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Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

2020 comes to us without gigantic franchise ending films on the horizon, which means it might be a less profitable year. It does have a ridiculous amount of remakes and sequels, and some potential messes, which we will get to soon enough. Disney continues to own everything, literally and box office ranking wise. And if you can't see it in theaters, see it on Disney+ (until they take it off of the channel!) We got sequels, we got reboots, we got sequel reboots, we got sequbootprequels? At this point the streams have all merged and it is just an ocean of piss coming from the box offices, flooding the bathrooms of theaters across the planet and forcing the good people of the world to wear raincoats and boots when going to see The Farewell

The most written about disaster from 2019 (and going into 2020) must be Cats, just do to how horny it made people OR how horny the film was which made people fear the horny. Remember that there is two sides to every horny!

First The Hall of Shame! (Box office is worldwide if I can find it, otherwise noted if not) Some of the box office totals are obviously low due to streaming deals but there isn't a way to tell what made what.

Unnecessary Sequels\Reboots\Remakes\Prequels\Franchises\Films -

The Hustle
$35 million US
$95 million Total
$21 million Budget
A remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels except ladies and also one of them was Rebel Wilson which everyone hates now and the other was Anne Hathaway which people used to hate but now seem to hate less as she does more fun roles. No fun here acording to reviews.

Child’s Play
$29 million US
$45 million Total
$10 million Budget
Remaking Child's Play while the original series was still producing good films in direct to video format was a bold move that even made money according to traditional accounting. But hopefully we'll still get more good direct to video sequels.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold
$60 million US
$120 million Total
$49 million Budget
Dora is now a teenager for some reason in this Jumanji-light flick that was okay but obviously made for children. Also some creepy movie reviewers were obviously typing their reviews with one hand.

$21 million US
$21 million Total
$30-35 million Budget
Shaft is back for the Fifth time (plus a tv series) in a sequelboot that still in continuity with everything and despite three generations of Shafts, there was zero generations of audiences.

Men In Black International
$80 million US
$254 million Total
$110 million Budget
Let's reunite the awesome cast of Thor: Ragnarok and then somehow make it the laziest, blandest sequel reboot thing. Also there was a CGI character totally not based on the living golf balls episode of Gravity Falls which may have been the bes thting about the movie.

Dark Phoenix
$66 million US
$252 million Total
$200 million Budget
The X-Men film's continuity is so convoluted now they are remaking their own films within the same franchise. And doing terrible jobs of it, a confusing film with the producers blaming Captain Marvel for why they had to rush a new ending (which is a hilarious excuse) lead to a big mess that Disney will just jettison anyway.

Terminator: Dark Fate
$62 million US
$261 million Total
$185 million Budget
Despite getting the best reviews yet for a third Terminator film, this fourth attempt at a third film proved that three strikes was the limit as audiences stayed away. There was also a woke proxy war with some of the border patrol aspects.

It 2
$212 million US
$472 million Total
$79 million Budget
I haven't seen this one but the pages of people replying who hated it in the last thread point to many reasons why it was a waste of time and didn't even synergize well with the prior film. It still made a bajillion dollars so the producers have the last laugh.

$22 million US
$45 million Total
$50 million Budget
Hellboy got randomly rebooted when Guillermo del Toro left the project, Ron Perlman was out and David Harbour was in. Hellboy had a weird look on his face form ost of the film and Milla Jovovich was completely wasted as an evil queen who spend most of the film in pieces. A few interesting action shots but no real reverence for the weirdness the comic series has and completely dropping Abe Sapien until an after the credits sequence were some of the many mistakes made. Basically turned into a big budget equivalent of a direct to video prequel.

Doctor Sleep
$31 million US
$72 million Total
~$50 million Budget
A sequel to The Shining (the book) that became a sequel to The Shining (the movie) and yet made less money that The Shining fan film Ready Player One

$115 million US
$353 million Total
$170 million Budget
Tim Burton's sad circus movie made everyone too sad to buy enough tickets and it ended up being a disappointment despite doubling its budget. In the middle of Disney dominating the box office, this was a notable dud for sinking like a lead elephant instead of soaring high

Miss Bala
$15 million US
$15.3 million Total
$15 million Budget
Remake of a far superior Mexican film that fizzled and dudded out, much like most of Gina Rodriguez's movie career. I completely forgot it came out in 2019!

Rambo: Last Blood
$45 million US
$91 million Total
$50 million Budget
This got a bunch of bad critical reviews and seeded racist but I don't recall any huge drama over it, yet it still made it high into a lot of "Worst of 2019!" lists

Charlie’s Angels
$18 million US
$59 million Total
$48 million Budget
Another reboot sequel that no one seemed to want except people who make Kristen Stewart gifs on Tumblr. Director Elizabeth Banks then made a complaint about there being 37 Spider-Man movies (of which she was in three of!) and thus the failure was because men won't go see women action movies.

Team Boring - Films that didn't excite anyone, especially the box office.

21 Bridges
$27 million US
$41 million Total
$33 million Budget
Chadwick Boseman's cop film got average reviews and average word of mouth which led to a bad box office.

$14 million US
$16 million Total
$10 million Budget
Old ladies doing cheerleading proved not interesting enough for the cheerleader fans nor interesting enough for the older crowd

Wonder Park
$45 million US
$120 million Total
~$90 million Budget
An okayish movie about an imaginary theme park called Wonderland that is only notable because director Dylan Brown got MeTooed and summarily dropped from the film, which was mostly completed.

WTF Failures - The movies that make you want to slam a meteor into Hollywood and then ascend into Heaven a beloved champion of good

$20 million US
$40 million Total
$95 million Budget
What can we say about Cats? You cannot read about Cats, you must see Cats. You must BE Cats. Cats is like when you get plugged into the Matrix, you start seeing all the code, but the code is just everyone as weird cat-human hybrids and then you get dosed with catnip and things get horny. So, Cats!

Gemini Man
$48.5 million US
$173 million Total
~$275 million Budget
Ang Lee had two Will Smiths fight each other in a film that still turned out boring. It took 20 years for this film to get developed, and the biggest takeway was arguments over the High Frame Rate scenes that only a few theaters could even do correctly!

$8.5 million US
$14 million Total
$25 million Budget
Serenity was the first film of the year that people started talking about because of its weird twist, without which it would have quickly disappeared into the ether. Instead we got ether afterbirth that will make it a strange cult film to get occasionaly mentioned by podcasts for the next 20 years.

$20 million US
$32 million Total
$45 million Budget
The ugly dolls got a movie that was bland and a decade too late for when the brand mattered. I vaguely knew the creators from a different message board long ago. That doesn't have anything to do with the movie, I just am dropping names for flavor!

Long Shot
$30 million US
$53 million Total
$40 million Budget
Seth Rogan dating Charlize Theron as a presidential candidate might have been better than it looked but not enough people looked for it to make a difference.

$8 million US
$31 million Total
$30 million Budget
Luc Besson took a break from being MeTooed to release a movie about a young female assassin that immediately made everyone wonder if some MeToo shenanigans happened on set. Then he got MeTooed again because he's a rapist.

The Goldfinch
$5 million US
$10 million Total
$45 million Budget
The Goldfinch was set up to be a critical darling that would sweep awards, but it turned out to be a critical mess that audiences avoided like the plague. Don't open your bomb movie with a bombing.

Playmobil: The Movie
$1 million US
$13 million Total
$40 million Budget
Playmobil did their own version of The Lego Movie except way less good and it was released in the US months after it was already available on video in Europe, which should be an easy indicator of quality. It got the worst opening weekend ever for a movie in 2300+ theaters!

$4 million US
$9 million Total
$30 million Budget
Keanu Reeves has become a critical and fan darling over the years but he can still make a stinker! Replicas is the story of a man trying to clone his dead family but there isn't enough clone pods so they erase the memories about one of the kids and then a bunch of other stuff happens and it's really just bad

The Fanatic
$3,153 US
$?? million Total
$?? million Budget

Arctic Dogs
$6 million US
$9 million Total
$50 million Budget
Arctic Dogs managed to be released like within a week of star Jeremy Renner being accused of domestic assault, and also starred fellow problematic actors Alec Baldwin and James Franco. It was the worst film opening for a film in 2800+ theaters. I think it has something to do with dogs, which are not cats so maybe they should have made a last-minute change!

Lucy in the Sky
$319,000 US
$326,000 million Total
$27 million Budget
How can you do a Diaper Astonaut movie and not include the diaper? That is just indicative of this flick which everyone hated and I thought was that movie where everyone forgot the Beatles at first

$0 million US
$69,369 Total
$??? million Budget
This James Franco flick was trapped when the studio that produced it died, but another studio pruchased it only to lose all that money on a release. I don't know anyone who saw it, so feel free to mention if you did!

$19 million US
$2 million Total
$6 million Budget
Unplanned was an anti-abortion movie based on the memoirs of former Planned Parenthood worker Abby Johnson. The memoirs seem to prove a lot of right wing rhetoric about abortion (and are probably largely fabricated) but that makes perfect movie material for a garbage company like PureFlix. And throw in a ginned up twitter account ban and you got yourself a right-wing victim festival! Sadly it made enough money you can expect more anti-abortion films (we also have one called Row vs. Wade upcoming that has had crew and cast members quit when they found out the actual subject of the film!)

Coming in 2020 (MAYBE!) - By gum there are a lot of remakes and sequels/prequels in this list. I left off a bunch of undated or untitled things coming but expect more Marvel and DC films that don't have locked down release dates/titles/information (and a bunch of untitled horror movies!)

The Grudge - More grudges and less smudges, that's my motto. But being dumped in January may make me rethink that....

Dolittle - Robert Downey Jr.'s greatest dream was to make a gigantic Dr. Doolittle movie, and by gum, he did so! Sure it looks ridonkulous, but he did it!

Gretel & Hansel - Totally different because the lady's name is first!

Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn - DC at least is taking risks with weirder takes on their source material. I'm a fan of the director, the whole thing is being advertised weirdly, and it just might be entertaining as well!

What About Love - "Two young lovers change the lives of their parents forever when the parents learn from the joyful experience of their kids, and allow themselves to again find their love." Remember those reddit r/relationship posts where couples find out their various parents are now dating? Now in movie form!

Fantasy Island - The latest reboot of this fantasy tv show is now a horror movie. Sure, whatever.

Sonic the Hedgehog - After a disaster of a trailer they destroyed an FX studio to reboot Sonic's looks. It might be a good movie but the road to box office gold is paved with hundreds of artists' jobs

My Boyfriend's Meds - A couple goes on vacation, the guy forgets his medication, and becomes a giant jerk. This is an actual film coming out in 2020 while everyone slowly dies because they can't afford their medication.

The Call of the Wild - One of my favorite books as a kid is now a movie with CGI dogs. And Harrison Ford! But CGI dogs. I dunno.

Onward - It's Pixar, the newest trailer revealed a bit more to make it seem sort of interesting, so it's probably gold. At least until it isn't.

My Spy - Dave Bautista does the strong guy looks after young kids thing

Mulan - Another Disney live-action remake of one of their properties, with the added drama of real world politics potentially impacting global box office!

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway - Peter Rabbit is now Oliver Twist or something?

New Mutants - Yeah right, expect this in the coming soon section of the 2021 Greenlightningedbledly Thread!

Trolls World Tour - The trolls are back and so it their awful hair!

Black Widow - Marvel is back and even though she's dead, Black Widow finally gets a movie

Legally Blonde 3 - Excuse me, there was already a third Legally Blonde movie that was direct to video, you can't just ignore it! Okay, maybe you can and should...

Scoob! - Scooby-Doo is rebooted and they changed the voices so they are terrible and I don't like it not at all

Fast & Furious 9 - Will they go to space? No.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run - More sponges less plunges, that's my motto! Wait I already did a motto joke. Um... Uh.... Did you know that if you seperate a sponge into individual cells the animal will be able to sort out its cells and reassemble back into normal? It's true!

Artemis Fowl - Remember when this was supposed to come out last year? Guess that didn't happen. Maybe it will this time!

Candyman - A remake sequel thing but Jordan Peele is executive producing/writing so it's probably going to be good but it might also make people mad!

Top Gun: Maverick - Top Gun is back with a non-offensive to China jacket and also the Son of Goose!

In the Heights - This seemed terrible from the trailer but I never saw the actual musical so maybe it isn't terrible?

Minions: The Rise of Gru - Gru gets viagra in this lovable sequel to the prequel to the series about a villain

Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Since everyone hated the girls thing the Ghostbusters are now kids, which everyone will hate, but some people will pretend to love it or hate it just to stick it to different movies. It's 2020, the movie wars continue!

Bob's Burgers: The Movie - Wait, what? Cool I guess!

Jungle Cruise - When you need more Jumanji but this time controlled by the biggest conglomerate and not one of the almost biggest ones...

Morbius - Sony flexes their Spider-Man franchise with another original entry, Jared Leto as a vampire

Bill & Ted Face the Music - This took forever to get made so let's all hope it was worth the wait and isn't just another terrible decades-late sequel

The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard - That movie that was sort of good gets a sequel that is hopefully sort of good

Monster Hunter - A video game movie where there are giant monsters and this could be amazing but it's also a video game movie so the odds aren't good even if we believe so much that it keeps Tinkerbell alive

The King's Man - A delayed Kingsman prequel but it will probably be out this time so hooray!

The Witches - A remake of the Roald Dahl book (I guess technically a new adaptation but whatever) with Anne Hathaway as the leader of the witches

Halloween Kills - More Halloween, the last one got praise so maybe this will too.

Snake Eyes - Remember when they were going to make a GI Joe prequel? They still are and it has a release date

Godzilla vs. Kong - This got delayed 6+ months in the wake of Godzilla only doing okay at the box office so hopefully it's for good reshoot reasons and not because it is bad and can't be saved

Coming 2 America - Eddie Murphy's classic film gets a way late sequel we don't need but if it is as good as the Dolemite film, then it will still be worth it.

Tom and Jerry - A prequel that shows how a cat and mouse hate each other, because we somehow need an explanation for the most basic of things. This is why movies bomb, folks!

The Croods 2 - New Croods! Newds??

And now the traditional time where everyone lists all the films I missed or all the films they disagree with being failures!

Prior threads:

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Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Pirate Jet posted:

You meant Jordan Peele, right?

Oh wow that goes beyond rookie mistake into complete moron territory lol (fixed, thanks!)

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Pollyanna posted:

I don't understand what exactly this thread is.

General movie in production discussion, general why is this movie in production? discussion, pages and pages of derails, and often General Chat II

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

THere is a huge post on a Star Wars subreddit with a bunch of information on a supposed different version of Rise of Skywalker that existed before Disney interference, no clue if it is fanwank or reality or something in between, but it caused a #releasethejjcut to trend on twitter. Adding it here for when people randomly start talking about this like they do with the Snyder Cut and so you'll know what the heck is going on and can sound like a wise sage speaking to a lost traveler in the desert.

Spoilering it all just in case and pasting it all just in case it vanishes into the memory hole:

Since shortly after release weekend, I’ve been corresponding with someone who worked closely on the production of TROS and works for one of the major companies I cannot disclose here. I have verified the source to my satisfaction. To protect the source, I am rewording what we spoke about over the last two weeks and am submitting it to you in bullet point format I have written based on what they told me. The TLDR is that they were upset with the final product of TROS and wanted to share their perspective on how it went down and where it went wrong.

The leakers for TROS had an agenda and are tied to Disney directly. My source confessed that they have an agenda as well in that they struggle with ignoring what’s been happening to someone who they think doesn’t deserve it.

JJ always treated everyone on and offset with respect so my source’s agenda is that what Disney has done to JJ and how much they screwed him over should be something people are at least aware of, whether you like him as a filmmaker or not.

Disney was one of the studios who were in that Bad Robot bidding war last year. Disney never had much interest in BR as a company but they did in JJ because they saw WB (who JJ went with in the end) as a major threat.

JJ is very successful at bringing franchises back like Mission Impossible, Star Trek and Star Wars. WB is struggling with DC and aside from Wonder Woman, DC is still seen as a bit of a joke in its current state by the GA.

WB wants Abrams for some DC projects. My source said that this generation’s Star Wars is the MCU, and Marvel’s biggest threat is a well operational DC. They want to keep DC in the limbo that they’re in right now. Abrams jumpstarting that franchise with something like a successful, audience-pleasing Superman movie makes them nervous. Their goal is to make JJ look bad to potential investors/shareholders.

My source mentioned this shortly after the premiere: “The TROS we saw last night was not the TROS we thought we worked on”.

JJ was devastated and blindsided by this. He’s been feeling down over the last 6 months because of some of the ridiculous demands Disney had that changed his movie’s story. While the scenes were shot, a lot of the changes were made in post-production and the audio was rerecorded and altered. My source said they’ve never seen anything like this happen before. He’s the director and he wasn’t in the know about what they were doing behind his back.

Apparently, JJ felt threatened over the month leading up to the premiere.

Rian was never meant to do IX despite some rumors that he was.

JJ was brought back by Iger, not KK. Disney insisted on more fan service, less controversy.

JJs original agreement when he signed on was indicating he would have way more creative control than he did on TFA. It became evident this wasn’t the case only a couple of weeks into shooting when the trouble with meddling started.

JJ wanted to do some scenes he thought were important but Disney shut it down citing budgetary reasons.

May 2019: JJ argued that those scenes were crucial. He had to let go of one of the scenes. The other scene he insisted on was approved at first. He did reshoots and additional photography in July. The new scene was shot at BR in October.

The “ending that will blow your mind” was a part of this. Older actors were included like Hayden, Ewan and Samuel and anyone who wasn’t animated. The force ghosts weren’t meant to be voices because they shot that footage on camera. The actors were in costumes. Rey was supposed to be surrounded by the force ghosts to serve as sort of a barrier between her and the Sith surrounding them.

My source thinks but can’t 100% confirm that this is because of China. It’s an office talk of sorts. Some VFX people claimed they got a list of approved shades of blue they could use on the Luke force ghosts. Cutting this out was when the bad blood turned into a nightmare for JJ because the movie he was making was suddenly unrecognizable to him in almost every way.

My source knows JJ well enough to know that he’s just not the yelling type but apparently in a meeting he yelled something along the lines of “Why don’t you just put ‘directed and written by Lucasfilm’ then?” My source wasn’t present for that exchange but knows some who were.

Disney demanded they shoot some scenes that would have things in it for merchandise. “They fly now” is one of them. It’s also JJ’s least favorite scene. At a November screening of a 2:37 cut, he cringed, groaned and laughed when the scene was on.

My source says that JJ was most likely not joking when he said “you’re right” in the interview where they asked him about TROS criticism.

JJ’s original early November cut was 3 hours 2 minutes long.

In January, JJ suggested that they turn this into two films. My source told me this well before Terrio mentioned it in an interview a couple of days ago. When Disney said no, JJ was content with making this 3 hours long.

Over a period of 9 months JJ started realizing that one by one his ideas and whole scenes were being thrown out the window or entirely altered by people who have “no business meddling with the creatives”.

They were not on the same page when it came to creative decisions and it became obvious that Disney had an agenda in addition to wanting to please shareholders. Disney could “afford messing up IX for the sake of the bigger picture” when it came to protecting things unrelated to IX.

The cut JJ eventually and hesitantly agreed to in early December was 2:37 minutes long. It wasn’t the cut we saw which he wouldn’t have approved of (and which is 2:22 long). Apart from the force ghosts, there were other crucial and emotional scenes missing. The cut they released looked “chopped and taped back together with weak scotch tape” (JJ's words).

The movie opened with Rey’s training. Her first scene with Rose was shortly after Rey damaged BB-8 during the training. Rose made a silly joke about how Poe is going to kill her for damaging BB-8. There was a moment where Rey took a minute to process what just happened when she saw that vision during training. She looked distressed and worried. The next scene was noise as the Falcon was landing and Rey runs over there. Those two women who kissed at the end were visible in this shot and they were holding hands. One of them ran towards the Falcon as it landed.

Kylo on Mustafar scene was 2 mins longer. There was a moment where Kylo seemed a bit dizzy and his vision was shown as blurry for a second. Almost as if time half-stopped while everyone in the background was slow-mo fighting. Kylo hears Vader's breathing, then shakes his head and time goes back to moving at a normal pace and he jumps right back into the battle (the scene from the trailer where he knocks that guy down which did end up in the movie later).

They cut some of the scenes from the lightspeed skipping segment. Some of the planets that were cut were Kashyyyk, Naboo, and Kamino.

The scene where the tie fighters are chasing them through the iceberg - those corridors were inspired by a video game JJ used to play in the 90s called Rebel Assault 2 (the third level in the game with the tunnels on Endor specifically).

Jannah was confirmed to be Lando’s daughter.

Rey not only healed Kylo's face scar but she killed Kylo when she healed Ben. Kylo ceased to exist when Rey healed him. My source mentioned that some people assume it was Han Solo who healed him but that isn’t true and that wasn't Han Solo. That was Leia using her own memories as well as Ben's to create a physical manifestation of his own thoughts to nudge him towards what he needed to do. That was her own way of communicating that with him. And it wasn't possible without her dying in the process. She made the ultimate sacrifice for her son and this flew over people's heads with the Disney cut.

The late November cut (the last cut JJ approved of) had scenes with Rose and Rey still. JJ wanted to give her a more meaningful arc. Disney felt that that was too risky too. My source mentioned that Chris Terrio said that it was because of the Leia scenes but this is only partially true because she had four other scenes including two with Rey/Daisy that Leia was not in.

Finn wanting to tell Rey something was always meant to be force sensitivity. In the 3 hour cut, it’s explicitly stated. There was a moment when Jannah and he were running on top of that star destroyer and Finn needed to unlock or move something and he force-moved it and acted surprised when it happened. This was replaced with a CGI’d BB-8 fixing whatever he needed to fix on there.

Babu Frik was nearly cut because some execs at Disney thought he would be the new Jar Jar. They are really surprised that people love him this much. He was JJ's idea and was created in collaboration with some artists and puppeteers. The personality was all JJ.

There were a bunch of scenes where Rey and Kylo (separately) went through quiet moments of reflection to deal with what they were going through. On her part, her going through the realization that there's something sinister about her past. Him going through regret and remorse but trying to shut it out. My source said that the Kylo scenes were especially amazing because of Adam's performance and how he managed to portray that inner turmoil. It provided much more context and added deeper meaning to both his battle with Rey and the final redemption arc at the end. It didn't happen so suddenly and it was more structured than what we got.

The Kylo/Rey scene where he dies was at least 4 minutes longer with more dialogue. Ben was always supposed to die. Source also added that if he wasn’t, then that might’ve been in an earlier draft which they haven’t read. The first draft they read included Lando (the first few didn’t). The Reylo kiss and Ben’s death was not part of the reshoots. It was a part of the re-editing. Even the cut that JJ thought was coming out earlier this month had a longer version of that scene than what was shown in the theatrical cut.

JJ was against the Reylo kiss (or Reylo in general). This was Disney's attempt to please both sides of the fandom.

JJ was not happy with where TLJ took the story. The final result is a mix of that story and the story told by Disney and whoever they tried to impress (“certainly not the fans”). JJ is gutted over the final result. Star Wars means a lot to him. He had to sacrifice large chunks of the story in TFA but he was promised more creative control on TROS and instead the leash they had him on was only tightened as time went by. A source said that this is the one franchise and the one piece of his work that he didn't want to mess up and instead it turned into his worst nightmare. When he found out that he was blindsided with the cut they presented, he said "what the gently caress??" when Kylo was fighting the Knights of Ren at the end and the Williams music that was used for it was not what he wanted at all. He seemed to think it was out of place.

JJ's cut still exists and “will always exist”. We most likely will never see it unless “someone accidentally leaks it.”

Ok, so there you have it. If there are questions, I will try to follow up with my source but it’s up to them if they want to share more so I cannot guarantee an answer.

Edit: I forgot one thing that the source wanted included, concerning FinnPoe in TROS:

The source asked about FinnPoe after seeing Oscar Isaac's comment about how Disney didn't want it to be a thing. This is true. JJ fought to make this happen. This is why Oscar is blaming Disney. It's not just a random throwaway comment. He knows for a fact that it was Disney because these discussions happened. The main cast is insanely close with JJ and are just as pissed, though seemingly more outspoken about it than JJ. During TFA, Disney was hesitant to hire John Boyega because a woman was front and center so they deemed that risky enough so bringing in a male lead who's black made them nervous. JJ fought to make that happen for about nine months before getting approval. The same issue came up when JJ fought to have Finn&Poe in TROS but he lost that battle as he lost many creative battles for this film. Many people, JJ included, came to the realization during this production that the story really is told by shareholders/investors instead of the creatives or anyone at Disney specifically. He tried to make a lot of things happen and was shut down because of this. They had him on a leash and many blame TLJ for the stricter creative approach.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Watch the first 3 Ghoulies for sure, the 4th one is different enough you don't have to see it and the creatures are little people in masks instead of puppets. I didn't think it was that terrible but some fans of the earlier ones hate it

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

sean10mm posted:

Midway (2019) was an attempt to make a modern version of the Pacific war epic Midway (1976) and wound up being extremely to the point where most people seem unaware it happened at all.

DOMESTIC (48.8%)


After I made my list I looked over a few internet lists to see if I was missing anything important (that's where Rambo came from) but none of them even bothered to mention this one, a purely forgettable picture! Stuber and Fighting with my Family were on some lists, the latter I had only heard good stuff about which confused me so I left it off.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Alita was shockingly good and I regret doubting it because of the big eyes even though the big eyes are still weird to me. The film is good enough it surpasses having comically big eyes on a main character to be a great action film with great characters and Alita outright rejecting the replacement daughter trope. It made $404 million worldwide but the budget was around $170 so that's not enough in Hollywood math.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Just saw Knives Out last night and the new accent every movie thing should be real, I will go see every sequel opening night if they do it

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

If r/movies has taught me anything, it's that they are obsessed with RottenTomatoes scores, and with building websites that recommend you new movies to watch based on what you just watched prior (I see a thread with a new site that does that like every month)

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Christian Bale is in talks for a part in the new Thor film Thor: Love and Thunder

Also news on that Mallrats sequel that Kevin Smith has been talking about occasionally, Smith is writing a script for it called Twilight of the Mallrats

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

The truth is different effects look better in different environments for different reasons, but the best effect is hiring twin actors.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

I can't wait for the discussion to change from "Who is waiting for Avatar 2?" to "Why is everyone on the planet seeing Avatar 2?"

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Parasite is becoming a tv show.


Parasite, one of the most acclaimed movies of 2019, is heading to HBO as a limited series.

Bong Joon Ho, who wrote and directed the Palme d’Or winner and Oscar hopeful, is teaming with Adam McKay, whose recent work The Big Short and Vice earned him multiple award nominations.

Deals are not done, but talks are underway with HBO, which came out on top of a bidding war with Netflix for the rights.


It is unclear if the limited series will be some sort of follow-up to the movie or an English-language remake.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Alan Smithee posted:

“Tammy and the T-Rex gore restored 4k release” is not a sentence I expected in 2020 or any year really

There was a composite cut of this some fans made from a rough cut and an Italian tv broadcast iirc, but getting the fully restored version was a dream I never thought I'd see until they announced it last year.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

RIP 20th Century Fox:


Disney Drops Fox Name, Will Rebrand as 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Pictures

The mouse has officially killed the fox.

In a move at once unsurprising and highly symbolic, the Walt Disney Company is dropping the “Fox” brand from the 21st Century Fox assets it acquired last March, Variety has learned. The 20th Century Fox film studio will become 20th Century Studios, and Fox Searchlight Pictures will become simply Searchlight Pictures.

On the TV side, however, no final decisions have been made about adjusting the monikers of production units 20th Century Fox Television and Fox 21 Television Studios. Discussions about a possible name change are underway, but no consensus has emerged, according to a source close to the situation.

Disney has already started the process to phase out the Fox name: Email addresses have changed for Searchlight staffers, with the address replaced with a address. On the poster for Searchlight’s next film “Downhill,” with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell, the credits begin with “Searchlight Pictures Presents.” The film will be the first Searchlight release to debut with the new logo. “Call of the Wild,” an upcoming family film, will be released under the 20th Century banner, sans Fox.

Those logos won’t be dramatically altered, just updated. The most notable change is that the word “Fox” has been removed from the logo marks. Otherwise, the signature elements — swirling klieg lights, monolith, triumphal fanfare — will remain the same.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

MrBling posted:

It's not like comedy westerns were entirely new either. They Call Me Trinity, Trinity Is Still My Name and My Name Is Nobody were all released before Blazing Saddles.

Leone produced (and directed bits, accounts vary on how much work he did) of My Name Is Nobody essentially because he felt that if anyone was going to make fun of westerns it had better be him.

Heck, Lee Marvin won an Oscar for Cat Ballou! There was also a bunch of old Western series that were obviously supposed to be funny, the Three Mesquiteers had a guy who ran around with a ventriloquist dummy for like the first 15 or so of those films.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Best part of Digimon was the ten minutes of recap of the story before the episode where every other word ended in -mon. I have no idea what ever happened in an episode.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

feedmyleg posted:

Yeah, but where all the content is micromanaged to the nth degree by an out of touch old guy.

iirc they were throwing around a bunch of money so at least some creative people will get paid instead of the tech companies just burning the money in a stove. This platform is doomed though and it will be hilarious

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Anaconda is getting rebooted. Or at least a reboot script. No word yet on if it's got buns or if we don't want none.


Sony's Columbia Pictures is developing an all-new and all-modern take on the cult movie, hiring Evan Daugherty, who has worked on such tentpoles as Tomb Raider and Snow White and the Huntsman, to pen the script.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Alan Smithee posted:

Jon Voigt: “I didn’t expect the anaconda to eat *my* face!!!”

The rebootconda should totally still spit out winking Jon Voigts and they should never explain it in-universe

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Live action Bambi and all animals are photorealistic except Thumper who is a deranged looking cartoon rabbit for reasons never explained

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Go for the full dozen lost directors, Uncharted!

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Lost Light Megatron in a movie would be totally awesome

Imgur is being dumb and now won't let me edit an image's size, so here is a linked huge Fast and Furious 9 poster from reddit

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Animals need to learn to respect other animals and go vegan

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Dunkin' Donuts is just too powerful in the Dune universe. Let the munchkins flow!

The Crow reboot is back to being worked on again, allegedly.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Lethal Weapon 5 seems to be happening. No word on if they will use the script from Always Sunny


Producer Dan Lin has revealed that a fifth and "final" Lethal Weapon movie is close to happening, with original stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover on board to reunite with series director Richard Donner.

Speaking at The Hollywood Reporter's Producers Roundtable, Lin, who served as executive producer on the Lethal Weapon TV series, announced that Warner Bros. is looking to reload the franchise with the original team.

"We're trying to make the last Lethal Weapon movie," Lin said about the long-gestating sequel. "And [Richard] Donner's coming back. The original cast is coming back. And it's just amazing. The story itself is very personal to him. Mel [Gibson] and Danny [Glover] are ready to go, so it's about the script."

The first rumblings that Lethal Weapon 5 might be happening surfaced in 2008, as it emerged that Shane Black planned to direct Riggs and Murtaugh's next adventure. However, after several rumoured changes, the project was squashed in 2012 when Donner revealed that Gibson turned down a reprisal of his role.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Davros1 posted:

I'm older than Danny Glover was when he was getting too old for this poo poo

I got curious so I looked this up. Glover was 40 when the first one was made but played a 50 year old, thus I also am older than Glover but not older than Murtaugh when he was too old for this poo poo. Gibson was 30 but played a 38 year old Riggs. Currently Glover is 73 and Gibson 64 (his birthday is in January so he already had it this year, Glover's is in July)

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

The proposed plot of the new Honey I film allegedly is:


Aware that the family ties have loosened over time but seemingly afraid to confront anyone directly. He has been tinkering alone in his attic for decades, dealing with the grief of losing his wife. When we first meet him, he has accidentally shrunk himself and is flying around on a shrunken drone — seemingly lost in a continuous of tinkering and experimenting that often puts himself and his family in jeopardy. He later reveals he shut himself away to try and invent a solution to help shrink Diane’s cancer but found it hard to cope when he ran out of time. His guilt and shame is palpable. Through the crisis of the kids getting shrunk, the truth emerges and the bonds begin to redevelop between him and his kids.

I remember the tv show, it was on at a weird time but it was crazy from the few episodes I saw

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Vandar posted:

I watched Dolittle last night.

Honestly? I didn't think it was that bad. It wasn't great or anything, but there was some cute animal stuff and a few of the jokes made me laugh. It's the kind of thing I'd be fine watching on like, a lazy weekend afternoon if it happened to be on TV.

The animated intro was great, though. I kind of wish we could get an entire movie done like that.

Same, including the thoughts about the animation. I think critics just decided to go all knives out on it ahead of time so it got flayed instead of being classified an interesting mess. It has flaws and obvious sections where it was chopped up or scenes not filled and replaced by narration but holds together enough, and RDJ is amazing as usual. I think the boy should have been replaced by the girl on the journey as she was a better actor, and more Antonio Banderas would have been good too

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

It's time for Rambo Plissken!


Sylvester Stallone is attached to star in the action movie Little America, which AGC Studios is launching at the European Film Market where it is likely to be among the most in-demand packages.

Set in a dystopian future where America has become bankrupt and turned into a war zone, Sly will play a former Army Ranger hired by an Asian billionaire to find his daughter.

With the highly skilled sister of the missing woman along for the ride, Sly’s Ranger must navigate the dark underbelly of Little America, a walled-off city within a city in Hong Kong where many Americans have fled.

Universal previously won a bidding war for the spec script by Rowan Athale (Strange But True), who will also direct. The project is now hitting the open market with Universal no longer aboard. Transformers and 6 Underground director Michael Bay is executive producing with his outfit Platinum Dunes (A Quiet Place). CAA reps North America with AGC.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Alan Smithee posted:

Incel Joker has no girlfriend

Incel Joker needs no girlfriend

Incel Joker needs no society

Excuse me but Joker has a brand new girlfriend named Punchline now

(I am not making that up)

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Rick Moranis is officially returning to the Shrunkiverse. Joe Johnston directed the original (it was his first film iirc) and is also returning, and thread favorite Josh Gad (lol) is playing Moranis's son. I'm not sure if he's playing the son from the first movie or the toddler son from the second movie. No word yet if Matt Frewer will be back or if we'll get another Roger Rabbit short to be released with the film like the original

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Iron Mask (aka Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask ) film is a sequel to a 2014 Russian film called Viy, they then brought out the dump trucks full of money for big named stars for a sequel for international release. Hoping it is the fun ridiculous kind of terrible

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

The Goonies is coming to tv, in that there will be a tv series about a teacher who helps students film their own shot for shot remake of The Goonies, kind of like that Raiders of the Lost Ark remake those kids did.


Fox has handed out a pilot order to an untitled drama about a substitute teacher who, with three students, attempts to re-enact The Goonies.

The Bold Type and Parenthood alum Sarah Watson will pen the script for the project, which hails from Warner Bros. TV, Fox's content accelerator SideCar and Amblin TV. Here's the formal logline: After failing to make it in New York and carrying a heavy secret with her, Stella Cooper returns to her distressed automotive hometown to substitute teach. She finds inspiration, hope and ultimately salvation when she agrees to help three students who are pursuing their filmmaking dreams by putting on an impossibly ambitious shot-for-shot remake of one of their favorite movies —The Goonies. Over the course of the season of the potential series, their passion will inspire a town in desperate need of hope in this love letter to the power of cinema, storytelling and dreams.

Greg Mottola (Superbad, HBO's The Newsroom) will executive produce and direct the pilot. SideCar's Gail Berman will also exec produce alongside Lauren Shuler Donner, Richard Donner and Amblin's Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank.

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

Remember that Jurassic Park sequel with armed dinosaurs? The people who brought us Tsunambee decided to make their own version of it

The MSJ posted:

From the man who gave us Night Watch and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3D,

Ugh this could be the best movie ever and I'm just going to get mad it isn't in landscape mode

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

I demand octagon aspect ratios!

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

less "Who greenlit?" and more "They actually finished it???!!!"

Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

More likely it would just be people doing live performances of half-remembered blockbusters like the scene in Reign of Fire where they perform Star Wars for the kids. There was also an NPR story a few years ago about a play that was the evolution of a performance version of a Simpsons episode with Sideshow Bob and how it changed over the decades in a post-collapse society, but I can't remember the play's name.


Tars Tarkas
Apr 13, 2003

The Incredibles get cell phones!

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