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Jul 16, 2019

She's delusional,
"where's god", etc.
Completely suicidal.
One day she snaps.
She wants to kill herself
but she realizes that
teen suicide is out this year
and homicide is a much healthier therapeutic expression.

I'm at work and can't access your link but I can contribute to the thread my impressions of the NPR production of the Empire Strikes Back which I heard recently!

  • Mark Hamil, Anthony Daniels, and Billy Dee Williams reprise their roles, which is pretty awesome. Lando even has a bigger part here than he did in the film.

  • In general the whole production has this endearing goofiness to it that I found charming. Some of it is just part of the format itself but I suspect a lot of it is a holdover from the previous audio production for Star Wars, which had much the same crew behind it, and the tone is pitch-perfect for an adaptation for THAT movie. While it's great fun to listen to, I think it does miss some of the qualities that made Empire the movie stand out from the rest of the series.

  • Hold on to your butts because Darth Vader is voiced by none other than Brock Peters and it is EVERY bit as wild to hear as you imagine it is! His is a much more emotive take on Darth (like with the rest of the production it's more in line with the original film than with Empire). The "I am your father" scene needs to be heard to be believed.

  • Hands down the biggest disappointment for me was John Lithgow as Yoda. I mean, that sounds like it should be amazing, right? But his Yoda is permanently stuck in the obnoxious and goofy mode that in the movie was supposed to be an act that he eventually drops, and moreover he just sounds dumb. He sounds more like a hobo than a wise sage.

  • While the voice actress for Leia doesn't sound like Carrie Fisher, I thought she did a good job conveying the character.

  • Han Solo is interesting - he has a more nasal quality to his voice and I picture him being stockier and less handsome than the screen version, but his scoundrel-ness seems more like a put-on here and that he's a nicer guy deep-down. He and Leia seem more like an Odd Couple pairing here than in the movie.

  • Since of course there's no visual component many scenes have the characters saying out loud whatever it is they're doing and it's all once again very charmingly goofy. You get stuff like "Thanks for answering my call over the viewscreen, Admiral, it will be the last one you ever make more, for now I am using the power of the force to choke you to death! Such is the terrible price one pays for repeatedly failing me, Darth Vader!"


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