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Oct 10, 2005

I Forgot To Hail King Torg

Aww, I make a buffalo chickencheese on the reg that gets people FROM Buffalo all nostalgic, whyís this gotta happen while Iím out of town.

A postís a post, so Iíll figure something out before timeís up.

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Resting Lich Face
Feb 21, 2019

AmiYumi posted:

Aww, I make a buffalo chickencheese on the reg

Great minds think alike eh?

Dec 18, 2009

where's my fish

Aww yeah. Last time this came around I missed out on participating because I thought the whole cheese aspect was critical to the dish. Thanks to the example set by vegan tofuchickencashewcheese I see non-dairy options are part of the family.

Chickencheese needs bread though. Since I can't eat normal bread lets make our own (using a recipe from kimi-eats-gluten-free). About 3 hours before you want to chickencheese gather your ingredients and start making your dough.

On the left we have 300ml almond milk, 3tsp sugar (caster or raw work well), 2tsp dry active yeast. Centre stage is 500g gluten free plain flour, ~10g salt (2tsp), ~10g xanthan gum (2tsp). Lastly we need 4 eggs (+1 for a wash when the dough has proofed) and 200g margarine/butter substitute.

Heat the milk till it's lukewarm and add the sugar and yeast, then let the yeast feast while we prep the rest of the ingredients.

Add your dry ingredients to a suitably sized mixing bowl and maybe give them a cursory stir to incorporate things a bit better than I did.

Zap your marge till it's just barely liquefied.

By now your yeast should have bubbled up a bit, so we're ready to combine wet with dry.

Make a token effort at making a well in the middle of your dry ingredients then add the marge, yeast/milk mixture, and 4 of the eggs to the bowl. Watch as the liquid just completely covers the mixture anyway. Stir to combine until you end up with something resembling this:

The one upside of gluten free baking is we don't have to develop gluten so there's no real need to knead dough, poo poo just comes together and it's good enough .

Cover the dough and set it aside in a warm place for about 2 hours. Anywhere inside an australian house in summer will do, if you're somewhere that isn't currently on fire maybe use a metal/glass bowl and an oven with a proof setting?

Eventually your dough will have risen to the task. If you have space in your freezer you could do as suggested and freeze the dough for a bit first. 1. I don't have the space for that, and 2. it's been two hours and we still haven't got to the filling, so I'm just gonna fill a bowl with some cold water and wet my hands while working with the dough.

Whether you waited for the dough to freeze or not, it's now time to divvy up the dough into buns. Before you get your hands dirty chuck your oven on and set it to 200įC to preheat.

Lookit that, wet hands worked reasonably well. Grab that last egg and whisk it as much as you can be bothered then give the buns an egg wash. You can try make things look nice by smoothing the edges while brushing on the wash but I'm lazy, so I'm gonna let things stay rough.

Slide that poo poo into the oven, start a timer for 25 minutes, and lets get started on the main event.

I've gone with a simple filling of 1 capsicum and 1 brown onion, both sliced into strips. I've also got 500g of chicken thighs sliced into strips (prepared earlier, excuse the bag). To add a bit of flavour I've got some garlic, salt, paprika, ground chilli, cayenne pepper, cumin. I had the hot sauce as a condiment but also ended up pulling out some mayonnaise to make it more of a cheese-like affair, so just imagine that was there. Finally I've got some pork grease to use for frying though you could use whatever oil you prefer.

To begin, lets get some of that pork grease in a pan and get it sizzling. Add the chicken and let it chill out for a while. Sprinkle with a bit of salt once the meat has lost most of its pink, then stir and let it continue cooking.

Once the chicken is no longer visibly pink add your spices. I went with 1tbsp garlic, ~1tsp each of chilli, cumin, cayenne, and ~2tsp paprika. Stir well to coat all the meat and let it sit for a bit till it's fragrant. Then chuck in your capsicum and onion and stir again to mix things up a bit.

By now the buns are about done (the timer going off is a good giveaway). Grab those out and set them aside to cool while we finish off the chicken and veg.

The capsicum was still a bit firm so I grabbed a lid and covered the affair to let everything soften up a bit more.

While that's getting cosy decide that you can at least make an effort at the cheese part of chickencheese, so dig out some whole egg mayo and mix a few tablespoons with a decent splash of hot sauce until you're happy with the result.

After a bit of waiting the chicken and veg have softened and developed some decent colour, so it's time to plate up.

Peep dat chickencheesemayo.

Quiet Feet
Dec 14, 2009


I'd originally figured I'd do a half-assed chickencheese for lunch yesterday but then I figured I may as well put a little more rear end into it and have a nice sandwich with the game. Still this isn't gonna be a fancypants chickencheese like some of you high-falutin' types are making.

I guess this is mise in scene or something? I think that means "show us that you're drinking." On that note, I went with a dram of Irish whiskey. Red Bush is okay but I don't think the bourbon notes in it really work well. I'd rather have something more typical with them grassy, apple tones.

Going to sautee some broccoli to go along with this. Went with chicken breast because MARKET BASKET didn't have skinless boneless thighs and I wasn't gonna put in the effort to debone. Cheese is some pepper jack leftover from earlier in the week, though the wee one in the house is going to get colby jack as she's not really used to spicy stuff.

Yeah the rolls were from the day old rack. No big whoop I'm toasting these and they were plenty soft. I also feel like I'm an advertisement for Market Basket.

I really need to clean this stove. Anyhoo, got some garlic-infused olive oil for Christmas and I'm gonna fry up the peppers in that and a touch of butter.

Broccoli is going to be dosed with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Chicken will get a little bit of the same. No big whoop.

While that's going on, we're cooking chicken of course! Nice and brown on one side but this still has a ways to go and I like my chicken browner anyhow. Using a combo of leftover bacon grease and butter. This thing is gonna be greasy as gently caress. I rarely have bacon in the house but felt like breakfast for dinner a few nights ago so we had bacon, eggs and hash browns. Anyway, while we're waiting for the chicken to finish...

Chopped the Broccoli. I'm not a huge fan of just stalks obviously. Still, looks delicious. I loving love broccoli florets. The top soaks of flavor like a sponge and the bottom is nice and crunchy.

Cutting a wedge out of the rolls, Subway style. Or maybe not? I've heard they don't cut their rolls like this any more but I haven't been into a Subway in years. I also cut the pointy inner half of the bread away to make more room for sandwich filling.

Alright, this looks a little better, but... oh no!


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Quiet Feet
Dec 14, 2009



I spread a little mayo on the rolls. No pic here because I realized who cares about spreading mayo. But what about that cliffhanger!?

Began chopping the chicken and there were a couple of tiny pink spots on a couple of them. Like, really tiny but I figure it couldn't hurt to give them a little extra time, so, back in the pan they'll go for two minutes.

When done, the broccoli goes into the pan! Added just a touch of the garlic oil and a little more butter.

Added a touch of our salt and pepper and garlic powder. Wasn't quite digging it yet so I added some nice smoked paprika. Label is in my own horrifically bad handwriting. Got this paprika from a spice market on Cape Cod and it's awesome. Now lets get these chickencheeses together!

Oh yeah, I took this off before cooking so as not to git it greasy. Forums poster Rory Blank has an SA-Mart thread where he sells shirts. I like them. Don't gently caress with these adorable dirty mice.

Wife and I get the sub rolls (and pepper jack). 5-year-old is going with wheat bread (and colby) because there's no way she could handle an entire sub. Going to add the cheese and toss these into the toaster oven. Will not picture this because the toaster oven hasn't been cleaned. I don't think ever. It's loving horrific.

Ooooh, that looks good. Added salt, pepper and garlic powder. Amounts? gently caress that just keep going until you can just taste the salt and the house reeks of garlic.

We're done! Adding a little bit of these honey dijon chips to the side. Wife is not as big a fan of cheese as I am so she got a bit less. I'm gonna root for the 9ers tonight so I've got out my thrift store 49ers mug and poured a Californian beer to have with it.

Alright, so I have an odd habit: I watch a lot of football and like to wear a t-shirt or hat of whatever team I'm rooting for, or to have a glass to drink out of. As such I have a lot of nice cheap team glassware and jerseys and baseball caps. Wore a 9ers cap tonight that I got at a tag sale.

Mmmm, chickencheese. Bread was lightly toasted, soft and, get this, a bit greasy. pepper jack sort of melted all down one side like a frozen waterfall. I love messy sandwiches. This was maybe, I dunno, 2/3rds-assed? But the result was delicious.

Bob Socko
Feb 20, 2001

Make It Rain

Lipstick Apathy

If I understand recipe websites correctly, Iím supposed to start this with a long, drawn-out story, right? [insert ad here] I tried to explain ChickenCheese to my ladyfriend and she didnít see the humor in it. Sheís one of those normal, not-extremely-online people. She also compares the forums to the comment section of a local newspaper. [insert ad here]

Bob Socko's Gameday ChickenCheese

Anyway, hereís my setup. Gonna try and use my cooking gadgets for a change, and also because less work = more time to watch football.

Used the Cuisinart to chop the onions and peppers.

Olive oil, salt, and pepper on the chicken breasts.

Briefly seared the breasts on each side, mere seconds on high heat. I could use the Instapot for this, but I prefer a skillet for the higher temperature and larger cooking area.

Tossed the breasts in the Instapot with a cup of chicken broth. Manual cook, 10 minutes, quick release.

A few minutes before the Instapot is done, I sautťed the onions and peppers with some olive oil and garlic.

Iím not doing anything fancy with the bread. Just a grocery store loaf of French bread, toasted a bit.

Once the chicken is done, I take it out and slice it.

(forgot to photograph this part, just pretend it's a chicken breast being sliced)

Make your sandwich, whatever proportions you want. Drape with cheese. Get back to watching the game.

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The Glumslinger
Sep 24, 2008

Coach Nagy, you want me to throw to WHAT side of the field?

Hair Elf

Decided to do a pulled chicken cheese sandwich

First working on the sauce,
Chopped onion, a shitload of matchsticked mini sweet peppers, 6 cloves of garlic, and bunch of basil and thyme.

Sauteed the onions and peppers, then added the garlic towards the end

Add and smash up a can of whole peeled tomatoes plus some red wine, 2 tablespoons of crushed red pepper, salted and peppered. Bring up to pressure and cook for 10 minutes

Added about 2 pounds of chicken thighs and the cooked for another 12 minutes

Took the chicken out and shredded it. Once the sauce was significantly reduced, I added the chicken back to it

Sliced a roll and buttered it, then put it under the broiler for like 5 minutes

Then, finally, assemble the chicken cheese

Under the broiler for another few minutes

Fully assembled and ready for the game

It was delicious, spicy but not overwhelmingly so. The broiled cheese was great and the roll was soft, but it had character.

I will definitely make this again

Sep 10, 2007

First thing I did was throw the chicken thighs I bought into my air fryer/toaster oven thing, so pretend there's a picture of that here.

Then I got started cutting up all the necessary veggies

Throw all of that in with some butter and olive oil, a little bit of red wine, salt & pepper, etc.

Gotta flip these thighs and get them back in the oven, but we can make some buffalo sauce while we wait for that

The chicken's just about done, let's get this bread ready! I just bought some poo poo from Ralph's (Much better than any of the midwestern chains) and realized it's probably too small to make the sandwiches how I planned on soooooooo time to pull an audible! Let's cool these things up super crispy so they're basically crackers and let's make these OPEN FACED CHICKENCHEESE, and let's check on the veggies

I somehow managed to take 0 photos of the chicken, but what I did was I pulled the bones out and threw about half of it into my food processor, and sliced the rest into chunks so that I kind of got the best of both worlds. Then I poured that buffalo sauce all over that mother fucker and mixed it up real good.

The CHICKEN is there, but what of the CHEESE?
Provolone on 2 of them, pepperjack on the other 2

The bread is so crispy it's basically like a CHICKENCHEESE cracker and it loving owns

Manuel Calavera
Nov 1, 2008

"I have to confess... I never killed anybody."
"Not even a teensy bit of killing?"

Hello football mans I am but a humble queer trans gal from GWS all up in your steez. I posted once, therefore I must chickenchee.

We have bread, we have roasted chicken. Mayo ur bread before broiling because you have a small apartment stove.

We have a pepper and an onion. The extra will go to a future sandwich. Season with cajun seasoning.

We have cheddar. Broil again.

Yeah, like that. Your chicken is hot too now, right? Add that. Or leave it cold if you want.

More cheese. Parm, asiago & romano

Look at this decadence. BBQ & chili garlic sauce on top of arugula and spinach. Sweet horseradish pickles to get them out of the fridge. Save the brine for pickelbacks because drat that works. Drink one if you want. (Evan Williams Honey Bourbon.)

Steamed kohlrabi with spicy marinara because you had it around. And veggie chips that needed something so horseradish mustard.

Not pictured, dropping the mayo and making a slight mess and scrambling to clean it up. Sandwich good though at least. Cajun deli chickenchee.
Chicken. Chee.

Beet Wagon
Oct 19, 2015

Lipstick Apathy

I will make a chickencheese or I will die trying

Jun 7, 2006

Laser Rocket Arm

A successful Chickencheese Football Weekend comes to a close. Soon, this thread will be headed off to parts unknown, but you'll always have tailgating.

Here are the people who Chickencheesed during the weekend:

Resting Lich Face
Quiet Feet
Bob Socko
- (Already Sent PM, Avatar Queued)
The Glumslinger
Manuel Calavera

If you would like a Free Avatar change, PM the picture, text, gangtag details and I will make sure to get it uploaded and queued as soon as possible*. No time limit, whenever you want your next avatar, come find me.

*If you dont have TFF posts when this thread leaves, I will poke the mod where it ends up to do it.

Much Love, GWS

Jun 13, 2003

Much thanks to the Mod Team for setting this thread on the road.

For a Monday Morning QB update, with assist from Athanatos, we have the following ChickenCheese Breakdown:

In the Has ChickenCheesed group we're now 14 people strong.

  • toplitzin - ChickenCheese
  • scuz - I Can't Believe It's Not ChickenCheese
  • slothrop - ChickenCheese WITH SCIENCE! and Extra Greecy ChickenCheese
  • PT6A - Hey Jerk, Chickencheese!
  • VictualSquid - EU ChickenCheese
  • Eat This Glob - Itsa me, ChickenCheese!
  • Manuel Calavera - ChickenCheese under Salad.
  • Burginator - Buffalo ChickenCheese
  • The Glumslinger - Pull my ChickenCheese
  • Bob Socko - Gameday ChickenCheese
  • Quiet Feet - A ChickenCheese in Two Parts
  • Ephphatha - Gluten Free ChickenCheese
  • Liquid Communism - ChickenCheeseadilla... for now.

  • Resting Lich Face - Toxxic Buffalo ChickenCheese

So far we have the following posters who have not shown us their chickencheese:
  • Fender Anarchist
  • Athanatos
  • iospace
  • FizFashizzle
  • deedee megadoodoo
  • Abongination
  • AmiYumi
  • Beet Wagon

But the month is young, and we've only had one stop on our tour.


Stay tuned for these answers and more.

Jun 20, 2011


Why not, I'l try it sans griddle.

Maybe the kids will eat it.

Submarine Sandpaper
May 27, 2007

aw shucks made a chicken-cheese-stromboli yesterday but thought the weekend included monday for CFB

Jun 7, 2006

Laser Rocket Arm

Submarine Sandpaper posted:

aw shucks made a chicken-cheese-stromboli yesterday but thought the weekend included monday for CFB

You post it, I'll avatar you. One for the road.

Mar 22, 2007

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

I might follow this thread and make a chicken cheese later this weekend.

God speed thread.

Jan 26, 2001

Passion’s Wrench

Submarine Sandpaper posted:

aw shucks made a chicken-cheese-stromboli yesterday but thought the weekend included monday for CFB
I'm making an open faced everything baked in the pan chickencheese later today for the same reason. Also because my weekend is Sunday/Monday which puts me one day off from everyone else.

Already took some pictures too.

Jun 7, 2006

Laser Rocket Arm

CannonFodder posted:

I'm making an open faced everything baked in the pan chickencheese later today for the same reason. Also because my weekend is Sunday/Monday which puts me one day off from everyone else.

Already took some pictures too.

Good news, you convinced to chickencheese to stick around in TFF till after the game tonight. Then the chickencheese will be off to debate where to go next.

rex rabidorum vires
Mar 26, 2007

Hello Goons my name is rex. I'm from in and around the Philly area at this point, but identify as being 'From Jersey'. What does this mean? Well that's up to you. I have a pretty FUBAR accent and well probably an rear end in a top hat. It also means I have OPINIONS about cheese steaks and the chicken cheese. So being who I am and how I cook we should be in for a ride. LETS GO:

Here's our pile of stuff

-1 case of Lionhead Bottles
-1 Bag 'Original South Philly Rolls' I like them more than Amaroso...also cheaper.
-2 cans of chicken
-1 onion that we will use 1/2 of
-American and some Bacon Jalapeno cheese I found in the fridge
-Diced Jalapenos of some kind I also found in the fridge
-some habanero hotsauce I found in the cabinet since I didn't have some Franks or cheap garbage
-chunk of butter from.......?


Lionshead has puzzles under the twist off. As a pro tip: anyone that says they're from 'Philly' and pays for Yuengling instead of Lionshead is dumb af and has bad taste in cheap beer. Also they're not from Philly.

Start with a chunk of butter

Add some hot sauce

Someone wants to help

We shoo him off and how's it looking

Good enough time to drain

Rex gives a present also that's all of them. It's hard to do that.

Where were we. Right.

Yes that's canned chicken. I'm lazy and hungry now. Like right now.
Toss our onion into a pan with a smidge of oil

Butter up a roll and toss it in the toaster oven on minimum. We're trying to give a tiny bit of crisp and melt the butter.

You can figure it out. It's been like 17 years of 'em for me

Slop looks good

Dumping our Jalapeno in there

And adding out bacon Jalapenos from Christmas Cheese

That went as expected

And here we are

The American 'cheese' is underneath for it's structural integrity.

Hope you enjoyed.

Mar 22, 2007

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

I enjoy this because occasionally I'll buy a pack of Mickies and they have the same riddle under the cap game.


Jul 23, 2007

Grimey Drawer

Athanatos posted:

Good news, you convinced to chickencheese to stick around in TFF till after the game tonight. Then the chickencheese will be off to debate where to go next.

Cspam for the next round of Dem debates?

Submarine Sandpaper
May 27, 2007

My family always advises me to just make omelets with leftover chicken; I choose chickencheese.

From L-R
1) Chicken salsa (sauce?) or something. The byproduct of pressure cooking chicken, onion, tomatoes, peppers, peppers in adobe, dried peppers, garlic, fish sauce and adding some lime at the end. Was out of the soapy stuff.
2) Cheddar
3) The leftover taco chicken stuff
4) Motz
5) 666 grams of pizza dough.

Combine, then roll.

The finished product after like 25 minutes at 400

deedee megadoodoo
Sep 28, 2000
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one to Flavortown, and that has made all the difference.

Oven Wrangler

I love this thread. Especially the people who go all out and make everything from scratch. Itís so much work. I have great respect for everyone who so lovingly crafts their own gourmet chickencheese.

This is the opposite of that. This is a bog standard chickencheese with a secret ingredient to take it to flavor town. This is the chickencheese I can make when I get home from work and donít want to slave away in front of the stove. It is simple and delicious.

It starts with the mise en place, which is chopped onion and chicken breast tossed in a little olive oil, salt, and pepper

Put the onions in a pan on low heat and cook until they look like this

Cook the chicken on medium until it looks like this

Then remove the chicken from the heat and chop the hell out of it

Combine your chopped chicken with your carmelized onion

Now youíve got your chicken and carmelized onion all ready to go so you need a bread conveyance. I use a standard soft roll which is the bread of choice in Philly. Apply a bit of mayo to the bread and then hit it with the secret ingredient. The motherfuckin hot hoagie spread. gently caress yeah! If you havenít had this stuff you are seriously missing out. Put this poo poo on everything.

Once youíve got your bread prepared fill it with chicken and top it with your cheese of choice. Iím using mild provolone because it melts well, tastes great with the hoagie spread, and is one of the standard Philly cheesesteak cheeses

Throw this bad boy under the broiler for a few minutes to get it melty

Serve with your favorite chips. Iím going with crab chips because hell yeah I am

Bone apple teeth

deedee megadoodoo fucked around with this message at 23:14 on Jan 13, 2020

Jan 26, 2001

Passion’s Wrench

My open faced all-in-one baked chickencheese:

Last night I started the bread, making no-knead bread dough following this recipe: with 200 grams each of whole wheat and all purpose flour. It sat overnight in a bowl with a wet hand towel suspended over it instead of cling wrap.

Then I salted and peppered boneless skinless chicken thighs to dry brine overnight.

I looked for a spot for it in the fridge, then put the phone down to do some fridge Tetris and it got in there eventually.

Today I cut up an onion and some bell peppers in big chunks, added whole mushrooms, and put them on the grill with the chicken.

I made white pizza sauce with this recipe but didn't take pictures because I was grilling. Here are the sliced veggies, chopped chicken, grated mozzarella, and sauce ready to go.

Following the recipe at the top, dough is in a cast iron pan, then topped with sauce, toppings, and cheese. Put some heat under the pan while topping, then put the whole thing in an oven cranked to 500f.

10 minutes later, behold!

Blurry action shot of side profile.

One thing left:


Congratulations Tigers on your Championship, whichever Tiger team it happens to be.

Dec 7, 2006

consider your chops: busted

Soiled Meat

CannonFodder posted:

My open faced all-in-one baked chickencheese:

Quiet Feet
Dec 14, 2009


I am proud of all of your chickencheeses generally but also the brownness of Deedee's chicken and the overall bacherlor-ness of Rex [something] Virus's sammich. Humbled and blessed to be present for so many impressive cheesed chickens.

deedee megadoodoo
Sep 28, 2000
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one to Flavortown, and that has made all the difference.

Oven Wrangler

Quiet Feet posted:

I am proud of all of your chickencheeses generally but also the brownness of Deedee's chicken and the overall bacherlor-ness of Rex [something] Virus's sammich. Humbled and blessed to be present for so many impressive cheesed chickens.

Not sure if this is a knock, but the chicken was done perfectly. Still moist and delicious. It is not the Manas chicken.

Quiet Feet
Dec 14, 2009


Not a knock, those legit look good.

Oct 10, 2005

I Forgot To Hail King Torg

I know I missed the weekend and its theme by being away, and I don't care because buffalo chicken is delicious so I made Buffalo Chicken French Bread Pizza for the first time btw anyway:

Our ingredients, assembled. Some of them are unconventional, and will be explained later. None of them are mandarin oranges. Those are mine, hands off.

First sous-chef appears, ready and waiting in the doorway.

Boil the chicken, skim off the scum as it rises, blah blah you all know how to do this. I used to use chicken stock for this part, but from experience it literally doesn't matter unless you're trying to make this a one-pot recipe.

Sous-chef two here, contemplating spider theft.

Here's where I get weird and defensive! See, I know most of you swear by Frank's Red Hot. That is fine; if it works for your purposes, keep using it. My opinion is, I'm making my own buffalo sauce, so I want the most barebones Louisiana hot sauce I can find. If it has more ingredients than cayenne peppers and distilled vinegar in a plastic bottle - hell, if it manages to spell all of that correctly - it is too fancy for our purposes. Bulliard's would be ideal, but this knock-off is the best I could find on short notice.

Weird rant over. Proportions always start around 3:2 sauce:butter, but then I end up futzing with the heat until it ends up at 2:1. It is a fun lie I tell to myself.

If you are wondering what the sous-chefs are up to at any point in the rest of this recipe, picture this in a yin-yang rotation as I shred the chicken and toss it into a pot, then pour in the sauce.

Like so.

This is the point where I had buffalo chicken.

This is also the point where I began to question if I had too much buffalo chicken.

We are not done.

Because the title is not "chicken". It is chickencheese. Chicken, meet Neufch‚tel.

They are friends now.

Pizza it out. Sprinkle that mozzarella, give it a bake.

French Bread Pizza is done. Not sure why I hadn't tried this before, it's good.

Liquid Communism
Mar 9, 2004

Out here, everything hurts.

Fun Shoe

Hello Debate and Discussion! With debates coming up and tensions running high, we at GWS thought it was time to bring you a message of hope.... and chickencheese.

Please note the below rules, and join us in solidarity with chicken-and-cheese-based foods!

toplitzin posted:

As with all cook or die challenges the steaks are the same:

If you post here, you must post your own chickencheese by NOON EDT January 31 or eat a 6 hour probation.


Oct 8, 2003

A Bernie Sanders / Chickencheese ticket is our path to full gay space communism

Solidarity comrades

Submarine Sandpaper
May 27, 2007

chicken vermont cheese

bernie will lose wisconson

Mar 8, 2004

Fun Shoe

He's just crazy enough to put cheese from all 50 states in there.

Manuel Calavera
Nov 1, 2008

"I have to confess... I never killed anybody."
"Not even a teensy bit of killing?"

oxsnard posted:

A Bernie Sanders / Chickencheese ticket is our path to full gay space communism

Solidarity comrades

Luxury gay space communism or no sale.

Jun 13, 2003

Manuel Calavera posted:

Luxury gay space communism or no sale.

Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism or bust!

Dec 20, 2003


funnel the chcikencheese into my rectum. butt chugg a chickenches

Oct 6, 2010
Can't post for 28 days!

Fun Shoe

I hearby swear that I will forge a chickencheese as a tribute to the gods of both chicken and cheese

Feb 29, 2012

Gently enveloping the target with indiscriminate love.

I am considering finding some REAL chickencheese for you guys, as a bonus round. I just need to check the supermarkets.

In southern Germany you can find meatcheese aka livercheese, which is essentially emulsified meat loaf. Traditionaly it is made with pork, but you can sometimes find poultry versions.
Also: the result link for homemade chickenmeatcheese involves a THERMOMIXģ

Grand Fromage
Jan 30, 2006

L-l-look at you bar-bartender, a-a pa-pathetic creature of meat and bone, un-underestimating my l-l-liver's ability to metab-meTABolize t-toxins. How can you p-poison a perfect, immortal alcohOLIC?

Lemme peep dat weebycheese.

This cheese was unopened in the fridge. It will serve.

To make katsu, we need flour, eggs, panko. I am out of flour and use cornstarch instead, same result.

The store lacked thighs and I was forced to get breasts. This is a bad idea as it turns out. I split them in half, pound, and they're still way too thick. Sometimes you have to deep fry with the army you have, not the army you want.

No assembly photos because my hands are covered in chicken and eggs and poo poo. I have serious structural concerns at this point and use a couple toothpicks to hold them together.

Into your hell, chicken.

As it turns out, the structural concerns were unwarranted. Chickencheese katsu has held together just fine.

However, the thickness of the meat and weird shape means we have an uncooked center. These slices go in a pan for a bit to finish cooking.

Completed chickencheese katsu. I consider this an instructional failure. The meat was too thick to fold decently, there's not enough cheese but I put in as much as I could without it collapsing. A thicker cheese slice wrapped in a thinner thigh would work much better, plus the inherent superiority of thigh meat.

Still pretty good though, I ate the chickencheese.


Oct 10, 2005

I Forgot To Hail King Torg

Failure looks delicious

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