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Feb 8, 2003

I'd give it 3 out of 5, it's no Blade Runner 2049 masterpiece - but it does "feel" like a proper translation of Dune to the screen.

Minor nitpicks and thoughts:

1. A lot of the visuals feel very similar to the Lynch movie, almost to the point where I feel it influences this movie too much.
2. The cinematography is very Villeneuve-esque, in a good way. The hunter-seeker floats like the eyebots in BR2049, the hallways are comically oversized and weirdly lit etc. It all works pretty well in this setting.
3. Ferguson is a terrific actress and carries a lot of the movie.
4. The fremen feel appropriately middle-eastern. I was worried this aspect was toned down, but it works really well.
5. The Baron's makeup is kinda disappointing, I was sure he would be more gross after the poison.
6. The music score feels a little off, almost a little bit too orchestral in a way. I also didn't think the movie had "earned" the scenes with soaring music and Chalamet standing on the shores of Caladan yet.
7. Duncan's death is well done.
8. Brolin's a great actor, but the performance felt a bit weird.
9. I think the sandworms looked great.
10. The shield fighting visual and fight choreography looked good, which is surprising. I always thought this would be almost impossible to translate to the screen.
11. The worldbuilding is very well done, the Bene Gesserit are explained in like 4-5 lines of dialogue - but it's just enough that it works without leaving people confused.

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Feb 8, 2003

Kurzon posted:

This movie is basically Villeneuve trying to fix the Lynch movie. You might prefer the 2000 miniseries. If not good, it at least has its own feel.
That's a really good summary of the vibe you get from this movie. I wish Villeneuve would have strayed a little further from that creative vision, but it's still good.

Feb 8, 2003

gohmak posted:

I love this movie but the mini series is still the best Dune outside of the books.
Agreed. There's a life to the miniseries where the characters seem animated and invested in their own proceedings that's pretty lacking from either movie. With the exception of Rebecca Ferguson, she's just awesome at conveying her character.

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