Oct 4, 2005


Holden Lands on the planet and immediately puts his dick in it

Looking forward to Avasarala chewing him a new rear end in a top hat. It's going to be glorious.

Oct 4, 2005

MA-Horus posted:

2nding the effects WOW BEZOSBUCKS

No kidding. Everything from the new intro to the outro, and everything in between, is slick as hell.

The tension right off the Jump is almost too much.

Oct 4, 2005

Nail Rat posted:

Came here to nominate this for thread title. At least Holden, do not put your dick in it


Oct 4, 2005

Finished the season. That was some good Expanse. Not perfect though.

In adapting Cibola Burn, they managed to avoid many of the pitfalls of what is arguably considered one of the weaker offerings in the book series. There was a whole lot of set up for the crazy events of season/book 5. (Which is currently in production)

I feel like binging it all at once really changed the experience. Right now, my brain is recalling the whole thing as if it were a really, really, long movie. In my mind, It feels thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.

My first addled impression, is that it was less emotionally gut-punchy than season 3, and a few of the subplots seemed somewhat superfluous.

On the other hand, there was a lot more of the humor from the books, which I whole-heartily applaud. The effects, settings and cinematography looked great; a definite step above previous seasons in that regard. As for he writing, acting, and pacing, I won't really feel like I can process a solid opinion about those, until I watch it again, with a little more restraint next time.

Dreylad posted:

Finished it, on Ashford: Normally the show is about giving people good or appropriate deaths and while the way he went out was great, it was a bit weird having him charge the pirate's ship with two other people and everyone getting shot pretty quickly, and then he gets caught off guard? Just a bit
I'll agree that (ep.10) it was a bit jarring that he was suddenly a space John Woo character , considering it was his first and last full-action scene outside of spaceship battles. I don't really have a problem with how it all played out though.

Svaha fucked around with this message at 21:18 on Dec 13, 2019

Oct 4, 2005

Rocksicles posted:

You all deserve to hear this again. get on it.

gently caress YES! Adding this to the bottom of the OP.

Oct 4, 2005

Instead of one story where [Ep.10] the characters were stuck in a single location, they had four where they were stuck in 4 distinct locations. (with some minor exceptions, here and there) and removed a stupid character trait for the scientist

As an adaptation, it's structurally superior to it's source material, but I can't help feeling that they missed some of the point of the criticism leveled at Cibola Burn in the first place.

There's not a lot this season that I can think of to point at and say: "This. This was the bad thing." [Ep.10] Other than something of a lack of resolution, due to all the unfinished plot-lines they set up for the next season, but keep in mind that this is the 1st book in the next big story arc. By nature, it's going to set up stuff that doesn't pay off until later.

On the whole, it's a not-quite-the-best pizza situation for me. I still enjoyed it greatly, but last season's pizza was better put together, all things considered. Last season had the advantage of being the big climax of the first story arc, though.

I don't regret a second watching it.

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Oct 4, 2005

Hey, speaking of plot points that were set up early on and only now just payed off:
[ep.10] Remember when waaaaay back in Episode 1, Season 1, when Avasarala was interrogating that belter, asking:
"you were trying to smuggle contraband stealth technology, Who was is for?" Well, now you know.

Show is playing the long game, yo.

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Oct 4, 2005

Thom12255 posted:

Regarding the recast of Ava's husband. The last actor always seemed to present a sort of naiveté about who she was whereas the new actor portrays the character as being pretty sick of her attitude most of the time. I don't think she was that different this season from before but I guess they also have never spent that much 'career' time with one another as they did in this period of their lives.

Yeah, she was an un-elected bureaucrat before, so while she definitely engaged in politics, she didn't have so much of a public profile to spill over into her personal life.

Agreed that the old actor had a charming naiveté about him that made more sense as a partner to a great world leader. The new guy did a good job, even if his take on the role was a bit different.

Oct 4, 2005

Nail Rat posted:

The new guy is just way too young, that's my biggest beef. I mean he has grandkids. He's 49.

World leaders are often cradle robbing perverts, so that scans fine to me!

Oct 4, 2005

ATP_Power posted:

Why does Avasarala show up in the flight logs for trips to L2 St. James?

Solomon Epstien didn't kill himself, it was a false flag by the deep state!

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Oct 4, 2005

gohmak posted:

any gifs of the Amos eyes?

and zero G baby.

None of the baby yet, but there was something on page 3

bou posted:

Quick and dirty GIFs from the FINAL EPISODE - click at your own risk!

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Oct 4, 2005

As much as I dislike black bar ridden discussion, I have to remind everyone to please try to avoid book spoilers. At least label and tag them properly, if they are pertinent to discussion.

Expanse threads can become a poo poo-show if we let the book spoilers seep in. Thanks.

Speaking of which, at some point, I want to remove the spoiler tag rules( for the season, not for book stuff), as I feel they impede open discussion. When do people feel is reasonable to do that, if at all?

Oct 4, 2005

emanresu tnuocca posted:

I mean yeah the show is usually spot on but let us not forget the slingshot stealth manuever thingy from season 2 or 3. That was bonkers bad.

Complaining about timelines not fitting together perfectly under the narrative confines of TV is the gooniest poo poo ever.

There have always been shortcuts to serve brevity over chronological accuracy on TV, and there always will be, because that is the nature of the medium. If it looks bad to you without doing a bunch of research, then I applaud you for your knowledge of astrophysics, but condemn you for your ignorance about how a film/tv narrative works.

Speaking of which, having watched the new season again, I have come to the conclusion that the stories are not happening concurrently, even if they are shown as if they were happening at the same time. Most of Bobbie's story happens in the months between when the Roci passes mars to when it gets to Illus, while those months of traveling are depicted in short form on the Roci, for example.

I'm also appreciating the season as a whole a lot more, although the Avasarala bits are a bit of a drag, unfortunately.

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Oct 4, 2005

Cactus posted:

Life adapts to its environment, and when it has sufficiently done so, it adapts the environment to suit life as it knows it. Time passes, the environment changes, and life re-adapts. Sometimes life moves to a different environment and then has to adapt to that. The labels that life decides to give itself (belter, earther, martian etc) are nothing more than a snapshot representing where life curently is in that process of adaptation.

While this is true, I think the belter culture will endure down the gravity well, even if it mutates into something slightly different.

The trauma of being colonized and oppressed as well as the societal effects of life in such a tenuous environment has to leave a mark that will likely persist for generations. No culture is innate or static, but people tend to take comfort in the customs of their people, often long after it stops being practical to act that way.

Sometimes, when a cultural diaspora happens, the people most separated from the homeland become even more adamant about preserving their cultural practices. Occasionally to the point where people back where they came from, would consider their behavior to be extreme.

I suppose if you define "Belter" as a very specific thing of that specific time, as Drummer does, you could say that it won't survive the change. Drummer is coming off a little too ethno-nationalist/Belter purist there, though. I'm hoping she is shown the error of her ways down the line.

Speaking of Drummer, I thought her comments on how she always thought the Mormon pictures in her office were amusing, until she realized the subtext of colonization and subjugation in them, were particularly poignant, considering Cara Gee is Ojibwe Nation. I wonder how much input she had in that dialogue?

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Oct 4, 2005

Adam Savage has been geeking out on the Expanse again. Some really good interviews, in case you missed them:

Oct 4, 2005

Fish Noise posted:

and then there are the stray turd transcripts from Apollo

That is literally what the Belter curse Falota! is.

Oct 4, 2005

twistedmentat posted:

The prop one is really cool. I liked how simple the coms are.

Since when could you buy literal power armor at home depot?

In Canada, it's really awkward to complain when contractors go way over their quote, since they are always stomping around menacingly in power armor.

(i have no idea what he's talking about either)

Oct 4, 2005

Mu Zeta posted:

I recently saw the pilot episode and the Belter that was being tortured by hanging on those hooks was accused of smuggling contraband stealth technology. It goes way back. Though I forget if he was working for Protogen.

You are supposed to assume that it's Protogen later when they show up in stealth ships. It's never clarified who he's working for, because he kills himself before they can get it out of him.

Nemesis Games came out in June 2015, the Pilot came out Dec. 2015. Pretty sure they were playing the long game there.

Oct 4, 2005

Apparatchik Magnet posted:

The other side’s motivation didn’t exist then, though. Protogen is the only sensible partner at that point from a risk/reward and plausible deniability standpoint for Martians to be able and willing to lose some stealth technology.

Season spoiler Inaros has been motivated to commit mass murder since before Naomi even signed up on the Canterbury. It's not out out of the realm of possibility that he'd formed this plan ages ago, but has been unsuccessful in procuring the materials he needed, until now. I doubt Protogen, with all of Mao's connections and resources at their disposal, would need to smuggle stealth tech in piecemeal using belter smugglers. They probably have the facilities to manufacture it. Hell , they probably have a government contract to manufacture it.

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Oct 4, 2005

Skippy McPants posted:

Binged this series over the last week and liked it pretty well.

Pedantic question, but how did the Rocinante end up with a rail gun? I remember the show mentioning it was remarkable that the Protogen ships carried rail guns and they were bigger than the Roci, right? A followup, but are independent warships and privateers a thing in this setting, or is the Roci a special snowflake in that regard? Like, who sells them ammo and parts for their advanced martian warship?

Belter ingenuity at it's finest? Honestly the books don't go into it much other to mention that it runs the entire length of the ship, and that they get it because procuring replacement nuclear torpedoes is prohibitively difficult/expensive.

They definitively can't get replacement parts from Mars, as they are still a little salty about the whole legitimate salvage thing. The ship gets patched up with whatever they can find, so yeah, it's a special snowflake.

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