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clown shoes
Jul 17, 2004

Nothing but clowns down here.

Palau: Not really crazy about this cast, lots of forgettables. They didn't even try to hide Tom being the winner but when it's a blowout like that ("Oh! The koror!") and you have someone turn a tribe into a team, it makes for a different kind of viewing, and that can be enjoyable in its own way. Sometimes it just goes like that. This season is ultimately defined by the challenges, so many memorable challenges that just looked like fun. The most fun I had was trying to figure out which challenge was the "bah-bah-buoy" challenge I had seen mentioned. Every challenge where a buoy is mentioned, I was like, this is it! There was one early on in the game with a buoy where the tribes had to swim under this structure and release these bottles that kind of looked like giant baby bottles so I thought that was it. Bah-bah-buoy. But man, that last challenge was something. I've never seen Jeff look so done before.

Also, my god Tom looks like Mike Pence.

Up next Panama.

clown shoes fucked around with this message at 16:36 on May 25, 2020


Jun 13, 2003

Maybe Kris can come in, and we can throw M-80s at his asshole.

the EoE twist:

" its poo poo"

Nov 4, 2009


i feel kinda bad for wendell now. i wonder why they felt like they had to edit him so negatively this time. was it some sort of lovely 'apology' to michele for the backlash she got in KR, to make her seem more sympathetic? because he was cool in ghost island and definitely deserved that win.

Mar 12, 2008

Watching you sleep.

Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

I think Wendell probably just caught up in a situation where like, people rarely look good in a breakup. Obviously he and Michelle had unresolved stuff between them. I think Michelle was probably kind of looking bad at times too, Wendell just seemed to overshadow her because he seemed like he was in a slightly more power position in the game and annoyed by her. But like that thing where she asked him if it was ok if she voted for him and then got upset that he got upset just seemed like the sort of thing when you're watching a couple argue and you know they're both kind of wrong but you know enough not to get involved.

And then Michelle got more time to make that stuff just part of her story where Wendell got eliminated so early that like his whole edit was the Michelle stuff. If Jeremy had successfully saved him or he had won his way back in he might have had more time to turn around his narrative/for the narrative to give him more. But as it was he went out kind of quick and all we really remember is an uncomfortable relationship with Michelle and Jeremy making it way too obvious they were working together.

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