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Jul 9, 2004

biosterous posted:

two questions!

1) i'm right handed but my dominant eye is my left one. how does that affect aiming? is it different with a scope vs sights?

2) (this is much less important) so is there any real benefit to center axis relock besides looking really loving cool in video games and movies?

keep in mind that i have never touched a gun, and only have nebulous plans to "go to a firing range and shoot some guns for fun" eventually

Regarding #1, this is called 'cross eyed dominance' and isn't a big deal. You will need to make some minor adjustments when learning, but the fact that you're aware of it already puts you ahead of the game.

This page from optics manufacturer Bushnell explains how it affects the way you use different sighting methods:

e: beaten by a better post


Jul 9, 2004

Rodenthar Drothman posted:

Okay. I've been hemming and hawing about getting a safe for my 3 long guns recently, and I think I'll do it this year.

My dad keeps trying to sell me on some fancy-pants Vaultek Safe, with fingerprint scanning, a thermometer, and this thing in the stock that tells time. I'm not sold, it looks flimsy and like I'd be able to pry it open. Anyone heard of them before?

Note: they each have their own nice locks on them, I just have them "hidden". It's dumb and bad and I'll fix it. Help me fix it.

Note 2: yes I read the safes section of the OP. I'll be researching safes more in the next few weeks.

I'm not sure what particular model of Vaultek you're shopping, but if you're going by reputation, this isn't exactly confidence inspiring:

Jul 9, 2004

Craptacular posted:

Are you sure about this? I could see it being a condition of probation that a felon not reside in the same house where a legally held firearm is kept, but I don't see how it would be legal otherwise.

If the felon knows the firearm is in the house and has the means to access to it, doesn't that constitute constructive possession? I Am Not A Lawyer but that's what I'd be afraid of.

Jul 9, 2004

Stupid_Sexy_Flander posted:

Giving thought to buying a 1911, probably remington.
So, any ideas my dudes?

Any reason you want a Remington specifically? The company has gone bankrupt not once but twice in the last few years, and does not have a particular reputation for 1911s.

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