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Apr 29, 2013

Kanfy posted:

Good thread OP but not especially readable without a "no embedding" rule.

I'll blame that on me. For some reason I thought the OP had put all their first videos in one post and checking it now it was several. I'll go back to one game per post to make life more bearable, and one post per day.

Continuing with a bit of the Tim Follin digression here's his work in

Treasure Master

#3 World Complete

#2 World 4

#1 World 2- The Moon

Not the Moon song we're familiar with but this one is super exciting and has a great interval where it all breaks down for a second.

The La Mulana tracks almost make me want to get the game, though I'm not sure I'd actually enjoy playing it. Wouldn't be the first time I'd get a game just for the music.


May 24, 2011

100YrsofAttitude posted:

The La Mulana tracks almost make me want to get the game, though I'm not sure I'd actually enjoy playing it. Wouldn't be the first time I'd get a game just for the music.

I really enjoy La-Mulana, but I know that it's designed in a way that is off-putting to a lot of players. There's lots of death-traps, the puzzles are hard, the clues are cryptic, and even the platforming mechanics slightly abnormal. But I love the exploration and sense of discovery that it delivers, as well as the amount of care that went into its (admittedly very rude) design. It has some great boss battles, too! The recent release on Switch/PS4 changes a few puzzles to be a little more clear than the version that's on Steam. I'll add that there's no shame in looking up hints, almost everyone either does that or brute forces things as much as possible. It's a really lengthy playthrough (maybe 80+ hours if you don't use hints), so if you've got the patience to die a whole bunch, take a lot of notes, and enjoy some great music, I'd definitely recommend it. And thanks for the Follin posts, love that Hi-Score theme from Silver Surfer!

Another game I went through recently is Ys: The Oath in Felghana, an updated version of Ys III. They added an option to the Steam version to change the music to that of some of the old PC versions, and I found myself really enjoying the Sharp X68000 renditions, so here's my top 3 from that particular port:

Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (Sharp X68000)

#3 - Valestein Castle
Classic Ys-style rocker from one of the later areas in the game, it makes you feel like you're at the climax of the story.

#2 - Trading Town of Redmont
This one's the super-cozy town theme, I love the part where it soars really high!

#1 - The Boy's Got Wings
This might be one of the most iconic Ys tracks, but I think I like the instrumentation of this version better than every other port.

Aug 17, 2011

Here's a tough one: Yakuza 0

Just about the whole soundtrack is great, but it's so varied that it's very tough and kind of arbitrary to evaluate one song against another. You have moody incidental music alongside drum-and-bass battle tracks, not to mention the 80s-style karaoke. But here's that list anyway. I used this playlist to find the tracks.

Using screencaps instead of embeds in an effort to speed up the loading of this page.

3. t u s k

Music that plays when Kiryu is going through main-quest battle gauntlets.

2. Oath of Enma/Pledge of Demon/however it's translated

Boss fight music with Kuze.

1. As You Like

Playing dress-up with hostesess. The song I found myself singing the most after playing.

Here's a pastebin of my full ranking for the OST, if you'd like to shake your head at my poor musical tastes.

Apr 29, 2013

Good stuff.

Quarantine has led me to play games online with my brother-in-law so he booted up Sega Classics and we started Streets of Rage. WOAH, I had never played it before but I had heard the music before without knowing where it had come from. The game is super fun. I think we'll go through all three in due time. Windwaker update coming tomorrow!

Streets of Rage

#3 Stage 6

I had first heard this in a mash-up by Team Teamwork, and the beat is still fire. I know the game is more famous for its faster tracks, but I really like the slower groovy ones.

#2 Stage 4

It was a hard choice for my favorite upbeat track, but I didn't go with Track 5 only because it reminded me way too much of Hotline Miami so I guess that's going to come up here sooner or later!

#1 Stage 2

This is such a weird song to show up after track 1 but it's very cool. Also the intro theme to that podcast I mentioned earlier, so I'm far too familiar with this one.

Apr 29, 2013


Windwaker was the first Zelda game I began playing as an ďadultĒ as I was well into high school and not seeing the game as I did as a kid. What that means is that I found the game too easy, but it was an otherwise gorgeous adventure and I found the sailing particularly engaging, probably I loved driving. Finding the game easy meant then that I took interest in other things, like the art design and of course the music. This is arguably the last game where music plays such a huge role thematically, and last console game in the series that really held my interest until BotW (Twilight Princess didn't impress me much and I never played Skyward Sword), so this is the last game I'll cover for now, since the music in BotW really should be experienced in game. I won't discuss the handheld games since after the GBC I never really went back to them after that first playthrough.

The Gamecube had way more power than the N64 and it really let use some really cool instrumentation. I'm not ashamed but after days of listening and re-listening to the music I probably fell upon the 3 most memorable tracks, that no doubt many others would choose. I don't care if I'm being conventional, they're my favorites and they are terrific.

Honorable Mentions: I really love the whole Hyrule Castle sequences that re-do the LttP music. It and the Legendary Hero song have some great somber passages. WW was one of the first games for me that had dynamic music that I can remember. Battles often ended too quickly but it was cool how the brass stings matched your strikes. This game doesn't do combat or temples particularly, with some of them being famously unfinished, but I've always liked the Earth temple theme.

#3 The Title Theme

This is probably the best title theme in the series and I love how it combines both Medli's and Makar's prayers, both songs are great and they flow really well together. Already it feels nautical and just listening to it makes me nostalgic for the sea. I probably loved Windwaker as much as I did because I did grow up by the ocean. It was lovely old Long Island Sound, but the sea is the sea, and this game reminds me of that.

#2 Molgera's Boss Theme

What a great boss song! I know it isn't a surprise to anyone but this song is just so exciting. From the vocalized maracas, to the urgent Peter and the Wolf-esque flute and the menacing strings. It's not even the best boss fight, and like many of the fights, too easy, but what a song.

#1 Dragon Roost Island

I don't know if it could've been anything else. Itís well known that those are pan-pipes and what sounds to be a sort of charango, but this song is magnificently Andean, and it was crazy to hear these songs in a video game. This was another song that made my dad pause and listen to it and he'd wonder where I had gotten the music from. I also love how it was a new theme, not linked to Gorons or Zoras or anything and I'm very glad it's become the theme for the Ritoís as seen in BotW because besides itís crazy good sound choices itís a really lovely melody.

exquisite tea
Apr 21, 2007

Carly shook her glass, willing the ice to melt. "You still haven't told me what the mission is."

She leaned forward. "We are going to assassinate the bad men of Hollywood."

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favorite games from the last few years, and while I think it already receives enough praise for its visuals and story, one aspect that seems to get overlooked is its fantastically immersive soundtrack. Just as the game world merges a lush post-apocalyptic landscape with mechanized wildlife, so too do Joris de Man and The Flight marry primitive instrumentation with rich synths and wide open reverb. Each of the tribes in Horizon, from the simple and utilitarian Nora to the sophisticated and regal Carja have their own compositional identity that immediately reflects their cultural values and history. The Old World and machine combat are represented with sequenced synths and glitchy uptempo tracks. The soundtrack tends to blend seamlessly into whatever environment you're traversing and shies away from heavily thematic compositions, although you've likely heard Aloy's Theme in trailers and advertisements for the game. Julie Elven's vocals become kind of a shorthand for Aloy's journey, appearing whenever there's a new revelation or connection to the Old World during the main campaign. Here are a few tracks I really enjoy!

#3 - Her Breath, Her Land

#2 - City on the Mesa

#1 - Aloy's Theme

Apr 29, 2013

Hotline Miami

After talking about Streets of Rage I went back and listened to Hotline Miami's soundtrack which fits it to a tee. I really liked this game at the time, despite how hard it was, and it was it's own thing while also taking a heavy cue from the film Drive, which I love. There are a lot of great songs here, and I think it's what kicked my interest into synthwave as a whole. It's not an all-the-time genre for me but when I need to hear it, it works perfectly.

Honorable Mentions: Horse Steppin', is just so chill and associated with this game for me. I love how it just sounds like neon waves.

#3 Crystals

Modulation? Is that what it's called? I love it. It's so loopy.

#2 Paris 2

This and the my #1 pick are what remind me of Streets of Rage. By nature Hotline Miami is a tough game, so you can end up just listening to these songs for a long time depending on the level. Which is perfectly fine.

#1 Hydrogen

Anything that sounds remotely like this just reminds me of this game. And since this sort of beat is omnipresent in EDM I'm often reminded of this game.

Apr 29, 2013


This was a super weird SNES game a friend of mine had and we would try to beat it but it was hard as nails. The music in it was wild and turns out it was made by the Follins yet again. It's insane what they got the SNES to do sonically and I left out some songs that sound much like his other stuff, but here we get some rather unique tracks.

Honorable Mentions: I didn't add the insanely good Boss Theme since it's rather similar to his other pieces, but it really pumps you up. There's also a couple of tracks that are straight up inspired/plagiarized from Link to the Past's Light World Dungeons.

#3 Cotton Island

This is the first level so we ended up playing it again. Check out how the mood and beats change drastically throughout the song. I LOVE how the song because a latin rhythm before the loop and it's what pushed it up ahead Creepy Crag, which is great unique track.

#2 Main Theme

This song just rocks. Plok is such a freaking weird game. I suggest you all check it out.

#1 Beach

This song just has such an intense opening, and the rest is really good. Follin would've been right at home in any prog rock outfit of the 1970's.

Aug 17, 2011

Civilization II

(Using this playlist as reference)

I have a lot of nostalgia for this one, but many of the tracks don't hold up when listening to them now. It's very much of its era in terms of audio quality - perfectly clear MIDIs with mediocre instrumentation. Musically, the original soundtrack (I think the first ten tracks on the playlist) are not great, but I like some of the tracks from the later releases - my version of choice was the Multiplayer Gold Edition. Anyway! On with the listing.

Dubious honorable mention

Aristotle's Pupil (PS1 version)

This is not really praising the track as much as I have to express how this is burned into my head decades after the fact. While I played plenty of Civ 2 on PC, most of my time was spent playing the Playstation 1 port. I put a lot of time into this version, and I mean A LOT, so I got familiar with the music. Other than stuff like menu blips and Wonder of the World cutscenes, you'll hear nothing but the background music for the entirety of your playthrough. However, the background music doesn't change on its own; the player has to do that manually. But who's going to think to do that while they're in the middle of playing a game like this? As a result, from the beginning of every game to the end, you hear the default music selection - Aristotle's Pupil - over and over, over and over, until it gives you Stockholm Syndrome and you can't imagine playing the game with any other background music.


Mars Expedition
It just gets so tense!


World of Jules Verne
Very calming, great to have playing while doing all the city-based micromanagement during peacetime.


I thought it sounded really cool and misty back then, and I still like it now. Plus it's refreshing to hear Tolkien in music that does not originate from Howard Shore.

Apr 29, 2013

Hyper Light Drifter

I love this game. It's now one of my favorite indie games, and I'm glad I got to experience it. It's a beautiful, challenging, action-adventure game that blends sword and gunplay effortlessly, but more than that it has amazing art direction which is complemented perfectly by a soundtrack created by Disasterpeace, or Rich Vreeland. I actually have yet to play Fez, as I hardly use Steam anymore, and I first heard his work in David Robert Mitchell's It Follows and later Under the Silver Lake both are great films I highly recommend.

It's hard to choose songs from this game, it's really a soundtrack in that areas and moments really are orchestrated to the music. Still, I managed somehow.

Honorable Mention: The Midnight Wood, was one of the first areas I explored, since it lies West and I always try to go left in whatever circumstance I find myself in. It struck me almost immediately, and remains just a wonderfully moody piece.

#3 Vignette: Corruption

Is this cheating? It might be. This is a song from one of the game's trailers, but I chose it because despite being wholly original, it contains a lot of the sounds and themes that are found elsewhere and is a sort of perfect summary of the game's sound. It's on the official soundtrack for what it's worth.

#2 A Chorus of Voices

If you guessed this was the water level, you'd be right! It's just very evocative and pretty.

#1 Panacea

This is such a lovely little piano piece that reminds me of Satie in the best of ways while retaining the elements that make HLD, HLD.

Aug 17, 2011

I saw the OP mention this thread in the BYOB traveling thread, and felt the need to bump it. This time let's look at...

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

One of my favorite games ever! Certainly top three for the 2010s, maybe at the top of that list. The gameplay and Pawn system are more interesting than the music, but there are some choice tracks in here. It's a fairly traditional and safe soundtrack, and as a result can sometimes sound like generic fantasy fare. I find that the Dark Arisen music is generally more interesting than that from the base game, and the giant monster themes are all nice and bombastic.

I am using this YouTube playlist as a source, which doesn't include all the songs in the game, but none of the omitted tracks were going into my top 3 anyway.

IMPORTANT: I do not have Into Free ~Dangan~ on this list, since it is technically not a part of the Dark Arisen soundtrack, but you may consider it an honorary #1.

3. The Carrion Beast's Flock

What plays when fighting Cursed Dragons/Elder Ogres/Garm at Bitterblack Isle. RIP to my level 30 Arisen in the above picture.

2. Character Creation

There needed to be a great track for the create-a-character, and they nailed it. Smooth, unobtrusive, cool, it hasn't gotten old in the hours I've spent in CAC.

1. Imprisoned Cyclops

Probably not most people's top pick for this game, but I love it. It really sells the idea that you badly hosed up in releasing this monster from its shackles. The Condemned Gorecyclops honestly isn't the most interesting giant monster fight in the game, but I like fighting them just for this track.

Also, here's a Pastebin to my full ranking of the soundtrack.

Apr 29, 2013

ajkalan posted:

I saw the OP mention this thread in the BYOB traveling thread, and felt the need to bump it. This time let's look at...

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Nice choices. I have this game back-logged on my switch along with a few others. I'll get to it for sure. I really like the character creation track it's nice.

Jul 30, 2004
Can't post for 6 days!

Hideki Naganuma, of Jet Set Radio fame, apparently dropped this bad boy on a mobile game called WAR OF BRAINS

Came across it while watching a DBFZ combo video of all things

It matches it so well

Jun 2, 2013

I can't believe I gotta swab
the poop deck

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Okay, it looks like Square Enix have calmed down and stopped taking down every instance of the soundtrack from YouTube, so let's hope these stay up!

The Most Muscular

Soundtrack to the squats minigames. A classic moment turned into something absolutely special.


They knew how much people were looking forward to this, so they gave it a big build up and, when it finally lands, a soundtrack to match.


Lot of competition for the last choice, but I thought I'd go with an original track. Takes a minute to get going, but it's so good.

Apr 29, 2013

Infinitum posted:

Hideki Naganuma, of Jet Set Radio fame, apparently dropped this bad boy on a mobile game called WAR OF BRAINS

drat that slaps and it's not even a genre I'm crazy about.

The new FFVII soundtrack is righteously glorious and they really did the original proud. I'm playing the PS1 game for the first time at the moment, though I'm very familiar with the soundtrack. The music is really just so good in the game, and while I'm still undecided on which game I prefer between 6 and 7 I feel like I'd be remiss to not include my favorite 6 tracks having just played it prior, despite thinking that 7 has the better music even if 6 is arguably better scored (maybe, I'm having a lot trouble coming to a conclusion on this one).


Honorable Mentions: Dancing Mad the final boss theme is loving fantastic as are most of the character theme's which is why I wanted to include even if it's kinda cheating Balance is Restored the final credits/cutscene song that includes a whole bunch of themes mashed into one (I didn't in the end). The final dungeon theme of both worlds (Floating Continent and Kefka's Tower) are an awesome mix of traditional sounds with more strange mechanical noises reflecting perfectly Kefka's warped power.

3. The Fanatics Tower

I don't find this theme very pretty but it's super creepy and gets me to this day. This is one of the hardest challenges in the game, depending on how much you bothered with magic up to that point, and you just keep hearing this theme starting after a battle and it wears you out. A great example of the music adding to the game's atmosphere.

2. Serpent Trench

Something about this track is so perfectly Uematsu for me. It's a very pretty melodic and adventurous song and I love the staccato of the harmony. This my favorite "pretty" non-character song, just about the Phantom Forest, which is pretty much the "forest" theme you'd expect.

1. Dark World

The world was destroyed and you're all alone with Celes and then you step out on the Overworld for the first time and greeted to a desolate island all alone in the ocean, there's no future, and there's just this bleak dirge playing. It's a super powerful moment and like much of this game's music perfectly scored. This is the song that prompted me to want to make this quick list just because it's so perfectly memorable.

operative lm
Jan 27, 2009

> Fondly regard crustacean

So I really like it when game soundtracks have themes or motifs that are regularly called back to because, to me at least, it doesn't seem like it happens very often (ask me how excited I was when I first heard the Persona 5 soundtrack (the answer is "very")). It's something that movie scores do regularly, but musical continuity in games is still novel to me. Maybe I still haven't played enough games to notice it more, I don't know.

Full disclosure: I have never played El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, but I watched a let's play of it years ago and was struck even then by its soundtrack. And it is absolutely no contest which three songs I would pick.

1. Tragic Scream

Throughout the game, you fight one of the fallen angels, Sariel, multiple times. This is his boss fight music, and I love it. That violin is killer, and the guitar brings a really nice rising counterpoint when it kicks in before the "verse."

2. Sariel's Decision

The last time you fight Sariel, you get a very dramatic cutscene where he undergoes his "this isn't even my final form" transformation set to a slow (but very dramatic) reuse of bits of the boss music. The choir and organ melody in the beginning over that one note drone... amazing. I had loved Tragic Scream already, but this track is when perked my ears up.

3. Dark Soaring

The final fight with Sariel plays out over this sprawling rendition of the original Sariel theme. I still can't put my finger on it, but there's something about this track that really brings to mind flying. Also, the video calls this "Flight of Darkness," but it's Dark Soaring on my iPod so that's what I'm calling it.

Honorable mention: Scarlet Liturgy. It just sounds nice.


Aug 17, 2011

Something Awful may be collapsing, but that doesn't mean I can't rank another video game soundtrack before the end! This time, I'll go with...

Xenoblade Chronicles

Without doubt one of my favorite games, it also has an incredible soundtrack. It's a great team effort by ACE+, Manami Kiyota, and Yoko Shimomura (plus a token vocal theme by Yasunori Mitsuda), and it's a cohesive mix despite each composer having distinct styles. I just spent two hours ranking the entire soundtrack, if that shows how much I like it (and how much idle time I have right now). There were some tracks that I thought were locks for the top three that barely made top ten; this was a cruel list to pare down. I cannot believe that Eryth Sea didn't make this list.

Link to the full ranking on Pastebin

(I stole the preview images from elsewhere, please don't sue me)

3. Gaur Plain

That drop about 45 seconds in gets me every time. Probably the quintessential Xenoblade track (and it was basically a coin flip between this and number 4 on the list).

2. Satorl Marsh (Night)

Pro tip: Before walking into Satorl Marsh for the first time, set the clock to a few in-game hours before nighttime. Watching (and hearing) the transition from day to night should be experienced fresh.

1. Valak Mountain (Night)

Like the last ranking I did, this one is probably not number one for most people, but I love the atmosphere of this. Valak Mountain very similar to Satorl Marsh in that it goes from a kind-of bland daytime setting to shining nighttime splendor. That slow buildup to a beautiful minor-key piano piece; it's what I crave.

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