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Dec 7, 2006

consider your chops: busted

Soiled Meat

The way theyíre folded they look like little pastries prawns on the plate!

11/10. Would definitely try.


Jan 5, 2006

If that's failure, I really want to see (and eat) success.

Oct 10, 2005

I Forgot To Hail King Torg

Well, now that we're in Debate & Discussion, let's address the serious issues of conservation and food waste. See, I made way too much buffalo chickencheese for just one dinner, so it's time to reuse and reimagine.

Scooping it into wonton wrappers brushed with oil, which makes this a multicultural dish - echoing our modern world.

Topped with the cheddar-jack I definitely didn't forget last time (itself a fusion), the rustic cut bringing to mind a time before this capitalist society made everything so standard and cookie-cutter.

With both a melting pot (of chickencheese) and a salad, this dinner truly represents the American Way.

Main Paineframe
Oct 27, 2010

just can't seem to shoo away that Schumer

I'm a terrible cook and my kitchen's a mess, but I've got some chicken and I've got some cheese

rex rabidorum vires
Mar 26, 2007

Oh the Wonton in a muffin pan is a good idea. I've done that for single serve lasagna things, but seeing that you could say take Mrs Rex's Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip (will not be making an appearance here) and go for broke like that.

Jun 13, 2003

HELLO Debate and Discussion and welcome to the week 2 ChickenCheese Update!

We've got 23 incredible ChickenCheeses from 20 posters so far.
The following people have made good on their campaign promises:

  • toplitzin - ChickenCheese
  • scuz - I Can't Believe It's Not ChickenCheese
  • slothrop - ChickenCheese WITH SCIENCE! and Extra Greecy ChickenCheese
  • PT6A - Hey Jerk, Chickencheese!
  • VictualSquid - EU ChickenCheese
  • Eat This Glob - Itsa me, ChickenCheese!
  • Manuel Calavera - ChickenCheese under Salad.
  • Burginator - Buffalo ChickenCheese
  • The Glumslinger - Pull my ChickenCheese
  • Bob Socko - Gameday ChickenCheese
  • Quiet Feet - A ChickenCheese in Two Parts
  • Ephphatha - Gluten Free ChickenCheese
  • Liquid Communism - ChickenCheeseadilla... for now.
  • rex rabidorum vires - Opinionated ChickenCheese
  • Submarine Sandpaper - ChickenCheese Stromboli
  • deedee megadoodoo - Bog Standard ChickenCheese
  • CannonFodder - open faced all-in-one baked chickencheese
  • AmiYumi - Buffalo Chicken French Bread Pizza, ChickenCheese MiniQuiches
  • Grand Fromage - OwO KatsuChickencheese OwO

  • Resting Lich Face - Toxxic Buffalo ChickenCheese

The following posters have promised us chickencheese with their words, but have not shown us with their actions:

  • Fender Anarchist
  • Athanatos
  • iospace
  • FizFashizzle
  • Abongination
  • Beet Wagon
  • waah
  • OxySnake
  • GonadTheBallbarian
  • oxsnard
  • taqueso
  • Snowy
  • Main Paineframe

Mar 30, 2005

Grimey Drawer

about ready to start my contribution. It just required me to purchase some....items

nowhere near the worst thing ive bought because of a SA thread

/casts eyes towards the pile of nerf guns in the corner

Feb 29, 2012

Gently enveloping the target with indiscriminate love.

So, in case you guys don't know: There is actually a product called meatcheese, normally it is made from a beef/pork mix but there are poultry variants.
It is traditionally called Leberkšse, literally Liver-cheese tough the word liver is not the animal-part, but it refers to a loaf of the cheese. It contains no cheese.
The liver content depends on the place of origin. Livercheese contains no liver if produced in Bavaria and contains liver if produced somewhere else. The liverless variant is called meatcheese in the rest of germany.

It is made by taking some meat and emulsifying it in a bid food processor. Then it gets filled into a square mold, generally 0.5 or 1 kg per loaf.

Bake it in an ofen and it will taste delicious or terrible depending on where you bought it.

Traditionally you use mainly pork, with some beef or calf added.
Now, while I did find some chicken(liver/meat)cheese on the internet it isn't sold around here.
But I could find some poultry(liver)cheese at the local Aldi:

The byline says: baked in a real ofen.

75% poultry meat (turkey and chicken) -- this is exactly the legal minimal meat content.
drinkable Water
turkey liver
poultry fat including skin
salt, dextrose, glucosesyrup, spices, sodiumcitrates, diphosphates, ascorbic acid, sodiumcorbat, sodiumnitrate.
and trace elements of mustard and celery.

Thinly sliced poultrycheese can be used for some sausage salad, a charcuterie platter or just put on some bread.

I just made a few sausage salad rolls -- poultrycheese slice, a stripe of gouda, mustard cucumber and some extra mustard to make the cheap meat edible -- and ate it from my kitchen counter like the animal I am.

Dec 20, 2003


isnt that bologna


Feb 29, 2012

Gently enveloping the target with indiscriminate love.


isnt that bologna
It is made with a similar process. But the spices are different.

Liquid Communism
Mar 9, 2004

Out here, everything hurts.

Fun Shoe

Liquid Communism posted:

Still not satisfied.

More chicken. Pounded out, then seasoned.

Pickle juice, red pepper, garlic, mustard seed. We'll come back to you later.

So. You may recall I was not satisfied.

I have found satisfaction.

First, onions.

Butter and heat.

Butter, heat, and onions.

Butter, heat, onions, and time.

There's one stage done.

Now then, where did I put that pickled chicken....

Chicken in a pan.

Getting brown.

Looks good.

Throw some green peppers in the pan.

Cut a couple hoagies.

Slap on some horseradish muster and garlic aioli. Add chicken and peppers.

Cover with smoked provelone.


BEHOLD EFFORTCHEESE . It was delicious. I adore caramelized onions on a sandwich.

Jun 7, 2006

Laser Rocket Arm

Put on a coat and gloves, take all the stuff outside. Use a drop cord for the sous vide.

Take the gloves off. Regret it. Season the (frozen) chicken with salt spread dijon mustard on both sides and sprinkle parmesan cheese and any weird Organic Aloha Chicken rub you have in the cabinet from 20 years ago.

Immersion seal the chicken because only fancy people have food sealers.

Sous Vide 145Fį for 2 hours. (Add an hour if Frozen) (Add lots of hours if you are also outside and Frozen)

Take no more pictures, it's too cold, don't lose fingat.

Make cheese: Heat milk and butter. Use that weird looking tool to add in flour, dry mustard, cayenne pepper, and salt. Add in Old English spread and Worcestershire sauce. Cook until everything is melted.

Drink heavily.

Hey we dont have sub bread and its continued snowing so leaving isn't an option, gently caress it sandwich bread. Toast it cause it looks cooler.

Take chicken out of the sous, dry it, sear it. Contemplate cubing it, or shredding it, decide gently caress it. Poor the cheese on, add some shredded cheese because people do that to be fancy.

Regret all decisions that lead us to this point.

Try and figure out some photo filter I can add to the picture of that monstrosity to make it not look like that

Remember the wise words of Jazzahn:

Jazzahn posted:

Bro every chickencheese counts.

Jun 3, 2013

Behold, the Back to the Future-cheese

Our story starts last February, but I didn't feel like digging for the pictures of seed starting because they look like every other seed starting photo you've ever seen. But I knew then that one day this would be worth it, and that's what I told myself when I time traveled to the past to tell the story of Chicken-cheese.

Instead, behold the chile plants.

These chile plants contain hot chile peppers. Some of the hottest known to humanity. These aren't them, because I didn't have pictures of them in July. So instead have some pictures of Caribbean Reds. They're important too.

Eventually, I was able to pick those chiles and some of the Carolina Reaper too (also pictured, Datil, Cayenne, Korean Dark Green-yes, they're red)

Those chiles were made into these sauces and a whole lot more.

This is important because chicken sandwiches need some flavor love, and there's just so much love sweet peppers and onions can give.

In the Chicago thread, there is much talk about a city's bread game. So much talk that one would suppose that every other city has none. So I have to at least attempt to have game, and I think I do. Here's the money shots of the bread being made. Visit at your own peril, because they'll talk your pages off about bread (and pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, and pretty much everything food related--It's a surprise everyone isn't just rolling around here).

Beer shot, because you shouldn't make this without something to drink. You might get parched.

Get to the mise already. I flatted those thighs too. Big chunks of chicken are just going to take too long to cook and make it fall apart when trying to eat it.

Cook it hot, then wrap it all up and forget to take pictures of it going into the oven in its blanket so the cheese gets nice and melty.

Don't forget to have some more bad ideas.

Then have one more bad idea the next day, because it was a little boring the night before. Add some chile sauce and some Mexican creme to take it up a notch.

Much better the second day.

So very glad I went back to last February to start those chile seeds. You'd think I would have gone full in and grow my own wheat and chickens too, but I live in a big city and I don't want my neighbors to think I'm too strange. Also my wife said no, and there are some things that time travel just cannot change.

Captain Jesus
Feb 26, 2009

What's wrong with you? You don't even have your beer goggles on!!


isnt that bologna

you: this is a german kind of meatloaf called leberkšse

me, an americanintellectual: is that bologna?


Aug 6, 2008

As is appropriate for D & D (I think? I never really venture over here), I have made Chickencheese For Unemployed/Underpaid Folks in This Capitalist Dystopia We Call America.

I took pics, but am now full and sleepy and suffering from severe depression because lol, healthcare I can afford, what is that? So I'll get my write up done tomorrow. Pinky swear!

veni veni veni
Jun 5, 2005

We've never been into punk. It was too traditional.

Chicken Cheese, piled high.

Oct 3, 2012
Can't post for 4 days!

veni veni veni posted:

Unmelted chicken Cheese, piled high.


Aug 18, 2010

Life, it's the shit that happens while you're waiting for moments that never come.


ǝɯosǝʍɐ 'ʇɥƃᴉɹl∀





..ok there. Testing.

Things got a bit confused, everything is upside down in Australia and it can make things like posting and/or chickencheese difficult. I spent a long time rotating photos.

Chickencheese: Downunder [56k no]

First... drugs.


8? chicken thighs cut up small, leek, celery, parsley, egg, flour, salt, pepper, milk, cream, butter, cheese, puff pastry sheets (I am never making puff pastry by hand again, once was enough)

Glamour shot, beef coated with salt, pepper, flour mix.

Poorly chop up and measure out butter

Get distracted by aura of cuteness


Focus up

Make shortcrust pastry


Bring in the help

I'm using plain yogurt for the shortcrust instead of water for the first time

Looks alright, into the fridge it goes.


Supervisor offers to overlook work directly

Wearing high vis gear already thankfully

Perks of the job

Help goes home as the flames come on

Leek and celery goes into a bit of butter

And out again

Same with the chicken

Hold onto your poo poo, things are about to happen

Add veggies

Then milk and cream

Dice your parsley


Now we cookin'

Retrieve shortcrust from fridge, flatten

Roll flat

Roll up


Shove 'er in

Trim the excess

Beat up on your egg


Gotta cheese that chicken

Puff pastry sheet goes on top

Gets trimmed




In she goes

Looking good!

Catch up on chickencheese news while u wait



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Mar 30, 2005

Grimey Drawer

well that's going to be hard to beat.

Mar 2, 2005



Thatís so good itís rude

Liquid Communism
Mar 9, 2004

Out here, everything hurts.

Fun Shoe

That is one hell of a chickencheese.

Manuel Calavera
Nov 1, 2008

"I have to confess... I never killed anybody."
"Not even a teensy bit of killing?"


Liquid Communism
Mar 9, 2004

Out here, everything hurts.

Fun Shoe

Hi BYOB friends. It was a stressful week over in D&D so we thought we'd bring chickencheese over and chill.

Please note the below rules, and eat some chickencheese this weekend.

toplitzin posted:

As with all cook or die challenges the steaks are the same:

If you post here, you must post your own chickencheese by NOON EDT January 31 or eat a 6 hour probation.


Sep 18, 2013


omg omg

I said that if the thread came here I would chickenchee, I cannot now back out without losing face. it will take a little time to assemble ingredients and plan of attack tho

while awaiting byob chickencheese please enjoy some hold music, also thank you for bringing the magic here

thanks to kaiser schnitzel for the sig

Nov 4, 2009


Following up that masterpiece is difficult to put it lightly, but here goes.

We start of course with the chicken:

Since I don't feel like grilling or frying it, I'm gonna throw it in a crockpot and let it cook while I do other stuff. Here it is bathing in a mix of chicken broth, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Kept it in there for about six and a half hours on low:

While it was cooking I made corn muffins also, they're gonna go good with chili over the next week or so:

Way later, out of the slow cooker and ready to be shredded. It came out so tender I couldn't even get it out of the crockpot easily without it disintegrating:

A couple forks and a couple minutes later:

Of course I have to sauce it up, and apparently all I had was a bottle of Tabasco and Franks Red Hot:

So in all of it went, but that wasn't enough, so I went with something a bit sweet to change the flavor up a bit:

About two parts hot sauce and one part barbecue sauce later, along with a bit more shredding because I literally couldn't toss it without it disintegrating more:

A lot of you have been chicken-cheesing on hoagie rolls, but all I have is this:

So I drowned them both in olive oil and garlic:

And sauteed up some red onion and orange pepper for veggie-ness:

And of course, the cheese (mozzarella because again, that's just what I have right now):

Didn't get a photo of the bacon, but I cooked some of that too, and put everything on the flatbreads:

Threw it in the oven on 350 for ten minutes:

A dash of parsley and oregano, and here you go:

Not pictured, the literal pound of chicken I have left over to do stuff with.

Jan 26, 2001

Passion’s Wrench

mentholmoose posted:

Not pictured, the literal pound of chicken I have left over to do stuff with.
This is the hidden secret of chickencheese. Why make one when you can make two at twice the chicken

Mar 30, 2005

Grimey Drawer

So over the past 8 ish months I've been teaching myself to make various korean dishes. I've gotten pretty good at it, and have acquired a lot of materials. Also, I've been telling myself for a while I'm going to start baking bread. Then this came and whelp I decided to give it a go. I decided to make a bulgogi chickencheese on home made vietnamese baguettes.

Now yes I know that Vietnamese baguettes aren't really korean, but korean food doesn't really use an acceptable bread form. I'm also using Provolone for the cheese. Again, traditional korean food doesn't really use a lot of cheese, although it's gettnig pretty popular over there these days. They even have a cheese themepark!

look at all these aryan children, listening to their blonde teacher play a guitar while they eat some cheese! very wholesome.

First, gotta buy some things. Like I said, not the stupidest thing an SA thread has inspired me to buy. I got the blender and baguette pans for like 50 bucks. Then some other serving dishes because im a slut for serving dishes. I don't know what that electronic scale is doing in this photo.

First thing first is going to be the chicken and marinade, made the night before.

1 Asian Pear
1 TBS ginger
Garlic....all the garlic
1 Green Onion
1/2 White Onion
TBS sesame seed
2 TBS soy sauce
1 TBS Sesame

Blend all those together, chop up some chicken, throw it in a plastic bag with some sliced carrots, and forget about it. I let it marinade overnight.

The spread on this sandwich is going to be chogochujang or chojang. It's a pretty straight forward spicy/sweet dipping sauce that I normally use when I make bimbibap.

1 Garlic Clove
3 TBS sugar
1 TBS Honey
1 TBS sesame oil
4 TBS Red Chili Paste (might have to go to an asian market to get this stuff)
2 TBS vinegar (rice wine. I was out so I used ACV)

Blend it, let it hang out.

Alright, now it's time for the bread. this was the second time in my life I've tried to bake. The first was a test run that I actually think came out better. I had to change venues at the last minute for this batch and I don't think my GF's oven is as good as mine. Your supplies!

300g flour
150g bread flour
tbs sugar
dash of salt
40 ml milk

activate the yeast, mix your dry ingredients. The yeast will get frothy and have a smell to it.

make a pouch in the middle of the dry ingredients, put your wet ones in, give it a good stir, then let your standing mixer do the rest. Let this guy beat him up for like 20 minutes.

Time is coming for you to prepare this, so make the other vegetables. Your traditional korean vegetabls for dishes are going to be peppers, onions, jalapeno, carrots, bean sprouts, various kind of cucumber, then a bunch of random water plant and poo poo. seriously I'd never heard of these before. For this we're going to keep it simple with some onions, peppers, and red pepper.

one of the things I like most about korean food is how presentational it is, down to even how they cut the vegetables. notice everything is supposed to be done like tiny match sticks. It's harder than it looks, and I'm nowhere near an expert at it.

It's starting to stick!

Take your dough out, put it under a cloth, and let it proof for about 10 minutes. Then cut him up into six pieces....

and oh poo poo time to change venues. Well toss everything into a lululemon bag because you're a brand slut, and also grab a jar of homemade kimchi on the way out.

get over to your GFs place with the dough and realize you suck rear end when it comes to making things proportional. Oh well we'll figure it out.

Roll out your bread and put it into the baguette pan. It'll need to proof for about an hour. Spend the time watching your friends play mystic vale and try to figure out what the gently caress is going on.

Alright moving forward, about that time. Go ahead and quickly sautee your veggies. There are a lot of different ways to do this in korean food; it is all about presentation of the sides. However, just because I'm using these to add some texture and flavor, and there's a ton going on with this chickencheese already, I decided just to use some EVOO and just get them going a bit.

Toss your marinading chicken into a pan and cook till the chicken is cooked through. Let your girlfriend smell it because she's hungry and you told her she needs to eat something before dinner but does she listen to you? Of course not.

I chopped up the chicken again once it was done, then tossed it back into the pan with a slice of provolone. One trick is to pour some water into the pan and cover. You'll have a quick and dirty steam melting mechanism thingy that will make the cheese perfect.

The bread bakes pretty hot at 450. Before you put it in, you want to slash the dough. These didn't turn out that well, and again I think it was the change of venue. As they're baking, every five minutes you wanna spritz them with water. These don't look great but the bread was cooked through and delicious. Not bad for my second time! Something to improve upon.

At this point, it's time to assemble.

Put your sweet and spicy sauce in, put some veggies, then crowd in the chickencheese.

I ended up eating mine with a fork and knife because it fell apart. Also I lost both games of mystic vale.

There was enough for one more so I made it for my friend and let him gnosh it. It looked pretty.

Overall pretty successful. I hollowed out the bread on the last one and created more room for stuff and not just...bread. Let me know if you have any questions on this recipe; it was mostly just thrown together from other things I've made.

City of Glompton
Apr 21, 2014

Illegal Hen

i'm signing up to do the thing

thank you vanisher!

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Kaiser Schnitzel
Mar 28, 2006

Schnitzel mit uns

i'm gonna cheese a chicken. plz keep in mind that in byob the definition of a sandwich (also sometimes referred to as soup) is a contentious subject and still open to a great deal of debate.

ty Manifisto for this wonderful sig!

Nov 15, 2012

Intended to do this while still in D&D but I finally figured out where I can get vital wheat gluten around here so I've got a seitan buffalo "chicken" mac and cheese sandwich coming up

This thread brought to you by a tremendous dickhead!

Peanut Butler
Jul 25, 2003

I'm in.... prolly next week when I can get to a friend's house and a kitchen that works, lol

Mar 2, 2005



Also gently caress incoming cool chat related chicken cheese incoming shout out to work crew on this one.

Nov 10, 2009

Postin in the springtime

reignonyourparade posted:

Intended to do this while still in D&D but I finally figured out where I can get vital wheat gluten around here so I've got a seitan buffalo "chicken" mac and cheese sandwich coming up

You bastard you stole my exact plan

Nov 15, 2012

alnilam posted:

You bastard you stole my exact plan

ha, fortunately for you I'm combining together not one but TWO recipes recipes i've never made before so yours will probably be better than mine is

This thread brought to you by a tremendous dickhead!

Aug 6, 2008

Well, I'm kinda glad I procrastinated and now this thread's in BYOB, because I hear this a cool and chill place? And quite frankly, not only did I not take as many pictures as I thought, but the bulk of them suck. Please be kind, I'm having a rough week.

Part of my rough week is I'm unemployed and broke as gently caress. But! In the spirit of BYOB, let's stay positive, and rejoice that my city's foodbank is pretty drat cool. It's not just old dented cans of spinach no one wanted, the supermarkets here donate a lot of good food like real produce a little too ripe/ugly to sell, meats, day old bakery stuff... enough to make a FREE chickencheese!

So I apparently utterly failed to get a pic of my mise. Imagine some "managers special" chx that my housemate already pan-fried for her dinner that night, an onion, a kinda wrinkly green bell pepper, a carton of cherry tomatoes, a bag of croissants, a bag of spinach tortillas, a bag of shredded "Mexican" cheese, and a few slices of havarti we got last week.

Dice peppers and onion.

Slice cherry tomatoes in halves, along the poles.

Saute the veg in some bacon grease and a drizzle of olive oil.

Chop pre-cooked chicken into cubes.

man, this is starting to look like the MTV cut of NIN's video for "Closer"

When veggies are soft, add the chicken. Since it's already cooked, you're just heating them back up.

Add a sliced croissant to warm it up, and commence the cheesening on half.

Remove items from pan, and slap a spinach tortilla in there for about 30 seconds to warm and soften.

maybe I should've waited until this got to C/D before doing this gimmick

Now we assemble! I wanted mine on a croissant, my husband wanted a chickchee burrito. Because I am a loving woman, I made his first. Add pan stuff + shredded Mexican cheese blend to tortilla.

This is how we roll.
...Poorly. (Seriously that pic's going straight to the AFP thread.)

Now for mine, the croissant with the havarti.

Suffice to say, my cooking chops, given what one can muster from a foodbank, are better than my photography skills. If this thread ever makes it to The Dorkroom, I apologize for my crimes against humanity. But both items were hot, delicious, and very satisfying after a steady diet of ramen; and I am proud to have made two chickencheeses and participate in this wondrous thread.

prepuce repurposed
Jan 1, 2015

felt cute, might delete later

that's the most heartwarming chickencheese in byob history


Anemone Thief
Dec 27, 2007


I just got all my groceries delivered (sans chicken, curse you grocery store) so while I cannot chicken cheese right now, I will practice my low carb focaccia in anticipation for the chicken (and cheese)


thanku death sext, vanisher, pixaal & manifisto

Heather Papps
Nov 1, 2007

hello internet friend


Mar 2, 2005



Hey everyone. I got in an argument with Work crew over how racist bon apetit after going down one of the crazier rabbit holes I've been in, and have been working with Sohla recipes. She's great check her out! I also was inspired to show off the best subforum on the forums the Cool Chat Crew Central. Everyone's been drama free for like ever, we're all loving chill as hell and everyone is welcome hell yeah. The only prerequisite is that you hate work and even that's up for debate and it's probably the best place in the world if you've been freed from the shackles of work.

With all that said, I decided to make a cool chaat chicken cheese

I took a mixture of cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds and ajwain seeds, toasted them and added them to a mortar and pestle. To that added kala namak powder (little too much woops), salt, tamarind powder, kashmiri red chili powder, and some citric acid, and ground it up.

I took a half chicken, coated it in the mixture, put it in a zip lock with some additional thai chilis, then added yogurt and buttermilk. It does poo poo to the enzymes to tenderize it, while adding nice flavor, and let it marinate overnight.

Next up I made a praata to hold my chick cheese in. I made a simple dough with flour water oil and salt, mixed it together until sticky but together, then let it rest for an hour

Then rolled out an 1/8th of the dough as thin as possible, and added Ghee to the dough

Then in a technique Sohla El-Waylly does in this recipe that i'm not going to attempt to truely explain (look here for an example rolls the dough over itself untill it is a long tube, curls it over itsself, then stacks it. This will create layers so it'll come out flaky.

Over time i got better at this you can tell by which ones are tighter and looser. These rested for an hour.

Next I set the oven at 500 degrees, put the chicken onto a pan and cooked it for about 40 minutes. I waited for the breast to read 150 and the thigh to read 170. I let this rest for 20 minutes.

Then took the dough that was rolled earlier, and rolled it out with a rolling pin until wide enough to fit into my pan. I fried it at medium high in some Ghee until crispy.

I then chopped up the chicken breast and thigh and combined them. It's juicy and very tender thanks to the marinade and letting it rest for a little bit. I also chopped some feta because of it's tendency to be the coolest cheese. It's there, but is it?

Off screen I made a raita. It's a yogurt sauce with cucumbers, cilantro, a nice dose of chaat masala and some cilantro and chilis.

I then put it all together. Chicken, cheese, raita!!!

It came out really well! I truly recommend at least trying one of these recipes out for yourself it's worth it.

And there it is, the cool chaat chicken cheese. Shout outs to work crew go check it out, and in my finest workcrew moment look at me poo poo posting while not at work on a monday hell yeah.


Android Apocalypse
Apr 28, 2009

The future is
and you are

Illegal Hen

Hello goons. I became aware of this thread when it was over in The Football Funhouse, but I didnít have a chance to contribute until this weekend. I chose to try to make my chickencheese from all the ingredients that I could get from one store, and in this case I got my ingredients from the new Asian market near my house.

Cue the cock jokes.

My mis en place. Asian French bread, Tiger beer, Tillamook Colby Jack (itís a local company so Iím not surprised itís at the market), Korean chilies, peeled garlic, Anaheim chilies, Thai bird chilies, whole cock, green onion (which I ended up not using in the end). Thereís other ingredients but I didnít buy them at the store as I already had them at home.

First thing to do is make a brine. Salt, honey, soy sauce, vinegar, fish sauce, juniper berries, black peppercorns, bay leaf, dried lemongrass.

Time to pull my cock out & get it ready for brining. As you can see, itís uncut.

Wrapped my cock up in plastic (like you should always do on your 1st date), added the brine, then vacuum sealed it. Then to let my cock rest in the refrigerator for a day. After a day of marinating, I pulled my cock out of the bag dry-brined it with salt in my refrigerator for another 3 days.

Day of cooking, I pulled my dry cock out of the refrigerator & got it ready for smoking.

I coated my cock in Chinese allspice, took a swig of beer, then stuck the can in my cock hole. Then I stood my cock up like some weird Japanese action figure.

I stood my cock up in my electric smoker. Inside thereís soaked oak chips & a water pan underneath. Donít forget to stick in that probe thermometer!

Alas, my cock hit the proverbial ďstallĒ that happens when smoking. I transferred my cock to my oven to finish reaching that 165ļF temp.

My cock is hot and dark brown. While I let my cock rest Iíll prep the other ingredients.

Chickencheese usually has peppers & onions, but since Iím a goon I gotta make it different. Shallots, Anaheim chilies, Korean Chilies, Thai bird chilies, and garlic. Yes, the garlic is from another head I had at home instead of the whole peeled bunch I had earlier because Iím an idiot.

Start with the shallots in the pan.

Add garlicÖ

... then the chilies. In retrospect I shouldíve done peppers/shallots/garlic in that order.

Time to cut my cock up. If you look closely you can almost make out the pink smoke ring (not really).

My cock, broken down.

Quick sautť of my cut-up cock.

My cock skin was still available (and tasty) so I pan fried that to try to crisp it up some more.

Pulled out my breadÖ and found out it went moldy in the week while my cock was marinating.

One quick trip back to the Asian grocery store yielded some baguettes.

Time to make a sandwich. If you know the meme, you know.

First, the cut cock.

Add peppers & onions.

Sprinkle some chopped cock skin.

Cock sauce is appropriate for this dish, no?

CockíníCheese put in my toaster oven for 5 minutes.

A sandwich & cross-cut Binging With Babish would be proud/ashamed of.

Overall the smoking didnít add too much, and the peppers were very spicy. 6.9/10 would eat again, but do it more simply.

You didnít think Iíd let that cock carcass go to waste, did you? Tonight Iíll have some nice cock stock for soups.

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