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Katamari Democracy
Jan 18, 2010

Oh, We understand.
A trip to collect a million votes, yes.
Oh, we know why.
We get the point of rolling up a million

Wedge Regret

I have been a big fan of improv since I have been watching Whose Line is it Anyway when I was young. Learned a local area is doing improv shows and I have been going to them and enjoying it.

When I was younger I used to work at Disney world and always loved going to the laughing floor comedy club on my days off. I got called on stage a couple of times and I always had a blast being a part of the show in a small way. But for those getting into improv what are some good resources to get into before diving into it?

Reason why I am asking is because I would like to try out improv at my local area. But I really suck at making rhymes on the fly so I am quite nervous about participating and trying out for it.


Caption Yaypants
Jun 12, 2013

Might want to ask in here. That thread is still active but slow.

Mr. Fall Down Terror
Jan 24, 2018

most improv theaters run classes, this is for both revenue generation and to recruit new talent. like most performative art hobbies, you'll probably just want to find a way to commit some time and money to expanding your skill at whatever it is you want to do

Sunny Side Up
Jun 22, 2004

Mayoist Third Condimentist

When I was in college we had an improv group that was like Whose Line except the audience was also the performers. One person each week rotated as the host, announcing games and telling the rules. It was amazing and I haven't seen anything like it since.

You don't need any training imo. well, i guess guts & the ability to read the room can be trained.

The rules were super important of course. 1)no failure (no booing, etc), 2)clap when people go up, clap when they come off, 3)Listen to the other performers (the "Yes, And" rule for all improv). Here are the rules & some tips for the host:

We worked out of a book someone had compiled---here is a link:

Feel free to make as many copies as you want of those files. I've considered getting a local group going, myself. Maybe just nostalgia haha.

For what I did in college, if the host has set the mood correctly, and because the audience is also participating, there's a different expectation, too. I can't imagine the 15-20 of us were that funny but every week my cheeks & abs hurt from laughing so hard and smiling so much. Was a great freaking time.

Why do you think you need to make rhymes????

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