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May 9, 2014

Chickencheese time!! In this case we're going ballotine! I've been meaning to do this for a while after having seen Pepin do it,, so you all get to witness me on my first attempt. We're gonna stuff it with a mix of onions, celery, some super hot hatch chiles I have in my freezer, and of course, cheese.

(also man photographing food so it doesn't look terrible is harder than it looks!)

The chicken, wing tips removed:

Ribcage and thing/leg bones removed:

The celery, onion, and hatch chile mixture:

The cheese! A mix of monterey jack, parm and a cheddar slice:

In goes the cheese:

The pieces together:

Spreading the stuffing! Overstuff as it would turn out but hey, first time:

Rolled up!:

You can see the extra stuffing that made it harder to truss:

Removed from the oven:

I made this two nights before we were going to eat it, so here it is out of the fridge to be reheated, with my slicing knife as I don't use it as much as I'd like:

Sliced and ready to be heated:

The rest of the dramatis personae, specifically the best bread, dutch crunch:

News team assembled!:

At the end I found the ballotine to not bad as hard as I'd worried, certainly it took me more than a minute to debone, but there was only 4 points where you'd cut and the rest was using your fingers to pull the meat. My girlfriend was pleasantly surprised and even said she'd do it again.


Barbed Tongues
Mar 16, 2012

End of summer I managed to automate my job enough to go 100% remote (until they figure out I can now be replaced by anyone who knows how to open an Excel sheet.) Mainly it got rid of my 20 minute commute, but there are other benefits...

Boss makes a dollar,
I make a dime,
That's why I chickencheese,
On company time.

I can pretty much do 15min-ish chores/activities throughout the workday, and have been learning how to use the slowcooker with a grab bag of random store mixes as babby's first attempts.


Chicken Thighs, some Philly that didn't get used for x-mas mashed potatoes, a cheesy "broccoli" mix sauce, sweet onions instead of broccoli. Loaf and Parm for the finish.

Thighs go in pot.

Onions get cut.

They go in pot.

Philly gets cubed.

Go in pot!

Add ... wait this says 'Oven Mix' not 'Slowcooker Mix' hmm.. Will that matter? gently caress it we'll see, goes in pot.

Mix until it looks like poo poo.

Put it on low and go do some work for a while.

One hour stir. be continued

EDIT: ...continuing.

Check the thighs - they are good to go, falls apart on the fork.

Grate that Parm

Get that garlic loaf ready

Decide the crust is good, but I want to crisp up the innards a bit with some butter and heat.

There we go.

Bread, Chicken, Onions, Parm!

Garnish with some pepperoncini and Sriracha dollops.

Best lunch in a while!

Barbed Tongues fucked around with this message at 21:18 on Jan 30, 2020

Sep 18, 2013


What up peeps? I have managed to get my chick'nchee in under the wire! Like my friend Alnilam I have decided to HAIL SEITAN, altho I am using a different recipe/technique.

First up, we pickle some peppers! Bell peppers, poblanos, and carrots brined with a heap of garlic, peppercorns, mustard seed, salt, sugar, vinegar. A simple refrigerator pickle, I will tweak the recipe next time around and definitely add a few hotter peppers and probably some more sugar. Honestly though even as it is it's kind of addictive.

A quart, not a peck, but plenty for the chick'nchee.

For the chee, we're going with a French raw milk Morbier. Ooh la la! No line of ash which is weird for Morbier, but chick'nchee don't need no ash.

Our roll is a pretty straightforward French sandwich roll from Chef John of Food Wishes. This project inspired me to invest in a (cheap) stand mixer, which I have no idea how I'm going to store. However it did make the kneading a snap.


Unrisen dough:


Torpedoed rolls:

Re-risen, slashed, ready for oven:

Oh yeah:

Nice! The real reason for the stand mixer however is the "chick'n," my first foray into seitan. The recipe was very insistent on the need for a stand mixer to get the texture right.

Chick'n recipe:

Main ingredients: firm tofu, green jackfruit, and vital wheat gluten.

BLEND the tofu and jackfruit along with some oil, salt, & onion powder so you have a rather disgusting smoothie, then add it to your wheat gluten and a bit of flour and mix, mix, mix.

I mixed/kneaded for probably a total of 30 minutes. The idea is to build up gluten strands to give it a stringy but tender consistency reminiscent of chicken.

Roll those puppies up in aluminum foil like a burrito, do it again for a double layer, and STEAM! For an hour! Don't let the water boil off!

We refrigerate the chick'n overnight and hope for the best.

Welp . . . honestly I did not achieve the really firm, chicken-like texture the recipe promised (follow the link to see what I'm talking about). If I had it to do over again, I would probably add more gluten (the mixture seemed a bit wet) and I would knead the absolute poo poo out of it.

But it will have to do! Shred it and put it into a simple marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, thyme, rosemary, salt, and garlic. Garlic crusher pictured SPECIFICALLY to trigger the pedants who freak out over "unitaskers." Sometimes specialized implements are handy, nerds.

Finally, it's go time. Mise en place:

Let's start with the traditional bell peppers, more poblanos, and onion, sauteed using the magic of CAST IRON.


Let's get a hint of color on that roll

Morbier? I hardly know 'ier!

Yes I kept the rind on, I am not a savage.

On with the lid for some melty goodness:

And now, we assemble. Chick'n, veggies, and cheese onto the roll

Pickle for the pickle god

Crack open a cold beverage, and that's your chick'nchee!

The result was, well, messy to eat, decadent, and highly satisfying. I think this is the most work I've ever put in for a sando, but it's worth it to enter the pantheon of CHICKENCHEESE--even with a relatively modest offering.

Bingo Bango
Jan 7, 2020

Hoagiefest is here again

On this last night of chickencheese, I present you with Korean Fire Chickencheese, aka Cheese Buldak
The recipe comes from Maangchi, who has inspired me to give Korean home cooking a shot.

Peep this mis en place

Lacking the recommended rice syrup, I subbed in everyone's favorite sweetener - maple syrup.

Let's make a paste!

We've got hot pepper flakes, hot pepper paste, a touch of pepper and veggie oil, some soy sauce, minced garlic and ginger (that How Wonderful! kindly minced for me), and that sweet, sweet maple syrup.

Chicken chop

Chicken bop

God forbid we let any of that goodness go to waste, so I'm gonna swish a little water around in the bowl and also pour it into the pan.

Cook that spicy boy up on the stove top using a dutch oven lid, because it also makes for a drat fine pan.

Awww yisss


Broil that badboy and you get this:

Jazz 'er up

This ended up being dinner because I'm lazy and really, what more do you need?

I lied, the sauce was so spicy-sweet-good that I dumped the rest of the sauce on some leftover fried rice. My dog was judging me the whole time.

And thus, the chicken has been cheesed

How Wonderful!
Jul 18, 2006

I only have excellent ideas

I ate that chicken cheese and it was magnificent.

Achmed Jones
Oct 16, 2004

Shredded Hen

I made a chickencheese. It was a bit of a mess.

Dice bell pepper, onion, jalapeño, garlic. Slice chicken.

Sautee veg

Cook the chicken. It was too wet.

Mix, cover with havarti

Toast a baguette a little, why not

Make a mess

It tasted good, but it wasn't my finest hour.

Sandwich Anarchist
Sep 12, 2008
Can't post for 12 days!

Achmed Jones posted:

I made a chickencheese. It was a bit of a wasn't my finest hour.

Sep 23, 2009

Decided to do this on the drive home. Was inspired by that insane homemade sausage to make a big sloppy mess.

The stuff:

Onion and pepper chopped:

Chicken thighs pounded + fat cut:

Shred that smoked provolone:

Chastise sous chef for being generally useless:

Cut that loaf:

Fry that chicken:

Fry that veg (in that fond):

Chicken chopped, and seeming very meager after cooking:

Butter + fond + bread + mayo:

Chicken and veg tossed with bbq and hot sauce:

Back in the pan to heat up and cheese up:

Oh lord.

Leave no plate unclean.

Chicken has been cheesed. Bless.

Manuel Calavera
Nov 1, 2008

"I have to confess... I never killed anybody."
"Not even a teensy bit of killing?"

Wanna know more about that Fresh water bottle.

Oct 6, 2010
Can't post for 28 days!

Fun Shoe

Psyched for more last minute chickencheeses

Mar 8, 2004

Fun Shoe

I can still make it in time if i make it for dinner tomorrow right? ohshit noon est

Jan 5, 2020

I did not realize posting in this thread meant that I became part of the chickencheese story and thusly, here is my humble contribution.

I started off getting half an onion hot and bothered. No peppers were harmed in the making of this sandwich, sorry.

Then I grabbed some of the chicken part of this story.

Sliced into strips and then tossed into a pan with some olive oil.

As someone who bakes their own bread I shamelessly toasted two slices of store bought bread because I am lazy and terrible.

My garlic all sprouted, so in to the pan went the onions, salt, black pepper, and garlic powder .

The second, and arguably more important of the featured ingredients, the cheese.

It's chicken, it's cheese, it's chickencheese.

Mar 8, 2004

Fun Shoe


City of Glompton
Apr 21, 2014

Illegal Hen

hello thread, my entry ended up being a collaborative effort with mr. glompton aka forums poster RudeCat


started with Good Hearted Woman, ended with What's Up Danger

RudeCat does most of the cooking in our household but i'm but an ambitious yobber so here we are. together we've made two-tone chickencheese in a kitchen that is ugly, but also really old

don't be too pissed off nerds yes i sold the bad knives in college but look RudeCat has realer knives, the day is saved

i was further assisted in this endeavor by the last of the New Year's Eve rum. farewell rum i wish i had a little more of you, oh well. idk why i had that butter out. it had to go back in the fridge

back to the kitchen. yep. look at that floor. p sure it is original. so is everything else

it's almost time to chickencheese, but first! i've been lurking the anti food porn thread and am impressed with the mayo challenge, so we're gonna make mayo. we're out of white pepper and white wine vinegar so we had to make due by grinding our own and using rice vinegar

it's good

i used it to make some fry sauce, included some of the 'Adult Condiment' jalapeno jelly my mom made last summer

vegetables. i messed up cutting the onion because i was not aware of the 'cutting them into strips' part of the plan


chicken. keeping it simple with fresh ground pepper and salt. fake edit: i was just informed that the rest of the white pepper and mustard powder left over from mayo making also went onto the chicken. i must have been taking a picture i did not notice

bolillo rolls courtesy WinCo bakery, provolone and cheez whiz because choosing is hard

mayo grills best that's why the butter goes back in the fridge!

two-tone chickencheese

we both liked the provolone more than the cheez whiz

City of Glompton fucked around with this message at 07:38 on Jan 31, 2020

Tricky Ed
Aug 18, 2010

It is important to avoid confusion. This is the one that's okay to lick.

Ramrod XTreme

Here's something that's been kicking around in my head since the last chickencheese thread. I present: Last Minute Macaroni and Chickencheese!

The day before, get yourself a grocery store rotisserie chicken:

Separate it from its meat. The rest will become stock (not pictured).

On the day of chickencheese, get out your good camera but do not at any point check to see if you've left its depth of field set on "Pinterest." Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Lay out a green bell pepper, a red bell pepper, a small white onion, and a jalapeno.

Chop them up and put them in separate bowls so you can stack them up and knock them off the counter later.

Assemble a roux using about 1.5 ounces of ghee and flour. Whisk over medium heat until it's a nice blonde color (not pictured). We're going to make a bechamel sauce out of this.

Cheese. Traditionally this would be provolone, but I made that once and the entire thing just smelled like feet. Not my thing, man. The cheddar will be doing the heavy lifting.

Also grate about 14 ounces of the cheddar and about 6 ounces of the monterey jack. None of this is shown because I forget lots of things.

In a big saucepan, gently heat up about 2 cups of half and half (or whole milk, you do you). When it's warm but not yet boiling, whisk in the roux, half a teaspoon of mustard powder, a teaspoon of salt, and maybe some white pepper if you dig that. Bring it up to a bare simmer and start whisking in all of the monterey jack and all but 4 ounces of the cheddar. Work in small batches, allowing the cheese to disappear completely before adding more.

Get out a big pot, fill it with water and salt, and start it boiling. You're going to cook 8 ounces of dried macaroni, but you're going to take the instructions for how long to boil it and subtract 2ish minutes. You want it very al dente.

Eventually all the cheese will be incorporated and the sauce will be super salty and cheesy. You want it saltier and cheesier than you expect, since it's about to get spread out.

Add in the raw peppers:

Add in the raw onion. The vegetation is left raw to provide a good texture and taste contrast in the casserole. If you cook them down a little you will get a more uniform flavor, but a very boring and mushy dish.

Stir well to combine, and then add in most of the chicken:

Drain the pasta well, return it to the pot, then dump the bechamel mixture on top and mix well. Work quickly because it just gets more difficult to work as it cools.

Grease a 9x13 inch casserole dish REALLY WELL.

Pack the macaroni in there. use the back of a spatula to press it down. Continue to use an extremely shallow depth of field, and don't focus on the center of anything.

Bake on the middle rack, uncovered, at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes. You probably want to put a sheet pan underneath it in case of drips. When you see bubbling in the center, pull it out and sprinkle the remaining cheddar on top:

Crank the heat to 450 and bake for another 10-15 minutes. Watch carefully because once it starts browning it will go quickly.

Closeup shot of the bubbly goodness.

Let cool and serve. This is my third attempt making this, and by far the best. It's easy to think that you need more roux and dairy, which then means you need lots more cheese, and you just end up diluting everything. Also the jalapeno really didn't add anything noticeable. Maybe replacing the green bell pepper with hatch or poblano chiles would have worked better. Anyway, this worked and got rave reviews, and it's not really that complicated (but oh god so much stirring).

Liquid Communism
Mar 9, 2004

Out here, everything hurts.

Fun Shoe

It is 1AM.

I hunger.

Thus, chickencheese.

The goods. Shredded oxaca, some pulled leftover roast chicken, bell pepper, onion, and garlic.

Veggies on heat.

Add bird, generous dose of salt, pepper, powdered chipotle, powdered cayenne, and ground cumin.

Add cheese, splash water, steam until melty while the bottom of the chicken and veg gets some darkness.

Roll out onto tortilla with sour cream and salsa.

No more pictures, I ate the loving thing. It was good.

Mar 8, 2004

Fun Shoe

This is not God's True Chickencheese*, it is only a tribute.

Trim some chicken thighs, keep the trimmings for later

Stab the thighs thousands of times like a psychopath

Kitties can have a little chickencheese

Apply spices to thighs

Thighs go for a swim

If you were smart you started hot soaking these maricopa beans before you did the chicken

Grab some chicken paws from your stash (I have never seen chicken feet called paws wtf is that)

Mix up some peppers, onions, carrot, garlic, spices, a little butter, the thigh trimmings and of course your paws

Add beans and pressure cook for awhile

Hey look its cheese

Cut up some sweet onion

Quick pickle some jalapenos by mixing them with pickled onions and adding a little extra vinegar

Add fire to some corn

Cut the corn off the cob

Now is a good time to enjoy your intoxicant of choice, you've earned it

Beans are done. Throw away the feet. Or don't, it's your life.

Chicken is done, cut it up

Combine it with the bag juice

You made some masa earlier right?

Don't forget some hot sauce and table cream


I'd love a tag as long as it doesn't remove the other ones

taqueso fucked around with this message at 11:05 on Jan 31, 2020

Oct 6, 2010
Can't post for 28 days!

Fun Shoe

taqueso posted:

I'd love a tag as long as it doesn't remove the other ones

This is me too

Also, these are some fun chickencheeses pouring in! 🍗🧀

Mar 2, 2005



Who’s gunna write the chickenchese cookbook?

Aug 22, 2010

Playin' Possum


taqueso posted:

I'd love a tag as long as it doesn't remove the other ones

That's my situation too.

Jun 13, 2003

CHICKENCHEESERS! Welcome to noon on January 31st.
We have reached the end of the ChickenCheese Cook or Die Adventures.

It has been quite the journey, from the humble roots in GWS, to the most chillaxiest subforum, to the land of arguments and even sportball aficionados.
Posters came together from all over the world to deliver unto us their ChickenCheese.

ChickenCheese unites us all.

At the end of this journy, we have an amazing 60 ChickenCheesers!

Our ChickenCheese Champions are as follows:
  • toplitzin - ChickenCheese, low effort chickenparmcheese, breakfast chickencheese
  • scuz - I Can't Believe It's Not ChickenCheese
  • slothrop - ChickenCheese WITH SCIENCE! and Extra Greecy ChickenCheese
  • PT6A - Hey Jerk, Chickencheese!
  • VictualSquid - EU ChickenCheese
  • Eat This Glob - Itsa me, ChickenCheese!
  • Manuel Calavera - ChickenCheese under Salad.
  • Burginator - Buffalo ChickenCheese
  • The Glumslinger - Pull my ChickenCheese
  • Bob Socko - Gameday ChickenCheese
  • Quiet Feet - A ChickenCheese in Two Parts
  • Ephphatha - Gluten Free ChickenCheese
  • Liquid Communism - ChickenCheeseadilla and Satisfaction EFFORTCHEESE ChickenCheese, 1 AM ChickenCheese Burrito
  • rex rabidorum vires - Opinionated ChickenCheese
  • Submarine Sandpaper - ChickenCheese Stromboli
  • deedee megadoodoo - Bog Standard ChickenCheese, Spanish Style Grilled Chickencheese
  • CannonFodder - open faced all-in-one baked chickencheese
  • AmiYumi - Buffalo Chicken French Bread Pizza, ChickenCheese MiniQuiches
  • Grand Fromage - OwO KatsuChickencheese OwO
  • Athanatos - Arctic ChickenCheese
  • Jhet - Back to the FutureCheese, Bagel Chickencheese
  • Abongination - Chickencheese: Downunder [56k no]
  • mentholmoose - ChickenCheese with a side of leftover Chicken
  • FizFashizzle - BahnMi Bulgogi Chickencheese
  • JacquelineDempsey - FoodBank (NO SHAME HERE!) ChickenCheese
  • Veskit - Cool Chaat ChickenCheese
  • Android Apocalypse - SFW Cock’n’Cheese
  • veni veni veni - Spicy Leftover Bacon ChickenCheese
  • Fender Anarchist - It's not a Cuban ChickenCheese
  • Elviscat - Mayo Based ChickenCheese
  • Snowy - Weird rear end Chickencheese
  • Beet Wagon - Ugly Delicious ChickenCheese
  • iospace - Spicy ChickenCheese Taco
  • waah - No Rest for the Parent ChickenCheese
  • alnilam - SATANCHEESE
  • Doom Rooster - ChickenCheese Sausage (OP note: I need this in my life)
  • How Wonderful! - Jacked Up ChickenCheese!
  • .Z. - ChickenCheese DoubleStack
  • Dirt Road Junglist - MexiChickenCheese
  • Sandwich Anarchist - Smoke it if you got it ChickenCheese
  • TofuDiva - Runza ChickenCheese
  • oxsnard - ChickenTendyCheese
  • SHVPS4DETH - chickencheese from the womb to the tomb
  • Kaiser Schnitzel - Waka Waka Waka Bok-Bok
  • Dr. Krieger - ¡Polloqueso!
  • Quiet Feet - Negative ChickenCheese
  • Mykroft - Big Plan, Little ChickenCheese
  • Carillon - ChickenCheese ballotine
  • Barbed Tongues - Work From Home ChickenCheese
  • Manifisto - More SATANCHEESE, but different
  • Bingo Bango - Cheese Buldak
  • Achmed Jones - A Mess of ChickenCheese
  • kidcoelacanth - Sloppy Mess ChickenCheese
  • saoot - Humble ChickenCheese
  • City of Glompton - Collaborative Two-Tone ChickenCheese
  • Tricky Ed - Last Minute Macaroni and Chickencheese
  • Resting Lich Face - Toxxic Buffalo ChickenCheese
  • taqueso - not God's True Chickencheese

Every one of you should give yourself a nice pat on the back.

The following list of posters has failed to chickencheese:

  • OxySnake
  • GonadTheBallbarian
  • Captain Jesus
  • reignonyourparade
  • Peanut Butler
  • prepuce repurposed
  • Anemone Thief
  • Heather Papps
  • Phil Moscowitz
  • empty sea
  • Chichevache

Each of you,


As is tradition, I am a gracious and kind OP.
You have 24 hours until I close this thread and post the February Cook or Die to redeem yourself.

Mods, the following are people who said they want a chickencheese gang tag whenever someone figures out how to bring JacquelineDempsey's idea to life.
  • toplitzin
  • Sandwich Anarchist
  • Veskit
  • JacquelineDempsey
  • Doom Rooster
  • Kaiser Schnitzel
  • Snowy
  • How Wonderful!
  • .Z.
  • slothrop
  • deedee megadoodoo
  • Junpei Hyde
  • Android Apocalypse
  • Manuel Calavera
  • taqueso
  • TofuDiva

May 9, 2014

Beautiful! I'd also love a tag if one does get made

Sep 18, 2013


oo, a chance at redemption! Come on folks, you can do it, harness the power of chickencheese in your hearts.

I would also like a community badge if one is made, but more importantly, great job everyone who has juxtaposed something chickeny with something cheesy, I loved reading all the entries.

Jun 20, 2011


Yeah, I'm in on the badge, I guess I sent the PM to the wrong person.

City of Glompton
Apr 21, 2014

Illegal Hen

Carillon posted:

Beautiful! I'd also love a tag if one does get made

same, please and thank you

Jan 12, 2008

Is there a hard number on how many gangtags you can have? Or is it more a function of how tall they are?

Heather Papps
Nov 1, 2007

hello internet friend

wait how long do i have i need to run to the store

Aug 25, 2005

Dinosaur Gum

Carillon posted:

Beautiful! I'd also love a tag if one does get made

I would also like in on this if it happens

Manuel Calavera
Nov 1, 2008

"I have to confess... I never killed anybody."
"Not even a teensy bit of killing?"

Heather Papps posted:

wait how long do i have i need to run to the store

12 PM EST on February 1st I believe, or just shy of 23 hours now.

Android Apocalypse
Apr 28, 2009

The future is
and you are

Illegal Hen

I don't know how to make gifs but if you can combine this train crash (with "chicken" and "cheese" on the respective trains) with this explosion that would be aces.

Submarine Sandpaper
May 27, 2007

I want a tag too.

Need to make an av as well but I'm not good at doing basset/chickencheese art.

Apr 20, 2003

Here's the thing, I'm a feminist.

Bless. I chi-chee'd weeks ago when I didn't know which forums it would visit -- was holding out for TCC or CSPAM -- but I did know that I had a powerful hunger for chickencheese.

We don't get a lot of snow out here in the Seattle area, so when there's a dusting it's prime time for a jointwalk. At this point what I know is I have a fridge which already contains the core elements (chicken, cheese, miscellaneous) but otherwise resources are limited. I figure if I'm gonna rear end this I might as well use my whole rear end, so I decide to whip up a carbohydrate from the aether and deep fry the chicken in a panko crust.

Two cups of flour, preferably distributed with a Cake Boss branded flour scoop or, failing that, another Cake Boss branded implement. I used about one and three quarters cup of all purpose flour, a quarter of a cup of barley flour and a tablespoon or two of semolina - it's my usual pizza crust blend, because a few pizzas ago I accidentally made puff pastry-ish crust by poorly incorporating butter into the dough so I'll be attempting to better replicate the same accident. I bloomed some yeast off to the side in two-thirds cup water and An Amount of sugar and honey. Hope you enjoyed all that "cups" and "tablespoon" business because accurate measurements tend to go out the window when I'm winging it.

Since this baby breadbump will take a couple hours to do it's thing, I go hunting for some way to occupy my time.

Oh gently caress yes!! Kid Rock and Godsmack and Sevendust and Everclear, they're all here!!

Hahaha I remember seeing ads like this and thinking, that's an unfathomable amount of money to be indebted! Simpler times

N U M B E R ! G O ! D O W N !

Holy crap I forgot places like this existed. And apparently still do, according to Yelp. "Creepy" seems to be the watchword, with a lot of these reviews reminding me of stories from people that have had brushes with Scientology.

These ads are sure a fun trip down memory lane, but when the hell are we getting to the main stage?

Hey! That's not Kid Rock!

Th.. that's not Kid Rock either!! What did you do with Kid and Sevendust and all my friends?!

Are you entirely loving kidding. Somebody taped over the seminal performance of Bawitdaba. The Kids Aren't Alright isn't alright. I can't believe Nichael would do this to me.

The most important ingredient to any meal is an appetite and, thanks to the ready availability and reasonable pricing of Seattle's recreational marijuana, my severe nausea and hunger problems are a thing of the past. Big ups to my good friends at Regulator, Altus, Hard Hat and Double Delicious!

I keep seeing this DVD collection out of the corner of my eye, got it years ago for a quarter and never cracked into it. Still got a little time to kill, maybe it'll be good for a laugh?

It will not be good for a laugh gently caress whatever I've wasted enough time at this point and the dough ball has gotten beautiful and alive.

Added The Grasp of the Thumb, Index and Middle Fingers worth of salt, rolled out real scrowdy-row but got a nice layer of chill butter on top. I folded it over on itself several times to get those butterlish layers going, then cut the dough in half and started grilling.

I've got this cool countertop pizza oven thing, it's basically an electric griddle with a heated clamshell lid and I use it for all sorts of little jobs around the kitchen. Flipping over the first flatbread, and yaaay successful (sloppy) layering!

Uh oh a little piece fell off whatever shall I dooooo *om nom nom* as it hits my stomach I realize that this is the first bit of solid food I've eaten today. Whoops!

At this point I started slicing strips of chicken breast and dicing up the salad (red bell, jalapeno, onion, garlic) and in the process I got my hands in a state unworthy of cellphone use. Was able to snap a picture of the salad (once my hands were briefly unfilthied) as it sauteed in a homemade arbol chili oil.

Seasoned flour (little salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne), egg and panko assembled. The chicken dunk process begins and man oh man if I thought my hands were befouled before. Wet Hand / Dry Hand policies start falling apart halfway in but I manage to properly coat everything and get it all in the fryer.

Sample is judged as acceptable, and I get my second bite of food. I started this process at around eleven because I skipped breakfast and wanted a big lunch and now it's like three and I've been living on energy drinks and weed all day oh my god I'm so hungry

That should be enough for one sandwich. It's only about a third of the chicken I made, if that, but I'm sure I'll find a use for the rest (spoiler: that use was another chi-chee the following day and two small snacks of fried chicken in buffalo sauce).

A couple provolone slices and some assembly later. Back in the pizza thing to get melty!

Lessons learned:

-Puff pastry pizza dough was a partial success but requires further research in general; will attempt iteration on a later dinner-type pep n' chee.

-However much salt I put in the dough wasn't quite enough. I shot low since the butter was salted, but shot too low.

-I always prepare my salads too early and this was no exception. Should be sauteed closer to the completion so it's still got some bite.

-Gotta marinate that chicken. Did alright once hot sauce was applied, but I know that giving it a soak drives so much more flavor into the meat.

-We need more traveling cookoffs

Bingo Bango
Jan 7, 2020

Hoagiefest is here again

I would very much like a gangtag!

Sep 18, 2013


Android Apocalypse posted:

I don't know how to make gifs but if you can combine this train crash (with "chicken" and "cheese" on the respective trains) with this explosion that would be aces.

I took a stab at that concept, not sure if it does the trick but it's fun to look at

Dec 18, 2009

where's my fish

Registering my interest for a gangtag as well. I never managed to get masa in time to do another proper(ish) chickencheese attempt but I did a few smartarse efforts I never bothered posting.

First up is Satay Chicken, featuring the requisite capsicum and onion with coconut cream as a cheese substitute and rice as a "bread". Far too different in form to be considered an entry. Tasty though .

Next up was scrambled eggs with a quick relish of tomato and onion that I added capsicum to in an effort to at least recognise the core ingredients of a chickencheese. This one actually came close in appearance, with the soft scrambled eggs providing a reasonable approximation of a soft cheese.

Final attempt was a popcorn chicken thing with diced/sliced capsicum, cucumber, tomato, red onion salad. The chicken was coated in flour, salt, pepper, paprika, coriander, sumac, and shallow fried in some pork grease till crispy. Also served with some homebrew cider, I put way more effort into the photos for this than it deserved before deciding that flour on chicken does not a chickencheese make. Plus I didn't even try incorporate a cheese like component.

Dr. Krieger
Apr 9, 2010

In for the tag, lots of great last minute entries!

Android Apocalypse
Apr 28, 2009

The future is
and you are

Illegal Hen

Manifisto posted:

I took a stab at that concept, not sure if it does the trick but it's fun to look at

You got the idea. I know the source images aren't great so that "chicken" part isn't as easily seen. If any goon can find a better .gif of that we may have something here.

Jan 5, 2020

I am down for a gang tag too.

Nov 15, 2012

I did get my chickencheese done, just mistakenly thought I had all day to post it. Will get the images uploaded and my chickencheese written up after work.


Achmed Jones
Oct 16, 2004

Shredded Hen

Oh heck I'd like a gang tag why not! Thanks!

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