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Dec 30, 2012

I write my poems in the dirt with an oily rag
I have to wear a gas mask just so I don't gag
I got a SOCOM scout and twenty extra mags
And a couple severed heads in my bug-out bag

If you read nothing else, read this:
1. Don't be an asshat.
2. If you're looking for advice on what car to buy, use this A/T thread.
3. If you have a simple question that you don't think is thread-worthy, use this thread.
Use your best judgement here as to what constitutes threadworthy or not. (If it involves you doing stuff and content over several posts, odds are we'd love a thread.)
4. See 1

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? PM me
If you don't have plat I can be reached in the AI slack.

Jim Silly Balls is the CA IK! You can also PM him with specific CA issues and questions!


Without a doubt, AI is the best car forum out there. Nowhere else can you find a guy who owns ten Jeeps and half a Subaru Justy shooting the poo poo with a guy that daily drives a Ferrari 348. Where else can you watch someone with a field full of rx-7s discuss building a dyno with someone with a field of subarus and a guy that races rally cars chiming in. Our eclectic nature is our strong suit, and the knowledge of our regulars make this place something truly special.

1. Lowtax is back! Don’t gently caress with him.

Please go here if you’re confused. Please go here if you don’t like this rule.

2. Basics

  1. No militantism. It's okay to have an opinion. To go on little "campaigns" every time someone mentions something you don't like is bad and you should feel bad. Did someone post about a car you don't like? Supress the urge to bring your throbbing cock of truth and logic crashing down on their flaccid little thread of lies.
  2. No whining about "AI does this" or "AI bandwagon".
  3. Be specific. "MY BLUE CAR IS MAKING A SQUEAK WHAT COULD IT BE?" ain't good enough. Tell us the make / model / year / engine type when asking questions about your car. Beyond that, the experts will ask for further details. Also, be somewhat descriptive in your thread titles. "Car question" or "Audis" are not good titles.
  4. This ain't FYAD. Sure AI is tight knit. That doesn't mean that new members or people from GBS are not allowed to post here so long as they contribute and follow the rules. "GET OUT OF AI" is tough-guy backseat modding.
  5. Thread tags. Stop trying to be clever with the thread tags, If you want to try to impress everyone with your wit, stay in GBS. Unless your thread specifically involves , don't use it.

3. Low effort threads

After swimming through endless threads of “which muffler / midpipe combo will make girls finally notice me” on brand-specific forums, AI feels like home. Let’s try to keep it that way. Keep small questions to this thread and don’t roll up in here like the reincarnation of Paul Walker unless you're really funny. Breaking this rule and posting a useless thread potentially subjects you to a mod challenge!

4. Car recommendation threads

There is a car recommendation thread, and it is here. We don't need any new ones posted because inevitably, for a given set of requirements, the same set of cars get recommended over and over again. If you have questions about a specific car, you can probably find a thread where owners of that car are gloating / whining, read it, and then ask anything specific in there.

5. Content über alles

At the end of the day there's too much good variety here in AI to try and single any one group out for extradition. We've got people doing amazing things that may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they're at least interesting for most of us. I'd like to think we have enough good project/project-type threads going at any one time to appease fans of any vehicular activity.

If all you want to do is (unironically) bodykit your Civic, though, don't expect any love.

6. Hate Speech

This isn't a 1950's rural backwoods shop. Racist, homophobic, ableist, mysoginistic and transphobic language isn't welcome.

A note for Australians/Brits/etc: In threads dealing specifically with topics in countries where its acceptable to say stinkyhole or project threads started by a resident of those countries where the op indicates they are fine with it in the op, you are fine to say stinkyhole. Please do not use it when posting in the broader subforum.


Anyone who's been here long enough knows that there have been some drat good posters who have the means to own, drive, and post on the internet about cars most of us can only dream about. Realize that in some cases, people either prioritize their spending differently than you do, or they may just have more money than you do. Posting on the internet asking "WHAT THE gently caress DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING" does not change that, but it does work wonders for making sure we don't get threads like that as often.

8. Ticket Threads

Unless your ticket was unfair in a reasonably significant way, don't bother asking how to weasel out of the ticket you just got. You know the rules, we all do. If you gently caress around and drive like a moron, there's a chance you'll get caught. Be an adult, pay the fine, and move on.

9. Title searches

If it is against the TOS of whatever title search program (CarFax, Autocheck, whatever) to resell / share / otherwise abuse their lovely services, please don't do it in AI.

10. The Car Game

If you don't know how to play the car game, watch the thread for a while. Post in it at your own risk. loving up can earn a 6er. Hot wheels of actual cars (or similar die cast models) now allowed in hard mode (and hard mode only).

11. Off-topic

Do not go off topic in threads. There's a monthly chat thread for that. Look for the thread with the month in the name. Note: Aussies tend to open it before the rest of the world is in that month.

12. Thread Bumping

It's the nature of car project threads - sometimes the OP will get sidetracked from their thread, and occasionally a single bump to the thread reminds them to come back to it and update it. However, one is enough. If someone has already bumped the thread and the OP still hasn't come back, it's time to let that thread die.

13. Thread title changes

Report the post with the requested title or pm me with the requested title change and I'll get to it when I see it. Don't abuse it.

14. Rules Lawyering

Don't try riding that line. If you're going to post something borderline racist, sexist, etc and you have to ask/think about where the line is, do us both a favor and say what you mean and eat your punishment.

15. The fish is watching

(Shamelessly stolen and modified from adiabatic, ioc and probably sigtrap.)

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