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Nov 19, 2002

I stare at computers all day for work and then I get home and I don't want to play games because it's just more staring at computers but my quarantined wife won't shut up about Stardew Valley and apparently there's multiplayer.

She says "finish all of the community center bundles by May 1, 2020". So I guess that's my - 30 bundles in 30-ish days?

SDV has been sitting in my collection forever so I guess it's probably time.

3/29 - Played until 2AM last night and all I have to show for it are some potatoes and a chicken coop. Zero progress on the bundles.
3/30 - Spring foraging bundle done (1). I'm an idiot and sold some gold parsnips when I should've saved them since they're apparently used in another bundle.
4/01 - Bat cave option feels like it is the way to go? Spring crops done (2). Summer foraging done (3). Just starting fishing and the mines right now.
4/02 - Looks like I am going to end up one gold parsnip short of finishing the Quality Crops Bundle this year. Finished the smallest vault bundle (4). My idiot chicken finally laid an egg.
4/03 - Work was stupid so went and played with my farm during lunch. Trying to save up to upgrade the coop so I can turn my black chicken egg into a black chicken. River Fish bundle is done (5).
4/06 - Knocked out a few over the weekend. Lake Fish Bundle (6), Ocean Fish Bundle (7), Blacksmith's Bundle (8), and the 5k Vault Bundle (9). Might actually have more done, I just have to organize all my chests better.
4/10 - Fall foraging and the Fodder bundle are done (10 and 11). Bat cave was definitely the way to go. Going into Winter of the first year. Also got my rear end handed to me in the mines.
4/12 - Geologist bundle is finally done (12). Wasted like an hour trying to mine a fire quartz before realizing they just spawn on the floor once you get deep enough in the mines.
4/13 - Zero progress. I think I have to finish like one bundle per day from here on out.
4/15 - Winter foraging is done (13). Crab pot is done (14). I feel like I am really close to getting the aquarium fixed but some of these loving fish are impossible.
4/23 - Turns out fish are impossible because a bunch of them are weather- and/or season-dependent. Despite that, killed it this week: Night fish (15), construction (16), quality crops (17), artisan stuff (18), animal stuff (19), 10k vault bundle (20), and fall crops (21) are done. Nine bundles left. Seven days. Still haven't gotten to the desert and I think I need stuff from there to finish everything.
4/27 - Summer crops done (22) thanks to weird cart lady. I am also an idiot because I didn't realize that not all bundles require all the things and that I could have been turning them in whenever - not just when I actually had everything the bundle needed. As a result, exotic foraging is done (23), adventurers is done (24), and I sold off my dumb animals for the 25k bundle (25).
4/29 - Caught the sand fish for the last aquarium bundle (26), pig finally turned up a truffle for the chefs bundle (27). Repaired the beach bridge and grabbed a sea urchin for the dye bundle (28). Still waiting on my bottle of wine to finish aging and still haven't found a nautilus shell for the last two bundles.
4/30 - Figured out I could smack the wine cask to get the bottle back and that I don't have to wait for it to purple-ize. So that bundle is done (29). Grinding that shell right now - wake up, walk to beach, no shell, walk to farm, go to sleep, repeat...
4/30 part 2 - got the shell. gently caress you shell. 30 of 30 done and I'm totally burned out on this game. 53 loving hours.

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Nov 19, 2002

Was posting updates in my original reply but here's one to get attention: finished all community center bundles in Stardew Valley before the end of the month. It took 53 hours and a lot of loving fishing.


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